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  1. Good Friends Are Hard To Find ** Please remember to ‘like’ the story if you enjoyed it. Feel free to comment or to contact me via mail. Thx. ** “Believe me… he is totally into you” Jason made a serious face. He sat with some of his friends in a gay club. His friends were Tom, Mike and Seth. They didn’t know Seth all too well though. Beautiful Seth… The guy just turned 18 and had his coming out the day before. Of course it was all exciting and new for him. It was fun for Jason and his two best mates to lead Seth into disenchantment. They met him just yesterday and of course they tried to get into Seth’s pants, but the boy had the imagination, a prince on a white horse would come around and they would love each other forever and live happily ever after…. The three brats were disappointed, that Seth denied all approach. And what was even worse, he did all that without being nasty or belligerent. He was simply sweet and innocent – through and through. “Let us do the thinking for you. We know what’s best for you…” Tom mentioned. “There are many dysfunctional people out there, but with our help you will find your first steps on this path safely.” Tom added. “Look at you… with your short blonde hair and your cute blue eyes, all the guys will try to rip you apart and steal your innocence. And it is so inspiring, to meet a young guy on the verge of his first leaps into his sexuality….” Mike proclaimed. “… and love…. don’t forget to find your true love….” Jason continued. “Yes… I was in love before, but always with heterosexual guys of course” Seth sighed. “See – and with our help you will obtain your true and eternal love” Jason almost sang. Seth didn’t see the nasty look in Jason’s eyes. He didn’t know, that the three guys made a deal the other night. They would try to drag the virgin down in the most vicious way – to get him as many dates as possible with POZ tops. Seth looked down shyly and glanced at his glass of coke “You guys totally rock. I am so clumsy when it comes to boys….” Seth mumbled. “You shouldn’t be. Look at you, you are gorgeous.” they flattered him. “So… are there any good guys here?” Seth giggled cutely. “The first thing you got to do is to look…” “At his eyes!” Seth completed Jason’s sentence. The three guys laughed loudly. They almost couldn’t calm down. “His eyes” Jason repeated and giggled merrily. “No… No - serious now… You need to look at his bulge.” “I am supposed to look at his bulge?” Seth was irritated. “I always looked at the eyes” he mumbled. “Maybe that’s the reason, why you are still alone… Look: Of course you scan the area first. But your brain decides in some seconds, if the guy is ok for you or not. If your heart agrees, that you could imagine more than just a meaningless romance, you have to direct your gaze at the guys bulge immediately.” Tom smiled. “If the guy notices your gaze, his detection starts and he decides if you two are a match made in heaven, or probably not. If the guy winks and smiles, you are almost there. If he even parts his legs, then it is probably, because his cock gets hard. Try to compare then, if his bulge grows.” Mike partly completed the advices. They could see the confusion in Seth’s eyes and it was so much fun for them. “I forgot, it is absolutely necessary, that you lick your lips while focusing your gaze on the bulge” Jason added seriously. “This looks so trashy, don’t you think?” Seth asked. “I don’t know… I never thought about it that way. I just read once in a scientific essay, that this kind of gesturing would start chemical processes in our bodies” Jason lied. “Wow… and all this happens in just a couple of seconds? Cool….” Seth looked astonished. “If you are brave enough, you could walk up to him and check on his dick. If it is hard, he is truly interested in you as a person. You just need to touch his cock. And if you are massaging it softly, you signal to him, you are open for a serious relationship” Tom sighed. “Sounds great….” Seth smiled excitedly. Seth started an unauthorized first test. He looked at a guy at the bar. His name was Rob, but Seth didn’t know that of course. Rob had seen the newbie last night, and truly thought he could make a difference in this superficial scene. So now he was amazed, that the cute twink looked him straight in the eyes. Rob smiled at first, but then the boys eyes wandered downwards to his crotch. And if that wasn’t enough, the cute guy from last night licked his lips like a cheap whore. It was truly disgusting. He was extremely disappointed and turned around. ‘Only degenerated people’ Rob said to himself. “See… the guy was not interested in a relationship with you and his reaction made it clear” Jason seemed to be relieved. “Too bad… he had nice and caring eyes…” Seth sighed sadly. He didn’t know, he just wasted a chance to meet an honest and loveable guy. “Don’t start another test yet. What will you do, if you and Mr. Right found each other?” Jason wanted to know. “We will sit and talk. Maybe go out for a walk and get to know each other better” Seth beamed brightly. “Wrong!” Seth exclaimed. “Who gave you those crazy ideas? This is not working in a place like this. You can be romantic later, but before that you need to examine, if you bodies go together.” Seth thought about his parents. They seemed to be happy. Maybe this was simply a gay thing. No wonder he didn’t know about it. He lived in the closet all his life. He even had girlfriends, but he never had sex with them. Seth knew all along, that he was different. “So… what do I have to do then?” the boy wanted to know eagerly. “Usually the top guy will lead you to a place to consummate your union” Mike explained. “And since the chemical reaction won’t last too long, it has to be a place nearby. Mostly you will pull back to the darkroom or the stalls. But it is also okay, if all those places are taken, to solemnize the relationship on the backseat of a car. It is okay even, to do that outside, or behind the trashcans” he lied to Seth. “So this would be my first time also?” Seth seemed to be shocked. “I won’t lie to you, but no one said it would be easy. The men, who are shooting their love seed into you, are also looking for someone to love” Mike couldn’t almost keep his face straight. “They are vulnerable, just like you! And yes - maybe you will need another try, and one more try after that, to find you true love. Isn’t that an acceptable price to pay?” he asked almost solemnly. “I guess so. It would be so great to find someone I could rely on and who cares for me” Seth mumbled. He was a bit worried though. Mike mentioned something about ‘shooting the love seed into his body’. Somewhere in the back of his mind, he remembered to protect himself, but he didn’t remember why? Suddenly he knew it. His mom always told him about condoms, to make sure his girlfriends wouldn’t get pregnant. Seth chuckled to himself. He wouldn’t be in danger to get pregnant, he guessed. “What about this guy? He ordered just a drink. I mean the one, with the black jeans and the white wife beater. He is not too old and seems to have money, as far as I have heard” Jason whispered. “I don’t care for money. There are more important things.” Seth said truthfully. “Exactly! Big dicks for example! Now shut up and check him out now!” he ordered. Simon (with the black jeans) was waiting for his drink when he turned around and saw the four guys sitting at one table, observing him. Seth immediately gazed at the man’s crotch. The dominant male had spotted Seth’s gaze immediately. His cock made a notch and Simon started massaging his junk through his jeans. Slowly he walked towards the twinks, never losing his grip. He was definitely well amplified in the cock department, but since his dick grew hard now, his bulge grew vividly. You could clearly follow the outline of his cock through his fabric. “Ladies….” Simon greeted them in a deep voice. “Do you like what you see?” he asked and nodded into Seth's direction. ‘What you see is what you get’ thought Seth instead and was scared…
  2. My name is John, i'm 24, average height, slim build with soft brown hair and blue eyes, I'm not the best looking guy but I get my fair share of attention. i'd finished university in the summer, split up with my boyfriend and started my graduate job in a large business firm in the city. The company managed product development for major companies and brands so I was thrilled to get a place within such big company. My parents always told me to never turn down an opportunity that could take you somewhere. After working in the office for a few months I quickly got used to the fast pace, that started to creep into every part of my life. After working all week, putting in 50 hours, I was normally exhausted on a Friday night and would just head straight home and masturbate for as long as I could, it had been ages since I'd had sex, with work being so busy. That is however, until I got talked into going to a bar by one of my co-workers. He was married, unhappy about it, and constantly stressed in work. We went to a bar a couple of streets away from the office, It was dark and you would walk past it if you didn't know it was there. It wasn't the sort of place I imagined anyone in work would go to, least of all Mick. We sat at the bar and was served by an overly flirtatious girl, I rolled my eyes now realising why Mick came here; "Not your type then?" Mick asked me "She's certainly not anything I'm looking for." I said, realising i'd probably said too much. "Oh shit, I didn't realise you were gay, don't worry about it my nephew is gay, It doesn't bother me." "I...er... please don't tell anyone in work. It's hard enough being new without them knowing." I pleaded "John... relax, lets have a drink and i'll point you in the direction of the gay bars in the city, you need to try stop thinking about work all the time." We finished our drinks and after Mick had bitched about work and his family we headed out. He told me what train to get and explained where to go from there. I thanked him for the drink and told him I'd see him on Monday. Little did I know what was coming. I took the train to a part of the city I'd never been to before, walked the short distance and found a few bars with guys hanging around outside smoking. I walked into the bar with the least amount of guys hanging around outside, hopefully it meant the bar was quieter. I just wanted a couple of drinks and maybe a dance-floor fumble, I was still exhausted and hadn't prepared for any kind of sex, my pubes hadn't been trimmed for weeks and my ass wasn't clean. I grabbed a drink and found a stool at a table in the corner of a small but open bar and dance floor area. It was inoffensive and there was an okay selection of guys. Mostly in their 30's and upwards but I didn't mind a slightly mature guy. They tended to be less pushy. After nursing my drink for about 10 minutes or so a guy sat down across from me. He was in his late 40's, maybe. Good hair, perfect smile and from what I could see he kept himself in shape. It was his crisp white shirt that first caught my eye. "Hey, I'm Tom." It took me a minute to register what he said, I was lost in his bright blue eyes. "I'm John" I mumbled out, I couldn't stop looking into his eyes. "Are you here by yourself?" He asked, breaking our gaze and looking around the room. Once I regained my composure I smiled at him. "I've just came from work and was just looking for a quick drink, I'm not looking for anything else tonight." "You're a bit presumptive kid" he said laughing "How about I buy you one more drink, and then once we've chatted a bit you can try turn down my sexual advances then" He