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    Near Baltimore, Maryland
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    Getting pozzed. If you are up for it, contact me. I read one of the stories in the fiction section that had a great line in it that describes my chasing: "Fuck my neg ass, yeah, fuck, infect my neg ass, yeah, give me your AIDS, infect me good. Do it, fuck me, pump me full of death cum! Give me AIDS!" I will travel for HVL cum, CRF19 (also known as the Cuban) especially when combined with other bugs. I will not go on meds once I am pozzed.
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    Neg, Recently Tested
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    Versatile Bottom
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    I'm an older guy who has been chasing for a few years. I have taken unmedicated poz loads and am still neg. Have experimented with brushing my hole and have great images of being fucked by an unmedicated poz guy with a cruel condom in my gallery. Sadly, it didn't take.
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    I wish, but not. Probably too old now. But I would love to be the subject of a video where a confirmed high-VL AIDS gifter loads my bottom up. It would be hot to share the experience.
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    High VL poz cum. I want it deep and unmedicated. I love feeling a toxic cock pump a big AIDS-laden load(s) into my bottom. If a willing gifter with a high VL and AIDS is in my region, I will travel to accept the gift. I am not planning on going on meds. Other bugs happily accepted as well. I want the whole package. WICKR: looking4u2play.

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    looking4u2play (same on Wickr)

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  1. What a great list and history. I'd love to have you share all of them with me!
  2. Glad you liked the story
  3. Mmm,  I'm a georgia boy that's always wanted to be brushed and fucked raw by a guy like you,  mmm, bet I'd submit to you and your unmedicated loads of possible disease ??, always wanted a cruel condom ripping and tearing my hole up please ?, mmm hmm 

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      Wow, that is the best hook-up line I've heard in years. Thanks. Only problem, I'm still neg. Everything else can happen though.


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      Yea! you have some great pics

  6. Hiya :)

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      Hey there, nice profile


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      thanks bud,...love to plough and seed your hot asspussy :)

