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    groups, vers, swapping/sharing cum, oral, porn, flipping
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    went raw about 12 years ago - mostly as a top, but pretty much never asked a top to use a condom after I knew how much better it felt. I've "evovled" over the years and never ask any questions anymore...get off on the unknown - profiles that say "ask me" for every question are the hottest to me, and I never ask.
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    fuckbuds, suckbuds, GROUP, edging, porn, quick cumdumps, anon, travelers, muscle, sleazy twinks. past history is into either vers or total bottoms, but goal is to become 50/50 vers!!
    Nov 2016 update - I've achieved my goal of 50/50 vers. My tag teaming bud thinks I might have gone a little past my goal - says I'm always getting fucked now, and he's starting to treat me like a total bottom.

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  1. bttm here just looking for nsa discreet fun with some bb tops.  love to suck dick, get fucked, tag teamed, double fucking,  gang bangs... love submitting to tops... love dicks and hot loads..tit nipplay, toys, porn, pics....tops call the shots.  Im staying in local Atlanta surrounding  metro area hotel now thru Wednesday night  for nsa discreet anon BB tops come over...door shut but unlocked... walk in unzip pull that big dick out... use and cream  my holes anyway you want.. bttmslut4gangbang@yahoo.com  or text cum dump to 7063002050received_10216940002952345.thumb.jpeg.a022c91b70bf79fb5984ecc9b5b15278.jpeg1582511689_Screenshot_2020-12-30-01-35-552(1).png.4c2a27ff40209b808d28152b58b21f85.pngreceived_213341759880391.thumb.jpeg.feaf9ec762e8a0c82aaa5287a52c2b3d.jpeg

    1. justsexnowatl


      send me info when and where slut.  I also sent you a message on NKP.  Big + if your muscle cunt is already sloppy!!

  2. I'm going - there seem to still be tix available, price goes up at the door. It's more $ than cumunion, but they gotta pay the porn stars travel and hotel I'm sure. I went to cumunion earlier this week, and was there from 10-12. Crowd was pretty light - I hope guys were just "saving up" for tonight. I have a feeling there will be more guys due to visitors for memorial day. Fingers crossed for a good sleazy time!
  3. Ditto LOVE being smothered like this by a big round clean ass like this!! I have a rim chair and LOVE being under it worshipping hole and getting smothered. I LOVE for a bottom to just bend down and suck my cock wet too and after a while get up off my face and move over to slide down my dick - just the spit from me eating his hole and him slobbering on my dick - no lube needed at all!
  4. I see quite a few hot guys on bbrt pre-loading for cumunion tonight -I've stayed away for a long fucking time but ready to pig out tonight!

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    2. bbpigadam2


      i would love to load you up with toxic cum.  so fuckin hot

    3. alwaysready


      what a wonderful offer. can you come to memphis    you are hot

    4. justsexnowatl


      bbpigadam I wish you were here to either give me that starter load you offered before I went or be my wingman at cumunion to get the ball rolling on my hole (best option!) I got some dick in me last night but mostly topped.

