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    This web site is a piece of shit.
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  1. Well, it looks like this one was a fake profile.

  2. TDY

    What To Expect

    Yes, there have been a couple of cases of guys taking PreP and getting infected AFTER starting PreP.
  3. TDY

    piss - do you swallow?

    Slurp, gulp!
  4. TDY

    why married/straight men hook up with fags

    I have trolled many a web cam site. I fail to understand why some men, who say that they are straight and even only want women to watch, almost invariably show their ass and make a point of showing and fingering their asshole. Is that supposed to turn the women on? I don't know anything about women's taste in men but I doubt many woman are into guys who love to show and play with their asshole.
  5. Looking to use a soundproof dungeon in the NYC area for legal, consensual sex play between 2 adults
  6. TDY

    Taboo Perv porn.

    Into perv young/young, older/young taboo pix and vids. contact me.

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