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  1. Rough toilet fuck

    My fuck flu hit like a freight train; night sweats, chills constant runs to the toilet with sickness and diarrhoea, so after weeks of this I of course shed weight to reappear now feeling better with a lean body, mean (gaunt) faced with a raging hard cock ready to breed and infect. No more bottom boy for me I’m ready to spread the love and share my toxic seed with anyone who wants it, knowingly or not. There was no joy from the hook up Apps so decided to hit the sauna after work this afternoon. I paid my entrance fee and was stripped down in the changing rooms when I heard a couple of twinks say, "Why do I find him so fucking hot?" asked one to the other "Because you have a death wish?" the other answered sarcastically, “look at how thin and wasted he is, he must be sick.” It caught my attention and my dick started to rise arcing upwards as the blood pumping through my veins took it to full hardness at the thought of breeding one or both guys. They stopped their chatter glared me for a brief moment before returning to their conversation. I couldn’t help but stop and stare at them, especially the one with his taught flawless swimmer’s body and chocolate brown hair that was an unruly mess and in desperate need of a cut. He caught me looking hungrily at him, our eyes fixed on each other’s eyes. “Fuck, those eyes mate.” Was his opening line, “They make me feel like you see into my soul, revealing all of my darkest secrets.” Yeah right! Cheesy opening line or what, I thought of Twink 1, but I was somewhat distracted as his friend, Twink 2, bent over to pick up clothing that had fallen out of their locker revealing his muscular ass, a ripe peach I wanted desperately to dig my fingers into while I slowly, deliberately fucked his face. Yep, I had it bad for these two guys. "You two look to be nothing but trouble.” I eventually said. “Yeah and you look to be a total bad ass, which is probably why I have the hots for you.” Twink 1 replied. I nodded right, "Maybe we should head inside…" draping my arms across their broad shoulders I ushered them into the Sauna, plopped down in to the Jacuzzi and immediately one was kissing me, wet sloppy kisses, tongues jousting, exploring every crevice of my mouth. The other, I told him where to go, nestling his face in my hairy chest letting him chew on my right nipple, as he slowly jacking my super hard and impatient to fuck cock. I hadn’t cum in weeks, I daren’t let his hand continue wanking me or I’d shoot, wasting the precious cargo, so I lifted myself up to the jacuzzi edge, “Boys it’s time to move next door to the fuck bench…that’s what you’re here for, right, to get fucked?” Twink 1 was eager and willing, up and out of the jacuzzi and good to go whilst his friend just stood there, staring at me, a mix of fear and shock contorting his face. “you are clean, aren’t you?” was all he said. “Yeah, look I’ve just been in that sanitised jacuzzi so I’m chemically clean.” “Nah, you know what I mean, you’re not bugged up are you?” “No, disease free the last time I was tested.” I proudly proclaimed, which was true, I just hadn’t bothered to go to the clinic after I got knocked up. Satisfied with my reply, “That’s OK then” was all he said before skipping off to join his pal in the next room where the fuck bench had been replaced by what looked to be from the dim light emanating from the TV by a scuzzy stained old mattress as the screen played bareback porn of a Twink being roughly raped and bred by a muscled jock daddy. “On all fours boys” I demanded, “Head down arse up, just the way I love to fuck.” The pair immediately got in to position, with Twink 1 saying, "You can do whatever you want to me" “Oh, I intend to mate.” Somewhere behind I heard a door close, then some movement in a dark corner of the room. I waited to see what would happen. Either someone was going to beat the shit out of me, maybe even try kill me for taking advantage of two Twinks, or he was just going to watch. Whatever, it all added to the frisson of the occasion of my first pozzings making the hairs on the back of my head raise and my cock quiver in anticipation. They were quiet once they felt the mattress moving as I crawled onto it. I moved into position above Twink 1, slid my pre-cum leaking big cock above the crevice of his butt cheeks. He responded by pushing his ass up to me…he heard me spit into my hand, then felt my bony fingers wet his hole, one, two and now three prodded and probed his most intimate opening, he squirmed around and grunted on my fingers as they dug in to the delicate flesh. He heard me spit again this time to lube up my cock and shaft, then gently pressed the head of my dick between his cheeks, keeping the pressure up and pop, right into his hole. I took in a deep breath and slowly drove my thick cock deep into him, filling his ass in a positive way it had never been filled before. This wasn’t the first time he’d been fucked as he knew a few tricks to ward off the possibility of pain, but I made sure my thick cock still caused some initial discomfort as once I was in deep as I could be, I began pumping my cock in slow, short thrusts, changing directions but keeping him full. The feeling was so wonderful, I soon switched into a slow, long stroke that soon had me panting for breath in excitement. Twink 2 silently waited his turn transfixed by the big, bold imagery on the TV screen before him. He soon jumped as I jabbed two fingers in his peachy tight hole, “Ummph! Ahhhh fuck! Shit it hurts.” I ripped my fingers out and slapped his left butt cheek with a crack and immediately a red hand print welt appeared. “Shut the fuck up and take it like a man.” He did as instructed. I sense he is biting his lip as I resume shoving my fingers in, “Push back like you’re going to shit” I bark at him and he complies instantly allowing both digits in to my knuckles allowing my to locate and scrape across his prostate, “Ummmm, Oh yeah! Don’t stop doing that…Ahhhh!” is all I hear from him now. “Fuck me, please fuck me, I need your cock. I need it NOW!” I pull out of Twink 1, his now damaged chute slick with dangerous pre-cum the little tares already letting my deadly DNA invade his bloodstream and slam straight into Twink 2. My cock marking my first victims as I squeeze out as much pre-cum to ease the way and soon I feel my cockhead massaging his prostate. His cunt already feels wet and with every luxurious stroke my tempo quickens and I felt my body tingle all over, my nipples becoming erect, sending little jolts of pleasure shooting through my body as they brush over the sweaty body beneath me. For his part, Twink 2 just lays there, squirming and moaning as he set my body on fire with passion, a passion to infect. I knew I would not last too much longer so began fucking harder and harder until I am slamming my long, thick cock all the way out and back into him with every thrust. My big HIV loaded balls slapping against his taint, my sweat splashing down. Suddenly my bashing his prostate hit blast off as he shook like he was about to explode, then screamed with ecstasy as he pumped his load all over the messy mattress leaving his own mark in half a dozen blasts. I held on to his flesh for dear life as his trembling sphincter squeezed down on my shaft bringing me closer and closer to a poisoning orgasm which climbed with each thrust, edging me to a point of madness before I finally reached my breaking point. "FUCK! I'm cumming! Take it, Take it" I screamed into the darkness as each toxic thrust became more erratic, more powerful, I stopped pumping, then abruptly slammed in deep and unloaded days’ worth of venom from my balls into his battered and cum frothy ass. “Wow! Fuck, that was the best fuck of my life” he gasped. Collapsing on top of him, I pumped my cock deep in him for another few minutes, God I was so horned up at what I had just done. I wanted to go again, but had Twink 1 waiting for attention so reluctantly I pulled out, rolled off him and laying face up on the mattress watched the man emerge from the shadows, cock in hand, his body a mass of intricate tribal tattoos and yet as I studied them I immediately noticed biohazard tats hidden within the designs. I smiled and nodded approval as he knelt down and rammed his cock in to the freshly fucked Twink 2 right there on the bed next to me. All the time whilst this had been happening Twink 1 had been respectfully waiting…and now his buddy, being fucked slowly and gently by the stranger, watches me intensely, hypnotized by my slow rhythmic wanking teasing out copious amounts of toxic pre-cum from the angry red piss slit from the rough fuck I had just given him. I wink at him and thought about the HIV flowing from my cock ready to infect this young lad waiting for me to act which only made my cock pulse to a super hard weapon as I move forward and smear the deadly viscus liquid around Twink 1’s pink hole. I lined my drooling poz cock against his puckered hole, “I think you’re ready to be my slutty little bottom boy. That’s what you want isn’t it?” I asked He nodded, I had him in my power. I felt a rush going through me I pumped some precum onto the ring of his pink winking hole and rubbed my big mushroom head against it. He grunted as the head popped in, then yelled out loud as I slammed the whole length in to the root, my balls resting on his butt cheeks momentarily, I use my hands to spread his ass open wide and as I did this, I leaked more precum into his chute and thought about pozzing the boy. “There’s my little bottom boy. I knew you’d show your true self. Such a tight hole. Such a hungry hole,” I tell him as I ease back and work more cock in, sliding in and out working it deeper and deeper and it got easier with my precum lubing the walls of his ass. I wasn’t going to last long, though, I started pistoning more aggressively on the tight hole, slap, slap, slap, skin on skin is the only sound I hear. I look down at how my shaft was penetrating that pink ring. His hole gripped my cock, the ass lips elongating as I drag my dick out, then pushed back in as I bottom out on the next in stoke. He yelped and winced, but seemed a real natural bottom boy, “Oh yeah, fuck yeah, so close so close to filling your hole up with cum. Take it. Take that big dick. Earn that cum load right out of my cock,” I was urgent to impregnate and knock up his cunt. "your ass is great, I can't hold back my load much longer. do you want me to cum?". He replied with a loud moan then whispers, "yes". "Inside you?".... "Yessss. come inside me!" is the now urgent response. "No matter what?"... "Just do it!". "Are you sure? I will knock you up...your ass will be mine, forever...” “Yeah! Make it yours". Suddenly the connection is broken, a hand slaps Twink 2 across his face. “LOOK AT ME BITCH!” I hear and watch as he cranes his head back at the anonymous guy fucking him. “I want you to remember this, always look in to the guy’s eyes when he fucks you, ESPECIALLY WHEN HE IS ABOUT TO CUM IN YOUR ASS!” than announces, “I’M CUMMING!!!!” And between hard rasping breathing, “I’M BEEDING YOUR ASS, CLAIMING IT AS MINE.” Then turning to me says, “FILL HIS CLEAN HOLE!” nodding in the direction of Twink 1. I pick up my pace, punctuate each thrust with a grunt as I feel hot, quickly followed by that familiar tingle deep in my balls, rising fast, too fast, no stopping it now, I grunt. "I'm cumming" plunging my dick in as deep in his ass as I can. “Aaaaagh!” I felt my shaft pulse and my cock slit open wide as my dick unleashes toxic cum with each orgasmic twitch of my shaft, Poz cum blasts out coating his unprotected ass, spewing my poison firing red hot swimmers burrowing deep inside the torn and ripped soft tissue of his ass walls. I wait a few seconds firing yet more as I start fucking him hard again. "Oh yeah, I'm still coming... do you feel my toxic cum breeding you?". His head does a double shake as I know he’s registered the word 'toxic', there’s no “STOP!” or frantic, “Pull out” but he simply pushes back impaling himself deeper on my weapon, forcing my charged DNA deeper in to his battered colon. “Ummm you’re one well bred bitch!" I moan and lick his ear as I continue fucking making sure that every ounce of demon seed is well massaged into his gut. Both me and the other Top pull out together, high five and simultaneously look down at our still rock-hard dicks for evidence of a positive conversion; seeking blood stains amongst the cum and ass juice slick sheen of our dick skin. Pleased with the result of my likely first Pozzings we leave the cum dumps ready for the group of guys who gathered around as together we hit the showers to wash away the evidence. I feel elated, puff my chest out and just know I have the biggest grin plastered on my face. Life is sweet.
  2. Rough toilet fuck

