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  1. Carenath

    Scared Virgin Wants Pozzing

    Cody woke a little from the short sex nap, with his cock still a little hard and stuffed in Mike’s ass. He kept himself there plugging his semen in Mike’s young willing hole. He felt Mike move a little and sigh. Billy heard the sigh from Mike, and whispered, “Mikey, you awake?” “Yeah. Oh fuck, I’m still hard, and can feel your hot ass around my dick.” “I love your dick in there. Is Cody awake?” “I don’t think so, but he’s still me too. His dick feels so good in my ass.” “Aren’t you scared about having all his poz cum in you? Aren’t you afraid of becoming poz?” “I was at first, but it’s really what I want. I want it over with, so I can just have sex with anyone, and not care. I don’t like condoms, I’ve tried them on, just don’t like them.” Cody was hearing this talk, and just laid there, interested to see where it goes. Billy moved a little causing his ass to squeeze a little on Mike’s cock. Mike moaned a little, and his dick started to harden up a little more. “I think it’s what I’m wanting too, but I’m scared about it. I really loved feeling you fuck me, and how your cum felt squirting in me. I want it again, I always want to feel the cum.” Cody really liked where this was going, and tried to stay still and keep his breathing slow, and act asleep. The only thing, his cock gave a hard twitch in Mike’s tight ass. “Ooh, fuck, his dick just twitched me my ass. I really like a cock in my ass, but I really like feeling my dick in you too. You’d love Cody’s dick, he’s so careful, and I swear I think I can feel his skin moving on his dick head. When he cums, his cum is so hot shooting into me. I love it.” “I’m scared though. I’m pretty sure I want to just be poz too, I know I just want cock, a lot.” “Do it, now is your real chance. I’m here, I can hold your hand through it. You’ll love it. I feel so much more free, even though I’m not poz yet.” “Did you like it it when he was licking out your ass, and sticking his tongue in there?” “Ooh shit, that was great. It tickled then just got sexier and sexier feeling. Sorry I didn’t get a chance to lick yours better, you’d have it loved it. Did you like sticking your tongue in me, you did me more.” “Yes! It seemed weird at first, but then your ass was just so fun to lick and taste, and hear you moan.” Cody could not pretend any longer, but he acted like he just woke and caught only the drift of the ass eating part. “Mikey, you want a better try at eating out Billy? You can taste your last clean cum out of him. I bet he has a tasty little ass.” Cody slide his hard cock out of Mike, as Billy said, “Do it Mikey, please eat my ass.” MIke pulled his cock out of Billy and slide down the bed on his stomach, as Billy rolled to his back. Cody straddled over Billy, the back of his balls just barely touching Billy’s chin, as he pulled Billy’s legs up exposing his ass to Mike. Mike put his hands on Billy’s cheeks and pulled them apart to show him what he was looking for. Billy’s pink hole came into view. Mike leaned in, and flicked his tongue across the hole, which twitched to the touch. Billy could only moan out loud, and look at Cody’s ass in his face. See the manly fuzz over it, and going into Cody’s crack. He could smell Cody’s sexy manly scent. See Cody’s ass dimples as he flexed a little. Cody’s ass was calling him. “Come on Mikey, stick your tongue in there, taste your cum inside him. Get some all on your tongue, and taste that last clean sweet cum of yours before you became a toxic poz boy.” Hearing this, Mike shoved his tongue into Billy, moving his face into Billy’s smooth valley, moaning as he felt Billy’s furnace on his tongue, the slight bitter and then the sticky cum. Moving his tongue around. Hearing Billy moaning, and wiggling. “Thats it Mikey, rim into that hole. Come up here, give us a deep kiss, let me taste what’s on your tongue.” Mike stood up from Billy’s ass, and deeply kissed Cody, shoving his tongue into Cody’s mouth. Cody was immediately sucking what he could off of Mike’s tongue, before Mike pulled away to get back to Billy’s sweet ass. Billy just could not take it any longer, staring at Cody’s manly ass, and grabbed onto Cody’s hips and pulled Cody’s ass to his face, and buried his face in that fuzzy valley, licking at Cody’s hidden pucker. Cody moaned, “That’s it Billy boy, give my man ass some attention. Come on you can stick your tongue in there. Really taste my ass.” Billy moaned into Cody’s ass as Mike kept eating Billy out. All three were moaning. Cody’s cock had started its lubing process now, and was beginning to drip some toxic precum onto Billy’s chest. “Mikey, let’s switch places, you hold his legs, let me eat some of his ass too.” Mike switched places and held up Billy’s legs, while Cody began to expertly rim out Billy’s ass, going even deeper into his ass. Billy saw Mike’s ass, and with out even thinking about the poz cum being there, just shoved his face into Mike’s lightly fuzzy hole, and started rimming him. Tasting Cody’s poz loads in his ass. Cody heard Mike moaning, and knew he was getting rimmed by Billy. Now the last bit, and see if he can truly get Billy’s ass. “Mikey, why don’t you get behind Billy here, prop him up near the edge so he can really see me rimming his sweet young ass.” Mike got behind Billy, and slide Billy’s ass to the edge of the bed. Then he reached down as Billy lifted his legs to Mike’s hands. Billy could just see over his balls, and watched as Cody attacked his ass again with his tongue. Cody could hear Mike starting to whisper to Billy, “You like how he’s treating your ass don’t you?” Billy moaned an affirmative sound. “You still think you want to get pozzed like I did? I could hold you like this, help you not be scared. We can have the fuck flu together maybe, have sex together through it to celebrate. You just have to ask him.” Mike leaned in and licked Billy’s ear, and sucked on the lobe, and Cody really moved his tongue in and out of Billy’s ass, causing Billy to almost scream out. “Co... Co....Cody. Wi...wi....will you fuck me too?” “Billy boy, you want some poz cock too?” “Ye...yes, to be like Mike, Mikey, and not worry anymore, and just have sex and cum.” “I’ll do it, if you really want to.” “Please, now, I really think I need it.” “You want Mikey to film it like his? You want the same thing like him, to try to make it take? It’ll smart a little.” “Yes, all of it.” Cody got up, and grabbed the same toothbrush and camera. “Here Mikey, you hold our scared one, and film from there. You got a good angle?” Mike nodded his head and turned on the camera. He started the filming with Cody lubing up the toothbrush. “Ok, Billy boy, relax, this will smart a little, but will let my bug in better like with Mikey.” Cody then slowly inserted the toothbrush into Billy’s ass. Billy moaned a little in pain and fear, but also some pleasure as it bumped his prostate button. Cody was slowly spinning it around, as well as in and out. “Ooh fuck, this is hot to watch Billy. The brush is like more that half way up your ass.” Mike kept filming. Cody kept the brush moving in Billy for about a minute, then pulled it out so the camera and Mike could see it. It was very much blood red from having brushed both asses now. “You’re ass is all prepped to accepted my bug Billy boy. I’m going to lube you up some more. I’m putting a lot of lubed on two fingers, here they come.” Cody slowly inserted his fingers into Billy, and rubbed them around Billy’s hole. Pulling to the side a little to stretch him, and rubbed by his prostate a little to horn him up more. Cody was leaking enough precum, that no more lube would be needed. “Okay, my worried one, you’re all ready. I’m putting my dick at your hole. I’m really leaking for you. Once I go in, I’m not pulling out until I’ve shot my load in you. You ready?” Billy nodded his head. Both Billy and Mike moaned has Cody’s big cock slide all the way home into Billy’s ass. Cody didn’t wait for Billy to get used to him, and just immediately started slow long dicking movements. “Oh, oh, fuck. I can feel you moving all the way inside me. Oh, fuck, your cock is so warm in me.” “That’s what the brushing does. Your ass is so tight Billy boy, it’s made for fucking.” “Billy, it’s so hot watching this in the camera, oh fuck, that’s so hot watching you take his poz cock. He’s almost all the way in you.” “Billy boy, you ready to get bred? I’m getting real close now. I’m going to push all the way in now. I’m going to bury my seed as deep in you as I can.” With this Cody pushed all the way in, in through Billy’s inner second ring, which clamped down on the ridge of Cody’s cock head, and pulsed on Cody’s ridge. “Billy, you ready to get his cum like I did. His eyes are closed, he’s about to shoot in you. Oh fuck, Billy, your about to be pozzed like I was.” Cody heard this and pushed completely into Billy, and shot. And shot. He pulled back a little and shot more, filling Billy, coating his scratched walls with his toxic seed. Cody just couldn’t take it, and shot his load all over his chest, and Mike’s dick was being rubbed by Billy’s lower extremity, and shot all over Billy’s back and his own chest. Cody leaned in and deeply kissed Billy. Once Mike turned off the camera and set it on the bed, Cody deeply kissed him. Mike then kissed Billy hard and passionately. “Well my little young chasers, I think it’s shower time, and then you two should be heading home.” While they showered, Cody made two copies of the video, so each of them could have a video of their breeding. Cody was sure the breeding took, as he has been off his meds for a while, and was at an extremely high viral load right now. As the two young men left, they promised to let him know what happens in a few weeks. Billy and Mike were already planning their first overnight with each other.
