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  1. I love tops like you. My former master used to have me come over and let him breed my fresh hole, then he'd send me off with a goal number of loads to find before he was in the mood to fuck again... The prospect of getting his 9" dick and a big load again was great motivation to take any raw cock I could find.
  2. I'll check you out.. You are a sexy fucker. And speaking of low rates... I've got a promotion on for the next 10 guys who sign up for my OF.. 50% off, so it's only $3. Lots of videos of random pigs fucking me raw and breeding me. [think before following links] https://onlyfans.com/crawford912pei
  3. Wanna see my cunt get bred? The next 10 guys who subscribe to my OnlyFans get it half price - $3. I'm fairly certain I get fucked in every video I've posted (there are lots), and bred in most.

    [think before following links] https://onlyfans.com/crawford912pei

    1. bareback-flipflop


      I’ve subscribed 😉 It will be exciting to see a forum mate beeing bred 😛

    2. crawford912


      OMG - i'm wearing the same shirt as you've got on in  your pic. msg me on onlyfans 😉  i'll do my best to take any requests you have hehe.

    3. crawford912


      3 of 10 claimed so far! Only 7 spots left at $3.

  4. 100% bareback. I get turned on rejecting guys who will only fuck me wrapped, and even more turned on when I manage to get them in me raw with very little effort. I haven't had a condom in my hole in years.... Probably since about 2008 or 2009?
  5. All of this, plus: the way my hole gapes after a few rounds of big cocks and fists going to town on it... And the way tops treat me like the faggot I truly know I am.
  6. Yes! GO THERE. Now granted, I'm not in Toronto anymore, but I hit up Regatta every time I go back. I used to check Squirt to get a good sense if there were guys down there, but.... There's usually guys down there (when it's warm anyway). Times.... evenings/nights? weeekends used to get pretty busy. It can be a ton of fun.
  7. Most guys around here don't kiss me, and I'm a-ok with that. I just want the load. A few of my more regular buddies will throw in some kissing, and it's fucking hot, but... I know them. I know their names. For anon fucks, if they initiate, I'll follow their load, but generally I'm just a hole to be used. And kissing feels waaaaay more personal than getting a top's seed in me.
  8. FUUUUCK yes. I finally found a cage small enough for my tiny clit of a cock. guys used to be able to slide it out of the one i had, which was fucking annoying. i tend not to wear it with my regulars, but throw it on before i go cruising so that guys i haven't met before get the fucking hint. Blessed indeeeeed. So glad I'm not a big-dicked bottom. I'm a grower, but I'm still on the small side when I get hard, and the only things that get me hard are not things that bottoms trying to get me hard would ever think to do, thank god. Flatter me? Submit to this faggot? Yeah, that's not gonna
  9. I know 100% for sure that I'm a better fuckhole than I was when I was young and just starting out. I've got tons of practice, so I know what I'm doing, I know that I good at it, and I have the confidence that comes with lots of return visitors over the years. I'm also way more open about who I am and what turns me on than I was as a younger slut, and I've lost a lot of hangups that I had when I was younger. And honestly, I'm just fucking looser. 😉
  10. I've had situations like that, and situations where I didn't know they were in porn because they only did wrapped stuff on camera... and as hot as they are, i have 0 interest in watching that. Especially given I got his raw dick easy.
  11. An hour ago, in a trailer, from an older, stocky top with a small dick... he came as soon as he stuck it in my sloppy, well-used pussy.... I was on my wayhome from a night of having my cunt destroyed by a big raw cock I love to bottom for, and was still horned up. I would and still will let any raw cock in my hole. Hit me up!
  12. Yeah, I've had guys cum as soon as they slide in.... one guy, was his first time bareback... Literally came as he entered me, and then was spent. 30 seconds total hookup, from mee letting him in to seeing him out.
  13. Definitely excite to read the rest of this adventure.
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