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    6'1", 205#, Hairy top, 7cut with PA
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    Raw leatherman into anonymous action-Glory Hole's, baths, parties, & groups. I'm ideally seeking an anonymous cumpig slave for full ownership and use. I like hairy, furry, bear, cubs skinheads, Police, Firemen, Military-My last slave took @ 20 loads/week and IML-185 loads over 4 days-Ideally seeking another raw cum pig slave. I live in Boston for now and get to NY every month or so for action.

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  1. What an inspiration to us all - thanks pigskintop. It's great to know there are guys like you all round the world converting guys and turning them into gifters. Thanks a million!

  2. Hail my like-minded PROUD SICK PERVBRUDER. Would be my honour you flood me with all your manly perversion and filth.

  3. Hairy ass at your service here to be fucked and bred, hope to meet one day

  4. pigskintop


    Stay @ Anko and every day go to Cuckoo's Nest, The Web, and Argos. Leather and raw action-HOT I can't wait to get back.
  5. should plan a trip down here to party n breed this summer ;-)

  6. Hey there.. toppig here into anonymous seeding... need a partner in crime?

  7. great stories from my fellow pigs. OINK
  8. Congrats to all you men with your load collecting. I love when a man keeps track of the cum they get. OINK to all of you.
  9. OINK OINK You hot men. Very hot fucking or getting fucked by a porn star.
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