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Found 43 results

  1. Willing Pups

    I’ve been called a smart cookie, entrepreneur, successful, and a few choice words along the way to my 45 years of age. I just chalk it up to good genes and some good luck, along with making the most of my opportunities, yes I am extremely bright and did well in school, obtaining a scholarship to a prestigious west coast university, having a good athletic body didn’t hurt either, although many of my high school classmates considered me a nerd or dork, I did fairly well in the personal relationship department. I entered college into my 18th year and studied computer engineering and programing along with my basic curriculum as well as took business classes, I figured if I was to write programs for business, I should know how it worked. While my scholarship paid for my tuition, books, room and board, it didn’t cover my other needs hence I was allowed to have a part time job to supplement my living expenses. I freelance wrote programs for friends and acquaintances, I soon developed a reputation for creating good and useful applications, I was riding on the crest of the technical revolution of the 90’s. I also discovered the bath house a short distance from campus which I began frequenting in my spare time, I was becoming a regular amongst the mixture of the college crowd and the older more established patrons. I was 18 and good looking with an acceptable athletic build, very much what is considered an otter, oh and I had a appetite for sex. After a couple months of attending I noticed a sign looking for workers to work the front desk and do the cleaning of the facilities, I figured that would be a nice way to make an extra buck or two so I applied and was almost immediately hired, my handsome looks and my good attitude got me the job. They started me three afternoons a week cleaning rooms and picking up litter and trash throughput the club. I really didn’t mind doing the cleaning as even then I was a bit kinky and was well on the road to being a cum junkie. It being the earlier 90’s we were forced to be the condom Nazis making sure everything was wrapped up in the public areas, we refilled the condom holders several times a day, and given the number of used ones I was picking up I’m guessing they were being used, although I always snickered a bit when I’d come across a broken one knowing someone most likely took a load. On my days off, mostly weekends I would become a patron and I knew what my preferences were. One evening I had been cruising when a muscle daddy with a good sized cock began hitting on me, I enjoyed the attention especially when he suggested we enter the dark platform area, this was a area of the club which had a raised platform in the center with several cubicles with curtains around the perimeter, the platform had a chain or cable railing around three sides with sturdy post holding it up. Most guys would stand on the platform and allow others standing below to suck them off. This daddy backed me up to the rail as we made out and some twink guy spread my cheeks and dived in eating my hole, pushing his tongue in loosening me up, after about 5 to 10 minutes of this he spun me around and the twink began blowing my 9.5 inch cut cock while he worked his fingers then his wrapped cock into my hole. I was holding onto the railing not sure what was to happen next, I was in no way a virgin but this one of the larger cock I had ever had in my hole. To get more leverage he lifted my left leg to the middle chain, opening up his access to my boycunt, he soon lifter my right leg to the chain as well, I was holding onto the top rail and bounced on his cock, the twink giving up any hope of sucking my load out began jerking my cock instead. I rode the daddy for about 10 minutes and noticed several of the curtains had parted and the occupants were jerking their cocks to the sight of my hole being pounded on the ropes, daddy leaned in and whispered just load enough for everyone watching to hear “oops the condom just broke” I began to bounce harder knowing his raw cock had invaded my bowel “just keep fucking me” I moaned back at him, several of the voyeurs began orgasming realizing I was going to take daddies load. Daddy pushed in harder pushing me up into the rail as his cock began to spasm, my as clenched down as my own orgasm sprayed over my fellow twinks face, he buried my cock in his throat as Daddy made a show of it and spewed the last spurts on my back and ass. The twink came up on the platform and daddy licked the cream from his face and began making out with the boy, before guiding his cock to my hole, giving me my second ride of the night. I knew it was risky to take this boy raw, but I was dammed if I was going to wait for him to suit up. He didn’t last long which was good as shortly after he blasted his load into my hole, an attendant came in to clean the room, I friend of mine but still he was at work and our orders were to keep it safe. I worked the baths for three years while I obtained my undergraduate degree, I was beginning to make a good living freelancing software development and application programs, but was offered a internship at a company that was making inroads in the technology world so I took them up, following my own business plan of making sure my freelance work didn’t impede on what I was developing for the corporation. I was offered a position with the company when my internship was over, pulling in a good salary, complete with bonuses. I continued going to the bath house throughout my obtaining a graduate degree, my friends who worked there knowing my fondness of cum would save up the full condoms and give them to me, a throwback to when I used to work there and collect the used specimens myself. I liked empting them into a jar then using the cream for lube or making cum ice cubes with the mysterious liquid, I was a cum junkie, occasionally inserting the cubes in my rectum then working the defrosting cum into my hole with a dildo. I worked for the corporation for several years until they got greedy and decided they owned everything I developed, claiming intellectual license on my software creations, they sued me for breach of contract for developing software for other individuals, I counter sued and won, I worked for them, they didn’t own me or my intellectual creations. I was beginning to tire of the fast life and corporate stresses anyway. That and shortly after my 19th birthday while I was still at college the health center called me in to let me know I had tested positive for HIV, it really hadn’t come as a shock given how big of a cumdump I had become and how I would get fucked bare behind closed door at the bath house on a regular basis, I never let it slow my sexual desire down I just kept taking and giving loads. I went through the early meds and the later cocktails bringing my viral load down and my t cell count up, in the early 2000’s I moved to the suburbs and began leading what some would describe as a quieter life, then 2 years ago after my settlement with the corporation I found my current home, a quaint estate farm house surrounded on three sides by farmland, several 100 acres that I now own. On the forth side is a quiet development, part of the original acreage of the estate which had been sold off to a developer around 2002. My new neighbor was a single mom with two teenage sons 15 and 16. Cheryl the mom told me the boys were just 11 months apart, as I got settled in and renovated the farmhouse to my liking Cheryl, Tyler and Jackson were of great help. Over the past two years I’ve become good friends with Cheryl, and have become a male role model for Tyler and Jackson her sons, Tyler turned 18 earlier in the middle of the week and Cheryl and Jackson were over at the farmhouse, getting assistance on putting the final touches on his birthday party for tomorrow evening, when Cheryl realize she had forgotten some of her notes. I offered to run over and get them for her, she handed me her keys and I rushed across the backyards and onto her back patio, unlocked the back door letting myself in then hurried up the stairs to her study, passing Tyler’s room as I went, hearing noise coming from the room I peeked in to notice in the dressing mirror the reflection of Tyler, shirtless and his shorts around one ankle, lying on the bed one hand wrapped around his cock the other fingering his hole, his tablet propped up playing what looked and sounded like bareback porn. I passed by quietly and went back down stairs, opened and closed the back door loudly and hurried back into the living room, shuffling Cheryl’s notes on the coffee table as if that was where I found them, Tyler joined me thinking I had just walked in, and not had caught him masturbating upstairs. “Hey Tyler your Mom and Jackson are over my place, putting the finishing touches on your party tomorrow, we just finished dinner but there’s still some left over, come join us” Tyler now dressed in a clean white tee shirt and loose fitting basketball shorts, although it did little to hide his deflating hard on, acted like nothing had been going on, and followed me across the backyards and back to my farmhouse. He greeted his mom and brother and began chowing down on the leftover meatloaf and potatoes, indicating he had just got home and was changing out of his work uniform when he heard me come in to get the notes for his mom. We finished up the preparation and I sent the three back home, knowing I’d be seeing Tyler again soon
  2. LaTrobe PA 2/20

    will be in Latrobe PA Tuesday night will take all loads no questions, just breed me.....
  3. Bonjour from Paris... just moved to Paris from the States. Looking for older tops... any advice on where to meet for bb sex, or advice is appreciated. Merci!
  4. Part One: A Blinking Light ********************************************** A bump in the road snapped me back to reality. It was nothing more than a gravel driveway, and I slowly navigated the darkness, the crunching sound of tire on stone and rock the only audible noise, heading for my destination. My stomach lurched with every tiny bump and pothole I hit. Yes, I was really doing this. My mind began to wander back again to our conversation just a few minutes previously. I had been driving when the telltale flash of my phones status light told me I had a message, that distinct orangish hue indicating it was from Grindr. I was in the middle of nowhere so I did what I shouldn't have and flicked open the app. He had started simply enough with a "hey man," and little did I know it would be anything but simple from there on out. As I always do, I flipped to his profile to see what I was dealing with: no picture, 46, 6'0", 145#, top, right now, positive. My pulse quickly sped up with that last part. It didn't say undetectable. Ordinarily no picture means instant dismissal but a guy on Grindr who straight up said positive was a rare find indeed! Of course guys who say positive often mean undetectable, but still the thrill of his stats (that one in particular) had me intrigued enough to respond. "Hi there." "You looking for some fun sexy stud? Slightly older guy here, but always ready to please." Slightly corny, but okay, I was still horned. "Depends on what you have in mind for me." Vague and elusive, I wanted him to give me more so that even if he turned out to be one of the thousands of flakes, at least I'd have something to beat off to when I get home. "Looking to slide inside a young buck such as yourself and ride him until I unleash my seed inside." A barebacker it sounded like, just my type of response! But now for the real test. "Sounds hot, you got any pics to share?" My phone fell silent for a moment. I knew it, he was one of those guys who probably hit up everyone in range just to amuse himself. I set the phone back down and returned myself to the task at hand of driving, though I noticed with slight amusement that he had definitely gotten the blood flow going down there. And then the steady pulsing of the notification light returned. He had responded. Oh fuck! His pictures took my growing uncut 7-inch piece straight to a solid state. His first pic was a full body shot. He was definitely rocking a semi-wasted look. He was thin with a hint of rib cage showing beneath his well-tanned skin, a nice but not too thick pellet of fur on his chest. His face was slightly gaunt, a thick but trimmed beard and a buzzed head. Thin, hairy, and veiny legs supported him, but his cock... my god, it was true what they said about wasting men--it makes their cocks more impressive. It looked long, uncut like mine, with an ample shaft but a quite impressive head that definitely flared out under the hood. It was the type of head, much thicker than the shaft, that would create that feel of a suctioning plunger inside an ass. There was a second picture, an even more impressive close-up of his wonderful monster. Now clearly hard and pointing at an erect and upright angle the head looked solidly larger than the shaft as I had noticed from the first picture, and just the tip of his piss slit peaking through the opening of his foreskin with a succulent and substantial strand of precum dangling down. I was sold. I responded with a picture of myself and one of my ass, as clearly that would be the most interesting part of me to him. I am a pretty good looking guy if you can get me to admit it. I stand 28, 5'11", 179#, fit though not muscular or ripped, but well exercised from all the sports I play. My chest is smooth, my skin a lightly tanned color, and my ass nice and firm--a slight bubble to it--and just a hint of fuzz on it. "Boy, I would love to be inside that beautiful pink hole, unleashing my seed inside you." "Fuck yeah man. It sounds like you play raw and shoot positive seed, right?" Again my phone fell silent. Had I perhaps broached that topic too quickly? I'm not one for small talk usually, but maybe this time should I have held off slightly, let the conversation develop more? The flash returned. "Prefer raw here, boy. My cock doesn't appreciate plastic. Oh, and my seed will change you - if that's what you want." Fuuuuuuck. It was. "It is, but your cock looks quite large, not sure that head will make it in!" "It's the hardest part to take, but once it's in, you'll never want it out." "Where are you?" This time there was no pause. Up popped the little map clip with the marker. Holy hell, he was just a few miles ahead. I was on a state road, but at 11:00 PM it was all but deserted and dark from the thick woods on either side. I had driven this road many times and had never noticed a house along my drive. "Looks like I'm driving toward you now and would arrive at your place in about five minutes. Is that too quick an arrival?" "Not at all. That cock pic is me - now. I'm ready if you are, boy." "Then I guess I'll see you shortly!" "Fuck yeah boy. Just be sure, 'cause I don't stop once I start, and once I'm in my head doesn't soften until it has unleashed its load inside you." Music to my ears. "I want it." "See you soon." And now, just a few minutes later, here I was, his small house in front of me, deep back in the woods. I parked, turned-off the Jeep, and took a deep breath. Last chance. I opened the door and stepped out into the crisp, cold, late-night air of a fall evening. Another deep breath and a pause. I turned and walked to the door and knocked. A few seconds later I heard footsteps approach the door. A hand on the knob, and the door opened. "Come on in," a voice said from inside. The room was dark, I couldn't see him in there. One last deep breath. I stepped inside.
  5. an acquaintance of mine started chasing--for real--recently. he had been taking loads a long time, but it was not until he talked to one particular guy that he finally admitted he was chasing. luckily for him, given what he wanted, he found a poz guy not on meds nearby. the guy was supposed to start taking meds in a couple of weeks. that weekend he took 3 loads from this viral guy, big dicked, hard fucked, followed by fucked by an even bigger dick. the viral guy came back the next week and dumped two more loads. a few days after that, my acquaintance woke up with the sheets soaked, and showing all the symptoms of fuk flu. two friends told him that they had f.f.u symptoms for a few days and it was over. same thing happened to my acquaintance. btw, the viral guy is not going on meds for a while, and they are going to team breed. anyone else heard stories/knew people with what one might call short course fuk flu? he still has not tested, so it is possible he had....the other flu(s).
