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    Atlanta, GA
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    groups, vers, swapping/sharing cum, oral, porn, flipping
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    Don't Ask, Don't Tell
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    went raw about 12 years ago - mostly as a top, but pretty much never asked a top to use a condom after I knew how much better it felt. I've "evovled" over the years and never ask any questions anymore...get off on the unknown - profiles that say "ask me" for every question are the hottest to me, and I never ask.
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    fuckbuds, suckbuds, GROUP, edging, porn, quick cumdumps, anon, travelers, muscle, sleazy twinks. past history is into either vers or total bottoms, but goal is to become 50/50 vers!!
    Nov 2016 update - I've achieved my goal of 50/50 vers. My tag teaming bud thinks I might have gone a little past my goal - says I'm always getting fucked now, and he's starting to treat me like a total bottom.

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  1. Heya man, I messaged you and unlocked on your bbrt  profile, wouldn't let me here.  get back to me if ya can hot sir

  2. Bottoms who cum while getting fucked

    As a vers guy, I've learned to try to "read" my partner - figure out if they're in it for the long haul (collecting loads/no interest in cumming). If they're wearing a jock or assless briefs and never touch their cock, I ignore it too and just use their ass, but if they're hard I do love it and I get off if I make them cum. I guess there's also always the secret (or not so secret) desire that they'll flip and mount my ass if they're hard too I pretty much always cum from a one on one - top or bottom - so when I bottom I can time it pretty perfectly to blow my own load as I'm getting bred. If it's a false alarm and the top doesn't cum I'd NEVER ask him to stop until he's done. I used to foolishly do that, but not a good way to get repeats back lol
  3. hey! long time no talk! how have you  been?

    1. justsexnowatl


      hey, I totally disappeared sexually for a few months.  Was moving and renovating a new place and moved last week.  Had to focus to get the renovation done.   I'm moved now and can tell I deprived myself for too long and about to pig out again.  I'm now walking distance to manifest :)  not the reason I moved there though lol.  Let me know when cumming back - sorry I missed your HOT sloppy muscle cunt last visit!!!

    2. MuscledHorse


      I'll be back in Mid-May between CLAW and IML trips to really get my beast on.

  4. Tim doin raw

    I'm surprised he fucks safe since so many scenes on his site are raw. You know that would feel better for the hung, hard twink without all the friction of the condom. seriously wish I were there to ride that monster cock and then fuck that kid's open hole and give him the load you KNOW he wants!!
  5. so fucking hot!  nothing better than sleazy muscle pigs!!

    1. kinkedupsub


      oink! amen to that sleazier and piggier the better


    To be honest and from personal experience, I'd say you should expect an increase is stds. 2017 was the year of stds for me and I've been barebacking for over 12 years. But I think the fact that "everyone" is fucking raw now is making things spread more - every bottom out there wants to prove he's the biggest slut in town. I love playing with hot sluts the best (more fun), but pretty much assume that whore is an std waiting to happen lol. It can slow me down for a while but then my nuts take over from my brain sometimes and I have hot hot sleazy sex again. Regarding those two stds specifically, if you're playing much at all, you probably either have one or both or WILL even without bb. If you have HPV you can get anal warts (most sexually active people do) and there is no test for it! So don't let someone tell you they are neg for HPV. Lots of strains and no test!! I've had 2 flare ups over the years, and the butt doctor told me most people straight and gay have HPV, and getting the flare up isn't related to a specific sex act - they can come and go like regular warts. But you can get it without barebacking pretty damn easy too. Same for Herpes. You can get it just from kissing or oral, and my pharmacist friend told me Herpes meds are THE #1 prescription at his store. And that doesn't include people like me that virtually never get a flare up and don't get the medicine. I found out almost 15 years ago I had herpes, but I never knew it and didn't know where on my body it was till about a year ago. I had a small "welt" on my ass cheek about 1/2" in diameter and googled it, and it was just like pics of a herpes flare up. But that was one break out in 15 years...it went away on it's own in about a week to 10 days. I do what I can to not spread around stds, but if you're sexually active and especially barebacking around, you're probably gonna get those two (very well may already have them) and most likely will catch a few other things as well. I don't like catching things and spreading around but I don't like condoms even more, so I deal with the consequences amd keep on raw fucking and sucking and feeding cum
  7. I think this could be it...

