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  1. bredbiyou

    Who was your most famous Top?

    Truly famous? Nobody (as far as I know). Locally famous? Either the semi-pro drag performer or the retired radio personality. And the drag queen would probably hate to be thought of as a top, but he did top me one night out of gratitude for letting him suck my cock throughout most of his shift at the bathhouse.
  2. bredbiyou

    What will make you say no to a hookup?

    If I decline an opportunity to get fucked it's often just a matter of geography. I don't hook up with guys in my immediate neighbourhood, or near my gf's office during work hours, or with guys who live in close proximity to our friends.
  3. I'm uncut, and thankful that my dad made that choice for me when I was born. The only point in my life when I wished I'd been cut was when I was growing up and started to became aware that mine looked different from most of my friends'. At that age, it was all about not wanting to stand out as different. But once I started masturbating, I was pretty grateful that I had a built-in masturbation sleeve to roll over my head and didn't have to bother with spit, lotions, or oils. And then when I started cruising men for sex, I discovered that sometimes those differences that make you stand out from the pack can work to your advantage.
  4. bredbiyou

    Married bottoms vs married tops

    That's interesting. I don't think I've noticed that in my own experiences. Personally, I like hooking up with other married guys, especially if they still enjoy an active sex life with their wives are are open to sharing details about it.
  5. bredbiyou

    gay cartoonists

    Discovering a book that featured a number of Tom of Finland drawings at my local library was a godsend when I was growing up. My Playgirls were fine, but it was good to have some explicitly gay wank material too.
  6. bredbiyou

    Number of days without cuming

    Being in a relationship with a woman, I don't have much opportunity to go more than a few days without cumming, even if I wanted to. After a few days, if I don't initiate sex, she will. If I were with a guy, and he was putting my ass to good use on a regular basis, I'm sure I could go a week or two between releases. The longest I ever abstained was roughly three weeks in a failed attempt to experience a wet dream.
  7. Get him to pick a position that allows him to relax his body, while also allowing you access to his hole. This will vary from one guy to the next, but I've always found that laying face down on one's stomach with a pillow propped under the hips to slightly elevate the ass works quite well. Once he's in position, rim him for as long as it takes to get his hole to relax. Apply lots of lube to both your cock and his hole. No condom, obviously. Poppers. Enter slow, but steady. Remind him to breathe. Hope it goes well for both of you!
  8. bredbiyou

    vegtables used as dildo or butt plug

    I would sometimes use carrots because they were more plentiful and less likely to be missed than a cucumber or zucchini. (There weren't many phallic items at home that I didn't try sticking up my ass at least once.) But even then, it was more out of desperate necessity than a particular fondness for vegetables as sex toys. Such is the 'tragedy' of finding out you enjoy cock in your ass before it becomes available to you on a regular basis; or before you're old enough to be allowed into the sex shops to purchase a more reasonable substitute.
  9. This has always been my favourite position when bottoming.
  10. bredbiyou

    bathhouse question

    I say go for it as well. Some guys might think you're showing off, but I wouldn't worry about it. I mean, I guess if you get the sense that guys are turned off by it you can always cover up again. I've never assumed that nudity at the bathhouse had any correlation to being top or bottom.
  11. bredbiyou

    Hankie code, will I have any luck?

    Hmm... what kind of adventures might I have had if I had only worn a hunter green on the right.
  12. bredbiyou

    At what age did you first ejaculate?

    It's such an underappreciated form of masturbation.
  13. bredbiyou

    Hankie code, will I have any luck?

    Much the same. I'm in my forties, and it seemed like the Hankie Code was already a relic of a bygone era when I first started actively seeking hookups with men in the early 90s. The only reason I knew about it at all is because in my quest for fresh jerk-off material in the pre-internet age, I had read (or at least skimmed) every book at my local library that had anything to do with queer sexuality, culture, or history.
  14. bredbiyou

    Married Guys In Their Own Beds

    Last night (or more accurately, early morning) I hooked up with a married guy in his living room while the rest of his family were sleeping upstairs. I think it's the first time I've been fucked while an unknowing wife was home at the same time (I've previously been fucked by a few whose wives were home and accepting).
  15. bredbiyou

    Bottom to a bottom.

    I would love to have a fellow bottom accompany me to the baths and perform these roles for me.

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