  6. Posted 1 minute ago · Report post the swimmer's gift. I went to the baths that night, after revealing to this hot poz guy--he was so proud of being poz and wanted more--that I was not poz after all. I had claimed this for two years, hoping to interest him in meeting me. it never worked. so I figured it was time to come clean. in his low-key way he did not have much to say, other than asking if I was trying to convert. I had to think about it. "If it happens, it happens," I claimed. "that means you are chasing." he was quite definite in that assertion. maybe he was right. "I have been taking raw loads for fifteen years. nothing." "The next load could be the one." I could not argue that. I had heard stories of guys who were stunned to find out they had converted--finally. in any event, all this talk got me really horny. I visited some bareback porn sites and jacked off. usually that dulled the edge of desire. not that night. I was thinking about going to the baths anyway. my mind was now made up. I suppose in the back of my mind I was thinking about bottoming rather than topping, which is what I did usually. I would get a room, as always, dim the lights and see what would happen. if nothing did, then I would make the rounds. I think I got there just in time to snag one of the last available rooms. I was stoned, and feeling feisty and fine. I looked as good as I had in a while. so instead of a boring towel, I put on an old Bike jock. I had taken a blue diamond before I left home, so I was hard. I pushed my average sized cock down to face south. it was quite apparent I had a boner. I wondered if my lust for raw seed was as evident. I looked in the mirror. wow. I did have a set look. I smiled and winked. I decided to walk around for a while and see what was what and who was whom. in the next corridor, the second door, I stopped cold. while the guy had turned the light down really low, I knew who it was. it was our high school's champion swimmer, who set national records, went to the Olympics. we graduated the same year. he and I never spoke during school, so I was hesitant to walk in on him. he was "nekkid" as they say in our part of the country. and hard. his prick was a little longer than mine, and thicker. "what are you waiting for?" he asked, amiably. I was to find out that was what one might call a double-edged sword. "Uh...what are you into?" I walked in. he indicated I should close the door. I did so. when I turned back around, he was standing there. he began to feel me up as we kissed, his hands exploring my jockstrap. "Damn, man. you are fuckin' hard." "Damn man, I am fucking horny." Pause "You like to fuck?" "Yeah. raw only." "Raw is the law in my world." without pushing my jock down, he got me on my back on the bed. he did not seem to have lube on the shelf by the bed. he did have a bottle of poppers. thoughtfully, he grabbed them, took an incredibly long huff in each nostril, and his mouth, before offering them to me. I started to inhale. he tried to enter. I stopped him just long enough to inhale just enough to let me take his dick. I capped the bottle and tossed it on the bed. "Are you ready, Alex? "What are you waiting for?" With that he pushed his cock in all the way, all at once. I cried out. he laughed. he pulled out and did it again. and again. and again. I ran my hands up and down his chest and sides. he had a wonderful body in high school. it was more worked out now, yet I could feel his ribs. he must have been on a diet. then it hit me: chuck is not only poz, he is full blown. that is why the lights are so low. by now, he had torn me up into what I imagined looked like hamburger meat, and enough precum had leaked out, I supposed, that it was a little late to say, "stop." we traded the poppers bottle and he surprised me by kissing me, hard. he cut my lower lip. I returned the favor. I felt that warm salty feeling of blood. I knew that blood and saliva could pass the bug. by now I just did not care. he kept kissing me for a long time. I wondered if he would ever come. he must have bred at least once that evening before me. he was sweating like a farm animal. he kept at it, his lips on mine, his cock thrusting deeper, as he pulled my hips toward him. "I know you want this. I am giving you what you want." "the gift?" I whispered. he came kissing me, our lips a bit bloody. he smiled, as he pulled up. he did not, however, pull out. he kept his cock in my ass. "Let the seed cook." we both laughed. finally, he pulled out of me and seemed to lose interest. I was about to ask if I could fuck him (my cock was semi-deflated, but I knew I could put a spring into its step--so to speak). his answer "leave the door open when you leave. he took his towel and dried himself. there was no more conversation. he was done with me. I wondered how many other guys he would breed that night. as it turned out, I watched him breed another guy later. I blew a load watching him. it was the second load I blew that night, the first one being in a guy's butt. I wondered then if these were my last neg loads? more to come?
  7. Born to be a pig bottom

    I've been shoving things up my cunt since I was 12. Always wanting to play with my hole like it was my main sex organ. As I grew older I found out that it would turn out to be true! When I entered high school I did what most of us do. I buried these feelings deep down inside of me, so far down I never wanted them to resurface, then in my senior year I had that moment of vulnerability, that moment of temptation. He was the catcher on my baseball team. He was hot, he was cocky, he had a smoking bod & we had a bromance going on. In hindsight I think we both knew at the time what we both wanted to do with each other, but it never needed to be said. We could both sense the sexual tension in the air & we needed to get it out of our systems. I lost my virginity to him and his 11 inch cock & I didn't even cry. Sure it wasn't easy getting that massive thing inside me, but I was determined! He plowed my ass while my little bottom boi dick bounced around and dribbled pre-cum. From then on I was hooked! After high school I would learn how to use my hot ass and twink look to seduce all the big dicked tops! I would wear jocks and thongs to show off my hole. I got my first booty bump from a porn star friend. from then on my cunt became insatiable and needed bigger cocks, bigger dildos, and bigger fists! I watched as my once pucker shaped hole transformed into the puffy lipped slit shaped cunt it is today. I've been mounted so many times my cunt dilates and puffs out on a single touch. In the sling I can take a fist all the way to the elbow. I was born to take it in the ass, I was born to be a pig bottom. Now that I've started my bug chasing phase only one thing remains. My used cunt recently sprouted its wart farm. I love fingering my cunt and feeling around in my currently bumpy cunt making those cuntflaps of mine all swollen and puffy! Now all I need is the gift and my journey towards the dark side will be complete. I will fulfill my destiny as a poz pig and hopefully be collared by some master to be a pet party pig to pass around and gang bang with all their friends! Oink oink!
  8. Woke up this morning with Ty (LittlePrEP) sucking me hard before he sat down on it for a raw ride. He knows that its way too soon for all of the Truvada to be out of his system, but that's not slowing him down. He shot all over my chest twice before I released in him. I gotta get him knocked up ASAP so I can sleep in again. But I am loving it. I can't wait to watch him seroconvert, and we both are stoked for him to fuck it forward once he has it to give.
  9. I made it back to work yesterday. Thanks to the long holiday weekend, I only missed two days because of the fuck flu so far. I told my co-workers that I decided at the last minute to join my family at our summer cabin and needed extra time for all the driving. They bought it, except HR knows I called in sick. I can't have my co-workers knowing the real situation. Meanwhile, everyone noticed that I lost weight and still look pale. I blamed it on food poisoning, which is believable for how Mom cooks sometimes. Luckily, I got the code for a men's room on an unleased floor in my building because I am still dealing with the occasional runs from the fuck flu. It's up two flights of stairs but I have made it there okay when I needed it. Anyway, a summer intern named Lee has been flirting with me ever since he arrived. I was tempted many times, but HR is constantly reminding us to not sexually harass the summer interns. Don't flirt back, don't touch and don't fuck. The comprehensive list of don'ts from HR has never covered giving the interns an STI or HIV, but maybe that goes without saying. I have always been very careful to not even come close to the line, but things feel different now that I am Poz or at least seroconverting. So, when Lee comes into my office wearing one of my favorite outfits I let him stay and talk. He's wearing a polo and khakis, with perfectly matched brown belt and polished oxfords. He's compact at 5-7, 130. According to the jeans that he wears on casual Fridays, he has a 30-inch waist, but those jeans fit him loose. I'm sorry, I've gotten close enough long enough to satisfy my need to know. But today Lee is in flawlessly ironed khakis and a polo. The reason that this is my favorite outfit for him is that the polo is a shade of blue that perfectly matches his baby blue eyes. Lee has dark brown hair that slants down across his forehead, and thick eyebrows that sit above his baby blues. Lee's hair is always cut just right so that it is undeniably a man's cut but still shows the fullness and rakishness of youth. Lee has a gentle look despite having a prominent nose one size too large for his face and somewhat full lips. He's 25 and has subtle laugh lines that appear when he holds his lips just right, which is quite often. He has flawless, snow white teeth. I can see from his bare forearms and the smooth skin that lies behind the unbuttoned opening of his impressive polo collection that he has a smooth body. His skin is light but not pale. As though he once had a tan that should have left him a few days ago but that couldn't bear the sadness of separation. He also has two o'clock shadow that never leaves his face. A beard that doesn't dare overwhelm any of the other fine features of Lee's face. I bet he only shaves once a week even though he is 25. And yet the stubble clock is permanently set to 2:00pm. Or could it be 2:00am if I was able and allowed to take him to bed? But it's always the baby blue eyes that stop me short. Soft and gentle, quietly soliciting your gaze and encouraging you to see the mature young man as a growing boy awaiting your kind guidance. I once had to ask Google Maps for directions back to reality after getting lost in Lee's eyes. But there is Lee was standing in front of my desk. I've made him stand in that exact spot during every visit to my office. Never gesturing for him to sit, and never encouraging him to come around to my side of the desk. Lee has tried many times to obtain permission to move from his assigned spot, but I never yield. Lee will tell me that he went for a run and his legs are so tired. No, no sitting. Lee will ask me to show him something on my computer screen. No, no coming around. You can see just fine from there, and I don't want you to see this bulge in my pants. Lee has a concerned look on his face, and his eyes appear anxious for assurance that I am okay. Instead of seeking confirmation of a forbidden mutual attraction, his eyes seek to draw more information out of me than I have given my co-workers. Lee asks many questions. Slowly. One by one. Listening carefully to every answer. Laying on a smile for encouragement and letting some of his Tennessee drawl charm me into giving more details. Of course, I have no choice but to continue the lie about the summer cabin and food poisoning. Everything I tell Lee is true in one way or the other, it’s just something that happened on another summer weekend. Lee has his Vanderbilt coffee mug in his hand. I never let him in my office long enough to drink from it. But now he is slowly inching it to his lips, then holding it with both hands and sipping. He squints as the hot coffee hits his tongue, and looks me right in the eyes. Oh fuck, I was staring. Lee swallows, and lowers the mug. My own Wisconsin mug is on my desk, empty. Do you want some? Lee is holding the Vanderbilt mug out, gesturing. Oh, you little fuck. I tell Lee that I don't want to get him sick, but he says it will be fine, telling me to take just a little sip from "my" side of his mug. You brazen whore, now I have my own side of your mug? The mug is too full to hand across the desk, so I tilt my head to the side and raise my upturned hands - acquiescing to Lee's previously unrequited longing to come around to my side of the desk. Lee offers me the mug. I place one hand on the bottom, but I have to use the handle because it is so hot. My fingers wrap around the back of Lee's hand. It's soft and smooth. Lee slowly releases the handle and pulls his hand to his side. I cup the side of the mug exactly as Lee did. And I squint as I take another long journey into the depths of his baby blue eyes. I keep hold of the mug when I lower it, and I begin to run my index finger around the rim. Slowly. Back and forth. Lee is leaning against the wall. He clears his throat. Oh, here's your coffee back. Lee repeats his sipping ritual, and then treats the mug to the same rimming ritual that I displayed for him. Hey Andrew, you know you've promised to take me to lunch. My summer ends soon because I have to intern at another firm, too. Us interns are supposed to have lunch with as many people as possible in the office. I'm falling behind. Maybe today would be good? You manipulative bastard. You know you have me. I can't let you fall behind, Lee. Meet me in the downstairs lobby at 11:30. The power play would have been to make Lee come get me at 11:30, and then leave him waiting outside my office. But I am happy to skip over that play in favor of the prospect of something more pleasant. Lee straightens himself up and thanks me for agreeing to lunch. He turns and walks out of my office, with my eyes on his splendid ass every step of the way. Sitting alone, I ask myself what the fuck am I doing? Right, I'm Poz now. I am doing what I want to do. Bar Siena is the place that I choose for lunch. It’s easy enough to get a last-minute reservation, has some menu options that are sufficiently expensive for an expense account, and the tables are far enough apart to not be overheard if the conversation strays into the red zone. I only had to deal with the runs once all morning, so I felt confident at lunch time. It was nice out. I grabbed my sunglasses and the Cubs hat off the hook on the back of my office door on the way out in case Lee wanted to walk to Bar Siena. Lee was waiting in the lobby. He saw the Cubs hat and sunglasses in my hand and asked: How did you know? What do you mean? I scored the Cubs tickets that Ed offered on email if you have time and want to go. The little fuck must have seen the Cubs hat on one of his many visits to my office, or asked around. I explained a few things to Lee. First, we should have left earlier if we were going to have lunch and make game time. Second, I have work to catch up on. Third, I am still not feeling great. Lee thought that he had the answers: We can Uber up to Wrigleyville and eat at Chicago Diner. It’s quick and I can get us a booth. I’m sorry you’re not feeling super great, but we don’t have to stay for the whole game. Lee delivers all of this with a smile, sparkle and layers of southern charm. Who told Lee that I like the Chicago Diner? His plan is almost perfect, except I have inside information that even Lee would not know. So now I get to explain: Ed loves those seats and he knows everyone that sits in every seat in that section. He will be pissed off if we leave early because he could have given the tickets to a true fan otherwise. Lee frowns. Well, if you can’t go to the game I can find another intern and we’ll put the tickets to proper use. He reaches out and lightly touches my forearm: But I really wanted to go with you. Okay. Here’s the deal. If I need to leave early, you have to promise to stay at least until the Seventh Inning Stretch. Lee smiles and nods. I text my afternoon plans to my secretary from the Uber, at least the part about lunch and the Cubs. I don’t have any other plans in mind for Lee, but my mind is filled with possibilities. I notice in the Uber that Lee has a manbag with him. What’s in there? Lee shows me a Cubs hat and t-shirt (both gifts from the firm), sunglasses and sunscreen. Well, isn’t that special? The bitch is prepared. We climb out of the Uber just north of Roscoe and Halsted in front of Chicago Diner. Lee takes the lead, and we are greeted by a skinny, tall blond kid that must be his connection for the booth. That’s a very friendly hug and quite the friendship kiss right on the lips. The booth is perfect, next to the door away from the noise of the kitchen. Lunch goes by like most of these summer intern lunches except that Lee has many more follow-up questions about my life and career. Every question reveals to me how much effort Lee has taken to learn about me. I’m flattered, but I can’t reciprocate. The only information that I know about Lee is what the firm provided on his summer intern bio – plus his waist size, which I spied on my own. I had purposely decided not to poke around for more information because I didn’t want to tempt myself and tiptoe my way into something inappropriate. No, better to leave it alone. Until my change of status emboldened me to return Lee’s flirtation this morning. There’s no time for dessert, but I get some eye candy when we step back out onto Halsted. Lee excuses himself, steps into a little alley and peels off the polo. Smooth from neckline to waistline and nipple to nipple. Not even a treasure trail, and no pit hair. I watch in awe as Lee retrieves the Cubs t-shirt, stows the polo, then dons the t-shirt. Lee managed to remain shirtless for the longest possible time during that wardrobe change, doubtless for my benefit. All of my Cubs shirts are at home, I tell Lee. Pounce. Do you live nearby? We could stop! No time. We get through security and to our seats just after the National Anthem. I’ve used Ed’s tickets before, and some of his buddies recognize me. The man seated next to Lee is particularly talkative today, but he engages me only as an excuse to draw Lee into a conversation. I’ve had a crush on this guy forever. His name is Caleb. He inherited two seats from his uncle. He’s dark-haired with a light beard. 