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  1. Proud of my boy

  2. Oink piggy. Let's get you finally into the brotherhood.

    1. pigbro


      fuck yes. All yours

    2. bbpoznow


      want to be brought in to 

  3. 'probably poz'. Let me help you make that 'definitely'

  4. Hey pigbro, U r a HHoT looKKKin FFucker. Would be Gr88 to run into you in a dark alley or SSleazy bathhouse sometime.  :drool: Thanks for the follow and hope to chat sometime. 


  5. thanks for the follow bro?

    1. ManchesterFagCunt


      You're one hot and horny fucker

  6. Hey pigbro.  good to see  you  in chat room!

  7. pigbro


    fuck, I love this story and the updates
  8. pigbro


    fucking nice
  9. Really hot stuff. Does the job economically and wonderfully. I would very much welcome this happening to me. The nearest I've been is waking up in a strange bed, with a guy I don't recall with us both collared, wearing rubber thongs and the word 'PIG' on our chests
  10. Hot. One of the hottest things imaginable is getting rawfucked, and having the guy whisper "welcome brother" as they cum in me

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