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    Atlanta, GA
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    groups, vers, swapping/sharing cum, oral, porn, flipping
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    went raw about 12 years ago - mostly as a top, but pretty much never asked a top to use a condom after I knew how much better it felt. I've "evovled" over the years and never ask any questions anymore...get off on the unknown - profiles that say "ask me" for every question are the hottest to me, and I never ask.
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    fuckbuds, suckbuds, GROUP, edging, porn, quick cumdumps, anon, travelers, muscle, sleazy twinks. past history is into either vers or total bottoms, but goal is to become 50/50 vers!!
    Nov 2016 update - I've achieved my goal of 50/50 vers. My tag teaming bud thinks I might have gone a little past my goal - says I'm always getting fucked now, and he's starting to treat me like a total bottom.

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  1. Raw Dawg - safe raw fucking?

    I bought one and tried it ONCE as top and ONCE as bottom. It was "ok" as a top but worse than anything as a bottom. And it was hard to get in as a bottom too. They started making some tool to get it popped into your ass. But it SOOOO thick, I didn't even feel anything except a thicker feeling. I actually love fucking a flesh light as an alternative to "real" fucking when it's warm and lubed, but the raw dawg didn't come close to a fleshlight in feel. I'm all about experimenting and spicing things up with toys, but that one got buried in the toy box after initial use lol.
  2. Happy 4th Of July!

    Come to Atlanta guys - there is all the raw BBC you can handle here - hit the bathhouse and sex clubs and you'll be filled with black, white and latin seed your whole visit here
  3. Wet Hole...

    Very fucking hot! I used to have a vers buddy, and we would both save our loads in a condom in the freezer, adding to make a bigger cumsicle. We would make out with the melting cum ball then push it in one of our asses for lube. He moved away and so I quit saving my JO loads, but I KNOW I have other buddies I know would be into it. Thanks for reminding me to quit wasting loads - even jacked out loads It's def the best lube, and so much hotter too!!
  4. heading to a private hotel party in an hour....invite said "bring your own condoms and lube".  I'll be pre-lubed and bring a small bottle in case one is extra big - fingers crossed that no one brings condoms!!!

  5. New Orleans Night

    Very fucking hot! Glad you kept the reputation of the Rawhide going strong - funny how once you've got some cock in your hole and another monster in your hand, you start not caring what's attached to that monster cock - you just want it in you
  6. Business Trip

    So fucking impressive!! I wish more guys (especially ME) could keep fucking and cumming like that My last trip to the sex club, one guy bred me twice. We were leaving and at the lockers together at the end of the night. I told him I was impressed how he bred me twice. He told me those were just 2 of 5 loads he shot that night. My cock doesn't stay that hard after, and I'm not sure if I'd generate more cum that fast. Sounds like an amazing night for you stud!!
  7. When you are putting a GROUP together; always remember its like a 'chemistry class project'.  YOU need to know your elements and what mix with who and under what circumstances for it to properly work.  Sometimes it will take some trial an error.  But, when YOU are in control...its all about your fantasy and that's the MOST important part of putting together a GROUP.  YOU have to be very STRONG and DIRECT on what you expect or you will definitely ask them to leave.  This has more to do with YOUR FANTASY, than those that want to be 'DEAD BEATS' to suck up all your energy's.    Start off small with those who you can handle and help them participate in the venue and the length of time for the group.  It can vary from hours to days...depending upon YOU.  NO ONE ELSE.

  8. Group Action

    I wish I did know of some organized regular groups. Strong preference for groups over 1 on 1. Almost all the fucking at Manifest or Flex is bare, and finding bb hookups is easy enough, but arranging a GROUP is next to impossible I find. Hit me up on bbrt if you're there....atlken.....seems to be the best way still for getting a few guys together. Vers, vers/bttm and vers/tops are my favorites in a group - everyone's cock and hole available for use - everyone goes home with empty nuts and a dripping hole
  9. At a moments notice fucking

    I've known bottoms who seem to be "always ready". I seem to be "always full of shit" myself. I've talked to friends that only seem to need to shit once a day (usually in the morning), but personally I shit multiple times all through the day...maybe 5 times a day. I've come to the conclusion different people's bodies just work differently. I think those once a day guys must hold the shit in the "upper intestine" - not by choice - just the way their body works. I started using Pure For Men a couple years ago. It changes the consistency of your poop and makes clean out easier and I feel way more confident, but I still won't ever bottom without cleaning out. I don't feel like I'm ever "naturally clean", and I typically get around 50g of fiber per day in my diet (that's pretty high), so that's not the problem. If I'm planning some hot weekend day time marathon session I might choose to starve for a few hours and not eat till after it's over, but that doesn't work for night time hookups or last minute of course!
  10. First time on a public fuck bench

    So fucking hot! I love the exhibitionist part of cumdumping - possibly as much, or more than the physical part!! Knowing there is a line waiting for you is such a rush! You look hot as fuck, and I'd be in line too
  11. G'damn you are a sexy man. Totally dig your pics!


  12. I LOVE your ass in that jock!  Perfect!!!

    1. man9478


      thanks buddy!  have been taking a look at your profile. it's hot, sexy, compelling.  I like it ;)

  13. Coming to Atlanta Tonight

    8pm-1am tonight at manifest sex club off cheshire bridge rd. It's Blackout Night. It's not officially a bb party, but manifest has been a big bb party every time I've been there recently - special event or not.
  14. I don't like putting the gf at risk. Not unless she's a total slut like you
  15. Welcome to BZ - HOT looking ass! Sounds like you're a bugchasing cumdump like so many others here! Maybe you should dump the gf before you give her something you regret and do what you like full time I'd breed your bubble ass if you were close!

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