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  1. bredbiyou

    #MeToo Movement

    Within 20 minutes of my first visit to a bathhouse I realized that most of the guys there were relying on non-verbal cues to negotiate consent. If I was about to pass someone in the hallway and I kept my eyes to the floor, that meant "not interested" or "not right now". But if I made eye contact, or offered a shy smile, that meant "feel free to grope me, Daddy".
  2. Dozens. Ottawa's a small enough place that if you spend enough time at the bathhouse you're bound to run into guys who've already been balls-deep in your ass whether you intend to or not.
  3. LOL. My mom is probably still wondering why her turkey baster mysteriously disappeared when I was a teen.
  4. bredbiyou

    Out in public with cum on face?

    I've deliberately left strands of cum in my beard a couple times after visiting sex shops, but only when I've been visiting other cities. I still haven't worked up the nerve to ever do it closer to home.
  5. bredbiyou

    Give your input on the new chat

    I don't use the chat feature very often for the same reason. For those who are chasing and gifting... more power to you. It just doesn't interest me. I'd probably chat more if there were more dedicated channels, like you suggest. The only problem is that there's rarely enough people chatting to keep one conversation going, much less two or more. But maybe that's sort of a chicken and egg situation.
  6. bredbiyou

    Give your input on the new chat

    It's still there for me, but there's rarely anyone actively chatting in there anyway.
  7. bredbiyou

    Cuckold - What's in a name?

    Historically, it does have a negative connotation. However, like most words with negative connotations, they can be reclaimed if people choose. Due to the mainstreaming of porn culture it's not hard to find men who embrace the term cuckold. We've also seen it increasingly thrown around on social media, where it's become a favoured insult of the alt-right. The negative connotation remains strongly in place in that context. As far as deterring potential playmates, I wouldn't think that would rank high on most men's lists of deal-breakers. But I don't think you're being too sensitive if it still genuinely bothers you.
  8. bredbiyou

    Fetish for bald guys?

    I don't think I have a specific fetish for bald guys, but as a lifelong daddy's boi, many of my older lovers have been bald or balding. So I do have a certain fondness for men with those looks.
  9. bredbiyou

    Ode To Our Now Closed Gay Treasures.

    Just wanted to share an update. I just learned that Central Spa has reopened as Splash Spa, after a former employee bought the business from the previous owner. While not as raunchy as The Cellar, the thing I've always appreciated about this bathhouse is that it attracted more of an action-oriented clientele who weren't simply there to show off or socialize. Its location well outside of the gay village made it a popular location for attached bi and closeted guys who just wanted to enjoy a good fuck and suck before heading home to their families. I'm very glad this place wasn't lost for good.
  10. bredbiyou

    The Biggest Cock You Have Sucked

    This one time in my early 20s, I dropped into my local bathhouse late on a weeknight, planning to stay the full 8 hours until dawn. By 4am, the only ones left in the building were me and the lone staff member. I had seen him there countless times before, but he had never really paid me any attention, and all of my interactions with him were limited to me paying for my room at the front desk. But after he had finished his cleaning duties for the night, with no other customers for either of us to attend to, he ended up visiting my room as I was snoozing. He asked if I wanted company, and I said sure. Next thing I know, he whips this monster cock out of his shorts. It had to have been at least 11 inches, and if he had told me it was even bigger than that I wouldn't have doubted him for one second. He thrust it into my mouth, and I was gagging on it within seconds, as it worked its way into my throat. I was able to take all but one or two inches of it. He eventually finished by shooting all over my face. I would have preferred to swallow his load, but the facial was his call.
  11. bredbiyou

    Ass exposed at the Urinal

    I used to on occasion.
  12. bredbiyou

    Car Sex

    I have more out of necessity than anything else. When I first found out about the cruising bush by the river, I started biking down there whenever I could, especially during summer break. I was okay with trading oral within the bush itself where any of the other visitors could watch, but was initially more self-conscious about getting fucked in public. Many of my suitors were also understandably wary about being seen fucking me, so their cars provided a modicum of privacy... or a means to move to a more discreet location altogether.
  13. bredbiyou

    Gloryhole Wall

    Are this type of gloryholes sometimes known as 'slurp ramps'?
  14. bredbiyou

    Use of own piss

    Until this photo jogged my memory, I had somehow completely forgotten that I used to piss in condoms routinely. Maybe it's because it's been so long since condoms have been a regular part of my sex life. I used to jerk off in them and then piss. Or I'd roll one on, and wear it under my clothing, and then pee freely as needed. Thanks for resurrecting those memories.
  15. thanks for following me


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