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    near Baltimore, Maryland
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    Poz me, please. Fertile totally unprotected neg bottom. I will travel for HVL cum and other bugs as available.
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    Neg, Recently Tested
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    Versatile Bottom
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    I'm an older chaser. I have taken multiple unmedicated poz loads and am still neg. Have experimented with brushing my hole and have great images of being fucked by an unmedicated poz guy with a cruel condom in my gallery. Sadly, it didn't take. I need high VL cum it seems.
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    I wish, but not. Probably too old now. But I would love to be the subject of a video where a confirmed high-VL AIDS gifter loads my bottom up. It would be hot to share the experience.
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    High VL poz cum, med resistant. I want it deep and unmedicated. I love feeling a toxic cock pump a big AIDS-laden load(s) into my fertile bottom. If a willing gifter with a high VL and AIDS is in my region, I will travel to accept the gift. My hole is totally unprotected. I will not go on going on meds once I am poz. Other bugs accepted as well. I want the whole package. WICKR: looking4u2play.

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  1. Great story--keep it coming. I think there is a wolf in Jake's house, lol.
  2. Great start. Well written--looking forward to seeing how the "project" gets completed.
  3. I am planning that my status will change potentially as soon as this weekend! Get a few of us charged up and the infection rate is sure to recover nicely.
  4. A successful conversion is what many of us are looking. That is why we look forward to taking poz loads. I certainly hope that my eventual conversion is a smooth and clinical as this one and that it actually happens as a one-and-done. Great story--great writing. Thanks.
  5. What a great story. It is a deliberate and purposeful insemination with the object of getting toxic semen into a willing host. Wow. I wonder how may others out there like the way this story is proceeding? I know I do--keep it going.
  6. Great continuation--I am excited about the next installment.
  7. I like where this story is headed. The screening questions were very interesting. I hope the next installment is released soon!
  8. There has been one top who reliably made me feel his ejaculation and it was always wonderful. Now, thanks to GermFactory, I understand the process in a way that I never would have believed possible. I still remember the fantastic feeling as the top's penis pumped its load into me. We would both lay still and I could feel every twitch and pulse. It was strangely satisfying and now I understand why. I always wondered why his ejaculate never seemed to come out. It was deposited deep inside of me and my body took it up even deeper. I look for that feeling with every top I meet, but alas, it happens only infrequently.
  9. I only go bare. Sex is designed to pass DNA on to a recipient. Bare feels better because that is how sex was meant to be performed. If I can't trust the person I'm having sex with and I think about wearing a condom, then we should not be having sex. When I bottom and a man ejaculates in me, we are sharing his most individual and personal self. We are coming together as two people the way sex was meant to be, even if only for a moment.
  10. Well, it is probably for the best and help keep us all safe.
  11. I really need to become a statistic soon!
  12. Yea. Too many flakes when serious chasers are prepared. I feel your pain.
  13. I have been brushed on multiple occasions and can confirm that it should not be painful nor particularly bloody. I have used a soft toothbrush. GermFactory hit the "nail on the head" in the last sentence that wrote about the process--being brushed involves the total surrender of yourself to what is about to happen and the recognition that the man behind you with the brush is about to change your life AND that it is something that you want! Allowing yourself to be brushed takes any question of motive or intent out of the equation--through actions and not words it says that "I am ready and I want this." Sadly, in my case despite multiple brushings I am still NEG. I continue to seek the guy with the right stuff.

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