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  1. Haven't forgotten or given up all. Just been busy and being a slut. There's still more to come!
  2. That's incredibly motivating for me. Thanks!
  3. Chapter 7: The Lie Stumbling through the alleyways, Tyler looked like hell. He was exhausted, drained, and could barely think. How nasty of a boy had he become, getting fucked in abandoned buildings? He questioned his entire being as he continued his trek home. Brandon was pissed off, his texts were seething with anger as to why Tyler hadn’t responded and asking where he was at. Brandon had indicated he went to work however, so this gave Tyler some ability to try and figure out his next moves. The alleyways were not without their own scum. Tyler passed by several desperate, yet hot boys, looking like they were just itching for their holes to be used. Homeless men slept behind dumpsters. Tyler felt a twinge in his hole, almost like this felt like home. No, he shook his head, what the heck was he thinking. Some of the men looked up at him while he walked by, practically licking their chops at his sexiness. He knew he looked like hell, but he was turned on by the men staring at him. He felt an urge to give in, maybe that transcendence he had seeing himself tied to a dumpster was his future. No, no, no! He shook his head again. He couldn’t think like that. This was just a series of bad choices, he could recover from this, he could be loyal. He tried to force Jax out of his head. He thought of all thhis mind turned to their sex. While it was good, it wasn’t Jax. Jax again began to pervade his mind, and regardless of how he tried to push him out, he invaded. Step after step, Jax stumbled in the darkness, closer and closer to home, trying desperately to formulate a plan or reason to explain to Brandon why he hadn’t responded. *** Jax entered Club Hedon, taking several turns down the winding halls. The music was intense tonight, an evil tone, pulsing through the walls. The boys were especially wild as he passed the wide open rooms and alcoves. Their sweat, their lust, their drive, was never ending. Jax smiled as he thought about Tyler, and how little he had experienced in the last week, and how his downfall was culminating slowly but surely. Jax entered a room, it was carpeted in maroon carpeting, with a very low lighting. The only lighting that was bright, centered in the middle of the room, where there was something that looked like a confessional kneeler from a church. Jax removed his clothes, down to his tiny briefs, exposing his beautiful body. He kneeled down, hands crossed on the support, and stared at the edge of the room. In front of him, sat six figures, highlighted only by the light bouncing off the shadows. “Tyler transcended for the first time tonight,” Jax’s monotone was back. The figures nodded, but showed no specific emotion. Their faces were hidden, their bodies robed. Jax continued, “It was a moderately intense transcendence. He saw the demons, so I was encouraged. He saw his relationship fall apart.” Again the nodding continued, with no input. “He does have a dark mind,” Jax smiled, “He transcended about his parents watching him”. A voice came from one of the six figures. “And is he ready for mania?” Jax pondered for a moment, his beautiful body gleaming in the light. “Close, but I do not believe he is there yet. The guilt is still strong, and while it turns him on, it still has a hold on him,” Jax responded, plainly. A somewhat angrier voice replied, “And you know that mania is the solution for the guilt. It is not your realm to control.” Jax nodded, unaffected by the slight uptick in anger. “Yes, but we have to break that initial barrier where it has the high likelihood of not being overcome. That was always in the realm of infidelity.” The figures looked at each other, leaning over to confer privately. Some nodded, some whispered. After a few moments of discussion their heads all turned back to Jax. “We agree with your assessment, but you must tread carefully as to not meddle in the next step. As soon as that threshold has been reached, you must immediately notify the council, so care and mentorship may be moved to mania.” Jax nodded, saying nothing. Another figure plainly stated, “Remove your faggot briefs. We will now break you, as your reward.” Jax stood, his hip bones protruding around his tight briefs, as he slide them down his body. 5 figures moved into the middle of the room, while another went off to the side, sliding out a wooden contraption. The contraption was somewhat square, with shackles on the top of it, and a long tail of two 2x4s that had shackles on the end of it, jutting out from the square portion. “Assume your position in the mount.” A voice stated. Jax bent over the top of the mount with the two shackles and his wrists were locked in the machine. The shackles were medieval, iron, rough, and unbreakable. With his wrists locked, Jax’s knees bent, touching the outcropping 2.4s, his tiny ankles lining up perfectly with the back shackles. He was locked. The figures surrounded him, with one positioning himself behind him, ramming into Jax. Jax’s eyes went pure black. His body locked. “You know you love this hell,” the man who rammed into him said. The music started to flood the room, the pulses lining up with Jax’s heartbeat. The reverberations from the initial ram into Jax were still echoing through his body, but the figure pulled out and started ramming Jax over and over again. On the said of the room, another figure began lighting cauldrons that burned intense heat, warming the room greatly. Beads of sweat began to drip from Jax. His eyes were black, with a deviant smile on his face. Another large dick slammed into his mount while the other figure continued to fuck him. The dick in his mouth gagged him profusely, but Jax did not care. He knew his place. He continued to gag. The other figures groped him, one pissing all over the scene, adding to Jax’s arousal. Pre cum began to drip from Jax’s dick, which was soft, yet still huge, and swinging back and forth with the brutal pounding. The man pounding him grabbed Jax’s jet black hair and yanked his head back with force. The dick flew out of Jax’s mouth. The man was bending Jax’s body, with force, and no mercy. No words were said. The man pounding Jax, instead of screaming, howled like a demon, blowing a fantastical load inside Jax, a load so large at it violented erupted from Jax’s hole while the man’s dick was still in him. The amount of cum was grotesque. The next man positioned himself behind Jax and the mounting proceeded. Six hours later, Jax was unshackled, his reward complete. A lake of cum existed below him. A lake of cum he must head before he would be allowed to leave. This wasn’t a chore for Jax, he wouldn’t have left without eating every single drop on the dirty carpet. The figures left the room, leaving Jax to clean up the mess he had made. The mounting was complete. *** Tyler entered his apartment, exhausted, but determined to fix the issue with Brandon. He pulled up his phone, texting Adam. “Hey, I need you. Can you help me?” “WTF LOL, it hasn’t even been 24 hours and you want more?” Adam replied via text. “I need you to come over, please, right now.” “LOL, wow, you nasty slut. You’re lucky that Aaron just went out with some friends. I’ll be there in 10 minutes.” Adam replied again. Tyler then rushed downstairs to the street. His plan was in motion. The street was still filled with cars. At a break in the action, between stop lights, when the traffic calmed, Tyler tossed his cell phone into the middle of the street, in the most likely place that a car tire would be. Standing there, he waited. The next group of vehicles from the next green light began driving, and luckily, multiple cars smashed his phone. Once the traffic died down again, Tyler retrieved it. Evidence had been created. Just at that point, he saw Adam’s car pulling into the parking lot of his apartments. Tyler ran upstairs, waiting for Adam at the door to his apartment. “Holy fucking shit,” Adam cried, “What are you on fucking drugs?!” Tyler said nothing, lifting his shirt, revealing his hot diamond belly piercing, as if he was going to take it off fully, coaxing Adam inside. Adam walked in, and Tyler closed the door. Snapping around he confronted Adam forcefully. “So you want me to be your bitch right?” Tyler said. “Fuck yeah you dumb homo. I have ALWAYS wanted you like you wouldn’t believe. I’ve never been ok with you being with Brandon. And having you this afternoon was just a sample of the hell I want with you!” Adam replied excitedly. “Good,” Tyler replied nervously. He had to put all the pieces together here. “I need to create a reason for not being home today. Brandon is already upset.” Adam interjected, “Fuck yeah. You two break up you’re mine everyday!” Tyler put his hand up to pause Adam. Yes, he knew Adam wanted him like crazy, but he could also discern from the fucking earlier that Adam enjoyed the cheating as well. He needed Adam to continue to enjoy the cheating, so he went deeper. “No no Adam. You loved me cheating on Brandon right?” Tyler’s tone intensified, becoming more sultry and coaxing in its manner. “You looooooved it right? You want me to cheat on him with you right? Adam looked a bit stunned, not that he wasn’t wildly turned on, but more that Tyler was this dark. He wanted Tyler every day, but both of them cheating on their lovers was another layer that would be destroyed if Brandon broke up with Tyler. He nodded. “OK so we need to keep that going baby,” Tyler gently kissed Adam. He was nervous. He knew this was a rabbit hole that was going to have consequences. He knew Adam was harmless to Brandon, and he knew Brandon would trust him, so Adam could provide the perfect cover, at least for now. Only an hour earlier Tyler had thought that he could clean up his act and even considered stopping the slutting, but no, in the end, he had to fix the Brandon problem that happened today, and this was the potentially best way to do it. Tyler grabbed Adam’s hand and led him to his and Brandon’s bed. “This is where we make love, Brandon and I,” Tyler said nervously. He really felt a threshold being crossed, but desperation was too much. He couldn’t have Brandon question anything about his absence today. Tyler gulped, knowing the gravity of his words upcoming, but committed to them he continued, “Lets defile our bed, you and I Adam. Lets feel the corruption build between us and our lust consume any morality that we have!” Adam about turned into a monster at that point, but Tyler held him back for a final statement. “Adam, I will give you this all, but I need ONE THING from you,” Tyler said. “Which is?” Adam replied Tyler explained that he was a slut after Adam that afternoon, which only had Adam’s dick pulsing harder, and that he went silent on Brandon all day long. He explained that he was going to tell Brandon about him dropping his phone accidentally in the street which prevented a reply. But he needed Adam to vouch that they were hanging out and went out to eat and such trivial things that would lead Brandon to believe that everything was fine. “And you’ll let me keep coming over and defiling your relationship in the bed you share with him at all costs FOREVER?” Adam could barely contain himself. Tyler sealed the covenant. “Yes, forever.” Adam exploded, slamming Tyler down on the bed, tearing his sleeveless shirt right off him, in pieces. Pulling down Tyler’s shorts, he saw Tyler’s pink briefs, 100% soaked in cum, like he had bathed in it. “What the literal fuck did you do today?” Adam said, smelling the cum soaked into Tyler’s skin from his briefs as we pulled them down. “Fuck me baby,” Tyler deflected. He knew he had committed to a darkness he hadn’t believed he could. Adam slammed Tyler face first into the bed, slamming his big dick into him. Cum poured from Tyler’s hole by what seemed like the gallons. “Oh you are one sick piece of trash,” Adam said, licking Tyler’s ear. “But god fucking a goddamn loose slut hole is so much hotter than a tight one. I can barely feel my dick in you. The amount of men that have been in you must be massive!” Tyler grunted, his eyes started to glaze back, he was feeling transcendence come on, but he kept being pulled back into reality. “It feels good doing it where you make love doesn’t it?” Adam cried. “Its NEVER going to be same for you two, never ever going to be same.” The thrust were deep, but the hole was loose. Tyler didn’t care if he couldn’t feel it as well as when he was tight. What he cared about was that he was creating as airtight an alibi as possible, yet deep down, he knew he was getting Adam’s babies again. “Stare at the pictures of you two surrounding us!!!” Adam commanded. Tyler looked at the few pictures of him and Brandon happy together, over different portions of their relationship, on the nightstands next to the bed. The bed was bouncing now, Adam was fucking Tyler with great strength, holding his bony body to the bed, the mattress heaving with the lust and desires that Adam held. “Look at your fucking happiness unwind before you. Look at your world fall apart!” Adam laughed maniacally. “Look at the untimely end to everything. When you see him tomorrow, kiss him deeply, knowing your hell and demonic nature!” Tyler transcended. His spirit flung above the seen much quicker than before, the dark act disappearing from his view. He appeared in a labyrinth that was exceptionally dark, yet flints of red light hit the smoke in the maze. He was naked of course, beautiful as can be, with the red light bouncing off his piercings. He heard the sound of creatures nearby, guttural tormenting sounds of lust and desire being made. He started walking. Around a corner he saw himself again strapped to a dumpster, his dick pouring cum, his ass pouring cum, the neighborhood lined up to impregnate him. Another 90 degree turn and he saw himself on some wooden machine, shacked on all fours, as his ass was a waterfall for cum, his body even skinnier and bony. Another corner and he saw his parents, naked, fucking hard, and he began to precum. He stopped. He had to watch. They turned to him in their lust and screamed at him to turn away. Calling him demented and sick. He only smiled and stroked his dick in one hand, touching his body in a coaxing manner in the other, sliding his hand over all his bones, just begging to one to relinquish and want to touch him. They kept fucking and yelling at him in the same time. A flash occurred and Tyler was in another part of the labyrinth, the sounds of lust coming closer now. He felt like the transcendence was waning, but he tried to stay focused to keep it. He could hear Adam breaking into his visions… “Fucking garbage dump I am going to fuck you up in ways you’ll never imagine!” Adams voice came on strong, then faded into the distant. There in front of him Tyler saw his father masturbating like a fiend to naked videos of Tyler being used. His body already covered with cumloads from the amount of orgasms he had had. His father looked at Tyler standing there, screaming at him that he was a sick fuck. Tyler lost control and responded by telling his father how much he loved seeing his hairy naked body getting off to his demonic nature. His father couldn’t stop stroking but kept yelling. The scene was imploding on itself. He felt the brutal thrusts of Adam deeper and harder and more real inside him. Tyler reached out and touched his father’s hairy chest, lust materialized as an almost magical dust emanating from him. Lightning bolts shot through Tyler at the initial touch, extreme amounts of pleasure flowed through him like a jet, disgust filled his bones at his sickness, yet he moved his hand more, caressing the body. His dad furiously screamed to stop it, but made no attempt to stop him. Tyler felt a flash coming on and with no ability to stop it, he succumbed. He appeared in the room again surrounded by the creatures. This time he was being groped from every angle. Almost every part of his body was covered in