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  1. vjohn90

    Business Daddy

    Part 27 I was being completely used and had no way to protest or stop what was happening, Tom had told me this was what he wanted and part of me felt like I had to trust him. The guy pounding my ass didn’t let up, he kept fucking me at the same hard brutal pace. The toy he had shoved in my ass felt like it was snaking its way deeper into me. If I wasn’t so high I’m sure I’d have blacked out. I was snapped back into the moment with a hard slap to my face, I obviously wasn’t focusing enough on the guy that was ramming his cock down my throat. I concentrated on opening my throat, tying to make the guy in front of me cum. One less person to fuck me was what I thought. “Suck my cock you pig! Hurry up and breed him Mick, I won’t last much longer in his throat” As if on cue I felt the guy in my ass, Mick, start to fuck my ass with long strokes. It didn’t take long, I felt his cock swell and the familiar feeling of ribbons of cum coating my now bruised hole. The guy in my mouth was quick to pull out and make his way to my hole, I barely felt a second of relief as he replaced Micks now spent cock with his own. This pattern repeated for at least another 10 guys, each one with different degrees of brutality. The last guy that buried his cock alongside the toy in my ass was hung and very thick. It felt like a second toy. No one had replaced the cock in my mouth. I was moaning heavily, and could feel the high wearing off. He leaned deeper into me and forced a bottle of poppers under my nose, I felt grateful for the relief. He kept holding the bottle under my nose, never moving it away. My head began to swim and my heartbeat was pounding in my ears. My hole was making a wet sloppy sound, I had been bred by at least 30 guys so far and it didn’t seem to be letting up. Just as the poppers were becoming too much I felt the cock inside me pulse and volley cum into the mix of loads already coating my insides. He took out his cock and although I still had the toy in my ass I felt the relief to no longer being double stuffed. “Nicely lubed up boy, now lets have some fun with that fuck hole” A sharp scratch at my neck and the rush through my veins let me know I was being slammed again. I knew what was coming but still couldn’t prepare for it. The guy at my ass worked his hand straight into my hole, he gripped the toy in my and slowly started to slide it out. I groaned out in a feral cry. He didn’t pull the toy out completely. He gripped the top of it and together he worked both it and his arm into my hole. I writhed in pain, unable to move still being strapped down. I has his arm up to his elbow inside me, and it was clutching onto a toy that was almost as thick. The drugs rushed into my system and I surprisingly felt relaxed. The feeling in my ass hurt but it felt good at the same time. The fist in my ass turned and pushed and punched my hole. It made me tingle, I have no other way to describe how it felt. Then without any warning both were remove and I felt a sudden feeling of emptiness. “Fuck boy, your hole is blooming. Look at that rose bud” I wasn’t sure what he meant, I felt a cock slide into me and then a feeling of warmth. I began to feel very full. This guy was pissing in me. I had never done any kind of waterspouts before. I guess I was enjoying myself.
  2. vjohn90

    Business Daddy

    Part 26 I tried to think back to the rounds the first time Tom let his friends fuck me. 420, Double stuffed and Arse to Elbow. Thinking about the increasing level of pain of each round I could feel an unease come over me. The gas mask was roughly put back on my face, I immediately recognised the smell of weed. It was strong and I could feel the rush hitting me. The first round had started. I felt the first cock line up with my hole, it was thick and dry, he started to push into me. I thought with a couple of loads already in me it wouldn't be too bad. I was wrong, Tom and Brian had cum deep in me so my hole wasn’t that wet yet. This guys cock was slowly tearing my hole and he only felt thicker the deeper he pushed in. With the slam, poppers and now the weed in my system my head was spinning, I didn’t know if I was in pain or loving it. “Fuck, here it comes pig!” The guy rammed his cock so far into my hole I could feel his balls crash against my ass! He ripped his cock from my hole and I felt the next pair of hands on my ankles. “Give him a good hit, he’ll need it” The gas mask was filled completely and I coughed trying to catch my breath. The guy at my ass was teasing his cock against my hole, I could feel the tip of his cock ring, although it felt more like a bar than a ring. In a quick monition he was in me completely. His dick wasn’t particularly big but his piercing felt like a sharp prick in my hole, tearing me up. “I like my cock pink pig” he grunted while pounding my hole. I could taste copper in my mouth so knew I was bleeding, it seemed to turn him on more. The sound of his thrusts got louder and louder until he screamed out as he shot his load. The fucking continued, I counted 13 cocks and more hits of weed than I can remember. I was completely stoned and my hole was well used. The gas mask was removed from my face and the fresh air immediately made me feel dizzy. My arms and legs were unlocked and I was lifted and flipped onto my front, I was stretched across a bench, with my locked cock placed in a hole to allow me to be strapped down tightly. The inside of my suit was drenched in sweat and I could feel my body getting hotter now that it was strapped down. I could feel fingers at my hole, playing with the cum that was now running down my leg. The fingers were then shoved into my mouth, I could taste the different loads of cum and the familiar taste of copper from blood. Poppers were then held under my nose and I did my best to huff them. My head was spinning and I felt like I was panting. I could feel hands on my ass and then my hole was full, I was trying to think what was happening, It wasn’t a fist, It was a toy, and a big one. It was slowly being worked into me, It felt huge and was stretching me open inside. The poppers continued at my nose and I knew my lips must have been blue by now. “That ass just sucks everything up into it, eh boy!” I felt a hard slap against my ass cheek “Yes Sir” was my safe response I felt him start to push his cock in along side the toy. My hole felt like it was tearing apart, I started to groan loudly but was quickly silenced by a cock ramming into the back of my throat. The guy fucking my ass started to pick up his speed, the sound of my ass being fucked was all I could hear. “Yeah boy, you love being double stuffed don’t you? Taking as much cock as you can get in that pig hole”
  3. vjohn90

