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  1. Giveit2meraw

    Bike crash leads to my POZZING

    3. One more layby visit or not? It's Friday lunchtime and my only gay co-worker, Matty and I went to the park to soak up the Summer sun and check out other cute guys stripped down catching the rays. We sit on the browned grass and slowly eat our sandwiches. Matty leans over and says, “Wow, eyes right to the guy in those skimpy white shorts, he is making me so horny that I’ve got a wet patch in my pants already and the beauty of it is he doesn’t even know it. I could go and pounce on him right now!” "Well, you’re always telling me you're horny, so nothing new there!" All too soon we have to pack up our lustful ogling and return to work and as we swipe back in I tell Matty, “I’ll catch you in a mo, I need to pee” but all he does is laugh and follows me into bathroom…although there are three brilliant white urinals Matty stands next to me, so we piss next to each other. Matty and me might be the only gays in the office but we have never tried anything on between us so I was surprised to see his big white cock pissing whilst hard from his lunchtime fantasy. He of course caught me watching and must have thought that was permission to go further as he then he put his hand inside of my trouser waistband and started to push his finger into my puffy hole. “Oh! Wow! Who’s been a lucky bitch getting fucked hard to end up with a hole like that? I gave him a knowing smile and pushed him off telling him we should behave, I can't afford to get fired. This little interaction made me feel horny too and I longed to be filled by my new best friends. The afternoon dragged. I couldn’t concentrate on work as my mind kept drifting off wondering how the hell have I become hocked on public sex, bareback sex and more worryingly wanting POZ cum ALL the time? If only my fellow workers knew what a dirty Slut was amongst them. Finally, the working day ended and I made the sweatbox journey on the tube back home with the only highlight being; strap hanging, my ass pressed up hard against a cute older guy whose hot breath was on my neck and whose sweet cologne I inhaled and as the tube train jumped on the tracks my butt rubbed against his groin and I swear I felt his cock stirring…but sadly he snuck out at the very next stop. By the time I eventually got through my front door I was sweaty, hot, horny and frustrated but soon forgot about that as I noticed something in the letter box. A scribbled note, ‘come to the layby tonight at 7:30 I have surprises for you’ “Damn it” I thought out loud, having vowed not to go back there again…but as I read it through again my hole and cock did the thinking for me as I stripped off got in the shower and began to make sure my hole was squeaky clean for whatever Kyle and co. had in mind. At 7:30pm it is still light and despite the undergrowth and trees anyone would be visible if they were engaged in any action, but here I am sitting in my car waiting for my surprises…I don’t have to wait long before I see Kyle, Renton & Jay pull up, get out and head in to the wooded area. I get out and follow...as you do. Surprise 1 is a wooden bar has been screwed between two trees: “Strip” I hear Kyle say and without thinking I comply, just leaving my trainers on, feeling liberated being naked outdoors and possibly on view to any passing cars. “Bend over the bar” is the instruction and no sooner had I obeyed than I my arms and legs were bound in place leaving me at the mercy of Jay and Renton who quickly took up positions to spit roast me hammering hard and fast as they made out above me until the inevitable Poz cum injections. As they withdrew I felt Kyle’s hand slap my right butt cheek, “tighten that hole and get ready for my cock and cum” just as his blunt bell end nudged my winking hole I squeezed my ass muscles tight, pushed out and squeezed again until a bubble of cum popped out. I could feel Kyle smear the cum around my ass lips and then plunged in, balls deep, in one go, he slapped my ass again, my instruction to squeeze down tight again gripping his rock-hard flesh buried in my guts. In this bent over position Kyle was getting in deeper than before, his long black cock reaching parts no one had got to before, his thighs slapping mine and his musky sweat dripping down on my back. I was in a World of my own, it felt like heaven being filled by him and pumped by him, just Kyle’s cock with my hole gripped tightly around it . Then he started to pound me harder until I heard, “Bro, you’ve got to tap this ass. It’s so hungry that it’s milking my cock throughout this entire fuck.” Kyle quickened his pace, thrusts in deeper than he had ever been inside before, then shouts out loud, “FUCK YEAH! Bitch, take my CHARGED LOAD!” I distinctly felt his cock thicken, twitch, his balls rammed up tight against my hole pump their payload but his cock is so deep that’s all I felt. He rips his cock out move around to my head and simply says, “Clean it” I hungrily slurp on his glistening dark meat until it’s squeaky clean savoring the taste of cum and ass slime but surprisingly no blood this time. “Not bad for a white boy” I hear, “D’ya think he can handle this?” and I feel something fleshy slap my ass. “Only one way to find out” Kyle says “Then he’d better get sucking my cock hard and then we’ll see how much of my 10.5 inches I can slam up his pearly white cunt?” Without any hesitation I opened my mouth in readiness as the mystery man moved around in front of me; a black muscly man-mountain with all 7.5” of semi-hard nasty looking cock; his pre-cum looked cummy, a creamy white that he smeared around my lips then edged the tip into my waiting mouth and, was that blisters on his shaft? I think I saw as it swiftly reached the back of my throat and, as he pulled back, he said, “Take a deep breath in when I start to push back into your mouth cocksucker.” He then grabbed my head between his two beefy black hands and pushed his cock back in, “Get ready to deep throat my cock slut” Not waiting for an answer, he kept a steady force as the cock slid easily into until it plugged throat, stopping the air almost making my eyes pop out of my head. “Almost there cock whore, only about another inch or so to go”, I felt light-headed and began to go limp through lack of oxygen as just in time the snake like cock withdrew just enough for me gulp in some urgently needed air in to my lungs before the second assault. I felt the hardening cock go deeper this time as prickly pubes just tickled the end of my nose as the growing cock plunges further down my throat. Knowing I was going to need air he pulled back just enough allowing me to inhale and fill my lungs with fresh air before he pushed all the way back in, “Swallow whitey boy, keep swallowing” I complied as best I could until fully impaled his pubes were mashed into my nose making my throat muscles pulse around the steel-like flesh jammed down my gullet. The man was in heaven as he felt his gono dripping cock spill directly into this cock sucker's stomach as his cock reached it’s full length and hardness. “God damn it boy, you took all 10 plus inches and now I’m ready to fuck” Slowly he pulled his hard, dripping cock from my throat, barely giving me anytime to catch my raggedy breath as he walked around behind me and without wasting a second, quickly lined his cock up with my cummy hole and was balls deep in one oh so long thrust. I had no time to prepare for this plowing his long dick in before pulling almost all the way back and thrusting back in deeper this time making me grunt and moan as he got deeper dragging my ass lips inwards, almost turning my hole inside out! Each deep thrust was a unique mix of pain, pressure and pleasure, “Oooh, aaahhh, mmm” was all I could uncontrollably mutter until he said, “You ready for whole length now?” I froze momentarily as what he said sunk in and before I could say “What or YES” The mystery man pushed his hips violently forward, I felt some type of popping in my stomach, “FUCK!!!” I screamed, his huge cock felt so good as it reached deep in me somewhere where no cock has reached before and my entire body was shaking uncontrollably with pleasure…my cock started to shoot, spraying a massive load of cum, an endless supply as he kept on popping the length of his cock in and out of this new place deep inside my guts. Each thrust causing me to cry out, “Oh God YES, Fuck YES” and “Please don’t stop fucking me.” As sweat, tears and cum dripped from every pore as I moaned, shivered and whimpered in sheer pleasure. To bring me back to reality he squeezed my butt cheeks his buttocks whilst also running my hands up and down his upper thighs, telling me to relax, slapped me few times as he started to move his cock in and out at greater speed and power grunting as he did so. He then gripped my waist tightly and said loudly; “The thought of my strain of HIV destroying you is turning me on boy for you to share, just like my boys here do.” “Yes Sir. I NEED to be infected. I WANT YOUR GIFT.” “Gifts boy, I’ve got a little something extra to help you on your way. You definitely want it? “Yes!” “Then BEG for it pig” as he rams in harder than before. I give a strangled “Arrgh!” then add, “PLEASE….infect….me…..” I’m hanging on as he power fucks so hard it’s knocking the wind out of me. “Infect you with what whitey boy? “Your GIFTS Sir” “You mean you want my highly toxic Poz cum, Gono and Hep C and Herpes embedded in your system, changing you for LIFE as they replicate through your body, destroying your soul?” “Oh fuck” is all I can say as I shoot another massive load. Is it the dirty talk, the actual act or the onslaught on my prostate? I don’t know or care anymore. All I know is my love muscle is spasming around his deathstick, dancing up and down the entire length trying to milk his dick for all the nasty bugs it can get. “Then Beg whitey.” I said “Fucking BEG.” “PLEEEEEEEEEEEEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.” And my hungry ass clamped down hard on his dick, he rammed in hard, thighs and balls smashed into my ass….I saw stars as pain deep inside me exploded in eye popping fashion and then I felt this hard lump of toxic fuck weapon arch up and down I my guts as a soothing torrent of diseased cum put out the fire in my belly and I slumped forwards, sweat drenched, limp and totally exhausted. Kyle, Jay and Renton couldn’t tell if the moans I was making came form pain of pleasure, nor did they much care as I heard them High-Five Elliot as I heard his name for the first time. Eventually I had a slap on the ass and the ‘snake’ slithered out of my destroyed hole. “Fuck Elly, you done did a great job this time, look at all that blood on you dick” It was the last thing I heard as I blacked out and the next thing know as I come to is my arsehole is sore beyond words, I’m cold, it’s dark and I’m slumped in the driver’s seat of my car. I gingerly drive home, drag my sorry body in to bed and collapse into the welcoming darkness of sleep.
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  4. Giveit2meraw

