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  1. When I bottom: As I am a fan of pump n dump scenes - head down ass up works best for me. If the guy is really hot 🔥I enjoy looking into his eyes/at his face. A sling woould be my preference tho legs up would be OK too. But the bottom line is; when i offer my cunt for use I am a meatsleeve and will take the cock however the top wants to give it to me. As a top: I almost universally want the hole ass up head down. I dont wanna see the cumdumpsters face when I use him. The exception is when the fuckhole is up on a sling. I kinda dig that.
  2. ChainedBoy

    Goatees hot or not ?

    Goatees & beards are always a plus in my book.
  3. ChainedBoy

    Ugly Hung Top into slutty bottoms

    When I go cumholin', I dont much care what the guy looks like. If he's showered, has a hard cock, and is ready to fuck me - I'm there.
  4. ChainedBoy

    Firehose Frank

    Years ago while visiting some buddies out of town, we're out at a bar and they introduced me to this guy named Frank. Hairy fireplug of a man. Bluecollar. Tattoed. Bearded. Ruggedly handsome. Just my speed. We chat each other up and soon enough we sneak off to a hidden corner. My buddies, of course, smiled knowingly as they watched us sneak away. As soon as we're out of sight I hit my knees as he fished out his cock. Nothing remarkable...just a standard issue cock...or so I thought. I give him my best blowjob. Everything. The works. He fuckin loves it and right on queue, he says he's about to cum. That was when my life changed. He clamped his hands on my head and came like a fucking firehose. I shit you not! Rope after rope afer rope after glorious rope of cum. Absolutely FLOODING my mouth. I was desperately swallowing his seed as fast as I could...and still, his seed was shooting out my nostrils, flowing down onto my goatee and dribbling onto my shirt. It was like drowning in an endless river of cum. Seriously. I almost passed out. I swear my eyes rolled into the back of my head. And it was nectar! To this day, the most delicious cum that I have ever tasted. After what seemed like a bucket of cum had passed from him to me, he released me. I panted for breath. I was gobsmacked. He stood over me with a knowing smile. "You like that?!", he asked. "Holy shit! HOLY SHIT!!" was all I could say as I tried to regain my composure. I had gone down on a man...but I was now looking up at a god. I would never be the same. He helped me up and we walk back to the main bar. My lower face, goatee, and shirt drenched in cum. They high-five Frank. Turns out, this is a tradition among them with newbies. And i was beyond grateful to be his newest initiate. I wore that cum proudly the rest of the evening. Frank nodded his approval at my shamlessness. I would later learn its called Hyperspermia. And it is, without question, the greatest gift a man could receive. From that day forward, I was ruined. No one could ever compare. I would go on to service Frank just one more time. But could never connect with him again.
  5. ChainedBoy

    21 year old guy.

    First off - a quick reality check: Your cock is standard issue average. No shame in your size. Your comment that in the gay world its considered small speaks to the degree that porn has morphed our view of what is average. I can tell you I've never turned down a hard and ready cock due to size. Where your hunger for cock size humiliation is concerned - more power to you. Do what gets you off, buddy. I've fucked plenty of small dicked guys who got off on being denigrated and humiliated due to their small cocks. I take no issue with it because it made the fuck hotter for them...which, of course, made the fuck hotter for me. But please internize the fact that it is fantasy play only - you have NOTHING to be ashamed of.
  6. ChainedBoy

    Is my hole too sloppy?

    Beautiful...that hole has been CUNTIFIED!
  7. ChainedBoy

    Different words for cum

    MAN-GRAVY!! ? LOL!!
  8. ChainedBoy


    I can speak to this... I too have a bigger than average cock and have started to wear a jock when I'm up in a public sling. It SUBSTANTIALLY reduces the chances of guys looking to play with my cock.
  9. ChainedBoy

    Taking loads at TBRU

    Hot times! Gotta go next year!!
  10. ChainedBoy

    I have a 3.5 inch penis. Can I be top?

    One of the BEST fucks I ever got was from a guy with a 3.5 inch cock. I would have GLADLY been his slave for the rest of my life...and I still would. One of the WORST fucks I ever got was from a guy with a ten inch cock. He had NO fuckskill at all. Boring as hell. TOP is an attitude and a skill set, not a cock.
  11. ChainedBoy