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      anytime. would be fun

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  9. They are all, so far, perfectly breakable. Love to have any of them in my bed.
  10. Well, I guess that answered my question about where did my images and videos go. Sadly, I didn't keep the originals on my computer. Can we get a larger size allocation that 250KB? Almost nothing is that small anymore, even normal images are running 3 MB.
  11. Maybe some enterprising HVL poz tops will take the hint and throw a party like this!
  12. Note: This is a work of fiction. Any relationship to anyone living or dead is purely coincidental. Enjoy the story. In the Cards I was cruising a website looking for some action when I became engaged in a discussion with another guy about card games and Russian roulette and the possibility of getting pozzed. I have always been interested in being a bottom among other bottoms and having random poz or neg guys breed me and then wait for the results. In my mind it is the ultimate chaser experience. The guy told me that he was getting a group four tops and four bottoms together—neg bottoms and neg and poz tops for a breeding session involving selection by a deck of cards. At least one top in the group would be poz. He needed one more bottom to complete the group. I thought about the possibility of risking being pozzed and the randomness of the draw had me interested. After thinking about it fir a few minutes I responded that I wanted to play. He gave me the address and told me to be there in an hour. Despite my apprehension at becoming poz, the odds were good that I wouldn’t and I cleaned up and drove to the address. It was a very nice house in a nice neighborhood. I was suddenly very excited because I had expected some sleazy place. The host met me at the front door and verified that I was indeed invited to the party. He was as described in his profile. Mid-30’s, white, youngish looking, black hair, neatly groomed. He had on shorts and a tee shirt, I could see the outline of his ample cock behind the material. I wondered if he was a top or bottom. I was then ushered inside to the very nicely appointed entry hall. I noticed six piles of clothing on the floor and was not surprised when I was invited to strip naked and leave everything in a pile on the floor. As I was stripping my host took off his shorts and tee shirt and laid them on a pile. His cock was awesome, even flaccid. He was cut and thick. Since the host had stripped while I was doing the same, I guessed that I was the last to arrive. Once naked I faced my host and he guided me to the party room. Six other guys were there lounging. It was a nice mixture of races and body types. I figured that the guys with the biggest cocks, including one black guy, were tops. No sex was taking place, but some drinks and munchies were being served. The room was large and I also saw that there were four areas prepared for sex, it was going to be a communal fuck session orgy. The host began speaking ,”Gentlemen, welcome to tonight’s roulette breeding party. Four of us are bottoms and four are tops. The idea is that each top will breed at least one bottom tonight. You already know that at all of the bottoms are neg, or at least indicated to me that they are neg, and of the tops at least one is poz. There is a minimum 25 percent chance that the bottoms will be bred by the poz top. The poz top or tops are HVL and med resistant. Whomever the lucky bottom or bottoms are will likely convert as a result of tonight’s party.” I felt a chill go down my spine. It was real! But, I thought that there was only a one in four chance that I would get the poz top. He continued, “Here is how it will go down tonight. Each of the tops has already drawn a card, Ace, King, Queen or Jack. Each of the bottoms will draw a card and the top with the matching card will be their breeder. Once the initial breeding session is over, you are welcome to stay and enjoy the drinks, food and any other sex you desire. It is 10 PM now, at 11 PM, the status of each of the tops will be revealed and they have all agreed that they will likely be ready for sloppy seconds by then, if you desire a fuck knowing what is involved. And the bathroom is now locked—we don’t want any of the bottoms losing their hard earned cum loads.” I was in awe at how the night was going to play out. I was definitely taking a huge chance. But my naked cock was beginning to harden at the prospect of knowing I might be fucked by a poz guy. Did I really want to be pozzed? I liked the looks of the cocks around the room. Big and thick. Any of them would easily tear my bottom up and potentially provide a toxic ending.” “It is time for the bottoms to draw their cards. The order will be the order in which they arrived.,” came the next announcement from our host. I was last and watched the king, jack and queen get drawn. As each card was drawn, the cocks of the tops began to harden around the room. The game was on. The only card left was the Ace of Spades. It was time for the tops and bottoms to match up. As each of the tops went to their bottoms, I realized that my top was our host. He had the matching ace. He came over to me and smiled. “I had hoped that I would get you,” he said. “You are going to enjoy yourself.” He reached out and twisted one of my nipples roughly. I loved it. I love having my nipples abused and as he did that my cock began to swell in anticipation. I took a quick look around the room and saw the other three couples already beginning the process of coupling and breeding. Getting through the initial meeting and preparing the bottom to accept the seed of the bulls in the room. Our host led me to the sofa and pushed me roughly onto it and began to rim me deeply. He was preparing my bottom to receive the seed he was going to put into me. I wondered if he was THE poz top. He offered me poppers and I took a deep hit. He had a beautiful cock and I was anxious to begin sucking it to full hardness. Without warning he stopped rimming my bottom and pulled me close for a deep kiss. I loved the