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  1. My younger friend is 21, hot twink, loves being shared with dads and bears, is neg and on prep (for now) has a big soft spot for verbal kinky poz dads/bears 50+ into group sex where we pound him and pass him around. If you participate in group with him and both feel a connection, he is polyamorous and likes to form emotional, intimate bonds and relationships with poz men into neg boys
  2. My younger friend is 21, hot twink, loves being shared with dads and bears, is neg and on prep (for now) has a big soft spot for verbal kinky poz dads/bears 50+ into group sex where we pound him and pass him around. If you participate in group with him and both feel a connection, he is polyamorous and likes to form emotional, intimate bonds and relationships with poz men into neg boys.
  3. Young (20, vers) / Old (49, top) couple here, recently relocated to Pinellas County beaches area. Big fans of Cumunion but Club O’s a little far. We hear tales of pool party groups etc. in the area. How do we find the action?
  4. I'm just a few weeks older than you but you can dominate my soul.

  5. Cum in my neg ass daddy maybe get a group of guys togther to use my hole poz or not doesn't matter to me

  6. Some truth is too good to be fiction... DaddyBoy Ben is what I've renamed the slut. Taking on a new identity is integral to transformation. So we'll call him that. I travel a lot for work and pleasure and stumbled across him in the south. Let's say Birmingham, but it wasn't. He schooled and worked mall retail. 18 and hot young 6'1" soccer player with a tite lil body that was furry in all the right places, with a 5 o'clock shadow, piercing blue eyes and a million dollar smile--and was articulate, bright and obviously way too book smart--and boxers dumb. The kid was a strong 8 on a scale of 1 to 10... bear daddy has high standards (no point in ruining shit that's already fucked up, right?). About to graduate HS. So kinky and bold that the first vids he sent were 1) getting fucked bare by a bear, 2) pissing on himself and 3) of him crapping a shit into the tub. He'd been raised in a very conservative Christian home. Been top of his class in a private Christian academy. And boiling over with angst and urges he was powerless to control. Sadly, he was busy with school and graduation. I was never in town at the right time. So we just texted for over a year. And then this summer, he returned home after a year at school. And we still missed each other twice when I was in his area. And then, last Thursday evening about bedtime he called. "Daddy, do you have a minute. Something happened today. And I feel free. I've not been a good boy, but now I'm ready." What had changed is that he'd gone to a hotel room full of tweakers who had booty-bumped his brains out. But for all the rimming and toy play, everyone had limp lil tina dicks. And DaddyBoy Ben was finally ready to submit, but trapped on an island of misfit dicks. "I'm in the car now dad. I'm kind of lost getting out of town, but I'm heading your way. How do I get there?," he asked. "It's 9 hours son," I replied. "It's not like I'll be sleeping any time soon, Daddy," he shot back. "I've dodged you. Avoided you. Said I was busy when I wasn't. At one point I even blocked your number, but I still jerked off to thoughts of you. And went on Breeding Zone every day--knowing you were the one who sent me there. I've self-fisted my hole, wishing it was you. Feeling so empty. I'm coming now. I'm ready and I'm on my way." So, I thought to myself... all it took was one good booty bump to dislodge 19 years of uptight sexual constipation. Oh Tina, you are a wild one. And he was literally lost in the woods in bumfuck 'Bama. He had to share his location so I could talk him to I-65 north. And he blew up my phone all night. When he finally hit town, I left work to meet him at my place. He was every bit the adonis I'd seen in the pics. Yet he had come to life, with the most adorable aww-shucks smile. Bashful antics. And an eager mouth that raped my goatee and mouth the moment we stepped in the door. We left a trail of clothes all the way to the bedroom. He jumped up on the bed, and raised in the air one of hot and furry boy ass, with an eager pucker you could tell he was trying to wreck. And then, I noticed dried blood on one of those tight, athletic ass cheeks. "Ummm... DaddyBoy Ben," I asked, "there's dried blood on your ass cheek." "Oh god dad, I'm sorry," he confessed. "I got so horny last night that I stopped at a rest area in Tennessee and got in the back seat to play with my boyhole. But all I could find back there to stick up in me was a big mag-lite. And I got a little too rough with myself." "I'm sorry, I tried to clean it up." Damn, I thought. Did the heavens just open up and drop the perfect fuck slut into my life? "It's okay, kid," I reassured him. "Dad's fave lubes are 1) cum from the last dad, 2) spit and 3) the wrecked remnants of a young fuck hole that's wayyyyyy to eager." With that, I grabbed the elbow grease and began to finger his hole while slicking up my chode. One finger met no resistance in him. The second joined it easily. The third joined those... and not until the fourth did I reach his fuck ring. And it was still rubbery and eager, opening up as I added my thumb to the pyramid my bear paw made as I tried to find his limit. He cried out--yet pushed back, instead of pulling away. And reached for the elbow grease, grabbed a handful and then lubed by hand up to my wrist. I worked that furry ass while dirty talking the little tweaked out, cum hungry fist-bitch. "So you're finally ready for your first known poz load, son?," I goaded. "Yes, daddy, I'm soooooo ready," he replied with his mouth in a guttural, come-breed-me growl... as his eager hole kept twitching around my big old bear paw, as I worked it up