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  1. Business Daddy

    Part 10 My crotch ached, I realised now that the device Tom had put around my dick stopped me from getting hard. It didn't stop me feeling horny, although I still couldn’t understand if I was enjoying myself or still just trying to play along. Brian took my arm and wrapped a band around my bicep, forcing my veins to raise giving him easier access to draw blood. He took about 8 vials and I could feel myself going a bit light headed. “Tom you need to feed him more if you plan on using him that hard. Boy’s are no fun without some energy.” Brian chastised Tom who just smirked. Brian started mixing my blood and I’m guessing tested it too. My heart was racing, surely you can’t be infected that quickly. I hoped I’d escape and get PEP before anything had taken hold. Brian silently ran tests and took notes, Tom slowly played with my hair. I felt oddly calm. “His immune system is compromised, low counts of antibodies. Still negative but we can change that today.” Brian broke the silence. “Let me do an exam and see what we can do, you still against blood slamming?” “I want to breed him the old fashioned way, I want it to come from me. Pun intended” Tom laughed to himself. I felt cold lube on my hole and could sense Brian at my ass. He slid something cold and metal into my hole, it slowly started to stretch me. It was a speculum. ‘A few abrasions, residual cum, minimal bruising and excellent muscle control. He’s got a good cunt on him Tom, I thought you followed the guidelines and used the stinging butt plug? I can’t see many cuts?” Tom stopped stroking my hair and was next to my ass with Brian. “I slammed it in Brian, maybe he’s got a tougher hole than I thought. I’m sure he’d have been knocked up by now.” “Well I can make sure his wall is damaged for you if you like or you can do that yourself? I brought some things with me. Tom slid the speculum from my ass and threw it back into his bag. He pulled out a silver object, I barely got a glimpse of it. “This will do the trick, then we fill and plug again” “If that doesn't work then blood slamming might be the only option.” “Think he’ll be able to handle it Tom? My boy begged for the slam after I pulled that out.” “He’ll take it, my boy knows I only want the best for him.” I couldn’t see what Brian had given to Tom but after hearing them talk about it my mind was racing. “I’ll leave you to it for now. I’ll be back tomorrow morning. Remember to keep him topped up and for fuck sake feed him something.” Brian packed up his things and Tom led him out the room. I lay there terrified of what Tom was going to do with me. What had Brian meant by his boy begging. Tom came back into the room and climbed on top of me, I could feel his dick growing along my ass crack. “Boy I want to breed you the old fashioned way, this will hurt like hell but remember it’s what Daddy wants. I’m going to keep you tied down because once I start I’m not stopping.” My body trembled in fear. I felt Tom applying more lube to my ass and then I felt it, instead of Tom’s usual PA piercing it was a sharp spike….
  2. Business Daddy

    Part 9 Tom pulled out from inside me, he flipped me on to my side. He scooped up the cum from my chest and covered his cock with it and slide back inside my hole. “Thats the last clean load you’ll ever shoot or have inside you boy.” He stayed inside me, spooning me and we fell asleep. I woke up with his cock still in me, the desire to escape was conflicting with how comfortable I felt. I could feel Tom getting harder as he was slowly waking up. He didn’t say anything but slowly started to fuck my ass. I could feel the previous loads of cum around his cock, lubing my battered hole. Before long his cock was pulsing another load into my ass. I was hard the entire time. I made to jack myself off but Tom grabbed my wrist to stop me. He pulled out and rolled away, I felt suddenly alone. I heard the door to the walled closed open, i rolled over to see Tom taking a few items from the shelves and climb back into bed. Without warning he grabbed my balls and squeezed them hard! “Fuck…” I screamed out in pain. Instantly went soft. Tom took my soft cock and started putting it into a metal tube, with a cock ring attached to it. I heard a few clicks and my dick felt tight. I looked at Tom confused. “I’m locking this away boy. You don’t need it anymore. The only cum you need to concentrate on are the loads for your ass.” Tom slid a leather jock strap on me and looked over my body with a sense of satisfaction on his face. “What are you going to do with me?” I asked not really wanting to know the answer. “That’s nothing you need to worry about boy. Daddy has everything planned. We just need to make sure you’re mine first before we do anything more.” He got up and left the room. I lay in the bed not sure of what he meant or what had just happened. I looked at the device now restraining my cock and couldn’t see a way out of it. If I was to escape I’d need to have it cut off. I didn’t want to think of how I’d manage that. I got up and went for a piss, it burned! The door opened and Tom was stood in his tight white briefs, his biohazard symbol fully on display on his chest. Next to him was a man I didn’t recognise. He was a similar build to Tom, white hair and at least 50, but very handsome. He was wearing a black pinstripe suit. “This is him Brian, My Boy” “You’ve got good taste Tom, how much has he had so far?” Brian said as he made his way to the table in the room placing a black leather bag on it. “The first 7 were mine, 20 from the group, 100 stale, give or take, and a couple more. Including his own last neg load.” Tom said smiling I stood confused between them not sure where to move to. “On the bed boy” Brian said, I looked at Tom, he nodded and I made my way to the bed. Why had I looked to Tom for approval? “Did you plug it in for long enough?” Brian was removing medical looking equipment from the bag and placing it on the table. “About 12 hours. I’ve still got what wasn’t absorbed if we need it.” I was lying there trying to figure out what they were