    Business Daddy

    Part 25 Tom leaned forward and kissed me deeply. I already felt horny again, my body was desperate for more release. When Tom broke our kiss he stared deeply into my eyes and without even having the chance to think he had put a rag over my nose and mouth and I was out. I awoke in a familiar position. I was in a sling, my legs fastened above me, I was in the rubber cat suit again, with just my ass, mouth and nostrils exposed. I was filled with fear, remembering what had happened to me the last time I was in this position. I thought Tom’s friends had already had their way with me. They had broke me once before, I didn’t know if I’d survive all those rounds of torture again. I felt a hand at the side of my face and recognised Tom’s voice. “Can you hear me boy?” I nodded my head timidly “Good, now the first time you met my friends they were merely helping me claim you and break you in. Tonight is about their pleasure, I will do my best to look after you but I can’t promise they won’t repeat anything they’ve done or try anything new for that matter. I’m going to give you something to ease it all, my friends can be unforgiving” I felt a sharp scratch at my neck and realised Tom was slamming me again. My blood raced and my body felt eased. I had no idea where I was or what was going to happen, all I could think about was Tom kissing me again. How had I gone from fearing this man to wanting him. I felt my head being moved and what I guessed was a gas mask being placed over my face, the poppers were strong and I could feel my heartbeat in my ears. I could feel someone at my ass and with the first brutal thrust I knew it was Tom, he tore at my hole and quickly came in me. “Right guys, thats your lube, have at him. Just remember he’s mine” The mask was torn off my face and the fresh air rushed in my lungs, I was swimming in indescribable feelings of euphoria. “Don’t need this, I was him to feel it all.” I recognised the voice but couldn’t place it “Tom you lucky son of a bitch, he survived the first round! This time we’re going to ruin your boy” It was Dr Brian, or at least I think it was him, I could only vaguely remember what he sounded like. I felt his pierced cock line up with my hole and in one brutal thrust he was balls deep, my body convulsed at the shock. He then pulled completely out and repeated the brutal assault. Each time my back arched and the chains of the sling rattled. My head was lowered and I felt a cock forcing its way into my mouth, I did my best not to choke. It was thick and long, the guy was making his way further down my throat each time Brian thrust into me, before long his balls where covering my nose and my body was no longer reacting so violently to each thrust. They had created a rhythm, I had adapted to it quickly, my guess was that the drugs were working. “Fuck he feels better than I remember!” Brian started to grunt and I felt the familiar feeling of his cock unloading in my ass. The guy fucking my throat unceremoniously withdrew and leaned down next to my ear, “Same rounds as last time boy and a bath house full of men. You might get a couple of surprised too! Buckle up buddy, you’re ours tonight”
  4. vjohn90

    Business Daddy

    Part 24 This is not what I had planned but my lust and the hand over my mouth, stopped me from protesting. I felt a hand reach down and tap the poppers in my hand, I instinctively took a deep hit in each nostril. I felt the heat rush to my face instantly. These were strong. The hand moved my arm up in a silent command for me to take more hits. I did, and felt the haze come over me and my hole twitch. I was walked forward, feeling strong arms guide me from behind as they took the poppers from me. My legs hit the side of a bed and I made my way onto my hands and knees. I felt a hand push me further into the mattress until I was flat on my stomach. Then the bed around me moved with the weight of him climbing on top of me. I could tell he was naked, he leaned down and whispered into my ear “How is Daddy’s boy?” It was Tom, the realisation almost broke my popper haze. “I had some business to sort out over the past few weeks, I see everything has come together nicely. Now lets get my boy recharged” I had barely taken in what Tom had said when I felt his pierced cock force its way into my eager hole. It stung and he kept pushing deeper without giving me time to adjust, I hit the poppers. My mind was swimming, I had an overwhelming sense of relief that it wasn’t some stranger. I didn't have to explain why my cock was locked away or that I was now Poz. “Good boy, Daddy has big plans for you tonight.” Tom started to plow my ass, pulling almost completely out and then slamming back in again, my ass burned but It was exactly what I needed. I had never felt more horny. “Tell me what you want boy” I didn’t know what to say I wanted the pain to end but I still had no release. “Fuck me Daddy.” I breathed out Tom stopped drilling my ass, without pulling out he flipped me onto my back. He removed the blindfold, his piercing blue eyes the first thing my eyes focused on. He was removing a key from a silver chain around his neck. He reached down and unlocked my cock. I instinctively knew not to touch myself. He opened the poppers and lined them up to my nose, I huffed deep but he held the bottle still. I kept breathing in deep, never breaking eye contact. I think I started to drool slightly and the poppers were put to the side, Tom grabbed my legs and placed them on his shoulders, he slammed completely into my ass. I hadn’t time to adjust to the new position, he was a man on a mission. “I'm going to top you up boy, give you more of our poz strain” I felt completely connected to him, I don’t know if it was the poppers or that I hadn’t cum in weeks but I wanted nothing more than to make Tom cum. To make my Daddy cum. “Please give me your cum Daddy, I want it. I need it” Tom looked deep into my eyes and leaned in and kissed me so passionately I thought time had stopped. I could feel his cock swell inside me and then begin to cum ribbons of his toxic cum. I felt my balls lift and I came harder than ever before. My whole body tingled and Tom just kept on fucking. I didn’t want it to stop. Tom broke our kiss but not his thrusting into my ass, which was now making a very sloppy sound. “I love you boy but I made a promise to my friends the first night I met you. I told them they could have their turn with you once I’d claimed you. You carry my strain, so we’re forever a part of each other, but that doesn’t mean I won’t let them have their fun too. You understand boy?” I slowly nodded, not quite sure what everything meant. “Yes Daddy” Tom kissed me again and finally stopped his assault on my ass. He took the cock cage and began to put my now tender cock back into it. I must have looked disappointed. “After tonight boy its just me and you, you won’t need this again. But for tonight your pleasure is not what anyone is thinking about.”
  5. vjohn90

