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    My first cock was raw and forbidden. And that is how I like to play
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  1. Gym Reps

    I need some gym buddies like him
  2. Just got brutally fucked by a anon guy that loaded me with 10 days' cum. I want more

    1. jaybird


      wow .. 10 days worth .. your hole must be dripping .. i like taste!   ;-P


  3. perv/taboo chat

    Open to talk about any subject here or on wickr
  4. perv/taboo chat

    Count me in
  5. My New Year's Eve was being the only bottom at a home party with five tops. I was spanked. Tied up with ropes. Gagged by deep troathing. And got my ass hole wrecked and creamed. Hope you all had a good ending/start on the new year too ;)

    1. jaybird


      just love it when the new year comes in with a BANG!   ;->


  6. Just took a married cock raw in my ass, a real sleazy poz fucker breeding me

    1. HD57


      So if he is a married poz, is his wife also poz or just he just fuck ass ?

    2. Puppyhole


      He is married to a man, and I don't know his staus

    3. HD57


      ah ok .... but probably yes !

  7. Arab Breeders

    Have been loaded by some married arab men where I live. No talk, no cuddling, just straigth up my ass with the cock, load and go. Rough and raw, they see me more of a tool as a person, but that suits me just fine
  8. Grroink❗️☣️🔋❗️

  9. Tight jeans in bottoms

    I only wear pants showing of my ass, I want to show of my buttocks' shapes no matter when and where
  10. 11, turning 12 that year. Spent a weekend with my uncle who introduced me to sex between men and made sure I would experience his dick in my butt. Painful for a kid to handle a 35 years' cock but the way he was proud of me with his cum in my butthole so I was happy to serve him that weekend, and so far the rest of my life. He made me the cum whore I am today
  11. Went to two daddies to be their cum dump for the evening. After one load of each, they blindfolded and surprised me with a anonymous third cock and his load. They dropped another load each again after he left

    1. Saturn1


      Do you know if they were all neg? ;)

  12. Gave a straight guy his first taste of boy cunt this morning. Milked his first load by riding him, a second by him forcing in his dick doggy style and hate fuck me

    1. NLbear


      Another confused straight guy staggering home with drained balls wondering if he isn't bi after all?

    2. Puppyhole


      Or a hole are just a hole. Plenty of my straight friends have dropped their loads in me when they couldn't get any action home from the club

    3. NLbear


      Gotta like your straight friends.....!

  13. Raw at work

    My former boss, who were married and had children, used to fuck me both during and after work hours. He owned the company and liked to act like he owned me too, which he sorta did after all
  14. Delivered my ass full of cum home for my husband to fuck and complete with his own load

    1. timessquarecumdump


      that is so beautiful! i need a husband like yours :-) 

    2. Willing


      Maybe we’ll all hust marry each other🔥

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