into DaddyBoy Ben. The cock and cum hungry bitch was a natural. At barely 19, his body knew how to beg at both ends. I removed my paw and replaced it with my daddy cock. Seeing his lightly-fur covered ass yield to my fuck beast, as my big bush of gray dad pubes nestled into his crisco-covered, crimson boy crack. And I went to town. Called him every dirty name in the book. Smacked his ass and asked him, "Who's your daddy, Ben?" and went wild as he bit the pillow and said, "You are, DaddySir." I'd stretched and wrecked his hole so hard it was my saving grace. I'd have busted my two day nut in him so fast if I'd had resistance. As he tightened back up after a few minutes, I got on my back. And told him to sit his teen ass on that vile fuck beast of a poz daddy cock. And hop on it he did. DaddyBoy Ben landed in the saddle and rode like he was breaking broncos. His tight teen pecs had nice nips with big eraser-sized points I could pull... and they were hard-wired straight to his cum hole. The harder I tweaked, the harder he rode. "You can hop off any time son," I said. "If you still wanna be a chicken shit who talks the talk. But if you wanna talk the walk and ride the cock, keep it up cum slut. And I'll bathe your innocent ass in the dirty daddy nut I've been collecting from a long line of fucksluts and boy breeders going back a decade before you were born." His non-verbal answer was affirmative, as he dug down and rode harder. The look on his face was no longer innocent and playful. Bashful or cherubic. He was a tina-fueled twink whose face was contorted by pleasure. His eyes were dilated and his lips alternately pulled back over his teeth as he groaned... or as his teeth bit his bottom lip hard. And then came forth the mating call he'd been practicing in his head, all those times he jerked off to the thought of me... as I fucked his mind by introducing him to things like BBRT and BreedingZone... squandering his innocence onto the field of full submission by boys to men, where he found his place on his knees. Or ass in the air. Existing only to be the next beautiful young thing in line, offering himself fully and fully exposed as a sacrifice on the altar of hedonistic, raw sex, in the boy-ruining breeding rites of daddy boys serving the dark desires of selfish, fucked-up men... as the thoughts I'd possessed him with for two years came spilling out, in a tirade of hungry, wanton need... "Fuck me daddy. Breed my bloody boy hole. I'm ripe. I'm fertile. I'm here. It's yours." And his ass responded to the rhythm of his sex rant, like to the beating of a drum... bottoming out. Clenching. Riding up and tightening up. Then thrusting back down on my daddy cock. "Poz me, DaddySir. I belong to you now. Share me with your dirty squad. Make me into the community cumhole for dads you promised I could be. Coach me to greatness. Train me to be one of those boys that becomes top 5 for the dads I ride... s'good that I'm their go-to fantasy as they jerk off for years to come. Make me a cum sponge, DaddySir. Use me up until I'm used up and your done. Then cast me aside like an unwanted cumrag. Dirty and stank. My only worth being a fuck hole no one wants once their loads land in me." I could no longer resist. I grabbed his waist and with one hand and neck with the other. I pulled him down to me and kissed the kid hard, as I drove my dirty dad cock deep, then flooded his freshly fisted womb with my bastion of dirty little swimmers. He stayed close to me, trying to keep me in him and hard. Tender moments to share, as he nestled into his new life. His cherry wrecked and ruined. His destiny secured. His options gone. As I got out of bed and wiped his cherry from my cock with a towel, I tossed him his phone. "Ready to earn some gear, toys and undies, DaddyBoy Ben?," I asked. "I've gotta get back to work. But today, you have a chance to earn #SlutPoints which are redeemable one-for-one into dollars at either the toy store or ToolBox Mens Wear, the undies store. Lotsa Nasty Pig Jocks there. Since you're tweaked out of your mind, you can handle an aggressive cum quota for this afternoon. DaddyBears are 10 points. If they're over 60 years old, you double down. Each bug nut is worth an extra 10 points, too. Anything else dirty will be acknowledge proportionately. Since your friend Tina blew your mind, your ass has the power to make DaddySir into Santa and make toys, trunks and jocks rain like Christmas." I pulled him to me and kissed that sweet face. "Go big or go home, Ben." And those were my last words to him. I came home from work to an empty house. Only the bedsheets ripped from the bed and a master bath that looked like a dozen guys had taken showers were left to feed my imagination, wondering what happened to DaddyBoy Ben. Oh... that and three places where bloody cum stains my white carpet. Anyone know how to get that out?
  7. hello Daddy Sir- i'd love to come out and get used by you, pozzed and pimped out, fucked up on T as you make me a slam pig. hit me up :)

  8. Hello- you recommended me to your friend??

  9. would love to travel out and serve you

  10. I'll make my boy and my toy help out... bbrt = woodywaldo and yngbttm4daddy respectively My boy is now a devout barebacker, but he got a late start at 18 when he went away to college. My toy started putting out bare for a dude who lived with his family when he was really young--like wayyy young. He's barely legal now--and still taking it bare... letting hte men line up to drill his teen cumhole.
  11. indeed so ;) I love dirty daddy loads being shot deep in my boy hole ... and riding that daddy cock until it goes soft in me, milking those experienced balls dry

  12. hey hottie :) you looking for some loads? :)

  13. hello Sir i'm a neg boy looking for a Poz Daddy and i wouldn't mind being rented out ;-)

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