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  1. if he wants me to, yes
  2. no-limits bottom on twitter as @jerseyguyx99, kik as jerseyguyx99, and wicker as jerseyguyx99.
  3. love it when an top opens my mouth and spits in it
  4. could be, but my ultimate goal is to give myself fully to horny men.
  5. I'm honestly turned on when a man calls me a bitch. I'm probably more likely to meet up with men who are disrespectful towards bottoms.
  6. i just like getting a hot guy off... if that means getting beaten, then i want it - even better when he appreciated me for it - makes me want it even more. i've really only been choked and slapped, but it still made me hard. one time, things got a bit serious, but i was still hard and begging him for it.
  7. If i agree to meet up with a top, especially at his place, i'm giving consent. i also like to tell tops that before meeting up.
  8. I'm discreet about it. And all of my hook up profiles just leave the "safe sex" option blank.
  9. I wish i was in London. It's really hard to find men who are willing to do anything to a bottom; it can be really dangerous for the top.
  10. I had a regular who liked to cum inside me while i was out - it was hot! I'd like to do that again, but I'm only out for maybe 20 seconds at most.
  11. I often fantasize about it, but I'm pretty strong with a high pain tolerance and low standards, so i rarely get to experience it. When tops do want to hurt me, they usually have to do something more like slap, bite or choke.
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