  2. Carenath

    Scared Virgin Wants Pozzing

    The three of them snoozed after their sex. Billy was the first to wake up; by a hard dripping cock nudging his ass crack. Mike’s hard cock was trying to poke its way to his virgin hole. Dripping precum along the valley. Mike’s arm was draped over Billy, with his hand cupping one of Billy's pecs. In his sleep Mike pulled Billy more into him. Billy reached behind him and felt Mike’s body, along the side of Mike’s ass feeling the dimple in the cheek. He then ran his hand between their bodies to Mike’s hard cock grabbing it and running the head a little against his hole, feeling Mike’s precum on his hole. Billy moaned a little at the feeling. This woke Cody, who looked down between the two young men in his bed, and saw Billy rubbing his hole with Mike’s hard cock. Cole really wanted to see Billy lose his V card. So his brain immediately began cooking up the idea. Cole carefully reached under the pillow and grabbed his lube. Cole then whispered over to Billy, “Try a little lube, really feel his cock slide on your hole.” Cody then squirted a little between Mike and Billy’s hand. He heard Billy moan more. While Billy was moaning, Mike began to stir awake, very hot and horny. Cole began to lube up Mike’s ass. Rubbing his finger along his hole and dipping more and more lube into Mike’s ass, then slide his finger into Mike and jiggled it against his prostate, and lightly rubbed his prostate. “Oh fuck” moaned Mike, who bumped a little forward right when Billy had Mike's cock against his hole. Mike's cock squirted a little precum right against and a little into Billy's ass, which allowed just a little of the tip of Mike's penis to slide into the lips of Billy's hole. “Mikey ready for another dose of poz cum from my hard cock?” “Fuck yes, I want your cock in me again. Please, please, fuck it into me.” Cole lubed up, being sure to really get his head and inside his foreskin as well as all over the outside of his foreskin well lubed. He then pressed his cock head right to Mike's hole. He squirted a little more lube to the side of his cock, plus a little more in his hand which he moved his hand between Mike and Billy and really lubed up Mike's cock getting him ready for the plan. “Here it comes buddy.” Cole slowly slide his hard cock into Mike. Mike's hole was pushing Cole's foreskin back tighter, making Cole moan both from that and the heat inside Mike's ass. Mike only sighed and moaned as he was filled again with cock. Billy heard the horny sexy sounds behind him. He reached back a little further and felt as Cole's body slid into contact with Mike. Cole with his long arms put his hand on Billy and pulled him more against Mike. Mike's slick cock rubbed up and over Billy's hole, and then the underside was rubbing the hole. Cole moved his hand down to Billy's hard dick, and lightly played with the head, slowly moving his finger around then hard head, while he slowly rubbed his cock in Mike's tight ass, forcing the underside of Mike's cock to rub Billy's hole. “Oh yes, fuckin’ yes” moaned Mike, loving the cock in him, and causing his internal faucet to be turned on, letting the precum flow. Billy whispered to Mike, “Do you like having his dick in you?” “Fuck yes. It's so fucking amazing” “What's it like?” “He's so hard in me, but also so soft, and so hot. Oh fuck that feels good. I love when his head bumps a spot in me. I love the feeling his cock gives all long the inside of my ass.” “Fuck, I really want to feel a cock in me, a real cock not a rubber, but I'm so scared though.” Cole as loving the little talk between the young men. He just kept the very slow pace of fucking Mike, this just may go how he wanted. “‘Oh god, there's nothing like the feeling, you'd love it.” Cole stepped into the pillow talk. While slowly rubbing the little triangle under Billiy’s cock head he whispered to Billy, “Billy boy, you'd love a cock in that nice ass. Between you and I we've got Mikey here all ready, his cock is all wet a slippery, and there's so much lube around your hole, he could slide right in. You want to try?” Cole let go of Billy's cock and reached between Billy and Mike, grabbing the base of Mike's cock and forcing the head down to Billy's hole, then rubbing the head against the hole. As he did this he pulled back out of Mike's ass a little so his big head was right against Mike's prostate, and rubbed his prostate, making Mike moan and squirt out a little more precum into Billy's hole. Billy was moaning as he felt Mike's cock rubbing his hole. “Oh, oh, god.” “You like Mikey’s cock rubbing your hole. You know you want to feel it slide in. You’ll be okay, he’s still nice and clean, and Negative.” With this Cole pushed his cock into Mike all the way slowly and doing so nudged the tip of Mike’s cock into the lips of Billy’s ass. Mike moaned with the feelings front and back. “Come on Billy boy, you can feel Mikey’s cock just kissing the inside of your ass lips. Just move yourself back a little and let Mikey in.” Billy’s will power dropped and he moved himself back a little, letting Mike's cock start its entry into him. The head of Mike’s cock was a third of the way in. Cole took that as the sign to get the rest into Billy, and he pushed Mike with is body into Billy, and gently pulled Billy into Mike. Doing so slid Mike's cock all the way into Billy, nice and even and slow. “Oh, oh shit. Oh my fucking god. Oh, your so hot inside Billy. Your ass is so tight and sucking my cock. Oh shit.” “I… oh, fuck…. Mike your cock feels ….. oh god, push it in further ….. “ Mike thrust into Billy until his pubes and balls were mashed against Billy’s ass mound. “Fuck yeah, Billy boy, your not a virgin anymore. How’s that cock feel in you? You love it don’t you?” “Oh shit, yes. It's feels so good. Oh fuck Mikey, what are you doing, your dick is sort of jerking in me.” Mike was moaning, because Cole was rhythmically shoving his cock deep into him. “Fuck, its not me, Cole is fucking me, and he’s making me fuck into you and making my dick jump. Oh shit, this feels…. Oh fuck, I feel like I’m going to cum soon. Billy your ass is just so fucking hot and tight.” “You want to cum inside Billy boy don’t you. You want to give up another of your last clean loads into him don’t. Billy boy, you want his load don’t you.” Both of them moaned yes together. Cole pulled Billy more against Mike, and really started to fuck Mike harder. Cole's hot poz load was building up quickly. “You ready Mikey, you ready for your next dose of poz cum.” “Fuck yes, oh fuck I’m ready. I’m going to cum too.” Cole pushed himself hard into Mike, and felt the tip of his cock just pierce into Mike's second ring as he fired his toxic load into Mike. Mike felt the molten heat of Cole's semen injecting into him, and he started shooting his negative load into Billy. “Oh shit, Mikey, oh fuck, its so hot, your cumming in me, oh your cum is so warm. Oh fuck, I can’t believe this, oh fuck.” Billy began shooting his load all over the bed, he just was so excited over taking his first cock and a first load of cum. After each of their orgasms wound down, Cole pulled Billy into Mike again, and pushed Mike into Billy. This way keeping the hard cocks in the respective asses. Cole still had an idea cooking in his mind, and he needed to rest for a few minutes.
  3. Carenath

    Brother's Infection

    Aaron woke up in the middle of the night with his little brother wrapped around his body from behind. He could feel Ryan's hard cock tucked into his ass valley, and he could swear his ass felt damper than it should be than just from sweat being cuddled against. He guessed his brother had been hard for a little bit and was leaking precum. His precum sure feels like its doing what its supposed to, as Aaron felt like he was pretty wet back there. Aaron loved the way his brother was holding him tight, his slow even breath going across his neck, his brothers hand on his pec just barely touching a nipple. His brother Ryan was fully asleep, but was gently moving his hips. Ever so slightly humping Aaron. Aaron's dick was getting really hard thinking about his brother humping him in his sleep. As Ryan's cock slide along his ass crack, Aaron's cock a little harder. Aaron shifted his ass just a little bit, opening his cheeks just a little, opening the valley to his hole. Ryan's cock suddenly slid across his hole on the next humping motion, causing Aaron to moan a little. As Ryan's cock slid across he was spreading his copious dripping precum with it. Aaron's lust level was beginning to rise. He's wanted Ryan to fuck him for a long time, now more than ever. Aaron wanted the last of Ryan's negative load in him. Ryan's cock slid across his hole again, spreading that much more precum. The hairs within Aaron's ass valley were now very wet. Aaron shifted a leg just slightly, and opened the valley to hole a little more. Now when Ryan's cock rubbed across his hole, Ryan's long foreskin caught a little on Aaron's hole and his cock was almost guided to his hole. Ryan's cock also dipped a largest glob of precum on Aaron's hole. Ryan muttered in his sleep, something Aaron couldn't quite make out, but he did make out his name. When Ryan next muttered he moved his hand a little, right onto one of Aaron's hairy nipples. His fingers moved with their own mind and teased the nipple. "Aaron....... love you......inside you." Ryan humped again, squirting a little more precum out right onto Aaron's hole, and his cock head stuck a little on the hole. Aaron moaned and pushed back a little with his ass. Ryan pulled back a little, but Aaron with his pushing his ass back kept Ryan's cock head against his hole. Ryan's foreskin was kissing Aaron's hole the whole time. "... be inside you, Aaron." Ryan moved forward, squirting big glob of precum through his foreskin just to the inside of Aaron's hole, lubing Aaron's hole to received his cock. Which Aaron willingly and lovingly accepted. Ryan's cook began its slide right into Aaron's ass. Aaron's hole held onto Ryan's long foreskin, and his cock head peeked out of the skin inside Aaron's ass and squirted more precum lubing its way deeper into Aaron. Both Aaron and Ryan moaned. Ryan in his sleep, and Aaron very much awake and lust filled for his brothers cock. Ryan's cock slid deeper and deeper inside his brother Aaron's hairy ass. Aaron's ass began pulsating around Ryan's cock, sucking on Ryan's cock, as Aaron's cock pulsed outside his body. Aaron's cock was starting to drool its toxic lube. Ryan was slowly humping into Aaron, with each humping motion going deeper and deeper into Aaron. Each stroke now rubbing Aaron's prostate, forcing more toxic juices out of Aaron. Ryan moaned again, but this time the moan was of lustful waking. "Oh, oh, fuck, Aaron....." "Easy, Bro, easy. Stay inside me, fuck me, Bro." As Aaron said this he twitched his cock causing more toxic juices to drip out, and more importantly made his ass twitch on his brothers hard cock that was deep in his fuzzy ass. "Oh fuck Aaron, I'm inside you. Your ass is so hot around my cock. Oh fuck." Ryan felt Aaron's ass twitch, which made him pull back and shove forward again. "Fuck me Ryan, give me your cock, give my your cum. I want the last of your clean load." "I've wanted to fuck you for so long. God, your ass is so hot, so tight. Oh fuck, I'm not going to last long. Fuck Aaron." "Thats it little Brother, fuck me. Oh fuck your cock is hitting my nut inside." Ryan reach down with his hand, feeling down Aaron's hairy body, to his pubes, and grabbed his big Brother's hard dripping