5-9, 140. According to his Grindr profile (which kills me when it says he practically no feet away but I am getting nowhere), he’s 28, partnered, on PrEP and a versatile top. I guess I’m not his type because the most I have ever gotten out of him is a Hello. I wouldn’t even dare to approach him on Grindr just to have him reject me or rat me out to Ed as a faggot. What I know from real life at Wrigley is that he has a great chest with dark hair that makes a cross up and down the center and across from the end of one nipple to the other. He has a large written tattoo on his left pec that says Know Thyself in a masculine, stylish script. Caleb’s shirt comes off at the top of the third inning. Caleb tells the story of the tattoo in endless detail. Go Fuck Thyself, Caleb. He’s here with me. This sucks. Lee is getting hit on, and the Cubs are losing. Caleb wants to know if Lee has a tattoo. No. If you were to get one, where would want it? There goes Lee’s shirt, and with it my prospects for scoring with him. All the better, I really don’t need to be knocking up a summer intern. Even one with Lee’s lean, hairless, glistening torso. Then things turn around. Lee tells Caleb that he thinks I would look sexy with a tattoo on my chest. What? Did he say sexy? Is he trying to send a message to Caleb to cool it, or to me to heat it up? Lee continues: But Andrew would never do that because he’s Jewish. What? Now that is freaky. None of my professional bios reveal my religion even though there are some volunteer positions that I could disclose. And how does he know that Judaism forbids tattoos? But, hey Andrew, if you could get one, what would it be? I want to say a biohazard symbol. But I say Leviticus 19:28, and explain that that is the scripture that says to not etch yourself. Lee laughs, and I think that even Caleb is impressed with this flash of wit. Lee wants to know where the tattoo would go. Show me, he says. I’m not taking my shirt off here. If any of Ed’s friends are listening to us, we are so fucking outed already. I don’t want to make it worse. Lee runs a finger horizontally across my abdomen, just above my shirt but not touching me. I bet it would be here. You’re crazy, Lee. On my chest, but it’s too hairy for a tattoo and not hairy enough to be sexy. Now I’m using the word. Lee offers to buy me a beer if I take off my shirt and show him. I haven’t had a drink since I came down with the fuck flu. It’s hot. And the beer guy in this section always serves ice cold beer. Lee motions Sammy over. Three Bud Lights get poured. Lee won’t hand me mine until my shirt is off. There I am. Pale. Skinny. Hairy in patches. Caleb is manly. Lee is suave. And I am unremarkable. God damn, this beer tastes good. Condensation drips onto my chest and droplets snake their way along the irregular path of hair down toward my midsection. Lee tells me not to spill. Dude, I am ready to spill, and I haven’t even touched you yet. John Jay ties the games for the Cubs in the Sixth Inning. Do I want another beer before sales end? I decline, but Caleb buys a second round for himself and Lee. That’s cool. I no longer feel rejected, intimidated or threatened by Caleb. Fuck it. Lee likes me. And why would I want to fuck a guy on PrEP anyway? Ian Happ gives the Cubs the lead in the Seventh Inning, and a great day at Wrigley ends with fans flying the W. We stand to go, and Caleb high fives Lee and even me to celebrate the victory. Alright, Dude, I guess I would fuck you or even let you do me – but that’s not happening. It’s cool. No wonder Ed likes you, you’re nice. We get our shirts on and shuffle out of the park. Caleb gets lost in the crowd, so its’s just Lee and I as we pour out onto Waveland. The crowd is thinning enough for us to easily stay together, but also thick enough for us to get separated if we’re not careful. Who the fuck is putting their hand into my hand? I’ve walked out of Wrigley hundreds of times. But the only time I ever did it with another man’s hand in mine is when I came to the park with my grandfather. Lee the rookie leads the way, guiding us through the crowd heading east on Waveland where the crowd thinned quickly after the intersection with Sheffield. You can let go of my hand now, Lee. But we stroll along Waveland hand in hand. Lee says he’s hungry again. We can get something at Whole Foods and eat there or go back to his place. Lee tells me that his building is just a few blocks north of Whole Foods. My own building is only a few blocks east. I am shocked to learn that we live so close together but I have never seen him on the bus, until I realize that he must take the Red Line train because it is a shorter walk from his building. I struggle with the hot food and salad bars at Whole Foods, trying to find something that looks good. My appetite is still way down from the fuck flu. Lee helps by filling my bowl with a helping of whatever he puts in his own bowl. I follow him from station to station until Lee determines that we have enough food. I look toward the bottled juices and water display, but Lee tells me that he has drinks at his place. Oh, so we are eating at you place? I pay, and we exit Whole Foods heading north. It’s too early for Lee’s flatmate to be home, but he’ll probably arrive soon. Lee says its oaky, that his flatmate is cool and they both have guests over whenever they want. It’s a beautiful two-bedroom, two-bath rental on a high floor. Immaculate. Lee’s flatmate has the master, but Lee’s bedroom is right next to the guest bath and he has that to himself most of the time. We sit at the long kitchen counter and eat. Lee is three years older than me, but he has no experience working at a large firm. He has lots of questions. But mostly he’s troubled that I’m not out at work. I try to explain that I’m neither out nor in, and that my private life is disclosed on a need to know basis. Lee thinks that sounds fucked up. What about your sex life, is that also on a need to know basis? What? Lee is grinning and his eyes have a devilish squint, leaving just enough of the baby blues exposed to reflect the afternoon sun into my own dark eyes. He got me. The banter is unnerving. I have learned one bit at a time since we met for lunch that Lee knows more about me than I know about him. Lot’s more. Lee gets quiet, and looks down at his empty dinner bowl. Mine is barely touched. He opens his mouth to speak, but sticks his fork in it instead. Sucking on that upside-down fork seems to help his thought process. Then he tells me: You should go. I shrug, stand, straighten my shirt and place my hand on Lee’s shoulder. Hey, thanks for a great afternoon. Lee bends his arm up and places his hand on mine. He’s red in the face. Andy, wait! Nobody from the office calls me Andy. Ever. I use Andrew in all of my professional bios, even on Grindr. I know you didn’t go to the cabin this weekend, Andy. And I know why you had to lie. Lee spins his stool around and looks up at me. Our hands are still atop each other on his shoulder. Then he looks down again, this time at our stocking feet. My stomach is in knots and I think I will throw up. The kitchen sink is right there in the counter where we were eating, so I choose that as the receptacle just in case. Or maybe the bathroom, but where was it again? Lee leans his head into my chest. This is hard, he says. I read about Bjorn are the next words out of his mouth. More words follow, muffled as Lee speaks into my chest and drowned out as 100 thoughts stream through my mind. Eventually, all voices quiet. You know you can access the site without even having a profile, right? Your picture is right on the front fucking page, Andy. Shouldn’t you be more careful? Can you tell me why you did it, Andy? I know what Lee is asking. I respond: Didn’t you read that post, too? I can’t say it out loud to him. I’m a victim. I want to be like my heroes that have HIV or AIDS, or have died or will soon die from an AIDS illness. But I say: It’s just me, Lee. Lee’s response startles me: It’s me, too. Come on Lee, no it’s not. Why not? You’re not the only one, he says and then continues: So why did you fuck that dorky guy without a second thought, but you hesitated with Bjorn? The dork was just a trick looking for a risky thrill. I fell for Bjorn. I don’t know what I would have done if Mark hadn’t told me Bjorn was chasing. Lee asks me: Would you have bred him? I don’t know. I probably would have let Mark do it. I’m sure he would have. He did me. Then Lee bursts out: Oh God damn it. Well, it doesn’t matter because I’m on PrEP. So can we just fuck already? I tell Lee to show me his Truvada. He goes to the master bedroom and returns with a bottle. Let me see. You can see fine without holding it. I have to pry the bottle from Lee’s hands. Unless your name is Roger, these aren’t yours, Lee. Lee slowly walks back into the master, dragging his feet. When he returns, he looks at me forlorn. He is sad and disappointed. Disheartened. We sit on the barstools facing each other, both of our hands in each other’s hands. I’m miserable for him, but I’m not infecting him. No fucking way. I’ll sit here and listen, then I’ll leave. He can find Mark or somebody else on Grindr. Whatever. Wherever. Whoever. Whom the fuck ever. Not me. What’s wrong with me? Why did I do it to Bjorn? Or even the dork for that matter? Oh wait, Lee’s talking. Can you repeat that? So, Lee basically had already said out loud once what he now had to repeat so I can hear him this time. With practice having said it once, Lee sat up with confidence and spoke with clarity – and with his baby blue eyes trained on me with unyielding intensity. All I want is to carry one man’s love inside me for the rest of my life, Andy. I want to share a destiny with a man who has touched me like he loves me. We don’t have to be together forever. We don’t even have to be together ever again. But I want to be together with a man forever. When I die, why should it be for any reason less than that? I got caught up in the moment with Bjorn, and I’m not sure that I should have. I’m going to be more careful. I’m standing my ground. My dick is staying in my pants. Lee goes on: I know you like me. I’m not sexy like Bjorn or Caleb, but I’ve seen you return my glances so many times. I would never have done anything if I didn’t read what I saw online yesterday. Plus, learning that you are Poz and reading about how you are dealing with it made me feel even closer to you. But I respect you, Andy. I don’t want you to do something to me that you’re not sure about yet. Shit, my hands are shaking in Lee’s hands. Lee’s trying to make it easy for me to leave, and that’s making it impossible for me to go. When you say forever, does that mean no meds? Lee thinks. I don’t know, Andy. I would have to decide that when the time comes. Lee’s honesty unbalances me. The illness, the beer, being in the sun. All of the emotions of the last few weeks. I would have been on the floor if Lee didn’t leap up and catch me in his arms, knocking over his barstool. Wow, Buddy, come lay down. Lee walks me to his bedroom and closes the door. The room is dim and cool, but I am sweaty. Lee guides me into the bed, and pulls off my shirt and socks. He leaves his own on, but lays down in front of my, fitting his 5-7 frame back against my 6-1 bundle of mixed emotions. I awake in darkness to a soft snoring. Lee is out cold. He’s had a rough day, I suppose. It’s hard being a summer intern. I run my hand up his chest, inside his shirt. Firm. Smooth. Gently rising and falling. Lee pushes himself harder into me, still sound asleep. I think as hard as I can. It’s the Seventh Inning Stretch. Either I hit some runs or I take the loss. But what does it mean to fly the W when I’m Poz and Lee is Neg? Does he really know what he wants or is asking for? Still asleep, Lee’s feet rub against my own. He’s still wearing his socks. Well, maybe I should remove his since he removed mine. I kneel at the end of the bed, facing Lee’s feet. The first sock is carefully removed, exposing Lee’s bare foot. The sock smells of sweat. I kiss the sole of Lee’s foot. It tastes of sweat. Then the other foot, again smelling and tasting of Lee’s hard, sweaty day at the office and ballgame. Lee has little feet, and they’re hairless. I imagine that his entire body must be hairless until I run my hand up his calves inside his pants and feel some soft hairs. Lee rolls onto his back and opens his legs, bending them up slightly to confirm the invitation. He removes his shirt, loosens his belt and unbuttons his khakis. Then his hands rest on his flat, firm abdomen. I unzip Lee, place my thumbs under the waistband of his underwear, and pull down until the crumpled ball of clothing requires that I finish the removal by pulling down from the ends of the pant leg openings. Lee assists, and his pants are on the floor. He is smooth everywhere I can see except for his calves. His thighs are impossibly smooth, and laying against his right thigh is a thick piece of uncut meat atop a big set of hairless balls. I stand up and remove my own pants and underwear, freeing a raging 6.5 inch hardon that is striving to get to 7.0 but never, ever will. Lee turns onto his stomach. He flexes his glutes, dimpling the sides of his ass. We’ve had plenty of pregame festivities, mostly emotional. Lee is ready for the first pitch, and for that I will head to the mounds. I pull his ass apart and see that there is hair on his midsection after all. Lee shaves his pits and crotch and who knows where else, but apparently doesn’t have the nerve to take a blade or buzzer to the on-deck circle. I can’t fuck him without eating him first. It looks too succulent. He smells of sweat and stinks like a bathroom stall at Wrigley after a few innings of play. And he tastes better than a ballpark frank with mustard and pickle, never ketchup. Now I’m hungry. I lap at his anus and lick it. It’s a big slit on a small guy, taking a wide stance to catch whatever pitch crosses the plate. Lee grinds his asshole into my face. He swirls his butt and puckers his hole. My hands knead his buttocks and my tongue needs to go as deep into the bullpen as I dare go. My tongue curls and his asshole sucks me in. Lee is practically fucking himself with my tongue. The warmup ends as I crawl on my knees further up in between Lee’s legs, which he parts even further to accept me. Lee’s hands are at his side, palms upturned. Lee leaves it to me to take him as I so desire. I spit on the head of my dick, and I spit into my hand and work the wet into my shaft. My cockhead rests at Lee’s entrance, and he sucks my dick in just like he sucked my tongue in. But now I can go as deep as my regulation-size bat will go. One smooth swing deep into Lee’s warm, moist receptacle. And he grinds, and he bucks, and he fucks himself from below up onto my bare cock. I spit some more when I can, but little more is needed. I am able to slide into home and back out again over and again. The fit, the motion and the friction work together to turn a single into a double into a triple on the way back into home. But no runs are on the board yet. I stay inside Lee’s Neg ass as I move onto my side, feeling him match my movements with the right motions of his own to keep us connected and position us for another inning of Poz on Neg play. Lee raises his right leg and hooks his arm behind his knee, expanding the playing field for me. I wrap my arm around Lee’s taut chest and squeeze his nipples, first one then the other. Again, Lee fucks himself into me. He is working it like an All-Star. My hesitation about Pozzing him is gone. He wants his spot on the team, and I want to give it to him. I’m afraid that if I don’t cum soon I will never cum at all. But I can’t do it until I kiss Lee. He said that he wants to be touched like he is loved. Are you reading this, Lee? I love you. That’s why I kissed you on one side of your neck and then slid my arm under the other side of your neck and let the palm of my hand find its way to your cheek, to pull turn and pull your face into mine for our lips to touch. The lips that shared your Vanderbilt mug. The lips that exchanged nervous smiles for weeks before you discovered something about me that brought us together for a night of love. Your lips on mine, Lee. My lips on yours. Your tongue where mine usually is, and my tongue hunting inside your mouth for a fresh flavor of sin. Surely sin is in you, as it is in me. That’s why I learned that you squint when you kiss just like you squint when you sip coffee. And even in the dark, your beautiful blue eyes radiate warmth like the sun reflecting off the gentle waves of Lake Michigan and the wind sends the sailboats into harbor. That’s why my hand found its way down past your shaved pubic area to your erection and slowly massaged you while we stayed entangled and enmeshed. I think that’s why your orgasm overflowed my hand with semen and my own cock burst inside you. Am I right? That’s why I finally had to speak up and tell you to take it: Take my Poz cock, Lee. Take my Poz load. Take my Forever Gift. I want you to have it. And I fucked it into you so that it would never leave. That’s why we slumped down into the bed and slept until my hand was glued to your penis and my own penis was glued to the inside of your ass. That’s why I found out exactly what the 2:00am stubble feels like on your handsome face. And Lee, that’s why when I walked home in the coolness and dark of night, I understood for the first time in a long time why men love men. Damn it, I have to stop falling in love with the tricks – it’s too hard! Please don’t tell anybody that we fucked! Or even flirted. Sorry, I changed your name up a little bit in this post to protect the guilty. -Andy