smirked at me and his blue eyes narrowed in a dangerous way, he turned for the bar and I found myself just sitting there. I wasn't normally as direct with guys, but there was something about Tom that made me feel slightly scared, even if my cock was growing in my briefs. Tom came back with two drinks, he handed mine over and I took a few long sips, trying to avoid conversation. "Sorry it took a while, I bumped into a few friends at the bar.... so, I'm guessing you're not from around here?" "I just moved to the city after I graduated, I got a job in the city. A friend told me about here, tonight, I thought I'd come take a look, I've not been out much since I moved." I quickly finished the rest of my drink, completely embarrassed by how pathetic I sounded. We chatted for another half hour or so, my cock stayed hard the entire time. I told him about myself, where I grew up, what I studied, how I've only had one boyfriend at Uni and how I hadn't had sex since we split up. He just sat there the entire time staring into my eyes, I realised I hadn't asked him anything about himself. "Sorry Tom I've not even asked you anything about yourself." "Don't worry about me, I find you very interesting. How did you and your ex have sex?" I was surprised, I wasn't expecting such a blunt question, I guessed it was only fair after our conversation earlier. "Well...I'm versatile, but I mostly fucked him" I said timidly "You cum in his ass boy?" "I...eh...no, we only played safe, the condom broke once, but we stopped." I was surprised at myself for telling this stranger about me and my ex's sex life. "I'm sorry Tom, I really should be going home, thank you for the drink." I stood up and turned towards the door. Tom stood as quickly as I had. He was six foot, and his chest and arms looked very buff. I glanced at his crotch too and he had a nice bulge under his black suit trousers. "Wow kid, slow down, just asking you some friendly questions. If you insist on leaving, at least let me walk you back to the train station. It's easy to get a bit disorientated in this part of town." I let him walk me down the street towards the train station, the fresh air must have gone to my head, I was beginning to feel a bit dizzy and my vision was getting blurry. I felt Toms' arm around my waist holding me up, we turned a corner. I didn't remember walking this much when I first got off the train. "Whats happening...I don't feel right" I mumbled finding it harder to walk now. "Shhh...Not much farther, my car is park just over here. You must have had too much to drink...." Tom said with a wicked smile, although I couldn't see it. We walked a bit further and I heard the sound of a car door being opened, I felt myself being laid across the back seat, too limp to say no. While lying there with my eyes closed I could hear mumbled voices outside of the car, I think I heard Tom say; "I'm going to claim him first, I'll text you when he's ready"
  3. I stayed at a friend's place for a few days, but most of the time he was at work or away, so I ended-up spending my time chilling out or on Grindr. There were some fit dudes in the area, but from speaking with them I figured bareback was a 'no go'. I noticed a cute young white twink who was a little further away. His profile had bareback written all over it and he was desperate to get loaded up, anytime, anywhere and by anyone. Just from looking at the profile and his pics I knew he was going to be a sleazy bug chaser. So I contacted him, and early in our conversation I brought up the subject and soon after that he was begging to be converted with my strain, saying he was negative, (which I found hard to believe as he had talked about what a cum whore he was) and that he had been taking loads non stop over the last few years. Similarly he didn't quite believe that I was poz. As we continued exchanging messages, several times he verified (as best he could) that I was genuinely positive. I told him the truth, how I had been poz for the last five years and had never taken any meds, although I would need to start treatment fairly soon. Well, it was clear his hole was desperately hungry and twitching for my dick and poz seed, so I told him I would GUARANTEE his conversion if he was willing and understood the risks. Immediately he agreed as he was obsessed with prospects of obtaining my strain. (I made the guarantee knowing I've built up quite a toxic strain over the years, especially as I've traveled for work all over the globe, and I've fucked quite a few holes in different countries, although, truth be told, I've had more loads fucked into my ass overall. I'm a no-questions-asked type of guy when it comes to bottoming, although on BBRTS, I always tend to search for poz tops. Naturally neg tops don't do much for me, but perversely neg bottoms are.) We exchanges several more messages, and eventually he gave me his address. I instructed him to (i) leave the door on the latch, (ii) be on all fours, (iii) wearing his sluttiest jock strap and (iv) place a toothbrush on the bed. I was quite sure he knew exactly what I had planned for his juicy neg hole. It took about 20 minutes to get to his place. Pushing the front door open with ease, I stepped inside and closed it behind me. I reached up under my baseball cap and pulled down the black balaclava hidden beneath it. I walked the length of the ground floor apartment and found the door to the bedroom. On the bed was a smooth hole in the air in a well used cum/lube stained jockstrap and a brand new toothbrush placed just under the waistband. The cum dump had a lean build, appeared to be early to mid twenties, smooth all over with light brown/blond hair and a beefy ass. I unzipped my jeans, releasing my semi hard dick, walked towards the head of the bed, grabbed the cum dumps head and pulled it back, "Open your mouth, pig. The more spit on my dick means the easier it goes in your hole." Not only do I not believe in using rubbers. I also don't believe in using lube either, figuring the bottom doesn't deserve it! He opened his mouth wide, I rammed my dick straight in and as deep as I could. He gagged and recoiled but that just made my dick even harder. Next I ran my hand down his back and the tip of my finger circled his hole. It was nice and dry, I was glad the fucker hadn't pre-lubed before I got there. He continued to work his mouth around my shaft for several minutes, occasionally begging for my poz seed when he came up for air, pleading for it to be deposited deep inside his guts and not down his throat. I moved down and round to his ass, rubbing my sloppy dick over the hole, applying just enough pressure to tease the opening but not penetrate it. "What is it you want, pig?" "I NEED your toxic strain inside my ass, Sir." "Are you sure you want it? It's a really potent, unmedicated bug. It's the greatest gift you could ever hope to receive. But you know what? I'm not sure you really deserve it. But then, the risk and decision is solely yours. There won't be any opportunity to change your mind - once we get started." "I'm desperate for the bug, Sir. I've wanted it for such a long time. Rape your strain into my ass as roughly as you can. No pulling out, and no 'safe word'. As he commited himself, I felt his dick harden in excitement. "Good answer, fuck pig. First, however, I need to prep your hole. I'm gonna brush it so it's nice and bloody, and the strain definitely takes - and quickly. "Yes, Sir. Will it definitely take? You're definitely poz, right? I really hope you are!" "As I said before, pig, I am most definitely poz, and guarantee my strain will sero-convert you. If you still don't believe me, well, you will believe me in about a month. Just wait and see!" I slid the new toothbrush out from under the jock, running my thumb over the clean white dry bristles, rubbing the toothbrush gently over his hole for a few seconds, then grasped the handle firmly as if I were holding a knife, without warning and in one quick movement drove the toothbrush deep into his guts. The stupid fucker squirmed and let out a cry which he muffled by driving his head down into the pillow. I started out with a gentle sawing motion inside his hole, applying more and more pressure, then reverting to a gentle brush, seeing just how much he could take. The more he squirmed the harder my dick got. I withdrew the brush and found it covered in a little blood, I pulled his head back, lifted the blindfold he was wearing off for a second and showed the dumb twink the bloody toothbrush before reinserting it. I continued with the previous brushing method, then started to rotate the brush 360 degrees. Now that was painful, it was clear to see from his muffled screams. My dick was throbbing by that point and dripping with pre-cum. It was time to fuck. It was time for his conversion. I pulled the brush out of his ass as roughly as I could. The bristles were now covered with a large amount of bright red blood. His hole was more than ready! "It burns. It feels like my hole's on fire, Sir." I positioned my dick over the now bloody hole and slid in slowly, I wanted to savour every minute. The blood, earlier spit and pre-cum helped lube my entry. He let out a low moan as each inch passed through his ring. His hole grasped tightly around my shaft and I started to jack hammer his ring, pounding my meat as deeply and roughly as I could. The entire time he begged for my poz jizz. After approximately 15 minutes of continuous fucking, as the sweat dripped from my body and as his blood seeped from his hole, I was ready to shoot my load. "Here it comes, pig. You ready for it? My nasty toxic bug. My pure, potent strain of poz cum. Beg me for it! Beg me, pig! Be the stupid fucker who begged to get pozzed-up." "Please, Sir, poz my hole, I beg you! Convert me! I want your DNA inside of my ass - to be a part of me forever. You will own me, but your seed will destroy my hole." With that my cock pulsed several times, I began grunting and spewed out my three-day load, completely emptying my nuts into the pig's guts. As the last spurts drained into his body, I collapsed on top of him, pinning him to the mattress. Then, whispering into his ear I said "Welcome to the club, AIDS pig. You are now completely fucked. I've just give you one of the nastiest strains of HIV on the planet. You dumb fuckin' whole. I know you're going to come to regret taking my load." I pulled my meat out and wiped my bloody shaft on his bed sheets, cleaned up and was out of there within a few minutes. Later that evening, of course, he messaged me on Grindr thanking me for his conversion. I sensed that he still doubted my status. I told him I wanted to hear from him as soon as he started to get sick with the fuck flu. A few weeks passed and I dropped him a message on Grindr. He answered saying he felt unwell, and suspected it was the fuck flu. My dick hardened and I gloated that I had guaranteed his conversion, and his doubts aside, I was a man of my word. He continued to thank me for my strain, apologising for his initial doubts and how he was hungry for more strains. Another week went by and he hadn't replied to my most recent messages, but I honestly didn't think much about him. Then a week after that he contacted me, telling me that he was so weak from my strain he had had to spend the remainder of his fuck flu in hospital, on an IV drip! When I read as much I instantly got a boner. After all, I suppose if you're going to do a job then you have to do it well, and his this case I did it extremely well. He's a lucky pig to get such a potent strain and he knows it. He tells me that he's started to fuck as many twinks as he can find... apparently good news isn't the only thing to spread fast