    Thanks guys for the comments and likes. Here's the follow up. Of course, I started calling him. I'd call during the day at first, no reply so called early mornings or evenings instead only for a repeat blanking Then by Friday, I was calling him very late at night. He never wanted to talk... until I guess he'd got pissed off with me pestering, answered called me a faggot and hang up angrily...that only made me want him more and made my dick hard and leaking, so much so that I had to jerk off just to make it go down! Saturday night, bingo! 2am it was, he answered. He knew it was me. He didn't say “hi”, he just said, "Come over” and gave an address across the city. I was excited by the idea of having him and his dick dominating me as I replayed last times toilet fuck in my head. I quickly clean up and cleaned out pulled on an old T Shirt, Trackies and flip flops, then hailed a cab to take me to him and my fate. "You may enter, slave", he said when I pressed the buzzer to his flat, “It’s the Penthouse, so no one can hear your screams when I Poz rape you. Again and again, until your ass is so sore and so filled with spunk it turns into a pussy." He was waiting at the door, radiant and domineering in leather harness, chaps and biking boots, his balls full and thrust forwards due to a metal cockring, his dick angry looking, red and exceeding hard with a barbed 0 gauge PA shiny with pre-cum drooling from his piss slit. He pulled me close, let his hands go around my body so they could squeeze my ass and whispered in my ear, “Slave get ready for fun and games!” I got butterflies in my stomach thinking about it as he moved away and told me to close my eyes. I took a few deep breaths to calm down. I screamed in surprise when in a split second I was twisted, pushed down on the floor, landed on my back with him on top of me. I tried to hit and kick him, but I wasn't really fighting for my life, just putting up a show. He slapped me across the face and wrestled me over on my stomach. I tried to get away, but he held me in place with a hand between my shoulder blades while sitting on my butt. He was twice as heavy as me so I really couldn't go anywhere when he was sitting on me. I felt him rip my t-shirt off and then holding the knife to my neck. I was told not to move as he quickly cut the seam of my trackies and then with his strong hands split my legs further apart as I felt him caressing me roughly while he told me again to be still if I wanted to live. Two fingers were pushed inside me hole hard. There was no lube on them so I screamed fearing he was going to fuck me dry raw. He ignored me and made my tight hole open up using his two fingers. I felt something being cold rubbed into my ass. Lube of some sort, in my dilemma my senses were heightened, cum by the smell of it and lot's of it. He got his fingers out and laid on top of me, positioning his fat PA’d dickhead at my quivering hole. His right hand guided his dick and his left covered my mouth. I was breathing heavily through my nose while I waited for that first thrust to come. He let me wait. Then I felt the sharp pain as his dickhead breached the barrier of my ring as the barbed PA tore through the flesh. He started pumping right then and there with just the head in, slowly getting more inside me with hard thrusts. I half muffled screamed, half moaned through his fingers, it hurt bad and I had tears in my eyes. He sat up halfway to get better leverage and really pounded into me. As he did so I was able to catch my breath and calm down slightly, relaxing my hole so he could get more of it in me. His response, “It’s only half way in.” and as if to prove that point he pushed the rest inside, balls deep. Once there, he lifted my hips from the ground and wiggled to really get every millimetre inside my ass causing as much damage as possible. With his monster dick still buried deep in my chute he turned me round, lifted me to a doggy-style on my hands and knees and grabbed the back of my hair as he experimentally pumped in and out a few times before he started slamming into me getting thoroughly fucked. That's when my blood froze, because I saw another man standing only a few feet away. Watching, wanking with a big shit eating grin across his face, “Ah ha Davey, our play thing for the night I presume?” The pace changed, the thrusts got deeper and harder and more regular. I love an audience so let out a moan, “Ummmm yeah. Deeper the better. Harder faster Davey. Break my hole, POZ MY HOLE I scream. “Noisy demanding fucker aint he?” I started moving my hips to make him go deeper. I felt a few hard slaps on my ass and I felt his dick swell inside me, making me wonder if that monster could really get any bigger. He slammed his dick as deep in as it could possibly go and came, jettisoning its poisoned cargo of HIV. It was like hot lava was being spewed burning into my bowels. He pulled me back so I was sitting on his dick. It didn't go limp. “You call me SIR not Davey.” He jabbed his steel like dick in my well worked chute three more times and then asked, “You got that?” “Yes Sir!” was my immediate response. The man with the wicked smile on his face caressed my inner thighs and played with my nipples. I was really close to coming, but not quite on the point of no return, I just needed more. Sir pulled out and pushed me on my back. Before I could get up the other guy was on top of me rubbing his dickhead on my freshly fucked cunt lips. His cock wasn't as long as Sirs, but it was still big. He held my legs up and positioned his hard dick at my hole, I push open and swallow his cock all the way in until his shaved balls were resting on my up turned ass. He positioned himself on top of me and started furiously fucking. His long dicking without a PA didn't hurt as much so I was moaning out in no time. My own dick was aching to come from the pounding on my prostate as a puddle of pre-cum pooled over my T Shirt. I wanted top egg him on but realised that would only antagonise both of them so simply began writhing under him, but he came in me before I could come, his cock pulsed 6 distinct explosions in my guts before he pulled out with a long strand of pink cum still joining us. "Not enough?" my Sir asked me as I lay alone on the floor. I shook my head. "Maybe you need more dick inside you then?" “Yes please Sir…whatever you think best.” “More POZ dick it is then Slave.” He pushed his dick up my abused hole and fucked me slow and despite the pain from the evil PA ripping my delicate skin I moaned and moved my hips to meet his thrusting. “Fuck it.” I panted and quietly thought to myself, “Poz me up, convert me into your Poz slave for you and your friends to use and abuse any time you want. I need this.” He deftly removed my T Shirt and with his left hand played with my nipple, “Don’t make a sound” As his mouth started sucking then biting on my right nipple, hard. I bit my lip suppressing the need to scream out loud and a small trickle of blood escaped the corner of my mouth. “Clean your mess off my dick Slave.” The other man said as I opened wide to allow his still rock-hard flesh in, he rubbed over my wound and into the wetness of my mouth as I slurped all the Poz cum and ass juices from his penis. All the time this was going on Sir was slowly fucking me. Too slowly I was moaning like a bitch in heat and I was desperate to make him fuck me harder so I could come. He stopped sucking on my nipple. It felt sore and throbbed when his mouth left. "Slave, I'm going to pull out, get on your hands and knees." Hoping he would take me hard I did as soon as his dick slithered out of my hole. He got underneath me, pulled me down on him as my gaping hole engulfed his hardness sliding all the way inside my sore ass, but now I was confused…it couldn't be Sir’s cock. The angle was wrong but as I understood this Sir’s mushroom head started pushing at my already filled hole. Shit! They weren't really gonna do that, were they? Oh yes that is exactly what was happening. “No, no, you’ll split me in two.” I pleaded for them to not do it, but they just laughed. “Our little Poz Slave has to learn, Sir knows best and not to question.” To make the point I had a series of slaps on my ass, my cheek felt red hot from the burn and the pain when both their dicks were inside me made m,y eyes roll back and I briefly passed out for a second only coming to as I felt them starting to thrust. "Slave is such a slut. Fucked by two large cocks at the same time... I bet he likes it too", the strange man said. "Yeah, look his little cock is harder than ever", Sir announced with a chuckle. He was squeezing my ass and holding cheeks apart at the same time as they alternated their strokes. “yep we got ourselves a bleeder here. Nice ripped up hole leaking blood and Poz cum.” Sir told me. Each time one would thrust into me the other pulled back. I moaned. I hurt, but it felt good too. "Listen to the slut, probably has the time of his life getting his ass split in two." I blushed, because I couldn't stop moaning and my dick was being rubbed between my stomach and Sirs making me start to moan louder and louder with each thrust of their dicks and when I my climax hit I clenched my ass muscles tight, which hurt like Hell, as I pumped out a gallon of perhaps my last negative cum. With each spurt from my dick my Sphincter clamped tight around both men’s dicks. They moaned and came in me all at the same time. When they pulled out and left me alone on the floor I felt hot liquid, blood or sperm trickle out of my sore hole. I tried to get up but it hurt so much I just lay there. “Get out Slave, we’re done with you…for today, Oh and don’t contact me, wait for my call. And another thing, don’t cum until I say” The next time I heard from Sir was two and a half weeks later. My phone rang, “How are you Slave?” “Sick, I need to rest, I feel like shit.” “Good we’ll be right over.” I wasn’t about to complain, I hadn’t come since being DP’d and my hole was ready to be really sore once more.
  3. thanks for the love after reading Rough Toilet Fuck  which was based around actual events!

