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  1. Went out of town just for a Saturday night couple of weekends ago; just to get my cumdump on. Stayed at a nicer hotel. Hit up a couple dozen guys on the hook-up sites. No small talk -just unlocked my pix and sent the ones that were closeby and identified as TOP my hotel name and room number. Here’s what went down... First Load - Grindr Str8 Cub: Cute younger cub, 20-something, a bit heavy, staying in the same hotel. Midwest, next door type with a thick stubby cock. Quiet type...didnt say much. A little nervous. Came to my room, saying he just wanted me to suck him off. Dropped his jeans and sat in a chair. I started doing so, and in the course of sucking him off got him to move to the bed and strip down, just so he “could be more comfortable”. Eventually, I climbed up onto him and took his fully hard cock into my prelubed cunt. Once I heard his sigh as his bare cock was bathed in the warm embrace of my pussy, any reluctance to fuck me fell away. I rode his cock cowboy style and he fucked me with his eyes closed...slack-jawed, barely containing himself the whole time. But within just a few minutes of slipping Into me, he whimpered helplessly as he filled me with his seed. I sat there on his cock as it softened and slipped out of me. Before he could move, I climbed off and put my mouth on his wet cock and cleaned his soft tool lovingly. THIS HE WATCHED - Eyes wide open. In a way that told me he had NEVER had his fuck softened cock cleaned off before. He scampered to the bathroom to wipe down and hurriedly dressed. Only then did I notice the wedding ring. He saw that I had noticed it and flushed bright red before leaving quickly. I do believe I bagged myself a straight(ish) boy! Fun way to start the evening. Second Load - BBRT Brute: Football coach build. Tall, barrel chest, broad shoulders, cropped hair and beard, ice blue eyes. Hard as steel 7” cock. Loved being serviced and treated me to some really filthy talk while I worshiped his beautiful pole. I enjoy filthy language, and this guy took it to a new level. He was harsh and I lapped it up, Fucked me rough. VERY ROUGH. The force of his body alone took my breath away with every thrust. Brutal. Totally owned me and left my cunt open, sore, and dripping with his VERY generous load. This was a man who fucked ass for HIS pleasure ONLY. I was just a meatsleeve. I dug it. I dug it hard. He really heated me up for more. Third Load - BBRT Anon Guy: His profile had no picture and no description and I didn’t care. He replied with instructions. I made it so the door could be pushed open, blindfolded myself and knelt with my ass at the edge of the bed. Right on time, I heard him come in and strip down. He fed me his standard issue cock til it was hard enough to fuck, then went in behind me, fingered my hole (well lubed with two loads of cum) and rammed himself into me. The sound of a cummy cunt getting fucked is unmistakable. And it was obvious he was enjoying it as much as I was. He fucked my now looose cunt for at least 20 minutes before he added his load to the two that “came” before him. I lay there and waited for him to clean up and get dressed. Before he left, he complimented me on being a true cumpig - on how nice it was to fuck a sloppy, used, cummy hole for once. With that he left. Only then did I take off my blindfold, I have no idea what he looked like. But I really appreciated his comments...despite myself, for I usually prefer to be used like meat and receive no compliments of any kind. (I may have to rethink that) Fourth Load - A4A Latino Boy: Within a minute of Anon Guy leaving, a younger Latino guy knocked. They had to have passed each other in the hallway. Much younger than I usually go for; but I was after quantity that night. He had a long FAT cock. But the kind that doesn’t get very hard. Came over and skull fucked me til he came in my mouth. Not what I had advertised for, but a nice break after having taken three loads. He seemed to get off more on taking pictures of himself using me than the skullfuck itself. He lingered a bit after - telling me how he was sending pix and video of him using me to his buddies and posting it online. This was not a problem for me....there’s plenty of pix and vids of me floating around taking cock and cum in both my holes...I consider it free advertising. Fifth (and final) Load: Some time passed before Silver Daddy from BBRT came to my door. Handsome, rugged, sixty-something, exuding a quiet confidence that only experience provides. Ordered me around. Played with my puffed up pussy lips...making me moan. Finger-fucked me...brought his cummy fingers up to my lips to lick clean. Oh yeah - he knew how to use a pig. He stripped down and presented me his semi hard cock. I sucked him hard with everything I had. Turned out, Daddy was a grower. He positioned his now hard and damned impressive Daddy dick against my dripping cunt and slipped inside me. And Daddy could FUCK! He had some SERIOUS fuckskill. Knew what he wanted and took me in several positions. Had me panting with desire. At one point he stopped altogether and ordered me to fuck him. And as I had not cum in over a week, my cock was fully at attention, AND DRIPPING; so I was more than ready for him. Very matter of factly - he ordered me to fuck him till I flooded him with my cum. I assure you, it didn’t take long. Within minutes, I had painted his guts white. Taking a load agreed with him, for his cock seemed even bigger and meaner than before. So yeah, he got back to fucking me; this time, with me legs up like a bitch. He rode me to town and back. Then I felt his meat swell inside me. I knew he was close, so I begged him, “Please...breed my pussy, Daddy...claim me...make me yours!”. Saying this put him over the top. His whole body tensed and I felt his cock pulse over and over, depositing his Daddy seed deep inside. No other takers that night. I lay there running my fingers lazily over my tired fuck lips...grateful for all four loads up my cunt and one down my gullet. Helluva Saturday night!
  2. Fucked with your own cum?