cock. He started jacking his Brother's cock, rubbing the foreskin on the head in time to his humping. Aaron was moaning even more with this double pleasure. "Fuck me Ryan, give me that cock. I want your raw sperm, give me the last of the usable sperm." "Oh, fuck I'm going to cum Aaron, I'm going to shoot inside you. Fuck I can feel my cum boiling up." Ryan started thrusting hard and in short stabs deep into Aaron, at the same time gripping and letting go of Aaron's cock. Aaron felt his cum boiling up as well. The suddenly the brothers shot their loads simultaneously. Ryan's going deep within his brother and in a greater amount than Ryan can ever remember shooting. Aaron's shooting onto the bed, his pubes and Ryan's hand. The brothers were breathing hard. Ryan brought his hand up to his mouth, and licked off a good portion of Aaron's toxic semen, loving the taste of his brother, of his toxin. He then brought his hand to his brother's mouth, and Aaron lick up his own cum as well. Then they kissed, sharing Aaron's cum between them. Suddenly though, Ryan had to take a wicked piss. "Aaron, I gotta piss real bad. Let go of my ass so I can get up. Aaron pulled Ryan more to him, "No Bro, don't go. Let it go in me, like I did to you. Give me all the last bit of negative fluids you have. Let me fill you fill me up." "Oh, fuck, Aaron here it comes. Oh fuck it feels good pissing into you. Oh, oh, its getting so hot around my cock. Oh, god, I didn't know it felt this good to piss inside someone." Aaron was moaning in pleasure as he felt his Ryan's not piss filling him up, deeply filling his colon. Aaron shot out a little more cum as his ass was being filled. Ryan was still panting in his lust of the activities. "Love you bro" "Love you Bro"
  4. Scared Virgin Wants Pozzing Mike just turned 18, but he knew what he wanted. He wanted bare raw sex with men. He wanted a man's hot semen in his ass, even a man's hot piss. He didn't care if it was poz or neg, but right now he wanted poz, he wanted to end the fear and free himself. The only trouble is he wanted it to be given to him while making love, not just be fucked. He wanted some passion in it. Mike got on to a match site posting his desires. He got a response from a mid thirties guy named Cole, who was active and didn't have a problem being a gifter. In fact he said its been a fantasy of his to poz a young guy and help him to transition to a poz brother. The idea of it being a more passionate type of gifting actually turned Cole on even more. They set a Friday night to get together, and Mike told his parents he was staying at a friend's house, that way they could make a night and day of it. Every time Mike thought about the Friday coming up he'd start leaking precum, but he didn't allow himself to jack off. Mike was going to let his cum build up so his orgasm while being pozzed would be that much more special and strong. Friday finally came, and Mike almost did in the middle of class just thinking what was going to happen in a few hours. He was leaking so much precum he was developing a little spot in his jeans, both in front and dripping down between his balls. He couldn't wait to feel a cock in him, filling him, shooting in him. Mike got out of school, and jumped in his car to head to Cole's. His cock hard as a nail. While he was driving he had to keep adjusting his cock in his pants, which squeezed more precum up out of his cock, and through his underwear against his jeans. By the time he got to Cole's he had a rather large wet spot in the front of jeans, and his balls felt damp. Mike got up to the door, and Cole greeted him at the door. Cole was pleased with what he saw, a hot teen, with an even hotter wet bulging package. Mike loved that Cole was exactly as his picture looked. Cole grabbed Mike into a deep kiss, pushing his tongue into Mike's mouth. This made Mike moan, and he couldn't help but jet out a glob of precum, well actually it was a little cum too. "Come on in stud. I think I have surprise you'll love." Cole pulled Mike in, and shut the door behind him. Once he pulled Mike in, he reached down and pulled Mike's shirt off in quick sweep. Once his shirt was off, he attached Mike's neck, tickling it with his tongue and little bites. Not enough to leave a hicky mark, but enough to make Mike moan and leak more into his pants. When Mike looked up, he saw other guy his age in a jockstrap filming them. Mike inhaled a little more and squirmed a little. "This is Billy. He's a virgin too, more scared than you about breeding, but wanted to watch and film this for you. Is it okay?" "Yes! I'd love to be able to see my cherry pop later." Billy obviously had as big a hard on as Mike, clearly obvious in his jock. Billy picked up the camera to start his filming. He couldn't wait to watch Mike take a cock for the first time, and take a breeding. He only wished he had the courage to do the same. Cole leaned over and shoved his tongue into Mike's mouth, feeling down his bare back to edge of his pants. He carefully moved his hands between the pants band and underwear, down Mike's bare butt cheeks. Oh so smooth and tight. Mike moaned into Cole's mouth, and with hands moved down to the bottom of Cole's shirt and started lifting it. They broke their kiss, and Mike lifted Cole's shirt off. Cole was relatively hairy, compared to Mike's lack of hair, except for Mike's very dense inch wide treasure trail that lead down to a trimmed bush. Cole had a dense amount of hair all across his chest and stomach, with just slightly longer treasure trail. Mike leaned down and licked one of Cole's erect nipples. This caused Cole to moan out loud and pull Mike's head into his pec. Cole picked up Mike in his arms, bare chest to bare chest. "Come on Billy, time to film a cherry pop." Cole carried Mike back to the bedroom and Billy followed filming them. Once in the bedroom Cole put Mike on the bed and undid his jeans, and pulled everything off in one feel swoop. Mike's pubes were soaked in precum, and it was still pouring out of his hard cut cock. Cole bent down and licked across Mike's dick head. Mike moaned and spurted a little precum. Billy got a close up as Cole took Mike's head in his mouth. Cole loved the taste of Mike's sweet nectar. Cole then stood up and took off his pants, exposing his hard uncut cock for the boys to see. Billy gasped a little, so Mike looked over his body and moaned oh fuck. A little precum was glistening on the lips of Cole's foreskin. Cole got on the bed and knee walked up Mike's body until his cock was just touching Mike's lips. Mike stuck out his tongue and touched the lips of Cole's foreskin, pushing his tongue lightly into Cole's foreskin. Mike loved his first taste of a man's cock, the feel of the skin, the precum. Billy was busy filming closeup of Mike licking Cole's cock. His cock was feeling very cramped in his jock, and he pushed it off as he was filming. His cut cock standing straight out from his body. Billy unlike the other two was almost completely hairless, he kept his pubes shaved. He only had hair under his arms, and a little around his butt hole. "Right on buddy, get naked with us." Cole moaned. Cole began licking down Mike's body, again taking Mike's cock back in his mouth. Cole swirled his tongue around the head, getting all the precum of his cock as possible. He then licked down to Mike's balls, and tickled his balls with his tongue. Mike's moaning went up a little bit. Cole started lift up Mike's legs bringing Mike's hole into view. Cole then licked right down to the exposed hole. There was some hair around the hole, and spreading a little up the valley, which Cole loved. As soon as Cole's tongue touched Mike's hole, Mike almost screamed out. Mike didn't know this could feel so good. Cole ran his tongue all over the outside of Mike's hole, slowly teasing it with quick stabs with the tip of his tongue. Each time he stabbed a little deeper. All the while Billy was filming the on going, being sure to get a little bit of Mike's face to show what he was feeling, but not missing the hard core action below. Suddenly Mike's ass blossomed open, and Cole's tongue sank in to the depths of Mike's ass. Mike moaned and shot out a little cum as this happened. Cole just wagged his tongue inside Mike for a minute. Cole looked up to see Mike's little spurt of cum on his stomach. He dipped his finger in it and brought it to his mouth. Oh so nutty sweet. Cole saw Billy's hungry eyes on what he did, and took the last finger full of cum off of Mike, "Here buddy, try his cum, you know you want to. He's a Neg virgin like you, its not going to hurt you. Try it." And Cole moved his finger to Billy's mouth, and Billy just opened his mouth and accepted the finger full of cum. He couldn't believe how good it was. Cole looked and the lust filled Mike, "So do you just want me to take your cherry now, or would you like a little prep work that will help the breeding maybe take this first time?" "Lets go all the way, so I don't lose my nerve later. I want to be bred good." "You got it. Hey little buddy, you looked like you liked the taste of cum. Why don't you come down and try a little ass while I go get my prep tool. Come on, you know you want to try it. This is your chance to try a clean ass. But the camera down for minute, come try this sweet ass." Billy's lust was up, and he couldn't say no. He set the camera down on the bed, and got down between Mike's legs, and saw the hair hole winking at him. He bent down and touched his tongue directly to the winking hole. He heard Mike moan. "That's it buddy, shove your tongue in there. Get him ready for his prepping." Cole then pushed Billy's face into Mike's ass just as he started to stick his tongue in the hole, this caused Billy's tongue to really go in. Billy love the feel and taste of Mike's ass, and really started licking and tongue fucking him. Cole went into the bathroom and grabbed his toothbrush he'd been using. He'll just replace. As he came back to the bed, he grabbed lube out of the drawer as well. Billy stood up and grabbed the camera again. Cole took his place at Mike's ass. "Ok my little virgin chaser, this is to help prep you up. I'm just going to brush your insides up. I won't kid you, its going to smart a little." "Do it, I want it." Billy got ready to film this. He couldn't believe Mike agreed to having a toothbrush stuck up his ass. At the same time he thought it was hotter than hell. It made him leak little precum. Looking through the camera lens, he watched Cole lube up the toothbrush and then lube up Mike's hole. Then he watched as Cole put the brush against the winking hole. Then he saw the brush slowing sinking into that hole and Mike moaning. Billy than panned up to Mike's face, and he captured Mike's lust filled and a little pain look. Mike opened his mouth to breath and moan. Cole started to spin the brush around a little as well as slowly in and out. He pulled it all the way out to see how it looked it, and it was just ever so slightly pink, so not quite ready. So Cole slowly pushed the brush back in, and made light sawing motions. While he did this, he looked at Billy, and how he was sort of panting, and his cock was throbbing. "Hey film this when I pull the brush out. See how its coming out of his ass. Look at that color on there, that's much pinker, that means just a little more brushing and he'll be ready for the breeding. Say, you want to brush him a little? Come on down here, why don't you do a little." Billy set the camera down and came down where Cole was. "Here take the brush. Now