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    went raw about 12 years ago - mostly as a top, but pretty much never asked a top to use a condom after I knew how much better it felt. I've "evovled" over the years and never ask any questions anymore...get off on the unknown - profiles that say "ask me" for every question are the hottest to me, and I never ask.
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    fuckbuds, suckbuds, GROUP, edging, porn, quick cumdumps, anon, travelers, muscle, sleazy twinks. past history is into either vers or total bottoms, but goal is to become 50/50 vers!!
    Nov 2016 update - I've achieved my goal of 50/50 vers. My tag teaming bud thinks I might have gone a little past my goal - says I'm always getting fucked now, and he's starting to treat me like a total bottom.

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  1. I WISH my tongue was that long!! Not sure what the technical term is for constantly going back and forth from eating an ass to fucking it, getting it juicier and looser from the precum and my spit. Blowing air up the slut's hole and he farts it out while i'm fucking him, then back down worshiping and SUCKING that hole. That's what I mean by "during". By "after" I'm talking about his ass filled with my load and leaking or sitting on my face feeding me back :) Ugh, I need a bubble butt on my face right now!!
  2. I sucked off and got fucked by the comcast cable guy a few times, but it wasn't quite as spontaneous as it sounds lol. Started talking to the hot guy on grindr at the time, and he wanted to hookup during lunch time. Turned out he was attached and needed to fuck during the day, and he worked in my area, and I worked close to home to host. He always showed up in his comcast van and parked it the parking lot with the orange cone, which looked official. The uniform was hot, but he was hotter once he was out of it! Got hotter still once I got him to go raw after a couple visits. I'm pretty sure there are quite a few guys in Atlanta who have been fucked by that cable guy :) My neighbors in the condo building must've wondered about all my cable issues if they were paying attention lol
  3. I LOVE eating ass! It's gotta be CLEAN for me, but then I'll stay smothered forever. I've got a rim chair and can cum from having a bubble ass hovering over my face with the guy twisting my nips some :) Love to eat/suck ass before, during and AFTER fucking it. Before lockdown I was fucking more and more without any lube (as top and bottom). The spit from rimming and cocksucking was the only lube, so then it's just "polite" (and hot) lol! I get hungry as fuck looking at some of your asses and wanna suck them just as much as fuck and breed them!!!!
  4. My sex drive and my sex life both went through the roof when I first got on Prep. It didn't happen instantly, but I definitely became the classic TruvadaWhore. I was already a total barebacker, but I turned into a total vers slut at sex parties, bathhouse, sexclub and got the stds to prove it lol. I joined this site not too long after that and it got even "better". I don't consider myself a sex addict since I can dial it back when I want/need to, but I was having sex usually 4-6 times a week (often groups) and was getting a little concerned about addiction. The more you say "Yes" to guys, the more likely they come back for repeats, and I was saying yes all the time.
  5. What a sexy slut!  I'm so into young n sleazy!!

    1. TwinkFoot


      You're fuckin' sexy, Daddy. I would absolutely love to serve You >:) Thinking about Your big dick breeding my ass has me so hard.

  6. Oh hell yes! You guys both need more sex with lots of guys.....My first LTR we were together for 8 years. We met when we were 23 and 21, and I was only the 3rd guy he ever had sex with. We were having 3ways after 1 month of being together, but it was pretty consensual - both of us wanted more guys, and we were pretty open for the whole 8 years we were together. I LOVED watching him get fucked by other guys too....it always made me cum. If you guys are secure it the relationship it will be hot to nurture his inner slut, if he is one :) Good luck. I think you'll have many guys willing to help him on his journey :)
  7. I agree - that ass needs to be shared. Tough to say how to encourage him without more background. Like how old/experienced he is (compared to you). Was he a slut before getting together with you? I would ONLY consider an open kind of relationship if/when I date again, but I have friends who have been burned from 3 ways and bringing a 3rd into the relationship, and they ended up dumped for the other guy. Is he maybe sensing you're bored with just him? Even though you want another top to fuck him, what does that lead to next? Just trying to guess what's in his mind.He's got a great ass and hungry looking hole and you seem like a great BF wanting to help him get fucked more :) Wish I were there to help convince him myself :)
  8. GREAT storytelling, I felt like I was there with the 3 of YOU.  Keep up that connection.  It's going to develop into a GREAT 3 way BOND.  That's the way to develop good friendsip's.