hands, or claws, or whatever these things were. He could make out horns in the shadows protruding from the heads of the creatures. He felt contentment, rage, disgust. Then he felt a massive dick running down his skinny spine. This felt like it was the size of 10 dicks in one. He felt it press against his slutty hole and felt it open to accept it. No faces could be seen but he did not care. He was learning to not care about faces, not care about looks. The claws dragged against his perfect skin, and then he felt the most massive thing enter him and he saw his skin turn blood red. In front of his eyes, tattoos began to materialize all over his arms, legs, and anything else he could seen. He could make out faintly as they materialized, nasty words being etched into him. Words like slut, faggot, demon, seemed to swirl onto his body. He felt the etching continuing on his back, above his ass, down the back of his legs, although he couldn’t read it. The pain was immense but the pleasure was indescribable. Nothing that Brandon, Adam, Jax, or any of the 20 or so other boys did to him the nights prior had even a percent of a feeling of what bliss he was experiencing now. In his mind, he made up that we wanted to stay. Fuck the real world, he belonged here. As soon as Tyler’s mind was made up, his skin returned to normal and the vision began to fade. He desperately tried to conjure the pleasure he was feeling, anything to keep this transcendence, or whatever Jax called it alive. It felt reel. Fuck it could be real. He didn’t even understand how it was happening, but he didn’t care. He had stay! He started begging out loud to the shadows to let him stay, not to take him. But as he looked down he saw himself being sucked back into reality. Adam was turning him over on his back, his face sweaty and soaked with the sweat from their destruction. Entering reality Adam ferociously kissed Tyler. Tyler’s smooth pencil legs wrapped around Adam, pulling him as deeply as he could. Tyler’s hole longed for the massive dick he had just experienced, but alas, the feeling, and even the memory was starting to fade. Tyler’s dick released a copious cum load, without it being touched, as Adam was maniacally screaming, probably waking up the entire apartment complex. It didn’t matter, Tyler had practically lose all physical remembrance of his transcendence, his arms wrapped around Adam like he was the love of his life, and Tyler committed more fully to the act than he ever did before. “I love you inside me so much my love!” Tyler screamed. “Yes! Yes! I AM YOUR FUCKING LOVE!” Adam cried. His dick was pulsating so hard that even with his incredible loose hole, Tyler could feel it knocking around inside him. Tyler felt the darkness of the scene and continued to succumb. “Give me your babies Adam, give them to me fully. Corrupt me more baby. Right here, where Brandon and I lay, where I will lie to his face that he’s the only one for me, only to think of you when I do it.” Tyler screamed, far too loud, his neighbors must think hell was taking place in his home. Adam roared releasing his loads deep into Tyler, which felt like it took five minutes to complete. Pulling out Adam attacked Tyler’s hole, sucking the cum out of it, which was easy, considering Tyler’s hole was so loose it was just about pouring out anyway. Adam went back and forth between Tyler’s hole and mouth, collecting the cum, to the point that their mouths we completely full of Tyler’s ass loads, and they made out like wild. Cum dripped down their mouths and chins, covering them. They held each other so hard it was as if they were trying to push their bodies together into one. It was beautiful, dark, sinful, and destructive. Adam pulled off Tyler finally after what seemed to be an eternity, his hands still almost out of his control, gently touching Tyler’s perfect body, flicking his nipple piercings, caressing his perfection. “I love how many men you are sleeping with my baby. The next time I cum over, your hole better be filled with multiple men’s loads, otherwise, hey I might slip up and get Brandon a but suspicious.” Wait, this wasn’t the deal. Tyler was still orgasming internally, but he tried to get himself back to reality. “Hey, I said you can have me whenever, I never said I had to have slept with multiple men beforehand. That wasn’t the agreement!” Tyler cried. “Well I made an adjustment to the agreement baby,” Adam kissed him gently on the lips, “Cmon, its not as if that’s UNLIKELY to happen anyway at this point. I’m sure you’re going to invite 20 more men over tonight to defile your bed,” Adam laughed in an evil manner. Tyler laid there like the picture of perfection, as Adam got dressed. Again, no other words were uttered. Tyler had committed to this covenant and now it owned him. All those thoughts of getting on the right track were flooding back into Tyler. How could he right this this time? Did he even want to? Deep down, he knew things were spiraling and he desperately needed to feel another transcendence as well. It was opening him up to things he had no idea he desired or wanted or even felt. Too many emotions encircled him. His body heaved with lust and desire. Adam walked out the door and Tyler began convulsing, orgasming from extreme feelings that were flooding inside him. Without even touching himself, without even being touched, Tyler experienced the most powerful orgasm he had ever had. His path was beginning to become sealed in darkness.
  4. Chapter 6: The First Transcendence Tyler walked down the street, hair disheveled, clothes a mess, sweaty, and obviously looking like he had just finished some ravaging sex. Adam and Aaron lived in a much better part of town, so whereas Tyler and Brandon’s shit area he would have fit into fairly easily, not so much here. He looked trashy. He was getting looks and stares, like he was a street whore. He felt the cum slowly begin to work its way from his ass down his taint. Soon, it would start to dribble down his legs. Something about that made him feel good and yet it felt wrong and embarrassing. Again the force of the wrongness of everything was winding up his sexual urges, and he hated himself for it, which then further reinforced his growing horniness. Reality set in and Tyler started thinking that walking down the street with cum beginning to run down his super skinny legs and a growing hardon in his tight shorts, already looking like a whore, was probably not going to be good for him. He started to panic. As he crossed between two buildings a had reached out, grabbing his tiny arm, and pulling him forcefully into the alley. The person was incredibly rough. Immediately he had a hood over his had, his body slammed into the brick of the building, and hand covering his mouth, pushing the fabric of the hood firmly into his mouth. Tyler was terrified, but he felt that trying to scream would make things worse. Tyler began to feel a hand groping him, his hardon began to pulse. Terrified and still horny, he felt instant relief when the voice spoke. “My Tyler”, the monotone voice said. It was Jax, Tyler had memorized that voice. The hood was lifted off his face, revealing his love. Tyler leaned in to kiss Jax, without even thinking. Jax did not move. Tyler pulled back, feeling confused, yet entranced by those beautiful animal eyes. “Jax I’ve been thinking about you every moment!” Tyler exclaimed. Jax nodded, almost in a pondering manner. A deviant smile barely appeared, “And were you thinking about me when you committed the infidelity you just completed?” Tyler felt frozen. How did Jax know that? Was he watching him? How the literal hell would he know? Jax’s had was already on Tyler’s upper thigh, and beginning to get covered in Adam’s cum that was leaking from Tyler’s fresh slut hole. Jax pulled his hand away, bringing it up to Tyler’s mount. “Eat your cheater’s cum”, Jax ordered. Tyler freaked. He didn’t know if Jax was spying on him, he was in an alley, but still anyone could see from either side. He was still ridiculously turned on, but he pulled away. “This isn’t very private…” Tyler started. “I DO NOT GIVE A FUCK. AND NEITHER DO YOU. IF YOU JUST DECIDED TO BE A SLUT LIKE YOU WERE, YOU CAN LICK HIS CUM FROM YOUR ASS OFF MY HAND. NOW.”, Jax was incredibly firm. Tyler reached out to touch Jax while he began to let Jax’s cummy hand enter his mouth. Jax harshly swatted Tyler’s hands away. “Eat the cum you garbage slut.” Jax ordered. “I haven’t given you permission to touch my perfection. Tyler, defeated, began sensually licking the cum from his own ass off Jax’s fingers. Slowly, deeply, he tasted the melding of him and Adam off the fingers of the man he cheated on his lover with. Jax’s other hand pulled behind Tyler, gathering the next gob of cum to eat. Jax alternated hands for Tyler to worship and lick. Tyler was beginning to feel high off the disgust of the human being he was, but for what felt like hours, he ate as much cum that Jax could pull from his dripping hole. Finally, after what seemed to be an eternity, Jax could no longer pull some measurable cum from Tyler’s hole and legs. “I missed you Tyler”, Jax’s tone changed dramatically, smashing his lips into Tyler, they made out like psychos. Tyler just moaned. His world felt like it was flipped upside down in lust. His hands reached under Jax’s shirt, feeling him up, caressing his boney body. Jax was doing similar to Tyler, but it was obvious that Tyler was the addict. He was touching Jax like he was a trophy, an object, something he couldn’t get enough of. It was it Tyler was trying to get his fingers to memorize every curve, the level of softness, the amount of smoothness, of every micro inch of Jax’s unbelievable body. “Are you thinking about Brandon right now?” Jax interjected while they were making out. Tyler seemed perplexed. “Um no Jax, I’m all about you baby!” He exclaimed. Jax looked disappointed. “You should be thinking about the boy you are lying to right now.” Jax cooed. “Do it. Feel it. You know that cheating is taking a hold of you.” Tyler felt more mass confusion within him. He know the level of wrongness in the infidelity he was creating was horrible, but he knew taking pleasure in it was beyond disgusting. He just nodded his head in agreement but was too focused on Jax to think of Brandon in any measurable manner. Jax continued his groping and kissing of Tyler, but he knew Tyler wasn’t thinking of Brandon. “Lets go babe”, Jax ordered. Tyler nodded. He didn’t ask where, he didn’t ask why, he didn’t ask how long, he just grabbed Jax’s hand and followed him down the alley. Jax approached an old rusty door further down the alley. He opened it, its hinges creaking extraordinarily, is if the door hadn’t been opened in a millennia. It was almost completely dark inside, yet a small glass block window let in enough light. It looked like a small manufacturing office or room inside. Tons of rusted metal objects and frames, an old cash register, rusted chains hung from the ceiling. Tyler paused as Jax tried to wave him into the darkness. Something didn’t feel right. Jax however, did not wait for any discussion about the current situation. He grabbed Tyler, thrusting him into the darkness, and forcibly walked behind him, slamming the door with fury, and turning the locking mechanism with anger. Tyler swung around after being pushed, seeing Jax take off his shirt, his skin and bones exposed in the light pouring through the window. Jax’s eyes began to change color, to a blood red hue. Tyler had been enamored by Jax from the moment he had seen him, but Jax’s now red eyes, looked like they went on into his soul for miles. He’d never seen anything like this, he’d never contemplated anything so out of this world. Jax slammed his hands into Tyler’s shoulders, Tyler stumbled, knocking over heaps of rusted mental frames and trinkets. Things were moving too fast. Tyler tried to regain his composure. Jax slammed Tyler onto the hard floor. Jax’s pants, which were practically plastered to his skeleton body, were being pulled down. No underwear, just his gigantic cock, with a massive bead of pre cum, was in front of him. Tyler, while in pain, instinctively went to suck it. Jax backhanded Tyler so hard the room started to spin. This wasn’t the somewhat playful backhand that Jax gave Tyler in the car the other night. This felt like hatred. “I didn’t tell you to suck it. Take your clothes off NOW!” Jax demanded. Tyler stripped, and before he had finally pulled off his little baby blue ankle socks, Jax again grabbed him angrily, flipping him over onto the cold hard floor and rammed into him. “Do I own you?” Jax demanded loudly. Tyler’s slut hole opened up for his lover, already wet with the remnants of the other boy he just cheated with. Tyler’s tone was more sultry than ever, just a determined, “Yes”, was uttered. Tyler’s face was smashed into the floor, his whole body was too. Jax went deep into him, fucking him like it was what he was meant to do. “Come away with me Tyler. Lets transcend this world for a real hell”, Jax then whispered in his ear. With that, Jax pulled all the way out of Tyler, staring at Tyler’s gaping hole for a moment, and then with the might of a thousand twinks, rammed so hard into Tyler that he slammed Tyler’s prostrate harder than he had every felt. Tyler began to convulse, an orgasm unlike anything he had ever felt was building within him so quickly. The room began to spin profusely, the kisses on his neck from Jax was like electrical bolts through his body. Tyler began seeing colors flashing before his eyes. Faster and faster and fast. Now the colors changed to blinding white, and as if a strobe light was placed in front of his eyes, it pulsed with incredible speed. The white then modulated to the same blood red of Tyler’s eyes, and then everything went black. Tyler looked down, seeing himself in a dirty deserted room, being fucked mercilessly by Jax. He felt, ethereal, as he floated above reality. Turning to his right Jax was floating next him. They were both naked, both almost transparent. The continued to float higher and higher above the scene below them, until it was just a white dot in a room of incredible darkness. Then the visions began to flow. Tyler saw himself with Brandon on their wedding day. The vision continued to modulate and flash alternate scenes. Tyler walking up the aisle, then a quick flash, Tyler was naked, then back to being in his tuxedo. As he arrived at the altar, another flash, Jax was besides Brandon, his tongue on his neck, Brandon’s eyes rolled into the back of his head, and Jax’s hand’s feeling up Brandon’s body. Flash again – the scene was back to normal, Brandon was receiving Tyler at the altar, the priest welcoming all the guests. Another flash, a naked Jax sitting in the front pew, jacking his cock that was now twice the size that it was in real life. Flash again – the scene returned to normal. As the boys said their wedding vows flashes back and forth of seeing Jax behind Brandon, touching him, staring down Tyler in hatred, and then in loved, and then in disgusted again. When it came time for the final kiss, Tyler leaned in to kiss Brandon, but another flash happened, Tyler was naked in the aisle, staring at the altar, Brandon saying “I do”, staring right into Jax’s eyes. Jax opened one eye to stare at Tyler, laying naked in the aisle, although he didn’t seem to be noticed by anyone else. As Jax and Brandon walked back down the aisle, Tyler was obviously invisible to everyone besides Jax. As Jax passed by Tyler, he raised his foot kicking Tyler in the face, knocking him out cold. Another flash, Tyler floated above the bed as Jax made love to Brandon on their wedding night. Brandon was screaming things about how he wasted his life with Tyler, and Jax was the only man for him. Jax was whispering horrors in Brandon’s ears about Tyler being a filthy slut, Brandon seeming so content about having Jax in his arms. Another flash, now another version of Jax was floating next to Tyler watching Brandon and Jax make sickening love in their bed below. The floating Jax grabbed Tyler and