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  1. slutviking

    Cuban Cigar Intoxification

    Thank you Losolent for a wonderful masterpiece history. I will read it and cum again several times. It’s also very nice that you say, “the end”. Then we know that this story is finished even if we are hungry for more. Hopefully you have a new history coming out soon, which I look forward to.
  2. slutviking

    Cuban Cigar Intoxification

    Is this the best storry ever? I think so.
  3. slutviking

    I Helped Tag My Brother-in-law

    One of the best. Super hot.
  4. slutviking

    A Brother in Trouble

    I love this story, but shouldn’t it be called «A mother in trouble». The brothers have no trouble at all I think. I can hardly wait for the next chapter.
  5. slutviking

    Becoming the Pig

    Nice and hot. Give me more.
  6. slutviking

    Executive Breeding

    Hot. Very hot.
  7. slutviking

    Dad's Basement

    Fucking hot.
  8. slutviking

    A Door to New Beginings

    Please continue. The story is fabulous so fare. I want more!
  9. slutviking

    How it Started

    Next please.
  10. slutviking

    The Bar

    Love your story.

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