  10. Liam stopped in unannounced yesterday afternoon. It was his infection (he was stealthed) in April that made me resume my chase out of sympathy and jealously. Liam walked right past security at the front desk and was knocking at my condo door. I dragged myself to the door and panicked when I saw it was Liam. At least I had a shower earlier and was decent, but the condo was a mess. He knows that I'm home so I have to let him in. Plus, he is my best friend that I met when we were freshmen at UW Madison. He's cute, but we never dated or hooked up. He is 5-8, 145, my same age. He is Irish Catholic which is funny because I'm Jewish. He has dark brown hair very neatly cut, fuller on top with a nice wave that cuts across his forehead. He has deep-set dark brown eyes, a pointy kind of nose and thin lips. He's pretty pale and smooth, but he still gets acne on his chin sometimes, like he had yesterday. He has narrow shoulders and a small waist, but manages to not be a total waif because he is so active. He looks and is nice and trusting, which is how he was talked into letting his guard down and not using protection with a guy that told him that he was Neg and on PrEP. Oh Liam, if only you had sent me the Grindr screenshot before you hooked up with GoodExercise I could have told you the truth about him. I could have protected you. Liam looks around at my studio in disbelief. I always keep it so clean and tidy but couldn't keep up the last few weeks first because I was too busy getting fucked by GoodExercise and then because I am now seroconverting with a wicked fuck flu. The place also stinks. Liam looks at me closer. I'm sweaty. I haven't shaved and I need a haircut. And I've lost at least five pounds. I try to cut the interrogation off at the pass and tell Liam that I have a summer cold or maybe even the flu. He calls bullshit. It's not that I'm such a unskilled liar, its just that he knows me so well and the fact that my face is red and I'm looking down at the floor is evidence that he is not going to dismiss just to be polite. Then he continues: Andy, your mom called me. She's worried sick. Now so am I. Don't make me have to drag it out of you. But I tell Liam that I need to keep things to myself until some tests come back because I don't want to worry anybody and anyway he can't keep a secret and I don't want to put him in the middle of anything. Now Liam is red in the face. We are standing in the kitchen so I can get some water because the stress is too much for me, and Liam looks like he is going to punch me in the chest. He's so fucking tense. Then he looks up at the ceiling and starts thinking to himself. He gets a cute little smile, then a frown, then a little light bulb goes off and he chuckles. What's so fucking funny? I get a tight hug and an I love you, Andy. Liam says he understands and that he won't tell anybody. He says: I got HIV, so now you had to go out and get it, am I right? Don't lie or you're dead. Liam promises not to tell my family. We go sit on the edge of the bed to talk some more. It was Jacob, wasn't it? You two got back together and you let him infect you on purpose! Why? I want to play along that its Jacob, but Liam knows Jacob and will confront him. Also, I still like Jacob - he's a dark-haired, olive skinned, deeply closeted Mormon boy with amazing emerald green eyes and a fit little frame that I have nothing in common with other than great sex and sometimes good food and music. Oh yeah, and Jacob is Poz. His dick is too big and his awesome ass is too delectable for condoms as a top or bottom. Jacob broke up with me when he got HIV to protect me from getting it from him. I told him 100 times that it didn't matter and that I would be fine, but Jacob said he couldn't live with himself if he passed it on to me. Of course, getting back with Jacob is a possibility that has been on my mind the last few days when I am awake enough to think straight. But maybe not except for sex because the marrying kind of love was never there for us, I don't think. I tell Liam to please stop blaming everything on Jacob. What does it matter? I think I got it at Steamworks. Liam's not buying it. He bites his lip so hard that I think my lip is going to bleed. You fucker! After what he did to me? Now I should go to the cops. Liam whips out his phone and pretend dials 911. He looks so stupid doing it, I pick up my phone and laugh and do the same thing. Liam grabs for my phone, and I grab for his. We end up rolling and wrestling around on the bed. Not a fair fight because I am so tired and Liam was a JV wrestler. He has me pinned, face down and he reached under my body and tickles my ribs. He knows exactly where to touch me to make me giggle. God damn it, Drewboy, you are a sick fuck. If I jumped off that balcony right now you would do it, too. You better take care of yourself. I'll tell your mom its just the flu, no worries. I feel so close to Liam, and he feels good on top of me making me laugh and feel good. But I know that I can never tell him that I will not be taking meds. That would be too much, at least for now anyway. Liam rolls off of me and gets up out of the bed. He flick on the TV and goes straight to HGTV. Come on Liam, it's House No. 3. Do we have to watch this? Liam tells me to shut the fuck up and get up because there is work to do. He spends the next 45 minutes cleaning my studio. Trash, dishes, bathroom (so gross!) and Swiffer. Then we turn off the TV and go out to the balcony as sailboats come in for the night from Lake Michigan and fools in the park send up fireworks. They broke the mold after they made Liam, they really did. Liam says he has to go, but he stops and gets his phone back out. He texts me the link to his HIV doctor. I do a much better job lying this time when I promise to call and make an appointment. That's not going to happen. I sit alone and think about things. Why am I doing this? I could make an appointment, right? I grab my own phone and look at the link Liam sent. The doctor is nice looking. But then I go to YouTube and pull up a bookmarked video featuring Pedro Zamora. He died of an AIDS-related illness two months before I was born. He's Cuban. So sexy. He and Jacob share some common features even though Jacob is not Latin at all as far as he knows. Pedro is in a hospital bed, and I want to join him for a conjugal visit. Who will remember me the way so many people remember him? Mom will. Liam will. And they'll still love me just like Pedro's gay family and straight friends still love him. The next app is Grindr. There's GoodExercise, he finally unblocked me after I found him on here and begged him to forgive me for flaking last summer and to give me what he gave Liam. Which he did. Mark (GE) suggests we find a bottom for a 3way. Chicago clears out on holidays, so who's around? Mark tells me to just be ready in 20 minutes and he will stop up with or without a third. Fifteen minutes. Nothing. Eighteen minutes. Nothing. Twenty minutes and 30 seconds. Knock! Mark demands punctuality. Boy, I learned that the last few weeks. But he also is always on time himself. Aside from what he did to Liam and who knows how many others, he's a really nice guy. 46, 5-11, 185. Decent shape. 7c and thick. Reliably big loads. Amazing rimmer. Two men are standing in the hallway. Mark and our third. Hey. Shake. Hey. I'm Bjorn. Andrew. Hey. Nice place. Thankfully, Liam helped me out there, but would it have mattered? Mark never mentioned Bjorn before, but we have only been talking for the last few weeks (when we're not fucking or I'm not dealing with the fuck flu that he gave me). From Minneapolis. Visiting a friend from college. 24. Very fit. Slim. 6-1. 170. He has tiny bags under his eyes, except they are not bags because the lines are so sharp and they are not puffy. Short dark hair. Heavy scruff almost a beard and even heavier in the mustache area. Dark eyes. Straight, long nose prominent on his rectangular face. Full lips that part with a smile to reveal large central incisors that look strong like all of the features on his masculine face. Character lines and even narrow vertical dimples that appear with ease and disappear with barely a trace. Bjorn is handsome, manly and quite fucking lovely. Little curls of chest hair protruding above the collar of his t-shirt. Hairy forearms and legs. Watch on backwards. Blue workout shorts and a white NYPD t-shirt. Are you joking me? This guy is sexy! Mark is a friend of Bjorn's college buddy, and they all had brunch last weekend. Bjorn has been trying to get Mark in bed, but Mark has been busy with a friend at home nursing a sinus infection. That's a good one. This is Bjorn's last night in Chicago and Mark almost turned him down again, but Bjorn dug for more information and finally got Mark to admit that he is banging me. Mark showed him my picture, and Bjorn wanted in on the action because I'm cute. I'm cute? Dude, you are fucking going to catch my condo on fire you are so hot. Bjorn wants to see the balcony. He takes in the view as cars go by on Lake Shore Drive and some fireworks still light up the sky. I stand right up against the side of Bjorn, and Mark is standing behind me, rubbing his hardon into my ass and kissing the side of my neck. Why aren't you all over Bjorn, Mark? You've had me plenty the last few weeks. You've had me completely, in fact. Mark gets on his knees behind me and pulls my shorts down to my ankles. The concrete has to be rough on his knees, but his tongue is even rougher on my AIDSHole. Oh, that's a favorite word of his that Mark taught me. My balcony is pretty private and the nearest building is too far away, too far down, or too far to the side for public exposure to be a big risk. Still, this is nuts. Bjorn looks behind me and sees what is going on. Then he looks in front of me and sees my 6.5 inches at full tilt. Bjorn is my exact height, and he turns facing my side left side and places his left hand on my right cheek and pulls me in for a kiss. It must be a cool evening because a chill is running up my spine. One warm tongue buried in my freshly diseased fuckhole and another tangling with my own for a quite unevenly matched battle for who can seduce whom the quickest. Bjorn's right arm extends and the tips of his fingers touch the bottom of my scrotum. Did I whimper? I didn't mean to whimper. I do this shit all the time. Bjorn steadies me with his left arm because I am losing my balance. It's a long way down. Mark is still tonguing my hole with all of the confidence of a world class safe cracker but none of the finesse. Bjorn is smooth, Mark is crude. Bjorn slides his fingers against my scrotum and rests his thumbs on one of my balls, making me sway. Then his open hand cups my balls and his fingers slide back further along the ridge of my perineum. This is not right. Something happened and I don't even have a clue what it might be. Bjorn flicks my tongue with his and pinches and gently pulls a hair down along the path of least resistance. My ballsac is resting against the smoother part of the inside of his forearm, which he pushes up to apply pressure to my nuts while he pulls down to ring a five alarm fire with my intimate hairs. You fucker. Stop this right now. Don't make me fall in love with you, not even for this one night. And then there is a reprieve but not release. Bjorn continues traveling his hand down my love path until his index finger is swirling around my pucker, fighting for space with Mark's tongue and using his saliva to smooth the move. Mark has to feel Bjorn's hairy knuckles on his lips and chin. I can hear Mark sucking on Bjorn's finger, and then I can feel that finger penetrating me. Bjorn explores my inner space as deep as he can with his finger, then another. Oh God, let me be clean. I've had the runs from the Fuck Flu so much and I have eaten so little that I must be clean. But please do not embarrass me with this man. Bjorn withdraws from my nether region, ends our kiss and moves his scruffy cheek against the side of my own unshaved face. He leans in and whispers: Can I suck you? No. No you cannot. Because you cannot even be here. Did I whimper again? Did my dick just ooze another pearl of precum? Bjorn places his hands on my shoulders with his forearms on my chest. He slowly lowers himself to the floor of the balcony, dragging his forearms and hands down my torso until his hands end their journey on the sides of my hips. Bjorn places his sruffy chin up against the base of my cock and looks up at me. His tongue lays against the baggy skin handing where my penis ends and my scrotum begins, all the while Mark's tongue lingers at the place where my Negative life ended and my Positive life began only days ago. Bjorn laps his way up my shaft until his mouth is poised over the head of my cock. Bjorn wraps my cockhead with his tongue and shrink wraps his lips over that crown. This may not be survivable. I steady myself with my hands on the sides of Bjorn's head. His fresh haircut has left sharp ends on his soft hair, and now his full lips are leaving soft kisses on the end of my freshly Poz penis. No, definitely not survivable. Goodbye, World. I knew I would go, but I did not think quite so soon. Us Jews don't believe in Hell, but the heat between my legs from Bjorn and Mark makes me think that the Devil must be climbing up from the balcony below to welcome me to his domain for the sins that I have committed in the past 22 years. Bjorn is a master, and his light beard tickles my groin as he presses into me and constricts his throat around my cock before allowing us both to relax again and draw some air. I think he likes how my hole felt, too, because he is back there again digitally penetrating me and then having Mark suck and slick his finger clean before he slithers back in alongside Mark's yielding tongue. When Bjorn finally leaves my hole to Mark's sole attention, he runs his hands down the inside front of his shorts and pulls the waistband down below the underside of his dangling ballsac. It's dark on the balcony, but Bjorn's manhood makes a clear impression. Is it 8 inches? Maybe. Is it uncut? For sure. And the light hits the base just right, placing into relief the pubic hair that mid-way up his manly shaft. I promised Mark to bottom only for him until I confirmed my HIV status with an OraQuick. But Mark and I both now that I am in the middle (or maybe end, please) of the fuck flu. Maybe tonight I can feel what its like to have those manly shaft hairs rubbing against the sides of my rapacious rectum. Thank you, SAT prep for that word. Oh mom, you invested so much in me. And this is what I do with it. You always say that you just want me to be happy. I am. Bjorn manages to get himself out of his shorts, but he almost loses them over the side of the balcony. Stomp! I step on them at the last second. Dude, I saved your wallet, right? I owed you one, but now you owe me one. Wanna come through for me? Bjorn grabs the shorts and then stands up. His dick could lift an HVAC unit to the top of the Hancock like a construction crane, its so erect and powerful. Mark stands up, too. His knees crack with a sound that echoes against the walls of the balcony. Twenty-four rises with the hushed