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    Down to earth Top guy here in Orlando Fl with a major fetish for BB BOTTOM dudes wearing old style CONVERSE ALL-STAR hightops Would love to finally find a COCK RIDER BB bottom that is all about servicing and milking a cock. TOTALLY want to find a bbtm into parTeee and getting HIGHHHHHHH while I kick back NAKED IN MY CONVERSE watching bbporn ,and he gets down and works my cock good and long building up my load then slides on and starts pumping up and down , and milks my cock till it feeds his hungry hole . I want to feel the ultimate orgasms of having a cum hungry bbtm slide his hole on my cock and milk me till I feed his hole ..also sucks and jacks my loads out of my cock. straight acting, bi , or fem boy ,cd all good
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    Poz, On Meds
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    5'10" 165 Natural smooth , dark blonde blue eyes .. 7 " cut and very thick grower cock , large balls that produce big loads when cock is serviced , guy next door type on outside , but perverted horny total top that wants a bbtm to worship service my cock make love to my cock and feed from my cock ,
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    LOOKING for a cum hungry ORAL BB bottom that wants to worship , service and milk my cock while wearing converse , ( like punk/skater gear Fetish and also Rubber gear fetish , and LOVE Oral BB bottoms that wear gear ,

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  1. I'd totally love for a bottom to tell me he is a dominant bossy power bottom that wants to pin me down or fulfill my greatest fantasy and tie me down while he takes complete control of my cock and milks me over and over. A long session of him working my cock and balls, forcing my balls to produce load after load for his hungry hole to milk out of me . I wish i could find more posts/stories of dominant alpha bareback power bottoms and submissive tops being slaves to their cock milking bottom master .
  2. baaaaahhhhhhaaa baaaahhhaaa sheep the piper is playing the tunes for you to follow , wants you to use your ears and not your eyes . believe what you hear them say ,but don't look for their research sources or actual documented proof .
  3. Wow I cant believe this site is being used to express political views and opinions. just because it seems to be lot more are here just to put in a jab or rant about the man that they hate , and for reasons that humm well i don't think that their actually affected by but its cool to jump on the wagon and chime away . there have been good presidents great presidents bad ones and really bad ones , but it really depends on how you value or if you judge the things that they did or that they do , because as far as what they say or said ,well words can so often be misunderstood , taken the wrong way
  4. Well for me I love when a bottom has on a jock strap or his cock in a cage while he wears high top Converse All-Stars while riding and milking my cock
  5. A Hot and horny power bottom (Justin) calls up his best friend (Chad) who is also a power bottom and tells him to come spend the weekend with him hanging out doing parTyyee and getting really high . So Chad shows up and Justin is already feeling extremely high and horny and hands chad the pipe and says you need to catch up , smoke it . Chad then pulls out some points from his bag and says lets both catch up , and grabs Justin's arm and slams him then does his own. The two boys begin coughing and feeling the intense rush ,then the extreme horny feeling that gets stronger and stronger and make
  6. Oh FUCK YA!! Dude that is so HOTT! I love it , you were cuffed to the bed while the bottom looked you in the eyes and talked dirty to you while making you cum three times. HELL YA ! dude sounds like he totally took control of your cock and made it surrender to his hungry hole while he literally milked your cock until draining your balls dry .. Dude and I know that had to feel fucking amazing , being helpless with no choice but to lay back and forcing your total focus on the intense pleasure that your cock was feeling while being milked dry . Damn I only wish their were more bottoms int
  7. here are a few more fucking hot cum hungry BB bottoms milking the cock for all its cum .[think before following links] https://www.xvideos.com/video48762755/riding_raw_bbc_bareback_hole_stretching [think before following links] https://www.xvideos.com/video50769739/sentando_com_vontade?pl=30461911&plname=amateur [think before following links] https://www.xvideos.com/video27831837/black_bitch_white_gay_stud_breeds [think before following links] https://www.xvideos.com/video3465287/bareback_bastards_-_great_homemade_fuck... [think before following links] https://www.xvide
  8. Hey dudes found some more videos of cum hungry bottoms riding raw cock and milking it . ,, Thats my ultimate fantasy to find me a cum addicted bb bottom that loves milking my loads out while riding my raw cock [think before following links] https://www.xvideos.com/video28454121/follada_al_pelo_aguantando_pero_se_viene_dentro [think before following links] https://www.xvideos.com/video12594641/enchendo_um_cu_de_leite [think before following links] https://www.xvideos.com/video32361259/sentando_com_vontade_na_rola_do_militar_do_hornet [think before following links] https://w
  9. I am a Converse fetish Top looking to find a BB bottom that loves cock and is addicted to cum and is into ParTyeee or cool with me doing parTyee. I want to find a cum hungry bbtm that loves servicing the cock spending nice long session giving pleasure to the cock sucking and stroking it and making my balls produce lots of cum til they are full , and then sliding his hole down onto my cock and slowly ride me .Totally want to find a bbtm that loves milking the cock with his hole as he rides it .. I know that it may be rather rare to find a bbtm that loves to take control of the cock and give
  10. Feeling extremely highhh and horny today and was searching all over for some more hot BB videos of cum hungry bottoms getting aggressive and taking over control of the top"s HARD THROBBING COCK ,, videos of Cum addicted bottoms riding the cock and milking it with their boypussy till they make the top cum deep inside them ,,love when a cum hungry bottom wants to give his Top the ultimate pleasure to sit back and enjoy while the bottom takes control of his cock and milks it good and long getting every drop of every load ,, and then doing it again and again . https://www.pornhub.com/view
  11. Here are some more extremely hot bb porn clips that show my absolute ultimate favorite fantasy /fetish /scenes , ( my ultimate fantasy scene is ,,Tops surrendering their cock and balls to be completely milked by the cum hungry BB bottom , love seeing the Top ,kicking back and totally relaxing ,giving the bottom total and complete control of the cock and balls , A cum addicted bb bottom that Worships cock and loves giving intense pleasure to the cock all day and night , making the balls produce a constant flow of cum to build up multiple large loads over and over , So that the bb bottom can
  12. Major horny fetish for getting naked and wearing worn high top CONVERSE ALL-STARS , And the ULTIMATE fetish fantasy for me is if the bottom is wearing a pair of Converse All-Star high tops while riding my raw cock, major turn on to look down and see his Converse on while he is bouncing his hungry hole up and down on my cock , TOTALLY makes me want to sit back and feel his hole milk my cock till im cumming and cumming , make my balls surrender every drop
  13. Oh HELL YA ! It's the most ultimate feeling ever finding a cum hungry bottom that loves milking the cock , used to have this young bb bottom skater punk that would come over once in a while for a weekend party and play session and when we got super super twisted on party it would make us so crazy horny and would make his hole extremely cum hungry , and we would spend the whole day and night partying getting twisted while , and he would have my kick back while he worked my cock sucking and stroking me building up my loads, Then he would slide his hungry hole down onto my cock and begin slowly
  14. here are a few more totally hot videos of Tops sitting back and surrendering their Cocks to the Bbottoms, as they pump their cum hungry hole up and down and begin milking the Cock https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph59ba48adecf4a https://xhamster.com/videos/young-twink-gives-a-sensual-massage-7370131#mlrelated?t=0.1 https://xhamster.com/videos/gym-sloppy-creampie-fuck-8563029 https://xhamster.com/videos/faggot-rides-bbc-5415321
  15. HOLLY FUCK you have a HOTT looking hole , small smooth bubble butt and a sweet hole . would totally feel awesome having you bouncing on my cock and milking my loads out every time my balls are full.
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