slowly insert it in to his ass. That's it nice and slow. Move it all around inside him. That's it. You like getting him all prepped for a breeding?" All Billy could do was nod. He couldn't believe he was moving this around in Mike's ass. Watching it up close going in and out. "Okay, let me take it back, and you can film it coming it. I bet it'll be nice a red now. Pick up the camera and film it coming out." Billy picked up the camera and looking through the lens, he saw the brush slowly being pulled out. When the brush head came all the way out, it was noticeably red. "Yeah, your ready for breeding now. Look at the red color. That means your ass is all ready to be get bred and accept all that my cum has to give you." Cole set the brush down, and grabbed the lube. He started lubing up his cock real good, and put some more lube on and in Mike's hole. "Okay my worried virgin, its time. You ready to lose that cherry?" "Yes, god, yes. I want your dick in me now, please." Billy watched through the lens of the camera as Cole pulled is foreskin back and rubbed his head against Mike's hole. Carefully dipping in just a little and rubbing again. Then Cole slowly and carefully started pushing his cock in. When it was a little more that half way in, he panned up to Mike's face. He was breathing heavily from his mouth and his eyes were rolled back and he was moaning. Mike began heavily leaking precum out of his cock, you would think someone turned on a faucet. "I'm all the way in now. Feel my hard cock in you. Your cherry is all mine. Now to breed you. I'm not going to last long, your so nice and tight, and your ass keeps gripping my dick." Billy got up on the bed and straddled Mike so he could get a nice clear shot of Cole's dick sliding in and out. What a sight, Cole was so carefully moving his dick, nice and slow in and out. Mike looked up and saw Billy's tight little ass and balls hanging there in front of his face. Mike could help himself, he stuck his tongue out and licked Billy's balls. Doing this caused them to jump around in their sack. Billy almost dropped the camera went he felt his balls being licked. His cock started bouncing and splattering Mike's upper abs with his precum. As he was watching through the camera, he saw Mike's balls starting to really pull up to his body, and Mike's dick kept throbbing up with each thrust from Cole. "Okay bud, I'm getting really close, you ready for my cum, you ready to bred?" Mike stopped licking Billy's balls, "Yes, fuck yes. Give my your seed. Fuck it into me." Cole picked up his speed just a little. Suddenly he pushed in a little hard and did some quick jabs, and began groaning loudly. "Oh fuck, here it cums, I'm going to breed you now." Billy watched through the lens as Cole shoved hard and was shaking, and suddenly Mike's cock erupted with cum, and sprayed everywhere, including the camera lens. Billy got up off of Mike and set the camera down on the side bed table and then saw as Cole leaned into Mike and kissed him deeply, while we was still humping his spent dick into him. Billy's cock was throbbing to cum. Cole saw this and grabbed Billy's hard cock and started stroking it. "You need to cum to bud, lay down on the bed, lets let the prior virgin suck you off." Mike only smiled and moved over so Billy could lay down. Mike immediately attacked his hard cock, he loved Billy's sweet precum. Cole leaned in and whispered something into Mike's ear. Mike then licked down to Billy's balls, and Cole lifted Billy's leg, and Mike attacked the exposed hole. Billy couldn't believe the feeling, he loved the tongue on his ass. Mike then went back to Billy's cock just in time to catch the load as it fired out. The three then layed on the bed Mike pressed up against Billy, and Cole pressed up to Mike.
  5. Carenath

    Brother's Infection

    Part 2 Tim and Bart left the room for a short time to let the brothers relax in the post gifting bliss. Both brothers were still hard from the gifting, especially Aaron as the drugs would be keeping him hard for a while longer. "Aaron, I can feel all the warm piss in me. It feels soooo good. Your cock is still sort of pulsing too. I'm still wanting to be fucked. Please fuck me a little more. Pllleeeease." Yes, Ryan was still under control of the melted shards, but he also loved having his brother in him, which he's wanted for so long. Aaron knew it was already too late to be careful, and the drugs were still boosting his lust level. His cock made the decision for him, and he slowly started pumping into Ryan. Slowly in and slowly out, he was paying attention how the warm fluids drifted around his cock. How his foreskin uncovered his head and he could feel more warm. "Ryan, you feel so good around my cock. Can you feel me moving inside you. You like that?" "Fuck, Aaron, go faster, please go faster." Aaron started moving his hips harder and faster. His lust levels were going up, his urge to breed was kicking in. Now that he didn't have to worry, he had to breed. He wanted to breed. He started pushing as deep as possible into Ryan. "Aaron, more, give it to me. Fuck, your scratching that itch. Oh fuck, I love it. Give me more." "Fuck Ryan, I'm getting close again. I'm going to shoot some more into you. You want more of my cum?" "Please, give it to me. Shoot it into me" Aaron moved his hips a little harder, going as deep as possible with each thrust. Then Aaron felt the pulse of his orgasm, and shoved as far as possible and shot. His head falling back and moaning loud, shooting another good sized load into his brother. Bart and Tim just came back into the room as Aaron was shooting into Ryan. They just smiled. "Way to go big bro, give him another dose, shoot your cum into your little brother." Aaron was completely in the throes of this orgasm. Making quick hard thrusts with his hips, moaning loudly. Ryan was moaning as loudly, shaking his head from side to side. "Let's get you two moved over to the shower area, and get you two cleaned up." Bart and Tim released the wheels locks on the frames and wheeled the two brothers over to the large shower area. Bart unlocked all the straps holding Aaron inside Ryan, and Tim slowly pulled the brothers apart. Ryan and Aaron moaned as they were pulled apart. As Aaron's cock popped out of Ryan, all of Aaron's fuck juices and peed came rushing out of Ryan. All with a pinkish hue to it. Ryan moaning as all was gushing out. Aaron watched all the fluid pour out, turned on by what he saw but also a little sorry for what he was seeing. Ryan would have to be infected with that coloring to the fluids. Bart worked on freeing Ryan, while Tim worked on freeing Aaron. After the brothers were released, Bart started up the showers for a nice hot shower for them all. Bart keep Ryan to himself, while Tim worked on Aaron. Bart began soaping up Ryan all over, almost lovingly soaping him. Feeling his body all over. Ryan's nipples perked up to the soaping, which Bart tweaked them, causing him to moan a little. Ryan's penis started hardening back up to become his lovely man cock. Bart loved how much foreskin Ryan had, how it keep the head all covered with such beautiful skin. Bart had to get that cock in his mouth, and got down on his knees, pulled Ryan's foreskin back and saw the beautiful purple pink head with a piss slit almost as big as his brothers. Bart put his tongue on that slit and then pulled the skin up and over his tongue. Bart loved feeling his tongue buried in a foreskin. Ryan moaned as Bart moved his tongue around his head inside the skin. Ryan suddenly spurt a small amount of precum which went right across Bart's tongue, causing Bart to moan with Ryan. Aaron was being washed by Tim, just as carefully and lovingly. Tim loved the feel of the fuzz on Aaron's chest. He then washed down Aaron's muscular back to his nice fuzzy ass, running his finger around and around Aaron's hole, making Aaron moan. Tim then slowly inserted an finger into Aaron's warm depth's. He found Aaron's prostate, and tapped his finger against it. This caused Aaron's cock to bounce up and down. While Tim was playing with Aaron's ass, Aaron saw Ryan getting what looked like the best head he'd ever received. Tim wrapped his arms around Aaron, and pulled Aaron against him. Aaron felt Tim's hard cock rubbing in between his fuzzy cheeks. He loved how Tim's cock head ran across his hole now and again. Bart saw Tim rubbing against Aaron and knew where that was going. "Look little bro, look at how your big bro is getting rubbed. My buddy is rubbing up against him, getting him ready for his big cock. You want to watch big bro get fucked?" Ryan just nodded his head. Aaron saw this and wiggled his butt at Tim. Tim took hold of his dick and pointed it more fully at Aaron's hole, and then slowly began sliding it into Aaron's tight ass until he was balls deep in him. "Oh my god, your cock feels so good in my ass. Oh fuck, that's the biggest I've had I think. Oh fuck." Ryan loved watching his brother taking a cock, a little jealous it wasn't his cock inside him. "You like seeing your big bro taking cock don't you. Makes you all hot doesn't it little one. You want some place warm to put your nice big cock." Bart lubed up his own ass, and then put his back to Ryan reaching behind to grab Ryan's hard cock. He pulled Ryan by his cock towards his ass. "Push it in little one, push your hard cock in my ass. Ah fuck, that's it. Oh, such a hard big cock. Oh fuck, it feels so good sliding into me. Look big bro, look at your little bro fucking me. Look at his cock sliding into me." Aaron watched as Ryan slide his cock into Bart, he loved the look on his brother's face as his cock was going deeper into a hot fuck hole. He also was feeling a little jealous of Bart having his brother's cock in him. That jealousy went up a little more as Ryan started pumping his dick in and out of that ass. The moaning and groaning went up in volume with two men getting fucked. Bart loved feeling Ryan's cock sliding in and out. He could be doing it a little harder. Bart got a wild idea of having a fuck train. "Hey little one, you want big bro back inside you, you want to be fucked while you fuck. It would be so hot." Ryan could only nod and moan louder. Tim heard this and pushed Aaron over to his brother, and while he was still fucking Aaron, took hold of Aaron's hard cock and held it as he pushed him into Ryan. Aaron could only groan and help push himself into Ryan. Now as Tim pushed into Aaron, Aaron pushed into Ryan and Ryan more into Bart. Tim was getting close to shooting into Aaron. "Fuck big bro, I'm getting close. I'm going to breed that tight ass of yours. You ready for an ass full? Oh fuck, its going to be a nice toxic load for you." Tim pulled out a little further that jammed in hitting Aaron's prostate hard, and then firing his load into Aaron. Aaron was caught off guard for the prostate hit and suddenly went into overdrive into his brother and began shooting another of his loads into his brother. "Oh fuck Ryan, he's cumming in me, and its making shoot into you. Ah fuck, I can't help but cum." Ryan moaned as he felt Aaron cumming in him. Just as Aaron finished cumming, Ryan's prostate had enough rubbing by Aaron, and he shot a huge load into Bart. "That's it little one, give me that nice clean load. Ah fuck, I can feel that hot cum shooting in me. You've got a great load." All the men were breathing hard. They all pulled out of each other. They rinsed off the new sex fluid. Then Bart showed the brothers to their flat upstairs where they would be staying for a week of so.
