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  1. Perhaps some of those Tops in porn are playing the role of "The Top", but tbey are bottoms IRL
  2. Whether as a top or a bottom, I'm into pump & dump sessions only. I like it fast, rough, and preferably anonymous.
  3. I stongly agree! But for those feeders that may not be comfortable being as agressive, it sends a message...gives them a green light to take a more dominant stance on any future encounters...whether with you or others.
  4. I'll admit it: There is something especially intoxicating about sucking a str8(ish) man off.
  5. Nice job of expressing what goes through the mind of a dedicated cocksucker. If I may - Have you ever considered putting the cummers hand on your throat so he can feel you swallow his seed? I've been doing it for years...and while sone guys don't really get it; it has been my experience that most enjoy the sense of power and dominance over me that moment provides them. Just something to consider.
  6. Follow Up: I've now been on Triumeq for a month. In that time, I have not experienced any side effects at all. And I haven't slept this well in the last five years. A very smooth transition in my case.
  7. i like filthy talk from the guy I'm sucking off. But its more about the guys attitude that gets me off. I kneel in worship of Entitled Alpha Males who know to treat a cocksucker like a living cumrag.
  8. My Sir (and husband) owns my sexuality. He dictates any and all sexual activity I engage in... including masturbation. This is a gift I gave to Him that has brought me great joy. In return, he tattooed my ass with His mark. In His case, a bootprint with His initial incorporated into it. A permanent reminder of his ownership of me. Sir enjoys sending me out to fuck or get fucked. We go to the baths together and He whores me out. He loves sliding His cock in my cummy hole and hearing about the sex He has sent me out for. I have NEVER regretted this decision. As to how to bring up the subject: For me, I stripped naked, got on my knees before Him and offered Him that gift hunbly, with deepest humilty and with absolute sincerity. Hope this helps.
  9. Was attending one of those big stage shows at one of the strip hotels in Las Vegas. Stepped out at intermission to take a leak. Got cruised HEAVILY by a damn hot Daddy at the urinals. He was standing around outside the mens room immed after. We gave each other the nod. Soon enough we're in my room, me on my knees, servicing his thick stubby cock. Fed me a very generous load and left. I didn't go back after the intermission.
  10. Been to Columbus many times on vusiness trips. I hit Club Columbus every night I'm there and always walk out balls empty & cunt bred.
  11. I wrote a short, true story about sucking off a guy with hyperspermia. It's in the Cocksucking discussion listed as "Firehose Frank".
  12. When I bottom, my preference is for the Fucker to ignore my dick so that I can focus entirely on him, his cock, and my cunt. However, as the top; he can do with my body as he pleases...but lets just say any atttention he gives my tool is to his detriment; both in terms of how much pleasure he will receive and my level of submission during and after the scene. When I top, the bottoms dick is entirely ignored.
  13. Don't feel self conscious about letting your whole body experience orgasm. Theres too damn much repreasion in this world. I personally dig it when a Fucker expresses his climax bodily and audibly. Loud is good.
  14. Both have their place... For quality, I have my husbear and a small circle of buddies with whom I truly appreciate having sex. For quantity, I hit the baths several times a year. Otherwise, the hook-up apps will do...tho there are very few guys that follow through anymore...just a lot of lurkers and game players.

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