    Business Daddy

    Sorry it's been a while. Hope you guys are still interested. Part 23 I woke up the next morning to the sound of my alarms going off. Thankfully I didn’t sleep through them. I still felt uncomfortably horny, especially when I tidied away the discarded dildo from last night. I had a cold shower and threw on my suit, ready to start another day of meetings. I made my way to the office building and found myself staring at hot men as I made my way through the commute. It would be a struggle to concentrate if I didn’t get a handle on my hormones! I set up the conference room, as I had done yesterday. Stew arrived before the investors and we briefly discussed our plan of action based on the previous days meeting, Stew suggested we get out of the office for todays meeting and take the investors for an early drinking lunch, make them more relaxed and let their guards down. I hadn’t much experience in these kinds of meetings, apart from the paperwork side of things, but Stew was the CEO so I naturally followed his judgment and agreed. When the investors arrived myself and Stew met them in the lobby and we all made our way to a waiting car to take us for lunch. The investors clearly seemed pleased by the suggestion and we made our way without any problems. We were dropped off in Hell’s Kitchen at a bar called Playground, it was rustic and had long benches with tables in between them, I thought it was probably popular in the evenings with the amount of seats. We found a table and ordered a bottle of wine and started to casually chat about what had been discussed yesterday at our meeting. After the first bottle was finished Stew excused himself and came back with another bottle and a jug of water. I noticed he filled his and the investors glasses with wine and my glass with water. I was glad he was pacing me, I don’t think I’d have been able to remember all the numbers if I’d continued on the wine. After an hour or so, and the second bottle had been finished, the investors seemed more willing to sign a deal. I felt quite proud of myself, as I’d done more of the talking than Stew, he’d excused himself to the toilet just as I was really getting the other two guys attention. When he returned, with another bottle of wine, I realised I had drank the full jug of water. I made my way to the toilets in the back, I decided to go into a stall incase anyone came in and seen my dick was locked away. As I stood in front of the toilet relieving myself I noticed a black card on the cistern. It had a silver ‘x’ on one side and a web address on the other. I though it was probably an X-Men thing, I absentmindedly put it in my pocket. I cleaned up and made my way back to the table, the empty jug was gone and my glass had been filled with wine. After another half hour or so the deal was done and handshakes were exchanged. Stew suggested he take the investors back to the office to have the paper work drawn up and signed. He thanked me for my work and said I could go enjoy the rest of the day in the city. I was feeling such a buzz, I wasn’t sure if it was the successful deal or the wine I’d had. We said our goodbyes as I planned on walking the couple of blocks back to my hotel. As I walked back I could feel myself getting hornier and hornier with every guy I passed. When I eventually made it into the elevator in my hotel I reached down and adjusted myself. Thats when I realised I still had that card in my pocket. Curiosity got the best of me so I took out my phone and entered the web address on the back of the card. As the page loaded I made my way to my room and locked the door behind myself. The webpage loaded, it was all black except for a silver X, like the card. I tapped on it and an instant message popped up. “Looking to get off?” I was about to close the page, thinking it was just a spam pop-up when another message came through. “Did you enjoy your drinks in the Playroom?” I looked at the message and thought it must of been the bartender, although I couldn’t remember what he looked like. I didn’t over think it and quickly replied “The drinks were good thanks” I thought I’d get the usual spam reply of ‘looking super hot’ or something else just as lame. “If you’re still in hells kitchen then come over and have some fun” I slowly began to think that maybe this was a hookup site rather than just spam “What kind of fun?” I replied, testing out the direction of the conversation “I fuck only, total top. I’m only interested bottoms wanting fucked. I’m dominant and only care about getting myself off. Don’t worry i’m hung enough to make sure your ass will cum.” I received a couple of pictures and when I looked at them my cock strained against its cage. He was in his mid 30’s probably, really toned with a fat 8in, uncut cock. I practically drooled. “I’m in a hotel” I replied. “I live above the Playroom. Red side door, flat 2. A jock and poppers will be in the hall, get it on and make your way to the bedroom at the end of the hall. See you in 30 minutes’ With that, the message was gone, when I refreshed the webpage it no longer existed. My heart was racing and my cock was oozing pre-cum, this sounded like the exact thing I needed. I paced the hotel room, I was too horny to think clearly. I ran to the toilet and stripped off, cleaned myself out and teased my hole with the dildo to warm myself up. I had a quick shower and still had 15 minutes to walk the 2 blocks back to the bar. I threw on a black T and a pair of jeans and made my way down through the hotel and back onto the street. I started to second guess myself but I passed a couple of hot guys and instantly felt distracted by their crotches. I was in overdrive, my need to have sex was over powering. I reached the bar and spotted the red door at the side, the only buzzer on the door said flat 2. I’d barely touched it when the door clicked open. I made my way inside. At the top of a single set of stair a door was ajar, I made my way in and found a black jock and a bottle of poppers on the empty hall floor. I closed the door behind me and quickly stripped, the jock hid my caged cock comfortably, I didn’t think this guy would care that I wasn’t playing with myself. I lifted the poppers and made my way down the hall to the room at the end. When I walked in I immediately felt hands over my eyes and then a blindfold being wrapped around my face…
  6. vjohn90

    Business Daddy

    Chapter 22 I got up on the Tuesday morning and organised my travel bag for NY, I didn’t really know what to bring with me. I had packed a few essentials, fresh underwear, jeans and a couple of shirts. I wore my suit to travel in to avoid it getting crushed in my bag. I arrived in NY just before 10am, I got the subway up past midtown to my hotel, near central park. It was one of the old classic hotel buildings in the city. When I was checking in with the details my company had made I found out I had a suite. The room was split into 3, a sitting room with a TV, a dining table and a mini bar, through double doors into the bed room with en suite. I had never stayed in such a fancy room before. I had a quite look around, dumped my stuff and headed to the NY office for the first of an afternoon of meetings. I got to the building about 30 minutes before the first meeting, giving me time to meet the CEO and go over what bids and proposals we would discuss. I had never met the CEO before, from what I heard around the office is that he is a charismatic guy but someone you don’t want to get on the wrong side of. I made sure to keep my wits about me. I sat waiting in one of the conference rooms, I’d lay out the proposals and all the information that was relevant to the meeting, the table had a fresh jug of water in the middle. I’d made sure there was tea and coffee and some mint biscuits if the meeting started to go on. About 10 minutes before the meeting was scheduled the CEO, Mr Black walked into the room. He was in his late 40’s, about 6ft, with a muscle build, he looked like a runner. His hair was silver and swept to the side in a professional style, and he wore a well fitted black pinstripe suit with an expensive crisp white shirt, but no tie. He was stylish yet not too uptight looking, he had a familiar quality to him; “Mr Black, it’s a pleasure to meet you,” I said standing and reaching my hand out to shake his. “Please, call me Stew. I’ve heard a lot of good things about you John.” He sat and began to look through the paper work I had lay out on the table. We briefly discussed the proposal bid and went over our line of presentation and how I was there to fill in the information and numbers when needed. Stew started to pour out some water into the glasses, there was a knock on the door and an assistant introduced the investors, I went over to greet them as they entered, introducing Stew, as Mr Black to each of them, however each time he corrected me and invited them to call him Stew. We all sat and began to go through the meeting, after a while Stew had passed me my second glass of water and I realised the Jug was finished. I eventually offered to make Tea or Coffee if everyone wanted to take 5 minutes. We made our way through the rest of the afternoon and about 2 pots of coffee by the time we decided to call it a day for the meeting and pick up where we left off the following morning. Once we had tidied everything up in the conference room, myself and Stew were heading towards the elevators. “I want you take another look at a couple of these files again tonight, I want to make sure we’re prepared for tomorrow. I’ve some things I need to look into here, I’ll see you in the morning.” Stew headed off down the corridor before I had the chance to say anything. I headed back to my hotel and ordered room service, I had a lot to look over. After sitting for a few hours I headed for a piss and suddenly remembered I still had this cage on my cock. Shit, I forgot. I’d been so wrapped in work I forgot about going to a sex shop to find a way out of this. I quickly grabbed my phone and found a shop that was open till midnight. I threw on jeans and a top and headed out the door. I didn’t want to stick out like a sore thumb in my suit. I got the subway downtown and within 20minutes I was making my way through the door. The shop was dimly light and the walls were dark with shelves filled with toy’s and fetish gear. There was a section for most things, Lube, toy’s, jockstraps, novelty gifts, clothing, rubber, leather. It was a big selection, I eventually found the chastity devices, there weren’t many but I seen the one that looked like mine, I studied the boxes and hoped I’d found a match. I had a bit more of a browse and then headed to the counter. The attendant was maybe mid-30’s, clean cut looking but had a silver necklace around his neck with a biohazard on it. He wasn’t as innocent as he looked, I thought. He took the box and scanned it, he was packing it into a brown bag when he stopped and looked at me. “These are a top seller, they’re the best in the market. Each one is unique.” I must have given him a wide-eyed look “You know each one of these comes with a different key?” He looked at me intently, he must have guessed I didn’t have a sub guy waiting for me to lock his cock up. “Oh, right. Good, great” I stammered, trying to act casual. “Listen, whoever put it on you will eventually take it off, save yourself the hassle and the 50 bucks and go with the flow. Or if you really can’t wait the ER are used to removing them by now. Just the awkward looks you’d probably rather avoid” “I, erm. The thing is, I’ve not heard anything from the guy who put it on me and I’m scared he might never take it off.” The guys face softened and he looked sympathetic. “Listen, give it a couple of weeks, if you don’t hear from the guy pop back in and see me and i’ll see if I can help out.” I didn’t tell him I was from out of town, I just smiled and thanked him. “Here if you’re struggling to get off while locked up. I have a suggestion.” I looked at him and for the first time really thought about being horny, what could I do? My sex drive had been pretty much destroyed after everything that had happened to me, but I really hadn’t thought what would happen when it crept back. As I was lost in thought the guy was packing stuff into the brown bag, “…so to recap; lube, poppers and a dildo, work your ass until your orgasm come from your ass. It’s intense but will help stave off the horn for a while. Oh and if that doesn’t work theres always a fat cock, sometimes you can’t beat the real thing.” I must have looked vacant, “Here, I’ve only charged you for the chastity device, the rest is on me” He smiled and swiped my now produced credit card. Luckily my brain kicked in quickly enough to check it wasn’t the company card! That could have been a big mistake. I left the shop and made my way back to the subway, it was a little after 10 and the bars were beginning to pick up. I found myself staring at the crotches of the men I was walking past. I could feel a heat rising from my balls. I felt uncomfortably horny, unable to get hard and feeling the pain of my ever eager cock against the cage. The subway was busy but I managed to find a seat, at the first stop the carriage started to fill up, by the second stop it was full. As people shuffled together to try make space I found my seated position was perfect level with the cyclist in front of me’s crotch. I could see the outline of his cock head and I found my mouth water. I’d broke out in a sweat and felt my pulse beginning to race. My stop arrived and I found myself casually touching the mans hip as I made my way through the crowd of people standing. I nearly let out a noise at the jolt to my cock at it’s reaction to me touching the man. I got back to my hotel room and took the box out of the brown bag and started to take it apart looking for instructions, It was a single sheet of paper with a basic diagram, showing how to put on the cage and how to secure it. There was an asterisk next to the word ‘key’. I turned over the page and found the tiny print. ‘ *If key lost, seek medical assistance ’ That was the only advice. I stripped off and studied the cage I had on and soon discovered the lock on mine was completely different to the one in the box. It had been swapped. i couldn’t even make an attempt to figure out the mechanism. I lay back in bed and again felt the rush of heat from my balls, I was horny at the prospect of having an orgasm. I eventually got up and gave into temptation. I had a long shower and thoroughly cleaned myself out. I emptied the lube, poppers and the 10in dildo from the brown bag. I found some generic porn on my phone and started to play with my ass, I took a hit of the popper and felt the warm rush to my cheeks. After about 5 minutes or so I had half the dildo in my ass and was really getting into fucking myself. I kept huffing on the poppers until the dildo was buried 10inches deep into me. I could feel my heart beat pounding in my ears and my ass was twitching at the pounding I was now giving it. I started to hear voices from last week flashback to me; “Rape the boy.” “Tear up his hole” “Breed that ass” “Want more cum boy?” “Tom you’re one lucky son of a bitch” I snapped back to reality with a jolt. My sex drive instantly gone. I pulled the dildo from my ass and thew it, the poppers and the lube back into the brown bag. I set my alarms and headed to sleep, trying to block anymore flashbacks from my mind. I’d scared myself when I remembered all the voices that had been around me, but what frightened me most wasn’t what they said but that it made me feel more horny…
  7. vjohn90