  4. He said he loved me… but he lied! (Part 1) First time, first love. It was an amazing feeling. Josh, the hottest bloke in town, had actually talked to me. I was stunned. It all started as another boring evening. My friends and I thought about going to the movies, but then someone suggested we could visit the new bath house in town, the ‘Toxic’. I argued against the idea as I knew that if I went I'd end-up sitting alone at the snack bar, drinking Coke Zero, while the other guys would get stuffed all around the place. And that was not a scene I wanted to revisit, but as usual I lost the argument as the majority thought a visit to the Toxic was a great idea, so that's where we found ourselves that night around 10:00 PM. Don’t get me wrong. It is not that I didn't enjoy sucking the seed out of a hard cock, or, for that matter, taking a long hard cock up my ass, but my experience was that most of the guys I'd find at the bath house would be queens who were masquerading as studs. And true studs would be few and far between. I guess you could say I didn't subscribe to the notion of flexible sexual roles. So there I was, true to form, sitting at the bar watching the scene as all kind of guys made out with each other. Some were eye-fucking me, but none were all that interesting, so I took the attitude 'Look, but don't touch'. Several guys offered me a drink, but I declined each, at least giving each guy a kindly smile. I knew I was the topic of gossip, and knowing as much I told everyone who hit at me that I wasn't interested in having anonymous bath house cock up my ass. No way, Jose. And then Josh entered the room and I got this tingling feeling in my guts. He was a hot hunk. He was 26 years old and had black hair. His eyes with were of the deepest blue I had ever seen, and as he spent time at the gym daily his body was stunning. He was not so pumped up, but rather had muscles in the right places. And talking about muscles in the right place, the bulge in his jeans was huge. Every other minute he grabbed his junk and adjusted himself, or uninhibitedly scratched his crotch. Every pussy in town was talking about Josh and not only the gay pussies. He was standing with a group of guys, several of whom had already approached me, but I had declined each of them. I found myself fuming at my foolishness, thinking had I known of Josh's connection with the guys, I could be standing over there, chatting with the cutest guy in the room. If only I had been less standoffish and had accepted a drink from one or another of the guys. Stupid….. Then I realized, they were staring in my direction even as they were chatting with each other. I turned around and looked behind myself but there was no one there. Turning back to the group of guys I saw they were still chatting, but for whatever reason were no longer staring in my direction. I found myself focused on Josh’s beautiful bulge. His jeans were so tight you could see clearly the outline of a thick and long piece of flesh. Everyone who lied about him ‘stuffing’ his jeans out should see him tonight. This was all real cock. I could clearly see it. I sighed deeply: I was totally in love with Josh. Being 18 it is not all about hormones and stuff. Of course I was a horny little brat, but I didn’t want to lose myself to some one night stand, like so many of my other friends had done. I wanted the real thing: the knight in shining armor. A romance, like in ‘Beauty and the Beast’, with me as the beauty and Josh as the…. well, the hot-stud-with-a-beast-within-his-pants. Admiringly, my gaze wandered up Josh's body, past his perfect chest, hoping to get a discrete look at his beautiful eyes, only to discover he was staring at me! And then he invitingly smiled at me. Did I see that right? My heart was pounding with excitement. But then Josh gazed around the room. I knew it. He was looking for some other willing prey. Again he adjusted his huge bulge again and my thoughts drifted away, even as I openly stared at his crotch, praying for another casual scratching or adjustment. Suddenly he left his pals and walked into my direction. My eyes grew wide and breathe grew shallow as I attempted to concentrated on my glass of coke. Now he was standing next to me. I could smell his overwhelming scent. Ordering a drink, he flashed me a casual smile, and then greeted me. "Hi, there. Having a good time?" I looked at his perfect white teeth, smiled, and apparently mumbled a vaguely appropriate response. “I’ve watched you from behind there,” he remarked, pointed at his friends, adding “Do I know you?” “No…. but it is nice to meet you. I’m Marc,” I replied, automatically extending a handshake. “I'm Josh,” he responded, taking and holding onto my hand. “Would you like a drink? Maybe we could find a quiet corner and sit down and chat a bit,” Josh suggested. I just nodded. Did he just ask me to talk to him? I felt like flying. He ordered another alcoholic drink for me and took a good grip at my nape and led me to a segregated area which was set-aside for VIPs. We took a bench and the waiter brought our drinks. We raised our glasses and took a huge sip. I didn’t dare to tell him I rarely drank alcohol as I didn’t want to spoil the moment, so I continued drinking the hard liquor. Josh, meanwhile, moved somewhat closer to me. I fought the urge to seek out his crotch. "I've gotta say, I find your shy ways beguiling," Josh quietly remarked, adding "and your beautiful eyes and sweet build are just what I like. Oh, and that you aren't completely fixated on my crotch. In all honesty that gets old. Just because I have ten inches in my jeans." I gulped. Ten inches? Mentally I was thankful he hadn't realized I had indeed been fixated on his cock, and that realization led me to mutter something inane like "...really, that huge…." I felt utterly stupid, but it apparently didn't matter. Josh draped his right arm across my my shoulder and started playing with my right nipple, softly pinching it through my t-shirt. Involuntarily I grunted in pleasure. Seemingly unknowingly Josh continued manipulating my tit. I, on the other hand, was fully aware of as much and shyly suggested “Would you like to go out for a walk?” Smiling, he replied "Sure I would, but I have a bit of a problem." “What's that?" He pointed at his crotch. It gave the impression the buttons were about to blow open. “Oh! I see what you mean," I managed. Ever so smoothly Josh continued "I'm hoping you would help me out - just so afterwards we can take a walk and enjoy the starry sky.” “You want me to jack you off?” “No, honestly, that would take too long and I really want to spend some time chatting with you. It would be better if you sucked me off.” There was no real decision to make. I was stunned by his attentions, by his cock, and by his desire to spend time with me. I nodded slowly as I considered the logistics. “Do you want me to do it here? Out in the open?” This was a bit public for my tastes. “Nah. Slip under the table, get on your knees, open my jeans and take my cock out and suck it,” he proposed, giving me an endearing nudge, adding "Don't worry, no one will ever know.” I slipped under the table and Josh opened his legs more, so I could actually kneel right in front of him. "This is the first time I've actually given a blow job," I remarked as I fumbled with his buttons. “Really?” he asked in perhaps some disbelief. But then he reasoned “That is great. It will be a memory we will share for years. It will be special to both of us. Now open my fuckin' jeans and blow me," he ordered. I obeyed and went to unhook his belt, but he told me "A few button will be enough." So I worked my way down from the second top button the last and without hesitation, licked his huge dickhead as soon as his cock was protruding from his fly. Josh crossed his arms behind his back and closed his eyes, enjoying the tongue lapping around at his glans penis, suggesting “Start sucking me with your mouth. I want your throat muscles massaging my cock.” I was concentrated on his dick and could see his crotch, but nothing else, so I didn't see Josh signal his buddies to come over to the VIP table, but I could see the table was suddenly surrounded by several pairs of legs and I could also hear Josh conversing with the guys. Then the guys squeezed into the chairs and onto the benches so I was surrounded by knees and shoes. Part of me wanted to panic and I paused in my efforts to pleasure Josh, but still I had keep his cock head in my mouth, not moving an inch, only to hear Josh announce "Guys, this isn't a great moment 'cause Marc, my new boyfriend, is sucking my dick." Immediately four pairs of eyes peered under the table and took in the sight of me kneeling there with Josh’s cock in my mouth. I was totally ashamed. They, on the other hand, seemed to find it normal. One or two extended a greeting, and all four guys then resumed chatting with Josh. He, on the other hand, was apparently enjoying my efforts as he murmured “Keep on sucking Mitch, good job, man." 'My name is Marc', I thought, but then he just knew me for 30 minutes. And he said I would be his boyfriend. It made me so happy and excited, and so I continued bopping my head up and down on his beautiful dong, only to hear him advise “Mitch, when I shoot my dick snot, swallow it all. Don’t make a mess under the table,” grabbing my hair and giving me a sharp, slightly painful tug. 'He clearly is accustomed to getting his way', I thought as I mumbled "Okay." “I am popular here. I don’t want to be banned just because you can’t swallow decently” he continued, as he then went on to describe my services to his friends, adding that for a newbie I wasn't half bad at giving head. His buddies chuckled, high-fiving him. He didn’t tell me he was about to cum. Instead I realized as much as I felt his dick twitching and his cock head swelled yet more. His load was imminent, but by no means was I prepared for the size of his load: it seemed like gallons of the salty, slimy fluid blew out of his cock. I kept swallowing, determined not to leave any tell-tale stains on the floor or his jeans. Nevertheless he felt compelled to mutter “Don’t lose a fucking drop, bitch.” I wanted to believe he was expressing a term of endearment. After Josh unloaded himself he started buttoning up. I was hesitant to crawl out from under the table, particularly as the etiquette for this situation wasn't within my purview. Besides I really didn't want to look at the faces of those four guys. I wanted to believe I had some dignity - somewhere. Then I heard a guy ask Josh "Do you mind if he sucks he off?" He added he had a four day load in his balls that needed to get released. “Sure,” Josh answered and, giving me a slight nudge with his foot, said "Hey Mitch, get to it. You did a great job, baby and I want to let my buddies experience your tongue action. Don’t embarrass me in front my friends,” he urged. I hesitated in complying as it felt wrong to blow one (or all) of these guys, but then I didn’t want to lose the chance to be Josh’s boyfriend. Josh, however, saw no issue as he announced “I am so disappointed. I really thought we had something special going on… and now you won’t even suck my best friends, even though this is not even considered as sex,” he sighed sadly. I turned to my right and stared directly at another crotch clothed with denim. I reached out, slowly felt the bulge, and opened the fly. The guy nodded at his friends and then told me to suck him good. “Remember to swallow my junk also, you slut” he snickered. They all laughed and I think I even heard even Josh’s join in. I found myself hoping none of my friends chanced to see me in this position.