talking about, the conversation felt like it was going above my head. “Probably best to restrain the boy” Brian looked at Tom who made his way over to me, he took straps fastened underneath the bed and tied me face down. My ass was exposed to the room. “What is going on” I said, unsure of the situation. “Tom if he’s going to talk then gag him. I don’t need to hear your boy, I hear enough from my own at home” “You did claim a chatterbox Brian” Tom said laughing, he took his briefs off and stuffed them into my mouth, I could taste his cock. “Let’s see if you’ve claimed your own boy then. Let’s test your strain first. You don’t want someone else’s venom to have gotten to him first.” I could see Brian taking blood from Tom and adding it to solutions in different vials. “Your count is nearly 200,000. A cold and you’d have full blown AIDs. Once he’s bred with your strain we need to start exploring more options for managing your count. You want at least a few years with your boy” “You know i’m resistant to meds, he will be too. With what he’s got coming his way I won’t need to worry about having a few years. He’ll be full blown long before me.” “Hmm, lets get him tested, I’ll examine his cunt and we can deep breed if we need to.” What were they talking about? Full blown? I started to panic, how would I ever escape from this? Tom leaned down and whispered in my ear. “You’re going to be Daddy’s boy forever, you’ll be stained with my DNA by the end of today, one way or another.” My dick twitched and my body flinched in pain, I couldn’t get hard, it hurt so much my body practically convulsed. I could hear Tom and Brian laughing…
  3. Business Daddy

    Sorry for the delay with the next chapter. Let me know what you guys think! Part 8 I didn't know how long I slept for, when I woke up I felt like I was lying in a cloud. My body was heavy, I was now naked and had been washed. My stomach let out a growl, I hadn’t eaten since Saturday. I didn't even know what day it was, or the time. There were no windows in the room. I glanced around. The sling was gone and the sex closet closed over. I sat up and immediately regretted it, my ass burned out in pain. I still had the butt plug in. I got up and went for a piss in the en-suite. I tried the bedroom door but it was locked. I was trapped. I tried to remove the butt plug from my ass, but it was too deep and I couldn’t get a grip on it to try pull it out. I climbed back into the bed and began to sob. What had happened to me? The door opened. I wiped my face, not wanting Tom to see my like this. I just wanted to go home. “I’ve brought you something to eat, you slept right through the day.” Tom placed a tray of soup and some slices of bread on the bed next to me. “What’s the time, is it Sunday? I asked trying to sound calm and not panicked. Tom laughed, “It’s just after 7 in the evening and today is Sunday kiddo” ‘When can I go home?” I looked at Tom cautiously. “John, you are home. I know this is an adjustment but it’s not going to change. You’re mine, don’t you remember saying you belong to Daddy?” I sat in silence, a thousand things ran through my mind, “What about my work?” why was that the first thing I asked? “You’ve called off work for 2 weeks boy. It’s all been arranged, I want to make sure I’ve claimed you and you’re truly mine.” “You contacted my work? How do you know where I work? Please let me go, I won’t tell anyone about this weekend” Tom’s blue eyes narrowed and he sighed. “Never mind any of that, you’ve got to eat something. You need your strength.” I felt frustrated, who did this guy think he was? I kept my face passive, not showing the anger building up in me. “Need my strength for what?” I spat out the words. “For when my seed takes over you. I’m highly viral, and my strain is resistant to meds. You’ll carry my DNA for life, just as a Daddy’s boy should.” I made to stand up but Tom calmly put his hand on my chest. “Don’t make me take control, you’ve been doing well Boy.” I looked at him in disbelief. “Take control? What the fuck!” I lost my cool “Are you serious? You’ve already raped me, had me gang raped, tore up my ass and filled me with infected cum. You’re keeping me against my will, have contacted my work after clearly stalking me for some time and yet you don't want to “take control”” I rolled my eyes and immediately started to panic, the adrenaline was wearing off. Tom narrowed his eyes and spoke softly “Eat your food boy, I’ll allow you that one outburst due to you adjusting to your role. Do it again and being raped will feel like a day at the beach in comparison to what I could do with you.” He got up slowly and left the room, locking the door on his way out. What had I got myself into? Out of desperation I ate the food he had brought me, I wolfed it down and felt better having ate something. I put the empty tray next to the door. I lay in the bed for hours trying to think of a way of escape, yet each time I thought about it I realised I was trapped. He had contacted my work and been watching me for 3 months. Tom clearly wasn’t someone to mess with. Eventually I came to the conclusion that if I played along I’d be less likely to be hurt and could maybe reach out for help when I got out of this room. I tried not to think of the HIV. He had tricked me the first time he fucked me, he deliberately broke the condom to infect me...my cock stirred at the memory. Tom came back to the room, he was wearing only a pair of white briefs, they barely contained his monster cock. He locked the door behind him. “If you’ve calmed down now, lets get that butt plug out of your ass.” I made my way to the bathroom with him. He had me squat over a bucket and slowly he eased out the butt plug. It stung like hell but Tom was gentle. It took me by surprise. Without warning cum and blood rushed from my hole. I felt instantly lighter. Tom pushed the bucket aside and led me back to the bedroom. “I want you to have one last tender moment, I will be in control of you from now on boy, my pleasure and satisfaction will be your only focus. Tonight I will give you pure satisfaction once last time, before it becomes insignificant