    Saturday fun

    I've learned that bathhouses are the perfect venue for str8/married men, whose wives wont put out, to get their rocks off. And that sure as fuck works for me!
  12. Oh, hell yes! Hooked up with a chiro, several nurses, a resident, three psychologists, a medical examiner (that one was kinky as FUCK!), a couple of HIV counselors, a doctor....and these were the ones where I knew or learned their occupation. And NONE of them even hinted at using condoms. NOT ONE! And they were a mix of tops and bottoms. Given this (admittedly small, but 100% consistent) sample; I've concluded that men in the medical profession are just as much sex-pigs as the general population - if not MORE SO.
  13. Hit Club St. Louis this weekend. Here's what went down... Got there. The place was packed. Parking lot was full with cars parked out on the street. Stripped, showered and went on the prowl. I was moving with purpose. Sending the message I was there to fuck holes. FIRST HOLE: Silver bear. Had his door open laying face down. I walked in, closed the door. He turned to me. I dropped the towel exposing my semi. He didnt need anymore prompting...began sucking my cock. Did an OK job. When he got me fully hard, I snapped my fingers. He immed got on his knees. "Show me that pussy", i barked. He spread his hairy cheeks. I fingered him. "Beg for it!", I ordered. "Please...fuck me..fuck me raw!", he replied. "Fuck WHAT?!", I prompted... He whimpered the words..."Fuck my pussy...please fuck my pussy!" NICE! Nothing like a bit of humiliation to make a bottom submit himself fully. I laid pipe into him a good while. With NO consideration for whether he was enjoying it or not. Tonight was about me! I amped up the filthy talk throughout. He lapped it up. He needed used. "Jack off your useless dick til you cum!" He did so. Soon enough he came all over his sheets. With that, I pulled out, gave his ass a hard smack, grabbed my towel and left. No - I did not give him my load...that was just a warm-up fuck. I went looking for more. SECOND HOLE: Cumrag. I'm walking down one of the halls and at the corner there's a piece of trash bent over a fuckbench...couple of guys standing around at a distance jacking their soft dicks. I waste no time. Jack myself hard and slam into the public cunt. He was so poppered up that I doubt he even felt me. This was a quick public plunge and go to send the message: I'M HERE TO FUCK. After i gain a nice crowd watching me, I rip out and walk away with my towel over my shoulder. MESSAGE SENT. A quick shower and a break later, and I'm hunting for more. THIRD HOLE: Hot bearded daddy. He was one of the guys at the last scene. Just watching. He approached me and asked me to follow him to his room. Told you....Pays to advertise! We get to his room and he immediately goes legs up. I leave the door open. He doesn't complain. Yeah - I'm gonna like this guy. I open up his prelubed cunt with my fingers before going into him full bore. I'm talking pile driver. No words. No bullshit. Just grunting, rutting, and hard assfucking! All with an appreciative audience at the door. We are face to face. The honesty of the moment...cock...hole...fuck. I saw the hunger in his eyes. The unquenchable thirst. All too soon he nuts on his hairy belly. I kiss him hard. Full tongue. I do love the feel of making out with bearded man. Now, I was wanting to breed this one...but hey, I'll hold my nut awhile longer. I pull put. He convulses with pleasure. He thanked me for the load. (It seems he thought i had bred him - I let him believe it). Out I go when i find my FOURTH HOLE: Sling Boy. Hairy as fuck, hella scruffy and tattooed for days. And he's up in a public sling taking on all cummers. I hang out, stroking as I watch three men take their turns at his cunt. As the third is finishing, I mount right up. And ram his loose cummy pussy. "How many so far, pigboy?", I ask. "Six", he replies. "Guess that makes me lucky number seven!" I reply, increasing the tempo. "Damn....your cunt is so fuckin' cummy!" I remark loudly. He liked that. I do enjoy a shamless cumsleeve...and the sound my cock makes when it rams a cummy meathole. To my surprise, I manage to last awhile. Changing up the depth and the tempo. Really enjoying the shamelessness of it all. But in time, I began to feel that familiar boiling in my balls. "You ready for it? You ready for load number seven, boy?! CUZ. HERE. IT. CUMS!!!" I YELLED and with that my five day load jets over and over from my cock into his well used pussy! I growled with satiafaction. "Oh fuck! OH FUCK!! I can feel you cumming! I CAN FEEL YOU SHOOTING IN ME!!", the fuckboy shouted - his eyes wide - a massive smile on his face. I assue you, I was quite flattered. It was a damn impressive load. I lingered there in his hole awhile. Wallowing in the cumjoy. Moments later, I pull out...my cock replaced with another dudes mouth felching his very full, dripping hole. "NEXT!" I yelled as I swattied his ass and left for a well earned shower.
  14. ChainedBoy

    Cheating Bareback Toilet Fuck

    Yummm...I am a cumslut for ginger men.
  15. ChainedBoy

    "hope You Get Pregnant This Time"

    For me; the pregnancy reference goes beyond seeding/breeding talk, into the realm of incubation...long after the fuck. This perception is only reinforced by his delayed message. If this is the first time he has used that term, odds are he is now POZ and is hoping you have his baby now. Ask him. Get tested.

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