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    went raw about 12 years ago - mostly as a top, but pretty much never asked a top to use a condom after I knew how much better it felt. I've "evovled" over the years and never ask any questions anymore...get off on the unknown - profiles that say "ask me" for every question are the hottest to me, and I never ask.
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    fuckbuds, suckbuds, GROUP, edging, porn, quick cumdumps, anon, travelers, muscle, sleazy twinks. past history is into either vers or total bottoms, but goal is to become 50/50 vers!!
    Nov 2016 update - I've achieved my goal of 50/50 vers. My tag teaming bud thinks I might have gone a little past my goal - says I'm always getting fucked now, and he's starting to treat me like a total bottom.

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  1. Should I try anon?

    I'd say it depends on the source of your nervousness. The first time I try anything new/risky I'm usually kind of nervous, but almost always glad I did it and often hooked lol. I have fucked a LOT of anon blindfolded bottoms over the years. I started out barebacking through a glory hole, and then my next was a blindfolded HOT body guy from the old manhunt days. Fucked him several times and never knew who he was. I loved imagining every hot guy built like him at the gym was that whore My true preference is longer full on play sessions, but sometimes a quick pump n dump is all I have time for, and the total sleaziness of it makes me cum fast every fucking time. If you're nervous for std/HIV reasons, I'd say wait. If you're nervous because you don't know if the guys will be hot enough or you're afraid you'll like being such a cumdump, I say go for it. 2 months ago, for about a 6 week period I was having the sleaziest period of my life. I was topping, bottoming and flipping, and the more sex I got, the more I wanted. One Sunday, after trying to assemble a group (didn't happen) I was so horny that for the first time ever, I headed out of my condo for the bath house fully intending to be a cumdump. I was nervous as hell, but in an excited horny way. I'm usually pretty choosey (looks-wise) who I fuck with, but not that day. I pre-lubed with vaseline before I left my place and again in my room. I walked out in assless Fort Troff boxer briefs, and within 1 minute and only 50 feet from my room a big black guy grabbed by ass and fingered me. His raw dick followed a min later. He fucked and bred me in the hallway while quite a few guys walked by, watched, stroked. He was NOT a guy I would usually fuck with, but I fucking loved it, and the rest of the afternoon was along the same path. It wasn't anon in the sense that I couldn't see them, but it was my first time as a "no questions asked", "take all loads" cumdump. I was in my room getting fucked with the door wide open and in the open sling area where I got fucked by 5 or 6 guys, other guys watching. One guy from my gym was there and watched me getting bred in the sling. I hope he spreads the word that he saw what a slut I was. It was a total rush.....I had to force myself not to cum the entire time.....I thought I might seek out a bottom to breed while my hole was loose and dripping but I ended up riding a top's fingers while I jo with my door open. Two weeks later I was at blackout night at the sex club manifest doing pretty much the same thing but that time after I took a few loads, I found a bottom to pump my load into - then he decided he wanted to breed me too If you're nervous that you'll like it too much, I say do it. But there is nothing wrong with waiting and having some fantasies to make happen later either. So many of my hot bareback fantasies have become reality the past few years. I'm always nervous for first time things, but it's a rush I love!! Let us know if and when you do it.
  2. Negative only

    I guess the obvious answer is PrEP.....you can always go off of it later if you ever find that monogamous cumdump you're looking for! I'm not sure I'd trust that a true cumwhore is ONLY taking your load anyway, but who cares if you've got yourself protected? The risk is low as top anyway, but it's very liberating not to worry about it, and you can fuck anyone hot you're into without discriminating and awkward conversation. In my opinion neg guys not on PrEP who are taking loads are WAY higher risk to you than poz undet guys anyway. I read some of your posts - sounds like you're into true sub cum sluts......you stated you're not sure you can find one into an exclusive relationship, and I'd agree. I've hooked up with WAY too many attached guys to ever trust that anyone is monogamous - they're out there, but most likely a low sex drive I think.
  3. When fuckbuds decide to no longer BB