begin to make out, groping each other like maniacs, as they watched another version of reality with Brandon being in love with Jax below. Another flash, Tyler was tied to a dumpster in an incredibly dirty back alley. Dirty mattresses strewn the alley, other trashy twink slept on them, as Tyler, in a much skinnier form turned around to look up at Jax, who had his hand on Tyler’s head, looking down the street seeing 200 or so men lined up for Tyler’s dumpster ass. The first man entered Tyler, Jax kissed Tyler deeply, Tyler became one with being a slut in that instant, then another flash occurred. He was yet again floating with another version of Jax above the wedding bed of Brandon and Jax, yet Brandon was sleeping, and Jax was inviting men in. Jax was bent over, screaming and getting fucked, while Brandon lay asleep. Jax had pulled his new wedding ring off and tossed it in the corner, as he cheated on his husband while he slept. Another flash, Tyler was in a dark smokey room with a singular light in the center. Surrounding him, were gargantuan dark figures with blood red eyes. These looked like abominations. They chanted at him, “he is most beautiful”, “he must be corrupted”, “belongs to the darkness”. Their smokey claws, hands, whatever they were extended from the darkness, groping Tyler. Tyler realized he was chained to the ground. He couldn’t move. He felt immense pleasure at his situation, his eyes rolling into the back of his head. The chanting was like a drug, he felt like nothing else. These dark creatures, these dark things, could do what they wanted with him. Another flash, Tyler was back chained to the dumpster, and while he hadn’t experience all of it, he knew in his mind he had somehow taken 101 of the 200 men that had waited in line for him. Jax’s lips had been pressed to his while he was being destroyed. Then looking over Tyler saw his parents, starting in disgust. Tyler became harder at their disgust. They screamed at what a retched thing he was, how they never wanted to see him again. Multiple flashes occurred then, seeing Brandon with Jax, seeing the abominations, seeing Jax cheat on Brandon, seeing the real world version of what happened when Tyler cheated on Brandon with Jax, seeing himself cheat with Adam, flash after flash, like a slide show. The flashes slowed, and Tyler looked at his disgusted parents with vitriol and disgust himself. He screamed at them “This is who I am. You will touch yourself tonight at my perfection!” His parents gasped and ran down the alley, leaving a chained Tyler with a river running into a lake of cum that was pouring out of his ass. Another flash, the creatures had descended upon Tyler, kissing him, entering him, deep red fires burned all over the room, yet the creatures were pitch black, and Tyler kissed them all. Touched them all. His bliss was unexplainable, he was reborn as a demon, or so he felt. The creatures muttered in their deep guttural voices, “corrupt him”, “demonize him”, “twist him”. The room started spinning hard. Tyler couldn’t stop the spinning. The white strobing came back until the room became black. Off in the distance, Tyler saw a white dot, getting larger and larger, until he could make out. He was approaching reality again. He saw his skinny body covered in sweat, his face mashed to the ground, Jax’s big dick slamming into him with no mercy, a practical fountain of cum splurting out of his ass every time Jax slammed into him. Jax then pulled his head back as far as it would go, grasping Tyler’s soaked hair. Tyler watched himself in ecstasy, but couldn’t feel anything. Jax appeared next to him. He smiled at him, but this time he looked like the devil. As quickly as he appeared, he disappeared, and Tyler felt himself being sucked back into reality. Moving closer and closer to his real body. Tyler jolted into reality feeling the immense force of Jax’s thrusts into him. The sounds were guttural. Lots of grunting and moaning coming from Jax and the sound of Jax’s cum being sloshed around every time he pushed back in Tyler. Tyler’s ass felt like nothing at this point, he could feel the ground underneath him was sticky wet, and he realized he was lying in a pool of his own cum, probably mixed some with the amount that was leaking from his ass. The amount of cum he was laying in, was outrageous. He must have cum more than he could have ever imagine. The amount of sweat pouring down on Tyler from Jax was extreme. He felt like he was being fucked in the rain. Tyler had momentary flashes of his out of body experience, but he remained in reality. In fact, he remained laying there, he didn’t thrust his ass back, he didn’t move. He just became entrenched into his dark actions, and gave himself like the property he was to Jax. Jax fucking Tyler on the hard floor lasted hours, the amount of cum was gross and Tyler began licking the lake that was surrounding him as Jax finished up whatever orgasm he was currently on. Tyler had cum in his hair, covering his entire front torso, and looked 10 times worse than he did when he was walking down the street hours ago. The light through the window was incredibly dim. It must have been late. Brandon would have gone to work by now. Jax finally pulled out of Tyler, and Tyler instinctively cleaned every inch of his cock with his mouth. “That was quite a transcendence.” Jax explained. Tyler was shaking, he was so weak at this point. “What do you mean babe?” “You left your body for many hours during that. I was there with you”, Jax said calmly. “What the literal fuck is going on?” Tyler snapped. “You transcended you dumb slut. You left to higher plain of ecstasy for a while. It happens with me, you’ll see. You go to a place where your hopes and fears all battle things out. You get to see vividly everything you are scared of, and your deepest wants.” “But I’ve never thought about you and Brandon together…” Tyler began. Jax stared at him with the same devil smile that he did right before Tyler had re-entered reality. “Oh baby, I never said I didn’t have SOME control of your transcendence.” Jax looked like evil as he continued. “I inserted the things I knew would live within you to help grow that guilt and wrongness that you are learning to love so deeply.” “So you pushed my mind to think about me being a dumpster slut and my parents finding me being so trashy?!” Tyler exclaimed. “Oh baby, I know what I inserted into your head, and it certainly wasn’t that”, Jax said, gently caressing Tyler’s cummy hair as they were both standing up. “You have some darkness buried deep in you at this point.” Tyler looked at his phone. 30 missed text messages from Brandon, and 6 missed calls. Jax was already opening the creaky door. “Now I will say my love, you look like the trashiest whore in the world right now. I certainly wouldn’t think you would be safe walking home looking like that on the city streets.” Jax taunted. Tyler could feel how fucked he must look. “You can maybe drive me home Jax?” He asked softly. Jax laughed, almost maniacally, “I think you’ll be safe in the back alleys….all the way home.” With that, Jax stepped out the door. Tyler rushed to follow him and was only a few steps behind him, although he was certainly walking funny from how blown out his hole was. As he reached the doorway he looked both ways, and there was no Jax to be seen. Daylight was waning heavily, a disgusting Tyler had to get home without being reported as a street whore in the nice area of town, and he had a lot of explaining to do to Brandon. Clothes soaked in cum and sweat, hair sticking in all directions, eyes sucken in, skin pale from the amount of energy exertion, Tyler stepped out from his room of destruction to make the long walk home and desperately tried to figure out how to handle Brandon.
  5. Ok all. Chapter 6 will be up momentarily. Now I think everyone knows there are some fantastical elements to this story. I'll be curious to hear what you think of this next chapter. Its my story so I'm not necessarily going to heavily alter things if some do not like it but it's part of the mental part of the entire saga. The mental part has to be there for this to have the weight I intend for it to have. I hope you enjoy.
  6. CHAPTER 5: ADAM Nothing had transpired with him and Brandon after Tyler’s night of hell. Brandon didn’t seem to suspect anything, and Tyler certainly hadn’t said anything. Tyler dreamed of Jax every night, his hand would ferociously jerk his dick thinking about Jax. Everytime he told Brandon he loved him, the guilt was overwhelming, yet somehow it would make Tyler so hard he would have to leave the room to blow multiple loads. Then the guilt of getting off to the guilt of his infidelity would turn him on again. Tyler didn’t understand. He had so many levels of guilt he couldn’t even think straight, but everything was a domino effect. Each feeling of guilt manifested into Tyler wanting to cum, and cum, and be touched, and be bad. There was still plenty inside him telling him to stay good, to love Brandon, to treat that night like a horrible mistake, but never speak of it again, yet he know deep down he would have a hard time staying the straight and narrow after what happened to him. Once he had exhausted multiple orgasms for the day, he would tend to feel like he had gotten it out of his system, only to realize not even an hour or so later, that he craved it even more. Several days after that night, Tyler got a text from Adam. “I need to talk to you, can you come over?” The text inquired. “Whats it about?” Tyler asked. “Just come over please.” Tyler arrived at Adam’s apartment, where a tight pair of shorts and a sleeveless tee, his skinny body glistening in the sun. Adam answered the door shirtless, his face was full of pain, and he waved Tyler inside. Collapsing on the sofa in front of Tyler, his head in his hands, Adam broke down. “I didn’t know who else to talk to,” Adam said. “What do you mean Adam? What is this all about? We aren’t even that close!” Tyler said in a slightly exasperated manner. “What do you mean what is this about?” Adam exclaimed, “We cheated!” Tyler felt shockwaves shooting through him. How did Adam know? How could he know? He had left with that boy in the club. Plus, Aaron and Adam had an open relationship so how could Adam have cheated? “Those boys were all about you Tyler! I know they must have touched you to the extreme after I left.” “Uh, Adam,” Tyler sighed, “You know I am 100% loyal to Brandon. They were a bit flirty, but I drew the line. You should know that Im not about to cheat on Brandon.” “Oh, shit. Man Tyler, with you being the hottest thing in that club, I figured you’d let go, and just went for it. Those boys were hot too. Fuck. Now you’re not going to understand.” Adam sighed. “I’ve been cheating on Aaron with that boy from the club every day. He’s insane, he makes me take him bareback in front of all the happy pictures of Aaron and he begs me to tell him that I love him. And fuck Ty, I like it. I can’t stop it. I feel gulty as fuck after these 4 to 5 to 6 hour long lovefests are done, and it makes me horny. How can guilt make someone horny?!” Tyler felt the guilt begin to rise in him. Like getting a hardon in a crowd and being uncomfortable, Tyler felt himself immediately desperate trying to think of something to calm the burning fire that was going within in as soon as Adam started talking about guilt.” “Tyler, I’m masturbating like 20 times a day in pleasure every time I think about my guilt! What the fuck, it feels amazing, it feels wrong, but I don’t understand. We were supposed to tell each other everything, but it feels so much better to tell him nothing. It feels so much better to tell someone else that I love them and then bullshit it with Aaron. What the fuck is up with me?” “Adam, I….I….don’t know what to say buddy,” Tyler gulped hard, “I’ve just never gone through this before. I really can’t counsel you on this.” Tyler could see Adam’s tears, mixed with rage, mixed with a growing dick in his athletic shorts. Tyler was feeling like his control was being eroded at breakneck pace at this point. The jolts, shockwaves, tingles, shooting all throughout him thinking about cheating, guilt, and what is was doing to him at home, and now hearing someone else giving into it, made trying to keep his horniness almost impossible. His dick started to grow. Considering the size of shorts Tyler was wearing, it took practically nothing before it was obvious through Adam’s tears that Tyler was aroused. “Why are you hard?” Adam said, almost angrily. “I’m not,” Tyler lied again. Adam could see the darkness rising in Tyler, along with his average dick now being rock hard. Adam reached and grabbed Tyler’s now pulsing cock, and Tyler yelped. “Adam!” “Tell me to stop” Tyler was about to say it but he realized he couldn’t. “What, do you like this shit? Lying piece of shit!” Adam was more angry than horny. His grief, guilt, and internal hatred for himself was manifesting as sexual, but it was clear his anger was key. Tyler relented, “I mean, I mean, just maybe it turned me on just a little bit? I mean not a lot, I mean….” Adam slammed his lips into Tyler’s violently. Their tongues swirled, and then Tyler pulled away for a breath. “How many did you sleep with that night?!” Adam demanded. “None!” Tyler again lying harder than ever “FUCKING BULLSHIT YOU WHORE!” Adam roared. “HOW FUCKING MANY??!” “NONE!” Tyler was yelling back. Adams hands were beginning to grope him. Fog was entering his head. His mind went to Brandon, then to Jax, then to Adam’s anger staring him in the face. “I don’t fucking believe you for a second!” Adam screamed as he began to unbutton Tyler’s tight shorts. Sweat began to pour down Tyler’s face. The guilt bubble inside him was at a boiling point. His dick was pulsing, memories of that night were jolting him into the stratosphere, he felt the same loss of control he did with Jax. This perfect, sweet, sensual, beautiful disaster was overcoming him. He was weak, useless, trashy, and couldn’t hold it in any longer. “AT LEAST FUCKING 40!!!!” Tyler howled. “Oh you fucking lying, cheating disgusting slut!!” Adam returned the howl. Ripping off Tyler’s shorts down the smoothest, skinniest legs he’d ever laid his eyes on, he felt his dick pulsing uncontrollably. “And I bet it was all unprotected….” Tyler just looked down, he gave in to guilt, to shame, and Adam lifted his skinny legs in the air. “Well I guess you’ll love me in you raw, and not knowing where my dick has been then you fucking TRASH!” Adam plunged into Tyler without another moment’s hesitation. Fireworks shot through Tyler, the room disappeared, colors of every spectrum shot around him, his nerves were on fire as every sensation felt like heaven and hell mixed into some dark maniacal emotion. He wasn’t in Adam’s apartment anymore. He transcended space and time. Visions of his lovemaking to Brandon, his horror committed the other night, intertwined, fighting each other, shattering into a million pieces only to re-emerge to fight each other again. Tyler saw visions of Brandon sobbing, Jax laughing, Bastion breeding. Tyler saw two paths emerge. A glowing beautiful vibrant utterly blissful relationship with the man he loved, visions of 5, 10, 15 years down the road together in the most happy ways possible. The other path was his skinny body soaked from the rain in a back alley, his knees smashed into the concrete as his face was pressed up against a dumpster, rivers of cum flowing out of his perfect pussy, and a line down the alley, down the street and across town to enter him. “You. Don’t. Know. Where. My. Dick. Has. Been!” Adam screamed, every word was a gigantic thrust into Tyler. “Take that fucking shirt off.” Tyler relented, pulling his shirt off, showing off his wet, sweaty skin matted to his skinny frame, his metal and diamond piercings shimmering in the light. Their lips met again, this time anger melded with lust, Tyler felt love, then realized it was silly to feel love, and then realized he wanted to feel it, and then felt guilty. The guilt drove pre cum to start pouring out