    Business Daddy

    This chapter is to help move the story forward. If you guys are interested I'll continue. Message or comment to let me know. Thanks Part 21 I sat completely still trying to gather my thoughts. What happened to me? What do I do? Go to the police and say what had happened, they wouldn’t believe me. What if they caught the guys and there was a tape of me saying I wanted it. What about my work? Just then I noticed my phone was on my bedside table. I picked it up and unlocked it. There were no notifications, I opened up my messages and there were a few I’d recently sent to a couple of my colleagues. It was the same message i’d sent out to each of them. “Completely floored with the a viral infection, told to take a couple of weeks off to get it into my system. Should be back after it’s been passed on.” I re-read the message several times there were mistakes ,I’d noticed, then I realised they weren’t typos. I did get a viral infection, it did take a couple of weeks to work into my system after it had been passed on to me. That’s when it hit me, I burst into tears and began to sob. I had been pozzed by those men. They had infected me. I knew that struggling would have probably ended up with me beaten near to death but what do I do now? I looked again at my phone it was Sunday evening. It had been 2 weeks since I’d last been at home. I slowly climbed out of bed I walked towards my kitchen but made a quick change and ran to the toilet and threw up. I heaved for what felt like an eternity. I tried to clear my head. I had to go back to work tomorrow I had to pull myself together. I put everything to the back of my mind, as if it never happened. The only reminder being the cage still trapping my cock. I didn’t even care I felt flat and despondent. I woke up on the Monday morning feeling clear headed, I put all thoughts out of my head and focused on getting myself ready for work. Thankfully I had coffee mate and didn’t need to worry about getting fresh milk for my much needed coffee. I showered, not looking at my cock, and got ready and headed out the door. I made it through the office building without bumping into anyone I knew. I made my way to my desk and just as I sat down Mick appeared at my side. “Hey buddy, how are you doing?” I looked up to see Mick looked genuinely concerned. “Eh, I’m much better now thanks.” I didn’t really know what to say. “Good, glad to hear it. Sounded like a nasty bug you had. I haven’t been back to that bar since we had drinks. Wasn’t sure if you’d picked something up there or not. You can’t be too careful!” With that he walked off back to his desk. I made my way through about 100 emails, sifting through what was important and things that were no longer relevant due to me being off. Just after 11 I got an email from my boss asking to see me in his office as soon as, to check how i was doing. I made my way to his office, it was at the end of the corridor past the conference rooms and away from the rest of us. I knocked on the door and waited. “Come in” I made my way into the office, there was a sitting area around a coffee table and my boss sitting at a large desk, in front of a big window, at the far end of the room. “Take a seat John” My boss was in his mid 40’s with a runners build, silver hair and a well fitted pinstripe suit. I sat in the chair across from him and he leaned forward, I could almost smell his cologne. “I’m happy to see you back, it sounded like you caught quite a bug” I thought I caught him smirk slightly. “I normally don’t have time for people going off sick but after speaking with your doctor I realise the unavoidable circumstances of the situation. Some things just take time to work through your system” Listening to my boss speak, my heart began to race. “You spoke to my doctor?” I looked at him not knowing if I was confused or frightened by the answer to the question. “Yes a Dr. Brian, he called me to let me know you’d been in and out of consciousness and felt obliged to inform his employer.” I felt relieved. Maybe my boss hadn’t been told all the explicit things that had happened to me over the past couple of weeks. “We had a visit from the CEO a couple of weeks ago. Just after you went off sick. It’s a shame you never got the chance to be introduced. Never the less we now have a new line of products that require meetings and negotiations across the county. I know you’re just back but I want to put you forward for some of these trips, if you feel up to it?” I was awestruck, I’d just been off work very suddenly for 2 weeks and now I was coming back to work to what sounded like a promotion. “Your work has been getting noticed over the past few months and apart from being sick you’ve got an excellent record with us so far. You’d be compensated for the traveling and given a business card to make any necessary purchases while away.” My mouth was dry, I was getting a promotion. “Thank you sir, that sounds excellent. Thank you” “No need to thank me, just get your ass back to work” With that he got back to his paper work and I could tell I was being dismissed. I walked back to my desk feeling strangely relieved and happy. If I could put the past couple of weeks to the back of my mind maybe I could get back to normal. I continued to work for the rest of the day, dealing with new emails about various cities and dates for meetings. There was a lot of research involved which kept me busy. I eventually headed home, my mind totally distracted with work, It wasn’t until I went for a piss and seen the cage that everything came flooding back to me. How would I explain my cock cage to the TSA? As a slow panic started to build up, my phone buzzed in my pocket. It was an email from my boss, I was to leave tomorrow for a meeting in NY with the CEO and a couple of investors. Another email came through with travel details for a Train into Penn Station. I immediately felt relief, I thought about it and made a plan to go into a sex shop in NY and get a key for the cage around my cock. At least I would be able to be anonymous there, I’m sure they’ll have seen it all before and won’t be surprised by my problem.
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    Business Daddy