  4. I needed a drink. It had been another crappy week at work plus ever since my boyfriend and I had broken up a month ago I haven't had sex other than being intimate with my right hand, let alone go on a date. So I was really looking forward to meeting some new guys to have fun with. This Friday night was still a bright sunny spring day and had a good crowd of hot men milling outside the Soho gay bar chatting, smoking and generally checking out who is going in and out. Quickly entering and on the hunt, I made my way inside, started looking around for tonight I fancy someone different, someone edgy and dangerous, a guy or guys I want to ‘get down dirty with’ but it was a little overwhelming at first: the banging music and crowded bar made it already a hot and sweaty atmosphere as I squeezed my way through the throng and found a spot at the end of the bar then waited ages before the bartender eventually asked for my order, the wait did however enable me to see where people were and that I was stood next to the steps down to the toilets…! The heat in such a confined space made me gulp down my beer in double quick time then spent about 10 minutes of just looking around at men of all shapes and sizes, some were touching each other a lot and I could just see off in one dark corner two guys kissing one another and openly feeling each other up and then one of them pushed the other down into his crotch! Fuck I was horny and frustrated now making my ass twitch excitedly wanting to be filled rough and hard. I was about to order a second drink when I saw HIM, this huge man, fantastic thick but well-trimmed beard, white shirt straining to contain his rippling muscles and showing a hint of tattoos sprouting from his collar and cuffs. It looked like he was walking right towards me through the crowd of sweaty, drunken, horny guys so I flashed him my brightest smile and he responded with a nod. It was just like in a film, as if it was just him and me in the room, by the time he was standing next to me my lean 6'1" frame looked child-like against him. Not only did he appear to be 40ish but he wore his status with pride; the hair on the side of his head was shaved to show off his what looked to be a fresh Scorpion tattoo and as I looked him up and down I couldn’t help but notice he was definitely sporting a bulging packet in his tight trousers. I couldn’t help but lick my lips wishing they were around his cock this instant. Although I would never consider myself a “Chaser” I couldn’t contain myself. "Do you want to go somewhere for a little fun?" I asked. He didn’t speak, just nodded to the right indicating going downstairs to the Gents toilets. “I need a piss” I announce and headed down the stairs and once inside the stench of stale piss from the open trough made my nostrils flare, the dank wet floor already had cum splats showing fresh activity and the dirty sink just added to the sleaziness of this coupling. I stood waiting and right on cue in came Mr Big. There was no foreplay or kissing just a simple instruction, “On your knees boy and suck.” He grabbed my shoulders and pushed me down onto the floor so his 9 inch or so looking cock was right in my face, I press my nose in the growing crotch then quickly unbuckle his belt, pull the zipper down to release about 9 or 10 inches of hard throbbing muscle. He glanced down, "Get to work boy, I want to try out my new toy." "Suck my cock fag?" he demanded with a sneer looking me straight in the eyes. . "Yes sir. Please let me suck it," I beg feeling the heat off his cock and inhaling the musky scent of this alpha male as his heavy bull balls hang low dangerously full of toxic cum ready to change my status in one rough fuck. I opened my mouth as wide as I could and he set his dick on my tongue. It felt so soft against the inside of my mouth. I started to go to town sucking and licking his thick cock. I only took it about half way at first because it was so massive. I kept twisting my mouth all around his dick while I licked the head with my tongue. Once I had warmed up to it he grabbed the back of my head and began to force his dick further and further into my throat. "You're gonna take it all the way you little faggot," he said as he got increasingly more aggressive with every thrust as he pushed his dick further down my throat and each and every time I gagged. When he finally got it all the way down my throat he kept it there for a few seconds. I couldn't breathe and I tried to pull away but his grip was too tight. Finally, he let my head go. As he pulled out I coughed up a huge amount of saliva which ran out of my mouth and down my shirt. He did that again several more times, each time holding my head there longer and longer. At one point he had his cock jammed down my throat for what felt like an eternity without letting me breathe. I panicked thinking I was going to pass out. After the last time he pulled out there I was kneeling on the wet floor gasping for air snot, spit and saliva running down my face. "Get up bitch," he ordered, "Get in the cubicle, I don’t like an audience." And as I stand I begin to undo my belt, but obviously not fast enough for him as he rips at my trousers with fly buttons pinging in all directions. “Now get in there.” "Yes sir. I want you to teach me who's boss." "That's right faggot. You'll never forget me." He started rubbing my ass cheeks and slaps my head down into the cistern. I see stars and instantly feel a metallic taste in my mouth. "Don't move boy. You need to learn to take it and my dick is getting a little impatient to sample the goods, you ready to get fucked faggot?" he asked. "Yes sir, please fuck me raw," I was getting so turned on knowing I was finally going to be fucked. He pushed the head of his cock into my waiting hole and I could feel it stretching to allow it inside. "Oh shit," I yelled, "It hurts so fucking much." "Shut the fuck up and take it boy." I had never had something this big up my ass without spit or lube and being fully opened up first and yet I could feel my hole stretching to its limit to accommodate this intruder. "Stop please I can't take it," I begged, knowing how futile that request was going to be and that he would just push in further. Sure enough, he ignored my begging. He bucked his hips, pushed in another inch before pulling almost all the way out just leaving the head inside my pulsing hole but it was only empty for a second because he slammed his cock right back into my hole. This time the pain intensified as he slid his cock all the way up my hole and I could feel his balls slap against my ass. "Oh my god, you're so fucking big," I said trying to ignore the fire I felt in my hole. "You like having a hard cock shoved up your ass little slut?" he asked. "Yes sir, it feels so fucking good,” I lied, “I want you to destroy my hole." "Well since you insist," he replied and started to frantically fuck my hole. Over and over he forced his throbbing dick into my now not so tight hole and it was either his pre-cum or my ripped-up chute bleeding that lubricated the assault and the pain eased into pleasure. When he pulled all the way out my hole stayed open even with the absence of his cock until he slammed in hard until his bull balls slapped against my ass. "Yeah, fuck me harder sir. I don't want to be able to walk straight afterwards." The dirty talk was turning us both on so much. "What do you want boy?" "I want you to cum Sir" I replied. "What do you want from me?" "I want you to breed my ass Sir." “No, I saw you staring at my tattoo, so go on, say it slut!” “Breed my hole with your charged cum, Poz me, knock up my slut hole, I want it, no, I need it NOW!” As soon as I said that he started fucking me even harder. My swinging back and forth shins hitting the porcelain bowl, my face pushed in to the cistern just added to the force of his thrusts as I had nowhere to go. I felt like his cock was stabbing direct in to my stomach. He grabbed my straining hard dick in his hand and began jacking it frantically. It didn't take seconds for the pressure in my balls to release. "I'm cumming!" I moaned as I shot a huge load all over the toilet seat and wiped it up with my fingers then licking them clean. As my sphincter clamped down on his shaft with each spurt of cum from my cock he asked "You ready for my load faggot?" "Yes Sir, shoot it up my ass. I'm ready for it." "Ahhh! Fuck. Yeah. Here. It. Cumms" he announced leaving gaps in the statement as he punched in on the inward strokes, then moaned as I felt his dick twitch and release its load into my hole, spurt after delicious spurt, four or five distinct pulses and then he started fucking hard all over again. "Fuck yeah, pushing it in deep" he said as he let his cock empty the last drops of poison into me. That was by far the best fucking I had ever had. "Don't let any of my cum fall out of your ass boy. I want you to leave it in for a good while," he said as he pulled out of my gaping hole only to use the blunt head of his cock to push back in any escaping cum. “Now clean me up like a good faggot should.” I lick and slurp any cum and ass juices off his still rock-hard dick and then pay particular attention to his piss slit to feast on any dribbles of Poz cum coming out. He popped his cock back in his pants, zipped up and was out of the door and as I gathered my clothing, ripped and piss-soaked trousers I realised I had more than these as a souvenir of this fucking. As I was getting dressed I felt so much pain from both the rough fucking and clenching of my ass cheeks to keep his load in my battered ass it was then that I noticed something in my pocket. He had slipped a piece of paper in my pocket with his number on it in case I wanted to meet up again for a repeat. I had to call a cab to take me home because there was no way I would have been able to walk and saved his number in to my mobile. When I got back to my flat I took off my trousers and pants and noticed a mixture of blood and cum was leaking out of my hole. I immediately got hard again and spent most of the night jacking off to the memory of what had just happened before I fell asleep hoping to feel that big dick battering my hole again real soon.
  5. Downfall

    Part 8 Fucked, fisted and left bleeding... My legs ache as does my hole and yet I feel the need for more and as if reading my mind Martin asks, Does your pussy feel empty?” and I quickly respond, “Yes it needs to be filled, I can’t stand the empty feeling! I need it filled. I need more cum!” Martin then starts to tease my ass with his fingers, inserting one, then two, before I knew it he had four scratching fingers in my ass stretching my hole. He starts sliding all his fingers and a thumb into my ass. I instantly lost that empty feeling, now feeling very full but wanting more, my ass was fucking hungry to be filled wide and deep! I push back to meet his fist with full acceptance and my ass ring willingly opens fully sucking his thick fist in, in one go. Martin notices saying, “Fuck bossman! Your cunt is sucking my fist right in!” Martin pushes in to the wrist and all I can do is make primal moans of pleasure as I start to uncontrollably try my best to ride his fist. God knows what damage is being done as he punches in deeper but each time he pulls out of my ass I whimper like a baby and each time he pushes his fist back in I’m moaning in pleasure like the cumdump whore I’ve turned in to. “More?” asks Martin “Yeah, more!” I enthusiastically shake my head up and down. With that for an answer Martin is pushing his fist the deepest into my now gaping hole. “Pushing that dirty load in as deep as possible making sure it will never come out, making sure Aaron’s med resistant strain gets you first, although by the end of the night you’ll get every strain possible dumped into this worthless hole!” He then fully withdraws, pulling his arm up to my face showing me the cum and streaks of both shit and blood, “Here smell and taste yourself Pig!” as he wipes it off across my nose and mouth, I inhale the tangy aromas that immediately makes my hard cock twitch and drool more pre-cum. I watch goggle eyed as Aaron takes one of the large butt plugs off the shelf passes it to Martin who unceremoniously shoves it up my cum oozing gaping ass. “Now lay there quietly while we answer the ads advertising your Neg hole for a Pozzing fiesta here and at Sailors Sauna Club tonight.” In the excitement I’d missed the pinging text responses but Martin had control of my mobile and was answering message after message, telling me, “I’m giving the address and, ”the door will be open, follow the chain rattling sound of the sling. Before our guests arrive, you’ll get one more load from both of us and then we’ll leave you to the dogs.” The but plug is pulled out and a small drip of cum that was escaping my hole is roughly forced back in. Martin blows on my hole which in turn puckers and winks at him. His beer can thick blunt cock advances slowly, I squeeze as best I can on the invading shaft to feel every vein held in his velvety skin as he pushes forwards stretching my sphincter around his massive girth, until his balls came to rest on my ass. I opened my eyes and looked up into his, they sparkled wickedly as he pulls out slowly from my sore hole again….my stretched and battered ring still struggles to cling to his shaft as he withdrew, the tugging sending waves of tingling pleasure through me making my eyes roll back as my hole spreads wide around his cockhead. ‘Your sloppy hole feels so good wrapped around my cock. I’m gonna make sure we well and truly knock you up before the other guys come over and use your hole.” His eyes pierce mine, he nods slightly closes his eyes and slams into my ass. His cock punches into my hole over and over again, hammering away at my guts and I cry out in a mix of pleasure and pain with each penetrating thrust. “Fuck me harder. It hurts so good, do it…Poz my hole” “Demanding bossman aren’t you?” I cannot reply as I try to keep up with his animalistic fucking as my hole begins to make wet sloppy sounds as he batters it loose. He grunts with each stroke as he continues to wreck my hole, sweat spring up all over my body and drips from his. his breathing short and ragged. I watch enthralled as his muscles dance on his torso and his arms flex as he forces his cock forward on each in stroke, his arms twitch with the effort on withdrawal with each powerful jackhammer like thrust. I know that my hole is totally being destroyed and never going to be tight again. I don’t care; it feels good punishment for what I have done. I have found a place of peace and contentment, doing what I was meant to do all along: taking any man’s cock up my ass raw whether it be clean or diseased it does not matter to me now. All that matters is the load. All too soon his rhythm changes from the hole destroying jackhammer to random quick thrusts in every direction as he ravishes my hole and I realise he is getting close. “YES! Give me that charged load!” I howl nearly out of my mind from the fucking. “OK Bossman let me hear you beg for me TO…POZ…YOUR…HOLE,” commanded Martin as he kicked into a higher gear completely pulling out, before slamming back inside. “BEG…SLUT!...TELL…ME…TO…POZ…YOUR…NEG…CUNT!” He demands punctuating each and every word with a powerful thrust back inside my ragdoll like body pinned beneath him. I can feel his sweaty balls crushed up against my ass drawing up tight as they fire off their toxic death seed. Letting out a sound like the roar of a lion he slams into me and held his pulsing cock deep inside as his load empties into my ripped-up guts. I feel a sense of euphoria wash over me. Job done. “Yes, yes, yes POZ my neg pussy!!!!” I squeal in my slippery piss and sweat drenched euphoric state, I’m so turned on that I feel the last of my Neg cum boiling in my balls and then blast a huge load in two, three, four and now five powerful spurts, pumping so much cum out that they feel as if they are going to turn inside out. It takes so much energy ejecting benign sperm to make room for the dangerous stuff that I slump back into the sling totally exhausted, a fog swirls in my mind and all I want to do is sleep. As I come to Aaron is taking legs back and has lined his cock up at my fuly exposed opening. As he shoves his thick nine inch cock in deep with a single thrust he announces to the gathered in the room, “Now it’s time to really knock this slut’s ass up with some poz loads.” Where did these guys come from? Yet before I think about them I yelp as Aaron’s cock punches my hole as deep as before and although his girth does not really hurt, only stinging slightly as the freshly deposited cum froths’ around his balls and drips on to mine. Despite the sting I cannot believe how good it feels to have another cock inside my incredibly hungry hole. Aaron groans in pleasure as his thick nine-inches drives into my spooge lubed hot chute as his balls slap repeatedly against my ass cheeks and I love the feeling and sound of them smacking me hard. “Yo folks we’ve got a bleeder here come look at all the pink froth." The looking directly at me says, “You're bleeding a bit, bossman, but that's OK it'll just add more lube."” Aaron announces, before demanding “Someone pinch my nips, I need to blow.” I see several men gather round hands roam over Aaron’s muscled body and I feel a hand at my hole I guess wrapping fingers around his dick adding pressure to help his quest to cum. And then I hear growled loudly “FUCK BITCH! YOU WANT THIS POZ LOAD DON’T YOU?” As Aaron switches from rapid pummeling to forceful long-dicking making sure I feel every inch of his fuck-tool as he slams back inside his newly corrupted cumdump. He gazes deeply into my eyes, “Remember this moment forever cumslut.” The chains jangle above the slap of skin on skin and the grunts of horny men filled the room until splats of cum cover me pushing Aaron over the edge as he droves in hard and grabs my legs tightly. His cock pulses and throbs spewing his venomous Poz cum into my cunt and amid cheers and chants of "Poz the cunt" simply says, "Job done" then slumps forwards covering me in his exhausted sweaty body. I am completely fucked both actual and metaphorically, "I can't take any more" is all I can utter as I am unshackled from the sling and in a blur carried into a bedroom to be left to the dogs...
  6. Downfall