  5. The Stables (Part 1) Gregory was a shy boy. At the age of 18 he was still living with his parents and they didn’t know Greg was gay. His dad tried several things to get his son into girls, once even hiring a whore to introduce his son to sex. While Greg was terrified, the prostitute, Mandy, was a nice lady, and, although she tried to stir his interest, she may very well have sensed his sexual preference that Greg was unable to perform. Or perhaps she was just glad, seeing that she had been paid and hadn't had to actually satisfy another John. Who knows? Perhaps she saw it as simply easy money. In any event when the time was up and she and Greg met Greg's father who was waiting in the 'salon' for his son, Mandy made a show of kissing Gregory on his mouth and giving his crotch a grope, thanking him for the hot ride. Greg’s dad was more than proud and for the moment was relaxed as it had crossed his mind that Greg might be a faggot. After all, while Greg had plenty of female friends, he had never had a girlfriend, and certainly (prior to Mandy), had apparently never messed around with a woman. No, he was a shy and sensitive boy and even at 18 was more into music and the arts than playing football or basketball. Although unspoken, Greg's father's greatest fear was that his son would turn into a dick-taking faggot. But after the session with Mandy, Greg's father was fairly sure everything would turn out all right: his son fucked a whore and he would soon find another hole into which to unload. Everything was running slowly but on the right course. Little did Greg's father know that Gregory had his own suspicions. Greg remembered experienced as early as the age of six when in swim class, he saw this other boy whose name was Alec. Gregory didn't, of course, have the vocabulary to put a name to it, but he always got excited when Alec accidentally brushed up against him when the two were standing in line. waiting to jump from the 1-meter board. A couple of years later, when Greg was around ten, he found himself fascinated by Mickey, another ten year old in the same class. So, while Greg was perfectly happy to stare at Mickey, giving unconscious smiles, Mickey was none to keen, so Mickey purposefully and angrily shoved Gregory away, once even giving him a punch in the face. Although the punch was unexpected and quite painful, Greg nevertheless enjoyed being on the receiving end of Mickey's attention, even if there was a substantial degree of hostility. Some four years later, , now 14, Greg truly had a crush on Mr. Wilson, his English teacher. Mr. Wilson might have been in his late 20s, but he generally wore hot, tight jeans, and, as Mr. Wilson moved about the class room, Greg couldn’t stop but staring at Mr. Wilson's bulge. Of course Greg's obsession wouldn't end-up going anywhere: Mr. Wilson was married and had a baby daughter. He never even registered Greg's interest, but no matter: Greg utterly idolized his teacher. This was the time when the rumors began circulating suggesting Gregory was a fag. His mates in class recognized the difference - when they associated erections with girls, Greg seemed to get an erection when Mr. Wilson passed down the corridor. Greg's schoolmates took their suspicions out on Greg, slapping him around, ostracizing him, and occasionally dumping him into the school dumpster. Naturally wanted less and less to do with his schooling, and eventually dropped out early, getting a job at a gas station. The job didn't, of course, pay all that much, but Greg earned a couple to keep his car running. His parents didn’t ask him to contribute to rent or food, although his dad urged Greg to join the army, believing this would make him a ‘real’ man. Greg was quite innocent. He had never seen a gay porn. He had never heard about the dangers of unsafe sex. He still thought, rubbers were made to prevent pregnancies. But he overheard some conversations about a place where guys would date for sexual encounters, with other guys. It was some sort of a bar…. but he had no idea how frivolous and risky his trip would be. He had his day off finally and decided he would take the dare and visit this bath house. It was a two hours drive, but it was okay. He didn’t want to risk meeting someone from his home town. He wore his best clothing: a white shirt, with some expensive pair of jeans which he thought framed his ass perfectly. He even bought new sneakers just for this event - not realizing he would take all this clothing off within a few minutes of having entered the bar. After a short while he found a parking space. He exited the car and turned around. He had no idea which way to go and so he asked some guys hanging around if they would know the nearest to ‘The Stables’. They looked at him grumpy and nodded at him. “Get lost faggot” was the unmistakably answer. Greg looked anxious and stepped back to the pavement and tried to get mixed with the crowd. He felt so stupid. He left his hometown thinking in a big town as this one, people would be differently, but the thugs reactions were more than just hostile. They started to follow him around. Greg was in panic. What if he wouldn’t find a safe place? What if he wouldn’t reach his car? What if they beat him up or kill him for being gay? What if their parents found out the reason for his death…. and while those ideas were spinning in his head ‘The Stables’ appeared before him. He couldn’t believe his luck. He hurriedly entered the premises. He looked back and saw the guys got lost in the crowd. Their victim had escaped. “Well, well…. aren’t we excited….. you are quite heavy breathing…. are you a mare, or a stallion?” the cashier asked. “I…. I am…. what?” Greg asked. “Oh dear…. your first time?” the employee asked. Greg simply nodded. The guy behind the counter inspected Greg. He recognized at once by the way Greg walked, the way he took a glance, the way he licked his lips….. that he was at the receiving part tonight. “You want to get fucked, then you are a mare…. if you fuck, then you are a stallion. It is not so difficult. We got this pink bracelet for mares…. and the blue bracelet is for studs” the guy explained. Greg got the idea and they both said at the same time: 'Mare'. He paid the entrance fee and received his pink bracelet, which was sealed along around his wrist. “Without this wrist on, the party will be over for you. So no switching. You are a mare!” the man giggled. He received a key to a locker and got a pink towel. Then he was told he could take off his clothes in the locker room and then enter the basement. “Enjoy the party” the fellow said and then got busy folding towels. His heart was almost jumping out of his throat, while walking down the steps to the basement. It was quite dark and several corridors showed many opportunities to seize this chance to finally get fucked. “First timer?” the bartender asked. “Is it so obvious?” Greg answered shily. “It won’t be in the darkroom…..” the bartender laughed. “Darkroom” Greg repeated the word. The bartender watched at him, as if Greg just stepped out of a spaceship. “Yeah…. Darkroom. A dark room, where you can empty the dicks with your mouth or your ass….. are you for real?” he asked. “Sorry mate, but this is my first time ever in a big town. I have never ever seen a place like this. This is amazing. I can get filled up here.” Greg’s eyes were flashing. “Filled up….” the bartender repeated the words. This kid had no idea. First he took away the shell of condoms, that was presented at the counter. “You should not start with the darkroom then…. If I were you, I would take the glory holes, there you can concentrate on one or two cocks at a moment” the friendly looking guy explained. “Glory hole….” Greg said in an awe. “ What’s that…..” he asked seriously. The bartender looked around as if he was searching for the candid camera. He told him to sit and take a drink, he would explain it to him in a second, but before that he went to another associate and told him about the fresh meet. “Go and let the poz stud know, that a negative mare is waiting for her fillings. It didn’t take a long time, after this astonishing announcement, that the blokes were checking the undamaged merchandise. Greg didn’t know which way to look. He still had his towel wrapped around his hips. The room was full of stallions now, which was clearly so, because of the mass of blue bracelets. “Are you still willing to let this dicks poz up your mare ass…..” the bartender asked sickly. “I had never had a dick up there, will it hurt bad…. ? Gregory whispered back. “I will help you with that. Get this towel off then sit down again.” he got advised. “Just slip a little bit back on your stool, so your ass is accessible” the guy said. The guy announced loudly that he would prep this new recruit for his deflowering. He repeated intensely that he would lube this virgin ass for his first of many poz rides and squat behind the stool. First he started licking Greg’s cleft. Greg thought he had died and gone to heaven. The bartender was lapping over his opening and pulled his ass cheeks further apart. He pressed his tongue inside this virgin’s ass and tonguefucked him so hard. He smelt the overwhelming scent and sucked out the innocence of this first-timer. He loved the way the sweet ass tasted, and started use some lube on the twink. He turned back to the other studs and showed them his two sharpened fingernails, which would be quite helpful for the upcoming task. While lubing the guy up he started scratching the intestinal walls. The nice feeling Greg had felt gave way to the pain, while the man behind him tried to scrape and claw the intestinal walls for only one reason. Instead of telling Greg the truth, he explained it would hurt, because it is the first time he was prepared for some serious poz fucking. “Man I can’t wait to get all your poz dicks up my ass” Greg announced proudly. ‘You could use rubbers of course’ someone said out loud. You could hear a pin dropping to the ground while the guy who suggested using a rubber was escorted to another room immediately. Greg didn’t see the commotion behind his back, since he was trying to clench his teeth to stand the pain he was enduring right now. “I am your mare, but I won’t get pregnant, that’s for sure” Greg shouted out. ‘The boy got it damn right’ someone groaned. ‘Yeah – let us breed him our babies nevertheless’ another one added, ‘Fuck the little brat – pump him up with premium poz seed’ this and other voices mingled in Greg’s preparation. “I think I will help you in the stall. You should concentrate on getting ripped up from your behind. You shouldn’t serve both holes” he got advised. The bartender fucked him hard with two fingers and when he pulled them out he showed all the guys the bloody fingers. The boy was already a mess. Then it all happened quite fast. While the fellow bartender led him to the stall the other guys lined up at the stall right next to it. It was agreed, that Greg should take it up the ass. Greg was extremely excited. He looked around. There was a monitor with a gay porn movie flashed across the screen. For the first time he saw guys actually fuck each other in the holes. He looked at both holes while the associate pointed at the one in question. The first hard dick was already poking through the hole. It was a thick and long dick who was simply waiting for the cunt to receive his toxic gift. “But I won’t see them this way” Greg complained. “Believe me honey, most times you don’t want to see them in broad daylight….. now come on, this is part of the fun” the guy said. “This way you concentrate on your work, which is draining dicks. It doesn’t matter how cool the guy in the other stall is, you just have to squeeze his dick with your cunt and accept his load. Then the next will deposit his load and so one and so on…. this is your job!” he explained. “If you need more lube tell me. It doesn’t help anyone if you tolerate the pain for only one or two dicks. Your job is to empty those guys balls, no matter how painful it might be. As a mare you are advised to accept and receive…. so I will lube you up whenever you need it. The guys have to wait then until you are ready to get your next poz load. That is all that matters”. Gregory nodded and turned his ass-cunt towards the dick spearing through the hole. The bartender helped the fuck stick to find his way home to the slut and slowly Greg received one inch after another, while he moaned intensively. “Oh man…. this fucker is tight…. I can’t….. oh fucking god….. sweet jesus…. I think he pinches my dick off…..” the guy panted loudly. “Baby….. push a little back. Try to relax and let this guy enter you completely” while Greg got instructed the bartender used a bit more lube on the invading dick. Only half of the nine inches had entered the young ones body, but the employee could already see the bloody streaks. He had done a great job and was proud of himself. While thinking of that, he decided he would help Gregory a bit more and so he squat in front of the twink and pushed against his hips and finally more inches entered the abused hole. Greg couldn’t help but to express his pain and groaned loudly. On the other side of the wall you could hear several guys cheering and even the bartender praised the good work of Greg who believed every word he was told….