    Bike crash leads to my POZZING

    Thank you for all the kind comments and I appreciate your interest inn this story, initially it had just been written as a one-off…but as you like it so much I have expanded the story. Hope you like it? 2. Sore, yet wanting more. My ass lips remained puffy and swollen and my hole deliciously ached for days after my raw sexploits and I already knew I was hooked on getting more condomless breeding. For the next week every time it began to get dark my ass twitched wanting to be filled again and I thought about going back to the layby to see if Kyle or Jay and Renton really were there every night as they boasted? My hole won out and of course, I gave in to my craving for more Big Black Cock and getting bred raw again…I was hooked and had to check that layby out. So, I cleaned out douching all the mucus and debris away until the water ran clear, jock strap on under shorts and threw a singlet on, hopped in my car and was soon pulling up in an empty layby…but didn’t have to wait long before a pair of headlights pulled up and were switched off. My heart was thumping in my chest…I wasn’t sure of the etiquette here so pressed twice on the brake pedal to flash my brake lights. In the darkness peering into my rear-view mirror I could just about make out what appeared to be a rear door being opened and someone getting out, but no passenger light came on to confirm it. What to do? “Fuck it” I thought, “go investigate that’s what you are here for boy!” I got out and locked my car and made my stumbling way into the pitch black wooded area and felt a beefy hand grab me. “I kinda knew you’d be back someday soon, you ready for more black Daddy Dick to own and mark your lily white hole.” “Kyle is that you?” “Who the fuck else would it be dumbo” as he rubbed his meaty hand through my hair, then whistled…a few seconds later I heard doors opening and closings quickly followed by rustling in the undergrowth as Jay and Renton emerged to be either side of me and quickly put their arms around me and hugged me tight. It felt really good to have their hot bodies pressed up hard to me. To my dismay I found myself getting hard at their touch and the masculine musky fragrance of their bodies. The two of them grabbed my hands to rub over their bulging crotches and I found them both to be rock hard and without a word moved in to kiss me. I opened my mouth and let their tongues enter. The three of us kissed with a furious energy, our tongues exploring each other’s mouths and lips. Their saliva mixing with mine. Oh Fuck. I knew how this was going to end and I wanted it, badly. Kyle not wishing to be left out came up behind me and pressed his enormous hard cock into my butt crease as he whispered in my ear. “I want to fuck you deep and hard” as he ripped my shorts and jock strap down, my now freed hard cock sprang up splat against my stomach in a shower of precum as I heard him unbuckle his belt and undo his fly buttons as his jeans now fell to the ground. I pushed my ass onto his raging cock and he sniggered, “I guess that means yes please then?” I wriggled free of Jay & Renton, pulled down the front of Jay’s trackies and took his massive member into my mouth, working my tongue over his fat dickhead and playing with his ample foreskin swirled my tongue around the sensitive ridge of his gland. It tasted great and as I swallowed as much of his cock as I could my nose brushed his wiry pubic hair greeting me with a strong smell of dried piss and sweat, a wonderful aphrodisiac. Soon we were all naked in an enthusiastic foursome, I alternated between sucking their dicks as Kyle busied himself slurping on my needy asshole, as he immediately stuck his head between my ass cheeks and started working his tongue into my hungry hole. Rimming is something I love and Kyle knew how to eat ass. He kept going for a few minutes until my ass was nicely wet and loose. I was beyond rock hard, leaking precum like a broken faucet. Kyle looked up from between my legs and said. “I want to fuck you and load you up with my toxic bugs real bad.” Jay & Renton replied in unison “And then we can fuck you and get sloppy seconds and thirds.” All I could do was moan out approval as my mouth was spread wide around Jay’s slab of diseased meat. Kyle then kicked my legs wide and with his hand on my shoulder bent me further forwards and downwards until I gagged and my exposed quivering hole was slapped by his plumb like cockhead against my spit lubed hole a couple of times and as if by magic it opened fully allowing him to ease his way in. I was surprised how good his massive uncut cock felt sliding up into my hole stretching and rearranging the walls of my anal passage to the maximum as his deathstick slid in. “Fuck!” he said, “Your still pretty tight” He pushed harder and was soon balls deep in my hungry chute. He started fucking hard and fast and deep, slamming against my ass with every stroke, It didn’t take long for him to get close. As his breathing got heavier he eased up almost pulling all the way out teasing my ass lips as his bulbous cock head tugged on them on the out stroke then slammed back in balls deep. He did this a few times then speeded up again and I knew what I was about to get. “I’m gonna cum in your slut hole.” He barked not asking where I wanted him to cum, he was simply telling me exactly what he was going to do. “Gonna breed you with my toxic poz cum. Gonna knock you up boy.” My legs shook upon hearing this and I just lost it spraying Jay or Renton’s throat with my cum as I’d lost track of who was where in the darkness. “Yeah that’s it baby boy your hole is milking my Poz cargo right out of my balls, your body willingly wanting to accept my life changing payload!” He thrust hard and bottomed deep in my hole which continued to spasm around his hot hard flesh as I felt his poisonous cum flood my battered bowels. Pushed further forward I was fully impaled on the rock-hard cock buried down my throat but not for long as they wasted no time trading places, as Kyle roughly yanked out walked around in front of me and presented his still hard slimy cock for me to suck clean. I could taste my own ass juices, his diseased cum and a knowing coppery taste that I just wanted to share. I stood up and kissed him deeply to his obvious delight. “I’m going to fuck you raw just as a slut like you deserves.” I recognised Jay’s voice. He stepped closer and I felt his cockhead press against my gaping hole, I wrapped my arms around to hug Kyle, stopped moving and arched my ass outwards to let Jay enter. His cock is a little smaller than Kyle so his dick slipped easily up my stretched cum slick chute. “Hey, I want to fuck too and since you already have a dick in Whitey Boy here I guess I’ll have to fuck you.” Renton said to Jay as he slammed in to him to start a daisy chain fuck. Jay obviously loved the feeling and stimulation as I felt his cock become Super Hard as he simultaneously began fucking himself on Renton’s ample cock whilst sawing in and out of me. Despite being stretched and battered I still knew how to work all the muscles in my anal canal to give him the maximum pleasure as he thrust in and out even harder making me moan out loud which only served to spur Jay on even more. All too soon the stimulation was too much as he thrust home burying his cock to the hilt, I groaned with pleasure, he started fucking hard with long strokes almost pulling all the way out and then slamming back in. “You still have a nice tight ass for me to wreck. You like this?” “Yeah. Give it to me hard. I need it so badly.” I replied without thinking or hesitation, caught up in the moment and to hell with the consequences. “Yeah slut. I know you’ve wanted this. Wanted IT for a long time. You bug chasing slut!” I gave in to the pleasure and mumbled in agreement as he picked up the pace once more. Now Jay was pulling all the way out before thrusting in again. I could hear that he was starting to breath heavily and was obviously on the point of no return. I just pushed back my ass against his crotch in an attempt to take him as deep as possible. As I did I felt his cock start to swell and throb and I heard him whisper, “Take my dirty load, you dirty slut” and he started shooting deep into my guts pulse after pulse of Poz cum spraying my ripped up innards. Once he was done, he waited a few moments before pulling out. Then he too walked around in front of me and presented his slimy cock for me to suck clean, which I greedily slurped down cleaning his dick of my ass juices and his cum which also had that tell-tale coppery taste to it. As soon as Jay had finished shooting and pulling out Renton was lining his huge and now very wet cock up and sliding straight into me as it was already open and slick from the two loads in my ass. Renton evidently had been close a few times while fucking Jay, as it only took a few thrusts before he bred me as well. “Gonna poz you, you slut.” I felt him ram against my hole as he started to cum flooding me with a torrent of Poz spooge. Now that I had been well and truly broken in, the three of them spent ages sucking and fucking me until they had all cum a few times and I had multiple loads deeply planted in my destroyed ass. These guys were insatiable. My hole throbbed and ached as did my cock and balls and my throat felt raw from all the cock I had taken and now I couldn’t continue anymore so bade my farewell. I couldn’t be bothered with my clothes so staggered in to my car naked and drove home leaving the driver’s seat with a cummy stain as a souvenir of this night’s nocturnal activities. Was it the only souvenir of the night or had the deed already been done that first time?
  5. Giveit2meraw

