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    Total bottom love taking anon cock and cum
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  1. Will be hosting in sydney at a friend's place for the whole day. Looking for raw tops to fuck and breed. Looks and age dont matter. Dont care about status, just after tops that want to fuck and breed me. * not into fem or trans guys
  2. Looking for a top that can host me this friday 05/06. Want to get fucked raw and get bred deep, love kissing, sucking, licking and rimming, love amyl and ws. Willing to try new things and test my limits. Will be free all day till late in the evening. Verbal gifting tops+++
  3. Going to Sydney sauna bath house, Sydney. Will be there from 6pm to 12am. Will be wearing jock strap and sling bag. Need raw cock and cum in my hole. Just bend me over and breed me. Love ATM and kissing. Also love anon rough breeding.
  4. Going to 357 steam bath house, Sydney. Will be there from 6pm to 12am. Will be wearing jock strap and sling bag. Need raw cock and cum in my hole. Just bend me over and breed me. Love ATM and kissing. Need to get knocked up.
  5. Looking for a story, where the bottom travels to a motel picked by the top and geys fucked by him and lots of other men invited by the top
  6. Bottom cumdump taking loads at aarows. Anon pump and dump. No load refused.
  7. Bottom cumdump taking loads at sydney sauna. Anon pump and dump. No load refused. Black Room @ Sydney Sauna booked for today from 10am
  8. Bottom cumdump will be at Sydney Sauna on the 27/09 taking all cock and cum, no load refused. Looking for 1 on 1 or group play. Have the black room booked. Looking to push my limits. Have the party listed on bbrts screen name "danpigboi". Taking all loads no questions asked. Willing to take devils dick and more. After all twisted and taboo tops to smash my hole and make me beg for more
  9. Fucking hot story, still makes me cum and always wanting more
  10. I wi be at 357 tonight 11/07/19 from 5pm - 10pm. Will be in jock strap and black singlet, bend me over, fuck me raw and breed my ass, no load refused. No condoms allowed
  11. Looking for a story i read here but cant find anymore. A young guy goes for a hookup and is fucked by a poz dude while his neighbour watches then the neighbour fucks him as well snd they are both poz. The young guys gets the fuck flu soon and goes back to find the older guys nephew there ready to fuck him as well.
  12. Today 28/06 from 4pm-9pm Pig bottom in jock strap at Arrows. Taking all cock and cum. Fuck my ass raw and breed me deep them let me suck & lick your cock and balls. Raw only no condoms allowed
  13. @ sydney sauna now, taking all cock and cum. Fuck me raw and breed me deep. In jock strap and chest harness
  14. Does any one know of or have a podcast or audio chanel of stories that are avaliable on breedingzone, i would really love ro be able to listen to them at work or in bed and get really horny and turned on. Please let me know if you have any, the dirty the audio stories are the better.
  15. This is the hottest fucking story, making me wish i was Timmy and getting fucked by everyone. I have reread the story so many times and jerked off to it.
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