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  1. ChainedBoy


    Several times a year, we go to Steamworks, Chicago or The Club, St. Louis. Sometimes we splt up, other times we'll get a sling room and he will work the door, sending in Fuckers to use and breed my cunt. He likes knowing I'm getting knocked up by multiple strange cocks before sliding his own rod into my cum slicked pussy. It's a celebration of our sexuality.
  2. ChainedBoy

    Hotel Hookup Turns to Cumdump - Part I

    Helluva start, man! Can't wait to read more.
  3. ChainedBoy

    My 2 MOTTOS...Maybe YOU agree?

  4. ChainedBoy

    Staying Soft in the Sling

    Hey guys. Thought I'd share a minor milestone I had recently. I'm one of those guys that stays hard when I bottom. Now, I always ignore my meat when taking cock, out of respect for the Fucker - but it can be an unwelcome distraction for both of us. So I've been working on getting soft when taking cock.. And to that end, I've had some success. But recently, I succeeded in staying soft while up in the sling THE ENTIRE TIME. It was such a thrill watching my soft meat jiggle and bounce on my belly. Finally, I was ablle to focus all my attention on the Fucker using me, on controlling my hole for his maximum pleasure. It may not seem like a big deal, but it really made me feel a deeper level of submission. Anyone else have a similar experience?
  5. I've never had an all BBC gang-bang...fantasized about it. Was planning on going to Detroit for the auto show next year. Looks like I just got another great reason to go.
  6. ChainedBoy

    Bear Breeder

    Grrrr....i like where this is going.
  7. ChainedBoy

    Bathhouse Last Night

    Sounds like you two are exceptionally well matched. Very happy for you both.
  8. ChainedBoy

    POLL: Do you PROMISE to PULL OUT but DON'T?

    Unless it's a fuck party or a bathhouse, where I may want to hold my nut for later in the evening; I make it clear to every bottom I use that I WILL BE BREEDING THEIR FUCKHOLE. To date, that has prevented me from being asked/told to pull out. If that DID happen, how would I handle it? I would probably STOP ALL ACTION, give the punk-ass bitch a piece of my mind, and leave their worthless ass.
  9. ChainedBoy

    Kissing; Yes or No No??

    Kissing really revs my motor. But I reserve that for a very select few. Random hookups rarely have a kissing component and party scenes almost never include kissing.
  10. Ideally, I get the most satiafaction in being up in a sling. If a bed is all that available, my preference is doggie. But my preferences don't enter into the equation if the Fucker wants it his way.
  11. ChainedBoy

    Versatility: a turn-on or a turn-off?

    I couldn't have said it better, Deaner.
  12. ChainedBoy

    Length or Girth

    A thick cock provides that satisfying stretched cunt feeling I love. For day to day hookups, I'll take a shorter to average length thick cock. A cock long enough to traverse that inner ring (usually 8"+ minimum) gives me that double fucked feeling that is incomparable, but they really wear me out. But the truth is...I'll take any width/length hard cock up my fuckhole.
  13. ChainedBoy

    Sharing out the boy at resort

    Hot story. Well written: It felt like I was right there in the room, watching the action.
  14. ChainedBoy

    On All Fours, Knees Together Or Apart?

    My "default setting" when taking it from behind is legs apart. But the TOP owns the scene so if he wants me legs together, (or anything else) so-be-it. My goal is to give the fucker the scene that gets him hardest and hottest so I can earn his creamy load in my mancunt.
  15. Hmmmm...I cant say that my sex drive was impacted plus or minus...but what DID happen is that the sex I engage in is much more satisfying. No doubt because it is more primal, carnal, totally uninhibited. I throw myself into each fuck session with abandon. BB sex - especially with other POZ brothers - has been liberating, affirming, and all engulfing. CUMJOY IS REAL.

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