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  1. This has always been my favourite position when bottoming.
  2. bredbiyou

    bathhouse question

    I say go for it as well. Some guys might think you're showing off, but I wouldn't worry about it. I mean, I guess if you get the sense that guys are turned off by it you can always cover up again. I've never assumed that nudity at the bathhouse had any correlation to being top or bottom.
  3. bredbiyou

    Hankie code, will I have any luck?

    Hmm... what kind of adventures might I have had if I had only worn a hunter green on the right.
  4. bredbiyou

    At what age did you first ejaculate?

    It's such an underappreciated form of masturbation.
  5. bredbiyou

    Hankie code, will I have any luck?

    Much the same. I'm in my forties, and it seemed like the Hankie Code was already a relic of a bygone era when I first started actively seeking hookups with men in the early 90s. The only reason I knew about it at all is because in my quest for fresh jerk-off material in the pre-internet age, I had read (or at least skimmed) every book at my local library that had anything to do with queer sexuality, culture, or history.
  6. bredbiyou

    Married Guys In Their Own Beds

    Last night (or more accurately, early morning) I hooked up with a married guy in his living room while the rest of his family were sleeping upstairs. I think it's the first time I've been fucked while an unknowing wife was home at the same time (I've previously been fucked by a few whose wives were home and accepting).
  7. bredbiyou

    Bottom to a bottom.

    I would love to have a fellow bottom accompany me to the baths and perform these roles for me.
  8. bredbiyou

    At what age did you first ejaculate?

    I was 12, humping a cushion under my sheets, while using my flashlight to look at hedge porn. I had been in the regular habit of humping it for at least a year, but I had only had dry cums up until then. The cushion wasn't supposed to go in the laundry, so it had a permanent cum stain on the back as a souvenir of my first ejaculation. After that, I made sure to use an old piece of clothing as a buffer between my cock and the various cushions and pillows I was violating. Still haven't. I've had lots of erotic dreams, but I've never had the self-discipline to abstain long enough to allow it to happen.
  9. bredbiyou

    RIm or be Rimmed?

    be rimmed
  10. bredbiyou

    Daddies and their boys

    Do you happen to know if the site is still approving new accounts? I had an account years ago, and met a handful of hot daddies on it. Then I stopped using it for a bit, and forgot my login info. I made numerous attempts to recover my account, but no one from the site's admin ever got back to me. So then I tried to create a new account, but it never got approved. I can't think of any reason why I would have been deliberately barred from the site, so I just assumed nobody was actively administrating the site anymore.
  11. bredbiyou

    #MeToo Movement

    Within 20 minutes of my first visit to a bathhouse I realized that most of the guys there were relying on non-verbal cues to negotiate consent. If I was about to pass someone in the hallway and I kept my eyes to the floor, that meant "not interested" or "not right now". But if I made eye contact, or offered a shy smile, that meant "feel free to grope me, Daddy".
  12. Dozens. Ottawa's a small enough place that if you spend enough time at the bathhouse you're bound to run into guys who've already been balls-deep in your ass whether you intend to or not.
  13. LOL. My mom is probably still wondering why her turkey baster mysteriously disappeared when I was a teen.
  14. bredbiyou

    Out in public with cum on face?

    I've deliberately left strands of cum in my beard a couple times after visiting sex shops, but only when I've been visiting other cities. I still haven't worked up the nerve to ever do it closer to home.
  15. bredbiyou

    Give your input on the new chat

    I don't use the chat feature very often for the same reason. For those who are chasing and gifting... more power to you. It just doesn't interest me. I'd probably chat more if there were more dedicated channels, like you suggest. The only problem is that there's rarely enough people chatting to keep one conversation going, much less two or more. But maybe that's sort of a chicken and egg situation.

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