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  1. Sucking with condoms

    I think I first learned of this trick from watching The Joan Rivers Show after school.
  2. It's a bit of a turn-off, but not enough for me to say no to a fuck. Especially not at the start of a relationship when you can't keep your hands off each other and you're fucking every day. In those situations, waiting out a period can feel like an eternity.
  3. As far as I'm aware, I've been responsible for five pregnancies between three women. My ex was the only one to carry through with any of them, and we were already starting to break up when I got her pregnant for the third time, so she decided not to go through with that last one.
  4. Told my girlfriend I was going to spend the evening doing some Christmas shopping. Instead, I went straight to the bathhouse after work. I managed to get fucked by three guys - two of them raw. Then I got sucked off in the dry sauna just before heading home.
  5. Balls Deep or the Tip

    Balls deep always, but especially if she's cumming at the same time. I want to feel her pussy gripping the entire length of my shaft and milking every last drop of my cum into her cervix.
  6. outdoor cruising still a thing?

    It still happens, but as with bathhouses, the advance of technology has diminished their importance to the MSM scene. Dating sites and apps have made it easier and arguably safer for men to find each other from the comfort of their homes, offices, cars, etc. The ubiquity of cell phones have made it easier for passers-by to make immediate reports to local authorities, and even document activities with their cameras. The aforementioned dating sites have even made it easier for cops to monitor cruising sites, since men in online forums routinely broadcast exactly where and when they intend to cruise for public sex. Still, despite all that, there's a rush of excitement that comes with the cruising game that can't be replaced with apps. When I do it, I feel a strong connection to the previous generations of gay and bi men who came before me. I like feeling connected to that history.
  7. Ode To Our Now Closed Gay Treasures.

    Within the span of a few months Toronto will have gone from four bathhouses to two. The Cellar closed a few months ago, and Central Spa is closing before the end of December. I don't live in Toronto, but have always made a point of visiting a bathhouse at least once whenever I'm in town. For years it was St. Marc Spa, which later became G.I. Joe. I had some great times there, and still miss it. After G.I. Joe closed I started going to Central Spa. It had it's pluses, but I never became too attached. Still, it's a terrible loss to see it close. But The Cellar will probably be the biggest loss to us cumpigs. That place was raunchy. In all of my hook-ups there, I don't think anyone even asked about condom use. It was just assumed that everyone there was down with barebacking. I deeply regret that I didn't get around to trying this place sooner than I did.
  8. Sucking with condoms

    Like just about every other cocksucker out there, I want to enjoy the taste and aroma of his cock and cum directly without any barrier. However, I will throw the following out there in support of the contrarian position. Sucking cock through a condom is such an uncommon occurrence even among people who insist on their use while fucking, that it can almost be considered fetish wear. It's so far outside of the norm that it's deviant... which could make it a turn-on for some. And, speaking for myself... even though I personally dislike using them, condoms hold a formative place in the development of my sexuality. I remember the first time I discovered them in the nightstand beside my parents' bed. I remember the first time I tried one on. I remember spotting them in parks and other public places, and being vicariously excited by the knowledge that sex was happening all around me. I remember having a crush on a cute girl at the pharmacy, going there on a Friday night with my paper route money, and buying condoms from her in an effort to convince her that I was already sexually experienced. Hell, even some of the "safer sex" pamphlets that were available through the public health unit or Planned Parenthood that showed how to apply a condom were the closest thing to gay porn that I could get my hands on at that age. None of that means I personally want to use them. But for me, their existence is testament to the fact that people are fucking. And being reminded of that is sexy to me.
  9. First time with WS?

    Does is count as WS if you do it alone? I don't recall when I first became curious about the erotic aspects of pee. But I do know I didn't start to explore it until after I became responsible for doing most of my own laundry, at 16. When I had the house to myself, I would get into the bathtub wearing my underwear (and my jeans, sometimes), and I'd relax and let the warm piss flow. I didn't actually try it with another person until I was 22. I was carpooling home from a conference when my traveling companions spontaneously decided to spend a night in Toronto, instead of completing the trip home to Ottawa that same night. Everyone else in the car had close friends or family they wanted to visit. I did not, but I assured them I knew people I could call up last minute to crash on their couch for the night. I had them drop me off at a downtown subway station. As soon as they left, I tracked down a copy of Xtra, the gay street paper, found the addresses of the local bathhouses, and headed to the nearest one. It was a Sunday night, and it remained moderately busy until 1 AM. I managed to get fucked a couple times, sucked and got sucked in the maze, and got generally groped by more men than I could keep track of. After things began to slow down for the night, I napped in my room for an hour or two. When I woke up I decided to wander again, just to see if there was any action happening anywhere. It was totally dead, but I finally encountered a middle aged man in the wet sauna. For whatever reason, I wasn't particularly interested in him initially, so I don't even remember how our interaction began. Where my memory kicks in is when he got down on his knees in front of me and in this strange almost demonic type voice said, "Piss in my mouth." I was not expecting that - at all - so I just sat there in stunned silence. He stared up at me. "Use me as a toilet," he urged. This was not something I had given much prior thought to, but I did have a slight need to pee at that point, so I decided to give it a go. I stood up from the tiled bench and positioned my cock in front of his mouth. I wasn't exactly sure how this was supposed to go, so I was just going to aim my stream at him. But before I could release my flow, he wrapped his lips around my cock. I guess he didn't want to waste any drop. This being a brand new experience, I had a minute or two of performance anxiety. But I finally managed to relax, and I started to fill his mouth with my piss. He gulped and swallowed as fast as he could, but there was also lots of overflow that spilled out and onto the floor of the sauna. I distinctly remember how the smell of my piss seemed to be amplified by the damp heat of the sauna. When he had finished sucking the last remaining drops from my foreskin, he stood up, shook my hand and thanked me. He left, and I returned to my room and napped until check out time.
  10. Brand spanking new here. Just getting myself familiar.

    1. cardoc49


      Hi and welcome hope you like this site

    2. bredbiyou


      Thanks! It feels good to have found this community, and to not feel so alone and isolated in my desires.

    3. cardoc49


      HI and Im so very glad that you found this site - its so helpful and so supportive indeed, because we can help each other and try to diminish the feeling of being isolated and work on proudness instead..

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