    Part 7. FUCKED well and truly I scream an almost unintelligible “NOooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo” But in what must be a well-rehearsed double act Aaron violently jabs his massive meat in my now sore hole, eliciting an immediate “Ooouch!” from me just in time for Martin to plug my mouth with his equally impressive cock thrusting the huge shaft all the way into my open mouth until I choke, gag and gasp for air. My senses went into overdrive being sadistically spit roast, “Unn, ungg, nnn, n-n-n” was the only sound I can make, my mind racing, clink, clank, clink, clank rings around my ears from the Sling chains. I try to relax and breathe from the throat-fuck pounding but Martin is getting off on making me drool and choke as my eyes tear up. "Damn it Bossman chaser.” He pants, “I'm gonna shoot today’s first Poz load down your bugchasing throat and you'd better swallow every drop, then keep sucking to keep me hard ready for the second load that’s going in your tight arse." Then it suddenly happens....his cock vein’s pulse, the shaft swelled yet further and harder as he cut off my air supply and then torrents of red hot dirty Poz cum is hitting the back of my throat while he pushes in as far as he could go while screaming, "Swallow every drop bitch." I all but blacked out only coming to as he eases his still gushing cock from my throat and yet somehow there was more cum pumping out than I can swallow so it’s only escape was up and out through my nose! Momentarily amid gurgling sounds I feel as if I’m going to drown in cum. At that same moment Aaron picks up his fucking pace pulling almost all the way out until only the huge cockhead is pulling against my ass lips then ramming in deep, penetrating me painfully so that I feel a sharp dagger like pain deep inside my guts followed by a muffled pop as his mushroom head smashes through my second sphincter time and time again. I deserve this pain, welcome it for playing with fire and getting burnt. This pain is for cheating and I embrace it by pushing myself onto this hard-invading piece of flesh as I squeeze my ass muscles down around his cock trying to give Aaron a good feeling. My phone rings…of course it will be Steve, he always immediately answers my calls and it’s a running joke between us that I take ages to get back to him, Martin picks up the call and hits the speaker button. “Aaaaawwwwwwaaaaallllllllllllllllllllll” A screech like that of a wounded animal pierces the air followed by expletives, It’s over, we’re through, your things will be on the front lawn, I don’t ever want to see you ever again.” I can’t respond, just repeat “ehhr, ehhr, ehrr together with the recurring jangling of the sling chains is all Steve could hear if he is listening as Aaron’s cock viciously hammers my bruised colon damaging the sensitive membrane of skin within giving his toxic pre-cum swimmers plenty of opportunity to change my life forever as he changes tempo and directions. My prostate is stimulated by the constant rubbing and poking of his shaft across it and as the discomfort lessens, endorphins kick in, and as pleasure begins to flood my senses I start to enthusiastically thrust back to meet his. Martin whispers in my ear, “let Steve know what it is you need.” I mumble “Get fucked raw!” “Get fucked how Jack?” “I need my Poz Daddies, their buddies and anyone else to rape me! Fuck me bareback with their toxic cocks and fill my boy pussy up with AIDS cum!” The phone is clicked OFF No going back now, my life with Steve has ended. I relax, breathe deep and from nowhere the pressure building up in my gut is released as I begin to piss, an arc of yellow steaming stinky piss hits me in the face, eyes, mouth and dribbles down to my chest. “Arrrhhh we’ve got ourselves a real pig here now” says Aaron as he starts to breath heavy…. “I’m gonna spray my Poz load into you real soon” then pants and groans, I know the tell tale signs of impending climax. “Oh fuck…. oh yes please…..God I love it…. fuck me harder…” I shout, head back in pleasure knowing that the any minute now he’s going to shoot a big load into my body to knock me up. Aaron spits out “Come on…. milk my cock..... Suck the Poz load out of my balls with your once Neg greedy cunt” The fucking gets more aggressive as Aaron grabs hold of the leather bed of the Sling, shoves his diseased dick in me and roars, “FUCK! I’m shooting my virus into you, you whore… Do you feel my dirty cum, bitch?” I know it he’s flooding my ass with his toxic cum and I can’t believe how many spurts he’s unloading, reminding me after each one “Bossman. Take my Poz cum you fucking whore!” Then his sweaty body collapses on me and I guess what’s going to happen next as he continues to now gently rocks in and out pushing as much dirty cum in as deep as possible until he comes to a stop. At this same time Martin whispers in my ear, “You’ve done great, now thank Aaron for giving you his medically immune Poz cum.” I just yell out as asked, “Oh yeah! Thank you, Sir, for giving me your gift, your med resistant gift!” Then it hits me….med resistant….fuck what have I done and yet despite being exhausted I’m elated too. He goes on to tell me, “you’ve found your calling; born to please your Daddies, their friends, and anyone that wants to fuck my cunt bareback! That I was born to be an AIDS cock and cum whore!” And as Aaron yanks out I’m left lying in my own now cold piss, my cock twitching wanting release all I can say is “bring it on!.”
  7. Downfall

    Part 6. Careless talk costs.... Our weekend dragged, I couldn’t find the words or right time to tell Steve what I’d been doing, knowingly taking anonymous loads and now known Poz cum up my ass, risking not only my health but his too and had to admit that I just cannot get enough Poz juice in my hole! We did talk about work however, probably the only time I was animated the whole weekend, how I was to mentor and train the bosses nephew and yet he has this huge personality and persona making me feel the lesser, subservient being. Steve tells me, “Well you’re dominant during sex, imagine you’re in bed with him, tell him he’s to do as you want, when you want. Conjure that image up and you’ll be fine.” If only he really knew! Come Monday morning I avoided Steve at breakfast and jumped from bed straight in the shower only to be surprised when he snuck up behind me wrapped his arms around my torso and ground his stiff dick in my ass crack. He giggled, “Marking my territory.” I couldn’t respond so remained still, which he took as a sign of acceptance by lovingly kissing my neck, tweaking my nipples and easing his cock to my hole. “Oh yeah baby, that feels so good when you open up to let slide right in.” I think to myself wishing I could say out loud, ‘Baby? I’m not your baby anymore and I’m not relaxing my sphincter and ass muscles to ‘let you in’ I’ve been fucked senseless leaving my abused hole gaping and an easy opening for your dick.’ I was silent as he tried to get off gently and lovingly fucking my slack love(less) canal, ten minutes of fucking went by and still no nut, the hot water ran out so I had to switch the shower off and still Steve persisted. One of his hands lowered to play with my cock which remained limp and uninterested. “Sorry still stressing about work, I just can’t do this” (Thinking to myself this is just too ordinary, no risk, no thrill of the chase and in no way of potential for getting knocked up) …he continued to pummel my ass as his strokes built up speed to finally reach his climax. “Arrrgh, ummmph, ahhh! There keep it in all day and you’ll have a part of me for support when you start training this Martin fellah. I’m out of the house in double quick time getting to work early only to be confronted by an even earlier Martin….. “Hi, Good weekend?” he enquired “Nah and before you ask no I didn’t tell Steve what I’ve been doing” I grumpily replied. “No worries, grab your laptop, Uncle wants us to trail his new ‘Agile Working’ project, you know working from home, I’ll drive, we’ll go to mine as I have a working space all set up ready and waiting.” En-route Martin got into fucking with my head saying stuff like, “Mate and We can get stuck in, together we are a slick operation, working towards a ‘Positive’ outcome”, it tripped off his tongue so easily I wasn’t sure if he was telling me about sex or work so, I sat there in silence. His/their house was a modernist all glass and white wash affair and minimal inside. Martin slung the car keys on the only table in the lounge and told me set up my laptop right there, then adding, “Aaron’s preparing our workspace, I’ll go check, in the meantime STRIP, I’m horny.” SOOOO sex was on his mind as I fire up my computer and lay my phone next to it then piece by piece step out of my cloths and I watch in awe as my cock begins lengthening, thickening and arcing upwards with each banging heartbeat, thump, thump, thump it goes that I fear my heart will burst through my chest and I tingle all over in anticipation. I jump as a fully clothed Aaron breaks my spell saying, “Your work station is ready for you now.” I’m led to a back room set up with a sling in the centre surrounded by glaringly bright lights that in contrast to the rest of the blacken out room blinds me sufficiently that I do not see the blinking red light of a camera already recording… “Jump in and get comfortable, you’re in for a bumpy ride mate!” I readily hop up and roll on to my back feeling the coolness of the leather sling instantly begin the warm against my naked skin, then both Martin and Aaron walk over and locked my wrists and ankles into the stirrups. As Aaron locks the last stirrup in place he flashes a mobile phone at me, I notice and blurt out “Wow, we have the same phone” A big goofy grin spreads across his face, replying “Oh really….” as he turns to a now naked Martin to avoid me seeing him wink as they swop positions and an already hard cock is pushed to my lips. It’s then that I see a freshly inked Biohazard tattoo between the root of his cock and navel with the skin still angry and red making the sign appear glowing and all the more dangerous and inviting. “Time to get to work, take it all, NOW, and get me harder with the back of your throat and nice sloppy blow job to get my toxic pre-cum flowing freely boy." As my eyes fix on the tattoo out of the corner I see Aaron zoom in with ‘his’ phone on me and what I’m looking at, automatically I eagerly open my mouth wide as Martin’s hard flesh disappears all the way down with my throat muscles dancing around his huge near 10 inch pole and without any chance to get used to his size he begins to rape my mouth. In a panic I try to remember to breathe as he pulls back then trying to relax my throat as he smashes back in with spit, phlegm and snot getting pumped out of my nose and mouth with each piston like thrust until he is balls deep with his heavy Poz cum laden balls resting on my chin. He momentarily rests as we both savor the satisfaction of our achievements. I can no longer see Aaron but do feel first his breath and then his fingers run around my freshly fucked hole, “Oh my we must have done a good job Friday coz his cunt is still open and puffy as I feel one sharp finger drill deep into my hole and then twists around in Steve’s cum, then another thicker finger enters me and together they work going in and out alternately. They then start a scissor like movement to open my rectum yet further until he’s satisfied with four fingers sucked in to stretch my sphincter in all directions. I truly feel like I’m in piggy heaven. “Ummm all slippery and wet” comment Aaron, “You been fucked before you got here?” Aaron yanks his fingers out and I gasp at the emptiness, “Yeah, it’s my husband’s cum” I admit. “Is it POZ cum?” “No I’m afraid not.” “Slut, that is all the lube you’re getting. Marty are you ready?” “YES!” is the reply as he fully pulls out of my mouth and takes the phone. “Jack, as Martin videos you just answer my questions, OK?” “Yes” escapes my lips before I even thought about a reply. “Who are you?” “My name is Jack” “Why are you here?” “To get converted by 2 sexy Poz tops” “Do you willingly wish to get Pozzed?” “Oh YES SIR, I really get off having risky sex” “I can see just by talking about getting knocked-up that cock of yours is pointing up rock hard and leaking. Is it always like this?” “No vanilla sex doesn’t do it for me anymore. I like it hard, rough and dangerous.” I admit looking up directly to the phone. One last question, “You are Negative?” I feel the hot heavy bluntness of his massive cock at the entrance of my exposed hole and in my heightened sexual state feel the sticky wetness of his toxic pre-cum ouze over my hole which puckers and twitch in expectation of what’s to come. “Yeah I’m Neg, but not for much longer!” BANG! The sling chains rattle as he pushes in balls deep, “Mmmmmmmm sloppy seconds in this cunt, ripe and ready for my radioactive recently checked 1 million viral load cum.” “Did you say you hadn’t told, err, Steven isn’t it that you’re a POZ cum hungry slut whose been going to the bus station toilet glory holes taking anonymous loads in both ends?” “Umm, yeah that’s err, right…..” panic now kicking in. “Why?” “You’re telling him NOW. Martin please hit send.” I watch in disbelief as it dawns on me that IT WAS MY PHONE as he scrolls down my contacts list….. “Yep, got it” I helplessly watch Martin’s finger tap the screen knowing in that instant my World has just imploded.
  8. Downfall