sound of fine engineering, and 46 rises with a slightly less reassuring sound. Still, I have just had two men, each sexy in their own way, wooing me with their best moves. I want them both. One for the first time and the other for round too many to count. I pull my own shorts the rest of the way off as Mark leads the way back into the condo, and I follow with Bjorn right behind - both of us bare-assed but with our shirts still on. I remove my shirt and sit on the side of the bed with Bjorn and Mark facing me. They have red knees. Dudes, you didn't have to do that. But I loved it. Bjorn removes his shirt, revealing his broad shoulders. There is a patch of thick, dark hair covering the center of his chest that travels up to his neckline and across the tops of his pecs. His midsection above the navel is smooth elsewhere except for rings of hair circumnavigating his little nipples. The pale skin of his abs is marked with muscle. The cuts are not deep, but the muscles are drawn with precision. Bjorn has a full bush that spreads across the tops of his hairy thighs and travels up to his navel. He is more than half-hard, with the foreskin almost fully encasing his glans. Now that we are inside I can see how thick the hair is that travels mid-way up his shaft. The skin on his dick looks smooth and soft except for that hair, which drives me wild. Bjorn lights up when he sees Mark get out of his shorts, revealing his thick, stiff dick. Bjorn reaches down and grabs my hands in his, and pulls me to my feet. He pirouettes me around so that I am standing beside Mark, and he falls flat back onto the bed. Bjorn has his big feet on the edge of the bed and he scoots forward so that his legs are bent upward and spread open. He is hairy everywhere I look except for his massive, smooth balls. I drop to my knees and prepare to feast. Bjorn reaches his palms around to his ass cheeks and spreads himself open. His tiny hole is nearly ridgeless. A darker and thicker pink ring surrounded by a wider, redder outer ring bordered by hairs that sometimes pierce the perimeter. Mark thumps me in my arm with the side of his foot, and tells me to get to it. Bjorn slides himself a little closer, and I am drawn closer to his opening. I can smell how ripe he is even before my tongue lands on his shithole, which I French kiss with not so tender loving care. When I pull back, I can see more. Now Bjorn little hole is open just enough to say welcome home. And it glistens with my spit. Mark stands on the bed and grabs Bjorn by the ankles. He spins him around so that he is in the center of the bed. I climb up and get between his legs with Mark still holding him spread eagle. Bjorn has his hands behind his neck, and he is looking up at Mark and then down at me with a grin. Mark lets go of one leg and retrieves the lube from under the pillow where he knows I keep it. The lube lands right on Bjorn’s dick. Were you aiming? Anyway, Mark gets Bjorn spread eagle again and I lube up. I glide my cock from the upended spot at the base of his back to the periphery where the hair of his ass ends and the smoothness of his balls begin, then back down again to his waiting anus. I’ve only fucked one other guy since coming down with the fuck flu. A dorky guy that I knew was chasing. But I didn’t know what to say or do with Bjorn. Mark cleared his throat. I look up and Mark gives me a nod and says: He knows. My heart flutters and my dick pulses. I glance down at Bjorn. Every feature of his face says Breed Me. His eyes are slightly narrowed, staring into my face with hunger, longing and determination. His mouth is drawn closed, with his lips almost imperceptibly pursed, exposing his character lines and lifting and coloring his cheeks. I run my hands along the hairy inside of Bjorn’s thighs. The firm muscle and soft hair captivate me. My cockhead is right there, awaiting nothing more than for me to marvel at this sexy man that wants something from me that he will get from no other man in his life. I slide in past the head, then most of the way back out. In some more, out a little less. In and out like that until the last movements are perceptible only to the nerves at the end of my penis and on the walls of Bjorns rectum as our nerves intertwine and our juices intermingle. I was overwhelmed by Bjorn’s physical beauty and the tenacious calm that he displayed while revealing himself to possess a dark desire to bond with me and my HIV forefathers just as I had revealed those same desires about myself to Mark in this same condo less than three full weeks ago. Bjorn wrapped his rectum around my cock, uniting us physically. And it seemed that he wrapped my aorta around his heart, uniting us emotionally. Bjorn could not be more exposed to me, but I was doubly exposed to him in a way that felt many times more dangerous than the mere passing of a virus from one lover to another. I rested my face on the side of Bjorn’s muscled calf, and I rested my soul on the side of his embracing spirit. Bjorn rubbed his calf and his spirit against me and into me, and I lost myself in him. He took all of me. Stroke by stroke, spurt by splatter. The seed that has been with me since adolescence and the virus that has been with me since I became a man. The moment did not end until Mark guided Bjorn’s legs down onto the beg, along my sides. I leaned forward into Bjorn and stretched out on top of him. He hugged me. Then his hands roamed down to my backside and his index finger reunited with my anus. Mark lubed us both up, and Bjorn slid his uncut cock up into me until his girth had me gasping for air. I steadied myself, and let Bjorn have me. Bjorn fucked me like this for a long time. Mark laid down beside us and caressed me, kissed Bjorn and stroked his own cock. I could only look at Bjorn in the eyes for a few moments at a time because I kept thinking that I might cry. What I let be done to me, Bjorn just let me do to him. Was it right? Will he test the love of his family and friends? Bjorn pulled me in and kissed me. Then he whispered in my ear once again, like he did on the balcony. Can I cum in you? I whimpered again. I was shaking. Then Bjorn was shaking. Jolting. Pounding. Emptying. When we recovered, Bjorn slowly retreated from inside me. I rolled onto my side, into Mark. Mark knelt between my legs, kissed my cock, lifted my ass off the bed, and lapped my asshole clean with his tongue. Then he did the same for Bjorn, before rolling onto the other side of Bjorn. We cuddled I was out like a light. When I came to, Mark was gone but Bjorn had me in his arms. It was almost 2:00am. Bjorn asked if he should go. I said to stay, and he did. I came to again a few hours later to the sound of the shower. I stayed in bed when Bjorn emerged, silhouetted by the early light of day. Gleaming. New. Mine to have loved, and mine to bid farewell. Bjorn asked if I was okay, he said that I got kind of emotional when he was fucking me. I wanted to sit Bjorn down and tell him about Mom and Liam and their concern for me. About how one must never know any of the truth and the other only the half that ends before getting to the part about me never taking meds. Does Bjorn share that dark secret, too? I smiled, and bent forward and lifted Bjorn’s shirt to kiss him on his treasure trail. Yeah, I’m good. Come see me next time you are in Chicago, okay? I texted Mark to come up for a bit. I told him about Liam. We talked, and I asked for help writing this post. But this I write and say alone: Bjorn, thanks for having me – all of me – in you. Share me. Spread me around. Keep me replicating in you and your lovers to come.
  11. I had been lurking on bbrt, getting hard to bug chasing fiction on here and jerking off to verbal poz porn on tumblr for a couple of years before I finally took my first toxic plunge. It was just before my 30th birthday and I was in my prime, 6ft, boy next door good looks, tight gym body with a round peach of an ass covered in soft fair bum fluff. I was turning heads in the bar and clubs but I was finding safe and vanilla hook ups didn't do it for me anymore. The sight of a condom in person or in porn was an instant boner killer. I started spending more and more time fantasizing about getting knocked up and began chatting to guys on bbrt. I lived in a small city with an even smaller and discreet bareback scene, at the time there weren't many open bug chasers even on bbrt. I'd already been through a couple of profiles and chickened out on few meets and was finding it difficult to find verbal gift givers, most guys were undetectable and looking for the same. It was a Friday night and work had been a bitch that week. I picked up some weed and beers and settled in for a night of cruising for raw cock. I don't know what clicked in my mind that night, whether it was my looming 30th birthday, the shitty week in work or the disappointing sex of late but I knew that night I would finally let my neg hole be flooded with a toxic load. I was getting a nice buzz from the weed and beer and had some filthy porn on in the back round. It was the kind where the guys were all obviously poz and even implied in some scenes that Toxic tops were pozzing neg bottoms without outright saying it, it gave me an idea to take a different approach online. Logging onto BBRT, I edited my profile, taking out any overt references to being a bug chaser and changing my status to "ask me" instead of "don't know, don't care." If tops could stealth then I could be a stealth bottom and steal the strain I craved. Before I saw what I wanted. His profile described a hung top in his 50s, status "poz" not "undetectable" which really got my attention, and seemed to be close by. Perfect! I messaged him and unlocked all my pics. He got back to me straight away, turns out he was a stoner and was at home high and horny too. We got though all the online pleasantries quickly, he could host and was only a short walk from my place, we were sexually compatible and both up for meeting now. Neither of us asked or disclosed our status in the messages. I supposed he assumed I was poz and, like many others on the site, was being discreet. I asked him to unlock his pics, it was a formality on my part I knew I was ready to give up my hole to him from our brief exchange but it would be nice to get a look first. The notification came through and I nearly came there and then. I was greeted by pics of an obviously wasted body and what once would have been a handsome face but was now sunken and had lined cheeks, mouth and eyes that gave him the appearance of cheeky chappy who would rough me up. Hanging between his skin and bone legs was a veiny flaccid monster, there was more meat on his poz cock than any of his other limbs. He didn't have any fully erect pics but I didn't need to see any more. We swapped numbers, he texted his address and we arranged to meet. I hit the shower and while douching had precum dripping from the semi I had since seeing his pics. It was always at this point before where I would text with some lame excuse to cancel and go have a wank thinking about what could have been. This night was different, although my heart was pounding out of my chest it was with pure excitement not anxiety. My cock was hard the whole 15 minute walk to his place, my hole was twitching with anticipation and instead of any conflicted thoughts I was filled with a focused, frenzied desire to take this strangers poz, hopefully unmedicated cum in my neg cunt. I arrived at the address and text to let him know I was outside, minutes later he was opening the door and leading me to his "flat" at the top of the house. It was more of a efficiency, containing little more than a couch facing a TV, a small bed in the corner, and a kitchen alcove, and what at first glance appeared to be a closet was actually an en suite bathroom. As soon as we were in the door we embraced and kissed. He was somewhat shorter than my height, but the kiss we shared ignited something it both of us and we could both tell we were in for a good night. His frail, small body felt so warm in my arms and instantly put me at ease. We moved to the couch were a joint was waiting, from the first kiss we were never not touching one another, a hand on a knee, a stolen kiss, caressing our hard-ons through our jeans. We were obviously from different worlds but had an instant connection. We made some easy small talk and finished the joint while watching some porn which would not be needed to get me going. I moved off the couch onto my knees and unleashed his hard cock from his jeans. The virus might have done a number on his body and his face but his cock was pristine, a good nine inches with a slight upwards curve, a wet purple head covered in the softest foreskin. When I took it in my mouth I could feel the veins pumping, filled with the poison I was here to take home with me. I didn't take long for us to get naked and onto his bed, his skinny smooth body felt amazing on top of my muscled frame. We were wild for each other, I hadn't been this hard since I was a teenager. I knew it wouldn't be long before I had his toxic cum pumping deep in my hole. I lay back and began to finger my hole giving him a little show, the look on his face was priceless. He was the cat who got the cream, I imagined he couldn't believe his luck having a hot young guy ready to be fucked raw. How was he to know I was the one in absolute awe of him and the poz gift he was going to unknowingly give me. Soon I was flipped onto all fours with his tongue in my sweaty hole, I was moaning like a bitch in heat. He pulled me back to him and I kissed him from behind tasting my ass in his mouth. While we were making out he lined up that perfect poz cock with my neg boy pussy. I fell back into doggie style as he pushed into my wet hole. I was in heaven, I finally had a toxic cock inside me. I arched my back and backed up fully onto that monster, wordlessly letting him know there was no need to be gentle and he got the message and went to town on my greedy cunt. We bucked and fucked in perfect unison. I had a raging boner which I never normally had when getting fucked before, I was feeling new levels pleasure in my mind, hole and dick I had never felt before. I begged him to "breed my hole" and "give me his load" and he responded likewise. Amazingly in my state of bug chaser ecstasy I managed not to let out the usual poz buzz words and give away he was knocking me up, I doubt he would have cared at that stage but I wasn't taking any chances he would pull out. I began to feel his cock getting even harder in me and those tell tale pulses, he was about to cum. I started to squeeze my now loosened hole around his beautiful poz prick. I turned my head and met his eyes, gave him a cheeky smile and told him to "give it to me." He didn't need telling twice and started to slam into my neg cunt. I almost couldn't believe it - his more-than-likely toxic poz cum was going to flood my guts! Additionally, for the first time fucking had never before felt so right and free. I reached for my for my fully erect cock and with one stroke let loose the hardest longest orgasm I had ever felt, spurts and spurts of useless neg jizz landing on the bed spread. This set off a chain reaction in my cunt, he seemed to have an equal orgasm to mine. I felt spasm after spasm inside me, the precious gift deposited deep in me that I was going to try and hold onto, hopefully to regift if it took. He pulled out and I turned around to clean off his cock, licking his sweaty balls, taking in the smell of him, moving my tongue up his torso to his lips and fell back onto the bed in a euphoric embrace. We lay there in after glow bliss kissing and caressing each other, running our hands up our spines inducing those after cum shivers I love. I felt reborn anew lying there, a new clarity had come over me, gone was the indecisiveness and the shame. I had made fantasy reality and it was more than I could have imagined. There was no going back. I knew now for certain I was meant to convert, it was my destiny to be free, to be a poz cum dump. The whole hook up had seemed to fly by but I checked my phone and a couple of hours had passed by, we were both spent and called it a night, agreeing to do it again soon. I was overjoyed leaving and now I was grinning like the cat who got the poison cream. I left my unwitting gifter with a passionate kiss on the doorstep and practically skipped home with his dirty load inside my ass. Several weeks later I came down with a nasty flu. I had to take a sick day from work it was so bad. Still being a horny bastard and bored at home I logged into bbrt and saw him online. He must have noticed me online as I got a text message from him looking for a hook up. I told him I was sick and decided to bring up the fact that I was neg, I asked if he thought there might be a change he could have pozzed me. He text back that there could be, he had health complications and wasn't always 100% with his meds, hence his "poz" status on bbrt. He seemed to worry then and responded with apologies, I told him not to worry that it was what I wanted I knew what I was doing. He replied by text that he presumed I was poz because "Poz guys are always amazing in bed." Turns out he was right.
