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    I'm into smoking, fucking, ass play, role play, bb, pnp (raw is law), public adventures and escapades, helping dudes do things for their first time (first kiss, first fuck, first raw, first party, first slam), and more
    My limits are women/feminization, scat, zoo, necro, prepubescents and condoms
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    Poz, Not On Meds
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    Chem fueled, poz, skinhead worshiping, rig pig
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  1. How about I get the ball rolling... Stanley park - Rawlings trail - trails where lots of dudes can be found day and night all year round but particularly in the late spring-early fall. Especially busy on friday/saturday nights and sunday afternoons.
  2. So, I wanted to know where dudes around here are finding action... If you know somewhere where dudes are finding action please list it below, along with any relevant details. I'm often out and about and I'm ALWAYS looking for some out in public action with dudes who like to take risks, try new things, who won't ask me to take out my 0g Prince Albert piercing when they want to suck my cock, and who understand that if someone isn't interested following them around because maybe they'll have a change of heart isn't a good strategy. Is that possible to find in the Vancouver Area? Looking
  3. Wish that i was Sloan, and you were Conrad.... we'd get into so much trouble
  4. Next time i get to vancouver how about we PNP

  5. Fucking love a pierced poz cock!!
  6. I’m Finally poz!!!!  

    Picked up the virus in September, and had my first positive test on October 31, 2017, confirmed on November 3, 2017. 

    So happy that I finally crossed over and that I am officially a real manpig  

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. mjkuhl


      now, you must share

    3. PupLucca


      Congrats!! Welcome to the club

    4. dickluva


      Fuckin' Oink~! Stay off meds. Keep taking loads, & breeding cumholes. Please keep sharing your adventures and pix on BZ. Wish we are fuckin' closer.

  7. You're not the only one kid, but I wouldn't hold your breath too long... they say it'll kill your brain cells lol
  8. i really hope i convert soon



    1. bbcowboy


      Thanks for the notice.  Had my PA for about 3 years and wish I had gotten it sooner.  I like the look and the feel when it is in a guy's ass.  I have a loop PA as well.

  10. In toronto with my bf til wednesday and I don't want to leave this town negative... I'm not kidding either... I'll slam your blood, take your load, whatever it takes


  11. I am getting to the point where I think I might be immune... Someone with a big VL come share with me!

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