in our lives together.” I tried not to roll my eyes and told myself to just play along with him. Tom took my cock in his hand and before I could fight the urge I was hard. He pulled me close to him. “Daddy is going to fuck the last neg load your body will ever make… every last drop of it” I was so hard I couldn’t focus, we were in bed before I realised we’d moved and Tom had his tongue buried in my ass. “Fuck, you taste bitter boy” Tom said with a smile. I moaned in pleasure. I felt the familiar cold sting at my ass. Tom had lined up his thick pierced cock at my hole. “Tell Daddy what you want boy” “Fuck me Daddy” I played along. He slide into my ass with more ease than before, but it was still tight and after the first six inches it was painful again. “That’s it, open up for daddy.” Tom made me take long deep hits of poppers. My mind was spinning, Was I enjoying being fucked? I was leaking pre-cum. “I’m not all the way in yet boy. I want you to cum as I breed you. Make you shoot that neg load from the inside.” My body was in ecstasy and agony all at once. I eventually felt his balls against my ass and knew he was in me completely. He changed the angle that he was fucking me and before long I was in a state of frenzy. Each time he slid in and out of my hole he brushed his piercing against my prostate. My stomach was quickly covered with a pool of pre-cum. He took my cock in his hands and I could feel my orgasm building. Tom stared into my eyes, my lips betrayed me; “Breed me Daddy, claim your boy. Cum in my ass, knock me up.” “You want my toxic load boy?” Tom asked not breaking his stare. “Yes Daddy…poz my boy hole” He fisted my cock and my ass started to clench, I couldn’t hold it back any longer and neither could he. We both screamed out in pleasure and as ribbons of cum shot across my body, Tom filled my ass. It was the most intense orgasm I’d ever had. Before the last of the orgasm Tom grabbed my body and pulled it into his, he kissed me. It was both tender and romantic. “I love you boy” Tom said his piercing blue eyes locked on mine. “I love you too Daddy” My stomach flipped…was I still playing along?
  4. Business Daddy

    Part 7 'They’re all positive. Tom is positive. He’s been fucking HIV into my torn hole all night.' My mind went into a panic. I tried to struggle but couldn’t move. My breathing became panicked and quick but because I couldn’t open my mouth I felt slowly suffocated. Tom reached down to me and took advantage of my panic, placing poppers under my nose. I had no choice but to inhale. My body grew warm and flushed and my hole twitched. I felt numb all over. He grabbed the syringe filled with toxic cum and slid it deep inside my hole. It was cold as it filled me, my ass felt full with his seed. He positioned himself at my ass and in one unmerciful thrust he ripped deep into me. I tried to scream but couldn’t make a sound other than a guttural moan. Leaning down, Tom whispered in my ear “Daddy never said he was negative, boy. I’ve bred your ass and claimed it. I chose you. This is your gift.” I felt my eyes fill with tears, I didn't want this. Why had I allowed myself to get into this situation? The tears streamed from my eyes. The men around me noticed, and someone, a man with white hair and the biohazard tattoo above his swelling cock taunted me sneering “Look at the bitch. Crying with happiness. You love your Daddy, don’t you?” I tried to shake my head. Did all these men think I wanted this? I looked pleadingly into Tom’s beautiful blue eyes. “Daddy loves you John. I want this for you and me. Take it and enjoy it. We’re free now.” I didn’t quite know what he meant but I knew he was close to cumming. My ass burned and I could feel the cum splashing from my hole with every thrust. I felt his cock ring stabbing at my insides. I suspected my ass was bleeding. Tom thrust harder into my hole, and I distinctly felt his cock spasm as he came, the jets of cum flowing deep into my body. The spectators cheered Tom on, catcalling him saying “Fucking breed him,” and “Give him that Daddy load,” and perhaps most to-the-point, “Knock-up his cunt.” Yeah, the room was filled with the sound of encouragement for Tom as he became my Daddy. After he was satisfied that I’d received ever drop of his cum he withdrew his cock, walked round next to my head and placed a blindfold over my eyes, remarking “I want you to feel the cum filling you, not focus on who’s giving it to you. My load is the only one you should love and cherish. The rest are because I want it for you.” Tom placed more poppers under my nose as the first cock slammed into me. I spent hours taking load after load of cum. I began to feel satisfied knowing I had made someone cum. Every time I felt the spasm of a cock or the moan of one of the men in the room I felt a sense of pride. Was I doing a good job? I didn’t want to let Daddy down. I couldn’t believe I felt this way. Tom had truly broken my mind. I was craving the cum of every man present. Each time another syringe of lube was unloaded into me I felt closer to Tom, knowing Tom’s cum somehow allowed the other men to use my ass with violence. I felt the familiar sting of Tom’s cock as it buried into my now destroyed hole. Light flooded my eyes as the blindfold was removed. Tom’s blue eyes were the first thing I saw. He was smiling. I felt a deep sense of calm wash over me. I glanced up at the ceiling: the room was empty except for the two of us. Each time Tom’s cock slid from my ass I noticed it was covered in thick white cum. I knew there was nothing I could do now, it was too late, this was my fate. Tom quickly bred my ass, blowing his load so deep I could practically taste it. Reaching over to the table, he grabbed the jar of cum, which was now two-thirds empty. The remaining third ended-up in my ass by means of the syringe. I thought my ass would burst, and apparently Tom was of the same mind, as he abruptly slid a butt plug into my hole. Mercifully this plug did not have spikes. “Good boy. You did Daddy proud tonight.” With that Tom released my legs, but before either leg hit the mattress I had passed out from exhaustion.