  9. I've been 99% "good" about lockdown since it started, but I've given in a couple times and got nailed a couple times when I seriously needed it (same top guy) and sucked off once by a fairly long term buddy. I've finally rationalized that this is gonna last a pretty long time, and I need to come up with something more realistic. Lately, some of my old fuckbuds have been starting to text me to hookup, but I just know they're fucking around like normal. I've also been invited to a couple sex parties, which I feel is irresponsible - even though that's my favorite way to play! I was staying off bbrt and scruff for months so I wouldn't tempt myself, but when I finally started getting online it seemed that EVERYONE in the city I ever saw online was back on. I had decided to actively look for a reliable vers fuckbud to hopefully get everything I wanted/needed from the same guy - basically looking for a unicorn lol. I logged on Sat morning to change my profile and acknowledge covid and say I'm looking for a VERS buddy and all the piggy stuff I'm into for playing a couple times a week. I had a couple hits, but I "knew" they weren't realistically what I was looking for. Then 30 mins later this former bubble ass bottom buddy of mine sent me a message. He saw my my changed profile. I knew he's too much of a total bottom and not gonna satisfy everything in one package. But he told me he and his new-ish top bf were looking for a 3rd for their corona buddy too. He then starts texting me some pics of the bf. Holy fuck - jackpot! My buddy is a couple years younger than me with a perfect round bubble ass and nice muscular smooth body, and a slutty, pervy attitude without drugs. New bf is a little younger total top, black guy with dreds, JACKED body and SEXY smile. I had high hopes to start with, and it went even better than I hoped for. I walked in and they were already naked. Top was hard as a rock stroking. They offered me a drink, but I passed. Making out is probably not recommended during covid, but the whole plan is to keep it amongst ourselves, and they seemed just as ready to make out as I was. We moved pretty quickly to the bedroom where the sling was up and sex sheets were on the bed for a sloppy mess :) The beginning was more of a spit roasting of the bottom. He was surprisingly tight considering the size of his top stud bf, but he was getting loose pretty fast. Then it was my turn and I bent over the sling to get opened up. Top seemed to love my hole getting loose and bottom was working my nips for me. We did quite a bit of train fucking with me in the middle, some DP of the bottom, the top taking turns on both of us, and EATING both our sloppy holes while he fucked the other one, swapping off! I LOVE piggy tops like that. I fucked the bottom plenty and loved how he was getting looser and juicier, but still total control and could milk my cock and tighten up. We had been playing for about an hourand the piggy ass to mouth and sloppy ass eating was too fucking hot for me. Top wanted us to take turns as doggy style bottom with the other one stood up and bent over for him to SUCK ASS while he fucked! Later, Top was fucking his LOOSE bf and I got down to do ass to mouth as he pulled out. He was into it as much as I was, and I'd get up to make out with him when he went back to fucking. That's what pushed me over the edge. I wasn't sure how long I was gonna last since I had so little sex the past few months, but I lasted over an hour as bottom and top with these 2 HOT fuckers, so I was happy with that. All of a sudden when I was sucking the top's cock from his bf hole I knew I was gonna lose it. I didn't even have time to swap places and breed the bottom - I knew the load was coming out, so I just got in position so I could cum on the top's cock and he fucked it into his bf. I try not to cum before the top does, but I couldn't help it. Well that didn't mean we were done. Right after I came, the top told me to get on all 4s. I did as I was told and I was so loose it wasn't all that tough to let him keep fucking me. I was still hard, but probably not gonna cum again. But top took turns fucking both of us for another 15-20 mins and eating our asses before he finally blew his wad up his bf while he was eating my ass, then switched and shoved the remnants up my ass. We all laid on the bed and made small talk for about 15 mins, then top decided to fuck his bf again while bf sucked my cock. Top blew another load in about 10 mins. Apparently they fuck like rabbits, which is 100% believable. I feel lucky as fuck they picked me as their corona 3rd and hope it lasts. Bottom was a prior buddy of mine, but he was too insatiable and wanted sex more frequently than I did, so he's found hs match. I hope this set up lasts for a while when they have me as their side piece!!! I don't need a lot of frequency if the sex is hot and nasty like that, so I'll try to keep myself ready on demand when they want something "extra" :) I said it was so hot we should make a vid.....bottom said it wouldn't be the first time.