    Right guys, I have a direction the story could go in but if no one is liking the story or interested in commenting then this is the last chapter. Part 20 I must have blacked out for a bit, when I stirred again my vision was clouded over, I realised I was back in the sling and the mask with the poppers was back over my face. My head was spinning. “Use the jar of cum as lube and whatever is still in his hole. The goal is to get your fist as deep as your elbow. Do that and then add your load of cum for the next guy to use as lube.” I vaguely had an idea of what was about to happen but apart from Daddy’s big cock and being double penetrated I’d never had a fist in my ass before, especially not anything as big and deep as a forearm either. If it wasn’t for the poppers I’d probably have tried to struggle. The first guy took a scoop of cum from the jar of loads and lathered it on my hole, it felt wet and slimy, he started fingering my hole and quickly built up to having 4 fingers deep in my ass, It wasn’t as painful as I thought, but my hole had been abused a lot so far tonight so must have been loose. “Fuck Tom he’s fucking sucking my hand in! Filthy pig” The guy grunted as he forced his fist into my hole I took a deep breath in the mask and felt his fist slide deeper into me. My head was spinning. I let out a deep moan. “He likes it too. His hole is soaked in cum” With all the compliments this guy was giving my hole I felt an odd sense of pride. He began to slide his fist deeper, each time pulling out slightly and then working himself in further. I did my best to relax but the invasion began to become too much. My moaning increased. “Come on boy, don’t let me down. Brian is going to give you some more help” Tom whispered in my ear as I felt the sharp scratch against my arm again. I was being slammed for the second time. This time I didn’t feel as much of a rush and wasn’t sure it had worked until I heard the guy fisting me shout out; “Fucking right to the elbow you slut and you’re still sucking me in!” I hadn’t realised but he was right, my ass had his whole forearm buried in it! I felt him twist his arm and my hole body convulsed! He slowly pulled his arm out and I could feel the flow of cum following it. He then without warning slammed his cock into my hole and quickly bred me! When he pulled out he gave my ass another hard slap! My ass felt unbelievably empty until I felt the next hand at my hole. His hand felt smaller and quickly his fist was in my hole. Maybe I was just so wrecked it felt smaller but all the same he began to work up a rhythm. I soon noticed he was alternating his hands and was fisting me faster each time. He was getting deeper and I could feel myself moaning again in pain and pleasure. “Fucking pig is loving my arm up there.” I heard the guy say as he alternated his arms, eventually he must have reached his elbow as I felt the familiar emptiness followed by a quick breeding. After the first two guys the rush of being slammed and the poppers completely took over. I don’t remember much of what happened, each arm stretched me open in a new way. One guy punch fisted me and another i’m sure went past his elbow. After a couple of hours of being fisted I felt the familiarity of Daddy once again. Tom had taken up the position at my ass. He pulled the mask off my face, flooding me with fresh air, although the room stunk of cum and sex. “Okay boy it’s Daddy’s turn now.” Tom’s hand felt thicker than all the other men before him. He kept adding more cum to my ass from the jar, my hole was soaked and must have been puffy looking. He worked his fist into my ass and without the poppers I felt myself being tighter. Maybe the buzz of the slam had started to wear off too. I felt more aware than I had for the past few hours. “Tom I think his fevers broke, his eyes look brighter. Albeit terrified too!” I hear Brian say as he began to laugh. “That’s it boy, I want you to remember Daddy deep in you, claiming you from the inside!” Tom was getting deeper and deeper into my hole and I could hear myself moaning from the depths of my balls. The pain started to become overwhelming. That’s when I caught his piercing blue eyes, the minute his eyes locked onto mine I felt him slide the last few inches up to his elbow in my ass. He didn’t break eye contact the whole time. “Want more cum boy?” “Yes Daddy” was all I could reply, I was transfixed. He twisted his arm in my hole and puled out a bit, making my hole gape. Brian passed him the jar of cum, there must have been at least a pint of cum in it. How long had they been saving it for! Tom took the jar and poured the cum down his arm and into my now gaping hole. “That’s it boy, make your hole eat it up. Come on soak up that cum” My ass instantly felt cold and began to feel full, with each load of cum Tom poured in he’d shove his fist to his elbow again pushing it in deeper. I could taste it, it was that deep. After the jar was empty Tom worked his fist deeper into my hole he must have been just past his elbow when I felt the familiar coldness of his cock ring next to my hole. I must have looked panicked. “Relax boy, Daddy wants to fuck you, but you’re too stretched out, I’ll need to do it with my arm still inside you! Brian shove the mask back on him. I won’t stop when I start” I felt the darkness over my eyes and my nose instantly filled with poppers. They did help to relax me but with the abuse my ass was now going through there was now way to escape the pain. Tom managed to get half his cock into my ass with his fist up to his forearm at the same time. I began to moan loudly and could feel my body writhing in pain. Unknowingly I’d started to cry. “That’s it boy, give in to Daddy! Remember it’s what I want” His pace sped up and I felt like I would break. He quickly withdrew his fist causing me to scream out in pain, he then slammed all of his cock into my destroyed ass, snatch the mask off my face and kissed me quickly and deeply as he came in me. “I love you boy” Was the last thing I heard and I was out.
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    Business Daddy

