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  1. Not much better than the smell of a jock strap that's collected a fuckload of sweat and cum. I have a jock that's crusted up with about a dozen loads. Give me a rugby team's jocks after about a week of practice:)
  2. Close of up a guy's taint pulsating while he unloads, buried in a guy's ass. Beads of sweat rolling down from a guy's armpit. A guy getting fucked on all fours, precum dripping from his dick. When a guy backs his ass back on to a cock when it's pulled out, cuz he needs it in his hold so damn bad.
  3. Very vivid memory of the first guy that fucked me. It actually didn't go very far as I was drunk as hell and clearly tight as hell. He barely got his dick into me once; we ended up blowing each other.! But officially he was the first dick I had in my ass! It was the mid-80's, I was 18-19, he was some crazy handsome, furry chested, bearded Italian guy who picked me up when I was walking home drunk from a party. Still remember being fascinated by all that fur. Also remember being so drunk and horny I had my head in his lap to blow him in the car, even before we got to his house! And those it didn't progress very far, that feeling of a man's hard cock pushing between my ass cheeks is totally unforgettable. The guy had a pretty unique name and I did some internet searching....found a pic of him now, in his 70's. Still a really fit, handsome man. I'd let him fuck me again and I bet it would go a lot easier now😈
  4. Completed addicted to cum, never really notice that much difference in taste. And to be honest, when that load hits my tongue and I hear the guy groaning, it could taste like gasoline and I wouldn't notice!
  5. "The number of men/cocks that have cum in my mouth is ridiculous." That statement alone just make my dick twitch:)
  6. Years ago I was at a bath house in St. Louis and a kind of hot but kind of fucked up guy cruised me a bit, friendly enough. My door was open and he came in, left the door open. We chatted a bit, he got a bit grabby and I realized he was really fucked up and I had no interest. I did the "all right buddy, I'm gonna go wander around a bit, I'll probably see ya around...." kind of thing and we both left the room. I avoided him for a while then went back to my room and locked the door. He comes back, knocking on the door, asking to come in, starts yelling, starts getting aggressive and demanding. (Like that's gonna change my mind...now that you're acting like an asshole, sure I'd love to suck your dick....) He continued pounding on the door and I thought what do I have to lose. I yanked the door open, got into his face and yelled, "I'll fucking kick your ass if you don't get the fuck out of here right now. Do you fucking understand me??" I think I just stunned him, and perhaps because he was so fucked up, he just backed off and left. And that was a really good thing since he was much larger than me and I am completely not a fighter by any means! I think management got him out of there and I had a couple guys thank me...large, muscular guys who probably should have been the ones taking care of the situation instead of me!
  7. Last load was a very vanilla glory hole experience at porn arcade. Tall, beefy Asian/Latino-looking guy with a short but really fat dick and crazy big balls. Just your basic "slide your cock in my mouth and deposit your sperm" type of thing:)
  8. First time with a guy I was 17 - fuck, I had dreamed of messing with a guy for years...can't believe I had to wait so long:( I got into a porn arcade with no ID somehow. I can't believe I had the nerve to even try, I didn't look older than I was and they asked for ID every time I went back there after turning 18. Anyway I got lucky that time. I was in the video booths for probably five minutes, still trying to get my bearings and overwhelmed that I was seeing gay porn for the first time ever (it was the early 80's) when a guy came from behind me and put his hand on my butt. In about 30 seconds I was on my knees sucking him off, then I unloaded in his mouth. Drove back to my parents house with a smile on my face and the taste of sperm in my mouth! First time getting fucked think I had just turned 19. I was drunk coming home from a party and a guy in his 40's picked me up, a hot furry Italian guy. Went to his house and had a lot of fun. He tried to slide his dick into me a few times but I was so fucking wasted it didn't go to far! First time really getting fucked was shortly after than, a Hispanic guy with an enormous uncut cock, way bigger than my poor ass was ready for, and after all these years still one of the biggest dicks I've had! He fucked me in about every position imaginable and I remember having to keep my hand off my dick so I didn't cum.
  9. In my early twenties, backpacking around Europe. Small town on coast of Greece, wandering around and see a really hot older guy (probably all of 40!), dark wavy hair and big 80's mustache! We passed each other coming out of a shop, then later on we passed on the street and still later passed each other in another part of town. Wasn't real good at reading social clues/body language, especially in a foreign country, so just thought he as sexy as hell and moved on. Next day, at beach, dozens of people in water. I wade out into the water and there he is standing in front of me! I smile, then go back to my towel to figure out what the hell might happen next. Kind of lost him in the beach crowd, then all of the sudden he's standing over me, asking to stand on my towel because he's burning his feet on the black sand! He was Italian, married, spoke little English. I spoke no Italian. We each tried a few words of French and that was enough to communicate that he was renting this tent-like structure on the beach. In a few minutes we were naked inside this sweltering tent and I was swallowing a load of Italian sperm. Well, he got a load of American cum as well:)
  10. Always prefer natural hair on a guy, whether a little or a lot. But man, I do love having to wiggle my tongue around a guy's ass fur to find his hole!
  11. First cum was my own, licked up that first cumshot when I was 12! For another guy's load, first mouthful was in an arcade I got into when I was. Swallowed by first load of another guy and I gave him mine as well.
  12. It was ages ago, and braces are no doubt way better now, but I don't remember there being any issue when I was sucking cock with braces.
  13. Oh buddy...I would climb right into that furry ass:)
  14. Damn, that is hot as fuck! Love that chest with just the first couple hairs on his nipples. He's still still got some growing up to do! But apparently he's learned a lot already:)
  15. Damn....lotta choices here! Pretty versatile here, but some guys I'd be a total cum whore for.... Chris Pratt - somehow his cum just has to taste extra good:) Seth Rogan - sexy, furry fucker whose ass crack needs to be smothering my face Avett Brothers - both. Brothers are hot as hell and those two....fuck! Compare their bodies, their balls, their cocks, their asses. Then get a load from each pumped across my tongue. Nolan Gould/from Modern Family - he's grown up from a boy to a really hot man and I'm totally fascinated watching him get furrier. He can do anything he wants to me. Idris Elba - legs apart, face against his balls, then cock down my throat, then climbing on his lap and sliding down on his cock. Yeah, I've thought that one through more than once.

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