    Part 5. Positively getting down to IT, enjoy guys! I slept badly, was in a bad mood at breakfast that just got blacker once in work from just thinking what Martin would say or do about our public toilet encounter. I was apoplectic come late morning as I watched him in deep conversation with our MD, my direct boss and Martin’s uncle it later turned out! During mid-talks they kept looking at me and I feared the worst when they both appeared at my desk, directly in front of me. “Jack, this here is my nephew, I know it was kept quiet, but I hear only good things of you from Martin. He says you have been most friendly and accommodating which is nothing more than I expect, so I want you to mentor him to integrate Martin in to the business. Now why don’t you two take an early extended lunch break and get better acquainted as in future you will be working closely together. Good. I expect an update on progress.” Martin, grinning like a Cheshire cat only had six words to say, “I know a place to go” En-route he calls Aaron to meet us at the Bus Station… I felt like such a slut as once inside I’m instructed by Aaron to kneel on the dirty cubicle floor while a man I did not know or likely to see again, used my mouth or ass for his pleasure. Martin watched me through the huge gloryhole in the adjoining trap. Excitedly I couldn’t wait for a hard cock to be pushed through the hole. I began to stroke my own cock whilst waiting and I didn't have to wait long before a guy came in saw my open mouth at the hole and once I had his attention I liked my lips inviting his cock in. He wasted no time in dropping his trousers fished his cock out, tugged on it a few times until it began to grow in his hand and pushes forwards. It was only when it was standing proud through the hole that the cheesy smell hit me. Aaron bent down to my ear to say, “Lick it clean, scoop up all of that smegma until that cock is squeaky clean.” I tried my best between gagging to swirl my tongue under his foreskin to lift away the crusty white pieces of cock cheese then swallowing them before my taste buds knew what hit them. Now he had a hard cock I could enjoy and in no time he was fucking my mouth, ramming in deep down my throat causing it to squeeze and pulse around the hard flesh. His strokes began to speed up and I knew it would not be long until he’d be cumming in my mouth. I could not wait, hell I wanted his cum, no needed his cum to be shooting into my slutty mouth. As quickly as he shot he was outta there. “Good boy, a decent start, now spread your legs, bitch, backup to the hole and wait for your next cum load to lube your chute in readiness for our cocks.” Aaron wagged his monster cock under my nose and then as if the musky sex smell wasn’t enough a poppers bottle is held to my nose and some really deep hits readily makes me comply. Aaron pulls my ass cheeks wide as I press up to the glory hole…shocked as I was unaware anyone was there, I feel a warm wet tongue run up and then down my crack before it runs around the rim of my hole making me instinctively push out, as I would readily do for my husband. Now I feel a tongue and finger, then fingers slip in to stretch and open me up. Next…nothing, I’m open and gaping until something warm and blunt nudges my hole. The anonymous cock tries to bury itself inside me. It’s a bit of a strain, but not too much, a grunt, more pressure and in one stroke he was balls deep. No time to adjust to this super hard cock. In my mind he was a young guy, always steel like hard, full of raging hormones fueled by testosterone and the need to breed, you know the type, he fucks me mercilessly for no more than 5 minutes before emptying his hot load inside me. At the point of climax he drove in deep, smashed into my prostate and I could actually feel his cock pulse as wave after wave of cum erupt in my now well used hole. And without realizing I was cumming too. A couple of thrusts and he pulled out and as I spin around to clean his cock, he faces me, winks, tells me thanks, pulls his pants up and was out the door. Aaron runs a finger across my crack to scoop up and back in a dribble of cum that has escaped; appreciatively I twitch my hole for him. That does it. His cock already out, standing menacingly up straight… Aaron lowers himself on to the toilet and instructs me to straddle him, face-to-face. I instinctively sit astride his hips having to move his cock away from his body as I did so letting it rest on my backside. My mind was racing in anticipation I knew how massive his manhood was, I knew I wanted it but had no idea how my ass could ever stretch enough to take his cock, but take it I had to. In a flash he has his dick at my hole, “Get ready to take all my dna, whore.” I can’t be thinking properly ‘coz I'm just saying... “fuck my brains out!” I lean forward, arms around Aaron’s neck, lean down and kiss him on the lips, our tongues met and twirl around each other’s mouth as Aaron’s hands rub all over my body, sending goosebumps over every piece of skin. I’ve never felt more alive than at this moment, cheating on my husband having sex in a public toilet. His hand adjusts his dick head. I stop kissing him, drag up big globs of spit on my fingers which I move to my ass wetting it as best as I can. Aaron’s cock is straining from being kept waiting as a steady flow of precum soaks my hole and the sticky fluid coated head nudges my hole impatiently. I hold his slick cock firmly as I position and when I am sure I’m on target, I focus, take a deep breath and slam down. POP! His hand flies up to stifle my “Ffffuuuuccck!” Immediately, I need to move upwards to pull his cock out of my ass, but he had other plans. He knew exactly what I was trying to do and was prepared to stop me. Aaron grabbed my hips firmly and pulls me downwards as he trusts up ramming his excited blood-engorged penis balls deep. The searing and burning pain raced through my body as his hot rod ripped through my delicate love canal to leave me fully impaled on his weapon. Hyperventilating, covered in a sheen of sweat I was both in agony and pleasure. His hands slid away from my mouth and came to rest on my chest as he gently at first tweaked my nipples before decided to get my attention and did so by pulling on them hard. My ass was screaming and on fire and now my nipples was too, I could not compute what was happening or being said to me as he soothingly whispers in my ear, “Martin and me are off to the tattoo shop later…not sure whether to get a scorpion or biohazard tatt, what d’ya think?” Think? I could not think, my temples thumped and I struggled for breath but something came to my forethought. Poz cock Aaron flexed his diseased cock pumping precum deep in my battered bowels pumping his DNA into me, his HIV+ DNA. My head jerks upright as the enormity of my situation kicks in… My mind racing at what I am doing yet I cannot stop myself. I could have, should have struggled free but Aaron’s commanding hands keep me firmly impaled as he soothingly talks to me. I hear his words of encouragement, "See? It’s not so bad and all you have to do now is work my cock, ride it, learn to love being fucked by Martin and me.” Another tweak on my nipples commands me to get my ass moving up and down on that big slab of 10 inch meat, tentatively at first then building up speed until all of a sudden my brain computes that the fire and pain in my ass has eased as simultaneously the first moan of pleasure escapes my lips… “Ah! Now I know you’re hooked on my big cock and, when I blow my dirty load in your ass, you’re going to want more with Martin right here to supply your next pozzing load. Cum Dump. Once you start taking Poz loads you’ll realise how much you love that feeling and you’ll want more raw Poz loads — lot’s more! What the hell was happening to me? I am being coached into being a bug chaser…or did I intend to make this happen? My eyes return to gaze at Aaron as I began to raise my ass upwards allowing his gargantuan cock to slide almost out of my ass in a slick free-flowing movement lubed by someone else’s cum until just the head was pulling on my ass lips. Our hands clasped together tightly as an audible gasp escapes my lips as I slam fully back down. I quickly get into the rhythm of this and my entire body twitches and shakes at the sensations my hole is giving me. "Hell yeah, now that’s the way to do it! Start bouncing harder and faster, that’ll make it feel even better." Aaron excitedly whispers. "Good boy, I told you you’d soon enjoy it! Pull your ass all the way off my cock this time. I lift and feel his slick bulbous mushroom head squeeze out of my sphincter as at the same time I sit back down quickly picking up this up and down pace , my thighs beginning to burn as I ride his rod of steel. Just a couple of more full-lengths and I’ll be there!" His rigid tool starting to really feel good as my ass opens more and more on his cock which now regularly bangs my prostate harder and harder and I am noisily moaning in ecstasy now. My own cock is right now harder than I think it had ever been spraying clear liquid all over our bodies and clothing with each bounce. I could literally feel every vein in his cock pumping blood, getting harder and harder now he’s telling me, "Take it Jack. Feel how good it is. I just knew you would love this Poz cock. I'm getting closer to filling your ass full of my hot dirty cum." My aching legs did their best to increase my speed even more, rising and falling, rising and falling. Impaling myself deeper as on my downwards motion Aaron is thrusting up getting every one of those glorious 10 inches in deep. Fuck this is intense. His hands grab me hard as just another few final strokes and he jams upwards as I came down in one final ass wrecking blow…Oh my God, I feel his cock expand and start to pulse and throb in my guts. I feel his red-hot HIV laden cum filling me up and searing my insides with its potency, my ass muscles throb to the beat of my heart squeezing Aaron’s shaft milking every last drop of cum from his cock… and then I erupt, spewing my neg cum all over both our shirts! As if in an out-of-body I hear myself moan loudly with my heart thumping in my chest, my brain is in overload swimming in sensations of lust, desire and the need for more Poz cock and cum. I’m brought back to reality as Aaron continues to grind into me, holding me close and keeping his still throbbing cock in me until it shrinks a little and begins to slip out of my gaping hole. Once it has all left my body his strong arms pick my near lifeless body up backs me on to Martin’s waiting rock hard 9 inches of manhood ominously already poking through the glory hole in expectation. He too impales me so deep that I feel so full I’m convinced his dick will burst out of my stomach at any minute, yet I was in heaven from the pleasure I am receiving by it being there. “Oh yes pig! I love it that my cock is marinating in Aaron’s warm, slick Poz load that is coating your ass, you can’t beat sloppy seconds…or thirds! Aaron moves in front so I can slurp on his limp cock, licking off the residue of his climax, tasting my own ass juices and streaks of red. Martin grinds in me hard, momentarily holds it there for a bit and then pulls all the way out then slams in hard, so hard I feel the partition judder, then pounds my hole harder still, destroying my hole hammering hard and fast, deep and changing directions creating more tares where he can in my colon. "I'm not going to last, getting close now” A flurry of long, then short deliberate strokes punctuated by his legs smashing into the partition that separates us. If anyone is out side in the main toilet block then they would be in no doubt as to what is happening here, right now. “Get ready. Here comes my nice Poz gift up your ass." He’s definitely not worrying if anyone can hear us outside our little closed world. Despite brutalizing my flesh I feel each pulsation of his cum tube as thousands more Poz swimmers are sprayed into my fertile body, burrowing into my bloodstream, changing me and my life forever. "I hope you enjoy the fact that your hole will feel us for days to come? Now go home pretty boy, tell your boyfriend what you’ve done and when he throws you out, as he surely will…move in with us, uncle Richard will love to watch his favourite employee getting DP’d by his big dicked nephew and his boyfriend” I stood there stunned, but my ‘little’ 7 inch cock was rigid, my hole contracted then quivered so I knew what I had to do.
  9. Downfall