    Part 19 I was pulled into the middle of the bed and felt the weight of more people around me, my body was craving contact. “Two in his hole at a time. Dump your load and make way for the next cock, don’t take your time he’s got a lot of cock to get through!” Tom said as the men made their way towards me. I felt my body being lifted and turned, I was on all fours, barely able to support myself I felt someone lying underneath me and another behind my ass. Without a moment to think both men began to force themselves into my ass. The feeling was indescribable. I’d never felt so stretched. Both men had pierced cocks and I could feel my ass being torn up as the both began to find their pace for fucking me. I’d never been double penetrated and with the drugs coursing through my veins, I wanted more. I began to relax and enjoy being stretched out. With a hard thrust the guy behind me unloaded in my ass and was quickly replaced by a smaller but fatter cock, again pierced. The pattern continued and occasionally both men would cum at the same time. Giving me a couple of minutes before the abuse continued. My rubber suit was filled with sweat and I could have passed out from the heat but I was too high to notice. I just craved more, I’d truly been turned into a cum slut. After about 10 rounds I felt the familiarity of Daddy’s cock pushing its way into my hole, he was underneath me, I let my weight fall on him and he held me tight while the cock from behind battered my now bruised hole. “Good boy, you’re making daddy proud. Only one more round after this and it’s over with.” Tom said while holding me close to him. Tom pushed me back and the guy behind me grabbed my body to keep me upright. “You’re a tough little boy, you’ve done better than I thought you would.” It was Brian, he and Tom were both buried deep in me and I didn’t want it to stop. They fucked me together for what felt like half an hour, cum was running down my legs and I could hear the slapping of their balls as they both men brought themselves close to breeding me again. My hole was being destroyed yet all I could think was more! Brian came first, his load was so big I felt it shoot from his cock inside me. Tom quickly came afterwards, still with Brian’s cock in me. My ass felt full and very wet! Tom pulled me close to him as Brian removed his cock, it wasn’t replaced with anyone else. It was only Daddy in me now. He pulled my face up to his and kissed me deeply, it made me even more horny, if that was possible. Tom broke off our kiss and whispered into my ear; “Last round boy, don’t give up now, this one won’t be easy” I hadn’t thought any of this had been easy, what would be happening next. Tom held me close and rolled me over onto my back and pulled his cock out from my tired hole. I began to feel dizzy and sick again, my fever must have been sky high and the room was spinning. Tom again addressed the room, there must have only been about 10 guys left, who knew what time it was, I was completely unaware of anything except the cum running out of my ass. “Right gents last round. Arse to Elbow”
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    Business Daddy

    Sorry for the delay in the story. Busy over the past month with all the festivities, hoping to get more time to write. Let me know what you guys think! Part 18 My whole body began to feel numb, and I could feel my cock straining against its cage. I was incredibly horny now and wanted nothing but to get fucked. I felt sick as a dog but was craving cock in my ass. It wasn’t long before I felt the cold metal of a PA against my hole, in one hard thrust it was buried in my now cum filled hole. It wasn’t as big as my Daddy’s cock but it felt comfortable to have someone inside me. I heard Tom’s voice giving instructions. “Time has started 4minutes 20 seconds. Breed the boy” The cock swelled up and I could tell the top was close to cumming, he used the swing to build up momentum and pace. He pulled almost all the way out and then slammed into me with brutal force. I could feel my sweat filling the rubber suit I was in. I didn’t know whether to pass out, throw up or moan for more. My whole body was in an uncertain ecstasy. “FUCK, here it is bitch” The top slammed into me one last time and I felt his cock pulse its venom deep into me, adding to my Daddy’s load. He unceremoniously pulled out from my ass and I could feel cum sliding down my crack. “Fresh lube, nice” Another guy had assumed his position and began to work the previous loads into my hole, with his cock. He had a PA and was thicker than he was long. The mask over my face filled with fresh smoke. I coughed hard, making my ass tighten around the tops cock. He’d barely thrust into me a few times when I felt him breed my guts. The routine continued for what felt like an hour, I lost count of the loads in my ass, I was completely baked and couldn’t imagine lasting much longer. Most of the guys came before the time ran out, those that didn’t I assume had another go or dumped their load in a jar Tom had mentioned. The mask was removed from my face and fresh air over-whelmed me! The room was spinning and I knew my fever must have been high, I felt like I was swimming in my rubber suit. I was lifted by Tom from the sling, I clung on to him like a child. Gripping his toned naked body he softly lowered me on to the bed, I didn’t want to let go. “He’s really burning up Tom” I heard Brian whisper “My boy can handle it, he’s tough and doing a good job so far” “Tom there’s got to be about 40 guys waiting in your living room. I don’t think you can put him through another round.” It sounded like a stand off between the two of them, I lay there beneath them, hoping to feel Tom’s body against mine again. I found myself reaching for him and without thinking I muffled out a few words. “Yes Daddy, more” I must have completely lost my sense of reality, between the poppers and the weed I mustn’t have been thinking clearly. Was I really trying to prove my worth to Tom, to make him proud. “See Brian, my boy wants more. We can’t argue with that. Now let’s get him ready for the next round. Give him a good hit, I want him flying for this. The guys won’t be gentle” I could feel the rubber suit being pulled up over my arm and a sharp scratch at the nook of my elbow. Brian was slamming me. I’d never done hard drugs and tried to resist. I felt hard slap against my ass. “Do as you’re told boy! You’re going to need to be out of your mind for this round, I’m trying to make it easier for you.” “Thank you Daddy” was all I managed to muffle out before I felt the rush through my body, it was an experience I’d never felt. It was electricity, I’d never felt more connected in my life. Everything seemed more powerful, every taste, every sound. I’d never been more horny. I wanted my ass filled and used! What had this done to me? I lay there as I heard the sound of more men coming into the room, there were comments made and groans of excitement, then Tom spoke; “Right gents, round two. Double stuffed”
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    Business Daddy

    Part 17 Tom kept forcing his swollen cock to the back of my throat. I gagged and wrenched but he never stopped. The cock now buried in my ass wasn’t as big as Tom’s but the man behind it didn’t let that put him off. He slid all the way out to the tip and slammed it back in, each time me moaned in delight. “Tom you’re one lucky son of a bitch” The top groaned as he continued to plow into me. I could feel my fever rising again and the room began to spin more, I thought I’d surely pass out but Tom’s continued hold of my head and massaging of my throat with his cock kept me in the room. The top abruptly pulled out from my ass, I could feel a cold chill around my hole. He moved round to the side of the sling and presented his cock to Tom who smiled. “Well torn up, just how Daddy likes it. Clean him up boy” Tom moved away from me and thats when I seen the tops thick 8in cock smeared in blood. My blood. He rammed it into my throat and I did my best to swallow him down in the first go. “Good boy, do as Daddy tells you” The top was taunting me as I worked my mouth on his cock. I felt a cock against my now puffy hole. I don’t know how I did but I knew it was Tom’s. He positioned his head against my hole and began to tease it. He leant forward and whispered into my ear, while I was still cock sucking. “Daddy will always be your first and last load boy” He slammed his cock into my ass and began to fuck me harder than he ever had, I couldn’t concentrate on sucking cock anymore. It was too brutal. I felt hands on my shoulders again, and the darkness of the gas mask covered me. Within seconds I was getting buzzed on the fumes of poppers. They seemed stronger or maybe had just been topped up. Tom picked up the pace, if that was possible, he used the momentum of the sling to slam my body into his with every fuck. “Load 1 from Daddy, here it comes boy” I could barely hear anything with my heart pounding in my ears. I felt Tom get harder inside me and swell until he shot his load deep inside me. I could feel it burn my insides. I was truly his and only wanted to make him proud. Once he had came down from his orgasm he pulled out from my ass and removed the gas mask from my face. “Right Gents, round one of this evening can begin. This round is called 420. My boy here will be fitted with a gas mask that will make him high as a kite. You have 4minutes and 20 seconds to pound his hole. If you don’t manage to cum you can hang around for another round or cum in the jar which will be used later. Do both, do all three, invite friends, we should have at least 100 men here tonight. The one rule. What I say goes. He’s my boy, in the middle of a nasty fuck flu. If I say stop then you do. Got it?” There was a murmur around the room and agreement from all the men. Tom turned to me in the sling and smiled like an excited school boy, he leant down and kissed me. “I knew you’d be a hit boy, tonight you’re going to make Daddy very proud, just you wait and see what else I’ve got planned for you!” I felt the familiar feel of hands on my shoulders and a gas mask was placed over my face again, this time however it wasn’t poppers but the smell of weed. I didn’t know how it was done but I was breathing in nothing but a strong joint, I felt my head swim. I hadn’t had a joint since college and I wasn’t a big fan of drugs, what was going to happen to me next…
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    Business Daddy

