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    Been poz for 10 years now. Never looked back or regretted the raw fun I had leading up to it. Of course, still go raw - both giving and taking. Still love taking other poz strains and to that end am on and off my meds so that I can enjoy taking those hot poz loads.
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    Raw vers fun, swapping hot loads. Looking to take other poz strains.

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  1. have to admit @youngaidschaser does it for me - looks and attitude - perfect package
  2. Definitely been 'too shy' throughout my life - not just sex life but in other things too - I look back and there is some (albeit limited) regret that I've got to nearly 50 and missed out on so much horny sleazy fun. If I could have my time all over again with the knowledge I have now, I would hope things would be much different. I can't blame anyone other tham myself, and there are many things that I could have done to push up the possibilities (like eating carefully/healthily and exercising to create a half-decent body). That said, I think younger guys have it much easier these days wit
  3. THanks a lot for sharing your no-meds story, very honest and kind and sexy..

  4. I don't have a lot of experience on this and the little I do is from a UK perspective, but I stopped my meds in January with the agreement of my doc. Told him that I was going through a bad phase (partially true, although not completely) and that I hadn't been fully compliant with taken the meds daily. The doc's view was that, given the possibility of resistence building up, it would be better to stop meds completely until I knew I could be compliant again that to stop/start them and potentially build up resistance. The aim was to continue with the regular blood tests to keep an eye on my leve
  5. sucked off on the top of a double-decker bus! 🤪
  6. That's an interesting thought. I've generally never known what star signs guys are, so hard to tell. That said, my one true love in the past was an Aries to my Virgo - not surprisingly he was the one to do-the-dirty on me (when we were supposed to be monogomous). It would be interesting to see if your suggested theory works as it could help with finding compatible guys for fun.
  7. Hastings 

    1. Poz-Mcr


      Ah, shame, so very far away! Still, if you're ever up in the north let me know!

    2. Neg4breeding
  8. Still not experienced it all the way. Have got to the point of lightheadedness and spasming but I've not yet been made to black out - keep hoping though!
  9. I had a Prince Albert and loved it - took it out a few years ago when I got an infection, but the hole is still there and I might try to get it back in again. I loved it, felt amazing to wank and fuck with. The only drawback I found with it is that I needed to sit to piss otherwise I'd end up spraying my trousers, shoes, and floor.
  10. Having not been in a relationship (not by choice) for over 10 years now, this is an interesting subject for me. My gut instincts, desires and general needs most definitely lie on the spectrum of sleazy and kinky - I would, if I could, happily play with a different guy every day (not that I've ever had that opportunity - suspect, combined with getting older, I'm not to many guys' tastes). Yet, on the flip side of that, I long for a daily hug, cuddle, and sexual intimacy from someone special, who is understanding, accepting of, and into my needs (and I their's of course). So, would I want
  11. Loving it so far! As other's have said, I would defy any guy who reads this story to not want to be taken and changed.
  12. Just started using testosterone gel after a blood test indicated my levels were barely above the lower end of the range. Too early to notice any effects, just two weeks in at the moment, but I have high hopes that it may just give me my mojo back.
  13. I'm sure there are plenty in here that would help you achieve all of those positions, multiple times over!
  14. Hung Young Brit is the epitomy of a sex-on-legs horndog! Pure animalistic breeding sex! Perfect!
  15. Self-taught here, but oh how I wish I had had a sleazy mate or dad to teach me instead.
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