    I've always believed once you go bare, you never go back - but I guess there's exceptions to every rule lol What NLBear said might be the case or he got tired of stds. I fucked raw for about 12 years and never caught a thing, but the last couple years bb has become the norm (I'm not complaining of course), I keep getting stds in my ass and throat I'm kinda getting over all the stds myself - but not enough to start using condoms!!
  4. Guys that pull out of your mouth to shoot

    I love getting drained down the throat equally to breeding an ass - sometimes even better! The suction of the mouth and grip of the throat can give me an even more intense orgasm than just pumping an ass full. But I make it pretty damn clear that I want a "complete" blowjob, using words like "cumsucker" and "feed you my load" to make sure he's not gonna pull off at the end. So I am the opposite of these guys you're talking about. I am happy to reciprocate if I'm into the guy, and if a bottom I fuck wants to cum, I'll suck him dry after I've bred his ass - I think guys should cum whenever it feels right, but prefer the slogan "no loads wasted".
  5. Viagra plus cialis

    Damn, those are some side effects I DON'T want I took the combo yesterday before getting these responses and holy fuck my cock was harder than it's been in years. I was also wearing an old-school metal cockring (no stretch to it), and had a little trouble getting it off for a little bit. That is NEVER the case usually. Viagra on it's own does work for me quite well, but I don't get the spontanaiety that I would from cialis (like boning up in the gym showers). If I take viagra day after day I also always get heartburn as well as headaches. I gotta say that this combo of daily cialis with a boost of half a viagra was pretty fucking amazing, but no I don't want to go blind or deaf for a better boner........hmmmm....I'll have to think about this and do some more research - I would love to use this combo for a group fuck party/bathhouse/cumunion night!!! My cock is still rising the next day just from reading sleazy stuff on here almost 24 hours later
  6. Viagra plus cialis

    Just wondering if any guys have tried combining viagra and cialis together and what the effect/side effects were. The directions say not to combine (they both lower blood pressure I realize). You also aren't supposed to combine them with poppers, but I do sometimes, and it's all fine as long as I don't hit the poppers TOO hard. I've had erection problems since about 30yo, but viagra works (see my pics lol), but it gives me a headache every time and heartburn if I take it day after day. Recently switched to daily cialis, so it would be in my system all the time, but finding the hardon isn't quite as good. A buddy told me he takes both and no bad side effects. Been on daily cialis almost two weeks now, so it's definitely in my system. Played with a bottom bud earlier this week, and my cock wasn't that impressive on cialis alone. Have another regular coming over this afternoon, so gonna try the combo and hoping for an erection that lasts 4 hours lol - or at least go more than one round curious other guys' experience
  7. Attitude towards PrEP from Chasers/Givers

    This site is the only place where I see anti-PrEP stuff, and only from the chasers/gifters.......that is a small % of the gay population, although it seems larger when you're active on this site. It's called breeding zone not pozzing zone, so not sure why any barebacker would complain about more guys on PrEP and fucking raw becoming the norm now. I have actually been thinking about stopping my paid membership for bbrt because almost everyone on grindr and scruff wants to fuck raw now anyway. Before PrEP there was so much more stigma and "fear" still. Seems like everyone (except chasers) is cool with PrEP guys - the magic word - neg, poz, undetect all good with raw as soon as you say "PrEP" so what's not to love - more raw fucking any way you look at it
  8. Bred at STD Clinic

    very fucking hot! scrolled up to see if this was in the fiction section it sounds so slutty - so glad it's real update us after your next test - of course he might've been the one to give you something if he's fucking everyone cute going in for std check ups!
  9. Married guy stealths me

    My guess is you have a new bb buddy If he's actually married/attached that might be just wishful thinking though......can't even count the number of attached guys I've played raw with - always assume they MUST catch something from time to time. How do they explain that when their partner catches it - unless the partner's cheating too!! lol
  10. Such a hot sexy slut - damn I wish I was local!!

