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  1. I woke in a bit of a fog, unable to be sure what exactly happened last night and what I might have dreamt about. I felt Anthony stir behind me, his arm still draped across me and his cock hardening against my lower back. My hole felt a bit sore, and also full - then I remembered it still had the plug that had been inside me all weekend, whenever a cock or tongue wasn’t. My mind trailed back to all the various places we had fucked in the past days, all the ways Anthony had gotten inside my body and also inside my head. I recalled the increasing control he seemed to be able to exert over me, and
  2. I woke up to the feeling of Anthony cumming inside me. When he felt me stirring, he squeezed out a couple more ropes, and wrapped his arms around me tightly, saying “Sorry about that...I was having a very vivid dream about fucking you, and when I woke up I was hard and inside you. I couldn’t even try to hold back. I hope that was OK.” “Well, I could hardly complain after begging for your load last night, could I?” Kissing the back of my neck, he said “Good. I can’t tell you how happy I was when you gave in last night and let me in you bare. Something about knowing my seed is inside you, t
  3. As soon as we got in his apartment, we were all over each other. Stripping his jacket off as our tongues furiously explored each other’s mouths, hands running over muscles, fumbling with buttons and zippers to reveal more and more to each other. He was every bit as gorgeous unclothed as he had been in the bar - strong, hair in all the right places, toned but not sculpted - the picture of masculinity. I kissed my way down overy his furry pecs and his flat but slightly soft belly and found my face in front of a magnificent bulge in his tight trunks. His scent was intoxicating, and I found myself
  4. I guess the neighborhood piano bar wasn’t the most adventurous choice for my scandalous night out, but it was a step I hadn’t taken before. My wedding ring was in my pocket, the first time I’d taken it off for any purpose other than what you’d expect. Here I was in San Diego, fresh off my successful conference presentation, all the pressure off and a few more days of seminars and social gatherings to look forward to. After a brief meet and greet with those who had attended my talk, there had been an early dinner. Standard academic stuff, I’d been through it many times before. But this was my f
  5. Part 5. That weekend was the big event. Matt had returned to town and rekindled his friendship with my boyfriend Jake. I convinced them both I had matured from the earlier days when I was jealous of him, and indeed now that Jake and I had played together with others, that I actually thought the idea of watching him fuck Matt was a big turn-on. My clandestine fuck buddy Dean and I had worked through separate channels to make both of them feel comfortable with the idea of playing raw, something Jake had only ever (intentionally) done with me. All that was left now was the final execution o
  6. Part 4. It took a few weeks for Jake to come down with even the mildest symptoms of a viral infection. In the immediate aftermath of our encounter with Eddie and Bill, I tried to reassure him that things would be OK, that PrEP really worked and that he didn’t have anything to worry about. I doubled up on giving him the blue pills for that first week to try to make him feel better, knowing they were just pain killers and wouldn’t help stop what was happening to his immune system with each passing day. He didn’t even really put it together that his low-grade fever and cold symptoms were a
  7. Part 3. After a couple more rounds with our new friends, the weekend ended and they went back to their home city. On their way out, they mentioned they had another friend-couple who were planning on visiting in a few weeks, and maybe we’d like to meet them. I smiled, looking over at Jake, and said, “If they’re anything like you guys, we would LOVE to meet them!” Trusting Andre and Alex understood my implication, they responded, “Yeah, they’re a lot like us. You will like them for sure.” We exchanged contact information (other than the app where we met) and they were on their
  8. Thanks for the poz reps, buddy

    1. itsnatural82


      Love your writing, man. Can't wait to read more. 

    2. ronetbus
  9. Part 2. Fortunately, Jake is a very heavy sleeper. After a few hours of dozing, I rolled over and felt Andre’s hard body next to mine, his chiseled chest rising and falling with his sleeping breath. I raised my head and looked at Alex lying in bed next to him, lazily stroking his dick, obviously unable to sleep after getting fucked but not having had a chance to blow his own load. Ever a gracious host, I decided to assist my guest. Slipping out of bed, I walked over to Jake’s side of the bed, reached down, grabbing Alex’s hard cock and giving it a warm squeeze as I put one finger fr
  10. “I want you to seed my ass tonight.” I sent the message and followed it up with some pics of my body and my hole, hoping to entice the gorgeous dude who was apparently nearby, visiting from out of town. A brief conversation followed. Him: “Fuck yes. Time and place? My bf and I would love to sample some of the local hole.” Me: “Later tonight, we will work out the details. Just follow my lead.” Him: “K. U see I’m POZ?” Me: “Yes, yes, and hell yes. This conversation didn’t happen, OK? Just follow my lead and I promise it’ll be worth your while. Tell your bf the same.”
  11. EPILOGUE I broke up with Jake as soon as he returned. I didn’t tell him why, and didn’t confront him about the investigator he had hired. It was enough that I was embarking on this path for myself, I didn’t need to make things any messier with him than was necessary. I hoped we could remain friends. I got sick a few weeks later, and was never as happy to nurse a flu as I was with that one. A week after that, I was cruising online and saw a photo on a profile that looked familiar. As I clicked on it, I knew I recognized the tattoos and the body of the man in
  12. “Joey, I know there’s another site you have been visiting more and more lately. I know what’s in your heart right now. And I want to show you something.” He lifted up his tshirt. Fuck, how had I still not noticed he was wearing a shirt? That cock was doing so much for me I didn’t realize it was still on. As he pulled the hem of his shirt higher, some ink emerged on his stomach. As he raised it slowly, I started to make it out. The familiar biohazard tattoo was revealed before my eyes on the sexiest man I’d ever seen, and his bare cock was buried deep in my ass. My hole involuntari
  13. And that's when he said, "Joey.. I gained access to more of your online life than what Jake knows about. It's my job to investigate and discover truths. And I know from your tumblr account about some of the other things that you fantasize about. I know about the condom-to-bareback tumblr that you subscribe to, and how you visit it regularly and also search other sites for similar videos. I know that when you pulled the rubber from my pocket that you were disappointed. I know. And I know what you want to do right now. You and I both know. And this is about making your fantasies come true, rig
  14. My head was spinning. So much was happening, so fast. I discovered this gorgeous guy following me, and admit to considering how hot it would be to fuck him. But that happens all the time, and I just add it to my fantasy bank. But then he tells me he’s actually a PI and has been following me, and he knows all about the stuff I thought was so secret? And he could ruin my relationship with the man I love and have been with for over 5 years. World crashing down around me, and now he’s flipping it again and saying if I actually live out my fantasy with a hot stud like him, I can also save my relati
  15. The strange man had been following me for blocks. I first noticed him when I came out of the coffee shop - I always notice a good looking guy on the street, and this one was right up my alley. Mid-40s, solid muscular build, scruffy facial hair. Nothing like my boyfriend, who is in his late 20s, smooth and athletic. Very hot, but very different from the man on the street. I saw him look away when I made eye contact with him, and didn’t think much of it as I turned and walked down the street. It was only when I came out of the convenience store a few minutes later and saw him a few doors down, p
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