    Brotherly love

    10. I flung myself at Ben when he eventually found me, “Sorry I didn’t me to…the fucker wound me up so….shit….sorry…don’t hate me….” Followed by yet more tears. “Hey bro, slow down, take a breath.” I try but can’t hold it together, launch myself at and then wrap myself around my brother as I suddenly feel like a little child again whilst my big brother simply holds me and calmly strokes my back saying “It’ll be OK, no matter what, it’ll be fine. C’om on let’s get in the car the nosy neighbours have the curtains twitching.” I gulp in deep breaths, then calmly say, “Dad knows…” Laughing, Ben says, “Oh I would have paid good money to see the look on his face when he found out he sired two gay boys!” “It’s not that simple Ben, he blamed mum for us being gay…but then he said he wishes we were dead and died from AIDS…I…I…c..c..c..ouldn’t help it. I spat back that you and Olly already were Poz and that I had your loads held in place with a butt-plug. I’m so sor” Ben cut me off. “Don’t ever apologies for A.) being gay. B.) being Poz. C.) for having fun taking loads raw. Good for you I wish I was there! Come on let’s get you home.” As we went through the front door, Ben grabbed me kissed my forehead and then shouted to Olly, “I have a surprise for you.” When he saw me Olly, naked, grabbed his crotch, “God, you’re insatiable kiddo, I don’t think my balls have any more Poz cum to give you! Welcome home, bruv.” Across town Dan was at his laptop reading the latest mail from his Master, it read: Glad you have the boy under your spell or should I say my control. Make sure he is ready for Friday night’s ‘Three Dayer’, you know how the Party Crew love fresh meat once I have finished my own enjoyment. We clearly need to flesh out a few more details in our agreement Slave No. 1. I need some uninterrupted time with you to prepare for ‘Three Day’. It's going to be a tough, heavy and a hard fetish session that spans three days, beginning Friday and ending Sunday night. I will require you to work all three days. You'll recover on Monday and can return to work on Tuesday. I will be at your flat at mid-night. Be ready to serve your Master. Dan closed down his emails and thought, “Shit what have I done, how am I going to get myself and Liam out of this?” As if reading his mind Master rang Dan’s mobile, “Don’t disappoint me. You know I know ALL your friends, where you work and your fancy parents.” “I’ll be ready and willing to serve you Master.” Was all Dan could think of replying and then the phone cut off. On the stroke of mid-night Dan is naked, on all 4’s back to the ajar front door of his flat, he hears the footsteps draw closer and the heady smell of an expensive cigar fills the air as a draft of chill air wafts across his bare ass as the door swings open. “Good Slave just as I like you; submissive and ready to serve. Now pull your cheeks apart” Master leans in and wipes his tongue across Dan’s ass crack, the stubble of Master’s unshaven face is rough and scratchy on the bare flesh as the wet appendage wipes over his puckered hole. "Slave is salty," Master announces, "Fear and anxiety has him sweating. Fearful I will steal his boy or is it that I will damage his sweet ass?" Dan brightened when he was instructed. "Stand up and follow me." Jason bent down and grabbed Paul's face in his hands. Paul was kneeling in the playroom, naked. Master held up Dan's cell phone up, “leave a message, tell them you need to take the rest of the week off and that you will return to work on Tuesday. When the call ended, Master turned off the phone off and tossed it to the floor. Dan closed his eyes and tried to breath normally. He tried to calm himself, waiting for Master's next instructions but his dick has other ideas as it springs to attention drooling strings of pre-cum that Dan cannot help but jack slowly. As he walks to Dan, Master’s own cock steadily grows and is quickly revealing itself under his work-wear, the lower tented portion of his coveralls, exhibits his equipment prominently. There is a large wet spot in the center of his blue coveralls. He unzips them down further down to reveal the root of his magnificent horse cock. "Slave, quit cowering like a little pussy-boy playing with your cock, that I did not give you permission to touch" Master bellows out as he makes his feelings known, "move those hands away and stand proud. I have a cock too. Bigger than yours too" Dan moves his hands to his waist and stands tall and upright, projecting his hard-on outward from his sticky soaked trimmed pubes. "That's right, boy, be proud of your cock," Master says, "I’m not ashamed of what I have and neither should you be Slave." Master’s work coveralls are unzipped further and grabs, with his strong and powerful hands, both sides of his opened coveralls and wriggles his shoulders out of them as they fall from his broad muscled shoulders, the full majesty of his person, his semi-hard cock, is exposed. Once his cock is free of its confines, it bounces on an upwards arc with each heartbeat although not yet fully hard. Not for the first time Dan is up close and personal with Master’s dick and gets a very good look at it. From the outline of his foreskin, he can see the very large dick head that is about three inches long. He opens his mouth and waits to receive. “Clean my cock and balls Slave.” Dan starts to work his tongue and saliva all over the throbbing hot piece of flesh in his mouth, he sucks and suckles but cannot get both bull balls in his mouth at the same time so gently slurps on one at a time. Serving Master has Dan sporting a massive hard-on which he fondles whilst sucking on Master’s balls as his free hand wipes the cum-juice over the head of his teased straining cock using it as lubricant for his continued stroking. After cleaning Master’s cock and balls for an age, he is told to, ”retract the foreskin and lick it clean.” Dan hesitates, he knows what’s coming…Master lifts his eyebrows as if to give him a final warning. His cock was steel stiff after his cleaning as Dan begins retracting the long fleshy folds of foreskin pulling the skin back and the head popped out from its tight confinement. The cheesy smell is intense but he knew it would be. The head was a strange angry purplish colour on its ring of white smegma and looked bigger than it did with the skin over it. Dan started licking and cleaning as Master’s manhood finally grew to its full 12 inches. “Jerk off harder, let me see you spill your potent seed from your penis” And as instructed Dan immediately shot half a dozen volleys of toxic cum across the tiled floor. Once finished he was ordered, “Apply lots of spit to the head.” Master then slapped Dan’s face with his monster tool, smack, smack from side to the other. “Um, not bad Slave now finish your duty.” Holding Master’s shaft tightly he then pushed the head back into its protective sleeve. “Stand” Dan gets to his feet as his now limp cock sheds the remaining drips into a puddle of cum on the floor as Master pulls something from his pocket, “Here I have a present for you. I do not want you to spread any more of that dirty cargo” as he snaps a metal cock cage shut over Dan’s shriveled dick. He goes to object, “But” but cannot finish what he was going to say as he is flung off his feet by the violent smack across his petty face. “No buts. I understand you have feelings for the boy, but you need to understand he is mine to use and whore out and perhaps if he makes the grade can be Salve No. 2? Prepare the boy and I will see you both on Friday, usual time, DO NOT be late” and on that note Master turns on his heels and leaves.
  6. Giveit2meraw

    Brotherly love

    9. Sorry guys no sex in the next couple of chapters as setting the scene for a twist in this story. All too soon my weekend of revelations, sex education and conversion to Poz cumdump had to come to an end and I had to reluctantly go home. It wasn’t made any easier by the kissing goodbyes and group hug that just left me hard and horny for more despite my hole throbbing around the plastic intrusion plugging their Poz loads deep inside! My brother drove me home, not in silence this time but full of talk outlining how my body’s immune system is under attack right now and how my sero-conversion will play out most probably in a couple of weeks. Fuck! I have a wet spot forming in my jeans just from all this dirty talk. As we park up outside home, he won’t come in after falling out with our father a few years ago and says, “You know you are welcome at ours any time and, I mean any time. Here’s a door key to let yourself in” as he presses it into my hand, leans over and hugs me tight. In my short walk to the front door of the place I call home I feel like I’ve grown overnight into a man, feel taller and more confident, momentous decision made, acted upon and potentially a boyfriend too. I’m ecstatic…until I’m inside. “Where the hell have you been son?” is the opening linen from my dad, “You’ve had your mum and me worried sick, don’t you ever answer your phone?” I pull it out of my pocket and see a dozen missed calls, “Err, sorry it was on silent. Anyways you knew I was safe with Ben.” “S’pose he hasn’t looked after you much, you must be half starved?” I feel I am starting to blush and my heart thumps with a pounding building in my temples. “Actually, he and Olly looked after me really well, we had a great time, we three went out and I met plenty of friends of theirs.” Confidence growing now I blurt out, “we had a bloody brilliant time actually and I plan on seeing a lot more of them, don’t know why it hasn’t happened before?” “Well you used to moon around sulking behind him always bickering never much like brothers, it was if you were both from a different planet” my dad said. Mum was thrilled, “Oh I’m so happy you two are finally friends with one another, at last a proper family.” My dad though looked quizzically “Christ the way you go on Ben this and Olly that you would think they were an old married couple and not just flat mates.” I didn’t know where to look, let alone how to answer. I looked down, then to mum and then back to dad. I felt the colour drain from my face. “Oh My God!” he said as the penny finally dropped, “they ARE a couple” then shooting a furious look at mum said, “S’pose you already knew that. Well if he’s queer then he’s no son of mine, that must come from your side of the family Heather.” That set off a raging argument between them until I silenced them by plucking up the courage to announce… “Then I’m no son of yours either, ‘coz I’m gay too!” Stunned at my words, he looked at me, eyes blazing, paused and then said, “Well you can get out of my house too” adding “AND I HOPE YOU BOTH GO TO HELL AND DIE OF AIDS.” Mum was crying as I blurted out, “Too late for that as both Ben and Olly are Poz and proud and I’m well on my way with their diseased cum up my arse and a butt plug holding in!” as I stormed up stairs to my room to throw some cloths and stuff into a couple of bags, jumped out my bedroom window and ran and ran and ran to get away as fast as I could to the sounds of yet more squabbling, loud enough for the neighborhood to hear. Several street away I eventually ran out of breath, pulled out my phone and pressed my brother's number…and then it hit me as I said now sobbing in floods of tears, “Ben, come and get me.”
  7. Giveit2meraw

    Brotherly love

    8. After cleaning ourselves up lounged around and watched the lunch time football match on TV, not that I was interested and, as I knew Dan had a big-time foot fetish which to me seems harmless enough as he loves massaging my feet and I love him doing it. My bare feet are in his lap so I started stroking his cock with my feet through his jeans and he’s loving the attention ‘coz in no time, he was as hard as me. I'd never done anything like this before but his cock springing back to life just by my feet was driving me wild. He slowly unzipped his jeans and pulled his pants and jeans down and started stroking his dick with my feet. He was in heaven as I jacked him up and down as his cock became beautifully sticky and slick with pre-cum and he moaned out loud as I slowly teased him. My toes were a perfect fit around his thick shaft as he began stroking my toes…which just made me giggle and squirm. I pulled my shirt off as he looked at me very intensely “you sure you’re ok with all this” he asked as I finished stripping my clothes off and “Oh yes” especially as he quickly found I am ticklish so it went from light tickling to him saying 'one day I'm going to strap you down and tickle those feet'. He was still holding my toes as I somewhat egged him on with “Oh yeah, you and whose army?”. “Oh you’ve asked for it now!” He read me so well and without warning he pulled me to the floor and snatched his belt off his jeans while pulling my hands behind my back securing me. He ran to the bed room and grabbed another belt looping it around my ankles leaving me hog tied!!! Ben decided to leave us two love birds to it by suggesting to Olly, “Time for some afternoon delight ourselves….” As they made their way to the bedroom. “You are SO in for it now” he said as he began stroking my bare feet and then to my surprise his tongue went between my toes and up and down my soles. “Fuck yeah. I love your feet” I thought I was going to cum right then. It was the most erotic thing that had ever happened to me so far and so different from last night’s Sling experience. He never left suckling on my toes or licking and it was obviously I was digging the whole scene as my cock continually leaks long strands of clear liquid. I was sweating from the torture and could not wait to see what else he had in mind as I thought continually about him fucking me. He rolled me over, eased out the butt plug and slid his rampant cock in my once tight hole in one simple motion I felt nothing but pleasure as he picked up the pace. His cock is big and I just love every second of him fucking my ass. I stroke my cock as the orgasm builds between us...I feel him swell up as he blasts another dirty load of cum in my now full to the brim cunt as I too cum all over the floor.... “Very soon that’ll be Poz cum you’re firing slut” Dan whispers in my ear and upon hearing those words my spent semi hard cock stood straight up ridged!!
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    Brotherly love

