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    Syracuse, NY
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    WS, submissive, gangbangs, sm, group, anon, older, daddies, doms, poz, cum, bondage, car dates, couples, quickies, overnights
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    Poz, Not On Meds
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    100% bareback Poz bottom boy. (Since Sept. 2018) Currently living in Syracuse with an alpha dom. (not exclusive, our relationship is only sexual) Also dating a poz top and unmedicated by choice. Some experience in group, bondage, toys, fisting, raunch, anon, piss and chastity) I also flag brown but you don't have to be into it.
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    Tops and doms basically. Can be reached on wickr, just hit me up here and tell me what contact information you need. Currently isolating and a little bored so around 24/7. If you're a new chaser, or chosing to stay off meds, hit me up.

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  1. Kegels are a bottom's best friend. I do kegels regularly (about 100ish) plugged and unplugged. but you don't have to count them just do them when you think about it and you can do them anytime anywhere.
  2. Just wanted to post this here.  Do NOT get corona  especially if you're immunocompromised and med-free!  Do everything you can to stay away from it.   I had it, and it was worse than my conversion flu, two weeks of hell and I still feel wiped from it.    Play corona safe

    1. Show previous comments  8 more
    2. Read1


      Great to hear you are slowly getting better day by day!

    3. doctordoctor


      Long time, no chat, Nick.  Hope you fully recover soon.  I still need to get up there to play sometime!

    4. Pozfaggot80


      Hey Nick 

      glad to hear your full recovered! Hope your doing well 

  3. Made it through the lockdown without going on meds 🙂  yay me!  We're kinda back to hosting again, still being a somewhat careful, but if you need a tox hole to dump your seed in, hmu 🙂 

    1. biobare


      I would love it so much but I'm so far away 😞

    2. blackboy20


      that hole looks like it feels so good.

    3. suckerboi


      Would love to use you!

  4. There's something about fucking a poz guy that really turns me on.

    1. Pozslutnick


      🙂  where at, upstate NY here

    2. Descartes70817


      Baton Rouge, Louisiana sadly.

  5. Horny cumdump twink availalbe all weekend 24/7. Contact info in prof or wi kr fertilehole

    1. literaldirection


      god I wish i was in upstate NY

  6. Poz slut for recharging, can host no prob. HMU for info. 

    1. btmwsfun


      Good luck baby.  Hope you get it. 

  7. Any position the top wants. But if I get the choice, I like doggy when I don't know them, and on my back for tops that I do know.
  8. toxic sub boy for doms and daddies, available 24/7, just hit me up for contact info

    1. blackboy20


      fuck wish i was near to enjoy!

  9. Goatees and beards on tops and breeders are a definite yes!
  10. Hi guys, My alpha is teaching me to be easy access.  Does anyone know of good sites other than bbrt and grindr that are HIV/BB friendly that I could list myself on?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Pozslutnick


      Thanks, I'm on NKP, and fetlife isn't good for hook ups.  But I never heard of machobb, I'll give it a try!

    3. Leather69
    4. Malicon


      barebuddy.com (incl. app)

  11. I can host any pervy doms/daddies (poz preferred but not a must) in Syracuse all day.  315 982 1561 or wickr nickbttm.  No one refused

  12. Thans, I saw the healing time on those, couldn't believe it. and I have to sit down to piss, so urination changes aren't a problem
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