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  1. Ragnar13

    At what age did you first ejaculate?

    When I was 11 I discovered that by rubbing my crotch against a display case when my parents were shopping, I could sometimes get this incredible feeling. Didn't shoot in my briefs then. There wasn't anything at home that I could do this to, so on the toilet I began to play with my dick to see what happened. Began to shoot small amounts of clear stuff. Stupidly I'd spend too long in there, and my father caught on, resulting in a long religious lecture. Later in bed the real jacking started, and by 12 my cousin and I were jacking and blowing each other during sleepovers. Jesus, the distance we used to be able to shoot ......
  2. Ragnar13

    What Celebrities Awakened Your Desires?

    Unlikely as it seems, YouTube has a nice compilation vid of Halpin's finest shirtless moments. Sure as fuck there's more to life than slim blonde twins, but Christ, he set my mental model. Nice to know there's two of us.
  3. Ragnar13

    Best age for starting sucking cocks

    Agree with you - "accepted as a normal part of growing up," plus "all guys should try." Actually, as seen here and lots of other discussion boards, a shit ton of young guys DO try -- all those stories and memories of sleep-overs, scout camp, being with cousins (Jesus, it's always cousins), sharing room with brother(s). I think the real problem is that when they grow up to be str8 dads, they never open up about such experiences with their sons. I mean, a str8 dad likely would have little problem over an illegal beer with his kid, sharing stories about how that dad lost his virginity to Chrissie Cunt the cheerleader, or scored with the Tittie Twins in the back seat of his dad's car. But that same dad is going to say shit about the times him and his brother, now Uncle Frank, jerked each other off in their room as kids, or the time he enjoyed getting sucked off by his two best friends during a sleepover. Adults being able to open up about such common, shared male experiences is what's needed.
  4. Ragnar13

    What Celebrities Awakened Your Desires?

    Luke Halpin, the ever-shirtless boy wonder in "Flipper."
  5. Ragnar13

    Any Sinners In The House?

    Well, there's an old saying: "Sex without sin is like an egg without salt." Jesus, is that ever true.
  6. Ragnar13

    Fisting And Prolapse

    Jesus, yeah! Wish there was more prolapse porn out there, especially sucking on it.
  7. Ragnar13

    Ode To Our Now Closed Gay Treasures.

    Jesus, how fucked-up is it that we got gay marriage and increasing recognition of trans rights, but are loosing the bathhouses?
  8. Ragnar13

    Wet & Hot 2017?

    Fuck, I wish some pigs who were there would post some stories of what went down.
  9. Ragnar13

    Fisting And Prolapse

    Seen some incredibly hot prolapse porn: prolapse fucking, guy sucking a 4-inch prolapse like it was a big dick, couple of pigs pissing on a prolapse. Then there's the ultimate in felching: sucking hot cum out of fat fucked prolapse. Goddamn!
  10. Ragnar13


    Are those short silicone sounds like at FT a good way to start with sounding? Or don't they give the real experience, and be too short for the urethra to adjust to "real" sounds? Looks so fucking hot!
  11. Ragnar13

    Spit play/exchange

    Jesus, so fucking hot. Spitting on the guy's face, too, then licking it off before going for his mouth. Then there's when the spit has cum mixed-in, and it just goes on and on, nice stringy spit to suck back and forth. Wish there was more spit porn.
  12. VERY fucking hot Tumblr there.
  13. Ragnar13

    why married/straight men hook up with fags

    Because it's the rare wife who would say: "Jesus fucking christ shoot your goddamn cum in my mouth and I'll fuck it back into your ass with my tongue."
  14. Christ, fuck yeah! Constantly checking out bulges, wondering what a guy's cock looks like hard, how big, how the guy jacks off, whether he eats his cum, what he'd look like licking cum off his hand, the kind of porn he likes, whether he plays with his piss in the shower, what his darkest sexual secrets are, how many brothers or cousins he fooled around with growing up, what his asshole would taste like, how much fun it would be to felch my spunk out of his hole and feed it to him. It keeps the mind busy walking down the street.
  15. Ragnar13

    What kind of topics turns u on the most?

    Stories of an alternate planet - much like ours - but where there are male-only societies and countries, reproduction is by cloning, and there are no age of consent laws, religion is totally phallic, and the culture is built around encouraging male lusts and sexual practices of all kinds, with no sexual rules at all for the majority, except for rape. Because of cloning, incest is a way of life. But in such a society there is also an underclass - descendants of conquered male tribes of long ago - that provide fodder for sexual slavery, legal rape, abuse and torture of all kinds, deliberate infliction of disease. Just a thought.

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