    Thank you for the support over this story and I hope you enjoy the way Liam is opened up to new experiences... 7. Share and share alike Dan, Ben and his partner Olly helped me to my feet, half help walk/carry me to the Locker Room, dressed me and got me back to their home only to reverse the process! Once stripped down I was bent over to have a medium sized butt-plug eased into my sore puffy hole. This time the intrusion felt alien and my ring clammed down on it in protest. They then led me to the shower, my tired legs not allowing me to stand just sit there as they sprayed water all over me and when satisfied I was as clean as I could be they dried me and then carried me to bed. I was sore, exhausted, and asleep in seconds, but not before Dan leaned into me, kissed me and said "you’re amazing – wish you were mine all the time" and laid back down. I curled up under his arm, my head on his chest, "me too" I said then fell into a deep breathing rhythm and I fell asleep. When I woke next morning only to I find myself alone in bed, I called out and got no response, there was no-one in the house and as I sank back into the pillows and reflected on yesterday. It was a mixture of thoughts, at first, I wondered whether the night before was just a dream but the ache in my ass told me it certainly wasn't and my jaw ached too from being stretched open taking so much cock. I needed to piss, so got out of bed, and walked slowly to the bathroom my legs were weak but managed to carry me…as I emptied my bladder I remembered being hosed in piss and instantly my cock began to thicken, wow where did this fetish spring from? I dropped my hand into the flow and licked them clean. The taste was not so nice, strong and bitter but my cock was rock-hard. Returning to bed and just stretching my legs made them feel a bit better as I slowly jacked my erection remembering the night before. It was at that moment the door of the bedroom opened as Ben, Olly and then Dan came in. "Ah, so we're awake now?" asked my brother smiling. Caught out wanking with a sheepish look across my face I don’t know why but I rapidly tried to cover my steel-like erection…, "We've just been for breakfast. Left you here asleep" and with that Dan leaned in slowly towards me, closer and closer, I didn't move. Couldn't move. His hand moved mine allowing my cock to spring free in a spay of pre-cum just as Ben's lips touched mine I willingly accepted his kiss; a gentle loving kiss and I didn't resist as he pushed me backwards onto the bed, my body involuntarily responded, my back arched upwards thrusting my cock into my brother’s jogger clad leg. My World revolved around what Dan was doing to me right now, so much so that I failed to notice Olly and Ben strip off as Dan's tongue jousted with mine as his hand began pushing the rest of the bedclothes away leaving me totally exposed, naked and as Dan released his kiss I found myself next to my naked brother and his boyfriend. My mind only had a split moment to work it all out as Dan’s lips were still clasped onto mine, tenderly kissing me, his tongue in my mouth, I felt the bed moving a little as Dan moved off and then felt hands caress my straining cock, lightly tug my balls, then move to my chest, as fingers pinch my nipples. I was in heaven! Then as Dan pulled away Ben resumed the kissing, gently rolling me on my side as his now naked body snuggles up next to me, his hard precum slippery dick pressed up against my butt as his hot breath and lips shower butterfly kisses on my neck. His hands running down lower over my back, gently holding my butt cheeks, squeezing, caressing and then twisting out the butt-plug. After closely inspecting it, “Oh yes, yes, yes, it’s dry, all that Poz cum has been absorbed into your guts overnight. Good boy” I hear Olly say as he tenderly stokes my face. Ben whispers: "lie on your side to face me, wrap your legs around me." I do so, facing my brother my legs wrapped around his back pulling myself so close to him skin on skin – an electric moment – as I kiss him hard on the lips I feel his slippery cock ease into my fully exposed hole. It felt so good. It felt better than anything I had ever experienced by another man as we kissed hard, passionately….”Why did it take us so long to discover this?” I barely felt the bed move, but then knew that someone was behind me, holding both of us, resting his cock along the crack of my ass, rubbing it gently against Ben’s cock which was slowly and deliberately sliding in and out of me. “Go for it Olly” purred my brother letting me know who was tight up against me. It was obvious Olly had lubricated his cock with something, so when he arched his back like an expert, then thrust upwards and forwards, his cock slipped straight into my already full hole. I grunt out an, “Oh fuck!” as my ass painfully feels like it’s split asunder as it spasms around two cocks. Yet it was just what I wanted wow I’ve gone from being an anal virgin to now taking two cocks at once in my love canal. The two hard cocks were like an electric current in me as they rubbed against each other, the pre-cum lubricating them sliding against each other within the tight confines of my anal passage. For the next few minutes it was an amazing mixture of sensations skewered on two cocks feeling every speed or angle change as all my senses focussed around my sphincter and prostate as the constant rubbing and constant kissing by them sent my brain into overdrive. As my brother and his partner alternated sliding their cocks in and out of my ass slowly, slow enough I guess for them to fuck and inflict damage yet with not enough friction for them to cum. Throughout their fucking my brother is whispering in my ear things like, "what a fabulous fuck your boy pussy is," followed by, "your cunt is so good around our cocks," then "what a nasty Poz cum dump you are," as other obscenities came I had to break the kissing to moan in arousal, arousal like this I had never felt before and was so turned on by the obscene compliments. Not to be left out Dan slid his hand between Ben and I and wrapped his free hand around my cock which was already jabbing into Ben’s now very slippery chest and as Dan controlled the movement of my cock, I kept fucking my cock into his fist. I was close, so close, my breathing now coming in short sharp intakes until I was begging to cum, to be fucked harder: it was so arousing. I also knew from their breathing that the other two men weren't far off cumming too. Suddenly there was only the instinct to cum, all three of us swallowed up in the moment. I felt my ass being pounded and my prostate prodded once too often as I cry out, “I’m c…c…c cumming” firing jet after jet of Neg cum all over Dan’s hand and my brother’s chest. “Fuck kid, where does it all cum from?” asks my cum splattered lover. As my sphincter squeezes hard around their cocks with each ejaculate I suddenly hear Ben cry out, “Oh fuck…” his cock stiffens, and I feel him pumping his radioactive Poz cum deep into my ass. It was too much for Olly as well. He screams out as he is pumping yet more toxic cum into me at that same moment. All three of us seem to last pumping out cum forever, but perhaps it’s only for a few seconds. Then all four of us are left lying relaxed in a heap together until Ben’s cock shrinks out of my ass…Olly relaxes in his arms as Dan looks at me "can I lick you clean as you suck me off ‘coz I’m the only one here yet to cum?" Dan squats over my face as his thick PA’d dick slides snake like to my open and willing mouth, my tongue dancing around his dick-head playfully licking around the horseshoe shaped metal adornment, as my hands instinctively grip his ass. Holy fuck, I think to myself, that ass of his. Like two blonde fuzz peaches. I have got to devote some time to just feeling that later and I went back to bobbing my head on his rock-hard dick. I could taste a mix of my own saliva and his delicious precum and I just fell into a comfortable rhythm. My head and tongue moved in tandem with his thrusts, as his tongue and mouth lick and tickle my groin, abbs and chest as he hoovered up my cold spent Negative juices. “Take care on the Prince Albert…I…I…I ahhhhh…can’t afford….ah…your dentaaaaaaaaaal…..Abruptly and without warning other than I see his body stiffen. “I'm...CUMMING! is all Dan said as he climaxed, grabbing my head tight between his legs and feeding me every drop of his Poz cum he could muster as it is filling me up, jet after beautiful jet, my mouth is full and his toxic red-hot cum starts to dripple down the sides of my mouth. “Liam! swallow before you fucking drown in cum!” Eventually our breathing returns to normal and I turn around and kissed Dan feeding him some of his own cum, “ummm nearly as tasty as you! Thank you, Liam, because that was... there are orgasms, and then there are ORGASMS and boy that was intense.” Then as he turns me over to inspect the damage done after my first DP fucking says on seeing my gaping puffy sore and raw hole says with laughter in his voice, “Err…Looks like we need a bigger plug to keep all that dirty cum in there now!”
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    Brotherly love