    I topped raw for over 10 years before slowly then totally becoming vers. I know for a fact I fucked plenty of poz guys, but I stayed neg. I have a good friend who's a total top and been fucking raw since the 80s - lots of poz guys of course over the years and still neg. Another FWB did just start PrEP last month after playing roulette long enough as a bb top. I know it happens, but your chances are pretty slim as a top. Your bottom bud might just want to know - a little late to ask, but still want to know what risk he's been taking....maybe even getting off on it. Can tell it's bothering you so go get the test. If it's been a while you prob need those stis checked anyway!!
  8. I know I shouldn't say "I love you" from just one pic, but holy fuck!  What an amazing slutty ass.  Show us a pic with cum spilling from your hole please :)

    1. RD4hotsex


      Well if we both can be available at the same time. I would love & enjoy having breed my tight hole.

      pump you cum loads in me until your exhausted.


    2. RD4hotsex


      I think you would enjoy my hole



    I don't know about you, but I've evolved into loving that CRAZY HORNY feeling when nothing seems to be panning out. Everyone hates getting flaked on, but if I have some time to kill and it leads to me getting sleazier and sleazier as the day goes on and more deperate not to "waste" my load, I often end up totally satisfied that those flakes just got me MORE insanely horny for the guy/s that follows through.
  10. Prep Side Effects

    A buddy of mine told me he started having "intense dreams" also the first couple weeks. Even used the word "scary". That was a couple weeks ago - need to follow up with him and ask if they've subsided. Most guys say no side effects, but have also heard about it increasing issues of depression to the point of stopping.
  11. Sydney Mardi Gras Recommendations

    honestly can't remember....might've been Jane's beach if there's a "cliff" there and some rock caves to the right (if you're facing the water). That was the setup, but can't remember the name - there were a few
  12. Sydney Mardi Gras Recommendations

    Wish I were going to whore around with you! I went about 10 years ago. Had a lot of sex at the nude beaches during the day - highlight was this totally smooth ripped muscle boy showing off on a cliff maybe 50 feet up overlooking the gay beach area. Made my way up to him after a while of watching. He was 100% shaved smooth, covered in suntan oil and a total hardon. I guess he told me to come over - somehow figured out he was French. He dropped down to blow me for a few minutes, and a small group appeared about 20 feet away watching. Then the kid stood up, turned around and backed his slick oily (probably cum filled) hole back to my cock. Not a word spoken. I wish I could've lasted longer, but with this HOT slut, an audience and outdoors on a small cliff was too much, and I bred him balls deep and pretty fast. This was before barebacking was quite as common as it is again today, so not sure how many of those "watchers" took a turn after me. I bolted after I came and went back to my towel. These days would be different, and I'd be up there taking a few loads myself before dumping up his ass Your pic is hot as fuck - I'm sure you won't have to look far at all to get all the raw ass and cock you want!! Please let us know!!
  13. Breeding Club Survey (sort of)

    There is Timberfell in TN, Parliament House (hosts cumunion) outside Atlanta and River's Edge outside Atlanta, Sawmill in FL I can't vouch for all of them but have heard good raunchy stories about all of them here and from friends.
  14. Poppers Trainers

    Yeah, I discovered a few of those vids on xtube a few years ago, then thankfully stumbled on one on pornhub. They've been multiplying like crazy on pornhub lately, and I'm glad. I jack to them with poppers some of the time, but they're hot as fuck even without poppers.....I just like the progressively hotter and sleazier scenes as it goes on. They are PERFECT background porn on the big screen during sex too. Love playing to the music that's always going and the short clips of CRAZY hot guys progressing from vanilla still shots up through sucking, rimming, nips, making out, spit, swallowing loads, fucking, creampies, felching - I have several playlists, but that one is my "go to" when I wanna edge and finally cum. And some are really long so especially good for background porn
  15. Tag Team

    Sounds like a GREAT fuck session! This is my preferred way to meet new guys - buddy of a buddy. 3-4-5 ways are my favorite way to play, but sometimes hard to put together when everyone HAS to be into everyone else. Makes it so much easier when one or more are slutty enough they don't even need to know who else is coming over Have had some of the best hookups that way, and made new fuckbuds. 90% of the time I'm looking to play online I'm looking for a "repeat" over a new guy. I love how you guys started out flipping and stopping before someone came - small group of vers guys all taking turns flipping is def the best to me!!!

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