  5. Business Daddy

    Part 6 I woke up feeling hot and tight as if I had been wrapped in something. When I opened my eyes the room was dark and my vision was restricted, I had something over my face. It was a hood, it was tight, I couldn’t open my mouth and I only had two nostril slits to breath. I tried to remain calm, not knowing what was now happening to me. “Good you’re awake. I took the liberty of dressing you in something more exciting” It was Toms voice, I tried to look around but my hands and feet were restrained, I was face down on the bed now. “You look hot in rubber boy, you're making daddy hard” I realised I must be wearing a rubber body suit. Completely covered except for my ass, which felt cool and exposed. Tom had climbed on the bed behind me and I could feel his body near my ass. It was burning with the butt plug still tearing my hole. “I won’t lie boy, this is going to hurt” Tom said laughing to himself I thought I’d pass out with the pain when he started to slide the butt plug from my ass. He twisted it as he pulled it from inside me, I attempted to scream but I couldn’t open my mouth to make any noise. I just groaned into myself. With one last tug the butt plug was removed from my ass. Almost instantly Tom slammed his cock balls deep into my now destroyed ass. “Fuck boy. You’re wrecked…such a sloppy hole, it’s dripping” The wind had been fucked out of me, I struggled to catch my breath with the suit and hood on. Tom fucked me for what felt like hours, my hole burned and never relaxed to the invasion of his cock. I don't think it would ever feel comfortable inside me. He never slowed his pace, occasionally speeding up but never loosing momentum. The entire time he told me how much of a good boy I had been for daddy and that he would reward me with a gift. “Fourth load boy. You’ve definitely got it now.” Had Tom cum in me 4 times? I felt used and terrified but shamefully horny. He untied me and lifted my weak body, He placed me down and I felt suspended in the air, I was in a sling. Had Tom built it while I slept? I glanced upwards and could see my reflection in the mirrored ceiling. I was completely covered in shiny black rubber, my cock completely hidden and just a hint of my exposed ass as Tom fixed my legs into restraints, keeping them open. That’s when I noticed Tom had changed. He was wearing leather trousers and a black harness across his chest. His cock was hanging out, it was pierced, he caught me looking at it. “I thought I’d put my ring in for you boy. I’ve told the others not to wear theirs, I want you to know when it’s Daddys cock in you.” Others? What others? My breathing started to increase again. Tom noticed. “Relax boy, it’s all part of the gift. My friends seen you in the bar with me. I promised they could help me break you in. Make you discover your true calling.” My heart was racing and my mind was running a mile a second. I wasn’t into group sex, Tom had barebacked me, I didn’t want strangers cumming in me. I looked at Tom, I could vaguely make out a tattoo on his chest, it was black and red and looked tribal. I knew I had seen it before. “They'll be here soon boy. Just remember you're my boy. I won’t let anything happen to you that I don’t want to happen.” He walked over to his sex wall and removed the glass jar of lube and placed it, along with a long syringe, on to a table next to the sling. He caught me glancing at his chest again. He just smiled and filled the syringe with lube . “This is all Daddy boy. I want my friends to fuck me deeper into you with every thrust.” Tom could probably sense my confusion. “This jar is 3 months worth of my cum boy. I told you I’ve been saving every drop since I first seen your tight little ass. My friends are going to use it as lube before they add to my loads already.” He never gave me a chance to respond, he walked out of the room and left me. After half an hour or so, the door opened and Tom strode over towards me, followed by a group of men. I couldn’t see how many there were, at least 10 anyway. I tried to look at them, they were all in their 40’s, muscled and stripped down to chaps, jockstraps and harnesses. They looked like they had just came from a kinky porn set. I noticed one of the guys had a similar tattoo to Toms, not only him but another, and another. In fact all the guys had the tattoo, in varying places. Some above their crotch, on their chest, arms. I’m sure one of them had it on his dick. ‘Biohazard’, thats what it was… wait did that mean they were all…
  6. Business Daddy

    Thanks for all the comments and feedback guys, makes it more fun to write knowing you're enjoying it. Part 5 Once Tom was satisfied that I had cleaned his cock well enough he pulled away from my face and tucked himself back into his trousers. He looked at me with those piercing blue eyes. I got hard again. “If you promise to be good Daddy will untie your arms.” He walked towards be and slowly untied the restraints around my wrists. My arms ached when I moved them. I slowly sat up as Tom’s eyes burned into mine. My ass was sore, so I had to support my body as I tried to lift myself from the bed. Tom just stood there, never offering to help me as I struggled to stand. “Where are my clothes?” I asked forgetting that they had been cut off of me and would probably be of no use now. “Why would you need them boy? Daddy isn’t finished with you yet.” I stood frozen in fear, yet my cock was still solid. Tom walked towards