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    groups, vers, swapping/sharing cum, oral, porn, flipping
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    went raw about 12 years ago - mostly as a top, but pretty much never asked a top to use a condom after I knew how much better it felt. I've "evovled" over the years and never ask any questions anymore...get off on the unknown - profiles that say "ask me" for every question are the hottest to me, and I never ask.
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    fuckbuds, suckbuds, GROUP, edging, porn, quick cumdumps, anon, travelers, muscle, sleazy twinks. past history is into either vers or total bottoms, but goal is to become 50/50 vers!!
    Nov 2016 update - I've achieved my goal of 50/50 vers. My tag teaming bud thinks I might have gone a little past my goal - says I'm always getting fucked now, and he's starting to treat me like a total bottom.

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  1. I classify guys in different ways - FWB are guys I actually do non-sex stuff with too or in my circle of friends - I've only had a few of those over the years. Fuckbuds - hot SLUTS I know to keep it just sexual. Not much in common - maybe sex or drug addicts, but great sex and good guys for groups and be honest what pigs we are! Usually frequent hookups for a while until it gets old or too needy. Usually have them for a few months to a year, then move on. Repeat fucks - I'd say I have 100+ in this category. Usually guys from a sex party or we just played off bbrt and we mig
  2. I recommend this slut to anyone who needs to drop a load in Atlanta.  Legit gym boy "ass up" cumdump.  I usually like longer play sessions, but I've only used him as a pump n dump a few times now - when I've got someplace to be and just wanna cum.,,,this weekend I didn't need any lube or spit - just his pre-lubed/pre-bred hole.  I can cum fast when a guy is hot and sleazy....but would like to have a longer session and more guys sometime.  I added the 10th hashtag on his ass when I finished :)

    1. AtlantaCumDumpster


      Thanks stud! You have a Great cock and a big load! Enjoyed milking that 10th load up my slut hole! 😉 And some more tops came over to continue breeding me until late. 

  3. follow up to last week's anon fuck......last weekend I went to the slut's apt, and I was hooded as the top. He had hit me up on bbrt saying he always thought I was hot in my clothes - would it be awkward for him to just suck me off? I suggested the anon thing for our first time since we seemed to know each other. We got good and piggy for about an hour session with lots of sloppy cocksucking, ATM, me eating his sloppy hole, making out and fucking his slutty hole, no lube needed. I never took my hood off and still didn't know who he was. He felt fucking hot!! Yesterday we met up for a
  4. I'm so turned on by PRETTY BOY muscle sluts like Alam (and so many others). They are easily hot enough to have pursued legit modeling, but love cock, cum and sex so much they go for what they really love!! I especially love watching him get used by a dark black muscle stud against his super white bleach blond look.
  5. A GH fuck is what got me back into barebacking around the year 2000. I was at the ABS all the time renting DVDs, but the cruising and GH area was a totally separate entrance (the old Inserrection in ATL). I guess I was extra horny that visit and decided to pay and head into the booth area. I knew I was going for more than just watching porn in a booth, but I found an empty one, went in and started getting hard watching the porn. Someone put his fingers through the hole for me to put my cock in. The sucking was incredible, and I was trying not to cum too fast. I don't know how or when he
  6. follow up to yesterday, so a "last load" post now. I was hooded as the top for an anon scene at the guy's house who knows me. I waited naked and hooded in his room then he came in, felt me up and started blowing me. I was rock hard and he has one of those bottomless throats with no gag reflex at all. I actually kind of like a cocksucker gagging, but this let me know I could take my time with this guy. I waited a couple mins before starting to feel him up to see if he felt as good as his pics looked......muscular shoulders then reached down to his arms which felt great.......then the chest
  7. Hot as fuck!! As a vers guy, BONUS is the exact word I use when I get a bottom to fuck and breed me! A couple years ago I had this younger buddy I considered to be VERS. We flipped every time we played. One day we texted and decided to meet up for cumunion that night - both taking loads then flip fuck each other at the end. I got there pretty early, but he was already there. He grabbed me as soon as I walked in and started fucking me in the open with around 15 guys in the vicinity. Of course he didn't cum yet, but someone else took over fucking me and he went his own way. We both
  8. I'm about to do a hooded/anon scene with me as the top this afternoon. I haven't had sex in a while due to covid, but caving in. This 30s latin guy off bbrt sent me a message saying he always thought I looked hot in my clothes.....would it be awkward to come and suck me off? I'm thinking maybe he knows me from the gym, but I don't know. His profile is good and sleazy with just about every "into" checked off including GH and anon. Since he knows who I am but I don't know who he is I suggested we keep it that way to start. I hope he gets good and piggy even though I'm probably gonna end up
  9. I LOVE bottoms who fuck back - especially when it's a hot jock ass like that!!
  10. Your breeding party sounds hot, but I'm pretty sure you already know it's NOT going to quench your thirst. You're just gonna want even more. The more of a pig you become the MORE you want/need! Congrats! :)
  11. Hey man, lets get together and eat each others holes sometime. 

  12. I agree with the others that you really need to think about a new doctor regardless of Prep. I go to a straight female doctor and just haven't changed because I like her, but I'm honest since day one that I'm gay, and she actually referred me to their Infectious Disease department when I first brought up Prep in 2014 since she didn't know what it was. But I still feel like I should change doctors. Straight doctors aren't even thinking that gay guys (bottoms) need to get stds checked up their asses and throat, where straight guys are most likely to get them in their dicks. You could go a lo
  13. The first couple times a pig did ATM on my dick I was so turned on I accidentally came in their mouths. I was so turned on by what pigs they were I couldn't hold back. I didn't think I'd be into doing it myself until I tried it - and loved it! One of my hottest nasty pig sessions was with these 2 guys who were fuckbuds and asked me join. One was a vers white muscle daddy and his black top fuckbud. It was VERY oral to start with all 3 of us making out and sucking each other cocks and holes (including the black bull top). Then the fucking started, and we were so wet there was no lube needed
  14. I LOVE rimming - well, sucking hole actually. Love mine eaten, but I can cum from eating a hot ass. I'd have you so loose you can keep sitting on my face while I cum, or get up and squat down on my cock to collect the load - I'd be happy either way. pre-bred a definite plus, but tight, dry and clean to start definitely good too :)
  15. You two seriously need to team up and work the crowd together. Post a quick connect on bbrt and strut around in jocks......work together, suck each other's holes in between fucks and clean the cocks from each other's holes......put on a hot piggy show and you'll get every cock and load in the place. I've been laying low due to covid, but I would honestly come out for this. Rimmer - come squat down on my rim chair and I'll suck on that ass till I suffocate!! The sleazier the better - pig out together :) Let me know if it happens, and I'll be there to add my load
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