    Part 4. Lunchtimes could not come around fast enough for me as now on a daily basis I was looking to service cocks or have mine blown in the bus station toilets as even my work colleagues notice saying, “wow you never take lunch breaks, what happening?” “New me, I’m fed up taking lunch at my desk and need fresh air to clear my thoughts.” I notice some smirks but think nothing of it. I hurry to the public toilets, step in to a cubicle, sit and wait…it never takes long before the next door opens and closes, I glimpse the man as he faces the hole in the wall, casually unzips his fly then drops his electric blue trousers to the floor covering some flashy tan brogues. He reaches into his underwear and pulls out his enormous cock. I don’t think I had ever seen one as big as this before, it had to be at least 10 if not 11 inches long and thick as a baby's arm. I began to feel the fabric around my own dick get tighter as I sat there staring at it. I continued to watch as the man kept standing there and began slowly rubbing and stroking himself, now fully hard with a string of clear precum continually leaking the man stepped in front of the hole and slid his cock and balls through the large hole, pressing his body firmly against it presenting his genitalia to me in all its glory, saying "It's all yours." The thick, meaty, uncircumcised, black cock twitched and pulsed expectantly as if it had a life of its own. I carefully pulled his foreskin back with my fingers and then flicked the tip of my tongue at his frenulum. I enjoyed feeling his warm silky cock jump with each touch of my tongue. I released his foreskin and then lightly sucked his cock. The feeling of a man's foreskin sliding back and forth along his cock synchronised with my mouth and lips is awesome. My little helper for the best blowjob this cocksucker can give. I could tell he was well into this as he had his hands over the top of the divide wall for extra leverage and now I could hear the rapid breathing coming from the other side of the cubicle. He was going to cum soon I just knew it. I pulled his foreskin away from his sensitive mushroom head and held it tightly, exposing him completely to the sensations of my mouth and tongue. Very lightly, with a minimum of suction and a very quick tongue, I teased him to orgasm. I thought he was going to bring the wall down as he bucked hard through the hole and came. I struggled to keep up with the volume of cum being shot into my mouth. At one point, pulling I had to pull off him so I could swallow his cum load completely. As his ejaculation finished, I used my tongue to clean the whole length of his cock, carefully avoiding the balls until the last moment, and then very, very, lightly ran my tongue over them, the skin crinkled up as his balls shrunk. He quickly pulled everything back through to his side, pulled his trousers up and was out the door in a flash. Damn, High on lust, I would have loved to have backed up on that cock and have him fuck me senseless! With no one else around I reluctantly pulled the chain and walked out…only to find one of my co-workers in electric blue trousers and tan brogues stood at the sink, cock out washing my DNA off his flaccid but still huge penis. In panic I wasn’t sure what to do. Had Martin known it was me blowing him? had he followed me all the way from work? Heart pumping hard, the blood vessels in my temples banging like a drum and a sheen of sweat breaking out, I took a deep breath. “Martin, fancy meeting you here.” I blurted out, not too sure what reaction I would get…a reply or black eye perhaps? He spun round upon hearing my voice, cock still hanging out of his fly, "Mother fucker!" he all but shouted, "I’m damn sure I want some more of that shit, cock whore, Aaron told me about you! If I don’t make yourself available to us, your little secret will be broadcast all over work." I'm positive there is more to cum in part 5.
  10. Downfall

    Part 3. Aaron's face lit up into a beaming smile, “Hi…you can’t go out looking like that with cum splats in your hair” as he manhandles me into the cubicle I had just left and followed me inside... I wanted to say “No” but somehow the word just could not come out and as I bent down to get some toilet paper to wipe my hair Aaron trapped me in a bearhug from behind and rubbed his drain-pipe like cock in my arse crease and I melted into him. He continued rubbing there marking his territory until I began thrusting back against him in submission. “Spin round and face me and sit on the john” I eagerly comply, “Get it out and start sucking” Aaron commands, uncaring if anyone outside can hear us as I fumble with his belt – all fingers and thumbs, nervous, excited and so horny I could cum right there and then! Eventually I free the monster, so easy as he has come commando this time, slide his jeans down to the floor I let my thumb and index finger close around his shaft, just about halfway down. I move my grip towards the head of his cock. His precum already flowing freely as it spilled out and over my hand, running down his shaft toward his pubes on the one side and his balls on the other. My tongue caught the tasty slippery liquid before it got to his scrotum. My mouth quickly sucked in his head, my tongue feverishly exploring his frenulum, then circling around that lovely pronounced, rubbery edge of his corona. My taste buds alive to the mixed flavours of piss, sweat and the beginnings of cock cheese. I let some saliva and precum drool flow out of my mouth and down his shaft, my fist spreading down all 10 hot velvety inches. I moved forward so that the head of his cock was pressing against the back of my mouth. With my free hand I encircled his balls lightly pulling him toward me, I swallowed another two inches of his cock and then held on for the ride as my gag reflex kicked in hard. As soon as my gagging became manageable, I breathed deeply and swallowed the rest of his slippery pole. I gave him about three or four full throat strokes where I pulled back still keeping him in my throat before pushing forward again, then pulling off so that I could breathe. I pulled my mouth all the way back on him, letting his cock go past my lips, and slowly bob forwards until my nose was pressed in to his pubes and his balls pressed in to my chin, then letting him slide back until just before his cock head left my mouth before repeating the process again and again. I heard someone enter the toilet next to us but we were so into the assault on my throat that neither of us had any intention of stopping, or so I thought…until Aaron abruptly pulled out and said, "look through the hole." I notice a big black hand in front of the hole making a motion like he was wanking and as I sat back he looked back, doing a double take seeing two of us…“Put your cock through the hole” Aaron directed, so without hesitation I unzipped and stuck my dick through the hole for him. The black guy immediately took my dick in his hand and began stroking it. It felt good to have his big hand stroking my so far neglected dick. After a minute of stoking he started digging his hand in my pants like he wanted access to my balls so I unbuckled my belt, unsnapped my trousers letting them fall to my ankles and he immediately started rubbing my balls and exploring my freshly shaved pubic area. All the while Aaron had his dick pressed in my crack easing me forwards until my pelvis could go no further allowing the black man easy access as he now went from massaging my balls to stroking my dick and I was really getting into this masterful hand job he was giving. Not content with playing with my balls he started slipping a finger back towards my asshole only to find Aaron’s cock resting there dribbling copious amounts of precum over the skin. Aaron pulled back so the man could finger my ass for a minute or two until oh so gently Aaron eased me to turn around and expose my ass to the glory hole. This was not what I wanted but for some reason I am putty in Aaron’s hands willing obeying his every command. How is it such a young lad with his big dick has such command over me? What happened next was totally unexpected. I figured he would finger me some but no he was playing with my asshole with his tongue. It felt great I love being rimmed by James my husband so I pushed my ass harder up against the hole to give him complete access to me. After a couple of minutes of his tongue I felt him stick one, then two spit lubed fingers in my ass and start working them in and out. My dick was super hard and I was stroking it for all I was worth as he continued to finger me. He pulled his finger out and I knew what to expect next… In his rush to fuck me his dick missed my hole poking sharply at skin between my legs. This was not what I had bargained for when I stopped by this lunchtime but I was way too worked up to stop it now. He pulled back, changed angle and pushed hard, hit bullseye and I could feel the head start in my hole but he could not get it in me. He tried again a couple of times and still could not get his head to pop into my hole. I decided that maybe a little more lubrication would help so I turned around and dropped to my knees and stared at his dick. It was big! I now understood why it wouldn't fit...his cock was super thick and I could wrap both of my hands around it and the head still stuck out. He had to be a to a good 8 inches round as well as in length. I started licking the head and took him into my mouth and I started giving him the wettest, sloppiest blowjob I could. After a couple of minutes of wetting his dick I stood back up and backed my ass up to the hole again. Only to have someone outside bang on all the doors, “Come on open up, there’s a queue out here.” The black man hoisted his trousers and was out of there like a shot. Aaron pulled off some toilet paper and stuffed in the glory hole, pulled the chain and was gone too, leaving a very surprised old guy as he walked in to find me still in the cubicle! I was late getting back to work and could not understand why I kept getting odd looks from my co-workers as it took a while for the penny to drop, I still had cum in my hair. Oops! another episode to follow shortly guys.
  11. Downfall

    Part 2. I’d had a God-awful morning at work so decided for once to get out in the fresh air for lunch…walking aimlessly around town I found myself by the bus station with a little voice in my head saying, “Go in, you know you want to…” The stalls were disappointingly empty so I picked a middle one offering holes on both sides, only one had the hole stuffed full of toilet paper to block off the view. Trousers and underwear down it was not long before I had company. I'm certain he noticed my body shift repeatedly while attempting to see what was happening on his side, my cock instantly growing in length and thickness when I heard him unzip and trousers go down. I contently began to pump myself as I brazenly press my face to the hole to take a good look at him. His right hand was slowly fisting his erect cock, one that appeared to be similar in size to my 7 inches. His dark pubes nicely set off his alabaster white dick and shaved balls neatly framed by his opened and unzippered trousers. Leaning back, showing off my fully hard cock for him to see I hear the obvious and encouraging sounds of clothing being shifted. Bending to look again, his pants were finally around his knees, his glistening cock gorgeously making squelching sounds in his hand. He had a sexy cock and I sat peering in, watching him stroke himself faster with increasing speed. His hand's rhythm was fast but firm, different than my own slower deliberate wanking up and down the whole length not wishing to cum yet, whilst his was centred around the flared ridge at the end of its straight length. His breathing grew faster and more obvious and, in a panic, to prevent him shooting there and then I pushed my fingers back through the opening, bent forwards running my tongue around my lips signalling my desire to suck his clearly needy cock. He then turned, and his cock came through the hole. At first, only the head appeared, gloriously glistening, close and tempting. I blew gently against the skin, the mushroomed-out foreskin still clinging to the corona ridge marking the end of his lovely cockhead. I spat on the palm of my hand and ran it around his cock head, he shuddered, and began to move his cock deeper through the glory hole, any hesitation melting as my palm and fingers continued to explore him, sliding down to lightly stroke the hair surrounding his tight ball sack. I rubbed his smooth balls, occasionally straying along his slightly hairy crack then went back to jacking him so I could lick up the sweet nectar of his precum. It was kind of fun getting this guy off, I bobbed my head faster now, back and forth on his cock, rotating my hand around the base. I took my left hand off my cock and reached out to wrap it around the shaft next to my right hand. I slipped my mouth back to just suck tightly on the head of his dick... As if I was working to get the last bit of ice-cream out of a cup. His head was thick, red and throbbing now as I sucked and lifted the tip of his cock. I took my mouth away from his cock and stuck my tongue out to lick the underside of his thick shaft. I went all the way down to the root, and slowly licked up to the tip, again putting my mouth around the head when I got to the top. I again started sucking just the tip as I stroked his huge cock with both of my hands. I worked his dick over for another minute or two, when I started to feel it twitch a bit. Cum started shooting out of the tip into my mouth... I gulped the first spurt down then pulled my mouth off his cock moving my face back a few inches. Huge loads of cum continued to shoot out and splattered all over my forehead, face, lips and chin. While I was no longer sucking it, my hands kept stroking the shaft out of sheer habit of having done it for the last 5-10 minutes. Cum continued to spray out for what seemed like an eternity. When his cock emptied out, I took my hands off of it as cum ran into my eyes and began to sting. By the time I had blinked and wiped his spunk from my eyes he had pulled his cock back through the hole and began zipping back up. Then he opened his door and left the bathroom. I cleaned up, zipped up and walked out….straight into Aaron
  12. Downfall