  6. PIGS! I've been a barepig since the age of 15, so for 5 years now. But I haven't been lucky at all!!! Apparently none of the loads (estimated 800 by now) were toxic! Not even in darkrooms, parties etc... I even always let me hole get roughly fisted till it bleeds so the virus can get in easily... I don't know what I can do more! It's also almost impossible to find anyone who is not under medication or is willing to stop. But with this forum the tides might change. If there is anyone in the whole of Europe who wants to give me his HIGHLY-charged toxic cum, please! GIVE IT TO ME! Let me know in a private messsage!
  7. I have been in this position before, literally, in a man's bed, on my back with my legs up on his shoulders and his cock ready to enter my tight ass. The first time I was a young boy being seduced by an older man who introduced me to my gay side and the joy of bareback sex. This time it’s about changing my life again and fulfilling a need so strong it can’t be suppressed. I’m 62, married with two grown kids, and have been bisexual since that first seduction so many years ago. I have always been a bottom and I have always taken cock raw. Cruising areas, adult book stores and the occasional date have been very successful in getting me what I need and what I need is a nice hard cock sliding up inside me and fucking my ass until it explodes inside me and fills me with cum. I don’t need to come, it’s all about giving the ultimate pleasure to the top who is fucking me. Being there for him and taking him inside me, encouraging him enjoy my ass and leaving part of himself inside me. I reach up and pull him to me, our bodies touch and we kiss deeply. His kisses are strong yet soft. His tongue enters my mouth and dances with mine in an erotic dance that makes us both moan with passion. My hard cock is pressed between us and I feel the tip of his pressed up against my pink hole. His hips are moving ever so slightly as we kiss and hot precum is being deposited on my entrance. He pulls back and looks at me and asks "Are you ready?" My mind is racing but I don’t answer him and he’s seeing that look of both passion and fear in my eyes. With that he says "I want to do this with you so much. It’s so erotic for me give you my cock like this and know that you love it as much as I do. To be inside you bare, and to make love on a level that is above and beyond the normal. To put my seed in you and know that I am breeding you and that part of me will stay and grow inside you." He says all the right things and I answer by pushing my ass against the tip of his cock. Smiling, he kisses me again and his hips move up and I felt that big mushroom tip start to press on my entrance in earnest. Covered in precum and lube there is little resistance at first. My hole is ready but I know he is thicker than anything I have taken in a long time and that this is going to hurt. He feels me open to my max and then tighten around him. Stopping for a moment he holds me in his arms tightly then brings his hips up hard. With that we both feel my hole rip open. He pushes in deeply as I cry out in pain and try to pull away from the massive cock sliding up inside me. "Oh god, you are so tight baby," he whispers in my ear, adding "You know that had to be done. It will make it easier for me to be with you. Relax. I’m in you now." My ass is on fire, but my insides are full of hard, hot cock and it is huge. We are joined and I wrap my arms and legs around him to pull him as close to me as I can. I know what we are doing, and that I have just crossed that line from which there is no return. I murmur "Yes baby, I know. Give me a moment. God you feel so good in me. Let me just feel you in me. So full. So deep. I need a moment to take this all in. My life is about to change forever." "I know baby. Relax, enjoy and know how exciting this is for me too. I’m leaking in you and we’re just starting. No going back now. We discussed this and I told you that once I’m inside of you it’s all over for you." I turn my head and kiss him. I want it. I have to have it. I want it to be him. My ass moves gently on his massive shaft letting him know I’m ready to continue. As he fucks me slowly looking me in my eyes he starts to talk to me, saying "God, you feel good. So tight, hot. I love having my death stick inside you. I will live in you until you die. I want my seed to grow in you, for you to incubate my babies so they take over your body." My head is spinning and I know this is wrong, but my body loves what this man is doing to it. I feel his hard cock sliding in and out of me. The long, slow strokes of a top who knows how to fuck and enjoys it. Taking me to that place that bottoms love so very much. Giving a man pleasure so intense that he can’t resist it, that he must have it and, after a certain point, there’s no stopping him from getting it. All leading to the most amazing orgasm, one so intense that it almost feels like being at death's door. I can’t believe I just thought that. How prophetic that I should put it that way. I am very possibly standing right there. My life, or death is being decided right now by this cock fucking my ass. I think for second that I can get away from this, but he’s pushing deep and I’m feeling his thick shaft so deep in my belly and I want it. "Give it to me baby. Knock me up. Give me your virus and make me yours. Keep fucking me until I’m raw inside and your baby batter will infect me." Passionate kisses now. The level of intensity is rising and I can no longer think about my wife, family, long term medical or anything other than making him cum, and taking his load deep up in my guts. He responds to my needs and fucks me harder. No more kisses as he has folded me in half. His needs are taking over. Looking me in my eyes and I see the look that men have when the cum starts to boil in their balls. I feel his need to orgasm and he asks "Are you ready for my poison load?" "Fuck, yes. Give it to me, baby." "It will kill you." "Do it. Fuck it in me." He grunts and pushes deep into my ass. I can feel his cock pulsating. I squeeze my ass tightly, milking every drop out of his cock, thinking to myself 'Oh god, yes. So much cum. I’m so wet inside'. He looks wild on top of me, but I know what he’s feeling right now. I love that about man-on-man sex: that we both know exactly what each other are feeling. Lots of heavy breathing follows, accompanied by some long strokes of his cock and quick thrusts back up inside me. I can feel him emptying out inside my hot, wet chute and pushing his cum into my bowels. The tip of his cock getting so sensitive as the last drops of his seed dribble out and his thrusts are jerky. He looks down at me and with a wry smile says "Oh baby you are so pregnant with my virus. This is so hot knowing that I’ve just knocked up your neg ass. Do you feel it in side you?" "Yes," I reply as he pushes his cock deep back in. "Mmmmmmm. Feels so good inside you. So much poz cum in you. I haven’t cum that much in a long time. You ok? Yes, it feels wonderful." Kisses, soft and sweet follow as he lies next to me, or bodies hot and sweaty as he murmurs "God that felt good. Knowing that I was pozzing you just got me harder and harder and you just kept asking for it. That was so fucking erotic." His hand is on my belly rubbing it gently as he asks "You know it might take this time, right? I ripped you pretty good going in and roughed up your insides, so with my high viral load it might only take once and you’re poz right now, or you might still be neg." I return his kisses and then answer "I know baby, but I want you to keep fucking me until I convert. Promise me that if I get the fuck flu really badly and I get so sick that I want to die right then, that you’ll fuck me and dump one more toxic load in me just to remind me how I got so sick. Mmmm, yes baby." We keep kissing and I massage his cock, determined to get another load.
  8. Just created this account tonight, my boyfriend tested HIV positive on September 10th. I tested negative on September 11th, however I did get sick that night and have been ever since with symptoms of seroconverting so I'm still unsure of my status. It's not something I'm at all worried about or afraid of. In fact I want him to convert me for multiple reasons. I'm not at all bothered by the possibility of becoming poz, I know that it's something I'll have the rest of my life but I know I'll be fine regardless of how my body reacts. I also don't want sex to become awkward or uncomfortable or something either of us are scared of in the relationship since both of us are very sexual people and we haven't used protection once, so I know I already have a very high chance of being poz. I understand there are other options such as Prep if I'm not converting after all, but I don't really want that because the risk is still there and that's where the awkwardness comes in if I'm not fully willing, which I am. The last thing I want is for us to be living as if we're scared of something neither one of us are scared of (if that makes sense). I also really enjoy the idea of knowing I would be the first person he converted.