    Part 16 Tom had lifted me to the bathroom, I was showered and douched. Tom shaved my body from the neck down. I’d never felt so smooth. I was trembling the whole time with my body temperature rushing in either direction. Tom took me back to the bedroom and helped dress me in a rubber jock. It pulled my cock tighter to my body, still locked in it’s cage. “You lie down for now boy, I’ll organise the rest.” I closed my eyes and fell into a deep sleep. When I woke I was flushed with heat, at first I thought it was my fever, then I realised I was back in the rubber suit from before and back in the sling! Only my mouth, eyes and nose holes were not covered in rubber and I could feel a zip at my ass. “Hey boy, just in time, people are beginning to arrive. I want you to remember all of this night.” Tom leant down and kissed me on my lips, it calmed me deep inside. Although I was burning up in this suit. I didn’t know what to expect anymore. Tom was wearing a pair of rubber jeans, opened at the crotch exposing a white jock. He had black rubber gloves on and his Biohazard tattoo was exposed on his chest. He looked so hot dressed like that. It made me feel flushed and horny. I didn’t know how I was feeling, I was sick as a dog but I felt incredibly horny. “You stay put boy, I’ll go get the others. This will be a rough night for you, just remember it’s what Daddy wants and thats all that matters!” He had a seriousness to his tone and his eyes pierced into mine. What was going to happen to me? Tom left the room and I lay in the swing unsure of what was going to happen next. I glanced over and seen Tom coming in with a group of about 10 men, the youngest must have been in his early 40’s. They were all wearing rubber, one guy had a rubber cock sheath, with only his pierced cock head exposed. That’s when I realised that every one of them had a pierced cock. This was going to hurt. Tom stood between my legs, he looked at me with an evil grin, his blue eyes were cold. I didn’t feel as calm anymore. “Just remember this is what Daddy wants boy.” I felt the zip at my ass being undone. The room was spinning faster and faster. My head was pulled to the side and without warning the rubber sheathed cock forced its way into my mouth, the piercing hitting the back of my throat. I gagged but he didn’t stop, I struggled to breath. “Turn him to face me, I want to see his eyes when I rape his hole” Tom had pressed his un-lubed cock against my hole. My eyes widened in fear. It wouldn’t go in my ass, I was completely try. He must have seen the fear in my eyes. He just laughed. “Put the mask on him, lets see how long he lasts!” I didn’t know what was happening, He continued to push against my hole slowing tearing me open. I felt arms on my shoulders as a mask was put over my head. It was a gas mask. It smelt funny inside. It had been soaked with poppers. I felt overwhelmed with the heat and the haze of the fumes made my blood pulse. Tom continued at my ass, I took a sharp gasp when he pushed harder, forcing the poppers deeper into my system. My senses where completely overwhelmed. “No more playing boy.” Tom slammed his cock completely into my ass and started to pound my hole. I felt a trickle of blood running down my ass cheek. My head was pounding and my blood rushed with the mask on my head, It became harder to catch my breath. The men around the room were cheering Tom on. “Rape the boy.” “Tear up his hole” “Breed that ass” Tom ripped his cock from my hole and tore the mask off my face in the same motion. Fresh air flooded my face. He walked round and put his cock in front of my face. It had a smear of bloody across it. “Clean Daddy’s cock” With that he thrust it into my mouth and another cock tore into my ass, my night had just begun…
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    Business Daddy

    Part 15 I was burning up, my fever had awakened me. When I tried to open my eyes the room was spinning. I felt like I had been hit with a sledge hammer. I’d been sick before but I’ve never felt this bad! “He’s definitely got the fuck flu, Tom. I should be able to test his strain now.” I recognised Brian's’ voice. Tom must have called him over. I felt him pulling at my arm and then a sharp scratch. He was taking my blood to test it again. “Are you sure it’s a good idea to have his flu party tonight? Maybe you’d be better waiting a couple of days until he’s over the worst of it.” Brian’s voice sounded concerned. “I know my boy can handle it. After his welcome party he’s been in high demand.” I tried to follow the conversation but my head was pounding. “Your strains match. He’s 100% yours, Tom. Congratulations and welcome to fatherhood.” I rolled over and curled up into a ball while Tom and Brian continued their small talk. Brian must have eventually left because I felt Tom’s weight in the bed behind me, he wrapped his arms around me and began to kiss my neck, murmuring “It’s official boy, you’ve got my DNA for life now. I’ll always be your Daddy.” I felt his cock growing, he had put his piercing back in. My own cock strained against the cage it was kept in. How could I possibly be horny when I was this sick? I felt him shift around and lift my legs onto his shoulders. I barely opened my eyes, I felt too weak to do anything. Without lube or warning he pushed his pierced cock deep into my hole. I felt my ass tear with every inch. I screamed out in pain and began to pull away from him. Tom leaned forward and kissed me hard on the mouth. My senses were overwhelmed. I kissed him back and for a moment I didn’t feel sick anymore. He broke our kiss declaring “I Love you, John.” Tom was balls-deep in my ass and his blue eyes were piercing into mine. His timing of his declaration somehow seemed entirely appropriate. “I Love you Daddy.” The words escaped my mouth before I knew I’d even said them. He kissed me hard and I felt myself pushing my ass on to his cock. Was I enjoying myself? Did I actually love this man? I soon got my answer when Tom began to pick up the pace. I could feel my ass being torn up, I’d gotten used to the size of his cock and now came to expect the feeling of being full. “What do you want, boy?” “Daddy’s cum.” I felt Tom’s body seize up as he began to pound his toxic cum into my now wrecked hole. Without warning my body seized up too. Could I have an orgasm without being hard? Apparently I could. I felt the cum leaking from my locked up cock, it burned with every drip. Tom scooped it up with his fingers and pushed it into my mouth with the advice “That’s it, boy. Taste your first toxic load.” Tom kissed me again and I found myself wanting more. I continued to work my ass on his cock and his kissing grew deeper and more passionate. “I do mean it John. You’re my boy and I do love you. I know you won’t mean it yet, but you will in time. Now let's get you ready for your party.” As soon as he pulled out from my ass I immediately felt sick again. My head pounded and the room began to spin. I didn't think I’d survive a party!
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    Business Daddy

