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    I relinquish any say in the matter and take any cock I am told.
    Men that want to make home porn.
    I'm addicted to cloudy days.

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  1. Damn right I do. Any Man who has me stick my cock in him deserves my load.
  2. Looks like all the pertinent details have been covered, only thing I would ad is that you ought to consider a CL ad to bring in more BBC to your room. I have had good results running CL ads that invite any and all Black Men (no load refused) to come fuck my raw POZ ass.
  3. Happened to me, got a gift with purchase at Bloomingdales. Salesman fucked me in the dressing room.
  4. Try a different browser. Solved the problem for me.
  5. I did it right. Got HIV first, since I refuse to call crabs caught from a toilet seat an STD.
  6. 13, because I got my first load in my ass when I was 13 and I fully understood (and enjoyed) what was happening.
  7. I have gotten well loaded there. For me it is all about the cum, so I let anybody fuck me. I almost think that doing so sends the message that I am down for anything and it gets me more cock..........
  8. I am damn proud that I take anonymous loads
  9. I was whored out to two homeless guys by my pnp-pimp bud. I got fucked and filled behind a dumpster, one guy was 50ish the other in his 30s. Both were dirty and they stole everything except for my socks. (truthfully, I kinda allowed them to just to make it hard on my bud to get me home) It was demeaning, humiliating and absolutely one of the hottest things I have ever done. I consider it to be one of the key events to my shedding sexual fears and inhibitions.
  10. It sure ain't taboo here in Atlanta, Georgia.
  11. When it comes to getting my ass loaded I am pretty much down for letting anyone that wants to fuck me do so. It is the cum that I care about not where it comes from. But on those rare times I top I am very picky. More than anything I love to fuck Asian guys. Anyhow, Sunday I went to Flex (bath house) to get some anonymous loads. I headed right to the steam room, picked a nice spot where I was in the open. Within a minute a young Asian twink landed next to me. A little bit of sucking and jacking and he was ready for my cock up in him. I figured I better shoot my load quickly before he had a chance to ask status. God I hope he ain't on that stupid prep. Hot Asian twinks should be knocked up and I will do all I can to see that happen.
  12. My defining cumslut moment happened at CumUnion when, while my best friend and my dealer watched,I asked this scrawny, nasty boy who had been uniformly turned away by everyone to go to the most visible well lite area and fuck me with his genital wart covered cock. That cock was grotesque and I am so proud that it fucked me and that I got his load.
  13. Fuck yes, me too.

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