  6. Hello : I hope you all enjoy this story. It's my first try on here, so please be a little forgiving. Bart listened to the two young brothers talking in the bar. The one slightly older brother telling his younger brother about testing positive a month ago and starting his meds in about two weeks when his insurance kicks in. Then Bart's ears perked up, the little brother mentioned his thoughts of just to stop worrying about converting, as he hated condoms, but was scared. His brother felt the same about not wanting to use condoms anymore, but was scared about passing the bug along. Bart was a conversion master. He had parties monthly for charging up new comers. He always wanted to get a set of brothers together for a charging. He had a special plan for helping a set who were not sure about completing the process. Now it looks like he could get his dream. This was a little out of the way bar, and the bartender owner was his good friend and buddy in parties, as well as shared his dream. Two hours later, Bart and Tim had the passed out brothers in Bart's playroom. Bart's playroom was no ordinary playroom. It was in someways a dungeon master's wet dream. Different slings, crosses, frames, a water trough accessible from different angles, a large shower area, different electro toys and other toys. All in a large garage like building on Bart's out of the way land. He could have loud parties and no one to bother or notice. Or in this case, two brothers who may be a little loud in their resistance, and no one to hear them. Bart and Tim worked together to strip the two young men and get them strapped into their respective works. As they stripped the older brother they found a muscular athletic body, good amount of hair covering his chest and abs, and very thick trail leading to trimmed pubes. Below was a beautiful uncut cock, a plump almost six inch soft penis and nice large balls. Beautiful fuzzy ass as well. Can't wait to see how large this cock gets and performs. He was strapped into a standing frame a little larger than a doorway and on locking wheels, his body not quite an X but almost. Next to be stripped was the younger brother, which they found a tight swimmers bodied boy. Hair just sprouting around his nipples and a nice neat treasure trail leading to a full set of pubes, and another beautiful uncut cock. His cock actually had a longer foreskin then the older brother, but his cock was little thinner and shorter, but not by much. This brother was strapped into a roll away sling. The brothers were in their respective devices for about 45 minutes when they started coming around, and realizing they couldn't move much. Aaron fixed in a standing position, and Ryan in a prone position, and very much naked. They struggled for bit and then began yelling. This brought in a changed Bart and Tim. They had changed into black jock straps and masks. The two men were very muscular and hairy, each with biohazard tat on one of their pecs. Bart came up close to the two brothers "You might as well settle down, you two aren't going anywhere for a while." "Now, we overheard you talking about your position and your hidden desires. Well little bro, your big bro is going to help you out with a little gift, and big bro your little bro will be helping you out in the process. Both of you will be helping us to live out a dream as well." Aaron struggled a bit and yelled, "What do you mean? Let us go." Tim came up to Aaron and lightly tugged one of Aaron's hairy nipples, "Oh, you'll be sharing a more detailed amount of DNA than you already do." Aaron then recalled what a biohazard tat generally meant for most gay men, and really started struggling. "No, I'm not going to do that. You can't make me." "Oh, you'll not have much of a choice in the matter soon. We'll be sure you get in the 'mood' to give your gift." Bart smiled, and stepping over to a table, he opened a carry bag out of which he selected a small plastic bag containing some little blue pills, another small plastic bag containing a few yellowish shards, another plastic bag containing something that looked like tea leaves, as well as a couple large bottles of water. Then he reached over to the wall and took two medium sized enema bags off of the hooks where they were hanging, poured one of the bottles of water into a pan and started lightly warming it. Bart crushed a blue pill and stirred it into some warm water with some of the tea leaves, and let it sit. He then took a largish yellow shard and crushed it up and put it into one of the enema bags. Bart than took the rest of the warm water and filled both of the enema bags all the way up. "Help me move our guests over near the trough." Bart and Tim moved Ryan closest to the trough, just to the side of the trough near one of the short sides, furthest from the drain. Then moved Aaron to the opposite end closest to the drain. "Now, you get to watch us start to get little bro ready to receive his gift." At this point the brothers starting yelling again, and struggling. Tim knelt down between Ryan's spread legs, held him still, and tongued his hole. In only a few minutes Ryan's hole loosened up to Tim's expert tongue, and Ryan's screams were turning to moans of pleasure. Tim then began fingering Ryan's hole, spreading a little lube into the opening, after a minute or so announcing "He's ready for the first rinse." Bart than hung the first enema bag, the one with plain water and slowly started to insert the nozzle into Ryan's ass. Slowly moving it in and out a little, making Ryan moan a little but still trying to say no. Then with the nozzle fully planted in Ryan's ass, he started the water flow. Tim at the same time rubbed Ryan's belly softly and gently. "There you go little bro, just relax. Let the water in you. Let it pour into your guts. Just relax," Tim kept purring to him. Soon the bag was empty. Bart then lubed up a small/medium butt plug. In one swift motion pulled the nozzle out and shove the plug in. "Let's let the water loosen up everything for bit, and work on big bro now." Aaron started struggling and yelling. "That's not going to you any good. You just need to drink a little something right now. You can either be a good boy and drink or we'll get you to drink it. Yelling does not good, no one is here to hear you. The drink actually tastes real good." "Boys, you might as well relax and enjoy and stop struggling. You'll enjoy it more, and really have fun giving and receiving your gifts." "Your not going to force me to infect my brother with HIV. I'm not going to do it. I'm not going to do this to my brother. You can't make me. See, I'm not even hard. I'm not going to do it." "Oh, after having this tasty little drink, you'll be more in the mood. In fact, you'll be a horn dog ready to fuck anything." "You can't make me. I won't let myself cum, I'll fight it" "Oh, your too young to resist shooting a load when you get going. Besides, we have our ways." During this time Ryan's eyes got bigger, now that he fully understood what was happening. He'd never been fucked by a real cock yet. He'd had his ass played with, and lots of dildos, but never a real cock. But he'd always dreamed of his brother taking his cherry. When his brother told him he was positive he thought it would never happen now, except maybe using a condom if his brother would take him. As Tim was still rubbing Ryan's belly, Ryan stopped struggling, and Tim noticed Ryan's cock was thickening up and getting a little longer. "Hey bud, I think little bro is liking the idea of what he's hearing." Bart then looked at Aaron, "See your little bro seems to like the idea. So relax, give the gift." "No, you can't make me." Bart then came over to Aaron with cup of liquid. The drink is a modified tea. It of course has the well known little blue pill in it, but also the tea leaves were a mixture of herbs that help in the same manner and also turn up the desire in a man. Usually within an hour a man is harder than a rock and so horned up a goat would be appealing. Between the blue pill and the herbs, Aaron will not be able to fight the urge his body will be put into. But in Aaron's case, it will be something much nicer, Ryan's sweet ass. Aaron forced his mouth shut, and shook his head as Bart tried to get him to drink. "Okay, I guess we'll have to do this the hard way than." Bart set the drink down and went to the wall, reaching up he retrieved a small padded clip and a mask like item that seemed to have a mouth piece and a hose with a funnel sticking out. Ryan's eyes got a little big when he saw this, he didn't want his brother to be forced to do anything, he didn't want his brother hurt. "Aaron, its okay. Drink it. If it makes you want to fuck me, so be it. Aaron don't fight them anymore. I love you. If I have to get infected, I'd rather it be from you. I'd rather you take by cherry, not some stranger if that's want happens. Just drink it if it will help you." "NO!" Bart approached Aaron with the items. "One last time, you want to drink?" Aaron shook his head. "Okay, here goes. Bud come over here, and hold his head." Tim left Ryan and came over behind Aaron and grabbed his head and held it still. Aaron clamped his mouth down harder. Bart then reached over with the little rubberized clip, and clipped it to Aaron's nose, pinching his nose shut. Aaron's eyes got huge as he realized what was going to happen, just as Bart started to talk. "With your nose all pinched shut, you can only breathe through your mouth, so you'll have no choice but to open your mouth. Then I'll get this mask on you and you'll drink whatever we put in the spout. If you don't breathe through your mouth, you'll just pass out and we'll put the mask on anyways. So, one more time you want to drink?" Aaron shook his head, but he was getting red from the need to breathe. Bart readied the mask to shove into his mouth when it opened. "Aaron, just drink it, don't let them hurt you. Please, don't fight them." Aaron felt himself getting light and a little headache from not breathing, and suddenly his reflexes kicked in and his body on its own forced him to open his mouth to breathe. Bart quickly shoved the mask into Aaron's face, forcing the mouth piece into Aaron's mouth and held it there as Aaron panted through his mouth. While Aaron was distracted with the need to breathe, Bart held his head from the front, and Tim fixed the strap to the back of Aaron's head. The mask wasn't going anywhere now. Aaron would now drink whatever