of his dick. “Gawd I used to think you were so perfect but you are goddamn utter trash!” Adam was still screaming. His hips were working into Tyler’s still incredibly loose hole. “You can tell you went fucking slut mode on Brandon you dumb fuck. I can barely feel my cock in your ass, and its fucking amazingly hot!” Adam continued pumping Tyler, Tyler’s head bobbing back and forth. He really was in another dimension. Adam would pull him out of his stupor, but then fell back into it. Adam’s words were dulled by the feelings Tyler was having. Again his mind watched visions of him being a back alley cum dump and he could feel the love that his future self had for what he was doing, and then his visions would change to a sobbing Brandon, and Tyler couldn’t understand, but he felt content. “I’m going to put my fucking babies in you and make you MINE!” Adam yelled. Tyler snapped out of his daze, “But I’m not yours,” he whispered quietly. Adam backhanded Tyler across his face several times, still increasing for fury in his fucking, then licking softly up and down Tyler’s neck and whispering, “You know you want to be mine.” Adam’s tone went from so angry to so sultry and it deepened the darkness swirling in Tyler. He felt new sensations shooting through him as Adam made his statement, a wanting, a belonging, a reason for new pleasure. “Make me yours them,” Tyler sighed. Adam screamed like an animal, ramming so hard into Tyler that Tyler lost his breath. He felt Adam slam his prostate so hard, cum began shooting from his dick, and then the fire hose of Adam’s dick began to blow his DNA deep within Tyler’s slut hole. “Kiss me better than you have ever kissed Brandon!” Adam orderd. And so Tyler did. He felt Adam and him ascending into the heavens, staring down at the world, electricity shooting out of them. He felt pregnant from the amount of cum deposited into him from Adam, and went limp in his arms. Adam pulled out of Tyler, and Tyler instinctively cleaned his dick with his mouth. “You’re disgusting, but that hole is mine,” Adam claimed. “ You will come over here whenever the fuck I want, or Brandon is going to know fucking EVERYTHING”. Adam had gotten his fill, and now his rage was back. Tyler could see this rage pleasured him, he was enjoying this, he was falling in love with his own anger and letting it consumer him. Tyler put his clothes back on, exchanging kisses with Adam and letting Adam grope him as he tried to get dressed. “I will ruin your relationship if I have to, do not make me go that far” Adam demanded. Tyler didn’t say a word. Adam for a moment, was taken a back. Tyler’s eyes, they looked like a cat’s eye, and animal eye for a brief second. Adam blinked, and it was gone. Must have been the light. There was no resolution. Tyler never agreed to come back, or denied Adam’s statement. Hair disheveled, sweaty, panting, and still higher than could be described, a defeated Tyler walked towards the apartment door to leave. Adam looked at his phone, Aaron would be home soon, otherwise this bitch would not have only taken one load of his DNA for the day. Adam felt he had Tyler hooked. He had no idea what was swirling in Tyler’s mind or the mania that was beginning to ensue. Adam’s phone vibrated with a text message as Tyler left the apartment. “FROM BASTION: WANT TO GO TO HELL TOGETHER TONIGHT ONCE AARON FALLS ASLEEP?” Adam smiled, a wicked smile. That Bastion boy really knew how to defile his hole. “WHENEVER YOU WANT, MY REAL LOVE”, Adam replied via text.
  7. Im not fully happy with this Chapter but I needed to get over the hump to move the story forward and this was necessary. I hope you can understand and its still enjoyable for you. Luckily I am posting the next chapter right after this one. CHAPTER 4: HEDON At 4AM HEDON was still packed full of the most beautiful twinks anyone had ever seen. Its was an expansive commune, thirty to fourty times larger than Tyler had seen. There were dozens of expansive open sex rooms, private fuck closets, gloryholes, lounges, alcoves, bar locations and there was even the man den, a place for old men to come (if they were members or investors of the club that is) and enjoy the sensual delights of any boy there. Exactly, as the clock hit 4AM, all the lights in the club turned a deep red. A small buzzing sound came over the speakers for around 30 seconds, but the red lights remained. The scene was never affected by the change. Lust continued to flow from the multiple floors and every corner of the compound. Open and wild sex was rampant everywhere anyone would look. In a small brick hallway, 6 doors opened, almost simultaneously and 6 extremely skinny, black-robed figures exited from individual rooms. They wore only tiny black briefs, a hooded cloak that ran to the floor, and a tight fighting mask over their faces resembling a blank stare. Their pace down the hallways was brisk, but not overly hurried. They wound their way through the halls, up a set of stair, down two others. They had purpose in their movement, and they arrived at what happened to be a glass conference room, surrounded on 3 sides by the largest of the open sex rooms. It was more of a sex floor. Over 100 psychotic, wild, addicted twinks where going at it in various manners. Pleasure abounded from every look on their face, their ecstasy was real and pure. The six figures paid no attention. They entered the conference room one by one, each taking a set around a gorgeous ebony-wood lacquered conference table. At the head of the table, was another hooded figure. This one wore a mask, and also was in underwear, albeit boxer briefs. He had a beefy hairy dad bod. The mask he wore was the same blank staring mask as the 6 sitting in front of him. “Harbingers!” he said exuberantly. “Yes Hedon”, they all responded in unison. A man in an exceptional suit appeared next to Hedon, or Lord Hedon as he was officially known. The man looked as if he had just stepped out of trading on Wall Street. “This here is Michael Cormacker. He owns several multinational corporations with profits in the billions. He is married, bored, and desperate for the life that HEDON can provide him”, Hedon claimed. The figures said nothing. They didn’t appear to be in a trance. Their heads pointed downwards, their robes were slightly opened, showing glittering hints of their skinny bodies. There was no nodding, no acknowledgement to Hedon, just complacency, as it appeared. “Before we attend to Mr. Cormacker’s needs,” Hedon stated, “a slight bit of business and reminders”. The biweekly tradition of mounting will take place in next week for you six. You all have done it many times, you know what is expected of you. The normal 12 hour duration will be in place. Be prepared to give yourself to your deepest and darkest filth as you let the masses use you. Currently, with the club’s population, we are looking at least at 500. That may increase as we approach the date.” The figures all nodded, not saying a word. “Now, Mr. Cormacker. You are sincerely interested in our establishment, as our considerable amount of resources have determined. Let me help you understand what it is we do here.” Mr. Cormacker nodded. You could see his eyes darting in between the figures at the table, trying to catch a glance as to whatever was under their robes, how beautiful their faces must be under those masks. “These are the harbingers. The facilitate the corruption and the finality of giving in to utter pleasure, at whatever expense is necessary.” Hedon signaled to the figures at the table as he explained. “What do you mean harbingers? Cormacker seemed annoyed with the cult like nature of what he had originally thought was just a sex club. “Let me explain how Hedon operates,” Hedon described. “We practice the purest form of hedonism. We give into lust, pleasure, at any and all expense. Our greatest pleasure is seeing boys devolve into sexual maniacs, watching their relationships, lives, everything, fall apart right in front of their eyes, and watching them derive the greatest pleasure from it.” Hedon’s voice was deep, but smooth. The figures at the table made no response at all. “Listen man, I have unlimited funds to invest, but I have no interest in supporting a club with such an odd code. I just want unlimited fucking to satisfy me in the ways my wife never will!” Cormacker was annoyed at this point. “Permit me the time to explain the process.” Hedon signaled for Cormacker’s eyes towards the glass walls over the conference room. Smoke hid the clearer picture, but Cormacker, now focused on room surrounding the conference area, could make out thinly veiled figures, what looked to be perfectly shaped twinks, making out, touching each other , connecting with each other. On the panel to his left, Hedon pressed a button. Parts of the ceiling in the outer room surrounded the conference opened up, revealing giant fans which began to spin up. Within a moment, the fans sucked all the smoke out and the ecstasy was revealed. Cormacker gazed in disbelief at the number of beautiful twinks, sweat covering their bodies, their lips and tongues intertwined, their bodies gyrating to the dark evil techno that was playing. There was nothing but lust. He watched in amazement for minute after minute as the boys just cycled from one to another, with seemingly unlimited horniness, and craving more and more. “They only sleep as little as they can. This is how they live,” Hedon explained. “And it is done through the dark deeds of the harbingers. But in the end, all these boys chose this. They weren’t forced, they aren’t paid. This is the life they have chosen to live.” Cormacker’s mouth was practically on the floor at this point. What he was seeing was heavenly, and hellish, and every dream he ever had. “May I continue with your education then? “Hedon’s words pointed at Cormacker. “Continue”, Cormacker said. There was no more annoyance in his voice, he was hooked already. “The harbingers each represent a different part in the cycle of becoming an addicted hedonist. They are experts at their craft, their desires as impure as can be imagined, and their results are impeccable. “ Hedon motioned for the first harbinger at the table to stand. The harbinger stood, his robe pulling open, showing a very tight, lanky, skinny, glistening smooth perfect body. “This is the Harbinger of Infidelity”, Hedon said. “He lives to take pleasure in the initial deception and lack of control a boy exhibits when he cheats on his lover. The Harbinger is an expert at planting all the seeds of infidelity in a boy. The boy becomes obsessed with this Harbinger, his thoughts turn from his boyfriend, and the cheating commences. As with every harbinger, nothing is forced. The boy comes to realize the pleasure of his deception, of the hell he is creating, and finds extreme pleasure in the guilt and the lying. This is the first step on the path, and this harbinger, the facilitator. The Harbinger of Infidelity sat down, keeping his robe more open for Cormacker to gaze at his perfect body. The next Harbinger stood up. “The Harbinger of Mania,” Hedon laughed. “After a boy has fully fallen into the corruption of cheating, this Harbinger takes over to exacerbate the corruption. Mania, insanity, pulse through the boy, augmenting his feels of lust, augmenting his frequency of cheating, taking the sex to a different level, showing the boy that losing his mind can create ultimate pleasure. This mania is important for the next step.” Cormacker’s mouth was wide open at Mania’s perfect body, as his robe was exposing it wide open. However, as expected of Mania, he was caressing and touching his own body like crazy, almost egging Cormacker to make his way around the table to touch him. However he sat down as the third Harbinger stood up. “The Harbinger of Doubt,” Hedon’s tone became more serious, “has the job of corrupting both sides of the relationship. He places strain through interactions with both boyfriends, the one that is cheating, and the one that is unknowingly being cheated upon. He wraps his tendrils around the brain of each, causing sincere doubt and questioning. Relationships heave under his expert meddling, fracturing in multiple ways, their demise on the horizon. Of course, because we do not force anyone, couples may recover from these fractures, yet few do. Doubt has an incredible hold on the situation as it matures into something darker. “ Doubt displayed his body, more simply like Infidelity did, and Cormacker just began to drool. Each one was more perfect than the next. The next three stood up together. “Instead of boring you with the details, I will keep the remaining brief and simple. In front of you stands the Harbingers of Broken Will, Whoring, and finally, Hedonism. Each again representing a pivotal step in a boy’s fall to true hedonism.” Hedon stared at Cormacker, “Do you understand the fall, the pleasure, and the dark phoenix that rises from the ashes at this point?” Cormacker gulped, a massive impression from his hard cock was jutting out from his suit pants. “So how many boys have they corrupted?” “Our current resident count is around 500 at this time,” Hedon smiled, “All of them cheated into oblivion, and some of the boys they cheated on fell into this darkness as well.” “What do you mean by resident count?” “As stated, our boys have given up everything, willingly.” Hedon’s smirked darkly. “They have given up their lives, families, lovers, all to be naked almost 24/7 here in their home, where they become eternally entrenched in ecstasy. They live here. They cruise the streets sometime, but in the end, they go where they can be sluts, always raw, unprotected, sluts. Your investment is not paying to have sex with them, it is to keep this massive operation open and become a member, giving you access at any time of the day. These boys would have sex with you regardless of investment as I have stated, they do no discriminate. They want pleasure from ANYONE!” Hedon hissed. Cormacker then realized hands were all over his body. His eyes diverted from Hedon to see he was surrounded by the Harbingers, their robes crumpled on the floor around their chairs, their extremely skinny, glossy bodies rubbing up against them. Their faces remained covered, just exceptionally hot bodies in the tiniest briefs with faceless masks, allowing Cormacker to touch them. He felt the pleasure, the ecstasy, the lust. He wanted them, he wanted the boys outside the conference room in the smoke, he wanted them all. “But there are only twinks here,” Cormacker said, “Would I not be out of place? Would they even have sex with me?” Hedon’s gaze snapped to him, “We have tens of thousands of square feet in a dedicated sub club for daddies and extreme older men.” Hedon pressed another button and a screen behind him lit, with multiple cameras situated over the area he was speaking of. Cormacker’s jaw dropped even more as gorgeous twink after gorgeous twink were seen excessively loving on some of the oldest men he’d ever seen. One twink, from the video feed, had to be hardcore riding an 80 year old, and the twink looked like he was having an orgasm every 30 seconds. He had never seen anything so fucked up yet so beautiful, and never seen a twink ever into a man of that age in his life. “Is that….normal?” Cormacker stuttered. Hedon smiled, “All of our boys do that, every single day.” The Harbingers nodded, their hands still groping Cormacker, his hands running up and down their bodies. In lust, Cormacker exclaimed “The money is yours, I want to be here every moment I can” The Harbingers, then began to leave, one by one, with Mania grabbing Cormacker’s hand leading him out of the conference room. Hedon swiveled to get a better look at the multi camera monitor. From above, he saw Cormacker enter the sweet, and was swarmed by at least 10 twinks. His clothes were off, his head thrown back, his body pulsed with lust as he submitted to the group surrounding him. Hedon had secured funding for the next 10 years, on top of multiple other prospective investors who would go through the same courtship in the upcoming days.
