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  1. sexy man

    1. BreedingCameraman


      Thanks, stud. I’m able to say the same thing about you. Pretty hot how you’re displaying your hole in your profile picture as well. 😜🐷😈

    2. azn4raw


      Glad you'd like it

  2. Please continue this story line... it's hot!
  3. Please make it happen!
  4. which studio was that Jayden Grey and Danny Blue filmed in?
  5. Grrrr

    1. flashcard


      Iove fucking smooth asian boys, yeah! 

  6. Thanks for following daddy

  7. that was hot! i want a daddy too!
  8. can't wait for the next episode... please be fast!!?
  9. man you leaked so much!! hot!!

    1. MuscledHorse


      Thanks! And that's all cum. I sadly don't precum but if I'm hit the right way with a fat knot toy or a hand, and now JD's downward curved horsedick, it makes me cum. The pleasure stim from it all is mega intense.

    2. azn4raw


      your videos with JD are so hot! wish i were there to eat 'em up while you cum being fucked

    3. MuscledHorse


      Glad you are enjoying them!

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