  12. It wasn't a test for him, it was a certification. He knew the results. He sat there reminiscing about that night four months ago. The initial pain, and then intense pleasure had by all three of them would live in his mind forever. God damn they were hot! Daniel had connected over the internet with two rough biker guys, and had finally talked them into participating in his plan. He had invited them to the city, paid for their gas as well as a cheap hotel room. The visions of that night flashed in his mind, the night he gave into his dark side. "I wanna know the men who infect me, I wanna know my breeders" he told them. They agreed to perform the job and met him at the hotel. The encounter wasn't tender or romantic - it was rough and primal, filled with lots of grunting and moaning and completely filthy talk. Even Daniel found himself surprised by his own words, particularly when he begged the bikers to "Yes, yes give me your AIDs load, Daddy," adding "Knock me up good papa!" The bikers had introduced themselves as Jeff and Jim, but Daniel doubted the names they supplied were accurate, and the anonymity of the experience heightened the excitement. The bikers also got into the occasion, striving to satisfy Daniel's cravings by exclaiming "Sick lil' fucker! Lay there and get AIDs! Yeah you like these poz dicks up your lil fag twat!" One of the men went to far as to break into laughter as he shot his load into Daniel, labeling him "...another diseased cunt." The other guy was equally creative, exclaiming "Bang, you're dead now, motherfucker," as he blew his toxic cum into Daniel's ass. Daniel also remembered when the bikers spat on him and slapped him around. Laying on the bed on his stomach with his leg out to the side, he was bred hard as if his comfort didn't matter. Because it didn't. Sitting there remembering the night of his pozzing he was getting hard. Then two staff members walked into the waiting room, neither of whom Daniel knew, but he followed them into a private conference room where one of the two, a woman, as Daniel recalled, closed the door and explained "Your test is complete but I'm afraid we have some unfortunate results. You're HIV positive, Daniel, but not to worry," she added, "the diagnosis isn't bad as it was years ago, and we're here to help you." Daniel covered his mouth to mask his smirk. The woman mistook his gesture as indicating he was breaking down. "Would you excuse me for a moment? I really need to use the men's room," Daniel politely explained as he stepped through the door. As he left, Daniel thought "This is similar to my experience with Jeff and Jim. It's just like when, just before they left, they slipped me a heavy duty sleeping pill, leaving me to sleep through the entire night, naked, with a a plug up my cunt so their tainted seed would have time to incubate inside my ass." His wallet was empty, but that meant nothing to him. Stepping into the men's room, he could barely walk. Once there he removed the plug he had kept in his hole almost continuously for several weeks. He had been determined to make the most of his time with Jeff and Jim, and the presence of the plug kept his hole permanently dilated. Once he was behind the door of the restroom, he removed the plug, as he wanted to appreciate the work Jim and Jeff's cocks did on his rectum. The plug hit the floor with a thud. A large glob of cum oozed out of him. It must have been the load he took from a man he chanced to meet on the street, a load Daniel took while standing in a small, dirty alley, scarcely a block from the medical office where he had received the good news. Not wanting to waste the precious sperm, Daniel dropped to his knees and licked up the load, and then reinserting the plug, Daniel fixed his clothing, and slipped out the emergency exit. He had no interest in hearing a lecture on being positive or on safe sex. He had more important things to do than waste his newly certified freedom on a lecture. As he walked around the corner he loaded the Uber app on his phone and got a lift. Then he sent a text to a friend saying "Hey, wanna fuck and take my load?" His friend responded quickly "Fuck yeah, I want your load. I haven't had it in months!" Daniel smiled thinking "Oh, the freedom!"
  13. Finally getting around to writing a longer post on this thread, based on my personal experience and what I’ve observed and discussed with countless other guys I’ve met either in saunas, parties, or online. So let’s be honest about the decision to bareback (and the decision to chase). First a few acknowledgments: yes, it feels incredibly better than with a rubber, it is more natural, and brings a deeper sexual connection when you get filled with someone else’s cum. A lot of people here (including myself) have written that this was the basics for the decision to bareback. But the hard truth is that for me barebacking is self-harm, and being a cum dump is a way of getting instant validation from strangers without the risk of getting emotionally attached: how many of us know the name of the guy inside us? For me, barebacking is a form of self-harm because I’m neg and for a long long time I refused to go on Prep. I was chasing, and am still doing it when I’m low. In my mind, being poz would give me a sense of belonging, being part of a community, and I would finally have made a decision about myself that was truly mine, giving me a true sense of independence. But the truth is that this longing for independence and for belonging come from having been emotionally abused by a narcissistic mother and from an upbringing in the traditional countryside: I was different and never belonged, always trying to please everyone to seek validation, betraying my own self. Reading the fantasy story about the tattoo artist (gifting/chasing stories), I was barely surprised to see that Isaac/Zeek’s mother behaves exactly like mine; coincidence? On top of not belonging, such a parent also gives you the gift of severe low self-esteem, as I was never good enough and only existed for what I could do and not for who I am; but what I did was never enough to get her attention and inexistent love, and so deep down I feel that I am inadequate and good at nothing, only good to disappear from the surface of this planet; and chasing with subsequent full blown AIDS seems like a good way of achieving that. Thus, making the decision to bareback and chase (for they come hand in hand unless you’re on Prep) is in truth perpetuating the legacy of my abusive mother, perpetuating her abuse even when she is now hundreds of miles away (I’ve put a Channel between us). As a result, the decision to bareback was not really mine, it was that of my distorted mind, that of me as a kid 10 years ago. I do not believe in good or bad, but in true or false. This decision was simply not true to myself, to the person I am deep down; it was a decision to give voice to my self-destructive side, it was my mum’s and a straight-jacketed society’s decision. So there may be a few other questions to add to the path that leads to the decision to bareback: is it respectful of myself and others, is it kind to myself and others, does it make me grow as a person, am I seeking something from outside, a temporary fix, or am I enhancing my life? I find that barebacking without Prep answers negatively to all these questions, as does, for me at least, being a cum dump and also gifting. Being vers, I have found a direct link between my mood and which side I choose; I top when I am frustrated or angry and bottom when sad, tired, or despaired. And I want to gift when I am frustrated at the world and project my self-hatred onto others; gifters and alpha dominant males, ask yourself whether you are avoiding looking at your inner emptiness and scares and projecting your self-loathing onto others. Fighting, gifting or chasing do not require real courage; real courage is facing up to our fears (of being alone, of being abandoned, of not belonging) and emotions and learning to process them without using our fellow gay men; we get enough abuse from the straight world, no need to abuse each other on top of that. ·
  14. Samuel: I’m a 50+ year old bear, been positive for more than 25 years, with not quite the perceived look, but with the alternate look of someone who has been on the various drug regimens throughout the AIDS epidemic, not really wasted but skinny in my extremities, but with the uneven fat redistribution caused by drugs like AZT and crixivan, so slightly bloated belly look with little fat in face and ass. Was diagnosed less than a year after I met my current husband, most likely from my fucking around in restroom stalls and frequenting backrooms and bathhouses, and never getting tested until the early 90’s after one of my husband’s previous fuckbuddies was diagnosed with KS and AIDS. Well for the best part of time since my diagnosis I have been undetectable, and had no problem sticking to the three times a day, two times a day, 8-15 pills a day regimen, but when my doc got me on a single pill a day cocktail, damn if I can remember to take that horse pill, so much so that after glancing at the calendar it’s been a month since I last took one, bad bear. I have not suffered any major illnesses in the last 25+ years although there has been a couple close calls with opportunistic infections, mostly dermatological or gastronomical, but no major illnesses. But last time I tested I was no longer undetectable, 150 to 500 copies, and that was from just missing a couple doses, and know I been drug free for over a month, my viral load must be sky high. I had been having a rough night with my blood glucose being high I was having a hard time finding rem sleep, I tossed and turned throughout the night, my thoughts going to sex more often than not, it had been a little over two weeks since my last real ejaculation, I was downright horny. I finally got up early around 3am and started flipping through the apps on my phone, BBRT, A4A, CL to name a few, when I came upon a ad on CL: YNG Newbie in need of mature guidance Just turned 18 virgin cub ISO Daddy bear, show me the ropes, never been with anyone outside of boyfriend and we just kiss and fondle, Will be in town today and tomorrow touring collage universities, HMU if you’re Mature, kinky, Down for fun with a virgin and can meet me at my motel room early or late before and after our tours. + is a +, interested in exploring my wild side I started to bone up as my mind saw an opportunity for release, I emailed the poster and really didn’t expect much of a response, but about ten minutes later my phone pinged and I had a reply. Very nervous, never hooked up before, can we do this this morning around 8, staying at the RR inn off of **** room 210 Timing was perfect, dropped off my hubby at his work at 7 and made it back home in time to pick up my bag full of goodies, Dildos, restraints (If he was into that), lube, poppers, and at the last minute I threw in my cruel condom (not sure how kinky he wanted to get) the +is+ had me thinking this virgin was a chaser for some odd reason. I arrived at the motel and went up to the room and quietly knock, not wanting to raise any suspicion from the other guest (although this motel was popular amongst the working boys and girls if you know what I mean). I waited a few moments then the door opened and I was greeted by a mid-thirties Latino guy, who quickly ushered me into the room, my first inclination was to bolt back out the door to my car, but then I saw two boys laying on the bed in tank tops and basketball shorts, the one with strawberry blonde hair bounced off the bed and up to me, hugging me then planting a quick kiss on me “Hi I’m Dan the guy you have been messaging with, this is my best friend Jon and his step dad Manuel, you must be Sam” I sort of just stood there for a couple then replied “Um, I thought it was just us, you failed to mention these other guys when we messaged back and forth” “I’m sorry I just didn’t want to scare you away, I didn’t know if you’d be into a group scene or not, but I took the chance” Dan leaned in again and this time kissed me deeply our tongues intertwined, his hands caressing my body. Dan stood a little shorter than my 6’0” at around 5’10”, Jon was a bit taller at 6’2” and Manuel was maybe 5’8”, they all had lean bodies, Dan with Blonde hair and Jon with brown, and Manuel with the start of white peppering his jet black locks. They all were quite good looking, Dan and Jon were 18, Dan just turning a couple weeks before and Jon a few months older, Manuel was 32. Dan led me to the bed and slowly undressed me as Jon crawled over to me and began caressing my groin, as Manuel, began kissing me with Dan moving south as he sat me down on the bed, Manuel following me, his mouth never leaving mine as we began a deep make out session. The boys then got in front of us and began licking and tonguing our respective cocks Dan on mine and Jon on his Step dad’s impressive piece, neither boy seemed like they had ever done this before so their technique was not the best. Dan was not the best cocksucker but he was good enough to get me hard as Jon worked over Manuel, his step dad began talking dirty to the boy “Oh son, you have no idea how long I waited these last couple years to finally get you to service me, oh yeah lick those balls, take that cock deep oh yeah work for that daddy juice” Dan, having gotten me rock hard moved up and began kissing my belly then my chest and neck and finally his lips met mine again and he kissed me deep “Daddy make me yours forever, breed my virgin boi pussy with your toxic sperm” He whispered in my ear as he lowered his dry hole to the tip of my cockhead, which was drooling precum onto his sweet hole, he rubbed back and forth a bit then with a hard push dropped his ass over my ridged pole impaling himself in one swift motion, his eyes bugged out from the pain and as he began to lift himself off my cock I held him firm letting my precum seep into his colon, his now clenching sphincter trying to expel the invading rod of fire which he had impaled himself down into the depths of his own hell. I twitched my tool inside him and gradually let him slide up an inch or two before pushing him back down on my toxic staff, each time I lifted him up and allowed him to impale himself again he began to feel less pain and was soon riding my stick on his own. Now I don’t generally get to fuck 18 year olds and it felt great having my hard cock sliding in and out of that sweet boy hole, but I wasn’t ready to dump my load just yet so as I began to feel the urge, I lifted the boy off of my ridged cock and laid him beside me once again caressing his body and kissing his full lips. Seeing Dan with his pert just plowed hole laying there half on top of me, Jon abandoned his make out session with hi step dad to dive between his best friend ass cheeks and for the first time rim Dan’s puffy ass lips, Manuel took the time to head over to the bathroom, but instead of using the facilities he reached into a bag and pulled out a pill blister pack, poured a glass of water then offered me a little blue pill “Here with these two we’ll both probably need these” I gulped down a pill and then went back to being caressed by the two boys, while Manuel dove down and took my cock in his mouth to clean it off. It was a sight, seeing Dan and Jon playing with each other for what they say was their first time doing sexual things to each other, sucking each other and fingering holes, Manuel began kissing me again as the boys played at the foot of the bed, 69ing each other, he periodically broke the kiss to tell me of their situation, how he married Jon’s mother 4 years ago and he thought of himself as Bisexual but was leaning more towards gay as Jon’s presence was leading him more to darker thoughts of Man on Man sex. “So what’s in the bag my amigo?” “Just some toys, and supplies” He was curious so he opened the bag and placed the items on the bed next to the guys, he took the lube and greased his finger then began inserting his finger into his stepson, slowly working his index finger into the second knuckle, I moved around and used some lube and slowly inserted the dildo into Dan, rotating it slightly on