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  11. CHAPTER 3: WITHOUT MERCY White hair had blasted into fucking Tyler’s ass like a psycho at this point. Where Jax was trying to create some measure of dark lovemaking, White hair was just blitzing Tyler’s ass like a fiend. There was no mercy, and these huge cocks on all these twinks were just going to open him up to the extreme. “Cmon you fucking faggy faggy faggot take this big fucking dick”, White hair pounded mercilessly, running his hands up and down Tyler, pulling his head up to kiss him, then slamming him back down on the table. “Oh shit you sure are a fucking dirty bitch!” Jax leaned over to Tyler and kissed him deeply. Tyler’s body was flailing wildly and completely, and Jax was surprised at how well Tyler was taking it as a champ. “This is only the tip of the iceberg my love”, Jax cooed. Moans were all that were heard from Tyler. His chest heaved heavily, his body covered in his own cum stains. “Fucking Jax cmon I’m tearing this bitch up like the goddamn trash he is”, White hair groaned. Jax shot White hair a look of a pure hatred, “Watch yourself Bastion!”, he yelled. So Bastion was White hair’s name. The thought entered Tyler’s head and then was gone in a fleeting moment as further brutality was brought upon him by Bastion. “Oh Bastion!” Tyler moaned, which only turned Bastion into a higher level of maniac that was just losing his mind on Tyler’s perfect twink ass. Another boy came up behind Bastion, turning his head back, deeply making out with him, and then sliding into Bastion with no lube and no effort. The new boy fucking Bastion had a more guttural voice. “Fuck this is such a nasty slut hole you have Bastion!” he groaned. “Shut the fuck up whore boy you love my fucking nasty hole You know its been seeded by a horrific amount of nasty fucks! Tell me you love it! Tell me you love it! Each thrust new boy pumped into Bastion ricocheted into Tyler. Tyler was in the clouds at this point. Bliss was an understatement, it felt like he understood the world, his purpose, his life, all in an instant. Of course he was then transported back to the present with another boy egging him on about cheating on Brandon. “Oh shit look at this hot boy of yours that loves you so much!” the boy held Tyler’s phone in front of him, “You nasty fucking cheating whore. How easily you fucking broke for our perfect bodies and massive dicks. You have to be the weakest piece of shit I’ve ever met!!” The boys were laughing maniacally, and Tyler gazed at Jax to see his own reaction. Sadly, Jax was laughing as well, but Tyler felt comfort in Jax appearing to oversee the operation. Was this gorgeous skinny twink the leader of the rest of these gorgeous skinny twinks? Tyler yelled in pain as Bastion went has hard and crazy yet. He had pulled the other boy out of his loose hole so he could get maximum leverage on pulling completely out and ramming back into to Tyler. Unlike Jax, this wasn’t a slow thrust that shook his every being, waiting for the reverberations to quiet before pulling out and going again. No, these we wild full insane thrusts quickly in and out of Tyler. Cum was still dripping from Jax’s unfathomably large load and Tyler could feel it running down the back of his ass and could hear the commotion under him has boys fought for the recycled loads. Bastion pulled his face up to Tyler screaming at the top of his lungs, “get on the ground with me now and ride my fucking massive cock like garbage you are whore!!!” Grabbing Tylers neck he snapped him up off the table, slamming him to the ground. Bastion rolled on to his back still scream, “Get on it! Get on it! Get on it fucking now! You don’t waste my fucking time you psycho!” Tyler obliged, sliding right down on to Bastion’s dick, the sound of his soaked ass squealing as he plunged himself up and down as the boys encircled him again, touching him, kissing him, and whispering utter filth in his ears. Tyler looked like he had gotten out of the shower, he glistened in the smokey light of the room. He watched Jax pacing around the group, like a shepherd watching his sheep, a sadistic yet gratifying grin on his mouth. For the first time, Tyler saw Jax’s back. Between his shoulder blades, in bold lettering he saw it. Tattooed for all to see “HOMEWRECKER”. Extreme guilt shook Tyler to his very being, but Bastion was not going to let him slow down. “FUCK. YOUR. CHEATING. ASS. ON. MY. RAW. DICK. NOW!” Again, the screaming was like something from a horror film. Tyler came again without even thinking, someone gently licking his lips as he stared at the mark on the boy he was falling in love with. So perfect, yet he was fucked up. Tyler ran the gamut in his head of every emotion and every memory of his beautiful Brandon to the massive amount of guilt that he was having in this moment. “Every fucking thrust into you I want to hear the name of the boyfriend you are mercilessly cheating on you fucking trash!” the psycho Bastion screamed. Tyler had no other thought but to oblige, at first whispering Brandon’s name but as Bastion egged him on more and more, it went from a whisper to him screaming on every thrust. “What a goddamn animal you are you filthy twink!!” Bastion roared with pleasure. Tyler continued screaming Brandon’s name and it felt like Bastions dick grew another inch. He wasn’t just touching Tyler’s prostrate, he was pounding it into oblivion. Tyler’s head was spinning, the music still pulsing through him. His dick was covered in his own cheating boy juices and yet another massive load shot up in the air without him touching himself at all. Bastion roared louder that a tornado, and pulled out of Tyler slamming into him with the fury of hellfire, their eyes met, the stars aligned, their mouths gaped open and Bastion threw Tyler on his back when what felt like a garden hose unleashed inside him. Cum was spraying so deeply in him, sloshing and slamming his prostate. He kept crying out Brandon’s name. Bastion was laughing maniacally, out of control, and his whole body was convulsing from the orgasm he was having. The rest of the boys were holding him up and inside Tyler, who’s hole was so loose now it was like a fountain dripping cum everywhere. “Oh baby,” Bastion exclaimed, his voice much more soft and loving, “you are one amazing devil boy!”. He kissed Tyler with all his might, sending shivers all down Tyler’s spine. The rest of the boys began to fight for Tyler’s hole, and the night progressed. Bastion was certainly the wildest, he would watch for sometime and then jump back in just to blow another big load into Tyler. He’d push the boys fucking him off just to get back inside. He was certainly the wild one of the bunch, yet none of the boys were tame. Filth just poured from their mouths at every turn, the fucking was extremely high energy and Tyler was experiencing the pinnacle of pleasure, at least that’s how he felt inside. A river of cum poured out of Tyler every time another boy pulled out. Bastion was loving up on Jax as the last few boys were dumping their loads into Tyler’s unfaithful hole. They were making out as Bastion asked Jax, “Do you think there’s anything left of his soul?” Jax laughed, kissing Bastion like it was their wedding night, such a gross display of lust and affection. “Baby”, Jax said to Bastion, “There’s plenty left, you know that. And this is truly nothing compared to the next weeks and months upcoming!” The continued kissing like animals, lust visually apparent between them. “You know there are many more harbingers my deep love!” Harbingers? Tyler heard that word. He also heard that this wasn’t the end. The last boy had finally finished with him and the crowd wish disbursing to other couches, rooms, alcoves to continue making love to each other. Tyler was laying on the floor, a gigantic river of cum pouring out his hole pooling on to the ground. Bastion pulled away from Jax and ran over to Tyler, the mania clear in his eyes, “Bastion!” Jax cried, but he knew it was in vain. Bastion grabbed Tyler’s sticky hair, pulling him off as his back. He mashed his tongue into Tyler hard, Tyler reacting accordingly, his hands attempting to grab on to Bastion’s perfect body, not only to grope, but for support. Getting Tyler sitting upright the psycho came out of Bastion. “You see that fucking lake of cum from the most gorgeous twink sluts on the planet just pooling there on the floor?” Bastion, again was yelling. Tyler’s eyes were only half opened, he was exhausted. He was in a perpetual state of enormous pleasure. Getting on his hands and knees, he began to glide his tongue on the floor, eating all the cum in sight. Jax walked up around Bastion, putting his arm around his tiny waist. The just continued to admire Tyler’s debauchery as he cleaned the dirty floor with his tongue. Bastion eventually retreated back into the shadows, leaving Jax and Tyler alone on the couch. Tyler got dressed, not saying anything, tears streaming down his face. Jax kissed Tyler deeply, and Tyler reacted as if he was kissing Brandon, which was how deeply they connected. Jax took Tyler’s hand and walked him towards the exit door. Tyler had said nothing. It was 2:00AM and Jax opened the outer door that somehow magically opened into the parking lot. Not many cars remained, but Tyler, through his teary eyes, saw his rusty old Toyota Corolla sitting in the lot. Without saying anything to Jax, Tyler began to stumble towards his vehicle. The cool night air hit is skin like a knife, but a welcome one, cooling him greatly. Tyler didn’t look back at Jax. He got into his car, sunk into the seat, and began to sob profusely. Several minutes of sobbing, and then confusion as to why his dick was still uncontrollably rock hard, and how he felt like he didn’t even have a hole anymore, a face appeared at his driver’s side window. Jax. Tyler unlocked the car door, and Jax slipped in through the passenger side, and gently placed his hand on Tyler’s skinny thigh. They sent in silence for a bit as Tyler sniffled. Tyler scrolled through his phone and was astonished at the amount of texts that went back and forth between Brandon and the boys pretending to be Tyler. If Brandon had any doubts, those boys had fortified literally everything for him, not to say that Tyler thought Brandon would have any doubts, at least not at this point. “So, are you mine now?” Jax asked Tyler. Tyler was just shaking his head back and forth, disgusted with himself. He said nothing. “How truly guilty do you feel at this point?” Jax asked Tyler. “Unbelievably guilty” “Good”, Jax said matter of factly. Tyler shot him a look of hatred which Jax shot right back at him, causing Tyler to cower a bit. “This had to happen in this manner for you to learn the power of guilt on your sex drive and your deviancy. So how are you are right now? It feels right doesn’t it. You have to get past the part that feels wrong, but then you realize that hiding underneath it, its pure bliss.” Jax caressed Tyler’s extremely hard dick. “See, deep down, you know I am right for you. You loved cheating on him unprotected.” Tyler sighed, he turned to say something but he met Jax’s lips with the same intensity that Jax had kissed Bastion. Lust again poured through Tyler’s veins, his dick beginning to precum again. Jax moaned as his hand slid into Tyler’s tight undies and felt his love juice pouring out of his dick. Slowing Jax began to edge Tyler. Tyler moaned. He moaned harder, he wanted to tell Jax to stop but he couldn’t. “Oh Jax”, he softly cooed. Jax immediately changed his persona and backhanded Tyler across the face. “Call me by HIS name!” Jax demanded. “Oh Brandon!” Tyler just responded. There was no fighting this. Jax continued to kiss Tyler’s neck while he edged Tyler’s dick. Tyler just moaned Brandon’s name over and over, his dick fully lubed by his own cum in Jax’s had. “Will you continue this journey with me?” Jac inquired as he started to speed up stroking Tyler’s dick. “I love you you know.” Tyler just moaned in ecstasy at this point, useless and broken, he signed, “I will continue with you baby.” Jax now moaned heavily. “Understand, you can always say no, but once you say no, that’s it forever. We will never force you to do anything, but once a no is given, it all ends forever.” Jax twirled his tongue on Tyler’s neck, who’s dick began to pulse heavily. In as sultry a voice as possible, Jax whispered in his ear, “Cum for me baby. Brandon is nothing. I am everything. You will learn to love what you have created.” Tyler screamed and his dick exploded in his jeans, covering Jax’s hand. Slowly, Jax retracted his hand from Tyler’s pants, and Tyler appropriately ate his own load. Before swallowing, Jax pressed against Tyler’s lips and began swapping the cum between their mouths. “You’re in deep Tyler,” Jax said, “very deep.” It only gets more maniacal from here. Tyler’s dick was still hard. Pulsing. He longed for Jax to be inside him again, or to be Bastion’s fuck doll, and yet he longed to be back in Brandon’s arms, with everything normal, not being the hellion that he had become in a matter of hours. Jax smiled at the confusion on Tyler’s face. He know what Tyler was experiencing. He opened the door to leave the car. “Better get home to your boyfriend now my love.” Jax was back to speaking plainly and mundanely. “Do not look for me, we will be connected very soon.” “Tyler looked annoyed, still with a hard cock pressing against his jeans. “What do you mean not look for you? I just fucking told you I loved you.” “Just live your life.” Jax closed the door and strut way. The silhouette of Bastion stood in the doorway that they exited from, waiting for Jax. Tyler watched the light reduce to a sliver, then disappear, as Jax reentered the club. Back in the club the boys all stared at Jax as he reemerged from the outdoors. The most wicked smile filled his face. He took a turn down another hallway and down some stairs. The boys he brushed against as walking by them, touched him, with admiration, lust, jealously, and love. Down more hallways, these made of brick, deep in the ground, around many more corners, he approached a door. The door had the moniker stamped on it of “Harbinger of Change and Infidelity.” He turned the key in the door, and then he disappeared from the hall. Brandon came home to finding Tyler in bed, fast asleep. It must have been a very dance-filled night at the club.