Bart or Tim wanted to put into the funnel. "Ok big bro, you will drink now. You'll love the taste. And you'll love how it makes you feel soon. Just relax now. You can either enjoy where your going and in giving your gift, or it will continue to be a struggle and you'll find out how we make you continue." He released the nose plug from Aaron's nose so Aaron was breathing better now. Tim was no longer holding Aaron's head, he didn't need to. Anything poured into that funnel would go into Aaron's mouth and be swallowed by hook or by crook. Aaron just shook his head. "Aaron, please stop fighting. Just drink. I'm scared, but I love you and its okay. It's okay, don't fight them anymore. I'd rather you be the one to do this to me. Please, stop fighting." Ryan was lightly sobbing for his big brother. He was scared, but deep down he knew he didn't like the idea of condoms, he always wanted to feel the real cock, not the rubber. So he knew at some point he'd probably come up poz like his brother. So who better than Aaron to give it to him. Tim pulled over a small stool and lifted the funnel up so the tea would go smoothly down to Aaron's mouth. Aaron's eyes were huge, and tears slowly dripping down. Bart began stroking Aaron's struggling head. "Just relax. Here comes your liquid treat. You'll love the taste" Tim started to slowly pour the tea into the funnel. When the tea hit Aaron's mouth he started shaking his head more, trying not to swallow and hold it in his mouth. The tea was just the right temperature and flavor that his body wanted to swallow. Bart then started caressing Aaron's neck and throat purring at him to swallow, not to fight any more just relax and swallow. Between the pleasant flavor and the stroking of his throat Aaron's body took over and he swallowed, and swallowed as the liquid came into his mouth. "That's a good boy. See it tastes good. That's my boy. Now relax. I'll take the mask off now." Now that Aaron had his drink, Tim went behind Aaron and undid the mask and then reached around Aaron and rubbed Aaron's fuzzy belly, kissing the back of Aaron's neck. Bart started to pull on the mouth piece, "Relax your jaw boy and I'll pull this out." Aaron complied and the mask popped out. Ryan was now getting a little uncomfortable with the liquid in him and started to moan a little. "Ok little bro, time to drain you" Bart and Tim headed over to Ryan, pushed his sling over to the trough, so his ass was over the trough. Tim began rubbing Ryan's belly as Bart pulled the plug out of his ass. All the water began rushing out of Ryan's ass. "Just relax and let it all out, don't push, just relax and let your body do its thing. Enjoy the feeling of it leaving you." Ryan just relaxed and actually chubbed up a bit as the water poured out of him. When he was done, Bart sprayed him off and dried him off. Bart then went over to the table and picked up the next enema bag, the one with the yellowish shard all crushed up in it and a toothbrush, plus a little special lube that also had the same type of crushed shard. "Okay little bro, time to prep your body to receive its gift, and give you your mood enhancer. This might smart just a little, but then you'll start feeling really good once we get the liquid enhancer into you." Bart then begin to tease Ryan's hole with the lube, dipping his finger in and out, and adding more lube as he went. Then he lubed up the toothbrush, which Aaron started moaning no out loud, and lightly sobbed. Bart slowly inserted the toothbrush into Ryan's ass. Slowly out and back in, moving the brush around a little in Ryan's ass so his insides were being brushed all around. Bart was carefully brushing in deeper and deeper into Ryan's ass. Ryan was moaning both in some pain and in pleasure. All the while Aaron watching with tears slowly running down his checks, thinking of what would be coming. "That's it little bro, relax and accept the brushing. Getting you all ready for your special gift from big bro. I'll show you the brush when done, its getting nice and pink." Ryan saw Aaron lightly shaking in his sobs, "Aaron I'm okay, it doesn't hurt. It actually feels sort of good. I'm getting a little warm inside, and a little tingly. If I'm going to get this, I want it from you, no one else. Don't worry Aaron." Ryan also had a few tears running down his checks, mostly because he didn't like seeing his brother so upset. Tim had continued to rub Ryan's belly cooing at him. Bart pulled the toothbrush all the away out again after spinning it around inside Ryan. The brush was now a little more towards red than pink. Bart nodded his head. "Your ready for the mood enhancer now it looks like. See how nicely colored the brush is? See all that nice blood color, this means your ready for the gift and your body will fully accept it." Bart showed the brush to Ryan, who only stared at it and really didn't make much of a noise, as he was too busy feeling the warm tingly feeling and something else starting to rise in him. Bart then walked over to Aaron and showed Aaron the brush. Aaron could only moan again and some more tears fall from his eyes. Aaron moaned, "No, please no, don't do this to us. Please let us go. I don't want to infect him." Bart then placed the brush down on the edge of the trough so Aaron could see it. He then picked up the enema nozzle and generously lubed it up with the special lube, and then inserted into Ryan's ass. "Okay little bro, here comes the good stuff. In a little while you'll really be feeling good, and your ass will begin to scream to be scratched, and a good fucking is the only way to cure that itch." Bart then opened the nozzle letting the liquid flow into Ryan's ass. Ryan began to moan a little as there was a light stinging as it flowed in, but then a little numbness set in. Tim continued rubbing his belly as the liquid began filling him up. Tim was cooing into his ear, "Take it all in little one. Feel it slowly filling you all up. Feel your ass warming to it." Aaron was moaning as he was watching what was going on, and had a feeling he knew what was in that liquid. Once the bag was empty, Bart popped out the nozzle and immediately pushed the plug in again. "Okay, you're all filled up. Let's let you relax and wait for your ass to get hungry. We'll work a little on big bro now before his little drink kicks in more. We don't want him too hard for this part." Bart went back over to the table and picked up a little white soft fuzzy pipe cleaner, that had a smooth waxed tip. Tim walked behind Aaron and wrapped his arms around Aaron, and began rubbing Aaron's fuzzy chest and belly, kissing the back of his neck and grinding his jock covered hard on against Aaron's ass crack. "Okay big bro, time for your special prep. This will help to make your gift that much stronger. Like on your brother, this might smart just a little but then began to feel really good once the lube kicks in. It will also help make your cock hungry for that ass over there, especially with that drink starting to kick in." Bart than grabbed Aaron's cock which was slightly chubbing up because of the drugs in him, and pulled the generous foreskin back exposing the beautiful pinkish purple head of Aaron's penis. What a beautiful large piss hole he had. Bart couldn't help himself, he leaned over and lightly tongued that big hole, the tip of his tongue sliding in a little. Aaron couldn't help himself and moaned a little. Then Bart took the soft pipe cleaner, and slowly, carefully inserted it into Aaron's hole into his penis. Aaron moaned a little in pain, as this was stinging quite a bit. Bart ever so slowly was moving it in and out, going deeper and deeper each time. After a minute the lube's special ingredient sort of numbed the brushing, readying the lube to enter Aaron's bloodstream to make him want to fuck. Also the white of the fuzz was getting subtly pinker, not as pink as the toothbrush, but just a little pinker. Aaron's penis was truly now becoming Aaron's cock, as it was starting to grow and get harder and hotter. The combination of drugs was starting to take affect. The white fuzz was now a true pink, again not quite as red as the toothbrush, but this was only to release a little more of Aaron's toxic fluids into the cum when he shot. Bart pulled the pipe cleaner all the way out, and again gave a little lick to that beautiful cock head. Before he pulled the foreskin back up and let go of Aaron's cock, he dribbled a little more of the special lube on to the head, and carefully pushed what he could into the piss hole, then carefully covered the head up with the skin. "Okay my boys, you are just about ready for the giving of the gift. Let's get little bro the rest of the way ready while big bro's cock gets the rest of the way hard. Oh yeah, one more little thing for you big bro." Bart that pinched his nose causing Aaron to subconsciously open his mouth, and he rubbed a little white powder on and under his tongue, "That will give you a little help in being more compliant." Tim and Bart then moved Aaron's frame a little bit a way from the trough so there would be more room around him. This moved Ryan out of his eye sight. Aaron's head was beginning to spin a little, and he was feeling the most horny he'd ever felt. He looked down and his cock was rock hard and pulsing with his heartbeat. He tried to feel bad about for what was coming, but his sex crazed brain and body just wouldn't let him fully think about it. Tim went over to Ryan, and began rubbing Ryan's belly and looked into Ryan's eyes, which were sort of wide and spacey, and he had that sex blush on his chest. "How you feeling little one? You hungry for cock?" "Fuck, I'm warm all over, I feel so full." "Just wait until we get that water out and put a little more lube in there. Then give you your other little treat. Now the plug is going to be pulled out, you just relax and let the rush feeling just go over you." Bart then removed the plug. Pinkish water came pouring out and into the trough. As the water left Ryan, he started to become hungry for more to be in his ass. Once the water stopped, Bart rinsed him off, and dried him again. Ryan's eyes glassed a bit more and he was starting to moan. "Okay little man, lets move you over near your brother. Then its time for you to receive your special gift." Tim and Bart wheeled Ryan over to within a foot of his brother. Ryan saw Aaron's super hard cock sticking out from his body. He didn't remember it being that big, but maybe