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  1. A lot of what you said are things I have considered. It is good to realize my thoughts are legitimate. The board straddling the joists in order to distribute the weight and using eyebolts instead of screw eyes are great suggestions. That is the information I need. Do you know any sites? I can't seem to find any.
  2. Hey guys! Looking for some suggestions. I'm wanting to get started in some suspension play. I want to start slowly and safely. Right now I am just wanting to hook up an el.ectric ceiling hoist attached to a spreader bar. I am not looking for full suspension but partial suspension meaning having a guy's wrists attached to the spreader bar and the spreader bar just high enough to allow him to stand safely. I've searched and can't find any clear suggestions or directions. Surely someone is here with some experience that can give me some suggestions.
  3. That was fucking hot. That was a lucky bottom.
  4. I would like to know the Chaos videos you mentioned. Would love to check them out
  5. It's Zander Craze and Leo Alexander is fucking him. This scene is from Lucas Entertainment. Zander loved Leo's big dick.
  6. Alan Gregory is one of my favorites also. Beautiful sexy guy.
  7. Never seen one actually used. Add that to my kink list
  8. I would love to felch a sloppy hole. It's a shame I can't felch my own hole. The closet I can get is letting the top cum in me and then pushing some out or him sticking his fingers in my hole and feeding it to me. When that happens I cum pretty quick. Hasn't happened in a while though.
  9. I was a side piece for this one guy and he had a boyfriend. When he was fucking me, he would call me "my little slut on the side." Called me a slut over and over and I just ate it up and loved it. I replied back with "I'm a huge slut and your slut now." Fun times.
  10. I totally agree with you regarding poppers. I love snorting poppers with the guys in the video and feeling like I'm sharing that experience
  11. My first raw fuck was with a boyfriend of about 2 months. I remember him fucking me raw and during that he got a look on his face that said "I'm cumming." He pulled out and I don't really remember what happened but I had no idea that he came in me. He was friends with my best friend. He told my friend that he fucked me and came in my ass but he didn't tell me. I was young and dumb and had no idea that it happened. But after my friend told me I thought back and realized that moment he made that face, he was cumming but hiding the fact. If he had said it, it would have been a lot hotter.
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