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  13. Wanted to get the second chapter out quickly to ensure I didn't leave anyone hanging with the "build up story". I am committed to working on this quite heavily, but I cannot promise 2 long chapters in less than 24 hours every day. 🙂 CHAPTER 2: THE GUILT Tyler walked slowly down the long smokey hallway following the remaining boys. To his right and left there were arched alcoves containing rich leather sofas and tables, almost like a cozy restaurant. The air was filled with smoke, whether it be cigarette smoke or weed, they all mixed together into as sweet and intoxicating aroma. The smell of the all the exceptionally rich leather furniture wafted into his nostrils. The hallway seemed to go on forever, as Tyler glanced back to see Jax closing the door behind him. It did not occur to him to think as to why Jax was so far behind. He just felt that he wanted him close again. Another text from Brandon hit at that point. “You know you’re the greatest thing in the world right?” Brandon’s text said. The momentary spell broken, Tyler responded back to him, “No YOU ARE!”, just as Jax appeared next to him, his perfection almost radiated in this dark atmosphere. He gave a soft smile as his eyes locked again with Tyler. “Keeping up with your man?” Jax inquired. “Yes yes, He’s stuck at work while I’m out having fun,” Tyler sighed. “A pity,” Jax stated plainly, “I’d like to see some pictures of him. I’m sure he’s beautiful.” “For sure!” Tyler perked up, “I have all of our photos organized in an album on my phone!” Jax looked content as the hallway finally opened up into a larger open area. The music, was very different and unnerving than what was playing in the club. This was club music, but it was dark. All minor tones, it sounded devilish, industrial, evil, and manic. It had a trance feeling to it, not the genre, but the mental affects. The boys lead Jax to a set of very plush leather couches near a small tended bar. Tyler then noticed the bartender, wearing a hood and a shiny almost porcelain-looking mask. He was not a twink, he had a hot hairy dad bod, and was only wearing a pair of low rise trunks around his thick waist. “Whatever you’d like to drink is yours,” Jax stated. “Oh, um, I’m good I think,” Tyler responded. “The boys are going to get more comfortable here,” Jax muttered. Almost on queue the boys started to slowly unbutton their shirts in somewhat flowing their bodies with the dark tempos beating throughout the club. “Hey, wait, I told you I’m not here for sex!” Tyler snapped. Jax’s gaze hit Tyler in his soul. “Tyler, sweetie. The boys want to get comfortable. I’m sure you can appreciate their perfect bodies. But I never said you should be touching them. They enjoy showing their perfection, and its hot in here.” Tyler felt himself sink into the seat even more as his eyes caught the most beautiful bodies he’d ever seen. The clothes coming off definitely aroused Tyler. He had a magnificent twink body but every single line and curve, the texture of the skin, the proportions of each of these boys, was madness, it was magnificent. Even the act of just seeing them strip, slowly, with purpose, as their eyes darted back and forth to look at each other, peeking glimpses from him quickly to gauge his approval, was erotic to say the least. Jax also was unbuttoning his shirt. Tyler found it impossible to determine if anyone there had a more perfect body than the other, but Jax just left his shirt open, slowing pulling off his incredibly skinny jeans, revealing his perfectly smooth legs, just like the other boys. All of the boys were wearing the tiniest briefs he’d ever seen, in bright colors. Pink and yellow and seafoam, all adorned their hot bodies on their briefs, and Jax’s were baby blue. “There’s nothing wrong with appreciating the exceptional beauty of our bodies Tyler,” Jax stated. I love seeing my friends as their clothes fall off, its their natural state of beauty.” Tyler gulped. His hands were sweaty, this psychotic trance music felt like it was pumping his blood through his body. Every thump seemed to hit his soul. He felt uncomfortable, trying to stop his mouth from hanging wide open being surrounded by such immense beauty. “So lets see those pictures,” Jax inquired. Tyler handed Jax his phone, opened to the gallery with him and Brandon. Hundreds of pictures of the two of them flooded the gallery, pictures of them looking hot out on whatever excursion they were on, pictures of them kissing, some shirtless pictures as well. All G rated stuff overall. Tyler watched Jax’s eyes dart back and forth, his hand swiping through the listings, occasionally stopping to open a picture, enlarging it. Tyler noticed on him and his friends, the massive cocks sitting in their femboy briefs. Jax’s was growing, ever so slightly. “Hot couple,” Jax stated in his mundane voice. “And you’ve been together long?” “Yes, four years. We are going to get married” “That’s beautiful,” Jax muttered. “And you live close by?” “Not really. We live in the Concorde Apartment tower across town,” Tyler reluctantly said. “Oh,” Jax paused. “Not a safe place. Pretty trashy from my experience.” Jax’s eye developed a twinkle. “Well we both have some shit low paying jobs and it was all we could afford,” Tyler somewhat barked back. The music was overwhelming him, the scent from the boys, the growing cocks, his heart thumping, his hands sweating, all of it was consuming him. Jax smiled, slowing brushing his hand against his massive dick, just once. “Your boyfriend is quite the model,” Jax murmured, his head adjusting back and forth as he was intricately looking at the pictures on Tyler’s phone. “Sorry it aroused me a bit.” Jax handed Tyler back his phone as Tyler looked a little startled. Why was he surrounded by perfectly naked twinks and the head one, or whatever he was, was now throwing inklings about liking his boyfriend? Why did Tyler’s dick jump ever so slightly hearing that? Even the guilt of hearing another boy give his boy a compliment was massive. “Uh, so what exactly is this place?” Tyler tried to change the subject. “Did you not like my compliment towards your boy Tyler?” Jax was unphased by the feeble attempt to change the subject. “Yes it was fine. He’s incredible hot and I enjoy being the love of his life,” Tyler again snipped back. “But what is this place?” Jax relented, “Its simply a club Tyler. It’s the club. There are very few rules here. It speaks to our souls.” Tyler looked around and could start to see dozens of silhouettes of again, the most perfect twink bodies, slowly walking through the heavy smoke. In the larger area they were sitting, with the light rays refracting against the smoke, he could see some enveloped in each others arms, their mouths locked tightly. Another silhouette looked as if a boy was worshipping another, his head slowly working its way down his torso. The music was pounding within him. The dark tones were arousing him. Tyler felt his dick jump slightly again trying not to stare too long to give Jax any reason to question him. “So it’s a sex club?” Tyler meekly questioned. “Its whatever you want it to be,” Jax said in the most sultry tone he had presented yet. Tyler jumped for a second as the boys next to him had moved to their hands slowly caressing each other. They weren’t on top of each other, they were just lustfully touching, their hands somewhat intertwining, their eyes locked to their partner. “Uh, um, this is all cool and everything, but I think I’m going to go,” Tyler stated. He was getting way too uncomfortable at this point. The erotic nature of everything was pouring into him. He jolted out of his seat and started to walk down the hallway again towards the door. Jax grabbed his arm, not in a forceful way, but only to get his attention. “That door you entered through is one way only my dear,” Jax said. “There are no handles or mechanism to leave from that door.” Jax smiled, in a slightly deviant manner. Tyler froze. Was he stuck? What as about to happen? Jax had jumped up from his chair as well and was standing face to face with Tyler. “Don’t look so scared Tyler,” Jax plainly stated. He pointed across the room to another door-shaped archway. That there is the way out. It leads right out to the back parking lot. The back parking lot? They just walked at least three floors down into the earth. Tyler didn’t believe it for a second. And Jax could sense it. Jax motioned to one of the boys on the couch, who were not even phased by the minor distraction of Tyler beginning to freak out. The boys had become more engrossed in each other, their lips were on each other bodies, their tongues gently tasting each other’s perfect skin. One of them, a dark haired one with green eyes, stopped, and got up, strutting his unbelievable body across the room to the “exit” door. With no key or special mechanism, he turned the handle and opened the door. The yellow light from the parking lot flooded into the larger sitting room that they were in. Tyler could see the cars parked outside and recognized the buildings surrounding the building. Tyler was so confused. What realm of confusion was he in. His heart continued to pump with the demonic techno, the silhouettes were acting much more lustful and erratic, and turning back to look at Jax, he felt scared. His eyes met Jax’s again, the strongest most emotional and evocative connection yet. “Tyler, you may leave, at any time.” Jax said coyly. “There is the door. You are not held here.” Jax was inches from Tyler’s mouth, almost mimicking the moments earlier that night were. Jax inched even closer and Tyler could feel Jax lifting his arm, as he hadn’t let go, towards Jax’s body. Being so close to each other already, it only took a minute blink of an eye before Tyler’s hand was on Jax’s thin boney hip bone. Shockwaves shot through Tyler, immense pulses of unbelievable and indescribable pleasure vibrated through him. The music intensified, the pounding took hold of him. For a moment his gaze broke with Jax because his eyes rolled into the back of his head. The clouds in his head were monstrous. He couldn’t think whatsoever. Regaining his composure for a brief moment he realized Jax’s lips were practically brushing his, and all the boys had surrounded him. “But I hope you don’t”, Jax said bluntly. His lips connected with Tyler’s. Tyler shook, the shockwaves he felt prior were nothing. He felt helpless, but his hand moved around to Jax’s back as an attempt to pull him closer, if only for a second. The pleasure he was feeling was unbelievable, and Jax was barely kissing him. Sweat was pouring down Tyler’s face, he was shaking. He was able to regain composure and pushed Jax back. “I said I was taken!” Tyler howled at Jax. He could feel the hands of the boys beginning to touch him, yet he offered them no objection the way he offered Jax. Again Jax’s stare hit him at his core. “There is the door. You are not held here.” Jax stated bluntly again. And he waited. His finger outstretched towards the door. His stare deep into Tyler. “There is the door. You are not held here,” Jax repeated. Tyler couldn’t move. He felt hands on his hips, one had slipped up his shirt and was touching his skin. The boys were fixated upon him. His body was soaked in sweet. His heart was slamming into his chest. “There is the door. You are not held here,” Jax repeated. Tyler felt himself falling towards Jax. His lips moving towards Jax again. Jax broke the moment with a more forceful repeat. “THERE is the door. You are not held here,” Jax said forcefully. Tyler paused. He looked back at the door, now shut. He felt being groped with so much lust he couldn’t believe the sensations. “Give in,” each of the boys was whispering in the lightest sultry voices in his ear as they rotated their hands upon him and their mouths between each other as Tyler was locked in a gaze with Jax. “Make your decision Tyler,” Jax stated plainly again. His voice didn’t seem to waver minus him raising it the third time he told Tyler about the door. He was ridiculously calm. “This is your choice. That is the most beautiful part of this experience. You aren’t forced. Fall into it Tyler, or don’t, but I will not waste my time.” Tyler’s lips smashed in Jax. Hard. Their bodies collided with force. Tyler felt his shirt being unbuttoned, hands caressing new parts of his body. The boys were doing their part to slowly and erotically strip him down. He felt his phone being pulled from his pocket and his jeans fell to his tiny ankles. Kisses and tongues were felt on his neck and the small of his back. Tyler’s dick was now pulsing, pressed up against the massive rod that Jax had protruding from his body. Tyler pushed Jax’s unbuttoned shirt off his body, leaving him there in his underwear. His hands moved up and down the most beautiful body he’d ever touched. “Fuck yeah,” Jax let out in a very different tone than he had presented before. His voice was deviant, dark, sultry. His tongue was exploring every part of Tyler’s mouth. “Love me,” Jax said in an even darker tone. Tylers hands were everywhere on Jax, he couldn’t stop feeling every inch of him. “Tell me to stop Tyler”, Jax taunted. Tyler had no response. He couldn’t tell him to stop. He didn’t want him to stop. He felt Jax gently playing with his nipple piercings. The shockwaves of lust were still pulsing, so hard it felt like physical tremors throughout him. Jax moaned his name, “Tyler”, with more emotion than Jax had displayed yet. The boys had grabbed his phone and were looking through the pictures of Brandon. Their underwear was slipping off, their massive cocks disproportionate to their tiny bodies, rock hard as they looked over Brandon’s shirtless pictures. “He has a new text from Brandon,” one of them called. Tyler paused for a moment, desperate to want to respond to Brandon, whatever he had said. But then he locked eyes again with Jax. “Let the boys be your voice,” that deviant tone flooded out from Jax’s mouth. Again in a trance, Tyler just nodded and plunged his tongue back into Jax’s mouth. Jax’s hands were soaked in Tyler’s sweat. Both their bodies were shaking. “I hope you are having a wonderful time baby!” the text from Brandon said. The boy with the pure white hair and the pink cat eyes, began typing a response. The devious look on his face made the other boys surrounding him snicker in an evil manner. “Baby, I’m having a great time, but its nothing without you. All these beautiful hot guys but no one compares to my Brandon! Gawd you are tuly the best boy in the world and every moment I am away from you I know my love continues to grow deeper for you. I could truly never love anyone besides you!” The response was typed, the message was sent. The white haired twink looked up to see Brandon’s boyfriend with his head pulled back as Jax licked down the side of his neck. His 6 inch dick was leaking pre cum on to the floor. The silhouettes had emerged from the smoke, another 20 or so boys, now groping both the lovers as they transcended time and space. Tyler didn’t know who he was anymore. He had never felt so much lust in pleasure. He felt Jax walking him backward slowly until his little ass hit wet felt to be a table. Jax started to push Tyler back to lie on the table. Tyler again gained a minute amount of composure for a brief second, but succumbed only a moment later. The boys gently guides him gently on to the table. Jax’s massive 12 inch dick was now touching Tylers hold. It was sweaty, and Jax’s dick was soaked in pre cum. “Tell me to stop Tyler,” Jax said again. Jax knew it was time to begin to weave the corruption into the lust. “Tell me if Brandon makes you feel like this.” Tyler said nothing, his eyes couldn’t be seen. His asshole was so wet with the sweat and Jax’s precum. Of