the inward stroke then reversing on the outward pull, Dan began moaning as I increased the pressure and speed on which I was working his hole. His boi pussy was opening nicely, so I upped the stakes and grabbed the cruel condom and slid it over the toy, lubed it up then began working his hole again, by the time I had worked it in about ten times it was beginning to come out with a pinkish tinge, I rammed it in once more and pulled the dildo out, leaving the condom in Dan, who was already holding his legs up to his chest leaving his hole exposed for me, I stepped behind him and slid my still rock hard cock into the sheath and began fucking Dan in earnest, Manuel took the bloodied dildo and began working it into Jon’s hole while I fucked His Boyfriend/BFF, as I had not cum in like two weeks the added friction of the cruel condom brought me to verge quite quickly after I got over the initial pain of the metal mesh scratching and tearing the tender glans allowing me to bleed into the wrecked hole “Where you want my cum slut?” “In my ass Daddy” “You want me to shoot my Toxic load inside your wrecked pussy boy” “Yes Daddy cum in me give me your toxic load, Poz me up” With that I began shooting my 2 week old load into Dan as Jon and Manuel looked on, Jon with a dildo being worked into his hole. As I came down from my orgasmic high, my cock was still rock hard and dripping boy spunk from Dan’s sloppy ass, I looked at Manuel and Jon “Who’s next?” Manuel indicated Jon’s puffy lips as I slid over to Jon and slid in without the use of any more lube, just the CC sliding into my new boy, tearing up his ass as I pushed in. Manuel began licking and slurping Dan’s rose bud then slid his large Hispanic cock in and began pumping into the boy, pushing my toxic load deeper within the once virgin slut, relishing in the cum sloshing around his pulsating tool, all that cum was going to make him cum fast adding his negative seed to mine. Hearing Manuel rut in Dan’s gut, triggered my second load of the morning as I blasted Jon’s intestine with my toxic spunk. I pulled out of Jon and laid back on the bed, still rock hard but exhausted I pulled my two boys up to me and cuddled and kissed them both, while Manuel set to cleaning my slimy cock licking every drop of spunk and ass juice and blood off my ridged pillar. He then laid beside Jon and we cuddled and made out for a while. The sounds of men making out and caressing were the only sounds in the room, then Manuel got up and slid the CC onto my cock, lubed up his hole then sat down on my cock, you could see the pain in his eyes as he worked his ass raw up and down on the mesh sheath, he soon had the third load of the morning making its way out my piss slit and deep within his guts, all the while talking dirty on how he wanted my Poz load to infect him and the boys and that no matter which university the boys choose in this area I was going to be their Poz Daddy and he would rent a place for them and me to fuck our brains out whenever the need presented itself.
  15. I was in the doctor’s office for my annual exam. I had being seeing Dr. Phillips for a few years and I was pretty comfortable talking about all my health care issues with him. He knew that I was gay. Hell…he even knew that I was a bottom during sex. It was around 4:30 pm on a Friday afternoon and I was looking forward to the three-day weekend. I guess mine was the next-to-last appointment of the day. There was only one guy left in the waiting room. He was a slender guy, a little older than me, with average looks and short sandy hair. I didn’t pay much attention to him. After checking my physical responses, the doctor asked me the usual health and lifestyle questions. This year, however, my answer about whether I practiced safe sex was different. I told him that I had gotten fucked without a condom on several occasions. Surprisingly, I didn’t get the lecture that I expected. Instead, he asked me to explain my reasons for bottoming without protection. Hesitantly, I told him that I was becoming attracted to the idea of “bug chasing.” I said that I was attracted to the idea of taking poz cum. He said, “Are you aware of the risk that you might convert to being HIV-positive?” I relied, “I guess so. I haven’t thought about it that much yet, but the notion of routinely taking loads of some guy’s infected sperm is becoming increasingly appealing to me. It’s like breaking some wild kind of taboo!” The doctor said, “I’ve read up on this kind of behavior and it seems that most men professing a desire to be "pozzed" are really only engaging in an extreme sort of fantasy. Do you think that’s true in your case?” “No, Doc, I’m sure that that’s what I want. The whole idea turns me on for so MANY reasons!” When he heard this, his manner changed…more alert, more interested. He looked at me intently for a few moments, as if making up his mind about something. He said, “I’ve got an idea. It just so happens that the young man out in the waiting room has recently tested HIV-positive. We haven’t started him on any medications yet, so his Viral Level is extremely high. Why don’t I ask him to join us?” “You mean NOW?” I squeaked. I was still lying on the exam table, clad only in a thin Johnny that had been pulled up above my waist. I felt exposed and vulnerable. “Yes, right now! There’s no time like the present.” He then stood up, crossed the room and opened the door to the waiting room. I heard him tell his nurse that she could go home now. “Have a great weekend, Nancy!” he said. Next, he called out, “Mark! Why don’t you come into my office?” I could hear footsteps as the quiet young guy that I’d seen earlier came on in. He looked with a gleam of interest at my half-naked body lying on the examination table. The doctor said, “Mark, this is Alex, one of my patients. He currently is HIV-negative but he tells me that he’s been having unsafe sex recently in hopes of contracting the virus. Isn’t that right, Alex?” I could only blush in response. Mark stared at me with a wolfish grin on his face. Doctor Phillips continued, “It occurred to me that you two could help each other. Mark was telling me that he’s been getting very frustrated since his diagnosis because he stopped having sex. Mark, you don’t mind discussing this with Alex present, do you?” “No, doc! That’s ok. It’s just that I’m so HORNY all the time now. Do you think I’ll ever be able to fuck normally again?” The doctor then said to me, “You’re ok with this, too, Alex? We have your permission to help? I mean, you don’t object, do you?” I was confused. Help me? Help me with WHAT? I tried to say something…anything, but only a choked sound came out. “Well,” the doctor said, “the solution seems pretty simple. Mark, why don’t you go ahead and insert your penis into Alex here so you can commence intercourse. That will grant you the sexual release you’ve been seeking and Alex here can begin receiving the virus that he’s been trying to get. Go ahead, Mark, give him what he’s been asking for.” My head was spinning but I could only moan incoherently at the thought of what was about to happen. Was I just going to let this total stranger deposit his infected fluid deep within my bowels? Dr. Phillips voice brought me back. “Here’s some KY Jelly, Mark. Doctors always have plenty of that on hand.” At that, I felt a large stiff cock push inside me. Mark muttered, “Shit, doc! You don’t know how great this tight hole feels. You sure this guy Alex doesn’t care that I’m gonna flood his guts with my AIDS babies? Is that what you want, Alex? You want me to knock you up?” The doctor replied, “Don’t give it a second thought, Mark! It’s exactly what he wants. He told me so himself!” After Mark shot his first toxic load into me, Dr. Phillips insisted that he repeat the intercourse twice more “for good measure.” On my way out the door on wobbly legs the doctor slipped a small white appointment card into my hand. “I want the two of you to return for office visits until your HIV test comes back positive. Have a great weekend and see you next week!”
  16. The guys that get me the hottest are the guys with big dicks, sometimes hot bodies, but faces that are not traditionally handsome. I get particularly turned on if they are slightly pass their prime and even look like they have fallen on tough times. BJ Slater has a look I would call ugly/handsome and it gets me rock hard. Any others come to mind?
  17. HOW LOW WILL I GO? (A Fiction/Fantasy Story) Chasing started as a natural progression once I began taking loads bare. Something inside of me just hungered. For cum. More and more cum. And then not just any cum but viral loads. After months of taking every load I could get up my ass, including several HVL’s from HIV poz fuckers, I got my last test results -still negative. What does it take? How far am I will to go to get what my body needs to satisfy this craving? How low will I go? I was walking home from work one day and passed a guy, much smaller stature than me. At first I just thought he was a little guy. But when I glanced at him just as he passed, I noticed that he wasn’t a small guy. He was wasting. This was the first time I had actually seen a man with FULL BLOWN AIDS in person -naïve, I know. The thought of it had always terrified me until I began chasing. Now, taking one look at him . . . something happened. Without even thinking about it, I found myself following him another block to a black door in between two businesses. I knew there was a sort of hidden bathhouse somewhere around here, but had never had the nerve to check into it. I had always heard that the most hardcore and nasty types of guys went there. And every disease available was floating around from guy to guy in that place. The stuff of nightmares for the younger me. Now? It was the stuff that was making my dick swell in my pants and my ass involuntarily yawn open. I need something in me now! I followed the wasting man down the dark stairs towards the glow of a room opening at the bottom, filled with the sounds of pulsing music and the grunts and groans of pure animal man sex. After he payed his entrance feel, he glanced over his shoulder and saw me. I don’t think he’d been aware of me following him, but his eyes showed some recognition when they locked on mine. “Did you turn around and follow me down here?” he asked, his voice surprisingly deep, raspy and sexy. The desk clerk took my money and went back to playing on his phone, not caring what we did from that point on. “I, uh, yeah, I guess I did,” I admitted. I followed him to the changing area and stowed my clothes, while we continued to talk. “Why?” he asked me. It wasn’t a suspicious question. He seemed sort of playful at the thought that I, normal looking, ‘regular’, healthy guy, would follow him into a seedy bathhouse. I decided to just bite the bullet and be brutally honest. Nothing to lose, right? “Well, to be honest, the first thing that went through my mind when I walked passed you and really saw you was ‘sex’. Now.” He laughed, but not at me. “You really want to have sex with me? Do you have any idea what is coursing through my blood right now?” I swallowed over my dry throat and looked him in the eyes. “Yes, I do.” “And you still want me to fuck you?” The giant bulge in his jock told me that he wanted to fuck me, too. “Yes.” “You realize that I will only fuck you bare. And I will not pull out. You will get all of my toxic AIDS seed in you. Is that really what you want?” “Fuck yes,” I growled. He smiled a very devilish smile and yanked me by the hand to follow him through a couple of doorways into another dark space. I could hear sex happening everywhere around us, and it only made me crave it so much more. In fact, it wasn't just the sounds. It was the smells. That intoxicating blend of sweat and cum that has always worked better than a bottle of poppers for me. My stomach was a jumble of nerves, and I was both scared and excited at the same time. I knew that I was crossing a line that I couldn’t uncross. But logic had flown right out the window and I was just doing what an animal does, following my hunger. After a few minutes in that room my eyes adjusted to the dark. I could see a few different pairs, in the midst of their sucking and fucking, lost in their own worlds of depravity. Suddenly I felt his fingers at my hole, testing to see how tight or loose I was. It was going to be a tight fit no matter what given the bat he had swinging between his legs. It looked almost wrong -such a tiny body with such a huge cock. I suppose if he was at a healthy weight it might not have looked so extreme. But it was his wasted look that had gotten my attention, anyway, so I didn’t care. He pushed me down onto a small padded bench, giving him a better height and access to my opening. I heard him pumping his dick to full mast with a lubed hand, and then he started pressing into me. I knew that this was not going to be slow or gentle, and he just kept pushing, forcing my hole to open and take him into me. He just kept pushing and pushing, and I swear that I could feel my inner lining splitting a little. That little thought and realization made my heart thump wildly in my chest. Am I really doing this? He made me bleed, I’m sure. There is no escaping his bugs now. The force and heat in my ass naturally took over, and I found myself shoving myself back hard onto his huge cock. “Fuck yeah, take it!” he yelled, slapping my ass hard. He stopped only for one second when I felt his bony hips flush against my round ass cheeks. And then he yanked himself back, almost all the way out, and the drove back into me. HARD. I couldn’t help but grunt and growl. I was giving into the animal, I might as well sound like one, too. There was nothing fancy going on, no switching positions or breaks. He just stood there and pounded my pighole over and over, for at least fifteen or twenty minutes. I was impressed with his stamina, not knowing what to expect with his frail looking condition. As his fucking got even harder and deeper, it felt like his cock was growing even bigger inside of me. And I knew that he was getting close to cumming. This is it, am I really going to let him cum in me? I could pull off right before, it’s not too late. He started growling, and then spoke for the first time since he’d penetrated me. “I’m getting close buddy. There’s no backing out now . . . you’re going to get my load.” Oh, fuck, I forgot that he made it clear he would not be pulling out. The tingling in my stomach met with the fire in my groin and ass and I knew there was no need to deny it. “Fucking give it to me!” I yelled, surprising myself at how loud I’d been. “Knock me up!” “You want it? You want my AIDS?” he asked. “I’m going to pump you full of my toxic seed. Fucking knock you up with my AIDS babies.” “You got a neg ass there?” I heard one of the other guys ask. “Yup,” my fucker replied. Getting as loud and vocal as we’d gotten, I shouldn’t have been surprised that we attracted an audience. And they had all stopped their own messing around to watch me get impregnated. Knowing all eyes were on me taking this stranger’s dirty seed seemed to make something snap inside of me and I felt like a true cumwhore. Now all of the guys were yelling at us, at him, to get me pregnant, to trash my hole, to pound me and rip me up. And I was really getting into it, shoving back hard to feel every inch of him in me. My hole felt gaping, sloppy and wet, slick with my own ass juices, his natural lube and my blood. Finally he growled through clenched teeth, gripped my hips so hard it hurt as he impaled me balls deep as he emptied his balls into me. “That’s it, take it you fucking whore,” he finally panted as his cock began to soften after a few minutes. I looked over my shoulder at him and smiled. He smiled back and said, "You must be a fucking whore to follow a guy you don't know, who is full of AIDS, and beg him to breed you." He slapped my ass one last time and let his cock fall from my hole. So there I was, naked, on my hands and knees on a little padded bench, in a room filled with strangers, panting and covered in sweat, with a butt full of toxic high viral cum from a FULL BLOWN AIDS fucker. And I felt happy. And I wanted more . . .