    6. thanks for the love over this story guys, much appreciated We eventually woke late and Ben announced that as it was Saturday and no college work for me today as better time would be spent at the Sauna Club socializing with Dan, Rich, Mark and a few others of their friends. “Yeah your brother is going to be a magnet for what you usually like most” Olly said before laughingly adding, “plenty of group action” “Fresh meat, no loads refused always draws out the best of humanity with gifts to share with a newbie.” Responded Ben already rubbing his crotch. “Bro, you’d better just have an energy shake for breakfast and then we’ll teach you how to clean out the lovely hole of yours in readiness for a mid-day work out.” For me mid-day couldn’t come soon enough but it was well into the afternoon by the time Ben & Olly lead me into the Sauna Club, paid our entrance fees then off to the locker room to strip down to towels which my brother and partner tucked in around their waist but I was told to just drape mine over my shoulder. “No point hiding the goods on offer is there?” They led me upstairs to the large viewing room full of guys whose lustful eyes coveted me as I passed by with wolf whistles and groping of my ass. On we walked to an area beyond where five cubicles, each with a scuzzy stained mattress was on the floor with just a curtain for privacy. Ben ushered us in one and left the curtain open and then he and Olly removed their well tented towels and pull me into an intense round of kissing and after several minutes of tongue jousting my brother pushed me down on my back.. “You ready for this? You don’t have to if you don’t want to you know? Ben says, “I already have yours and Olly’s Poz cum in me, so yeah, I’m good with this!” and by the time Ben had worked up to three fingers buried deep in me hole we had an audience of several pairs of eyes hungrily looking on, hard cocks in hand jerking off. I had to laugh as I imagined I was circled by sex-starved wolves ready to pounce and consume me, whatever, the though was enough to make my cock swell and drool a constant flow of precum over my groin. Once Ben and Olly had donated more of their Poz cum up my chute Olly said loud enough for all to hear, “Off to the Sling Room for you to complete your afternoon/evening of NO LOADS REFUSED action” “I’ve heard about them but never been in a sling.” I managed to splutter upon seeing the contraption spot lit in the darkened room. “Hop in, lie back and make yourself comfortable.” “Woa the leather’s cold” “Don’t worry it’ll soon warm up, now let me tie your wrists and ankles to the chains…don’t want you escaping little bro! There how does it feel?” I had just one word, “Fantastic!” “There you go guys…he’s all yours” as he addresses a growing throng gathered around. “Ah Dan trust you to be first….” I couldn’t help but laugh when I saw a smiling Dan move towards me as all I could focus on was his tattoo of an elephant’s head inked all over his crotch with, yes, you’ve guessed it, his long cock for its trunk! He flashed a killer smile that caught my attention and then I saw his sparkling eyes and yet despite the comedy tattoo me and my cock felt an instant attraction. Fuck I wanted this man. I wanted him just as I lusted after my brother all these years. Our eyes remained locked on one another as Dan took up station at my exposed and quivering ass, “Do you like elephants Liam?” he asked all innocently. “Sure” I tell him “D’ya know how they wash themselves?” to which other guys burst out laughing… “Yeah they suck up water in their trunk and spray it over their bodies.” “Well done Liam, look just like this.” As he pulled his long foreskin back revealing a shiny Prince Albert, something I’d heard about but never actually seen before. I was mesmerized and didn’t at first realise as he let rip a torrent of piss all over me and simultaneously others standing close by joined in the golden shower. I had never indulged in piss-play before but I was surprised at how turned on I was, or was it just because it was Dan? When Dan’s PA’d elephant trunk piss stream eventually stopped he lined his dick with my hole and pushed in balls deep…and if it hadn’t been for the previous loads it would have been painful but now I just felt full. My eyes locked on to Dan’s as I felt the electricity flow between us as I enjoy his full attention…it didn’t go unnoticed by my brother who stroked my face and said, “You’re doing great, we’ll make a great cumslut out of you yet. I can tell Dan likes you and I think you like him too, am I right?” I nodded, unable to speak as Dan’s bulbous dick head and PA continuously rubbed over my prostate…I let out a satisfied “Aaaaahhhh” just as a rock-hard cock was pushed in my mouth. I guess Dan felt it too as still staring deep into my eyes he starts licking my feet and sucking my toes, “Ummmm, sweaty teen feet, I just love your smell” as he runs his nose all over the soles of my feet and under my toes making the hairs on the back of my neck raise and me uncontrollably squirm. “Ohhhhh Myyyyy Godddd…Dan, please … Arrr fuck…! Please, please… please breed me” The stimulation or feet licking is too much, my hole clamping tight around his cock in spasms; I know the signs so well now my cum fires out high in the air and then splatters down all over me in hot jets of cummy rain. “Oh yeah bro…., you get shot of all that neg seed.” Ben encourages me, “Now get ready for Dan’s Poz cum, tell him you want it, you want him to knock you up” This is all new to me and I cannot articulate properly any dirty talk other than. “Yeeeessssss”, is my response, my whole body now shaking in anticipation! “Yes, what?” asks Dan “I want you to Poz me” Well, I’m not going to refuse you, am I? “You sure you’re ready for this, coz’ there’s no going back now?” “Sure, oh God. Yes! Come on, don’t play games with me, fill me up with your POZ jizz!" is my breathy reply. Dan goes from slowly and deliberately pushing my ass ring open with each inward thrust and pulling it out on each outward stroke to now hammering in hard and fast in my slick passage. His eyes bug wide and sweat glistening over his body giving him a luminance God like appearance and at this pace his PA feels unworldly and fantastic in my hole. “I know I’m not going to last long, oh yeah…oh yeah”…he says over and over again He jabs harder and faster, says “I’m almost there” as all of his efforts are solely on giving me what I want and what I need. Dan’s toxic delivery. "Please breed me. I want your toxic cum." He rams home HARD smashes my prostate to fire off rope after rope of thick highly toxic baby makers in my guts as in the same instant my balls pull up and yet more useless cum squirts out. “Welcum to the club…my Bug Brother!” then leans forwards for our first incestuous kiss. No sooner had Dan pulled out of my hole it wasn’t left vacant for long as my brother, Olly and Dan made sure I was anally and orally fucked as all the guys kept revolving around taking turns. This was all new with hands continually playing with my cock, balls, nipples and stroking every other part of my body. One by one they all unloaded their Poz cum in or over me until there was just the four of us. Olly held me then said, “I think Dan is infatuated by you, look…” as Dan moved round to my battered and puffy hole, but instead of pushing in he rest his steel like cock on my aching balls and lovingly licked and sucked on my toes again before pushing his “trunk” in tenderly a few times, watched me adoringly, then pulled out his pink foamy spunk covered cock to offer me the dripping spume to my open and willing mouth. “There you go Bug Brother taste the essence of us, Poz, proud and family all connected by Ben’s strain.” As I slurped and spotlessly cleaned his dick the other three all cheered and as I pulled off and looked back up at him. "Ummmm, delicious..." “Do you want to come home with us or go with Dan to rest and recuperate bro? “Err…..” I knew I really wanted both options and then it hit me, “Why can’t we all go home together?”
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    Brotherly love