taste of my bottom on his lips. I knew he was getting close. His cock was nearly erect. I moved down to suck him, stopping to bite his nipples, which he enjoyed. He kept saying harder and I bit harder and harder. I took his 7 inch cut cock into my mouth and began bringing it to full hardness. I tasted his sweet pre-cum and wondered again, was he the poz top? After a short while of sucking his shaved cock and balls, he pushed me down onto the sofa onto my back and opened my legs. He bent down and lightly licked my hole and spit into it. He placed the tip of his cockhead at the entrance to my bottom without any lube except the spit he had just put there. I knew this was going to be hard, but I was unprepared for what came next. He rammed his huge cock balls deep in one stroke and I felt my inner ring tear almost immediately. OMG, I thought, the way he thrust into me, he is definitely poz and I am going to be pozzed tonight. He roughly fucked me for a bit until I could feel lubrication surrounding his cock and reducing the friction. It was probably blood and I was able to get my fingers to graze his cock before he swatted them away. I looked at my fingers, while he was pile driving my hole, and confirmed blood. This was for real. I licked the traces of my blood off my fingers and realized that there was no backing out and no place to hide or change my mind. I was probably getting fucked by a HVL poz, med-resistant toxic cock. I was beginning to enjoy the hard pounding as the abuse had numbed my pain and I was beginning to experience the enjoyment of getting fucked. That is what being a bottom is all about. Getting fucked and taking cum. The fucking continued and he got into a rhythm that I could enjoy. He reached down and twisted my nipples roughly. I almost came right then. He looked into my eyes and smiled. I could tell the time was getting close. He bent his head down to kiss me. I loved getting fucked on my back so that the top could kiss me as he unloads deep inside of me. For a moment i was distracted and i heard one of the other couples complete their coupling loudly and compassionately. I also noticed at least one of the couples was watching us as our host for the evening was about to unload his yet unknown-load into my bottom. They were both jacking their cocks and the bottom of the group was fully erect enjoying the show. i snapped back to reality and looked into my host’s eyes. “Are you ready for my load to fill you,” he said. His words brought to bottom from the couple watching us to begin spewing sperm around and he put his cock into my mouth and I sucked him dry. I was about to receive cum in both holes. My breeder’s cock began to expand and I felt the beginnings of his orgasm building as I swallowed the sweet cum being provided to me. With a grunt and a loud exclamation out host announced: “Take my load you faggot. You deserve everything in it.” He drove his massive cock balls deep, past my destroyed inner ring and I felt it pulse at least ten times as he delivered his load deep into my body. He collapsed on top of me, sweaty and hot. He kept his cock deep in me so that none of his precious load could escape. I held him and thoroughly enjoyed the contact after being roughly bred. After a few minutes he withdrew an presented my with his blood and cum covered cock to clean. I enjoyed cleaning off the likely instrument of my pozzing, I was amazed at the amount of blood on his cock. Although I still did not know officially, from the intensity of the fucking, I was pretty sure I was now pregnant with his poz babies. Our host stood up, his now flaccid but still large cock swinging and invited the others to sit. Each of the couple had finished and I could tell that the other bottoms had each had an almost equally enjoyable and rough experience. The tops were all smiling and chatting together, while we bottoms sat together somewhat stunned. Everyone had a drink and was enjoying some munchies while waiting for the news of who got pozzed. Right at Eleven o’clock our host began talking. “So now is the reveal. Who was poz and who was not.” He looked at the four bottoms and spoke directly to us. “You thought this was a classic roulette party where only one of the chambers had a bullet? No, it was a poz the neg faggot party. Only one top was neg. The Jack was the neg top.” He paused for a moment for effect. I was stunned and took a big swallow of my doing. My ass was sore and bleeding. He continues, “I hope you are all happy that the cocks that pozzed your neg asses gave you what you wanted but were too afraid to actually get. As for you, he looked at the bottom who was fucked with only neg cum, “if you want to be pozzed we are all willing to change your status.” I was in shock. It was sinking in, I had been pozzed. Seriously. The odds had been against me getting out of the evening as a neg bottom. I had very mixed emotions, but wait, there was more. Our host continued, “For the three of you who were pozzed, each of us has the Cuban Strain of HIV. It promises to develop quickly into AIDS and is med resistant. Additionally, each of the cards came with some additional bugs. The guy with the queen had herpes and Hep-C. The poz guy with the king has gono. And I have syph.” I was in shock. With one fuck, I had been infected with one of the most virulent forms of HIV and syph, too. The room was quiet for a minute and the guy who was not pozzed spoke up, “Wow. Who wants to poz my neg ass?” All of the poz guys responded that they would love to do the honors. The poz guy with syph had a big cock and came over to me and said, “are you ready for more?” I looked him in the eye and responded, “Sure. I guess I want it all.” He smiled, I took a big swig on my drink to settle my nerves and we walked off to one of the sofas to fuck another poz load into my bottom and add gono to my new and growing bug collection. My transition from DDF neg was complete. What a party this was.
  13. Thanks for following me. You're the best.

  14. Hot story. Great idea for a PA--need to be bred with one of those.

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