me, his muscled chest inches from my nose. “I told you, you are mine boy. Lets make sure you don’t loose any of my gift from that fuck hole of yours. Especially when you asked for it so desperately” He grabbed my arm and pulled me towards the mirrored wall, it was a sliding door. Tom slid it open to reveal shelves filled with everything you’d imagine to find in a sex shop. Toys, Poppers, Lube, Underwear, Rubber, Leather, Masks, Hoods. My eyes didn't know where to look. He grabbed a large, solid silver looking butt plug. It looked almost spiky around the ball. “Bend over on the bed like a good boy for Daddy, the sooner you move the more lube I put on it.” Ask he spoke he twisted his grip around my wrist, causing it to burn slightly. I didn’t see the point in fighting him so I turned as quickly as I could towards the bed, but he didn’t let go of my wrist. My feet never moved far and my body was jerked backwards. Tom smiled at me with his eyes burning dangerously. “I’m doing as you said” I struggled, confused by his actions. “I’m impressed Boy, but I don’t want to spoil all the fun” He took slow steps towards the bed, pressing his body closer towards me each time, in a quick swipe of his arm he spun me round and I landed on the bed face down. I looked round to see Tom applying some lube to the butt plug, although it came from a glass jar and It had a funny smell. “I’ve been saving this for my boy, I haven’t wasted a drop since I first saw that innocent bubble butt of yours walk past me” I turned my head to ask what he meant and how did he know me, but before I could open my mouth, Tom was pushing the butt plug again my now very sensitive hole. “Take a huff of those poppers boy. you’ll need them” I grabbed the poppers from the bed in front of me and took a couple of deep hits. I relaxed as much as I could but the butt plug felt wider than Toms’ cock and it was solid with no give to it. As it got deeper into my ass I could feel spikes, they were sharp and I could feel them stinging inside my ass. Tom started twisting the butt plug as it went deeper inside me. I screamed out in pain. “Thats it boy, mix it all together. You’re my boy, you’ll want nothing but Daddy” With a hard smack he slammed it fully into my hole, the pain was unbearable and I felt myself go weak. Tom leaned down to my ear and whispered “Who do you belong to boy?” I could barely open my eyes but my lips betrayed themselves, I mumbled out. “You...Daddy” I could feel Tom lifting me and placing me under the bedsheets as I started to drift off from exhaustion. “Good Boy, get some rest, you’re going to remember this night forever.”
  7. Business Daddy

    Part 4 A hard slap to my face brought me back from the dark, Tom was still on top of me, my arms still tied and my ass burning with pain. I wasn’t dreaming. “Fuck boy don’t quit on me now, you were doing so well” I opened my mouth to speak but nothing came out. Tom was buried deep inside me, tearing my barely lubed hole with every flex of his cock as he began to slid in and out of me. “You’re going to be mine, whether you want it or not. I’m going to breed you so deep you’ll taste my seed.” Breed? Did he mean cum in me. Apart from the 2 times a condom has broken, I’ve never had anyone cum in me. “Please…no” I begged Tom didn’t listen, he grabbed the poppers, took a huff and then forced me to do the same. My body rushed and I almost enjoyed him fucking me, I even got a semi. “There you go boy, enjoy Daddy’s cock. If you do well I might let you cum your last clean load.” I didn’t know what Tom meant by that but he had started to pick up the pace. The pleasure quickly turned to pain again as he slid further out and in, each time slamming all 12 inches deeper inside me. I could feel a trickle of blood running down my ass cheek. “Tell me what you want Boy” “I… er… please… no more” Tom slapped me hard and looked me dead in the eyes, his piercing blue eyes stirred my cock. “Tell Daddy you want him cum, the longer you take, the harder I fuck…and I’m being gentle with you boy” I gulped and resigned myself to the thought that if I tell him what he wants then it will be over with sooner and I could make my escape. “I…want your cum….” He stared at me as he slammed harder than before “Try again boy” “Give me your cum … Daddy” As soon as the word ‘daddy’ passed from my lips Tom slammed completely inside me and I felt his cock pulse ribbons of hot cum deep inside me. It felt like hot lava, burning me from the inside. The entire time he didn’t make a sound but just stared deep into my eyes. He leaned forward and kissed me on the mouth, I wanted to fight back but felt lost in the embrace. Did I enjoy it? Had I really called this man ‘Daddy’, and been turned on by it? Tom broke our kiss and slid from my hole in one quick motion, I could see the blood and cum stained cock slowly soften as he stood from the bed. “Clean me up Boy, Daddy’s doesn't want ‘boy juice’ on his $200 suit” I hesitated and then realised he meant for me to suck him off. He walked towards me and I had no choice but to open my mouth. I could taste the bitterness of blood and the faint saltiness of his cum as he tried to force his cock down my throat. “Good boy. A couple more loads from me should do it and then you’ll truly be mine” I still didn’t really know what he meant by that and I was still curious as to why he always had his clothes on. But by the end of the weekend I would know everything about my new Daddy.