    5. The journey continues “I think it’s time we showered and went to bed don’t you? I’ll call mum and tell her we ran into you and you have come to stay over for a catch-up, OK?” Ben informs me. “Yes please bro, I’d love that.” We group showered and the hot soapy water washed my cares away as both Ben and Olly soaped me up paying particular attention to my cock, balls and gently played with my battered ass crack. Refreshed and reinvigorated we lept on to the bed in a heap, kissing and caressing as I extended my gay sex education from my brother and his partner and eager to learn more secrets spots as well as have more of his special cum from Ben doing what I always wanted him to give me. I felt a small pressure on my head, feeling his hand guide my head towards his straining cock and balls. Well, time to properly try this out...something I had dreamed about since I stole his used cum-rag T Shirt. I open my mouth to properly suck off my brother and feel the spongy texture of his dick-head as I ran my tongue over and around it, savouring the deep smell of pure Ben as I inhale... I was in heaven, hell, and everywhere in between. "Wow...no teaching required in giving head" Ben's face had a mix of pleasure and happiness to it, enjoying the playful humour mixed in with my spirited exploration of every part of his magnificent cock. I tried to mimic what I had seen in gay porn videos, but damn...his big fat cock seemed bigger than it did in the toilets but I must have been doing something right by the way Ben moaned to himself, the way he grabbed and played with his nipples, his knees mixing between being steady waving open and closed and trying to buck under the pressure of pleasure. What I lack in skill, I guess, I make up for in vigour. And vigorous I was. I doubled my effort to move on to his big bull sized balls to lick, kiss, suck and taste every inch of this dangling sack this delicious taboo and depravity. It was Ben and it was perfect. So hot to the touch, I could almost feel his balls move with me in tandem to every lick. I sucked each of them in, savouring them and I could tell it was driving Ben crazy. Apparently I was a natural at playing with balls... "Damn fucking damn... I'm already close..." Ben whispered to me, I guess I was good... Or perhaps the emotions of playing with his brother that got the better of him. “Me too” piped up Olly, who I had all but forgotten about as my life long fantasy played out in real time, a quick glance confirmed he was jerking off watching us two brothers enjoy one another. "What do you want me to do?" I asked looking up lovingly at Ben "Just... " His eyes were shut tight, riding each wave of ecstasy in his mind. It was so hot... I went back to bobbing my head on his rock-hard dick. I could taste a mix of my own saliva and his delicious precum and I just fell into a comfortable rhythm. My head and tongue moved in tandem with his thrusts, and I could see his body stiffen. I'm..." And with that feeble whimper of warning, Ben climaxed, grabbing my head tight feeding me every drop of cum he could muster. And what cum it was. I could feel my mouth filling up, gush after gush, till I was forced to stop savouring and start swallowing. But the taste. Different from his precum, but still perfect... It was so hot, slightly sweet mixed with a bitter aftertaste but in a sophisticated, fancy restaurant type of way. "Fuck... fucking fuck... Damn..." Ben's knees buckled but thankfully he never toppled over. He leaned back and rested against the bedhead, catching his breath, his body flush red. He wiped his sweaty brown hair out of his eyes, his breathing slowing, coming down from the rush. "Well... I'm... impressed bro. You aren't half bad... Not bad at all." Ben laughed lightly patting the top of my head. "Oh! Wow, fucking wow, that was soooooooooooo HOT... damn! Look at me." I opened my eyes and looked across at Olly as he smiled devilishly as jet after jet of poisonous jizz painted my face and hair, thick gobs of HIV laden cum dripped down from my hair, stinging in my eyes, I scooped as much as I could in my right hand and slurped on the bitter tasting spunk as I made sure to clean up every drop. “Fuck that was awesome bro, but no more wasted cum going down your throat or over that pretty face…we gotta share you with Dan, Rich, Mark and a few other friends to make sure it only goes in your hole so you convert and join our own special brotherhood. After ordering in a takeaway we all clambered into bed and following my sexploits I quickly went to sleep tightly snuggled up between Ben & Olly as they text or spoke to their pals. During the night I dreamt in full technicolor of every detail of the day’s events partially thrusting back as it felt for real like I was being fucked once more…in fact I caught myself moaning out loud and was afraid I would wake the boys. When I came to, I realized I wasn’t dreaming, it was Ben spooned up behind me, nuzzled into my neck and whispered, “I’m so glad you’re here, I couldn’t help myself, I just had to claim your hole as mine.” “He’s mine after you’ve finished you dirty dog, remember we share everything!” said a wide-awake Olly and with that Ben groaned as he filled my boycunt with his special brew. Olly threw back the duvet and presented me with his huge dick which was very thick and, in the half-light, looked dark and menacing with protruding veins that gave it a gnarled appearance. “Jeez I glad I’m lubed up with Ben’s load coz’ I think my hole is about to get its biggest challenge yet!” “On your back boy.” Olly authority demanded and as I rolled on to my back Olly knelt before me and pushed my legs apart. “Push some of that thick Poz spunk out” he instructed and as I did so a torrent of cum flowed out on his hand which he them smeared over his cock and pushed the rest of Ben’s jizz back in. Olly placed his dick-head at my hole and pushed the puckered skin open and continued pushing, inching his ever-thickening shaft in further pushing my internal flesh aside as his cock slid in gliding on Ben’s DNA. I let out a blissful groan as I felt Olly bottom out with his hot heavy balls resting on my taint. Now he was all the way in he lifted my legs up over his shoulders and leant forwards and began easing in and out. “Fuck me Ben, this is one fine pussy your brother has here.” As Ben switched on the bedside light to fully watch his partner have his way with me. I whimpered not in delight but in pain as not only Olly’s pace changed but the direction varied too further stretching and tearing at my internal skin as the hammering assault continued. I didn’t know what was happening next as Olly got Ben to move over and see his cock sawing in and out of my ass but he suddenly had a look of total satisfaction on his face as he intensively stared straight in to my eyes. Then punching in hard between each word, then says, “you’re torn up and bleeding-which-should-guarantee-your conversion-our-boy” and simultaneously upon hearing this my cock exploded in jets of negative cum that splattered up my stomach, neck and face. As my climax fired off my sphincter twitched and gripped hard around Olly’s monster dick which set off a train reaction; first his breathing becoming ragged, then his body shuddered as he then punched in soooo deep, roared as his virulent load flooded my intestines. He slumped over me and tenderly kissed me, a loving kiss as he gently pumped his still hard cock in my battered hole, “Welcome to the club kid.”
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    Brotherly love

    Thank you for the love for this story with plenty more to cum... 4. The reveal That shock paled into insignificance when I opened the toilet door only to find my brother Ben laughing, with another guy about his age at the hand basin, talking about the dumbfuck they had just Pozzed. “Ben!” I screamed, “was that you…..?” I couldn’t finish what I was saying as a tsunami of emotions hit me. “Fuck! Liam what the fuck are you doing here, in there, Oh shit, fuck, fuck, fuck. Bro I’m sooooooooo sorry I never…..” He too couldn’t speak, red faced and too angry to get the words out. Ben turned to his mate, “Dan you better go. Liam you have to come home with me…we have to have a talk.” We didn’t say a word to one another on the walk to his car and “Get in” was all that was said before we got to his house. My brother quickly ushered me indoors and sat me down in one of two black leather settees, “Beer?” he asked I simply nodded yes. While he was in the kitchen I scanned the room, white, bright and minimalistic with everything in its place, the total opposite of when he was at home. “Here drink this, you’ll need it.” And before I could finish one sip the front door opens and in walks the man I know to be Olly. “Hi Love, home early for once" then scanning the room looking for Ben says, "…Oh Liam….I didn’t expect you to be here too! Sorry I didn’t mean it the way that sounded! Oh shit, let me start again…Good to see you and welcome to our home.” “Well done loverboy you managed to insult my brother and ‘out’ us all in one go!” snapped Ben to Olly. “I’m sorry. Ben what’s up? It looks to me like something is seriously wrong by the looks on your faces, d’ya want me to leave so you two can talk about it?” “No, I think you had better stay and hear this.” Then turning to me confessed, “Just in case you hadn’t got it, Olly is my boyfriend, my partner, so yes I am gay just like you. I love Olly….” And then smirking says, “I’m a size queen, so maybe soon you’ll see why I love him so.” Then Ben proceeds to tell Olly about our toilet adventures with Dan. I was surprised that Olly wasn’t angry but appeared to be turned on by the huge lump that was showing in the front of his suit trousers. “Other than keeping it in the family…the problem is?” a smiling nonplussed Olly asks. “We’re all Poz and unmedicated but it was Liam’s first time.” Ben spelt out. “Wow! You took your own brother’s cherry you lucky bastard” replied Olly totally missing the point. Ben’s protective feelings for me broke out once again as he dropped into the seat next to me, gave me a hug and said, “You OK with this?” I didn’t know what I thought, it was all too much; getting fucked for the first time, getting fucked by my own brother, not only that but by someone I had for years fantasized and wanked off over, finding out he is gay too, finding out he has a boyfriend, finding out they are both HIV positive all as I sit here with two Poz loads soaking in my ripped-up guts. It was too much and I snuggled into his chest and burst into tears, sobbing loudly. “Hey, hey, we’re here to support you.” Olly said reaching over to rub my shoulders, “We can get you to the medical centre for some emergency Prep to stop your exposure to HIV if you decide that’s what you want to do, we didn’t, but it’s up to you, your choice.” Truth be told I didn’t know what I wanted, my red eyes smarted but I pulled myself together and asked about their life, how they got Pozzed and how they live with it. I also was intrigued as if they were together why Ben was in a toilet with this Dan chap. I sat enthralled by their tale of how Ben got infected, gave it to Olly when they got together and Dan was a mate of theirs who was chasing the bug to get it and move on so he can enjoy fucking whom he wants, when he wants. I took it all in. “Is it wrong that that’s what I want too?” after hearing all about this made my cock throb, swell and leak a huge wet spot in my trousers…it didn’t go unnoticed. “Looks like your little brother likes the idea of being knocked-up, see his cock has made his mind up for him” as a big shit eating grin spreads across Olly’s face, “Am I right, or am I right?” “You got me, yeah I think that’s what I want, but only if you help me through it.” I said lightly punching him on the arm. A collective “Yes!” erupted from both Ben and Olly as they caressed and cuddled me as for the first time I literally felt brotherly love.
  12. Giveit2meraw

    Brotherly love

    3. the fun continues... Reality came back in a shock. A finger was jabbed in my well lubed hole to send yet more tingling waves of pleasure through my body keeping my cock rock-hard. I feel him add two fingers that are now scissoring apart with his tongue now in between. “Ummmmmm sooooooooo good” I whimper despite the scratchy feeling which I guess is normal when being fingered like this for the first time, right? “Gonna stretch your hole beyond belief” a he scratches and digs further in my virgin hole. “Oh yessss” I hiss not really knowing what I’m letting myself in for, “Yes I want this!” “Good boy, good answer, you were going to get it whatever the answer was bro’” I could feel precum oozing out of my dick and I couldn't help but smile…bro, if only it was…And then nothing, no fingers and no tongue until I feel a warm bluntness of his dick-head pressing at my entrance. He took no time splitting me open rearranging my guts as he bottoms out in one go. “Fuck, fuck, fuck” I scream out loud as pain explodes throughout my fuck canal straight to my brain, he eases back to set the fire within my bowls off again and presses forwards once more. He groans as he slid himself in further, stretching my ass walls as they had ever been stretched before. “Yeah, Good boy, so tight, I’m enjoying this, God your ass is like a vice clamped around my dick” says the disemboweled voice from the other side of the wall as he picks up his rhythm, “Yes! Gonna make a man of you and wreck your hole” as a slap, slap, slap sound comes from his balls repeatedly smacking the wall and in no time at all he was pounding the shit out of me. So much so I was barely able to keep upright. I winced a bit in pain but kept taking his cock. “Yeah, take my dick, bro. You’re my little bitch, right?” “Fuck yeah,” I moaned. “Say it” “I’m your bitch.” “Louder, they can’t hear you outside!” “Oh yes! I’m your bitch! Fuck me, yeah fuck me HARDER!” He increased the intensity of his thrusts and I moaned louder as his dick rapidly pumped back and forth as sounds above alerted me to the skanky old guys leering over the top of the partition watching me lose my virginity below. Now he was the one letting out low guttural growls as he pounded me peppered every now and then with snarling dirty talk. “Fuckin’ dirty little freak,” he said, laughing. “Positively take IT.” Encouraged by the audience with a chorus of “Knock him up” , “Mark him with your cum” and “Hope it takes” all left me bewildered with what they were talking about. Out of nowhere, excruciating pain shot through my ass, as his cock popped through to another level within my guts and began pounding me harder and faster than ever before! I screamed in agony as he tore into me. The pain so intense that I was forgetting where I was. The only thing that existed was that giant cock brutally raping my hole and the pain I felt. Now he was screaming at me, shouting profanities as our flesh slapped together with wet, sloppy smacks. He had stamina like I didn’t think possible as he was able to pound long and hard until his breathing became ragged and I felt his dick swelling inside me. “Oh yeah, HERE IT FUCKIN’ COMES, BITCH! HERE IT FUCKIN’ COMES! Enormous jets of red-hot cum blasted out of his cock and as I closed my eyes I heard him groaning loudly as several more ropes of sperm spewed out of him. Finally, his breathing slowed, “That was so hot bro, something to remember me by for the rest of your life eh?, Buddy.” He pulled out but I was too exhausted to move only to be surprised as another cock pushed in, “Ummm sloppy seconds…..you are a right little slut, you're the fucking whore, aren't you? Chasing any cum loads, as many as you can get" as he too began to thrust in and out, after a few minutes he shoved as deep as he could and shouted "I'm gonna cum! Gonna be knocking you up good!” I felt his cock throb and throb as he spurted the second cum load ever in me, then is telling me “what a good boy I was”, and as he continued with tender little thrusts a sense of euphoria hit me knowing I did a good job taking their cocks and cum. I’d found my place in life as a bottom boy. I was spent. They were spent. I cleaned up with toilet paper and saw smears of blood in with the excess cum leaking from my hole and as I looked shocked at the red stain it was only then that I though, “What had I done?”
  13. Giveit2meraw