  10. At this point I wouldn't give a fuck what this stud has going on inside his body. I'd suck on that bubble ass till I can't breathe anymore, then stand up to slide in and refill whatever I just sucked out!! I'll even wear a mask except when I'm actually eating!! 100% total perfection right there :)
  11. I love how the definition of "safe sex" has totally changed! You can pump your dirty load up my ass, but please don't breathe on me!!!!! LOL No condoms allowed, but put this shield over your face and DO NOT kiss me lol
  12. I'm into voyeurism and exhibitionism - part of the reason I love sex clubs. I haven't had a lot of "private" sessions like you're talking about but the hottest was my young latin bottom buddy (knows I'm vers) arranging his huge hung black top buddy to fuck me while he watched. Bottom bud rode in the car with me to the top's house and warned me he was NOT cleaned out and it was all up to me. I've written about this before because it was by far the biggest cock I've ever taken. We both sucked the top hard and then my buddy just sat back several feet away and jacked his cock and edged while I got impaled for 45 mins. When it was getting obvious the top was gonna breed me (missionary) my voyeur buddy moved into position over my face and came all over my face and open mouth as the top bred me and I jacked my own load out. It was incredible taking that massive dick, but icing on the cake was having my regular buddy watching me get used like that. He's one of my two lockdown hookups who just came over and sucked me off 3 weeks ago after telling me not to cum all week. Then I edged for about 4 hours before he came over, so I had a MASSIVE load by the time he got here. He watched me stroke for a few before he stripped and dropped to his knees to suck my cock and load. Love showing off AND watching!!
  13. Holy Fuck that's a HOT hairy bubble ass and used fuck hole. I'm so hungry to find you just like that with your hole pushed out, latch on to that with my mouth, get a taste of the seed in there then stand up and go balls deep to replace what I just sucked out! Hot fucker!!!
  14. I'm vers, and I am more likely to thank a hot bottom who takes my load. But my last fuck 2 weeks ago (the ONLY fuck I've had through lockdown) was a horse hung bi black total top who fucked me for over an hour and wore me out before he bred me. Practically chewed my nips off too, which I LOVE. He specifically told me he preferred "no talking" but when we were totally done and he was getting dressed and about to leave, I gave him a really sincere "thank you" for that fuck and load. I think he could tell how badly I NEEDED it and wasn't kidding or being polite - I was genuinely thankful I needed it so bad!! Earlier this week he text me for a repeat. It's maybe going to be today, but not sure. He also seemed to genuinely thank me for letting him fuck me until he came. He was seriously the second biggest cock I've ever taken and NOT a quick cummer, and I'm guessing a lot of guys make him stop before he's done. I was hard as a rock during the entire fuck, but I think from my actions he KNEW I wouldn't cum until he did. He bred me missionary, and I came after he did with his cock still balls deep in me.
  15. Sadden, your perfect perky bubble ass and attitiude are exactly why so many daddies go for younger!! I can't speak for all daddies, but I do care about looks and bodies (specifically when I TOP). I'm 55 yo and seriously into all ages and races, but do go for good/great shape if it's a one on one. It's not very common to find perfect bubble asses like yours on other daddies unless they're jacked on steroids - a look I'm totally into :) I was never into older guys so I am insanely thankful for all the young sluts into daddies now that I'm older!! As I get older I'm still into guys my own age as long as they're in shape - but those same daddies in shape are also getting hit up by the same young sluts I am. Young n sleazy always seems to get the cock and load - luckily I'm into sharing sluts!!! It's just impossible to compete against an ass like yours Sadden - and you too pozguyinchi - insanely hot and sleazy is the best combination :)

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