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  1. Wantsloads

    2018 Load Tally

    I am at 108 loads for the year. That’s from 59 different guys. My last two were from a hot couple that bred me the morning I graduated with my masters degree. I walked across stage with both loads in me.
  2. Wantsloads

    Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    A year before starting prep, I was with this guy on prep. He was hot. The first time we fucked, I was quite open to raw “knowing” he was on prep. He raw dogged me for a minute before putting on the condom. It was hot! A few weeks later we hooked up again and I let him breed me. I was scared/nervous, but highly aroused. It was awesome sex. Well, he got a BF right after that and he was faithful (gentleman too!). I started to only played safe again after that until prep, but I really thought a lot about how u ha his load in me. Well he texted me the other day saying it’s over with the BF. So he came over and he blew two loads in my hole tonight. THe first load I got in like 2 minutes. The we layed around and cuddled and then we fucked again. Two loads woo hoo. I actually took a load first thing in the morning too so today was a great day.
  3. Wantsloads

    Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    Been on vacation for a week and half in Cozumel. Vacations are usually more miss than hit, but love the beach and sun. Anyway - at the adults only resort, there was a very hot guy on Grindr with his GF. Kinda shocked, he was awfully hot - Tight hard body. We chatted and and at one point I was sitting just a chair away from him and the GF. We met in the gym one day- chatted about it on Grindr. Lol. Then one night I was on the beach and he could meet, GF was sleeping. We met and chatted and had a drink but the walked down the beach - it was dark and there were lawn chairs. He was asking about my dick earlier so I said let’s walk down and you find out. He was saying he liked it as he stroked it. He seemed scared about people seeing but it was completely secluded. He was sucking and I was telling him I wanted to fuck. His ass was squirming up as he was slurping my cock when I said that. I brought lube of course- I said “let’s fuck, I want that hard ass”. He was a bottom so he liked it. He asked for a condom, said I was on prep and I would pull out. I then ate his perky ass and entered him raw. He was moaning, not being too loud but he liked it. His cock was so hard and wet, he loved my raw cock. He stopped about twice to inquire about onlookers but I assured it was clear. A few minutes later I told him I was ready for cum. I said I would love if he took my load. A few moments of hesitation later, he said to give it to him. I obliged. He squirted as soon as he agreed to taking my load. I creamed his hole moments later. I’m leaving tomorrow and just jacked off again thinking of it. He tried to meet up again before he left but couldn’t get away from the lady. So fucking hot. Love married ass as much as I love married loads.
  4. Wantsloads

    Pins and needles side effect?

    Had an STI check and all clear. Pins and needles went away after I spent time st the gym stretching. I had sciatic paint maybe 10 years ago and it was similar to that. Was just worried because it was about a three week spell. Stretching helped tremendously so I just stretch out a few times a week now and been great!
  5. Wantsloads

    Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    I had a hot daddy come over this morning. We’ve messed around once before but asked him over text to breed me this time. He is married to a woman. Really hot. We had a fun time, he rimmed me and we did oral and kissed and all that. Lots of sweat. He flooded my guts with a huge load. Then I went to work. I came home on my lunch (my house is a block from one of my offices) and went on Grindr. Some guy I sucked off a few times messages to come suck him. I’m like “yeah sure!”. So I’m sucking him and we stroke each other and then he turns me around and bends me over! He just tried to stick his raw cock in me no warning. Not sure he’s ever done anal. So I slobber his knob and used spit and that did the trick. While he was fucking me he jacked me off as I was telling him to bust inside me. Got home and he thanked me on Grindr. I was thankful, too!
  6. Wantsloads

    Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    Fuck! Met a guy on BBRT. Beautiful cock and he wanted anon. We had to wait a few hours to meet so we filled the time with dirty texts. I was anxiously awaiting his week long load in my ass. He came over, I was lubed and poppered up. I blew him hard (that was fast! Wow did it swell and his nut sack was so full too). He lubed up and just pounded away on my hole. Doggy first then on my back. I was loving every second of it. He planted his huge load inside me and I could feel it splashing down my leg as he finished pumping. My cum glazed hole was satisfied. I cleaned off his cock with my mouth. That was a first but loved it! Huge wet spot on the bed. My ass could not accommodate this entire load.
  7. You can ‘opt out’ of mail order and have it delivered to your pharmacy. It was a bit of a phone process but I did it. I never look at statements and prescriptions usually have their own separate accounts depending on plans. My insurance covers about 1500 if the 1800 cost. Gilead copay covers the rest. Some insurance companies may cover more or less. Good luck and happy breeding!
  8. Wantsloads

    Pins and needles side effect?