  8. Business Daddy

    Thanks for the comments guys. Hope you like it! Part 3 I woke up about mid-day on the Saturday and tried not to think about the night before. I don’t know how I ended up getting myself into that situation but I made a promise to myself to watch what I was drinking and to stay focused on my work. I did jerk off to the thought of Tom though, I mean he was hot, even for an older guy. About 6 in the evening once I had been to the gym, did my grocery shopping and done some laundry, I finally felt like I had made up for my spoiled evening. That is, until my phone lit up. ‘Hey Boy, time to make up for last night. I’ll pick you up in an hour, be clean. Don’t try to say no’ I paused for a few minutes, and re read the message over and over. How did Tom have my number, what did he mean by ‘don’t try to say no’? I threw my phone back on the chair and thought it best just to ignore it. After watching some TV for an hour or so my phone lit up again. ‘You better be ready Boy. I don’t like to be kept waiting. I’ll be there in 15 minutes.’ I thought about it again, and against my better judgement I got up and had a shower, this time I made sure I was thoroughly cleaned out, I could still feel Tom’s cock from the night before. I convinced myself that we’d have a drink and maybe another fumble and then I’d make it clear that I didn’t have time to be seeing anyone romantically and that he’s out of my age range. After cleaning myself up and throwing on a pair of black jeans and a plain red t-shirt. I paced around my apartment waiting for another message. Right on cue a black BMW with tinted windows rolled up at my building. I couldn’t remember Tom’s car from last night but I guessed it was his. ‘Black BMW, move your ass kiddo.’ I was right. I made my way down to his car and without doubting myself I jumped in. “Looking good boy” Tom said looking me up and down with a smirk. Those blue eyes piercing through me, I got a semi within seconds of looking at him. “Thanks, sorry again about last night. I didn’t think I had drank that much. it was good of you to look after me the way you did. Oh and don’t worry about the condom breaking, I’m due a check-up this week anyway, so I should be fine.” “I’ll look after you kid, don’t you worry about that.” We drove off, I wasn’t sure where we were going but didn’t feel comfortable asking. Tom had been perfectly quiet since we started driving. Occasionally he’d adjust his crotch, which only made me hard, but he never spoke. “We’ll jump into my place first for a drink. I don’t want to take my car anywhere.” he said giving me a slight fright. I just smiled over at him. Once we were parked and in his apartment he put his hands on my shoulders, leaned down and whispered into my ear; “Take that hot boy ass of yours into my bedroom, I’ve been wanting another go at it since I dropped you off last night.” I gulped but couldn’t find the words to say anything, I took myself into Tom's room and turned to face him. “Tom, look, sorry, I think I need to be clear, I’m not really after anything at the moment. You’re a nice guy and I’m flattered you’re interested in me but I don’t think we should do anything. Maybe I should just go” I stammered out, my heart racing. Tom slowly turned and closed the door, locking it shut. He then turned to face me with that intense stare I remembered from the bar. He walked towards me and shoved me onto the bed. I was shocked and completely terrified. “Please Tom, sorry…I…” “Shut it boy, I’ve been wanting to claim your ass since you first rolled into town. I tried to be polite and let it all happen accidentally, but you’re a tough little cunt. Not to worry, Daddy will break you soon enough.” I lay on the bed, confused and terrified. Did Tom know me from before the bar last night? What did he mean by ‘Claim me’? I didn’t know what to think but my body was betraying me, I was hard as a rock, each time Tom called me boy my cock did a leap and when he called himself daddy I could have came. Tom marched over to the bed and immediately was on top of me, pinning my body to the mattress. “Mmm, Boy you’ve got a boner. Wait till I tell you what Daddy has for you, then you’ll really get scared!” He reached around and after a brief struggle, and a hard slap to my face, my hands where pulled tight and I was tied to the bed. My legs were still free which let me try to kick him, but that resulted in another slap. “Try that again boy and I’ll leave a permanent mark!” I stopped struggling, now really concerned for my safety. “What do you want? Stop, please don’t rape me!” I started to plead as tears rolled down my flushed cheeks. Tom just laughed, he took a pair of scissors off the side table and cut off all my clothes. I lay there completely exposed, freshly shaven, hard as a rock and quietly crying. He reach for a small bottle of what I guessed were poppers, he put them under my nose. “Take a deep huff boy, you’ll need them! Daddy isn’t going to be as gentle tonight.” I took a couple of hits and felt my head spin and my body relax. Again Tom kept his clothes on and just took his monstrous cock out, it was growing bigger every time he stroked it. He grabbed lube and swiped some up my crack, it was cold and certainly wasn’t enough to allow even the head of his cock in me. “Please Tom, I’m sorry, I don’t want this….” I continued to cry He took the tip of his cock and pushed it against my tight hole, edging slightly inside. “At least put a condom on!” I screamed out. A hard slap hit my face, I was dazed from the surprise. “You’ve already had it in you raw, I’m not wrapping it up again. It takes a lot of effort to tear a Condom when a daft boy keeps checking it, and you’ll call me Daddy from now on Boy!” As he spat those words out he slid about 3 inches raw into my barely lubed hole. I screamed out. “Keep screaming boy, It just makes Daddy harder!” he moaned as he kept pushing deeper inside my hole, with a hard thrust he slammed completely into me, and I blacked out.
