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  1. force lol... that close just firce it,
  2. here is what I have learned in about 25plus attemps. get a room close to lots of guys (I go close to asu) tell them you want safe and provide lube and condoms (90% will take it off) don't have a type put an empty vodka bottle on the table. that will really increase your loads drunk guys cant say no ask fro a room in a back area use a good app so you can give out room number ass neede tell guys you have people staying in the next room
  3. I have done a bunch of rape play. There are 2 kinds of tops that like it. Some get off on pain and some fantasy. Be careful how you play with. Once you are not in control it gets real fast. More than once I have ended up bleeding and in pain
  4. in my experience, they are usually cleaner and nicer than most guys. That said, they are usually much bigger than most. I just learned to take it. Hurts at first, but in the end its good.
  5. As a bottom I don't mind sucking my top hard or sucking clean. If we are playing rough, throat fucking is ok. But to just sit and give a bj is my last resort for cum.
  6. I love black dom tops fucking white boys. probably the bet porn there is in my mind. I love watching huge hung black tops rape little white skinny boys with tiny dicks. I love the contrast. Watching a little white boy scared and in pain as a cock the size of his arm is shoved up his boy pussy is so fucking hot. I love to hear them degrade the boy as they fuck him, and then see his ruined hole as each cock pulls out.
  7. I love a Dom that talks nasty while he fucks me. Got me wandering if you guys enjoy that too. What do your Tops say to you that turns you on?I also choose the porn I jerk off to based on the tops commands. I love for my top to tell me how he is going to ruin my hole or that its torn and bleeding. Telling me he is sorry it hurts because he didnt use lube but that it feels better for him. It probably all stems from the first time I got fucked as a boy. My uncle had a huge cock and just kept telling me that if I wanted to be a good boy I needed to lay there and deal with the pain because it was good for him. Here are some that stand out to me. had a dom guy tell me when he was done fucking me that he was sorry for ruining my hole but that it felt great for him while playing with 2 black guys in vegas one of them pinned me down and said now Marcus is going to rape your ass and its gonna hurt but just lay there and take it had a top tell me right as he was cumming that he was gonna make have his ass babies one guy in atlanta whispered to me the whole time he was in my ass that he was ruining me for any other tops and that after him my hole wouldnt be worth fuckn
  8. Not sure about the first time but I think it was one night when I got a room at a cheap hotel in phoenix. i was doing pretty good having a few drinks and had sucked about 10 cocks at the glory hole i set up. I kept getting messages from this black kid on a4a. I just ignored him cause he was kinda goofy looking and i prefer older guys. Finally he unlocked his dick pics and I was shocked at the size of his cock. I decided to let him come over since he was so big. I had a little more to drink before he got there, and was through about half a bottle. So he shows up and has his own bottle and we have a drink then i get on my knees and start to fondle his crotch as he is sitting in the chair. I was shocked at his girth when i took him out of his pants. I couldnt get much in my mouth so I just spent the time licking and playing with his foreskin. After about 30min of that he was rock hard and good and sloppy. He got a phone call so I got on the bed and layed down. I guess I drank too much case when I woke up he was behind me with his cock balls deep just slowly fucking me. My ass felt so full and i was trying to relax and open up so it wouldnt hurt so bad. I reached back to feel his cock and make sure he had a condom on, but before i could touch his cock he pinned my arms back and rolled me face down shoving my face into the bed. He fucked me super hard for about a min and then came. I was glad it was over but was unsure if he had used a condom. When he drug his cock out of my hole there was no doubt. I had cum leaking out of my ass. I was pissed and ran to the shower. I squatted and got a ton of cum and some blood. I asked him why he didnt use the condom i put on the table and he said he did but he couldnt find lube and broke it trying to get in my ass. So he decided to to fuck my hole raw. I asked how long he had fucked me while I wass passed out. He said the first time he just shoved it in with some spit and fucked me hard for 10min and blew his load. he was getting dressed to leave when he decided he wanted more. He said he fucked me on and off for 2 hours before I woke up.
  9. Been fucked by a guy a few times and he has always insisted on a condom. I let him just cause I love how hung he is. So an hour ago he txt and wants to fuck. I was still in bed and told him only if he fucks raw. So he finally agrees to let me pick the condom and the lube. I quickly grabbed a ribbed condom and put it in a baby oil bath. He got there in about an hour and I put the condom on him which was too small to begin with but i got it on. Then I laid down on the bed face down and told him to spit and shove. Worked like a charm and the condom broke on the first thrust. I told him to just keep going, but he pulled out. He said he knew how to settle our difference and whatever the outcum we would do it that way from now on. So he tells me about this game he played with some girls at a party where the would put 5 condoms on a guy with olive oil slathered on each one. The goal was to make the guy cum before all the condoms came of or broke. Otherwise they got a creampie. He said we would do the same with 3 condoms and use vasaline as lube,If he came before they all broke then we play safe, if not, its bb from now on. I got super turned on by the whole idea so i jumped up and ran to my toy box. I got 3 ribbed condoms, vasaline, and a tube of oralgel. He never even noticed me put a big glob in the first condom. I teased him a bit to be sure it had time to work . THen he shoved a big glob of vasaline in my hole and went to fucking. I wasnt really ready for the fucking he gave me but after about 20min and 3 positions I felt the last condom pop. Took him another 30 to finally pump his cum deep in my guts. He looked at me and said those condoms were too tight and made his cock numb. Told me from now on we are no condoms and no lube. Just spit and shove. Was a great morning
  10. a4a is best squirt is good grndr is good cl is a good stand by m4sn is dead fistpig is ok
  11. i do a lot of anon hotel hookups I am amazed at the number of guys that just assume fisting me is ok. A few weeks ago I got a room in phx, az and posted a few ads for anon hotel sex. First guy in was a city cop that cuffed my hands and then forced his fist in my ass even after i told him no fisting. a few hours later some drunk guy comes in ans cant get hard so just forces his fist up my hole with no warning. it seems to be the norm now...
  12. I love the app. I use it often when I am wanting lots of quick nsa hookups. I love to get a cheap hotel for a weekend have a few drinks and log into Grndr. Soogooo many horny guys will stop by on the way home from work for a fast fuck. I always say lube and condoms on the table, and I will be face down ass up. 1 out of 5 use a condom and 1 out of 10 use lube.
  13. I have a huge uncut cock fetish but I cant tell unless the guy is really hung. Condoms are easy to feel, although i do like studded condoms if they guy has a small dick.
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