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The server changes are complete, but I need assistance from (semi-technical) members outside the North America / Europe to figure out if things are working as hoped. If you can help, please follow the steps I've laid out in the Tips & Tricks forum thread. Thanks for your help!


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  • Birthday 03/21/1976

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    Glasgow UK
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    Filling hot neg holes with my poz load(s) No +40's. 18-30's preferred ;p Twitter is @Giftgiver1975
    NO Timewasters !!
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    Poz, Not On Meds
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    Versatile Top
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    40 yo, decent looking (face pic on request). Willing gifter
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    Giftgiver1975, Glasgowspunk
  • Looking For
    Neg bottoms esp 18-30's
  1. Send me your poz cum in a file on a cute necklace so I can fuck it into my neg hole pleaseee

  2. Wish You were in London, I would beg you for your poz load!

  3. pity I'm well out of your age range gifter. Damn horny.

  4. Based in glasgow, would love to take your toxic load.

    1. beanna


      I will be poz very soon,i will gift you if and when I get over the fuck flu.p.m.if you wish it

  5. Damn I'd visit Scotland to take your poz load

  6. Good to hear you are a gifter, need more like you 😉☣

  7. Wow! Fuckin hot cock fella! Neg chasing bottom here, 25 years old. If I'm ever up your way would love to take your load but if you're ever in Yorkshire, be sure to drop me a line! ;)

  8. great Giftgiver!

    1. poz-wanted


      Hi. i am a 56 years old bareback poz wanted gay the netherlands.

  9. Danny Taylor

    Decent looking 40 yo. Glasgow, UK. Poz top for neg bottoms only Want pozzed? Message me, follow on Twitter @Giftgiver1975 Pics on Twitter or ask ;P

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