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    47yo versatile Barebackin Load Swappin CircuitBoy, got my ass Pozzed by takin any and all loads in darkrooms. It was totally hot and I still do it whenever I can!
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    Into groups, orgies, glory holes, darkrooms, saunas, parties, etc. Public, outdoors, people watchin, I enjoy it all. Oh yeah, I'm way into piss action too.

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  1. BarebackJimmy

    His Name Was Joey

    Awesome story, can't wait to read more :-)
  2. BarebackJimmy


    I realize I'm just a little bit late with this info [yeah, like seven months late ... ] but this is what I found doing a quick search. Title is first, and studio name is in brackets [ ] CHAVS versus SKATERS [Raw Films] Chavs Vs Footballers [staxus] Chavs Vs. Skaters [staxus- BritLadz] Cum Eating Scally Boys [LoadXXX] Hot Chavs [Euroboy] Pool Room Scallies [Triga] Rudeboiz 15 - Spunk Hungry Scallies [Eurocreme] RudeBoiz 18 - Sweaty Sport Scallies [Eurocreme] Rudeboiz 19 - Scally Sex Offenders Rudeboiz Chav Fuckers [Eurocreme] Scally Boy Wankers [Triga] Scally Shooters [staxus- BritLadz] The English Scally Collection [Triga] UK Scallies Fit Fucker [Triga]
  3. The very first time I went to Midtowne, in Houston, it was to meet some online hotties that told me there would be a Bareback Party there that night. Of course, I saw the No Barebacking signs, and promptly ignored them. If you want to know how that night turned out, read my story "The Night I Discovered Taking Loads" And I bet that Saturday night was my last one as a Neg Barebacker :-) [Yes, I tested Neg a couple of months before that awesome night!]
  4. Hola, Y'all! I was recently talking to a couple of new friends, and the subject of generic Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, , etc came up. Somehow I located a decent RELIABLE online pharmacy, and have used them several times a year since 2006, I think it was. I only had a problem ONCE, when my order took longer than they recommend waiting, and when I contacted them about it, they immediately sent out a replacement order. And it was for like 200 of their Kamagra brand, 100mg pills. They only asked that I let them know if the first shipment ever arrived. About three days after the replacement shipment had been sent, the ORIGINAL shipment came. Well, I'll admit it, I kept both shipments :-) Since finding this pharmacy, I've recommended it to more than a dozen friends and I have never heard any complaints from any of them. My only complaint about them is that they recently switched to only American Express and E-Check, whatever E-Check is, but I got around that by getting a Prepaid American Express! Using a PrePaid card has the added advantage that you could get a different card for every time that you order, so you NEVER have to worry about someone getting your card information and using it, which I think is awesome for buying online from someone you'll never meet. They also give AmEx users a 3% discount, and I seem to get a coupon code for another 15-20% off my next order each time I buy, so its even cheaper. I normally order 210 of the 100mg Kamagra [which looks just like real Viagra but without the logo.] When ordering 210 pills, I get 20 more free, so with the discounts the price per pill is like $1.60, which sure as hell beats twenty-something that I would have to pay for the real ones. I once knew a guy that would resell them to guys at his local bathhouse, but I've gotta warn you that this activity is ILLEGAL and could get you in BIG trouble, so don't do it. Giving them away may be a different matter, but IANAL. Their pricing for all other Erectile Disfunction meds is similarly good. So, go to: http://www.generic-pharmacy-online.net Give them a try, if you're skeptical or suspicious, just place an order for ten pills, your financial risk is less than $50, and see what happens. Everyone have a great holiday season! Jimmy DISCLOSURE: I AM IN NO WAY AFFILIATED WITH, NOR DO I RECEIVE ANY COMPENSATION OF ANY KIND FROM http://www.generic-pharmacy-online.net, IN FACT I SERIOUSLY DOUBT THAT THEY ARE EVEN AWARE OF HOW MUCH BUSINESS I HAVE SENT THEIR WAY.
  5. With the exception of a couple of Kaleb Scott's videos, which I already own, does anyone know of any Watersports [Pissing] Videos wherein the guys actually SWALLOW the Piss? I'm certain that there are at least a few of them out there, but so far I haven't found them :-( Thanks to All - Jimmy
  6. BarebackJimmy

    List Your Site Suggestions Here...