that was because it wasn't about to be put into his ass before. Aaron also had a sex flush on his chest going, and he was starting moan saying "Oh fuck, oh fuck." His cock was still pulsing with his heart, and now was starting to leak just a little. Tim kneeled between Ryan's spread legs and started to tongue bathe his hole again. This time though, Ryan's hole was hungry, it wanted sex, it wanted cock. His tongue slid right in deeply making Ryan moan loudly. "Oh fuck, more, I need more." Bart had moved over to the table for the lube and a little nose mask with a small brown bottle. "Just wait little bro, you'll have more in a minute." Bart set the bottle and mask down on Ryan's chest. The went down to his ass, which Tim moved out of the way. Bart took a medium sized syringe and filled it with the special lube, and slowly shoved it up Ryan's ass. Then as he slowly pulled the syringe out he started squeezing a generous amount of the lube into Ryan. The effect was almost immediate for Ryan, making his ass now desperate for cock, for his brother's cock, for his brother's gift. "Oh fuck, oh fuck, please fuck me, I need it up me." "Just a minute little bro, you'll be getting big bro's big cock in you. Lets get your little treat on you now." Bart carefully opened the bottle, and screwed it into the bottom of the nose mask, then carefully fitted it onto Ryan. Ryan automatically breathed in a little with his nose which forced the hit into him. "Oh fuck, ohhhhh" Tim then reached down and rubbed Ryan's chest and pinched a nipple. "Now don't breath in from nose again yet, wait until big bro starts to go into you, then take a deep breath in, you'll get the biggest jolt and high." Bart looked down at Ryan's penis, which was no longer just his penis either, it was a erect cock not quite as impressive as big bro's but just as beautiful in its own way. Bart leaned down and gave it a little kiss, pulsing his tongue into the skin to gently nudge that hidden head. Ryan just moaned louder. "Okay boys, time for big bro to give his gift." Tim got behind Aaron, while Bart securely locked the wheels of Ryan's sling, then slid heavy bars behind and in front of the wheels to be sure that the only movement from the sling cart was just from the sling, which this one didn't move much, just sort of gave little to thrusts, it didn't really swing like the others. Bart was now kneeling down on the floor with the bottle of the special lube, and Tim began to move Aaron's frame to his brother's sling cart. Aaron was now struggling in his mind, he knew he didn't want this, but the drugs in him had him so horned up, his cock was actually itching for action, all his nerves were wired to lust. He tried to yell no, but it came out more as a moan. He felt Bart take hold of his rock hard cock, and start generously lubing it up, all over his cock and inside his foreskin, and an extra amount on the tip of his foreskin. The lube hit him quick and he was starved for sex. Bart stood up with a little bottle in his hand, and held it up to one side of Aaron's nose, and as he pinched the opposite side close he told Aaron to breathe in. Aaron couldn't help it, he did as he was told in his sex crazed mind. The hit went to his brain and he was quaking for sex. Again Bart knelt, and, taking Aaron's cock in hand, nodded his head to Tim to push Aaron to his brother. As Aaron's cock approached Ryan's ass, Bart was thrilled to realize that because Aaron was close to ten inches hard, once he was inside and the frames and Aaron were secured, his cock head would always be buried in his brother no matter how he moved. Tim continued to push Aaron to his brother. And just as Aaron's cock touched Ryan's ass, a small part of Aaron's mind did allow for him to try to pull back, and because he wasn't fully secured in that part of his body his cock did move back. Tim then moved his heavy muscular body against Aaron, and pushed him fully forward and didn't allow him to pull back. This put Aaron's cock nicely into the crack of Ryan's ass. Ryan felt his brother's cock touch him and he moaned loudly, "Please, put it inside, I need his cock inside me, I need it. Aaron, please don't fight it, I need you in me, please." "Breathe in boy, here it comes." And as Bart said this, he held Aaron's cock still and pointing directly against his brothers open hole, and Tim slowly but constantly pushed Aaron so that Aaron's hard cock slowly and evenly slide into his brother. Both brothers moaned in sexual bliss, both slightly quivering from the excitement the of entry. While both brothers were suddenly overwhelmed with the entry, and what their bodies were feeling, Bart quickly secured the two frames together with their special locks, and then secured the special soft belt around Aaron that secured him to the sling. Now if Aaron did try to fight fucking his brother, he wouldn't be able to get away, and his cock was so long it wouldn't fully come out of his brother either. They were meshed together perfectly. "Okay boys, have some fun getting and receiving your special gift. Enjoy this time, feel this time." Tim started moving Aaron's hips a little to help Aaron start his thrusting, while Bart rubbed Ryan's crotch. Aaron was moaning and shaking his head, trying weakly to fight this. His sexual craze taking over a little while causing him to slowly move his cock in and out of his brother. Ryan was just moaning incoherently he was so into it. His cock had actually gotten a little harder, and was beginning to leak precum. Bart couldn't stand it, he had to taste that neg liquid, and ran his tongue all over the top of Ryan's cock, and into the foreskin, making Ryan buck and moan. This causing Aaron's cock to move more in his ass as will. Aaron was moaning in pleasure, but also trying to fight the urge. The fight of the urge was getting more control. "No, please, I can't do this. Ummmm, ohhhh." "Well, lets see if we can get little bro to give you a little help." Bart than moved over to the wall and took down some little pads and a control box. He plugged in the long cord to the control box, and set it down on the floor between the brothers. He then got down on the floor, and saw the beautiful sight of Aaron's big beautiful cock buried in Ryan's ass, with both sets of balls tangling. Bart leaned up and licked each set, causing loud moans from above. As he did this he peeled paper off a pad and stuck it on one of Ryan's ass cheeks as close to Aaron's cock as possible without touching Aaron's cock, and then placed the other on the opposite side. He then plugged the pads into the controller. "Lets help little bro's ass start sucking you a bit big bro, show you how much he wants your gift." Bart and Tim got down under the brothers to watch this. Bart then turned a couple of knobs, and they saw Ryan's butt cheeks twitch, which pulsed his hole and insides on his brother's cock. Aaron felt this and moaned, "Oh, ohhhhh, oh god, no, please, don't make me do this. Ohhh, god, Ryan, I'm sorry. Ohhhh fuckkk your ass it's sucking my cock. Ohhh, ohhh god, I can't, can't give you HIV. Please stop this." Ryan though, because he'd never really been fucked by a real cock, never had drugs, was so lost in lust craze. "Aaron, oh fuck, your cock feels so gooooood in me. I've dreamed of this. Oh fuck, take my cherry. Oh push it in deeper, please." Aaron in a moment of drug lust, shoved as deep as he could go into Ryan at the same time a surge went through the pads, and both brothers moaned and yelled at the intense sexual pulse. Bart afraid Ryan might get too many hits from the bottle now, took off the nose mask, and then pushed off his jock so he could rub his cock as he watched the brother's. Tim also slide off his jock to do the same. The intense sexual excitement of watching the brothers fuck was just too much. Both Bart and Tim saw that the next time Aaron's shaft came out, it was covered in a light pink thick liquid. So all was open and ready to receive Aaron's poison. Between being over a month poz with no meds, and the brushing of both of them, this gifting should take first time. Ryan's ass kept twitching at various intervals, with Aaron trying to fight the urge to fuck, succeeding sometimes and sometime thrusting a few times. Both brothers had a sex sweat covering them. Ryan's cock was at this point copiously leaking precum on to his stomach. Both of the masters were leaking as well, but holding off for the final shot. "Please, please stop this, I don't want to give my brother this, please let me pull out. I know I'm already leaking in him, please I can't give him this. Ohhh ohhh fuck, that ass, ohhhh fuck Ryan, your ass just, ohhhhh god." And he thrusted back in, still trying to fight cumming. This went on for about twenty minutes, Ryan was obviously over the moon in sexual bliss, Aaron was crazed but had just enough of his mind to try to resist. Bart and Tim got up, their hard cocks jutting from the bodies. While both of them were considered well hung, Aaron still was bigger than both of them. Once Ryan got as old has his brother, he might also end up being bigger than them. These brothers with these beautiful cocks, if this gets them into their poz world will make great gifters in their parties. Bart stood up to Aaron and Tim to Ryan. Bart began rubbing Aaron's sweaty fuzzy chest and tweeking his nipples, causing Aaron to moan and jerk a little, and Tim doing the same to Ryan. "Well big bro, I didn't think you had it in you to resist so well. Looks like we'll have to step it up a notch, looking at little bro he's dying to have the gift and your just being stingy. So we'll help you want to give that gift, or more to the point, push it out of you." "No, you don't have to. Oh Aaron, just give me your gift, I want your gift. Give me your bug. I want it, I want it from you. Please, ohhhh, your cock feels so good in me, give me the rest." Ryan came enough out of the haze to moan this at Aaron. "Ryan, bro, ohhhh fuck your ass is still sucking, I can't let myself. Oh fuck, part of me wants to shoot my load in you, and give it to you. But I just, oohhh fuck that feels good, I just can't let myself cum." "Well, okay boys. Buddy, can you get big bro ready for his help in giving his gift." Tim got behind Aaron at this point, and pushed him forward spreading his cheeks, and started to expertly tongue lash his sweaty hairy hole. Aaron just moaned at this and tried to push back to get more tongue, as he loved having his ass eaten out. While