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  1. Definitely love a hairy ass! If I have to work my tongue around through fur just to find the hole...I'm a happy man;) But overall it's about being natural, whether full gorilla ass or naturally smooth. And there's something about spreading those naturally smooth cheeks apart and seeing just that small ring of fur around a guy's hole....fuck, ya just gotta tongue it and fuck it!
  2. I'm gcmrman on w1ckr //. Love to chat on there that dirty, filthy stuff you don't share with your boyfriend.
  3. Not my own dad, he was creepy and gross. But Eric's dad, and Brett's dad, and Danny's dad ,and Tim's dad, and.... Think my cum shot was probably when I was fantasizing about some friend's dad.
  4. Quick trip to grocery store to grab a few things for lunch for some friends who had stopped by. Crossed through a cruisy park, came to a stop sign and checked out a guy sitting in grass next to his bike. I thought, "no, your friends are waiting, just get the groceries and go home.' Returning from store I took same route, saw him again. Followed him to his apartment just a block away, went to the back bedroom which had nothing in it but mattress against a wall and boxes...clearly just moving in. Got on his hands and knees, used spit for lube, fucked him and unloaded in just a minute for two, pu
  5. Learned it on my own. Spent a lot of time playing with my dick than one day....sperm!! Best day ever! Damn, I wish I had had somebody to experiment with!
  6. Years ago I picked up a young black guy in a cruisy park here in Denver. As I was blowing him in the car he kind of said, "oh shit" like he was going to cum. I pulled my mouth off since I didn't want him to cum so fast, but too late. A single cum shot landed on his chest. I of course went back down on his cock to get the rest of his cum, but there really wasn't a lot more. His cock never got soft so I just kept going at it and in a few minutes there was that "oh shit" again and this time a full mouthful of sperm, just a crazy amount. Referring to the early partial cum he had had, he kind of sm
  7. Just figured it out myself. Jealous of all those guys that discovered it with a buddy or, um...someone older:) I had been playing with my dick forever and had been precumming when I was about 11. I heard guys talk about jacking off and knew that something called sperm came out, but didn't know when and how that happened...pre-internet! One morning when I was 12 I was playing with my dick and rubbing it on a pillow, sensation got more and more intense and boom.....cum shot! Greatest fucking day ever:) Wish I had figured out how to do that a lot earlier. And yeah, I licked up my very first c
  8. I'd love to receive a cum-loaded jock, one that's been a cum rag more than few times! And I have one to share as well:) What's the best way to do this? A particular site?
  9. Jason Mamoa - anything he fucking wants Chris Pratt - totally bending him over and fucking his beefy ass Mark Ruffalo - I'm sure he's got a furry ass so it would involve seeing my cum drip out of it
  10. On my knees, guy sitting on a sofa with legs apart. I love balls as much as I love dick and that position is great to get my face against his nuts and my tongue between his balls and his thigh.
  11. gcmrman on wick. tell me that stuff you'd never tell your boyfriend/husband😈. Not on kik - what's the difference from wick?
  12. @denguy150 Not been on for long, mostly just retweeting stuff I like. Would love to connect to some raunchy fuckers' accounts.
  13. Hey guys, what are the best apps for those really raunchy chats/video chats? You know, the ones you'd never share with your boyfriend:) Love a [deleted] chat (I'm gcmrman on there) and jackoff sessions on skype, zoom, ringcentral are always great. What safest and most secure? And hit me up on [deleted]...love to hear what makes your cock drip, you dirty fuckers:)
  14. Not sure a man can be too hairy! And so many guys shave their back hair I think it's hot when a guy leaves it natural. When I was about 20, first time in a bath house, a 40 something guy covered in fur from head to toe said, "you wanna fuck a bear?" He bent over, spread his furry ass and looking down at that hairy back...took me about a minute to cum!
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