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  1. They guys got back to Mike and Megan's room and Andre told Mike to wake Megan up by eating her out and Andre took advantage of Mike on laying with his perky ass up on the bed and he pulled his left check and took a couple pics of his cummy hole. Then he told him to get on all four and Andre was able to snap several pics of Mike's ass leaking cum with that he told Mike that he would text him about Tuesday night, don't tell Megan you love my dick too. It is just our secret unless you don't meet me on Tuesday. Andre left the two love birds as Megan was just coming to and started to moan as Mik
  2. Rye was a tall good looking guy, he had been in the Army and was muscled, tatted with a baby face. He was very popular with the ladies and had not issue getting laid. He like one night stands and women who had been with him described their encounters as physical and rough. There are a few women who called it rape or forced but Rye shrugged it off, he told buds and and even an officer that came to visit him that she wanted it and begged him and now she is fucking saying I raped her. That is fucking bullshit, you know how women are. The older officers agreed and Rye in his charming way got
  3. Megan came again after five minutes of deep pounding, Mike was not even jealous of how she seemed to love Andre's Dick. Megan kept telling Andre how much she loved his dick and how she wanted him to cum in side her. Andre had positioned Megan so he could watch Mike touch his man hole and finger it. Megan and come a second time and he old Mike to come over and he pulled out of Megan and positioned him and Megan with their asses facing him and told them to make out as he fucked Megan and lubed up his finger and worked it in Mikes hole. Mike and Megan were both moaning while they kissed and A
  4. Mike had been with his GF Megan for over a year and he had been asking her to do a three way and she refused to bring another girl into it but did agree to invite a guy over. Mike reluctantly agree but they finally decided that they would get a hotel room out of town and set up a met. Living in Minneapolis they rented a room in Saint Paul for the weekend and set up a meet. Megan picked a guy who was tall at 6'6 and muscled weighting 220 pounds and hung 9.5 thick uncut. Mike was a little intimidated he was good looking at 5'11 150 runners body and a bubble ass and packing 8" but Mike agreed
  5. Mary is a 24 years old and she is very active, works out, takes classes and has a part time job. Her husband Dan is a tell very good looking guy who is trying to climb the latter at work and puts in too many hours and he also travels for work a lot. They used to face-time and help each other get off but they rarely do that anymore. Mary had needs and over the last year they have grown and Mary started searching for online, harmless attention and she started having video chats with a guy in Denver. She felt this was safe since they were more than a thousand miles away from each other. They
  6. The fourth time he checked about 15 minutes later he had a response. It was from the third email, 25 year old married guy (to a guy) who just had a thing for Straight guys. The guy was 25 5'10 155 red hair and blue eyes. His response to the email started out. First I need you to know that I am married to a guy, I have only sucked off one other straight guy since we have been married and this must be on the downlow. I am on staycation this week and I can be free whenever. I def love big dick and have very little gag reflex, I can deep throat your big 9" dick. I am free now if you are.
  7. Trevor is totally straight, never sucked, touched or even attempted to be with a guy. He got plenty of action being 29 5'11 blonde, blue eyed, muscled athletic body, tatted sleeve on his left arm and a few other tats along with model looks. He got hit on a lot by guys and over the years there were a few times he fantasized about what it would be like to have a guy suck hid big dick (9") and a few guys he even thought about fucking. Young guys with bubble butts who hit on him but he never acted on any of that. He knew he was straight and he only wanted pussy! Trevor was in San Diego
  8. Vince spit on the kids hole a few times and then slapped his fat 8" dick against it, Devon tossed the lube on the bed and Vince lubed up his dick and spit on last time and then pressed against that tight little hole, the boys hole resisted as his moans turned to groans and finally Vince broke though and his fat dick started to slide into the boy. Two, three and then four inches and Vince had the look of pure please as I told him his was the first bare dick ever in the boy. He pressed steadily and finally got balls deep in the kid. He fucked him for twenty minutes and then finally shot a hu
  9. By the time Devon entered the room with four joints, Andrew was already looking must more relaxed as Devon handed him a joint and Andrew lit it up. Devon pointed out Andrew's glass of Gatorade in front of him if he got thirsty as Andrew puffed and smoked his cares away. He finished his first joint quickly, the kid really did love pot after all. Devon told him to take some Gatorade buddy, looks like you need it. Andrews swallowed it down and took almost half of it and rested his head back on the sofa. Fuck this is some good shit, I have never had any pot like this, I feel amazing. My mind a
  10. Andrew had been very careful ever since he took sex ed in High School, he was a late bloomer anyway and only became interested in sex after he turned eighteen. He had only been with two guys and even used condoms when he gave head. His always said you can never be too careful, he rarely drank for fear of letting his guard down but smoked pot now and then. He loved to kiss and really wanted to fall in love. Standing all of 5'7 with blonde hair and blue eyes and a tight little body just 135 lbs and a bubble butt made him great potential bottom for Devon. Devon loves young bottom boys and es
  11. great story man.  turning the straight

  12. I hopped in the car on the way over and told Lukas that I wanted his beautiful girl on her knees when I walked and him right beside her so he could coach her on slowly pulled my cock out and have her nurse my dick fully clothed. Then slowly pull my dick out and suck and lick my head and see how much she could take. If he really wanted to score points he would put a blindfold on her and tell her what he sees to get her excited. She should be in bra and panties and Lucas a jock . He text back Hot!! Text me when you get her and I will text you back that we are ready and the door will be
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