Tim was eating Aaron's ass and relaxing it, Bart went to the wall again and brought down two small wired clips, and an elongated butt plug with a wire hanging down. Aaron's hole had opened up to Tim's expert care, so Tim took the same syringe used on his brother and filled it with the lube and lubed up Aaron's insides. While he was doing that, Bart affixed a clamp to each of Aaron's nipples, just tight enough that they wouldn't fall off. Then plugged them into the same control box as Ryan's pad, and turned a knob. Now when Ryan's ass twitched, there was a little tug to Aaron's nipples. This caused Aaron to scream in ecstasy and jerk forward into Ryan, which made Ryan moan harder and his cock twitch a little. Now for the last piece that ought to do the trick, and make Aaron give his reluctant gift. Bart stepped up behind Aaron with the butt plug, and lubed it up with the special lube, he then bent it a little, then slowly pushed it into Aaron, creating a hook. Aaron moaned real loud and shook, especially as it bumped his prostate, which is where it rested. Bart than plugged this into the controller as well, and adjusted another knob. Bart and Tim now stood up to each side of the brothers slowly jacking their hard cocks, their pecs with the tattoo slowly twitching. Aaron was now moaning loudly, "Oh fuck, oh fuck what have you done." Then the pulse from the controler went through for the first time with all the attachments in place. Ryan's ass twitched on Aaron's cock, a tug on Aaron's nipple caused him to start to jerk but then the push against his prostate caused him to push harder into his brother than before. "Ohhhhhh, fuuuckkkk. Ohhhh gooodddd." The pulse stopped. Aaron relaxed and his cock backed a little out of Ryan's ass, with Ryan moaning loudly and saying put it back in. Then another pulse happened, and Aaron's body moved forward jamming his cock back deeply into his brother, both moaning loudly, and now Ryan's cock would jump up with a string leaking from his foreskin to his belly. The pulse stopped and Aaron slide back, with a loud fuck. "Aaron, shove it back in, please, I need it. Please, shove it back, oh god that feels good, its hitting that deep itch. Fuck, oh shit, fuck me. Please." "Ryan, ohhh god, your ass. I'm losing control, I just can't infect you. It's just not fair to you. Ohhhh, ohhhh fuck." And another pulse hit them. Aaron drove forward, with a little pulse of his cock in Ryan which he knew was him pushing a glob of precum in, and Ryan's cock twitch up with its own glob of clear liquid dribbling out. "Ohhhh, Ryan, I don't know how much of this I can take. I really want to cum, I just don't want to let myself, but if I do I'll give this to you, I'll hurt you. I love you, I can't give this to you." "I love you Aaron. I've wanted you inside me since I knew what sex was. I want you inside me, I want your cum. I don't care if it infects me, it will be a part of you in me. Please fuck me, I need you." Another pulse, lasting a bit longer hit them. Aaron was shaking this time a little, groaning, but still refusing to cum, though harder to fight it. Ryan's cock shot up and squirted his clear precum a couple of inches, and he moaned. All the while the masters were jacking off. Bart saw the resistance in Aaron failing, "Big bro, your ready, little bro is ready to receive. I'll help you give your gift to him now. You won't be able to hold off anymore. I can see little bro's ass is dripping with the lube, ass juice, your precum and a little blood. It's time, you need to release your gift. Give your gift to little bro." Bart then turned the knob on the leads to Ryan's ass up a notch which will make it twitch harder and multiple times, he only turned the nipple knob so it will twitch multiple times, and then turned the butt plug up three notches of strength. The next pulse came. Aaron threw his head back, and his waist shot forward harder than ever before, throwing his pubes hard into Ryan, driving his cock the deepest it could go into Ryan. Because the butt plug was on constant not pulse, Aaron held there feeling the tugs on his nipples and Ryan's ass muscle quickly pulsing around his cock. Ryan's cock shot another glob of thick clear fluid out 2 or 3 inches. Both brothers moaning more loudly than before. "Oh bro, I'm not going to be able to hold off. I'm going to cum in you soon. I'm sorry. I'm sorry I'm weak. I love you so much, I've wanted this too, but not to give you this bug. I'm sorry." Another pulse hit, and Aaron's body shot forward again hard, again driving his cock as deep as it could go, and him trying to push farther, if he could shove his balls in too he would. Pulse stopped, and his cock relaxed back. Sweat was pouring off their bodies. Precum all over Ryan's belly, and still leaking from his cock. Pinkish juices slowly oozing out of Ryan's ass around Aaron's cock. But this time both of their balls were starting to move up tightly to their bodies. It was another few seconds before the next pulse. Bart quickly adjusted knobs so the next one would be a notch stronger all around, and last longer. This was going to be it for them. Bart and Tim were jacking harder, as Bart said, "We're ready to see the gifting, your ready for it. This is it. Your going to shoot now." Then the pulse hit the brothers. Aaron shot forward hard, and because of the strength of the pulse on his prostate and the squeezes around his shaft, his cock just could not take it and the toxin started its hard and fast travel, he was shaking hard against his brothers ass. "Oh fuuuckkk, I'm cumming, I can't stop. Ohhhhh goooddd. Ohhhh, fucckkkk. I can't stop shooting." Shooting he was, he was shooting deeply into Ryan, his cock vibrating and moving and spreading his toxic semen all over the abused walls of Ryan's ass. Ryan at the same time had been through enough, when Aaron's second shot started, Ryan's cock shot up almost straight up and started shooting its on copious load all over his neck, chest and abs. Aaron was in an orgasm for almost five minutes even though the pulse stopped, he didn't remember ever shooting like that. He did it, he shot into Ryan, he probably infected him. But instead of feeling sad, it almost excited him more. Bart and Tim also shot their loads on the floor watching such a forceful show from the brothers. This was all that their dream was imagined. Now if they can get the brothers to come to parties. Bart approached Ryan and ran a hand into Ryan's cum, and lifted it to his mouth to taste the clean sweet cum, Tim did the same thing. Bart gathered up another good amount and lifted his hand up to Ryan, "Here little bro, have some of your cum, this may be your last neg load ever. Remember this as the last." Ryan took the cum and moaned as he swallowed it. Bart scooped up more, "Here big bro, you need to have some of this as well. It's probably his last clean load. Taste its sweetness. Savor your brothers flavor, and remember what a special gift you have given to him." Aaron took the scoop of cum, there was nothing else to do, the deed was done. His brothers cum was delicious. Sweet, a little nutty. "Now you two are even more brothers, you have more DNA together. You've given each your gifts. Big bro's bug will begin growing in you now little bro. Your big bro has given you a gift of freedom, freedom to take what ever cock you want as bare as it should be. And big bro you got his cherry, and he's freed you too. Now the thought of giving your cum isn't scary anymore." Ryan's cock jerked at this, and so did Aaron's which was still about half way in Ryan's ass. "We'll just leave you to together like that. Little bro, just enjoy the feeling of your bros hard cock resting in there. It's going to be hard for some time yet, and it will keep that toxic semen locked in there soaking into you." Aaron though began to feel an urgency in his groin, he had to pee, and he had to pee badly. "I gotta pee, please let us go, so I can pee." Bart and Tim just smiled even broader, "Oh what a treat! That will just seal the gift. Just pee, just let it go, right into his ass. Let your toxic pee will just inject further into his body, fill him up." Ryan sort looked a little shocked, but he secretly always had a desire to feel someone pee in him, so okay, let it me his brother. "Do it Aaron, I want it, pee inside me, just let it go." Tim stood behind Aaron, wedging his semi hard cock into Aaron's fuzzy valley holding Aaron tightly, and began softly rubbing on Aaron's fuzzy belly, right on his bladder. "Do it stud, pee. Let it go. Let it go into that ass. You'll love it, how the hot fluid builds up and around your cock. Let it go. Give him more of the bug, more of your special gift." Bart stood by Ryan and began rubbing his belly, "You ready for your brother's pee, more of his gift, his toxic gift. Get ready to get filled with liquid again, your brother's special liquid." Aaron's head feel back and rested on Tim's shoulder, the sweet talking that light rubbing on his bladder, it was too much, and Aaron begin releasing a torrent of toxic urine into his brother's ass. Shooting with a strong force, shooting well up into Ryan's guts. Filling his guts with the hot liquid. Ryan began moaning loudly as he felt the hot liquid filling him, the rubbing was relaxing him enough to accept the flood of fluids. But it also caused him to start peeing all over himself as his brother was gushing into him. "That's it little bro, just let it go, let it go all over you. Your last neg pee all over you. Feel your brother's going in you, and your's coming out just as hard." Aaron heard this and had to look down to see his brother peeing, and it was a sight. Neither brother remembered peeing so long or hard, nor with such pleasure. "Okay boys, we'll let you rest." Bart rubbed and patted Ryan's full belly, "Big bro will just keep his nice big cock in you for a while, and keep your gift inside you for awhile. We'll keep you here for a couple of weeks as our special guests, just to be sure the gift takes. And if you want to keep giving and receiving the gift to each other, you can. This is a safe place for you to enjoy your new found brotherly love that you two obviously have wanted for some time." Note : I hope you enjoyed this, I know it was a little long, but I wanted all of this in one story for now. I may continue it a bit more, if I can think of a good continuance. Please let me know what you think.

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