course he had waxed every part of his body, he was incredibly smooth. The devil music continued to shake his core. Even the droplets of sweat on his body seemed to pulse with this dark techno. “Love me Tyler,” Jax said again. Again no reaction. Tyler was in a trance. Another text came through and a few of the boys circled around to see what it said. Snickering and devious laughter ensure between them all caressing and kissing each other. “Love me Tyler,” Jax said again. Tyler could only moan. He felt the massive head of Jax’s dick begin to press into his ass. Tyler again gained composure. Looking up at Jax, he exasperatedly said, “Are you using a condom?” The darkness enveloped Jax, his smile devious, his mood content, “Baby, none of us use condoms ever. We share our DNA as is our mission to do. Mine will be swirling in you soon enough. I will be a part of you. Forever. And soon, more of me will be in you than Brandon, and he will fade away.” Jax paused as his head pushed further into Tyler. “Fade away,” he repeated. Further progress into Tylers sweet smooth hole. “Tell me to stop and I will.” A mix of intense pleasure overwhelmed Tyler, tears started to stream from his face. The white hair twink came up to him, showing what was arguably the hottest picture of Brandon on Tyler’s phone. Right in Tyler’s face. “Look at him,” the white haired twink said. Tyler didn’t respond. He was too wrapped up in bliss. The white haired twink grabbed his head roughly by his hair pulling his eyes to look at his phone. “Look at the love of your life. Look at what you are doing. Love the deception Tyler. Love it with all your heart,” the white hair twink began kissing Tyler as Jax pushed hard and deep in one motion all the way into Tyler. Jax’s smooth crotch caressed Tyler’s ass as he was as deep as possible. The white haired twink wasn’t making out with Tyler gently like Jax was. It was animalistic, tongues flinging into each other’s mouths, lust emulating from their bodies. The boys were still touching Tyler’s smooth body up and down. Tyler yelped when Jax bottomed out inside his ass. The pain was intense, but the pleasure was extreme. Jax was transforming in front of Tyler. Instead of the mundane, monotone boy that he had met, he was soaked in sweat himself, breathing heavily, losing his own composing. The lust was all consuming. Jax locked eyes with Tyler again. Tyler was under his control. “I will now fuck you in a manner that you have never been fucked before,” Jax stated plainly, but it was obviously he was filled with fire. His dick slid to the edge of Tyler’s hold and then with a massive amount of energy thrust and slammed deep into Tyler, stopping once he bottomed out again. It was an earthquake within Tyler. His bones shook with the insane force that Jax had slammed into him. He felt reverberations throughout his body over and over again. The eyes locked again. “Call me Brandon,” Jax said to him. This broke Tyler’s bliss for a moment, and he looked deeply into Jax. “I said fucking call me Brandon you fucking cheating slut,” Jax ordered. Again the dick pulled to the edge of Tyler’s ass and another explosive slam back into him. “Fucking say it Tyler!” The boys were surrounding Tyler’s head tightly, many of them begin to make out with him as wildly as the white hair twink had, and many had their lips right next to Tyler’s ears. Tyler heard so many seductive whispers from their mouths. “Cheat on him.” (another pull out of Jax’s dick and a slam back into him) “Love your infidelity towards him.” (another pull out of Jax’s dick and a slam back into him) “Enjoy the lies” (another pull out of Jax’s dick and a slam back into him) “You are descending into darkness.” (an even more explosive slam) “You’ll never want to leave this life.” (with even more power) “Think of how disappointed he would be in you.” “Oh Brandon!!!” Tyler screamed. And his scream reverberated throughout the entire dungeon club. “Yessssssssss, fucking say it!” Jax’s voice dripped in lust Kissing Jax like a wild boy, he exclaimed, “I love you Brandon” An even stronger slam deep into him. It felt like his bones were going to break with the tremors shooting through his body. “I am your FUCKING BRANDON!!!!” Jax roared. And another massive slam into Tyler’s ass. His ass had opened up significantly, he felt loose, and that turned Jax on even more. “Your infidelity is beautiful,” Jax kissed him. Jax stopped the slow pulling out and pile driving into Tyler and his thrust became rhythmic to the dark music playing. The music was maniacal, it created so much lust inside Tyler. He was pulling Jax as deep as he could. “Fuck me Brandon! Please cum inside me!” Tyler screamed again. “Oh baby, you beautiful fucking piece of trash”, Jax continued to pound. The boys were all over each other now. Sucking and fucking was erupting around Tyler. It was a glorification of unprotected sex, lust and bliss. “I am your FUCKING BRANDON!!!” Jax was roaring like a manic. Dripping sweat, he picked up his pace even more. Tylers hole was extremely loose, barely holding Jax’s big dick, which turned Jax on even more. “Give me your fucking heart!!!” Jax screamed. Tyler was soaked, stomach covered in precum. Other boys were dripping sweat on him. Jax was dripping sweat on him. He tasted its saltiness between making out with Jax. “Oh Brandon you make me feel like no one else!!!” Tyler cried. Jax began shaking violently. Throwing his head back he roared and Tyler felt the massive loads of Jax’s cum flooding him. Cum frothed off Jax’s massive dick. “You are my Brandon!!!!!!!” Tyler screamed. Tyler’s chest heaved in lust and ecstasy. He longed to become one with Jax. Jax orgasm continued, pumping extreme amounts of thick cum deep inside Tyler. Jax caught his breath and pulled out of Tyler. Gargantuan amounts of gobs of cum leaked from Tyler’s hole and the boys raced to get under it and drink it all. They were pushing shoving as cum fell into their mouths and they made out with it. Jax walked around to Tylers mouth, as he was still heaving and trying to catch his breath. “Taste your sin and infidelity on my cock. Clean your cheating ass and my cum from the new love of your life’s cock.” Tyler tasted it all, gagging profusely but like an addict trying to shove every bit of that salty dick into his mouth. He felt the boys worshipping his puckered loose hole as he worshipped the dick that made him cheat. Tyler’s dick began pulsing and shooting cum loads all over the place, as other boys raced to swallow the cum and make out with it. “Now boys, what do have, about 20 of you?” Jax inquired. “Its 12:30 and this boy needs to be home by 3AM. Breed the fuck out of him now and send this lying cheating sack of infidelity back to his so called love of his life on time!” The roar of Jax’s command resounded throughout the entire room. The white hair twink pushed through everyone and slid into Tyler’s sloppy hole. Even more gobs of cum flowed out of him, Tyler looked up at the room, his eyes meeting Jax’s. What horrors had he committed?
  14. Author’s Notes: This is a completely fictional story involving infidelity, relationship corruption, and poz worship and fucking along with some light supernatural imagination. Any connection to the real world is merely coincidental and nothing is modeled after any real life event. This story will take time to build. This first chapter attempts to set a ground stage for the remaining story and therefore contains no sex. There is a bit of buildup towards to the end to leave you on a cliffhanger. My expectation based upon my thought process for how this will play out is that for the most part, this will be the most mundane of the chapters, and the rest will be filled with much more of the things we would like to read, although the truest goal here is to continue to layer the tension so that each chapter has the appropriate impact. CHAPTER 1: THE DANCE Brandon and Tyler had been together for three years at this point. Both 22, they still had a lot of life ahead of them, but were madly in love with each other. They had moved in a year earlier into a small, somewhat run-down apartment on the bad side of town. But at least it was theirs. Plus, they needed money to keep themselves looking good. Brandon was 5’7” 125 lbs, brown eyes, brown hair swung across the side of his face, slightly emo in nature, but a bit more modernized in its stylizing. His body was a perfect twink body in all aspects. Both him and Tyler were obsessive about being smooth. While they didn’t have a lot of hair on their bodies, they found they felt more attractive waxing themselves to perfection each day. Tyler wasn’t much different than Brandon in the looks department. He was himself, hot as hell, with an even tinier skinnier body at only 5’5” and 103 lbs. He was obsessive and meticulous about his diet, his workout, and had somehow, someway, decided that 103 lbs was the magic number. It helped accentuate his hip bones just right, kept his thighs at the perfect measurements, made his extremely tight clothes hang on his body just the way he wanted. He was blonde, with a very similar haircut to Brandon, except his hair was more textured and highlighted and toned which really helped the focus on his incredibly deep blue eyes. Both boys had no tattoos, but they wanted them eventually, should they ever have the money. Brandon had a PA on his decently large 8 inch dick. It wasn’t and exceptionally thick dick, but it was a good size. Brandon also had his nipples pierced – rings – for that matter. Tyler was more decked out for sure, each ear had three piercings – the lobe, and then two more going up the side on both sides. His nipples were pierced, and he preferred the balls to the rings, his belly button as well, but with a fairly hefty diamond that an ex had bought him, along with his taint being pierced. He practically came when he get the taint pierced. Tyler sported a smaller 6 inch dick, and while not tiny, dictated he bottomed more than topped. From a looks perspective, these were the stereotypical twinks to the tee. They had extremely tight little bodies, even hotter asses, looked good in everything, or nothing at all, and were obsessed with their looks. However, they had a softer side than most. Overtly friendly, decent, kind, non-judgmental of most guys, it was easy for anyone they met to be surprised be their down-to-earth nature and likability. They were madly in love. They had already moved from the wild sex phase of the first few years of the relationship to a more mundane “husband phase”, even though they were only planning on getting married eventually. At this point, neither had proposed to the other, but that didn’t matter. They knew, with every fiber of their being, who they belonged to, and they wouldn’t have it any other way. Monogamy was key in the relationship, and pure utter devotion was the way that they lived. They were at each other’s side most times, but even wen not, they constantly texted or called each other to check in, because they cared, they LOVED, not because they distrusted. Sex wasn’t the main part of the relationship like it used to be. It happened a few times weekly. Brandon had a decent sex drive, Tyler had a sex drive that couldn’t even be measured. But the sex was good if not vanilla in nature, and Tyler never minded Brandon’s lovemaking. Its not as if the both of them had ever had rough sex or been a little loose before they met, but it was almost like they began to embody the traditional relationship in its monogamy and expectations especially after they moved in. Spontaneity was definitely not something that Brandon exceled at, but Tyler didn’t hold it against him. He was so madly in love with him that he certainly could practically overlook any tiny fault. Brandon worked in a shipped and logistics company in a very manual labor position, and while he had worked there for a few years and finally got on the day shift, since it was a 24 hour operation, there were times, due to staffing, that he had to work late. The unfortunate situation this particular Saturday was that a couple that they knew, Aaron and Adam, (which Brandon and Tyler called collectively, DoubleA) were going out to the local gay club and wanted Brandon and Tyler to come along that night. Nothing particularly crazy, something Brandon and Tyler had done with other friends and couples, but not the DoubleA boys. Adam and Aaaron were a little different. Not scary or concerning per se, but they had an open relationship and always marketed it as such. Now, they always drew a line of respect to Brandon and Tyler and never came across pushy, but they still tended to always market how good it felt. Brandon would always scoff at their musings and statements once he was alone again with Tyler and Tyler would overall agree, although he couldn’t deny that he at least could see the hotness in what they were doing, even if he really had no interest. “Ya sure you really can’t change your schedule for Saturday babe?” Tyler whined, “Ugh I fucking know. I never have to fucking work Saturdays and of course its this one when we have a little something to do! I so want to make every many jealous of us dancing and making out on the dance floor like fiends so they can see what they don’t have!” Brandon commiserated back. “Well you do know,” Tyler began, “they probably will end up finding a guy or two to hook up with, and then they will be off to their place or a motel or something, so I cannot imagine I am going to be there till 2AM or anything…” “Oh babe, “Brandon interjected,” I don’t care at all. You shake your ass out there, get a little tipsy, have fun. Its not a huge deal for you to be there by yourself. I want you to have fun. I just want to have fun with you is all”. “I know, I know. It will be fun, Ill just miss you. Sucks to have fun when you are working. But oh well, Im going to look hot and if anyone tries to hit on me I’ll tell them they are too late!” Tyler laughed as Brandon joined in on the laughter. Saturday rolled around and Brandon went to work on the late shift around 8PM. Tyler arrived looking hot, in his tightest jeans and shirt, and he’d even made sure to lay out on the top of their apartment building to get a really good tan. The club they were going to was pretty tame. Standard fare and a mix of twinks, daddies, and everything in between. No special theme was on that night, just loud music, strobing lights, hot guys, and plenty of alcohol. Tyler kissed bother Aaron and Adam on the cheeks when he arrived, almost immediately swinging his hips to the music. After grabbing a few drinks and chatting at some of the tables, the boys were out on the dance floor, swinging around like they hadn’t a care in the world. Many tracks later, after the crowd had augmented greatly, the club was hot, the sweat was pouring down, the music pulsed in everyone’s bones, Tyler looked over to see Adam in the arms of another twink, tongues down each other’s throats, totally mesmerized with each other. Aaron on the other hand was grinding up against a pretty hot beefy daddy and who had one hand on his neck and the other straight down his pants. Tyler could barely see it but Aaron had a tattoo on his hip, exposed by the mans hand pushing down his pants. Tyler couldn’t read what it said, but he did find hip tattoos attractive and made a mental note to ask at one point. Nonetheless his friends looked to be pretty drunk and pretty in lust with their new boys, and Tyler figured he should grab some water as he was soaked in sweat from the dance floor. As Tyler floated over to the bar he eyed some boys that looked his age at a table not too far from the bar. Twinks of course, sipping on whatever their drink of choice was. However, these were different. As Tyler got closer he did a double take. They