    I didn’t mean to cheat on my husband. It was just a weird set of circumstances that led me to it; I dropped my car off for its annual service, the garage sent a driver to get me to work and said they would clean and deliver my car back later that afternoon. And then the call, “sorry, we need a part and not expecting it to arrive until tomorrow, unfortunately all of our courtesy cars are being used so I have no back up car to offer you at this time.” “No problem” I replied “I can get a lift.” A quick call to my husband revealed he had Head Office meetings and would be late home, “Get a taxi you cheap skate.” Rather than a taxi…I thought the bus station is just around the corner from work plus the bus stops close to home so that will do nicely. I hadn’t been to a bus station in decades but my mind was racing back to my formative gay teen years sucking cock through glory holes in public toilets. I have time, I’ll just have a quick look and check out if they are still here, fully expecting to finding them all gone. Wow what a throw back, the smell of stale piss hit me as I entered the empty toilet block. Six cubicles to the right and at a right angle a long stained stainless-steel trough. I was both nervous and excited as hell as I checked out the cubicles. Plenty of graffiti, mobile numbers, hook up details, piss and cum splashes on the sticky floor and huge glory holes in all but two traps. Fresh cum streaks down the walls let me know they were still active, very active. My cock instantly stirred in my pants, swelling nicely to half hard…and then I heard the outer door open so quickly ducked to the trough pretending to piss as my now raging hard on prevented any chance of urinating. The young lad – a student I guess with black hair, thin wispy beard stood close to me, unzipped and just stood there. I couldn’t hear his piss hitting the steel, so after a while I looked right, eyes down to check him out…fuck! He was slowly jacking a huge cock, thick and long, very long, big black cock long. I involuntarily licked my lips. He picked up on my action and smiled, gestured with a nod of his head to go to the cubicles, my mind was already racing as my cock led me forwards to some long-suppressed paradise as I went into one and he entered the adjacent one. Closing the door, unbuttoning my suit trousers, then sitting, legs spread, stroking my now extremely hard dick I heard the door of the other cubicle close, followed by the sounds of a coat being hung up, he turned to face me letting me watch him wriggle out of his jeans and then rub his leaking cock full to bursting out of his brilliant white briefs that were straining to contain the growing monster trapped within the fabric. He moved forwards allowing me full view of his now naked hardness. After a moment of watching his cock rise, two of my fingers went through the glory hole, an age old obvious invitation, I am both nervous yet increasingly unable to contain my excitement. As I withdrew my fingers his cock came through, the thick head could barely fit through the hole... But made its way in as it entered into my stall. Slowly, more and more of it came through until all 9-10 inches were now through and pointing straight up. I licked my lips again as I kept stroking my cock transfixed by the pulsing and straining cock expectantly poked through a hole in the wall. I began stroking my painfully hard erection, almost losing control and getting off just from the reality of playing with another man’s cock rather than my partners or my own. My breathing was growing louder and faster in rhythm with my pumping fist, lost in the magic of our rigid cocks. Fuck I wanted his cock sooooooooo bad but I felt like the genie in the bottle, once I start giving this stranger a blow job there will be no going back. I held on just watching, fuck it looked beautiful, twitching with each heartbeat and with each throb a clear bead of pre-cum was pumped out the piss slit. There was so much, I watched hypnotised, as it run down the shaft and along the bulging length long cum tube like a mini river of fluid and just as it reached the base of his cock, almost ready to soak into the wood I instinctively leant forwards, stuck out my tongue and lapped it up. The Genie was released, no going back now! My tongue running up the underside of this magnificent cock scooping up all the pre-cum I could get, digging in to his piss slit and then swirling around the rubbery corona then back down making love to the velvety skin and that magnificent cum tube. His loud moans indicating I was doing something right! I pulled off, the heat and musk combined into a heady aphrodisiac that drove me onwards. I told myself that I would only just take it in my mouth for a short while, I wasn't going to do anything else, just enjoy sucking on this huge cock until my jaw ached…which by the size of it would not take long. As my lips engulfed the hard dick, another moan came from the lad on the other side of the stall. Hearing that moan really set something off in my head I became curious to see if I could fit all of it in my mouth and I could tell he was getting impatient as the hole was just wide enough for him to begin thrusting deeper in my mouth. I was getting off on this lad moaning because of what I was doing to him and his huge cock. He loved how my mouth felt around his cock head. His thrashing increased and with copious amounts of precum flowing his whole cock suddenly popped fully down my throat, cutting off my air supply. I panicked, gagged and had to ease back. Tears and snot ran down my face but I soon dove back down, now enjoying having my throat raped as it pulsed all around his shaft. The lad began moaning louder. "Fuck.... Uhhh... Yeeeerrrrrr……aaaahhh….YESSSSSSSSSS!!" After a moment or two, he stood back, breaking the contact and his cock, like some snake disappeared backwards leaving me crestfallen. Had I done something wrong? No! His fingers now beckoned. My cock was ready, no reason to hesitate, I stood put it against his fingers, and he is now lightly tugging and stroking me with those fingers. My cock disappeared through the hole as he tugged it in his side and a warm wetness took over me so completely I was lost momentarily at how good it felt. My willing and hopeful cock twitched and pumped out precum with sensations that were new yet oh so familiar, the pleasure kept rising as I sank deeper into this stranger's mouth, utterly lost in his willing cock sucking and my need to shoot. The lad was a natural, his skills belying his age and done with such loving care that I just want more! Only he pulls off leaving my pelvis pressed up hard against the partition my cock jumping, precum dribbling. I hear a loud grunt, then, “damn…Oh fuck yeah!” Then his hand wraps around my dick and pumps it a few times…and yet whilst I’m enjoying the attention I swear I hear, “Umm, umfff, Ahhh” from the other side of the partition each time his hand moves down my shaft. Lucky for me his mouth soon engulfs my cock again it feels as if he is powerfully thrust forwards, rocks back then forward again. My thought train is momentarily thrown...was that another man’s grunting I then heard? Then I know I hear a regular thump, thump, thump…wft is that? My mind is racing now; I hear a similar sound as my balls rock against the wall then the lad is pushed deep onto my dick deep throating me…fuck I won’t last much longer especially as in my mind “my” cocksucker is being fucked through the gloryhole the other side of him. Images flashed through my mind of this dirty cumdump, a diseased cumdump, taking all loads, getting Pozzed up. Fuck where did that thought spring from? I don’t know but at the thought of it my cock felt super hard, like it would explode, I felt my balls tingle and bang they draw up, no stopping NOW! Words tumble out of my mouth in a pleasure driven random order, “fuck yeah...good...fuck..ing hot...cock sucker...fuck...yes. ..no, stop...fuc…king great.” I was completely overcome from his tongue and mouth actions. An explosive long orgasm, harder than I can ever remember, 5, 6 no 7 long spurts blast down his gulping throat as I just kept cumming and he kept on sucking my cock without easing up, his swallowing of my baby batter just part of the intense connection between us. This was the best head I had ever received. It wasn't just his talented mouth, it was the entire experience. I couldn’t believe it, normally after cumming my cock is so sensitive but here in this situation I was still hard as the lad continued nursing my rock-hard cock slurping every last drop of cum from my piss slit until eventually it shrivelled from 7 to a limp 3 inches. I pulled my cock back through the hole sat down, slightly dizzy from my massive ejaculation. I wiped myself clean not wanting to leave any tell-tale snail trial in my underwear and, as I sat there I could see movement still happening in the cubicle next door. I stooped down to peer through the hole to see “my” lad backed up on the partition wall of the adjoining stall, bent forwards smiling at me as I clearly saw a pair of legs pressed up against that wall see-sawing away in hard jabbing motions making sure my lad was receiving a good fucking. I don’t know why, but all I thought of was him getting bred filled with a diseased cum load knocking him up before my eyes. There was a loud grunt, then “Take it!” as the legs thrust forwards…in that same moment “my” cocksucker’s cock cum tube expanded as cum erupted in an explosive series of spurts splattering against the wall before running down the wall and pooling on the floor. I couldn’t help but reach down smear my fingers through his cum and take a taste, I then zipped up and got out to join the bus queue. A short while later “my” boy came up to me, said “That was fun, here’s my number, call me” as he pushed a scrap of paper and kissed me in front of everyone and walked off into the distance. On the bus home I read his note, Aaron and a mobile number was all it had written down…I punched his name and number in my phone… I didn’t go back to the public toilets for over a week, half frightened of how far I might go if temptation presented itself and half expecting, no waiting to see if I broke out in some type of visible infection. Guilt makes you do funny things. To be continued 😊
  13. Medical Student Tales