  9. So I have a guy who has asked me to go off my meds to convert him.... im TORN the scene sounds very hot and piggy, But i don't want to risk my health, any body had this happen? Part of me says fuck it i will take a drug holiday. The other part is say u only have one body dont fuck it up.
  10. Stealthing an actor

    A few weeks back I was visiting L.A, this being my third or fourth visit to the city. It's not a favourite destination of mine but there are some super hot guys there. So I visit for more of a fuck-cation. So like I usually do I booked a hotel in Weho so that I could be near all the action and hot guys. I hooked up with quite a few guys on my trip, pretty much every single day. Most of them fucked me deep, hard, ruff and raw! Different positions, wearing different gear (jock straps, harness, ripped boxer shorts, sports gear) and even a few anonymous fuck and go scenes, where I left the door open and lay on the bed with my smooth, tight and boyish hole exposed to whoever walked in. On one of the last nights of my trip I was finding it hard to hook up with anyone. Most of the guys that were my type turned out to be bottoms and I was gagging to get raped. The later that it got the fewer guys were online and the less luck I was having. By this point I had been stroking my long thick British uncut meat for hours, I was dripping with pre-cum (usually I'd don't need lube to fuck as my dick produces so much). I had beat my cock dozens of times just up until the point where my load was about to explode and then I'd stop. The more I edged the hornier I became and the hornier I am the fucking sleazier I can be! I rubbed the palm of my hand over the tip of my dick and played with the pre-cum, I'd then use it to lube the shaft as I jerked off, anything that was left over got fingered into my juicy puckering hole. I lay on the hotel bed, my smooth, toned body naked, legs spread wide apart beating off. I needed to get fucked real bad! My hole was so hungry for a raw shaft, so much that I could almost feel it (Like when you get a craving for a type of food and you can pretty much taste it). It got to the time of night where I thought about throwing in the towel. Fuck! I was so frustrated and disappointed. The night was virtually over. I decided to check Grindr one last time. Several messages had popped up from a guy staying in the same hotel. He had messaged me a few nights before, but again he was desperate to get fucked. I had told him from day one that I was a bttm also. He was young, early twenties, lean/slim build and an 8" cock. Isn't really my type. I prefer jocks/muscle dads and tops! He was still up and online. We began chatting and begged for me to fuck him. I again re-iterated that I was looking to get fucked too. He had even asked that if I found a top to send him to his room after I was done with him. He told me how he was an actor and the programmes he had been in, of course EVERYONE in L.A is an actor, so I took it with a pinch of salt (however I later checked when I found out his full name and it all turned out to be true when matched to his picture) Eventually I caved........ he had sent pictures of his bubble butt and big rock hard manhood. He said that he would do ANYTHING in order for me to fuck him. Anything except bareback that is. I didn't push the issue because I knew he would eventually be taking my toxic load. I was going to make it happen! I gave him instructions to prepare for my arrival. These were to... turn the lights down, to leave the door on the latch and for him to be stripped naked and for him to be faced down on the bed and his perfect ass to be up in the air ready and lubed for a fuck. I travelled the two floors and a few metres along the corridor until I got to his room. The door was on the latch and therefore I walked straight in. The first thing I saw was a lean, toned body and the most incredible ass. This lad looked as though he had just turned 18. Fresh and never before used! As I approached he turned his head, this lad was stunning, very handsome. Another added bonus, which instantly made me hard. I tore my clothes off and lay on top of the lad. Pinning him down to the bed. Kissing his neck, working my way around to lips for a long passionate kiss. A long goodbye kiss....... to his hiv negative life I had told this lad that it would pretty much be a fuck n go as it was late and he had agreed. I handed him the condom and told him to open it whilst I rimmed his hole. As I ran my hands over his body I was amazed at just how toned he was, I could feel every ab, his skin was smooth and soft to the touch, virgin like and his butt was solid muscle. I parted his butt checks and gently teased his hole with my tongue, gently stroking his ring with the tip of my tongue. After a few minutes I began to eat his hole real good. Driving my tongue deep inside and gently biting his ring, getting it well used and ready for my spunk. After I was done licking him out, I reached for his boxers that were on the floor, gave them a long hard sniff and then told him to open his mouth. I stuffed his mouth with his dirty cum stained boxers. I was going to make this lad scream and knew I needed to muffle the sound. "Pass me the rubber", and the lad gave me the condom, as he was still faced down, I simply threw it over my shoulder onto the floor. I made a few movements as though I was unrolling it onto my shaft. And seconds later plunged all the way into his ass. His youthful hole wrapped around my meat real tight. Think he must have forgotten to lube also as there was a lot of friction. The lad gave out a muffled moan and tried to reach back to stop me fucking so deep. I grabbed both his wrists and held him down. I picked up the pace and began fucking really ruff. Not stopping to add any lube. The moans now turned into screams and I could see tears running down his face. This only made me go faster and a few minutes later I unloaded into his ass. I felt a huge wad of cum shoot into his unwilling hole. My balls felt sore, like they had been squeezed dry. I pulled out and told him I was going to get rid of the rubber and clean up. By the time I had got back he had jerked and spunked over his hot set of abs and chest. I got dressed and left. He messaged me pretty much everyday until I left (which began to get annoying, begging me to fuck him again saying he'd come and visit me at home) After a few more weeks of messages (only now and then at this point) I decided to reply. I told him exactly what I did to him, waited for the first reply and then blocked the fucker! By this time it had been a few weeks and there was nothing he could have done.
  11. This ad was posted on a community site, c********t: Wife took the kids away for the weekend so I could work on projects without them underfoot. Wanna cum work on my first project with me? Sucking, fucking, licking ass, its all good! I'm 5'9", 180 lb tight ass. Nobody will know but you and me, not your wife, girlfriend or partner. Leave with a smile and a drained cock. I’m in pretty good shape you should be too. Movies started to run in my head as I considered the possibilities and then I had flashbacks of other married 'bi' guys who have had fun with me. My mission in life has been to spread my seed, and take seed from anyone who wants to give it to me. I've been working on cultivating the ultimate strain of HIV, resistant to medication. Bi guys are especially rewarding, as they can spread my seed into their woman. The ideas got me hard and dripping precum. After emailing the guy my pics and description and asking for directions, my attention turned to my cock. I’m uncut, 7 inches long and 2 inches in diameter, the same size as the rim of a beercan, my foreskin hangs nearly 2 inches over my fully erect cock. All this skin has made the head of my cock very sensitive, and I generally have to keep my foreskin tied up, or I would be oozing precum all day. I pulled the foreskin back, and ran my fingers around the head of my cock, and got some of the juice that was oozing out on my finger so I could taste my nectar. I began to wonder about what sort of play this guy was into when my computer beeped that I had received an email. The pics he responded with were great. His name was Tony, and he has a muscular chest and shoulders, a bit of a belly, and a great, sturdy ass on top of muscular legs. He enjoys a thick mane of wavy dark hair and enough body hair for 2 guys and probably half of a third, thick dark hair everywhere but that muscular ass. No dick shot; so this was probably all about topping him. That ass just begged to be licked and slowly relaxed, and then I would slide my dick in and use Tony as my personal cockring. He sent no address or directions, only a phone number. Between my posting and responding to ads, generally, when a guy responds with just a phone number, he wants phone sex. If a guy sends only a phone number and picture, he is ready to play now! I called and a masculine voice answered, "Hello, this is Tony." Looking at his pics and talking to him made my dick throb, just thinking about getting my dick up inside him and the sensations I was feeling in my nuts when I thought about playing with him were exquisite! After giving him my name, I asked "Do you do this often?" knowing that I had seen his ad online before. I tried my luck and asked, "What kind of fun are you looking for tonight, Tony? Top, bottom or both?" "Well," Tony said, "I do not want to limit myself; I can pitch or catch!" He covered the address and directions for me, and we agreed that I would be there in an hour. Tony only lived 10 minutes away, so I used that hour to be sure I was ready for play. I took a Levitra, showered and cleaned myself out, on the luck that I would ride Tony's cock, and made sure I had breath mints. With everything prepared, I drove to Tony's place. As I drove up, Tony came out of the garage and motioned for me to park in the driveway. He met me at the car and greeted me like we were old friends. He was dressed in a white tank top, flip flops and cutoffs that were threadbare enough in the crotch and the ass to know Tony had nothing on beneath. "Any trouble finding the place?" he asked, handing me a beer. He pushed the button and the garage door closed. We went into the house and Tony headed to a room down the hall. He opened the door and we walked into Tony's gym. Closing the door, Tony turned and popped the top button on his cutoffs. His first step started the zipper down, the second completed the trip. On his third step, the shorts started to slide down on the right side, the fourth, the left side started down. Tony stopped, and shrugged, and the shorts dropped to the