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  1. You need to get some pics and videos of yourself up. 

    1. Monster5-8gPA


      I couldn’t agree more!

    2. Dirtyfuckboy
  2. That is a beautiful hole, very fuckable. I’d enjoy having you gape like that, sticking my cock in and feeling you clench down and tighten up.
  3. What was he doing to specifically get it slit like?
  4. Saturday night, I took a load after a hot hard fucking on my couch. We went out for dinner, his load still deep up my ass. Got home from dinner and got him to drag me by my boxers up to bed and took another hard pumping and another load. Half an hour later I swallowed his third load that night. With two loads up my ass and one swallowed went to sleep. Waking up this morning by him rubbing my cock, flipping me over and I took one hell of a deep hard morning fuck on Sunday morning. I’m lying on my bed just now technically into the early hours of Monday morning and I still have all three of his loads up my hungry ass. I’m lying having a wank still feeling the rough action my ass has taken over the last 24 hours and the feeling of all the cum staying in there all night again. I’m going to have to swallow up my own cum to make sure that the whole cycle of cum from the weekend isn’t wasted at all.

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