    Fuck! That's such a hot story. Hope there's more
  14. Tell Me A Story 2

    Here I am sitting in the works Gents toilet frantically cleaning cum from the large wet spot on the seat of my suit trousers with cum dribbling out of my sore, red and puffy hole. I wipe myself and see more red streaks on the toilet paper and my cock twitches and starts to chub up despite still feeling chills in my body. In my mind, I just knew that my body had to be in conversion, it just had to be having taken a huge onslaught of HIV laden fluids over the past 25 days, starting with my newly identified Poz boyfriend, his two Poz Daddies and a good number of very helpful anonymous men who had been more than willing to share their virus and strains with a new guy who was on a mission to get knocked up. As I sit here reflecting on being a "safe" only Top for many years until Andrew and me started opening our relationship up to include others, barebacking with random tricks for the first time, experiencing an unwrapped dick and the feeling of cum inside me, us. But, the seed was sown. We had no idea at the time, but those dudes had planted the seed of the amazing world of raw and POZ sex. Our resolution was to only go raw with Andrew, the usual bottom, deciding to Poz first then breed me so we knew what we had to do and luckily, we hooked up with a couple of very caring buds, Adam and Scott, who made it their mission to top him raw and infect my boy with the HIV virus. I shiver again, a reminder of my immune system breaking down? As I think back before these encounters I made sure I was very clean trying to eliminate any natural barriers. I’ve had at least one Poz load every day, some days it was several men like just now or multiple men and most times it was with men who could shoot multiple times especially when they knew I was actively chasing. Lucky me. I’m shaken from my thoughts by buzzing with a text, it’s Andrew, ‘meet me at this address after work. Tatt U is a friend of A&S. We r all going for a group Poz tatt’ As I read it my cock jumps to rock hard and is bouncing with each heartbeat at the thought of a biohazard, scorpion or + inking and a string of pre-cum drools from the piss slit. “Fuck it” I think, “I’ll never last the day knowing what’s in store tonight” Of course, the day drags on and on and on, how can 8 hours feel like a whole week? I keep googling the Tattoo studio, my route there and each time have to adjust my straining cock in my pants. Hopefully no one noticed! As soon as 5 O’clock comes around I am out of work like a shot and walk the several blocks across the city to Tatt U. The sign says closed and the front door is locked. I wait wishing I had brought a coat as the chill air gnaws away at my cold body and I shiver yet again. Suddenly there is a jangling at the lock and the door opens slightly, “Hey Jon, quick c’om in” says Scott, “Everyone is here waiting for you.” I slip in to the darkened shop, kiss and hug Scott who drags me to a brightly lit studio at the back of the shop. Adam, then Andrew both greet me with bear hugs and kisses as my man drapes an arm around me and excitedly says, “Watch this” because in front of me Ian, the tattooist, who is seated and has his back to me but from what I can see is covered head to toe in a story book of images, his shaved head glistening under the powerful lights. “Fuck! God damn it!” are the first words he says as he chucks the inking gun on his work bench then spins his chair around….he is buck naked and between his legs is a monster cock with blood dripping off a band of black inked symbols running along his shaft. ☣️ ☢ 🐷 “Just being a Guinea pig for designs for a special client, but I dug in too deep, look and popped a blood vessel somewhere. I’m Ian by the way and the guys here have decided to all have, for starters any ways, a plus sign inked at the base of their cocks. For now, you’ll just have the minus bar until we get confirmation of a positive result for you.” He looks me up and down and I’m instantly hard. “Ummm, lose your cloths” which I duly do standing naked in front of this stranger with my cock slapped up hard against my abdomen already leaking copious amounts of pre-cum. “Stand still, very still as I’ll be using a cut-throat razor to remove your bush and you don’t want me to cut that fine-looking appendage off, now do you? Eh? “Nnn NO I don’t!” I manage to utter as the others snigger at my discomfort. The thought of the power he will hold in his hands obviously makes him horny as his still rock-hard cock pulses out a glob of pre-cum as blood still drips from his tool which protrudes out of a giant fiery red biohazard symbol emblazed across his crotch. He moves away to a wash basin next to his work bench, runs some water until it’s hot and collects a soap bowl and a brush, coming back and with one hand grabs my hard on, gently rubs back and forwards a few times then pulls the skin forwards. In a flash he has my pubes slathered in soap and is deftly flicking his wrist removing my already trimmed pubic hair. I’m thankful that I always keep my balls shaved smooth as I’m not sure I could have kept control if he held them and the cut-throat together! A hot water rinse, a pat down with a towel and I’m looking like my pre-pubescent self. The guys surrounding me let out a collective sigh of relief once the job is completed as I look down and admire my new look, “wow see how much bigger my cock looks like this.” Amid giggles from my audience I get a quick put down by Ian, “It’s still the same cock as before, grant you it’s big but not the biggest I’ve had by a long way. Now lie on the recliner.” I do as I’m told, with the cold plastic roll quickly heating up against my body in the moments before he picks up the inking gun…..I notice it’s the same one he has just used on himself. “As you’ve not had one done before I’ll warn you it feels like a series of small sharp scratches, nothing too bad. No worse than having blood work done at the doctors” I hear Scott say to the others, “He’ll convert after this…Poz ink direct into his bloodstream. Bingo!” I shiver again, not at the thought of what is happening but from feeling chills. “Keep still, I’m almost done” and then a little later, “just got to fill in now.” A few minutes later it’s all over. “Stand up and turn around, the guys want to see it” Again I comply and see the plain black minus bar edged in to the skin above the base of my cock. It feels different, the skin is different as a thin angry red line outlines the inking. “It shouldn’t be too long before we have you back here for the horizontal.” Ian says with a smirk adding, “bend over and lick the floor clean of your drool” slapping my ass, “NOW.” I’m bent head down ass up and immediately feel the warmth of Ian’s body pressed up against me, slightly sweaty, his hard leaking and bloody cock being rubbed around my puffy hole…then get pushed in. there’s little resistance as his hard flesh glides in balls deep in one heady rush lubed by his fluids. Ian jack rabbit fucks me jabbing in every direction possible before spinning me over, his back on the floor, me now on top, still thrusting hard into me. “C’mon guys join in and let’s get the job properly done, get him knocked up once and for all!” Andrew sinks his cock all the way down my throat as Adam pushes my legs up towards heaven, has his cock head up against Ian’s thrashing dick and is wanting to stretch my hole way beyond its limits. I begin to panic as Andrew has my air supply cut off and pain and pressure builds on my hole, then bang! White light, stars and big gulps of air as my boi eases back just in time before I pass out and simultaneously Adam’s cock bursts in….all the way amidst sheer pain. It feels as though my hole, ring and delicate ass walls have ruptured as the pain pulses throughout these areas, there’s no pleasure this time and even though my own cock is hard now in Scott’s mouth a he’s on the floor joining in. As more of Adam’s large cock entered me I could feel my body protesting at the intrusion and clamping down on his and Ian’s meat, with each spasm of my muscles they let out groans of pleasure. "This is fucking hot, this feels incredible," cried Adam as his cock was squashed against Ian’s deep in the walls of my arse. "Ummmph! I…..don't….arrgh…..care, take that fucking thing out of me," I cried. "Okay, calm down" said Andrew, then Adam chimes in "I'll take it out now" but instead of pulling out he thrust his body hard into mine, forcing his entire cock into me. "Aaaaaaaah" I cried. "Mmmmm." Ian cried. "Oh Fuck, that’s hot" Andrew cried. "You bastard, you were meant to take it out." I protested. "Sorry, never have been good with directions" Adam grinned. "I'm glad about that." Said Ian as Adam continued to ease himself deeper into me and I could feel the head of his cock ploughing its way in, in time with Ian pulling almost all the way out. My body was by now aching in pain along with goose pimples now covering my skin. I recognise Ian’s voice, "God, your arse is so hot! I haven't fucked a tight pussy like this in ages. How do you feel?" “Like shit” the meaning was lost on them. As I lay there I could feel Ian’s hot breath on my neck and then I could feel his lips on my ears as he busied himself with my nearest erogenous zones. My body was on fire, my hard cock was bouncing around in Scott’s mouth as the pounding in my arse intensified as they raced to the finish. Such was the intensity of their thrusts that I was in danger of being pushed up Ian’s body and out of their reach, seeing this possibility they both clasped their hands on my hips to hold me firm and then continued to push their hot cocks into me. Our bodies slapped noisily together, our hair was lank with the sweat of our exertions and our skin glowed with moisture. All of us were moaning, our bodies tingling with pleasure. "Ah, ah, I'm going to cum," said Adam. "Me too," replied Andrew, thrusting his cock ever deeper in my throat. "Eeeerrrrrr, aaaah, mer tooooooooooooo" I said around a mouthful of cock. The two fucking my ass suddenly began to speed up, breathing heavily as they fought for first place. As one, they both pushed deep into my body and released a shot of hot unmedicated Poz cum from their pulsing cocks. I felt each spurt thereafter erupt from their cocks as one by one each fired off their radioactive cargo in my ripped-up body. The feeling of their dangerous hot silky fluid was a total mind fuck as cum erupted from my cock and filled Scott’s mouth to overflowing as he was busy massaging my cum into my inked skin. My eyes rolled back in my head and my body went into meltdown as my senses were overwhelmed. I collapsed back onto Ian, literally too fucked to move. I wasn’t joking as finally, somewhere in the frenetic raw sex I was enjoying, I became infected with the HIV virus. That night as Andrew and I lay in bed I’m too hot to be spooned up next to Andrew’s naked body as I was burning up, sweating buckets and aching all over…IT’S HAPPENING I think as I drift off to sleep
  15. Tell Me A Story 2

    "I wanna get a taste of that ass, think we have just got time before leaving for work." I heard Andrew say after our latest round of fucking. "Lay on your stomach." He commanded. I did as he asked and revealed my freshly wrecked ass with his Poz cum leaking out. "God damn that is a sweet little ass." He exclaimed and then grabbed a hold of my cheeks and spread them apart. His tongue wasn't far behind and was soon licking up and down my ass before finally penetrating my asshole. The sensations made me let out a soft moan as he continued his ministrations before digging four fingers in hard. "Mmmmmmmhhhhh." I moaned as the first fingernails penetrated my asswalls. "Fuck, oh fuck you’re going to tear me in half." I yelled as he pushed deeper and deeper until in popped his thumb too right up to his wide knuckles were touching my outer ring. I clenched my fists and tried to fight the pain. He and the rest of the guys were getting impatient that I showed no signs of conversion over two weeks from the Poz sex party. “Relax your hole, push out, again, again, AGAIN!” I push like I’m going to take a shit and then BANG! My ass spasms, pain ricochets throughout my chute as Andrew’s hand gets sucked into my hole. The second I felt this pressure in my guts I clenched my teeth tight to stifle a blood curdling scream as his fingers scrape at my innards and massage his Poz cream into my delicate and bleeding ass walls. Long after Andrew has gone I’m cleaned up, showered and grab a coffee before the drive to work, luckily a late start for me today but the traffic is pants so I take another route driving past some cruisey heathlands I have not been to in years….as I go by a young ginger haired guy steps out of his car, I’m taken by the fact that it’s cold, really cold outside yet he’s in baggy shorts and a sweatshirt, nerdy looking scruffy beard and black rimmed glasses. I pull over and stop as he disappears in the undergrowth. I quickly follow and just catch glimpses as he purposefully makes his way as if on a mission to somewhere. Despite not being here for a while I remember the paths well, but he’s not in the area I first think of so I begin to run to find him. I’m just about to give up when I catch sight of his colourful shorts behind some gorse bushes.…we exchange glances, I smile a beaming smile at him as I eye his body up and down, coming to rest at his bulging crotch, but he just walks off. I’m deflated. A sheen of steam curls upwards off my now hot, sweaty body against the cold autumn air and as I’m about to walk back to the car, he in he same instance looks back to check if I’m following…which of course I do. He ducks off in to a clearing in a deep densely covered area, turns to face me with a humungous hardon tenting those baggy shorts. I go up to him and begin stroking his hardness through the flimsy material at my touch the steel like flesh feels hot and urgent, then I am totally surprised as he bends forwards and begins franticly kissing, spit and tongues jousting hard kisses, light kisses which I love. I have to let go of his cock to hang on to him otherwise I’d have fallen over from the urgency of his kissing. We pull apart and smile at each other. “What do you like doing?” I ask, secretly hoping the answer was raw fucking. “Oh, I’m up for most things. You?” I don’t answer with words but actions as I change positions, I have my hand down his waistband and run my hands over his long cock, “I gotta have this cock, please fuck me?” I tell him, “You clean?” is all the answer I get. “Yeah, I have a partner, we have an open relationship, so we test regularly” I tell him without word of a lie. “Suck it” he commands and I immediately have it lodged down my throat. He doesn’t have the prettiest cock I‘ve seen with a tight foreskin shielding his cock head but I’m looking forward to having it quickly plunge into my ass as his shaft get thicker the further you get to the root and his big bull like balls hang low full of what? More HIV laden baby makers or sweet, clean negative cum I wonder. “Turn around” he demands and as I comply and undo my belt, flip the top hook on my trousers and have them and my underwear around my ankles in a flash, bend forward and present my winking hole to him. I couldn't see what he was doing behind me until I heard a rustle as his shorts are lowered, then hear him spit. A large gob of saliva landed on my ass, he rubs that monster cock with its tightly hood foreskin up and down my crack, “Now back up on to it” he holds it position as I slowly impaled myself onto his awaiting erection, straight down to his scratch neatly trimmed ginger pubes. "Mmmm….yeah, not many can take my cock in one go. I can tell you like that big cock in your ass as he started sawing in my ass, “Oh yeah, is that a loaded hole, slut?” “YES IT IS!” I triumphantly reveal. “Aaaaah, yes, yes, yes! Enjoying the cock slime coving my dick and watching it froth around your beautiful hole. He starts smacking my ass wanting to feel my slack hole tighten on his dick and with each hit it does just for quick flashes. Then he leaned forward stretching his longer body over me and reaches under my shirt for my nipples. Once located, he grabs on and tugged as if his life depends upon it. More in surprise than pain I scream and my hole finally tightens enough for him to truly fuck hard and fast rather then just play around in my play pen. Every time he pulled I now moaned louder. I was in heaven, “Now for the fun to begin." He said as I broke into a big smile "Yeah look at you, you little bitch. Fucking slut you love this, go on, fuck yourself on my cock." I was rocking back and forth building momentum wanting his payload, but after a while starting to get slower and weaker, I never knew doing all the work like this took so much out of you and I didn't know how much longer I could last as my thighs were burning from the half squat position I was in and despite the chill air a sheen of sweat covered my body making my shirt stick to my skin. As if sensing I was tiring, “Move it. Up against that tree." He commanded. I complied and stil with his cock lodged up my chute shuffled along to face the nearby tree, resumed position and just as I did his cock was shoved deeper up my ass with enough force to lift me off the ground for a second. "Oh fuck yes." he said as I responded with, "Fuck me harder." As he began power fucking me for as long and hard as he could before those famous words…. ”I'm almost there…gunner cum…NOW" He rammed in deep, held me firmly onto his cock as it erupted filling my cunt as he continued sawing in and out until his cock deflated a little but was long enough to still remain as the last dribbles of cum leaked out and he withdrew. A river of cum was leaking out of my ass. "Oh yeah fucking slut." he said as I spun around to clean the rest of the cum off his cock. “Thanks for that, just what I needed” I tell him, “Yeah? A fuck to remember me by…?” We both smiled a knowing smile. We stand up, kiss, exchange names, he’s called Marc with a 'C' and numbers chat about meeting up again as we make our way back to our respective cars, I check my watch,15 minutes and it was all over. By the time I’m sat in my car I realise I’m frozen and shivering so crank up the heater as I start the car and continue my journey to work as yet more toxic cum begins to soak in to my pants.

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