floor. He stepped out of the shorts and peeled his tank top off in one swift move. Standing naked in front of me, Tony was a striking presence, certainly everything the photos had promised, and he was blessed with an uncut dick, hanging down a good 6 inches and not yet hard. "Why are you still dressed?" he asked, giving me a wink. I got out of my jeans and shirt and turned to meet Tony on equal terms. Tony first sat, and then lay down on the weight bench. I straddled him, rubbing my uncut cock against his. After some licking and nipple play, Tony rolled over and on his stomach, presenting me with an ass that looked like 2 halves of a bowling ball. "Ready for fun?" I asked, and Tony growled "Work me over!" With that as my cue, I spread his cheeks and sank my tongue into that sweet hole, licking, teasing and pushing in as deep as it would go, relaxing and stimulating Tony at the same time. He stopped me, turned over from his stomach to his back, raised his legs and hooked his shoelaces over the ends of the barbell on the rack. "Now get that tongue back in there!" Tony demanded with a wicked grin. I smiled and returned my focus to my tongue working Tony's ass. After I worked his hole with my tongue for about 10 minute, I stood up and straddled him with my dick hanging in his face. I proceeded to return my tongue to his ass, being able to work from a different angle and also to go in deeper. Tony pulled my dick into his mouth and gave me some great head. I was fully hard and Tony was treating my foreskin just how I like it! He would grab it with his teeth, stretch it, lick it stretched, then pucker and pull it tight over the head of my dick, stretching it some more. He ran his tongue under the foreskin and around the head of my cock, stimulating precum in big amounts. He would occasionally take my cock all the way into his throat in one swift move, massage the head of my dick for a moment, and then back to teasing the head and foreskin. Meanwhile, the rest of my attention was diverted to drooling spit into his upturned ass, his hole opening and closing, and seeing how far in I could go with my tongue. We played like that for a bit, until I knew Tony was as ready to be fucked as he was going to get. Tony's work on my cock had me hard and throbbing, ready to invade him. Standing up, I turned and unhooked Tony's shoelaces from the barbell and positioned him lying on his stomach on the bench, knees on the floor. I took my position kneeling behind him, sliding my dick up and down the crack of his ass. Returning to sliding my dick up and down his ass, I took an experimental poke occasionally, and Tony's hole responded by opening up for me. When everything felt right, I placed the head of my dick at his hole. "I'm poz. You OK with that?" Tony turned his head and said "Pull out before you cum and I am OK with that." "Pull my cock in, Tony! Take as much time as you need. Once you pull it in, we can fuck like demons!" Tony opened his hole and little by little, he pulled me in. He would pull some cock in, then stop and let his ass get used to my cock, then take a little more, until I was all the way in and could feel my nuts against his ass. I pulled back, left just the head of my dick in and slowly thrust back in. Tony growled and pushed his ass back, wanting to feel me in as deeply as he could get me. Then I pulled completely out, lined up my dick with his hole and pushed straight in to the balls. Tony grunted and said "More, stud! Fuck me! Use my ass!" Switching to fucking him with just the head for a bit, I would pull out completely and sink back in until just the head popped into his hole. I alternated this with some hard fast strokes, plunging in as deeply as I could get. Then I grabbed his hips, pushing and pulling Tony back and forth on my cock. I could feel my first load starting to build, so I pulled completely out. "I'm just about there!" "Yahoo!", Tony exclaimed as he rolled on his side, "I want some more of your fucking!" "In a bit," I said, "I want to switch for a minute, keep that load just a bit longer." Once again, I straddled him and with my dick hanging in his face, reached down, pulled his legs up and bent them so his knees were under my arms. Tony pulled me back, spreading my cheeks and getting his tongue deep in me. He licked, poked and nibbled my ass, and I took his cock in my mouth. He was already hard, and the precum was almost flowing out of his dick! I teased the head for a while, savoring the taste and feel of his precum. Going down on his dick like that was totally outstanding, and his head slid across my tongue and into my throat without any resistance. I pride myself on being able to go a long time without taking a breath, and I did my best to demonstrate this on Tony's cock for quite a while. He had a really big head, which must have hung out half an inch over the shaft of his cock. It made for a very satisfying and stretching blowjob, as I brought Tony to the edge of blasting his load 3 times before I thought he would be ready for my dick in his ass again. I pulled off his dick and reached back to spread my cheeks for all that I could get of Tony's tongue, and when my hole was satisfied, stood up and turned Tony over on his stomach. I worked my tongue in again, pushing as much spit as I could up into Tony, to make sure the ride was smooth for him. When spit was dripping down his nuts, I pushed my dick in. Once I was in to the hilt, I started driving my dick in pretty aggressively. Riding Tony was like plugging my dick into a dynamo! He worked the muscles in his ass and bucked to get as much sensation as he could from my dick. Feeling the load start to build, sensation starting in my toes and then working up to my nuts, I wanted to slow down again, to stretch this great feeling out longer, and then I decided I would just have to get in this saddle again tonight. As I got closer to cumming, my strokes got to be slower out and faster in, driving as deep as I could. With my eruption only moments away, I pushed in and withdrew completely. I held my head just outside for a few seconds, and Tony turned his head, "Fuck, stud! Get that dick back inside me!" "I'm poz, Tony, and you asked me to pull out before I cum!" "I wanna feel you inside me, your head swelling and pulsing and pushing that load into me! Besides, other guys have cum in me before and I have not popped poz yet!" "But they were not poz, were they? That's the difference here. Do you want my load?" "Get that dick back inside me and flood my guts! I will take my chances!" I slid around his crack for a moment, enjoying the slippery feeling and making him growl, and when I pushed back in, I felt the first rush of orgasm along with the first spasm as my nuts convulsed. Throbbing and swelling, my dick shot. Tony said "I can feel your load filling me up!" I rode a bit longer, and my head with its load around it was feeling enough sensation to shoot again very quickly, rewarding me with a second orgasm about 2 minutes after the first one. I pulled out and Tony rolled over. His dick was standing up between his legs. I went down on my knees and took Tony's cock in my mouth and down my throat. He was twitching and jumping almost from the moment my lips had touched his dick. I came up for air, and then swallowed Tony again, working my throat muscles until I felt his head swell up so much it could not move in my throat, and then I felt his hot seed going down my throat. I backed up a bit to get a taste, and Tony proceeded to cum for nearly a minute, twitching and growling and using his hands on the back of my head to work my mouth and throat on his dick. As we both came back from the edge, I asked, “Tony, you really enjoy men. Why are you married?” "My wife was the first woman I fucked, and damned if she did not get pregnant that first time! I was fucking with guys long before we met and have taken the opportunity to play with guys whenever I find it. I have not fucked her in 5 years...and she ain't asking." Tony responded. “Heh, I will make myself available any time you want to get together,” I said. “Do you need to leave right away?” he asked in return. To which I told him “I do not have any plans for the rest of the night,” and he asked, “Wanna stay here and play some more? I want to get my dick up in your ass and show you as much fun as you did for me! Besides, I want to show you the hot tub!”
  12. I'm glad I found this site. I noticed some really good information on the blogs, and wanted to post my 'delmma', and get feedback. The only time I've barebacked was when I was my long term partners. Seeing vids of guys getting bred raw always turned me on, but that fantasy has grown & grown deeper. I'm single now, and have a good friend who's been positive for over 15 years now. He & I have played around once, and that was raw. To feel him deep inside me was amazing, and he pulled out before he shot. Having talked together for years (over 7 now) we've talked about my fantasy of having him convert me. The first time we met each other (we only met twice, in ALL the years we talked) we both recognized a strong connection we both felt. Well, he wants to come visit me this Spring, and I HAVE thought of how it would be to have him cum inside me raw. For me, I know the connection between us would become stronger, and feeling his cock shoot inside me would feel incredible. Ok, now for reality- he's 39, I'm 44. I was married for 8 years and have 3 sons (15, 13 & 10) who live in another state and I visit. I've looked online for the drawbacks on becoming positive, and know some insurance companies don't cover meds. For my friend, I know 1 year he went through a LOT of his savings in paying for his meds (right now he's down to 1 pill per day). I also read some great information on here about the symptoms when you go through conversion. I know my friend's viral load is very low, but it's still the risk (and the 'wanting' of having him breed me) I need to think about. I've told some other friends about this fantasy, some have told me I was plain crazy, some have told me to just think of the future consequences, which I am. Why am I thinking of 'giving myself' to my friend like this? Part of it comes from me being tired of always being responsible. Part of it is due to lonliness. I've had friends tell me if I wanted to be a little irresponsible to try hot air ballooning- something that wouln't have life long consequences- and they ARE right, there. I'd like to get your input on this, and would really appreciate any input you can give. I'd like to know if you decided to become posiive do you regret it now? Was it something you planned on, or did it happen in a moment of passion? Thanks guys!
