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    Dirty, kinky, sleazy, crazy, taboo fucks
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    My first cock was raw and forbidden. And that is how I like to play
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    Good sleazy fucks
    My wickr: Puppyhole
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  1. Forbidden is best among men

  2. thank you for the follow!

    1. Puppyhole


      Thank you for following back. Can't wait to follow your story and see what happens

  3. Puppyhole

    Incest cum swallowers

    I've swallowed my uncle's cum for years. Altough he prefers to leave it in my ass
  4. It's hard to stay focused at the job when you know you're gonna get gangbanged later today

    1. evilalex


      yeah, did you take pix?

  5. Thanks for the follow. I love a daddy's hand, over my mouth

  6. Thanks for the following

  7. Puppyhole

    Best age for starting sucking cocks

    Whatever age you can enjoy it I guess. I was 11 my first time and while it didn't really give me any sexual pleasure, I still enjoyed it
  8. Roughly fucked by a suited arabic daddy at his hotel room. No foreplay, no cock sucking, just his thick dick up raw in my ass until he dropped his fat load in me

    1. ConversionPerv


      You had me at "suited Arabic daddy".

  9. Went home from the club, feeling the loads slowly drip out my fucked up ass

    1. evilalex
    2. boybottom4use


      awesome! same for me last night!!

  10. Thanks for the follow, would love to get bred alongside you

    1. BareBen


      You're welcome, that would be fun it's a shame you're so far away :(

  11. Puppyhole

    Gym Reps

    I need some gym buddies like him
  12. Just got brutally fucked by a anon guy that loaded me with 10 days' cum. I want more

    1. jaybird


      wow .. 10 days worth .. your hole must be dripping .. i like taste!   ;-P


  13. My New Year's Eve was being the only bottom at a home party with five tops. I was spanked. Tied up with ropes. Gagged by deep troathing. And got my ass hole wrecked and creamed. Hope you all had a good ending/start on the new year too ;)

    1. jaybird


      just love it when the new year comes in with a BANG!   ;->


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