    Hey there guys! I’ve been on Prep since August. Recently, in the past month, been having some “pins and needles” like numbness in my legs/thighs. It’s subtle and not obtrusive but wondering if this is common? I’ve been doing more stretches at the gym and that helps. Not sure if it’s truvada related. I might go off of it to rule it out, but really don’t want to stop taking loads lol. Any insight is appreciated! Hope everyone had a nice thanksgiving.
  9. Wantsloads

    Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    Met a hot twink on scruff. Super cute and wholesome looking. He basically wanted to blow me. When I went there, he was so cute and sexy, I kept grinding on his ass when we were kissing. He was spreading so I think he liked that. Then I spit on his hole and shoved my cock in bare. I kept telling him I would be breeding him and he liked to hear that. After I seeded his twinkhole, I watched my load drip around his hole and used my fingers to push it back in. He loved it. I loved it.
  10. Wantsloads

    Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    (TWO LOADS!) Today, I got a reply from a guy on grindr (I had sent a message to him like three days before) but I told him I was horny when he said hi. He said he would come over. He was a top and said he wanted a fit bottom. He came over, I took off his shirt to see his hot hairy pecs (WOOF!) and we were on the bed, and the bed collapsed! The guy was really hot and hairy and strong and he was able to fix it by pushing in the joints or slats or whatever it was! He was so strong and appeared to know how to fix things!!!. I was hard watching him do this, all I kept thinking was that I was definitely going to fuck him good! Well after the bed was fixed, I found out what a great kisser he was. After awhile, he basically lubed up his hand with spit and fucked me! It was so awesome. He said he was going to cum and I said something like yeah, inside me. So he did. So hot. We kinda even cuddled for a few minutes. Then he had to leave. A minute or so later, I got a message then from some twink that is really boring in bed, and I usually ignore his texts. We've only done oral, I think we fucked once with a condom though. Well, he wanted to come over but I said I wanted it raw and I wanted his load. He immediately said yes and came over a few minutes later. He fucked me too and shot another load into me.
  11. Wantsloads

    Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    Wow! I am writing this with what left of a load in my ass right now. A little about me: I always played safe, maybe a few 'slip ups' here and there over the years, but really only as a top. I was unsafe with BF's, but never really fantasized about cum in my ass with them; It was hot and all. Anyway, I love creampie porn and love swallowing. I never wanted to do PrEP either because I wasn't sure how it would be tolerated (I am a very healthy eater , someone anti-medicine, avoid antibiotics, flu shots , blah blah). Recently, been wanting to take loads, not even sure why this fantasy kept coming back. So, I went to the Dr. at my last checkup and got PrEP (was really nice about it, so happy I did, I learned that tolerance is good and appears safe). I've been waiting to take my first load. since I started PrEP. Not picky, but definitely knew I wanted it. I have some regulars but they are safe, and I respect that. So, I was on scruff and some guy from Omaha was visiting all week for work. We tried to meet up the other day but didn't work out. Today wasn't going to work either, until my plans got canceled so I sent him a message and we planned to meet. I did tell him I am neg, on prep and open to safe or raw. He mentioned condoms. Anyway, I get there and he was all hot lying in bed stroking his cock. He was like 30, 5'8 155, nice muscle guy. About 7". I poppered up and starting sucking him. He had a deep breathing voice (so hot!) and we did a lot of sucking and he was all into my ass, eating it and playing with it. He was rubbing his bare cock all over my ass. He had been spitting in my hole so it was getting hot and sloppy there. Finally, we started fucking. He put on a condom (Alas, I was disappointed but I respect that!). As we were fucking, he got close. I told him how bad I wanted his load in me (I was imagining it was going to shoot inside me as I always do when I'm getting fucked safely). I told him again I'm neg on prep and he pulled out, ripped off the condom and fucked the hell out of me even more. I kept begging for the load and he seemed to love that. Once I knew he was going to cum, I instantly came at the thought. I wasn't even touching myself, but I put my hand there to facilitate the rest. He pumped every drop into my hole. When I cleaned up, his jizz was all over the towel, it was already leaking out. I just got home now and squirted the rest onto some TP. Oh. My. God. I loved it. LOVE LOVE LOVE being a cum rag. So happy I am on PrEP!

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