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    Faggot sub with few limits, and an insatiable appetite for cock and cum. Frequently locked in chastity as well... and when I am, I'll be your cumdump, toilet, whore, gimp, victim.

    I am actively training my body and mind to be the best faggot sub I can be. Want to help? Live in San Francisco, but travel globally and often.
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    Men that want to use my holes. It's that simple.

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  1. I've been locked in chastity for about a week now, and am -- even more than usual -- wanting to be a cumdump. I was trolling BBRT when an overweight, older Asian guy hit me up: "You'd never let a guy like me breed you?" ...I don't refuse loads, so 10 minutes later I was at his motel room a few miles down the road. And him? He told me he liked it rough, and when I walked in he slapped me hard across the face. I was surprised in a good way, and could only mumble a "hurt me, Sir". My caged clit literally cried a drop of precum as I rubbed my face. He roughly tore my pants down with no
  2. First name (or a name you'll respond to): faggot, cumdump, whore Cell number (text preferred): 650 6 6 6 2393 Location: San Francisco Bay Area (Burlingame 94010, can travel throughout the bay) Times you're generally not available: flexible schedule Age: 32 Height: 5'10 Weight: 145 Ethnicity: Italian No Loads Refused.
  3. (Cont…) That knock would play out in my head for years to come. That knock was the start of a slippery slope — a slope that would ultimately lead me 10 years later, blackout in a trashy motel, throating a 9mm pistol, effectively destroyed no matter the rules of his game. But that night 10 years ago? I just thought it was going to be some quick, rough fun. — Part 2. I felt my phone buzz. “Just knock when you’re here.” Fuck. Fuck fuck fuck. I was so fucking in over my head. And fuck me, I knew it. I had walked maybe 10 feet up his concrete driveway in E
  4. “Stop fucking flinching. Take it like the worthless faggot I always knew you’d become.” I could barely see straight through the fog of my high. It wasn’t anything hardcore yet that night, but the alcohol and edibles, paired with some fresh poppers and 8 loads earned deep in my cunt had me lost in pleasure and submission. There I was: ass up in a motel, taking anonymous loads… and it was him forcing my hole open. I knew his voice. It was the man who started it all. It was David. Again. 10 years ago I was a condoms-only college kid with a fantasy to submit. And then he showed me what i
  5. This topic has gotten all sorts of responses, when I think its actually quite straightforward... Getting your hole brushed by someone trying to cause pain will be painful. Any Dom who is wanting to brush your hole as an act of dominance, as an act of aggression... it's going to hurt. And have the various potential repercussions (desired or not) that so many have discussed. The description in the original post? The guy explicitly says he wants it to be brutal. While I'd excitedly let that Alpha use me, it sounds like he intends for it to hurt... so yes, it will hurt. Getting your hole
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