    Part 14 Tom and I ate our luke warm pizza in near silence. While I was still in my jock, Tom was now fully dressed. Once we had finished eating I uncontrollably yawned, which led Tom to suggest “Let's get some sleep, boy. If Brian is right you should be mine in the next couple of days.” We made our way to the bedroom. I crawled under the sheets and felt Tom slide behind me. He had stripped naked. I could feel his cock growing hard behind me. He pressed his lips to my neck and started to kiss me. My body rushed, my cock strained against the device it was locked away in. It made me squirm as the tip of Tom’s cock pressed against my hole. In a quick slam it was buried deep in me. My body tried to pull me away but I was trapped by Tom’s arms. “Shh boy, Daddy’s cock should be the last and first thing you think of every day. It will be easier if it’s inside you.” I opened my mouth to speak but I only softly moaned as Tom had resumed kissing my neck. I felt relaxed and horny, I drifted off thinking of Tom’s cock inside me churning his load from earlier. Maybe I was finding it easier than I thought to play along. I woke up with my ass burning. Tom was fully hard and slowly sliding in and out of my hole, and seeing I was awake he remarked “Good morning sleepy head. I’ve already given you your first load of the day. What do you say?” “Erm…what?” I was tired and confused. “Try again boy. What do you say to Daddy when he gives you his cum?” I thought for a moment and then answered the obvious reply: “Thank you.” I felt a hard slap against my ass cheek. I immediately knew why. “Thank you, Daddy.” I felt hot, sickly hot, yet we weren’t under any sheets. My head was throbbing. “How are you feeling boy? You’re very warm, maybe you’re coming down with something.” Tom’s cock twitched inside me as he spoke, I found it oddly satisfying. Tom slowly kept fucking me, each time he did a chill ran through me and before long I was shivering. My whole body ached. Tom never let me escape his arms, holding me in place as I gradually felt worse as he continued to use my ass. “Daddy is going to give you one more load and then I’ll let you rest. If you don’t feel like death just now you definitely will by tonight.” “Thank you, Daddy,” I replied absent mindedly. Just before Tom blew his load, his cock swelled-up, and within seconds his cum was flowing deep into my ass, each ribbon of cum claiming another part of my hole. I drifted back to sleep with Tom still buried deep inside me.
  15. vjohn90

    Business Daddy

    Part 13 “Just put the pizza on the table in the kitchen, thanks,” Tom said from behind the young pizza boy. “Sure,” he replied as he cautiously walked past me and into the kitchen. Once he had put the pizza down he walked back towards the door, he must have had a look at my ass as he did. “Like his arse?” Tom said plainly. “Eh…I… I should get back to work,” the pizza boy responded, walked quickly past me, his face scarlet. “Wow, kid it’s okay, my boy there is very accommodating. I’m sure he’d love to taste that hard cock you’ve got growing in your jeans.” The boy blushed again and I could feel myself moving towards him. What was I doing? Tom’s blue eyes pierced into mine. I knew what he was telling me to do. I knelt down in front of the twink and slowly found my hands unbuttoning his jeans. “I really shouldn’t… I’ve never… you know… well not properly… my boss will wonder where I’ve been.” He tried to move away from me but Tom had a grip on his shoulders and kept him and his hard cock in front of me. “Don’t worry about it, we were all virgins once. We’ll go slow and I’ll ask what you want to do. How about it? Tell you what, you’ll walk out of here with at least a week's wages and if you’re lucky, a surprise.” I took the guy's cock in my mouth, and any objections he might have had were gone. Was I really sucking a virgin cock? It wasn’t anything special but it was a nice length and had a decent girth. He was uncut which was nice. Be fore long I was deep throating the twink while Tom worked his nipples. Tom had slipped his sweats off, carefully keeping his top on, hiding his tattoo, the young kid was excitedly playing with his cock. “Let’s move this to the bedroom, it’s more comfortable in there.” Tom ushered the kid into the bedroom stripping his clothes off him as they went, I felt concern for the boy. Would Tom do to him what he’s done to me? I couldn’t let that happen. I found myself mounting the bed in front of them both. Maybe if I made a good show of my ass Tom would alternate with the kid in fucking me, and the kid would escape getting fucked. Tom grabbed some lube and slapped it on my ass and roughly shoved his fingers into my hole. I groaned and huffed some poppers. “Go on kid, bury your cock balls deep. He can take it.” “Do you have a condom?” Again the kid blushed. “We don’t use them, me and my boy only play with each other but I’d love to see you fuck him.” Tom sounded so reassuring and innocent that I wasn’t surprised that the kid fell for it. He placed the tip of his innocent cock at my hole, and with Toms encouragement he slowly slid deeper into me. It was the most gentle fuck I’d had in over a week. He picked up the pace after some time and I knew he probably wouldn’t last long. Tom took the poppers and forced them under the kids nose. By his reaction he was new to them. He started to bury deeper into me and from the force behind me I could tell Tom was making a move for the kids hole. I looked in the mirror to see Tom lubing up his cock and the kids hole. The kid looked like he was in heaven, completely new to every sensation. Tom again made the kid take deep hits of the poppers, asking “What do you want kid?” murmuring into the kid's ear while forcing the brown bottle under the kids nose again. “Fuck me,” the kid almost whispered. “Fuck you? You want it all? I’m big and I fuck hard.” “Yeah fuck me hard, don’t stop.” The kid was clearly high off the fumes, little did he know what to expect from Tom. Tom, however, took advantage of the kid's invitation, and lining his cock at the victim's hole, in one swift move had brutally taken the twink's virginity. “Fuck… owww…. no….no….please stop!” The kid tried to get away from Tom but as he did he only buried deeper into me. Interestingly the kid was harder than he had been. Tom slapped the kid's ass cheek hard and then put his had over his mouth as he brutally raped his ass! I felt the kid's orgasm as he came hard in my ass. Tom clearly knew the kid had cum by his ass muscles clenching. Tom violently pulled the kid away and pushed him across the room. He didn’t even glance at the kid as he went rolling across the floor. Tom slammed his cock deep into my ass and I felt his cum fill me deep and raw. I had no time to adjust to what had just happened, but I felt oddly satisfied that Tom had cum in me and not the pizza kid. After Tom’s orgasm subsided he glanced over at the kid who was sitting on the carpet staring at us both. “Sorry about that kiddo, but my cum is for my boy’s hole only. I’m sure you understand.” The kid looked confused and frightened about the situation. Tom walked over the bedside took a roll of dollars out his wallet and threw it at the kid barking “Our little secret kid. Now, grab your clothes and fuck off. My pizza will be cold.”

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