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    at a bath house near you
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    Finding a pimp to whore me out, to take ownership of my hole, to use me, share me, sell me as a slut.
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    Poz, Not On Meds
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    Versatile Bottom
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    Blindly headed down the path of self destruction. Slamming and smoking. Intentionally POZ and going for full blown.

    Pic is of me taking a buds load.
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    I have Escorted...........a long time ago
    See me get cloudy and jack my cock on my tumblr
    or hit me up and cum fuck.
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    A take control Man to own my ass, decide how, when and by whom I get fucked.
    I relinquish any say in the matter and take any cock I am told.
    Men that want to make home porn.
    I'm addicted to cloudy days.

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  1. POLL: Do you LUV Condom to Bareback Videos?

    In my ideal porn the condom would fail, the POZ top would stealth the neg bottom, the bottom would discover the damaged condom, and not realizing he has a charged load in him already, beg to be knocked up.
  2. Piss Fucked

    I do love, Love, LOVE some chem piss up in my hole -- makes me fly like no other way
  3. Absorb Or Push Out Cum?

    Absorb. Once that load is up in me I am keeping it. One of my biggest turn ons is going to work with a load hole and cum dribbling down my leg. Makes me feel trashy.
  4. my skype id is wildspeedokl


  5. What Was Your First Std ?

    I did it right, first one was HIV
  6. looking to get to Atlanta this year and find multiple loads of POZ tops I am race and color blind , none refused.

  7. Lowering "standards" and raising pleasure

    For a long time my sexual growth was very slow. I was a picky top, 100% safe and.......boring. Then I was introduced to my friend gurl Tina. Suddenly raw cock was up in me, I escorted some and got knocked up. For me it really is about the cum. I want my hole loaded with cum and I don't care what the Man looks like who gives it to me. I am proud to let any Man (as long as they are reasonably polite, respectful and not a thief) fuck me.
  8. Restroom Floor

    No question at all, any randomly found loads are going straight up my hole.
  9. Atlanta Motel recommendations Please.

    Ha ha ha, yeah thats Atlanta for ya. I swear there is something in the water that turns tops into bottoms.
  10. Stealthing?

    If the bottom is high enough he will never notice or if he does he won't care.
  11. I am pretty insistent on once cum is in my hole that is where it will stay. I want to absord as much dna as I possibly can.
  12. Racial cravings?? Anyone??

    I crave more Asian cock. The very first raw POZ load in me came from an Asian dude and I love reliving that pivotal moment. As I am in Atlanta i am lucky to have an endless supply of BBC
  13. Rest Area Fuck

    Every time I've had sex at an Interstate Rest Area I promise myself I will never do it again. Too much risk of getting caught and the sex is usually marginal. Once again I broke that promise. Tonight I slipped on a pair of loose soccer shorts and a tank and headed out. Upon arrival I kinda lingered by vending machines to see who looks like a possible trick. First few Men didn't pan out but finally a guy looked at the bulge in my shorts and smiled. He was a typical guy you'd expect trolling a public area. I followed him into a stall, sucked him and ultimately I got fucked and a load of cum up my ass. I always feel an enormous wave of pride afterwards and tonight was no exception.
  14. Cum. I do it to get cum in my hole. I love cum.

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