  9. Business Daddy

    Part 2 After I heard the car door open and close, I blacked out. I woke up in a massive bed. The room had no furniture in it except for the bed and a side table next to it. The wall was a full mirror as was the ceiling. I sat up and looked around. At that moment the door opened. It was Tom, he walked into the room smiling, still wearing his black slacks and white shirt. “Hey sleepy head, you blacked out. How are you feeling?” “Where am I?” “I brought you back to my place, I didn’t know where you lived so had no choice really. Look it’s only about 1 in the morning, you weren’t out for long. Why don’t you have a shower and I’ll drive you home?” I had so many thoughts racing through my head, mostly I was relieved that nothing bad had happened. I really needed to piss and I’d been in bed with my clothes on so I felt a bit sticky and sweaty. I agreed and Tom showed me an ensuite bathroom. When I was having my shower I noticed an enema attachment on one of the hoses. I thought I owed Tom a good night seeing as he helped me. So I cleaned myself out, just in case. Once out the shower, I went back into the bedroom to find Tom sitting on the edge of the bed, fully dressed. I was just in my towel and blushed as I looked around for my clothes. “Come over here, let me dry you off boy.” Tom said smiling at me, calling me boy made me cock twitch. Tom started to rub my towel over my body, he carefully opened it up to reveal my now growing cock. I blushed. He took the towel and carefully made sure I was completely dry, focusing especially on my ass and cock. “Hmm, you’re a bit bushy down there boy” “Sorry, it’s been a while” “Don’t worry about it, let me tidy you up.” Tom said with a wink. I’d never had another guy shave any part of me before, I wasn’t particularly hairy but I’d left myself for too long. Tom took me to the ensuite and lathered up some soap over my cock and balls, teasingly jerking my cock a few times. He then took an open razor and clean shaved my entire crotch, I hadn’t been that smooth since before puberty. He turned me around and did the same to my ass. Once he was satisfied I was smooth he put me in the shower again and told me to rinse off. “Did you clean your ass for me boy?” I nodded and explained that I felt I had to make it up to him for looking after me. He just smiled and turned back to the bedroom. I rinsed off, grabbed a towel and followed him. Once in the bedroom he again sat on the bed and dried me off. I just stood there hard as a rock. I leant down towards him to kiss him but he pulled away and took the back of my head and forced it into his crotch. “Been wanting to do that all night kiddo.” I started nuzzling his crotch and then slowly undid the zipper and pulled out the biggest cock I’ve ever seen. It was semi hard and already about 8 inches and as thick as a beer can. I gulped. “Don’t worry boy I don’t expect you to take all of it but a little tease wont hurt.” Tom lifted me onto the bed we 69’d, he had his clothes on the entire time. I managed to get just past the head of his cock in my mouth and was beginning to enjoy myself when I realised he was sliding his finger into my ass, he had used just spit and it scratched a little as he pushed in. “Fuck boy, you’ve got a tight cunt!” Tom said slapping my ass cheek. He flipped me on to my back and spread my legs wide, eating out my ass. I was moaning like I had never done before. My ex never rimmed me and I hadn’t been fucked in a long time, heck I couldn’t remember the last time I had kissed a guy! It was almost euphoric. Tom grabbed some lube and started fingering my ass, he slowly worked up to 3 of his thick fingers in my hole. He grabbed the lube and started coating his cock. “Have you got a condom?” I asked “I don't have unsafe sex, I’m negative and scared of getting anything. Not that I think you do…” “Shh boy.” Tom said with a wicked smile, he reached to the unit next to the bed and grabbed a Condom. He made a show of tearing it open carefully and sliding it down his now 12in hard cock. The condom barely made it half way down the shaft it was so thick. “Please go slow, it’s been a long time” I whimpered as Toms cock teased at my hole. “I won’t put it all in, just the tip, enough to make you feel good boy.” I sighed as he slid a couple of thick inches into me, he slowly rocked the top of his beautiful cock in and out of my hole, after a while he asked if we could change positions because he wanted to cum. I rolled onto my front and again felt him slide a couple of inches into me. He kept up a steady pace and then I felt his restraint as he came. He didn’t pound deep into me but just pulsed where he was. “Shit, the condom broke” Panic rushed through me like an icy chill. “Are you sure, shit, are you clean. Fuck” I got up and immediately ran to the bathroom, I started to try push out his cum but it must have been deeper than I thought because nothing came out, when I wiped my ass there was some blood on the toilet tissue. “Look kiddo it happens, don’t let it ruin the fun” Tom said while pulling me in for a tight hug. I felt his strong arms hold me in place and his cock grow again slightly. Although he never said if he was clean or not, but I didn’t dwell on it. When I glanced at his now sweaty shirt I could see colours of a tattoo under his shirt, but I couldn’t make them out. Tom gave me my clothes and he took me back to my apartment, as I was getting out the car he took my hand. “John, I’m sorry if tonight seemed a bit much.. I’ll come and pick you up tomorrow and take you for some drinks to make up for tonight. I won’t take no for an answer boy” “I normally have stuff on over the weekend and I enjoyed myself but I should probably go and get myself checked tomorrow and… “ I babbled on “Kiddo, I’m picking you up tomorrow, end of discussion.” With that he let go of my hand, pushed me back and slammed the car door. He drove off, leaving me at the side of the road, not quite sure what had happened, and what was to come.