couldn’t be THAT good looking. Then he looked again, and was stunned. He turned away but had to look back. He felt embarrassed from the constant head swinging back to look at them and then immediately away in shame. The club was filled with some incredibly hot guys, from twinks to maybe even some pretty senior guys, many that Tyler could absolutely see as porn models if they wanted to be. But again, for the fourth time, he looked over at the time and these boys, they were different. Really different. Still twinks, but….perfect. Perfect. They were all perfect. The entire situation weirded Tyler out. Perfection is nothing something anyone can see in this world, so how could he actually know what perfection was? But yet, everything in him was screaming that those were the most beautiful twinks on the face of the earth. What the fuck was going through his head. Tyler turned away again, staying focused, and asked the bartender for some water. As he turned around to find a table, (and preferably a table on the other side of the bar away from the weird nexus of the universe of perfect boys with unbelievably perfect features), one of the perfect boys stood right in front of him. Right in front of him. The boys lips were only an inch or so from Tyler’s. “Hello,” the stranger said in a fairly monotone and mundane voice. Tyler, in the heat of the moment, after spinning around and having a boy practically in his pants had dropped his water, shattering the glass on the ground, and getting a fair amount of water all of his already extremely tight shirt. As those few seconds of mayhem subsided he looked up at this boy and he saw the eyes. These didn’t even seem to be human eyes. Were they contacts? They looked like animal eyes. Like a cat maybe? Stunning for sure and Tyler had seen they made weird contacts like this, and maybe this boy was just weird, but yet, he felt the eyes were beautiful. Mesmerizing even. He froze again for another few seconds, adding to the absolute awkwardness of the situation. His mouth became dry in and instant, as if he was standing in front of a god. He gradually opened his mouth to say something, yet nothing came out. Again the stranger, in the same voice, mundanely stated “My friends and I would appreciate your company at our table.” My friends and I would appreciate your company at our table? Who the fuck talks like this Tyler said, his temporary focus broken as he tried to wrestle with the tone in the voice and the oddness in the sentence structure but immediately was pulled back into staring into this boys eyes. The boy could have kissed him right there and Tyler would have been unable to stop it. The boy did not kiss him though. “Looks like you spilled some water on yourself,” the stranger plainly said, reaching out and touching Tyler’s shirt at his chest. The stranger didn’t try and grope him, it was simply a gentle touch to determine how soaked Tyler was. The moment the tip of the stranger’s finger touched Tyler he felt these titanic waves of energy convulsing through him. It was like horniness amplified. In his head the music muted itself down to a drone, the lights around everything but this boy dimmed to practically nothing and he continued to feel wave after wave of insane bliss shooting through his body like an earthquake. In reality this all happened in a matter of five seconds or so, but to Tyler it felt like he stood there for an hour basking in the bliss of a simple touch. A text came through from Brandon at that point, which broke the mania going through Tyler’s head and he grabbed his phone, taking his eye off stranger boy for a moment. The text was Brandon saying hi and that he loved him. Tyler texted Brandon back that he loved him too, and missed him, and that everything was going fine. Tyler glanced back over the dance floor to see Adam shirtless being groped and groping the boy he was with, along with a crowd encircling them, and he couldn’t even see Aaron and the daddy anymore. Again he pointed his eyes forward and was mesmerized again. “Please come sit with us. You interest us and we would love to get to know you,” the stranger beckoned. At least this time the boy spoke in normal English. “Yeah, uh, ok I have some time right now, my friends are, um, tied up at the moment anyway,” Tyler replied. He followed the boy back to his table and took a seat amongst the 5 others sitting there. All the boys ranged in hair colors, but their body types were unequivocally perfect twink bodies, from head to toe. Tyler was beginning to realize he wasn’t just seeing things. The craziness of it all was that, yes, they all had the crazy cat eyes. They were all mesmerizing, but the initial stranger boy sat down next to Tyler and placed his arm around his shoulders. “My name is Jax,” he said gently. “Uh Jax,” Tyler stumbled as he started to pull Jax’s hand off his should on impulse, “I have a boyf….” “Oh SHIT Tyler,” a shirtless Adam exclaimed as he strolled past the table with his new boytoy on his arm, “The first time you’re out without Brandon and you’re already looking to cheat on him. Fucking hot yo!” Jax looked up at Adam with a somewhat disgruntled look and pulled his hand off Tyler’s shoulder without any additional help from Tyler. Adam continued to walk away with his boy, even though Tyler reached out trying to stop him. He couldn’t let Adam talk to Brandon and tell him he saw even the slightest hint of cheating. Especially when he was the innocent victim here! Tyler started to jolt out of his seat when his eyes caught Jax and the mesmerizing began again. “So your name is Tyler,” Jax surmised from Adam’s outburst, “and you have a boyfriend. I believe that was what you were trying to say before your friend decided to butt in is that right?” “Yeah that’s right,” Tyler blurted back. Regardless of his focus on Jax, it wasn’t as if he was under a spell. He had some sarcasm to his tone, and irritation as well. “And I didn’t come here to cheat on the best man in the world that’s for sure. So please do not touch me, we have a committed monogamous relationship that’s better than anyone else out there!” Jax nodded, slowly. You could see the wheels were turning in his head. This boy, for not being more than 22 or 23 years old, was acting like some old wise man. It was intriguing, although batshit fucking weird to Tyler. Jax stood up without any explanation and walked a few steps, finding Adam, and then with more energy than he had displayed the last few minutes with Tyler, grabbed Adams arm and marched him back to the table. After setting Adam in front of Tyler, Jax calmly sat down, his composure completely intact. “Adam is it?”, Jax poked, “I believe we have a misunderstanding here. Your friend, Tyler, spilled his drink at the bar. I believe, based on my observations here, that he came here with you yet you deserted him for….that,” Jax pointed to the boytoy on Adam’s arm, “….and then you unfortunately walked by when I was doing something inappropriate to Tyler, not the other way around. My apologies, because Tyler loves his boyfriend, and we as a wonderful group of friends searching for another wonderful friend, respect and cherish his monogamy. It was a simple accident and it shall not happen again. Please understand, this is a misunderstanding.” “Yeah whatever dude,” Adam slurred in his drunken state, “Ya know I know this Tyler well, I knew saying he was cheating on Brandon would just set him off, this boy would never ever EVER cheat on Brandon. Hes fucking gold. Now I gotta go though crazy cat boy, me and this bitch are going to fuck like rabbits.” Adam scurried off and Tyler was now left impressed by how genuinely Jax tried to correct his error. Weird guy? Yes. Decent? Absolutely. He didn’t have to do that. He somehow noticed that Tyler was really upset by Adam’s poking and he made it right. He really made it right. Ok, there may be some new friends here, possibly. Then Tyler’s eyes connected with Jax again and the tractor beam was locked. “We’ve been here for several hours and find this place to be stereotypical and dull,” Jax stated, matter of fact as usual. “There is another club attached to this club that we would prefer to spend time in, and would love for you to join us, only if you want.” “What other club are you talking about?” Tyler questioned. This entire building is just one big gay club, its not in a strip mall or anything else, so what could he be talking about? “Its not a well known or accessible place. Only for people in the know,” Jax responded, calmly of course. “Oh well hey I mean I’m all for people doing their own thing, but I don’t do drugs guys,” Tyler started to get up but it was if Jax’s stare gained intensity and Tyler began to hang on baited breath for the next statement. “We do not do drugs,” Jax stated plainly, very plainly, as if it was absolute verifiable fact. In fact, Tyler had never heard anyone make a statement that was so absolutely believable in his life. Jax continued, “This is simply a much more chill environment away from the trashy pop music where we can possibly get to know you as a friend. Not a lover, just a friend. Not a lover, just a friend. Not a lover, just a friend, repeated in Tylers mind like an echo. He nodded, his mouth didn’t work for whatever reason. His friends had abandoned him for their same ol slutty ways, and he was somehow enthralled with cat boy here and didn’t have any problem proceeding. The boys all got up and proceeded to walk towards the back of the club towards the bathrooms, snaking their way through the crowd, catching looks from everyone there. Once at the bathrooms they took a right down a hallway to a door marked “Basement – Employees Only”. Jax pulled out a key from his pocket and unlocked the door. “Oh you’re an employee here?” Tyler asked Jax turned his head around to look at Tyler, locking eyes once again, “Sometimes a little bit of smoke and mirros is necessary to prevent the world from destroying a thing that you love.” He turned back around, proceeded to open the doors, which led to a very deep spiraling metal staircase. Every step down was loud and clanking from every one of their steps. The light at the top of the deep column going into the ground was a normal yellowy light but towards the bottom of the stairs the lights were a deep red. At the bottom of the circular stairs there was a single, steel riveted door. Hardly contrasted letters to the dark metal barely stated a word on the door, assuming it to be the word of the club. With the red light, and the other boys’ heads in the way it was hard to read. Tyler couldn’t make out what it said. Again, Jax produced another key from his pocket, this one looked like an old Victorian key, inserted it into the key hold, and with a large creak of unoiled hinges the big heavy door pulled open. Jax held the door as he ushered the boys inside. Tyler felt uncomfortable at this point. This felt like a dungeon, but he could hear the thumps of music playing from in the door, and some chatting take place down a long smoky hallway laying on the other side of the gateway, and his eyes caught Jax’s again which somehow communicated to him to proceed, and against his inner judgment, he took the steps through the door and followed the boys down the hallway. As Tyler got far enough from the entrance, Jax motioned to two figures who were cowering, quiet as can be, under the stairs. Adam and his boy crawled out from shadows. “Your performance was acceptable,” Jax said dryly. “Well thanks so you going to pay us now?” Adam snapped back, drunk, horny, and caressing his boy. Jax nodded slowly, as if in deep contemplation. “I believe I told you a thousand that is correct?” Adam, chomping at the bit and almost salivating jumped, “Yeah man that’s what you said, I’m glad to do it. But what about this beautiful boy here too? He had to walk with me to play your little game, I think he should get a thousand as well.” Jax looked irritated, but produced the cash right then. A thousand for both of the boys, in incredibly crisp bills. “Aw man, thanks this is great. Now you don’t be too harsh on Tyler or nothing, hes a good guy, better than Aaron and I,” Adam laughed, holding himself up against his new boy, who was snickering as well. “Now this is what is going to happen,” Jax began, as he quickly turned around to eye Tylers tiny ass getting further down the hallway. “You and your boy….” Adam interrupted, “are going to go fuck like crazy right now…” Jax grabbed Adam, his pulled ripping Adam from his boy, his hands caressing and groping Adam, his mouth connected with Adam’s, and Adam felt the shockwaves. Massive lustful waves of pure pleasure pulsed through him like craxzy. How Jax touched him was unlike he’d ever felt, how he kissed him was nothing like Aaron, how he smelled, how mysterious he was, everything came bubbling up in Adam and it felt like bliss. Adam’s boy stared in amazement, grabbing his own dick and touching himself, until Jax pushed Adam off him and stared into his eyes. “I am done with you at this time. Now you listen to me and execute my orders. You will walk to the top of these stairs and out the front door. You will not look for you boyfriend. When you leave the club, and you will do it immediately after I give these instructions, you will see a black Lincoln Town Car out front. Open the back door and get in it. It will take you home. Tell the driver your address once you get in the car. You will not touch each other in the car. You will put your shirt back on. Once you arrive at home, you will lead this boy into the bed that you share with your lover. I know you two have an open relationship. Open relationships are built on trust and honesty. This is neither of those things. You will then strip and throw that boy on the bed. Put out as many pictures of you and your lover surrounding the bed as possible. You will defile that bedroom and your bed with this boy. Boy, you will enter Adam raw, as many times as you want, but no less than five, and flood him with your DNA. Adam you will take him no questions asked. You will beg for more. You will stare at the pictures of you and your lover and realize how much better this boy is, how much better it feels in your bed, and how much bliss it is not to tell your man. Give in to the destruction of your petty relationship and give your ass bareback to this boy, like you know you want to. Your man will not be home until the morning, I’ve made those arrangements. By the morning you will be confused, questioning, and begging for this boy to meet you again to cheat on your man. And you will do it. I won’t even order that much, you just will. This will be gratifying to me.” With that, Jax, knowing that time was short to catch up with Tyler and the crew, caressed Adams hand for a moment, pulling Aaron’s promise ring off his finger in one quick motion. Adam immediately looked stunned and was about to speak. “Not a word from you Adam,” Jax said forcefully, “you will not need this anymore.” Jax placed the ring in his pocket and turned away from a stunned Adam and his boy. As they watched the creaky metal door close in front of them, they saw the words of the club, the words that Tyler couldn’t see. HEDON
  15. Well I'm not really going to be great at dev mode. But you're suggestion got me thinking. I still can't find a way to log in on PC but like I said I have no issues logging in on mobile, which is Android. So, I figured the best way for me to use the site with a mouse and keyboard and give me the freedom to type longer responses was to emulate that and experience... On my PC. So I loaded up a VMware virtual machine with Android, which took a bit of tweaking and now I have a vm just to access breeding zone but it's on my PC. Workaround achieved. 👍
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