  5. This series of vids NEVER gets old. Definite paradise - seems like fantasy, but the place must exist somewhere. I guess it's fantasy that every guy there is a "hot jock" type for the vid, but that place must exist!! wish I lived close - I'd be there every week!
  6. I've pissed fucked plenty - as top and bottom, but not common to find guys into it. I wish you were closer so I could flood your hot bubble ass, but I'd make you fill me up too then fuck our flooded holes till we fuck the piss out and replace with cum
  7. I'm gonna be gone out of town 3 of the weekends in June, but YES I recommend this hot reliable cumslut even if I'm not there to share when you're in town :)
  8. Almost everyone replied yes along with me, but I agree it hardly ever happens. For me it's mostly likely to happen in a group fuck when someone cums and other guys who have NOT cum yet get the load and start making out with it. I am 100% into it until I cum - then it depends how into it I still feel after cumming and if I might still keep going for another load. LOVE it in a group. Sucking a guys cock as he pulls out from breeding a hole and making out with him or the bottom or another hungry guy!
  9. @NSAFUCKBUD I tried to look you up on bbrt but didn't see you there. I'm heading to Ft Lauderdale and also PTown in June, but if schedules match up maybe tag that cumdump together and maybe sandwich me in the middle!
  10. you know I'll be back - happy to be in that impressive load count, and I'll be adding more - def let's make the group happen - makes me last longer - so hot watching you clean other guys' cum off my cock too - love ATM pigs!
  11. To me the word "fuck" implies NO CONDOM lol. I went to the bathhouse last weekend. There was one of those clear condom dispensers on the wall of the hallway. It was completely full! I doubt they've had to refill that thing in a few years and they're all expired now. The first guy I fucked actually did have a couple in his room and one on the bed. I just pushed it out of the way on the sheet and pushed my cock to his hole. He made zero move toward using it - same when we cruised for a 3rd - I haven't seen a condom used in real life in a few years
  12. The CDC announcement last week gave me the green light I was waiting for to go back to GROUP sex! I've been topping plenty the last couple months, but I really wanted to get my ass used and flooded before I paid it forward, so I planned to hit the bathhouse Saturday maybe during the daytime. I got on bbrt early to see if any buddies were online who might wanna meet up at Flex at pig out together. I ended up clicking on this older/younger muscle couple looking for "group" sex. I told them I'm really into couples and groups and quickly got a message back that the older top is looking for another top to tag team his boy in a hotel that night at 10. A couple more messages, and I realized it was a pump n dump situation on his muscle boy, and he'd be churning the loads between tops. Pump n dumps aren't my favorite, and I wanted to get fucked, but they were too hot to pass up so I switched mental gears and plans. I held off cumming and sort of decided I'd go to the bathhouse after fucking this guy if I was still horny enough after. When I logged back on later they were posting a quick connect to get more guys so I was a a little hopeful maybe it could spontaneously turn into more of an orgy if enough guys were there at the same time - I got my hole ready just in case lol. I got there right when I said I would and top let me in. Some younger guy was dressed and left as I was walking in. The couple said "that was weird", so I don't know what happened, but the HOT bottom was ass up and hooded in a jock on the bed, so I stripped and got to work. Top daddy told his boy I had a really nice cock and told me I needed to use lube. I put lube on, but I sunk in EASY and definitely didn't really "need it". I love when such hot guys like this are SO slutty even coupled up :) Top daddy stood right in front of his boys face telling him how hot it was and muscle boy just kept telling me to bang him harder and dump my seed. Top was hard as a rock jacking and watching. I'm not sure if he knew it, but top daddy fucked me around 15 years ago and now I was fucking his boy while he watched. I really wanted him to hop on back of me and make me middle man in a train fuck, but I knew that wasn't the scene tonight - they were going for load count on the boy - his hole was so fucking good and slick so I let loose in only about 5 mins and gave them what they wanted - hoping for a real group fuck the next time. I pulled out of that wet muscle cunt and daddy immediately took my place and edged his rock hard dick in his boy's hole as I got dressed and they waited for the next guy(s). I was still horny so I headed for the bathhouse next (around 11pm). My goal was to get fucked - a lot! and then breed some bigger slut before i left. I got a room, but I realized they now have a new category of room called voyeur rooms with windows and blinds. It should be exhibitionist rooms, but who cares. I just got a regular room but ended up fucking with two different guys who had voyeur rooms, and I will definitely get one of those the next time - very fucking hot having all these guys watching you fuck and probably willing to join if invited. Anyway I got naked in my room, put the porn on and headed out to cruise around. I quickly realized it was pretty slim pickings as far as looks go, but when I wanna bottom I don't care as much about looks. I rinsed off and went in the steam room. 2 mins later this young slim hairy middle eastern guy was smiling at me and we headed to his voyeur room. He had a small dick, perky ass and just wanted to bottom - oh well lol. He was sexy and slutty, but his hole was like a vise grip. I was rock hard but had a lot of trouble getting in. I hate really tight holes, and I assume bathhouse whores are gonna be especially loose and hopefully pre-loaded but that wasn't the case. I was definitely the first guy to fuck him that night. I finally bottomed out in him and we fucked in a few positions, but I definitely didn't wanna cum that soon after I got there and really wanted to bottom. He had the blinds open and watching guys watch us, and after 10-15 mins we both agreed to head back out and see if we could round up anyone else to join us. It's tough to know someone else's "type" when you're just slutting around like that with a total stranger. But he was passing by some kinda hot black guys I was sort of into, so I assumed he wasn't into it and realized later I was right. We found this sexy lean vers guy all in "sports gear" - baseball cap, jockstrap, long socks, sneakers - very hot also with a bigger voyeur room. Middle eastern boy and I went in his room, and he opened the blinds for a show. Sports guy and I ended up spit roasting the bottom, but then right in the middle an announcement came on that his room time expired and he had to renew or get out - ugh!! lol We all left the room and agreed to meet at bottom's room, but sports guy didn't show up. We cruised around again after another fuck and getting him a little more loosened up. We went in the sauna and sat down separated some. Then this crazy hot short muscled black guy came in and sat directly facing me and played with his dck through the towel. I was hard and just pulled my towel away to stroke and his eyes lit up. He jumped over to my side of the bench and was sucking my dick 15 seconds later. I really wanted him to be a top, but he wasn't. I groped his huge muscle bubble butt while he bent over blowing me, and I ended up standing in front of him for him to blow me better. I wasn't sure if public playing was allowed now (it didn't used to be), and we were getting a good crowd watching in the sauna, so I invited him back to my room before we got in any "trouble". We made out some, he sucked my dick, I ate his ass and realized he also hadn't been fucked yet 😞 I lubed up and fought my way into his also tight hole - at least it wasn't as much of a fight as the middle eastern guy, but FAR from sloppy how I like. We fucked for a while, but I realized I wasn't gonna cum again unless I could find another slicked up cumdump like the hotel jock from earlier. I made a little small talk with that hot black muscle stud, and it turned out he's visiting and there with his bf (wished he was local). I was tired by that point and had been there a couple hours after the hotel fuck so decided to call it a night. I didn't get fucked or bred at all, but it was a good night. I got to fuck some seriously hot ass, finally started back to public/group sleaze, and hopefully made a connection with that hotel muscle couple for a real group fuck sometime soon....swapped texts with the daddy the next morning - boy got 7 loads - he'd get WAY more in a group setting like the bathhouse or sex club. Fingers crossed for a repeat and having daddy mount my ass while I'm inside his boy next time!!
  13. Same here! I love fucking sluts! When they are young OR kinda "innocent/clean cut/jock look" it's total icing on the cake when it turns out their cunts are so loose and sloppy!
  14. You have a hot ass - I bet you're in a lot of guys' books whether you know it or not :)
  15. I've had mine for 20+ years. I go through phases using it more or less (partly based on space where I'm living). I've got so many hookups just for the fact that I own a sling and guys wanna try it out - definitely brings out the piggy side in guys and lets everyone know you're into more than just "vanilla" playing. As soon as someone realizes you have a sling they really aren't shy at all to tell what they're into, which is a massive plus to me!
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