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    Finding a pimp to whore me out, to take ownership of my hole, to use me, share me, sell me as a slut.
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    Blindly headed down the path of self destruction. Slamming and smoking. Intentionally POZ and going for full blown.

    Pic is of me taking a buds load.
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    I have Escorted...........a long time ago
    See me get cloudy and jack my cock on my tumblr
    or hit me up and cum fuck.
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    A take control Man to own my ass, decide how, when and by whom I get fucked.
    I relinquish any say in the matter and take any cock I am told.
    Men that want to make home porn.
    I'm addicted to cloudy days.

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  1. If the bottom is high enough he will never notice or if he does he won't care.
  2. I am pretty insistent on once cum is in my hole that is where it will stay. I want to absord as much dna as I possibly can.
  3. I crave more Asian cock. The very first raw POZ load in me came from an Asian dude and I love reliving that pivotal moment. As I am in Atlanta i am lucky to have an endless supply of BBC
  4. Every time I've had sex at an Interstate Rest Area I promise myself I will never do it again. Too much risk of getting caught and the sex is usually marginal. Once again I broke that promise. Tonight I slipped on a pair of loose soccer shorts and a tank and headed out. Upon arrival I kinda lingered by vending machines to see who looks like a possible trick. First few Men didn't pan out but finally a guy looked at the bulge in my shorts and smiled. He was a typical guy you'd expect trolling a public area. I followed him into a stall, sucked him and ultimately I got fucked and a load of cum up my ass. I always feel an enormous wave of pride afterwards and tonight was no exception.
  5. Cum. I do it to get cum in my hole. I love cum.
  6. Stealthing is morally reprehensible, completely unethical and fucking hot as hell.
  7. I have done this. I love how trashy and slutty it makes me feel.
  8. Damn right I do. Any Man who has me stick my cock in him deserves my load.
  9. Looks like all the pertinent details have been covered, only thing I would ad is that you ought to consider a CL ad to bring in more BBC to your room. I have had good results running CL ads that invite any and all Black Men (no load refused) to come fuck my raw POZ ass.
  10. Happened to me, got a gift with purchase at Bloomingdales. Salesman fucked me in the dressing room.
  11. Try a different browser. Solved the problem for me.
  12. I did it right. Got HIV first, since I refuse to call crabs caught from a toilet seat an STD.
  13. 13, because I got my first load in my ass when I was 13 and I fully understood (and enjoyed) what was happening.

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