  10. My name is John, i'm 24, average height, slim build with soft brown hair and blue eyes, I'm not the best looking guy but I get my fair share of attention. i'd finished university in the summer, split up with my boyfriend and started my graduate job in a large business firm in the city. The company managed product development for major companies and brands so I was thrilled to get a place within such big company. My parents always told me to never turn down an opportunity that could take you somewhere. After working in the office for a few months I quickly got used to the fast pace, that started to creep into every part of my life. After working all week, putting in 50 hours, I was normally exhausted on a Friday night and would just head straight home and masturbate for as long as I could, it had been ages since I'd had sex, with work being so busy. That is however, until I got talked into going to a bar by one of my co-workers. He was married, unhappy about it, and constantly stressed in work. We went to a bar a couple of streets away from the office, It was dark and you would walk past it if you didn't know it was there. It wasn't the sort of place I imagined anyone in work would go to, least of all Mick. We sat at the bar and was served by an overly flirtatious girl, I rolled my eyes now realising why Mick came here; "Not your type then?" Mick asked me "She's certainly not anything I'm looking for." I said, realising i'd probably said too much. "Oh shit, I didn't realise you were gay, don't worry about it my nephew is gay, It doesn't bother me." "I...er... please don't tell anyone in work. It's hard enough being new without them knowing." I pleaded "John... relax, lets have a drink and i'll point you in the direction of the gay bars in the city, you need to try stop thinking about work all the time." We finished our drinks and after Mick had bitched about work and his family we headed out. He told me what train to get and explained where to go from there. I thanked him for the drink and told him I'd see him on Monday. Little did I know what was coming. I took the train to a part of the city I'd never been to before, walked the short distance and found a few bars with guys hanging around outside smoking. I walked into the bar with the least amount of guys hanging around outside, hopefully it meant the bar was quieter. I just wanted a couple of drinks and maybe a dance-floor fumble, I was still exhausted and hadn't prepared for any kind of sex, my pubes hadn't been trimmed for weeks and my ass wasn't clean. I grabbed a drink and found a stool at a table in the corner of a small but open bar and dance floor area. It was inoffensive and there was an okay selection of guys. Mostly in their 30's and upwards but I didn't mind a slightly mature guy. They tended to be less pushy. After nursing my drink for about 10 minutes or so a guy sat down across from me. He was in his late 40's, maybe. Good hair, perfect smile and from what I could see he kept himself in shape. It was his crisp white shirt that first caught my eye. "Hey, I'm Tom." It took me a minute to register what he said, I was lost in his bright blue eyes. "I'm John" I mumbled out, I couldn't stop looking into his eyes. "Are you here by yourself?" He asked, breaking our gaze and looking around the room. Once I regained my composure I smiled at him. "I've just came from work and was just looking for a quick drink, I'm not looking for anything else tonight." "You're a bit presumptive kid" he said laughing "How about I buy you one more drink, and then once we've chatted a bit you can try turn down my sexual advances then" He smirked at me and his blue eyes narrowed in a dangerous way, he turned for the bar and I found myself just sitting there. I wasn't normally as direct with guys, but there was something about Tom that made me feel slightly scared, even if my cock was growing in my briefs. Tom came back with two drinks, he handed mine over and I took a few long sips, trying to avoid conversation. "Sorry it took a while, I bumped into a few friends at the bar.... so, I'm guessing you're not from around here?" "I just moved to the city after I graduated, I got a job in the city. A friend told me about here, tonight, I thought I'd come take a look, I've not been out much since I moved." I quickly finished the rest of my drink, completely embarrassed by how pathetic I sounded. We chatted for another half hour or so, my cock stayed hard the entire time. I told him about myself, where I grew up, what I studied, how I've only had one boyfriend at Uni and how I hadn't had sex since we split up. He just sat there the entire time staring into my eyes, I realised I hadn't asked him anything about himself. "Sorry Tom I've not even asked you anything about yourself." "Don't worry about me, I find you very interesting. How did you and your ex have sex?" I was surprised, I wasn't expecting such a blunt question, I guessed it was only fair after our conversation earlier. "Well...I'm versatile, but I mostly fucked him" I said timidly "You cum in his ass boy?" "I...eh...no, we only played safe, the condom broke once, but we stopped." I was surprised at myself for telling this stranger about me and my ex's sex life. "I'm sorry Tom, I really should be going home, thank you for the drink." I stood up and turned towards the door. Tom stood as quickly as I had. He was six foot, and his chest and arms looked very buff. I glanced at his crotch too and he had a nice bulge under his black suit trousers. "Wow kid, slow down, just asking you some friendly questions. If you insist on leaving, at least let me walk you back to the train station. It's easy to get a bit disorientated in this part of town." I let him walk me down the street towards the train station, the fresh air must have gone to my head, I was beginning to feel a bit dizzy and my vision was getting blurry. I felt Toms' arm around my waist holding me up, we turned a corner. I didn't remember walking this much when I first got off the train. "Whats happening...I don't feel right" I mumbled finding it harder to walk now. "Shhh...Not much farther, my car is park just over here. You must have had too much to drink...." Tom said with a wicked smile, although I couldn't see it. We walked a bit further and I heard the sound of a car door being opened, I felt myself being laid across the back seat, too limp to say no. While lying there with my eyes closed I could hear mumbled voices outside of the car, I think I heard Tom say; "I'm going to claim him first, I'll text you when he's ready"

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