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  1. ChainedBoy

    Exhibitionist Barebacker

    I always hit the baths when I travel to a city with one. (Usually Chicago, St. Louis, or Columbus) And whether I'm in a top or botttom mood, I don't shut the door to the room and ALWAYS take advantage of the public sling or fuckbench. Being watched while fucking or getting fucked is quite possibly my biggest turn on. Guys that want the door closed are a turn off for me. I've allowed it at times...but either they were smoking hot or I was very hard up. In my opinion, bathhouse, arcade, & sexclub sex should be a celebration of the carnal...a place to shed inhibitions & shame; and fully embrace ones inner pig for all to see.
  2. ChainedBoy

    Chicago Daddy

    Went to Steamworks Friday night. Hooded up and mounted the public fuckbench in the maze. Was treated to five anonymous cocks and rcvd two loads up my cunt. Afterwards, I went to my room and left the door open as I fingered my distended sloppy pussy. A hot Daddy watching from the doorway stepped in. Says he was my second fucker. Told me to run my fingers on my pussy lips. I did was he said. Teasing my swollen cunt while he watched. Then he approached me and roughly fingered me. Stretching my cunt wide open as he berated and humiliated me with filthy language. I moaned helplessly beneath him. He did this until my cock was dripping. Finally, he mounted me and fucked me rough...wrecking my cunt for the night and delivering my third and final load. My pussy was so fucking sore the next day; it was amazing.
  3. Well put, bbbearlover. While I've hooked up with several beautiful black men, I've only had ONE encounter where he started using raceplay phrases. Even then I hesitated to use the words myself. But he SPECIFICALLY ordered me to use the word; ONLY THEN did I play along. It is NOTHING I would engage in of my own accord.
  4. Was power fucking this hot bear I picked up on Growlr in his hotel room in Atlanta. Turns out we were attending the same conference. When in walks his coworker (it seems they had a shared room). The bear was freaked out and tried to squirm away. I gave him a slap, told him to get over it, and continued my fuck. The coworked walked out. As did i...once I dropped my load in the bear.
  5. ChainedBoy

    Brutal Weekend Vacation Fuck

    Beautiful... Absolute submission and absolute command. Mansex as it should be.
  6. ChainedBoy

    Hottest Verbal From A Top?

    I've tricked with some dudes who were very skilled at filthy talk. It really revs my engine when thay talk about their dirty seed, when they refer to (and make me refer to) my hole as a cunt or pussy. Incest roleplay also makes me dick leak.
  7. ChainedBoy

    How do you like your bottoms ass to be?

    Ideally: Raw (a must), hairy, loose, and cummy.
  8. ChainedBoy

    Ice Cubes up an ass

    My Sir spent several weeks shooting his cumloads into a icecube tray. Then put em in me for lube before fucking me and adding a fresh hot load to the icy ones that melted inside me. It was an amazing feeling.
  9. ChainedBoy

    Who was your most famous Top?

    For me it was a well known ginger daddy porn star. And he was an EXCELLENT TOP. Otherwise, I tricked with a TV personality from the Weather Channel, a local TV news guy, a local radio personality, and a prominent state employee.
  10. ChainedBoy

    Nice Nine Inch Cock

    You lucky pig! :@)
  11. ChainedBoy

    Who is your favorite actor in bareback porn?

    Without hesitation: Rocco Steele. For me, it just doesn't get any hotter.
  12. ChainedBoy

    Goatees hot or not ?

    Goatees & beards are always a plus in my book.
  13. ChainedBoy

    How old when your pubic hair appeared?

    For me it was 4th or 5th grade...so, what is that...12? Was getting hard-ons before that. Seems early to me.
  14. ChainedBoy

    Smoking fetish

    I used to get fucked on the regular by a dude naked Jake. He would often, tho not always, smoke a Winston Red while using my cunt. To this day, just seeing Winston Reds makes my dick hard.
  15. I have NEVER nor would I EVER laugh at a guys equipment unless it was a scene where he requesred it. For the record, some of the best fuckers I've had were hung under 5". And some of the WORST fuckers I've had were ovwr 7". I've had guys wanting me to humiliate them for their small cocks while I am fucking them. And I have agreed to a point, but I usually turn it around so I'm mostly talking about how my big cock using his pussy, and the like.

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