    Cleaning up what others write seems to have become my hobby. Paragraphs that run on towards 1,000 words bug me, as do [OK, I'm an American... ] British-isms like Arse, Bum, Lad and the like. Inconsistent paragraph indentations and poor punctuation are also things I like correcting. As I've posted on several sites "Please share your hot stories and don't worry about your [perceived] poor grammar or spelling!" Some of us, like me, can spell [usually], but have limited imagination or ability to put experiences into words. Others have abysmal spelling and grammar but awesome imaginations or experiences. Between all of us, we can make it work out. I wouldn't care to make major changes to someone else's work unless they first gave me permission, even on a site like this, and I would let them see it for approval before posting. I've only done that a couple times. I've been [happily I must say] out of work for nearly two years, so I have ample time on my hands, and am not interested in finding a 'regular' job, but I have an awesome internet connection and plenty of computer equipment in my home [i'm a former IT Professional.] What is expected of Moderators, their expected duties, etc? It may well be something that I would enjoy.
  7. thanks! im in florida

  8. fucking hot, want share all loads and more

  9. Damn ur cute! And very fuckable! Where abouts are u?

  10. BarebackJimmy

    List Your Site Suggestions Here...

    Hola Y'all! I just now posted this in General Discussion, not realizing that I wasn't in Site Suggestions. Is there any way that the site, Forum Posts, Stories, etc [all except member profiles] would be available in one or more ZIP or RAR files? I ask because when I read posts on the site, I typically copy-n-paste them into my favorite text editor for cleaning up and saving. Unfortunately, despite weekly backups, I somehow lost the past six months of archived posts. I blame one of my Cats :-( I could, of course, go page by page and cut-n-paste all over again, in fact when doing so I find that I frequently find posts that I previously had missed, but isn't the point of using a computer to save one unnecessary repetitive work? Thanks in advance, and a BIG thanks for having a GREAT site - Jimmy
  11. And did you notice Billy's BioHazard Tat between his shoulders? He's had that Tat for at least four years, and he's been giving and taking loads in porn the entire time. I have no idea if he's Poz, though. Wishful thinking?
  12. BarebackJimmy

    Are Gays More Racist?

    Its been my experience with Gays that they are far more Ageist [biased against people of a certain age group.] But it could also simply be a result of where I have lived over the years. Actual results may differ from those expressed or implied in this statement.
  13. BarebackJimmy

    HIV + Guys and Disability

    The Social Security admin told me that I'm simply too healthy to get Disability or SSI. Also, since I spent so many years being Self-Employed [and somehow failing to pay my taxes] I can't get SS at all unless I go back to work somewhere, anywhere, for three more years. The shit they don't tell ya when you're young will catch up with ya :-( Yes, 'simply' being Poz doesn't get you SSI, or many 'benefits' at all. One good one though, is a Federal program called Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS (HOPWA). I get the impression that for some reason the US Govt doesn't really want to see homeless people with AIDS living out on the street. I don't have all the details [see govt site for details lol] but for me and a couple of other Poz guys in town, if our income falls below a certain amount, they pay ALL of your rent, up to a certain amount. Additionally, I was recently told that being in the HOPWA Program gets you further ahead if you apply a for Section 8 Housing Voucher [sect 8 is a program that many US landlords will accept since they're not only guaranteed to get their rent each month, but if/when a tenant trashes the apartment, Section 8 pays for most if not all of the repairs. Having an income that is now exactly ZERO Dollars a month, I also get a whopping $200 in Food Stamps. That may not go all that far for some people, but it feeds me AND my two cats [as long as they eat People Food LOL, the govt won't pay for pet food] There are even programs that'll help with or pay all of your utility bills. Now if only they'd pay my Internet Bill, I could be said to have it made. Hopefully, telling of my little 'errors in life' can help someone, someday. Good luck to all :-)
  14. BarebackJimmy

    RIP BNSkin

    I think I joined BNSkin like eight years ago. Only hooked up with three guys from there, all three at Midtowne Spa in Houston. All three were lotsa fun too. I really enjoyed many parts of the site, and was sad to see it go. My profile there made it up to Number 14 most popular profile. Ah, fame is fleeting lol Whoever learns anything about it, please continue to update us. I know maintaining a site like that HAS to be money and labor intensive, I have plenty of time, but zero cash. Surely ONE of us out there could resurrect it if its possible... Jimmy
  15. BarebackJimmy

    Kevin Warhol

    Hey y'all! I never realized how many of us poor guys don't really know how to find out shit like what other movie some hot stud has appeared in and shit like that, so here's a link that has fairly up to date information on many stars and movies. And if just a few of us continue to update that site, like I do regularly, it can become an even more valuable resource. http://www.iafd.com/ Jimmy [not affiliated in any way, other than as a contributor, to IAFD] By the way, my Bareback Porn collection [not 'pre-condom, but real bareback porn] has just exceeded the 3,000 mark. Its no wonder I only have like three dollars left in the bank!!

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