    1. PupShock


      Thanks stud, feeling is definitely reciprocal. I need to get to Atlanta. 😈

  11. Swallow

    I'm so thankful that almost every cocksucker swallows now - for so many years so many guys including myself were "afraid" of cum and didn't swallow. Then it seemed to become the norm again to swallow, and now I do fully expect the guy to finish the job!! I always reciprocate if they want to cum too. Although almost all of my sex now involves breeding the ass of me or the other guy(s), I still love an excellent long lasting edging bj that ends with me creaming his throat. I have more control and can last as long as I want from head. Love edging with a buddy or two, swapping head with porn on, back and forth for a LONG session, and snowballing loads is the hottest!!
  12. Bareback Dilemma

    Search on this site and other places "Tenvir" and "Tenvir - EM". I can't vouch for it personally but have seen many guys here post about it as the "generic" when prescription Truvada is not an option. Maybe some other guys on it will reply also, but do research on that.
  13. Anal Gonorrhea

    This question is pretty much for vers guys. I am curious if other people seem to be more susceptible to stds in a specific area than others (throat/cock/ass). I have been topping raw almost 15 years now and have not caught ANYTHING in my cock, even in sleazy situations like bathhouses, cumunion, anon CL sluts. But the past 18 months I've been bottoming more equal opportunity/flip fucking way more often with willing partners. Each time I've had more of a bottoming "binge", I've ended up with clamydia and/or gono in the ass, and definitely getting a little tired of it recently. I love flip fucking and vers group play, but this is getting a little old....I always inform my regulars so we don't just pass it back and forth, but often end up losing them as a reg anyway once I disclose. I have NEVER had anyone else inform ME they caught something, and guys act shocked (and thankful) when I tell them. But wth - if you want to go back to the same hole or cock, you kinda need to tell them so you're not circling it around?!?! So looking to hear from other vers guys if you keep getting something in one location but NOT in others
  14. Herpes Disclosure

    I listened through the first two topics HPV and HSV and then got too annoyed listening to Dan Savage interjecting and making this twice as long as needed. It was pretty much what I already have heard. Both viruses are VERY common, and sexually active gay men have most likely been exposed or WILL be whether they like it or not. You can get HPV skin to skin and HSV just from a bj. A good friend who's a pharmacist told me herpes meds are the NUMBER ONE prescription at his pharmacy. Personally, I found out that I had HSV2 with a routine full std check about 13 years ago. I knew that my ex had it since he disclosed to me and had frequent outbreaks he took daily meds for, so I was not surprised, but still didn't like to hear it, and actually felt like "damaged goods", and like I now had to disclose this. I didn't know of any outbreaks, so I decided to wait till I had an outbreak to see where on my body it was and take the meds at that point. Well - after 12 years of waiting for an outbreak (and not having one), I finally found out this spring. I had some small but annoying welts around my ass crack. I googled it and sure enough the pics of HSV2 around the ass looked just like what I had. I stopped having sex, and in less than 10 days they went away on their own. I guess my bottom line is that I don't really ever disclose it - I honestly forget I even have it since I virtually never have an outbreak (it took 12 years to figure out where it was). I don't think most people realize how common both these viruses are, and if you are sexually active (and especially a bb slut), you are almost definitely going to get both of these things, but neither is really a huge deal - as stated in the podcast. And quite honestly in 32 years of gay sex and no idea how many sex partners, no one except that one boyfriend has ever disclosed to me that they have herpes. Regarding HPV, I've had anal warts twice in my life, which is a symptom of HPV. The doc told me almost every sexually active adult (80% +) has one or more of the MANY strains. That's why they vaccinate before becoming sexually active. It's so easily transmitted they need to vaccinate before sexual exposure. He also told me there is no test for HPV since there are so many strains, and almost everyone has it. So if anyone tells you they are HPV neg, they really don't know what they're talking about......there is no test for it. Many people never get the warts, so they just don't know they have it.....anyone barebacking almost definitely has it and just doesn't know.
  15. frat boy cum

    So fucking hot! I love that you're a daddy's boy of course, but always find it curious how we develop our "types". So curious how a "hot as hell" 22 & 23 yo frat boy couple is not your type,,,,they could blow their seed up my hole ANYtime, then I'd gladly pay it forward into you! I used to consider stuff like that 100% fantasy, but all my fantasies have been becoming reality the past few years since I've "opened up"

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