  13. I didn't mean to do it. I just couldn't help myself. There are times I get overcome by my own lust, and I just get carried away. I was turned on when we finally met, he was my ideal of a "son" to my "dad". Though a little older than what you might conceive of as my son, he was nonetheless my ideal of what I want in a boy. And add to that the fact that he was in total leather, matching my outfit, it was just a match. We had chatted so much about this first meeting. We each knew what turned the other on. He liked my cigars and I liked his boyish good looks and attitude. And when we met and then kissed, it was that sort of 'dream come true' event. That first kiss seemed to last forever. Not only were our tongues exploring each other's mouths, our hands were exploring each other's bodies. And shortly he had my stiff, dripping cock out of my jeans, and fell to his knees to give me one of those blowjobs you dream about. I was still smoking my cigar, and the smoke was about to fill the motel room, I was smoking so hard while he hit all the hot spots. When he rose up and kissed me again, tasting my cigar spit and me tasting that great cock /pre-cum taste on his lips, I was just too turned on. I had his belt loose and his jeans around his ankles before he knew what happened. And even though we were lip locked, I could still get his cock out of his jockstrap and feel the pre-cum on the tip of his cock. I rubbed it the length of his rock hard cock, and slipped my cock between his legs. I guess it was the way he opened his legs to let my cock in that so excited me. I could tell he wanted it then, even though he had told me he was still HIV negative and didn't want any raw sex with a poz guy like me. I had my hands up under his shirt working his nips and was kissing and licking his face till he was just a puppy in my paws. I gently moved him around, kissing his neck and massaging his ass cheeks, until I was behind him, nibbling his earlobes. That was when my stiff meat found his ass crack and set course for his asshole. I was pushing hard against him, trying to get my tongue in his ear, when he sort of fell against the wall and then braced himself against it with both hands, intending to turn back around, but by then I had a nip in each hand, having thrown down my dead cigar, and he was moving in response, enjoying it too much to protest. And my cockhead had found his puckered rosebud of an asshole, one of those that seems to have an arrow tattooed above it, saying "FUCK HERE". And I had him by the arms, holding him tight as I kissed and bit his neck. "Oh, Daddy!" he kept saying, over and over, as if he was trying to persuade himself not to resist. When I pushed and began to feel my cockhead penetrate, he stiffened. "Daddy, don't make me do this, please," he pleaded, and he turned his head slightly towards me. I reached around and kissed him. "It's gonna be OK, son, just relax," I said, and I made a hip thrust that popped him open. I love that feel on my cockhead, when you first pop a boy open like that. There is no feel like it in the world, tight and hot, and then so warm and wet and wonderful. I just couldn't help myself. Hugging him tightly, kissing all over his neck, so he didn't notice so much that I was impaling him on my cock. By the time I think he knew what was happening, he was fucked. I had my cock almost all the way up his ass. And he was loving it. I could tell he was trying to fight the urge, but wanting it so bad. All the time I was kissing him, I kept telling him it was fine, he was all right, this will be great, just relax and enjoy it, son, give yourself to your dad. Then suddenly he gave a kind of shudder, and bucked hard back against me. "Oh, Daddy, take me, take my ass, give me your cum!" "That's it son, enjoy this fuck, feel your Daddy's hard cock up your ass, love that stiff meat so deep inside you!" He was with me then, meeting every thrust. When I'd hit bottom he'd grab me hard and tight, as much fucking my dick with his ass as I was fucking his hole with my rod. "Make me your Boy, Daddy, fuck your Boy, show me how much you want me Daddy!" I was in the heavy strokes now, fucking his ass hard. My juices were flowing. When I get a hot ass like this, the first fuck is hot and heavy and doesn't take too long, so I knew I was getting close. "Where do you want Daddy's load, boy?" I asked, as I held him tight and humped him hard. "Give me your load, Daddy, make me your Boy, plant that load UP MY ASS!" He was bucking hard, and if I had really wanted to pull out, it would have been difficult, as he was in pace with me so well. "Oh, God, Son, I can't help it, here it is, take it boy, take Daddy's hot cum up your ass." "Daddy, show me how much you love me, fuck me, fuck my ass, give me your juice, Daddy, FUCK ME HARD!" I lit into him hard then, I could feel the cum move from my balls up the length of my shaft and begin to spurt out deep inside him. And I think he must've felt something, even though I know you have to learn to feel it when a guy cums up your ass. There was just something about the way he moved, like he was suckin’ the cum up deep inside himself. We both hit the spot at the same time. "OH GOD!" we both shouted in unison. "Here it is boy, here's Daddy's cream, take Daddy's load, you're MY BOY now!" "Hit me hard, Daddy, show me how much you love me, pound that cum in my hot hole - fuck me Daddy - FUCK MY ASS, DADDY!" I held him tight and shot my final spurts as deep inside as I could, knowing I was tying him to me in a way no man ever had before. I was converting him to my son in more ways than one. I was making him my BOY in a truly positive manner. His ass drew up so tight on my shaft, I thought sure he must be spurting his load. His ass was suckin’ the cum up deep, and he began to flex under me, I could feel his whole body moving, as if he was absorbing the sex and distributing it throughout his body. We held that position a long time. Sweat was dripping down my nose, and he was sweaty feeling as I ran my hands over his chest and caressed his nips. I still had all my clothes on, my fucking cock out of my pants, but otherwise still as I had walked into the room. His pants were around his ankles, but he still had on the jockstrap, shirt, vest and leather jacket. We both were soaked under all that clothing. But neither moved, we were still in that great Dad/Son connection, feeling the cum that bound us together. Eventually he stopped vibrating, coming back to reality, realizing what had happened. He sort of slumped at that point, I thought he might be crying, so I pulled out and turned him around and kissed him. He was crying, or at least he had tears in his eyes, so I kissed the tears away, and he began to respond. When I put my hand down to his crotch, I discovered a jock hanging heavy with cum. So I pulled off him, bent down and sucked the cum out of his jock, and pulled his limp, gooey cock out and sucked it clean. He was breathing very heavily now, I think partly shock and partly so turned on. Standing up, I led him to the bed and made him sit on it, so I could sit beside him. We kissed again - another long lover's kiss, and soon tongues and hands were exploring. Clothes began to fall off us, some being taken off by the other, some shucked off by the wearer, but our pants were trapped by our boots. We had reached that point again, too quickly. The pants just had to stay on, we were at fuck number two. I got him into doggie position and stuck my cock back up his ass. It was much easier this time, just made him take a sudden inhale when I slid home. We urged each other on again, and soon he had a second cumshot up his ass. Damn hot boy, he wanted sex as much as I did. We seemed to be a pair, destined to be together. After I added that second load, I just held him close and told him how much I loved him, and he did the same. When my cock went flat and fell out of his ass, he rolled over and I got on top of him so we could kiss and cuddle again. We took time to get the boots off, finally got our pants off and were naked, just kissing and rolling all over the bed, the way lovers do. We came up for air and took a smoke break. Gave me a chance to really look at him, as I hadn't really seen him naked before, even though I'd planted two loads up his ass. And he did the same. I was surprised to see how he blushed when he noticed how I was admiring his boyish body. He had kept himself in great shape, and I had enjoyed it. The smoke break over, we resumed the kissing, this time being able to be face to face for the first time, really. I didn't intend to fuck him again, and frankly I generally don’t come three times in rapid succession, but this was beyond mere sex. This was infatuation. My cock just knew the way to his ass so well by this time. When I got on top and was kissing him, my cock was tumescent and, finding his hole, entered easily. He spread wide, put his legs firmly around my hips and put his heels in my ass. Then he pushed hard, making my cock really hit the good spots. Every time I made a stroke that didn't please him, he'd almost kick my cock up his ass. I couldn't complain, I had my tongue far down his throat. And when I felt the cum moving yet a third time, I got his legs up on my shoulder, shoved a pillow under his ass and began those prying deep strokes, where you aim for the boy's prostate and fuck him hard. "Oh God, Daddy, I love it when you fuck me like that, do it again, harder, deeper, come on man, put your seal on me, give me the third load, make me your boy forever!" I got my arms up under his shoulders, pulled him into my fuck strokes and kissed him hard as I fucked my cum into his hot ass, so warm and wet and wild, filled to overflowing with my loads. I wanted to fuck him so hard the cum would flow out his hole and soak the bed. I wanted to fuck him so bad he could taste my cum from the inside out. I wanted to plant my loads so deep he'd shit my cum for a week. Didn't take long. Spurts of ‘Daddy Cream’ joined the loads already there. My fuck piston planted it's third load, the cum pooling around my balls, running down his crack. I pinned him down, legs against his chest, as I pounded the last strokes home, trying to get my cum as deep inside him as I could. And he rose up against me on every stroke, making sure he got that jizz as deep inside as possible. When I was drained, I slammed a fuck stroke hard and held it, and he looked up at me with tears in his eyes again, and we kissed. Then I felt his cock move between us, that steady pulse of a cock shooting cum, a feeling I love. If I don't see or feel a boy cum when I fuck him, I'm not fucking him right, and I had fucked this boy right. His cock spurted a heavy load between us, and his cum between and us and mine up his ass were binding us together in many, many ways. We kissed for a long time. Took us a long time to come down off that fuck plateau, where you want to stay as long as you can. When I fell out of his ass, I let his legs down and sucked his limp cock into my mouth and sucked out all the strings of his cum I could get. Then I licked his hole and crotch clean, keeping some of the cum in my mouth, so we could share it when we kissed. And as I did that, he moved around so he could reach my cock, and sucked it clean. When we kissed, I could taste his ass, his cum and my cum, all mixed together, one wonderful taste, a taste every dad wants from his boy. We fell asleep like that. When we woke the next morning, we were a mess, and the bed was a mess. There was cum everywhere, encrusted on our cocks and torsos. Time for a piss and a shower. Then we had a smoke and got to examine each other by the light of day. Sometimes that's when it all falls apart, when you come to in the morning and discover that the guy you thought was so great the night before is not nearly as attractive. But there was no change this morning, I still thought he was the best thing I'd ever had, and he allowed as how I was his Dad. We went to breakfast, and it was as if I was meeting him for the first time. We sat there and smoked and drank our coffee, and talked about all the things lovers talk about. The waitress finally asked us if we were going to order lunch, and we realized what time it was. We excused ourselves, left a large tip for having had such good service for such a long time, and went back to the motel room. By the time we'd each had a piss, we were on the bed again, and the maid's knock interrupted our first fuck of the day. I shouted that we were still in the room, and she went away, and I planted my load. This was a lover's fuck, that long, slow, gentle fuck of two men deeply in love. There was no hard thrusting, no pounding of a load deep. He was still moist from the fucks last night, and I wasn't really up to a hot and heavy fuck, but we needed to have sex again, to see if it was still there, and it was. That wasn't our last fuck, not by a long shot, but those four were the ones that we always remember and talk about. Few men are as fortunate as I. To find a guy like this that fits me so well. I can only hope that he continues to feel the same about me.
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