    Brotherly love

    2. Thanks for the positive feedback guys, here's part two for you to enjoy My eyes were drawn as he peeled back more of his foreskin to full reveal the mushroom head, “Suck it” I was instructed from the other side and instinctively I stuck my tongue out, he moaned lightly as my tongue grabbed the little bead of precum, my lips wrapped around his dick-head, and my mind went into sensory overload. The taste; both the salty sweet taste of his precum, “Ummmm delicious….” I unconsciously murmur. I licked up and down his shaft, eager to trace every vein and fold of his foreskin and fat precum leaking mushroom head. One thing I had not learnt so far is how to orally deal with a big thick cock, but damn I was hungry to learn...his cock felt warm and heavy in my mouth, but it was tasty and perfect and I felt elated especially as for a newbie like me. I was able to move my head back and forth getting more and more in without gagging, but drool and slobber was running out of my mouth as I battled to take as much cock as I could down my throat. “That’s enough, pull off and turn around” he instructs. “Why have I done something wrong?” I worriedly ask. “No mate you keep doing whatever you're doing I shoot and I don’t want to cum just yet and certainly not waste it down your throat! Now do as I say, turn around and push your arse up tight to the gloryhole, dummy..." Whilst I’m saying, “I’ve never been fucked before….” I’m doing as told and for some reason just wanting this connection, wanting this cock and his cum. As soon as my butt was pushed up against the partition wall he tenderly gave my cheeks a few kisses before parting them as best he could and suddenly the heavens parted with them as his tongue hit my hole. I felt a jolt of electricity hit my body and course through my body like never before scoring a direct hit to my cock and balls which jumped and spat out a huge gob of precum. “Holy fuck, holy, holy shit, fuck holy fuck shit fuck damn.” The man had very strong rim skills, he poked and prodded, licked and sucked, kissed and ate, spreading my ass cheeks wider, eager to get in deeper. Ravenous, he treated my ass like a starving man’s buffet, eager to make sure he got every taste of me as I felt his sexual appetite rise to fucking insane levels. I felt his warm breath on me, in me, as he took a small break to breathe. He dived back in with renewed energy, digging deeper, harder, faster, stronger with every flick of his tongue! I couldn't feel where my hole ended and his tongue began, I was enjoying every single moment of it. My hole sent every wave of pleasure straight to my dick, and my right hand was immediately magnetized to it, while my left arm had to brace myself against the opposite partition wall as I knew my body would give in without support. It only took a few strokes and I was shooting cum all over the wall and floor. Fuck! It was like I had drenched everything with a gallon of my cum. My mind went blank.
  14. Giveit2meraw

    Brotherly love

    1. Brotherly Love Hi my name is Liam, I’m 18 years old and have a secret: I have worshiped my brother for as long as I can remember and whilst he is only 3 years older than me he, Ben, always acted and looked much older whereas I knew from early on that I am attracted to guys Ben ogling over shirtless men on TV, internet search men’s underwear pages and sneaking a peak in the school locker rooms. Ben’s naughty boyish smile that got attention wherever he went and could have any girls or boys he wanted as they couldn’t take their eyes off him. He always had a ready joke and was a prankster and clown at heart, always doing something to make himself laugh, usually at the expense of me. Sex was never spoken about at home, but I guess Ben realised my preferences as he always looked out for his nerdy bookish sibling when being called out “Gayboy” when being the last to be picked for school sports. In my fantasy I suspected my brother maybe Bi, if not gay because when he had friends to stay they shared his room, the guest in his bed and Ben supposedly on a put-you-up alongside. When puberty hit my cock had a mind of its own and I discovered wanking…now it made sense what those sounds in the next-door bedroom were all about. One-time hearing tell-tale sounds from within I burst in the room on the pretence of retrieving a book I had lent him to find them in bed, the friend on his back and my brother on top…” Fuck’s up with you?” he shouted as I stood open mouthed, “Can’t you see we’re practicing wrestling?” I shot out of the room and never mentioned it again, too afraid to ask for rear of the consequences but when they went out to the Park to play football I darted into his room went straight to the laundry hamper and there it was, a balled up old T-shirt with the now soaked in evidence of last night. I covered my face in it trying to smell and absorb Ben’s essence through the material, but to my disappointment, all I could smell was the intoxicating scent of his deodorant and washing detergent so I licked the damp patch for a taste of his salty cum and got an instant boner! I grabbed the shirt tossed on my bed and covered it under the duvet to become my cum-rag trophy. Throughout school and college Ben brought home a succession of girls but seldom for a second time and all dad said was, “That’s my boy!” I tried to hide my sexuality but think mum knew as I always batted away the question of “do you have a girlfriend or someone special yet?” with an answer of “I don’t want to disrupt my studies.” I got my thrills from catching Ben in the shower or bath and glimpses of him in his tight white boxer briefs that showed off his bubble butt and package brilliantly. I could never be quite sure how if Ben made a ‘show’ on purpose or I was just incredibly lucky catching him naked or semi-naked so often. However, when Ben left college, got himself a good job and moved into a small house with a work colleague for a housemate we saw less and less of one another. Occasionally Ben would come home for a good feed up and sometime brought Olly his housemate along too. They were always fun together, easy and relaxed in each other’s company and I remember once when mum asked Olly if Ben was getting into trouble playing the field with the girls in the office he replied, “Don’t worry Mrs Hart I’ll keep him straight!” Ben burst out laughing and behind mums back showed him his middle finger to Olly…but I saw it all. On my way to college I had to pass one of the skankier public toilets in town and quickly found out the joys to be had within as you could always get a good look at what’s on offer whilst standing at the urinal and being young I was always popular to be wanked or sucked off, never daring to going any further. One day on a free period I thought I’d spend the time in the cottage, but only found older guys who looked wolfishly at me. I was scared and ducked into the one empty stall available…and found a largish gloryhole. Immediately as I unzipped and dropped my trousers my cock sprang to life before I even sat down…I saw movement from the other side as a gorgeous veiny 8-inch uncut cock is pushed through. A primal feeling took over. I dropped to my knees without a hint of hesitation, eager to get close. I brought my face as close as I could, feeling the heat radiate off it, the strong masculine scent that suddenly pierced the air. The hard flesh moved lightly up and down with his breathing, excitement brewing as a pearl of pre-cum rose from the piss-slit and enticingly there was just enough space of the gloryhole for me to see some of his heavy shaved balls too. I was in heaven.
  15. Giveit2meraw

