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    sucking, troath fuck, swallowing, getting fucked, getting loaded, WS, FF, bondage, groupsex, verbal abuse
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    European guy who moved 2 the states recently
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    Mr right or Mr kinky. Just now 23/6/17 took my last Prep pill. from now on it's going on without.

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  1. Hot profile,.....looking yummy :)

  2. Well, it looks like this one was a fake profile.

  3. Wow. thnx for the follow sexy boy. Get in touch pleazzz

  4. Thanks for adding me bud


    1. powerbot27


      your more then welcome

  5. when in august to toronto?

  6. hot blog and pics on here.  I would love to raw fuck and knock you up myself.  care to chat?  wanna hear more about your gangbang

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. powerbot27


      skype yes. Cam yes just not right now. jakepowersnyc@outlook.com

    3. runjock8


      I can hit you up on Skype and we dont have to cam right now, can still chat.  I'm wilmrunnerncsu on there.

    4. powerbot27


      I've added you

  7. Thanks for the follow, sexy!

  8. Just hypothetical because I am intersted in the thoughts from anyone on this subject. We had a discussion on the chat that I would like 2 follow up on here. Just reply with your own thoughts on the subject. The case is: you are a sub and agree to serve a Dom. you go out to a club and your Dom orders you to fuck some guy. 1 would you comply? and why yes or no 2 does complying make you a Dom at that moment or just a good sub that knows how to follow orders. My answers would be: 1: Yes I would. not because i like 2 fuck since i never do, I just do not like it but if instructed to do so i would follow the order and do it 2: In my opinion it would make me just a good sub that knows how 2 follow the order given. That the whole point of D/s play/relationship. One has power over the other
  9. hey, an, i don't think we can reply to the blog - better to make a post on the forums.

    1. powerbot27


      just did. Although some can find it.
      On the forum you can find it here:


  10. nice ass. front just as good?

    1. HungryHole22


      It is, trust me! ;P

  11. thnx for the reps dude.

  12. hi there. still looking 4 chasers?

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