    I fucked a guy using his own cum for lube. Wrote it up here as a fictional story: “Cum...and gone” - if you care to check it out.
  3. Do you ever get bored suckling dick?

    Totally with you Pig Bottom. My primary goals in cocksucking are to either get the cock heated up enough to fuck and breed me or to get fed a hot creamy load. After several minutes, I’m ready for one or the other. And yeah - I’ve walked away from a hard cock because the guy wouldn’t follow through and was stalling to get an extended suck session.
  4. I’ve taken some monster cock. All the way up to a genuine, honest-to-god WRIST THICK FOOTLONG DONG. You have to want that monster cock, need it, CRAVE IT. Open your mind and your body will follow.
  5. How do you convince someone to bareback?

    How do I convince a guy to let me fuck him bareback? I don’t bother trying. Plenty of other willing holes that crave my cock and seed.
  6. Dirty Talkers

    No question: Filthy talk intensifies the fuck. A master Top knows that you gotta fuck with the bottoms head to get the most out of the bottoms pussy.
  7. Fetish for bald guys?

    Natural male pattern baldness is sexy as hell. Though I REALLY get off on a fully shaved head. So yeah, I have a bald/shaved head fetish...ESPECIALLY when you add a beard to the mix. Wooooof!!!
  8. Double Penetration

    Done it a couple of times...like so many things, the idea of it is hotter than the reality. IMHO - it’s a lot of work for marginal payoff. I’d much rather be spit roasted that DP’d.
  9. whats your fetish?

    I’m a sucker for shaved heads, long beards, and tats.
  10. I’m a basics kinda guy: Naked works best for me...though I do enjoy fucking a guy wearing a jock.
  11. Interesting question. I’ve fucked and been fucked by several men who have been married to women and/or otherwise self-identified as straight (or mostly straight). Is the sex with them hotter? Not per se. At some level, the fact that a straight identifying dude is fucking my hole or taking my cock plays into the whole “forbidden fruit” taboo...but if the guy is boring, or sucks at it: that ONE aspect (“straight guy sex”) fails to overcome the negatives in my book. However, I can see a person developing a fetish for such encounters...in which case every other consideration tends to go out the window. And that is just as valid, in my book, as any other fetish out there.
  12. What does a pierced cock feel like?

    My Sir has a P.A. As he fucks me, it moves around inside me, this adds a layer of unpredictable sensation that is difficult to put into words. Lets just say I’m a fan!
  13. Bottoms with little dicks

    When I top, I ignore the bottoms cock entirely and prevent him from touching it as his focus should be entirely on pleasuring my cock with his pussy. I will, however, confess to getting a special thrill when the bottom stays soft or has a little dick. Both tend to enhance the experience for me as it emphasizes their submissive role in the scene. Full disclosure: When I bottom I tend to stay hard. I’ve been trying to train myself to stay soft with limited success. But I completely ignore my cock out of deference to the Fucker using me,
  14. Falling for a breeder

    I have not fallen for a hookup partner....but I did have one fall for me. “Dan” was a hella-hot bottom too. The boy was goofy cute, sweet tempered, nice body, with a world class cunt. (And an 8 inch fat cock, not that he ever used it.) Bred him regularly for almost a year when I learned he had fallen hard for me....even though he knew I was partnered (open relationship). Things went south fast and we stopped seeing each other real abruptly. I liked him and regret he was hurt. No more regular side guys for me.
  15. What Do Your Tops Say That Turns You On?

    Verbal tops always enhance the fuck for me. Call me a pig, a slut. Tell me I’m a worthless fuckhole bitch. Degrade me. Abuse me. Tell me I’m meat. Make me call my hole a cunt - a pussy. Tell me your seed is charged....dirty...toxic. Then make me beg for it. All this and more. There is no limit.

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