    Rough toilet fuck

    My fuck flu hit like a freight train; night sweats, chills constant runs to the toilet with sickness and diarrhoea, so after weeks of this I of course shed weight to reappear now feeling better with a lean body, mean (gaunt) faced with a raging hard cock ready to breed and infect. No more bottom boy for me I’m ready to spread the love and share my toxic seed with anyone who wants it, knowingly or not. There was no joy from the hook up Apps so decided to hit the sauna after work this afternoon. I paid my entrance fee and was stripped down in the changing rooms when I heard a couple of twinks say, "Why do I find him so fucking hot?" asked one to the other "Because you have a death wish?" the other answered sarcastically, “look at how thin and wasted he is, he must be sick.” It caught my attention and my dick started to rise arcing upwards as the blood pumping through my veins took it to full hardness at the thought of breeding one or both guys. They stopped their chatter glared me for a brief moment before returning to their conversation. I couldn’t help but stop and stare at them, especially the one with his taught flawless swimmer’s body and chocolate brown hair that was an unruly mess and in desperate need of a cut. He caught me looking hungrily at him, our eyes fixed on each other’s eyes. “Fuck, those eyes mate.” Was his opening line, “They make me feel like you see into my soul, revealing all of my darkest secrets.” Yeah right! Cheesy opening line or what, I thought of Twink 1, but I was somewhat distracted as his friend, Twink 2, bent over to pick up clothing that had fallen out of their locker revealing his muscular ass, a ripe peach I wanted desperately to dig my fingers into while I slowly, deliberately fucked his face. Yep, I had it bad for these two guys. "You two look to be nothing but trouble.” I eventually said. “Yeah and you look to be a total bad ass, which is probably why I have the hots for you.” Twink 1 replied. I nodded right, "Maybe we should head inside…" draping my arms across their broad shoulders I ushered them into the Sauna, plopped down in to the Jacuzzi and immediately one was kissing me, wet sloppy kisses, tongues jousting, exploring every crevice of my mouth. The other, I told him where to go, nestling his face in my hairy chest letting him chew on my right nipple, as he slowly jacking my super hard and impatient to fuck cock. I hadn’t cum in weeks, I daren’t let his hand continue wanking me or I’d shoot, wasting the precious cargo, so I lifted myself up to the jacuzzi edge, “Boys it’s time to move next door to the fuck bench…that’s what you’re here for, right, to get fucked?” Twink 1 was eager and willing, up and out of the jacuzzi and good to go whilst his friend just stood there, staring at me, a mix of fear and shock contorting his face. “you are clean, aren’t you?” was all he said. “Yeah, look I’ve just been in that sanitised jacuzzi so I’m chemically clean.” “Nah, you know what I mean, you’re not bugged up are you?” “No, disease free the last time I was tested.” I proudly proclaimed, which was true, I just hadn’t bothered to go to the clinic after I got knocked up. Satisfied with my reply, “That’s OK then” was all he said before skipping off to join his pal in the next room where the fuck bench had been replaced by what looked to be from the dim light emanating from the TV by a scuzzy stained old mattress as the screen played bareback porn of a Twink being roughly raped and bred by a muscled jock daddy. “On all fours boys” I demanded, “Head down arse up, just the way I love to fuck.” The pair immediately got in to position, with Twink 1 saying, "You can do whatever you want to me" “Oh, I intend to mate.” Somewhere behind I heard a door close, then some movement in a dark corner of the room. I waited to see what would happen. Either someone was going to beat the shit out of me, maybe even try kill me for taking advantage of two Twinks, or he was just going to watch. Whatever, it all added to the frisson of the occasion of my first pozzings making the hairs on the back of my head raise and my cock quiver in anticipation. They were quiet once they felt the mattress moving as I crawled onto it. I moved into position above Twink 1, slid my pre-cum leaking big cock above the crevice of his butt cheeks. He responded by pushing his ass up to me…he heard me spit into my hand, then felt my bony fingers wet his hole, one, two and now three prodded and probed his most intimate opening, he squirmed around and grunted on my fingers as they dug in to the delicate flesh. He heard me spit again this time to lube up my cock and shaft, then gently pressed the head of my dick between his cheeks, keeping the pressure up and pop, right into his hole. I took in a deep breath and slowly drove my thick cock deep into him, filling his ass in a positive way it had never been filled before. This wasn’t the first time he’d been fucked as he knew a few tricks to ward off the possibility of pain, but I made sure my thick cock still caused some initial discomfort as once I was in deep as I could be, I began pumping my cock in slow, short thrusts, changing directions but keeping him full. The feeling was so wonderful, I soon switched into a slow, long stroke that soon had me panting for breath in excitement. Twink 2 silently waited his turn transfixed by the big, bold imagery on the TV screen before him. He soon jumped as I jabbed two fingers in his peachy tight hole, “Ummph! Ahhhh fuck! Shit it hurts.” I ripped my fingers out and slapped his left butt cheek with a crack and immediately a red hand print welt appeared. “Shut the fuck up and take it like a man.” He did as instructed. I sense he is biting his lip as I resume shoving my fingers in, “Push back like you’re going to shit” I bark at him and he complies instantly allowing both digits in to my knuckles allowing my to locate and scrape across his prostate, “Ummmm, Oh yeah! Don’t stop doing that…Ahhhh!” is all I hear from him now. “Fuck me, please fuck me, I need your cock. I need it NOW!” I pull out of Twink 1, his now damaged chute slick with dangerous pre-cum the little tares already letting my deadly DNA invade his bloodstream and slam straight into Twink 2. My cock marking my first victims as I squeeze out as much pre-cum to ease the way and soon I feel my cockhead massaging his prostate. His cunt already feels wet and with every luxurious stroke my tempo quickens and I felt my body tingle all over, my nipples becoming erect, sending little jolts of pleasure shooting through my body as they brush over the sweaty body beneath me. For his part, Twink 2 just lays there, squirming and moaning as he set my body on fire with passion, a passion to infect. I knew I would not last too much longer so began fucking harder and harder until I am slamming my long, thick cock all the way out and back into him with every thrust. My big HIV loaded balls slapping against his taint, my sweat splashing down. Suddenly my bashing his prostate hit blast off as he shook like he was about to explode, then screamed with ecstasy as he pumped his load all over the messy mattress leaving his own mark in half a dozen blasts. I held on to his flesh for dear life as his trembling sphincter squeezed down on my shaft bringing me closer and closer to a poisoning orgasm which climbed with each thrust, edging me to a point of madness before I finally reached my breaking point. "FUCK! I'm cumming! Take it, Take it" I screamed into the darkness as each toxic thrust became more erratic, more powerful, I stopped pumping, then abruptly slammed in deep and unloaded days’ worth of venom from my balls into his battered and cum frothy ass. “Wow! Fuck, that was the best fuck of my life” he gasped. Collapsing on top of him, I pumped my cock deep in him for another few minutes, God I was so horned up at what I had just done. I wanted to go again, but had Twink 1 waiting for attention so reluctantly I pulled out, rolled off him and laying face up on the mattress watched the man emerge from the shadows, cock in hand, his body a mass of intricate tribal tattoos and yet as I studied them I immediately noticed biohazard tats hidden within the designs. I smiled and nodded approval as he knelt down and rammed his cock in to the freshly fucked Twink 2 right there on the bed next to me. All the time whilst this had been happening Twink 1 had been respectfully waiting…and now his buddy, being fucked slowly and gently by the stranger, watches me intensely, hypnotized by my slow rhythmic wanking teasing out copious amounts of toxic pre-cum from the angry red piss slit from the rough fuck I had just given him. I wink at him and thought about the HIV flowing from my cock ready to infect this young lad waiting for me to act which only made my cock pulse to a super hard weapon as I move forward and smear the deadly viscus liquid around Twink 1’s pink hole. I lined my drooling poz cock against his puckered hole, “I think you’re ready to be my slutty little bottom boy. That’s what you want isn’t it?” I asked He nodded, I had him in my power. I felt a rush going through me I pumped some precum onto the ring of his pink winking hole and rubbed my big mushroom head against it. He grunted as the head popped in, then yelled out loud as I slammed the whole length in to the root, my balls resting on his butt cheeks momentarily, I use my hands to spread his ass open wide and as I did this, I leaked more precum into his chute and thought about pozzing the boy. “There’s my little bottom boy. I knew you’d show your true self. Such a tight hole. Such a hungry hole,” I tell him as I ease back and work more cock in, sliding in and out working it deeper and deeper and it got easier with my precum lubing the walls of his ass. I wasn’t going to last long, though, I started pistoning more aggressively on the tight hole, slap, slap, slap, skin on skin is the only sound I hear. I look down at how my shaft was penetrating that pink ring. His hole gripped my cock, the ass lips elongating as I drag my dick out, then pushed back in as I bottom out on the next in stoke. He yelped and winced, but seemed a real natural bottom boy, “Oh yeah, fuck yeah, so close so close to filling your hole up with cum. Take it. Take that big dick. Earn that cum load right out of my cock,” I was urgent to impregnate and knock up his cunt. "your ass is great, I can't hold back my load much longer. do you want me to cum?". He replied with a loud moan then whispers, "yes". "Inside you?".... "Yessss. come inside me!" is the now urgent response. "No matter what?"... "Just do it!". "Are you sure? I will knock you up...your ass will be mine, forever...” “Yeah! Make it yours". Suddenly the connection is broken, a hand slaps Twink 2 across his face. “LOOK AT ME BITCH!” I hear and watch as he cranes his head back at the anonymous guy fucking him. “I want you to remember this, always look in to the guy’s eyes when he fucks you, ESPECIALLY WHEN HE IS ABOUT TO CUM IN YOUR ASS!” than announces, “I’M CUMMING!!!!” And between hard rasping breathing, “I’M BEEDING YOUR ASS, CLAIMING IT AS MINE.” Then turning to me says, “FILL HIS CLEAN HOLE!” nodding in the direction of Twink 1. I pick up my pace, punctuate each thrust with a grunt as I feel hot, quickly followed by that familiar tingle deep in my balls, rising fast, too fast, no stopping it now, I grunt. "I'm cumming" plunging my dick in as deep in his ass as I can. “Aaaaagh!” I felt my shaft pulse and my cock slit open wide as my dick unleashes toxic cum with each orgasmic twitch of my shaft, Poz cum blasts out coating his unprotected ass, spewing my poison firing red hot swimmers burrowing deep inside the torn and ripped soft tissue of his ass walls. I wait a few seconds firing yet more as I start fucking him hard again. "Oh yeah, I'm still coming... do you feel my toxic cum breeding you?". His head does a double shake as I know he’s registered the word 'toxic', there’s no “STOP!” or frantic, “Pull out” but he simply pushes back impaling himself deeper on my weapon, forcing my charged DNA deeper in to his battered colon. “Ummm you’re one well bred bitch!" I moan and lick his ear as I continue fucking making sure that every ounce of demon seed is well massaged into his gut. Both me and the other Top pull out together, high five and simultaneously look down at our still rock-hard dicks for evidence of a positive conversion; seeking blood stains amongst the cum and ass juice slick sheen of our dick skin. Pleased with the result of my likely first Pozzings we leave the cum dumps ready for the group of guys who gathered around as together we hit the showers to wash away the evidence. I feel elated, puff my chest out and just know I have the biggest grin plastered on my face. Life is sweet.

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