  18. I spent the last two days taking high viral loads from an unmedicated poz buddy, taking five of his charged toxic loads between 7:00 PM Friday and 10:00 AM Sunday. I had been barebacking for years, and knew, of course, of the risks, but remained negative. Even so, I struggled with my fantasies and desires for a long time before I embraced the idea of activity chasing poz tops to load my neg but poz craving ass. Eventually I decided it was time, and made arrangements for this to go down with a long time bud. We’ve been friends for years and have enjoyed many experiences together at bookstores, bathhouses, and back/darkrooms at various clubs, so we've seen each other naked many times, and in fact have had sex in the same room while pigging out on our various sleazy escapades, but we had hadn't had sex with each other. Rather our respective role had always been to be 'wingman' or 'safe buddy' to each other, just to made certain each of us had someone there to help in case we got into a dangerous situation. Sure, I had fantasied of getting my first poz load from a random anon top who either let me know he was blowing his poz seed in me while he was cumming in my ass or after I’ve taken his load, but it never happened. After I decided I wanted my first pozzing experience to be an intimate setting where both of us were fully aware of what was taking place, I asked my buddy (who became poz randomly and not though active chasing), if he would help me out. We talked about it for a while and he agreed to be my first openly poz top once he was convinced it was what I really wanted. He came over Friday night after work with the mutually agreed upon plan that he was to dump as many of his poz loads in me as possible and we got right down to the business of making that happen. Once we were naked and in my bed he said, “Damn, you’re more nervous and excited than I have ever seen you before." I replied, “I know, it’s the combination of knowing what’s going to happen and the excitement of you being the one to initiate my journey.” It was then that we confessed to each other that we’ve both shared an unspoken interest in being more than friends and how hot our first time together was going to be. He was turned on by the excitement of pozzing a bug chaser and I was equally turned on by the excitement of giving in to my desires and finally letting myself get pozzed on purpose. I’ll skip over the boring parts of our hot weekend together and just highlight important parts. Our first fuck was amazing. We did it in every position possible for almost two hours with the excitement of knowing how we both wanted it to end, with him pozzing my neg ass for the first time. We finished in the missionary position so we could both share the enjoyment of that moment when it happened, exchanging a lot of intimate but dirty verbal chat as we worked up to that moment. When the time came we were face to face making out with each other and he said “I’m getting close. You want my load?” “Yes, cum in my ass,” I answered. “You know I’m poz and shooting dirty loads,” he replied. “Yes, that’s why I want it so bad. Give me your dirty seed.” “Are you sure? It’s not to late change your mind.” “I’m more sure than I’ve ever been. Please give me your dirty load", I said. With that, he went over the edge and started pumping his poz load in my ass. “Oh yeah, that’s it. Fill me with that toxic load Give me your gift. It’s what I’ve needed for so long,” I begged. “Fuck, it’s so hot knowing you want it so bad. I’m cumming so fucking hard in your ass right now,” he replied nearly breathless and panting with excitement as we locked eyes and I marveled in the joy of his facial expressions and his 'O' face. With that, I went over the edge and shot what could be my last neg load all over both of us (hands-free in what I’ve described as a pozgasm in a previous post). He collapsed on top of me when we were both done and we relished in the pure sexual satisfaction of what we had just done. He had pozzed me for the first time and I had no regrets. It was an amazing experience for both of us. He fucked four more of his charged loads in my ass before our time together was done. We enjoyed plenty of role play and hot verbal, including the scene where he was pozzing me during an anon scene where I wasn’t expecting it. They were all hot but none were equal to that first time described above. I'm looking forward to experiencing more sexcapades with this guy in the future as well as any other poz gifters I can find. Thanks for reading and commenting and hope my story wasn’t too long or boring before I got to the good parts.
  19. OK, ok, so you've probably heard this a million times before and I'm sure I'll get some nasty responses from some of you who have no time for it, but your responses will be appreciated regardless. After a couple of years of watching BB porn and getting fucked BB by my man, I want to get gangbanged by a group of guys BB. I just want to get seeded. I'm on PrEP and have been for a couple of years. I'm in a serodiscordant relationship and I've only taken a couple of loads from him thus far. Those of you on PrEP - how do you cope with the unknown? How many loads have you taken while on PrEP and remained negative? I just wanna get loaded. I don't want to convert, but I don't want the barrier there. Los Angeles has lots of local sex parties and group sex nights, but I'm just not sure, yet I am sure. I know I sound like total idiot, but the confliction is driving me nuts. I want nuts in my ass.... Any advice would be very much appreciated from you guys. Thanks in anticipation of your responses.
  20. This is a story in five parts, the first I've published. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. ------------------------------ Red Letter Day, Part 1. As he pressed the buzzer on the innocuous looking door on the side street in Madrid's Chueca district, Dan was shaking. What the hell was he doing here? It was 4:00 AM but the narrow streets were still busy, party-goers enjoying the night air, cooler than the scorching heat of the late Spring day but still without cause for a jacket. He paused again, looking around cautiously, making sure that no one else from his group was around to observe his indiscretion. But they were all back at the apartments that they'd rented for the trip. Ten guys and a token straight girl on a trip to Madrid over the spring weekend. They'd eaten tapas, seen the obligatory tourist sights, drunk copious amount of alcohol, and danced the night away. But whilst everyone else had gone back to the apartments, drunkenly stumbling the three blocks back to their weekend home, Dan had headed just a short walk away to indulge a craving. His boyfriend, Alex had called it an early night, having peaked a little too early and would be blissfully unaware of Dan's late-night diversion. He jumped slightly as a voice spoke at him from the panel. "Third Floor", the North American accent seemed out of place in the hubbub of a Spanish city. But he was reassured, the guy on Grindr who'd invited him to this party, a celebration of sleaziness, was Canadian. The door buzzed, he pushed it open and went inside. The door closed and the dark elegant entrance hall was suddenly quiet, cool, and still. It wasn't too late, he could still turn back, he could go to bed and pretend this hadn't happened, but something drew him on, pulling him by his nether regions up to the third floor. The door was ajar and he could hear music playing, the instructions on his phone had told him just to come in, no one would be greeting, they'd all be too busy. The small room off the hallway to his left contained a myriad of shoes and clothing, some in neat piles, some strewn untidily. He stripped naked, and paused to look in the full length mirror before folding his clothing neatly into a pile on top of his shoes. He was tall, just under six feet with short messy dark brown hair and piercing blue eyes. Clean shaven, his body was toned, with hints of definition that left him not quite a twink and not quite a jock. He shaved the patchy chest hair that naturally popped up leaving him with a smooth chest that showed his muscles. A tight, groomed treasure trail led down to the asset that left most boys hungry. Eight inches of thick uncut meat, not the largest you'd ever seen, but large and inviting rather than intimidating. It curved slightly when hard and grew particularly thick in the middle; that was the bit that made the boys moan the most. His ass was a muscly bubble butt, shaved smooth with a tight smooth hole that begged for a tongue or a nice dick to enter it. Dan always purported that versatility made life more interesting. He walked down the hallway to the source of the music and voices. Entering the large living room of the duplex apartment, he was greeted by the sight of some fifteen or twenty naked guys, variously drinking, chatting or busily engaging in the favoured activity of the night. He spied the party's host who walked over to greet him. Where Dan's look fell somewhere between twink and jock, Greg was a hundred percent the latter. Tall and muscled with tousled sandy hair and white teeth, Dan's gaze was drawn immediately to the large uncut cock that swung as he walked. Dan guessed it would be longer than his, but not as girthy when hard. He began salivating at the prospect of sucking it, and his dick began to indicate his desire. "You must be Dan? I'm Greg, glad you could make it" he put his hands on Dan's hips and planted a kiss on his lips, as Dan felt their cocks rubbing together, not for the last time that night. "Thanks for the invite" Dan replied, still slightly shakily. "Don't be nervous, you'll have a great time, I promise." said Greg, grinning at him. "So, you don't need any paint yet?" Greg enquired. "Nope" responded Dan, "We'll soon change that" said Greg, laughing slightly. Dan knew exactly what he meant, he'd been told clearly how the party worked in a Grindr conversation that evening that had him terrified and excited in equal measure. He'd been intensely hard the whole time the party was described to him, hence why he was standing there naked now. The invite was exclusive, the host wanted only the hottest guys and as Dan looked around the room he couldn't see any he wouldn't be happy to do at least something with. A little over half the guys in the room, and presumably the guys already roamed into other rooms in the duplex apartment, had writing on their chests in red body paint, one word: POZ. The game was simple, you could do whatever you wanted with whomever you wanted, but the real goal was for those with POZ on their chests to add, one letter at a time, that word to those who'd arrived without. Dan figured that most of those already marked were probably undetectable, like the host, and some were negative guys enjoying the power fantasy. Likewise some of the unmarked guys were indulging in fantasies of their own, but his host assured him that he should only attend if he was ready for the consequences of tonight to be more permanent than the paint it was written in. Greg has warned him that several loads in the room were unmedicated, filled with virus that would leave his negative status a thing of the past. "Where do I start?" asked Dan. A drink had appeared in his hand and the fresh surge of vodka buoyed his confidence. "Wherever you want" came the reply. With barely a moment's hesitation, Dan placed his drink on the table and dropped to his knees, pulling Greg's already semi-hard cock into his mouth. It tasted of cum and ass, and Dan was immediately intoxicated by the flavours that revealed his host's previous endeavours. It quickly grew hard and Dan struggled to contain it all in his mouth, but he was an expert sucker, he'd been doing it since he was 13 and knew exactly how to tease a large man cock with his tongue. Cut dicks were a rarity for him but he'd spent enough time abroad to know how best to work them. Greg moaned and began pumping Dan's face with his dick. Greg drew back and pulled Dan onto a nearby sofa, Dan felt the cool black leather on his knees as Greg reclined and Dan went onto all fours, consciously exposing his ass to the few guys now watching the action unfold. As he worked Greg's long dick, he felt a warm tongue around his hole. Glancing behind himself, Dan saw a tall, preppy, geeky blonde with a skinny, pale body and glasses who grinned as he worked Dan's ass. Dan returned the smile and went back to his sucking duties whilst the pretty, preppy blond went to work on his ass with vigour. Greg leaned down and whispered to him "Jamie there won't just mark your body tonight." With a dirty smile he leaned back, enjoying the feel of Dan's tongue working the thick head and shaft. Dan's cock jumped at the thought of Jamie's load and he pushed back, enjoying the expert tongue work. Suddenly a warmth surrounded his dick and he saw a Spanish guy with just the perfect amount of hair on his chest working his hardened dick. His enjoyment of the sensations in his mouth, ass, and dick were interrupted by Greg who pulled him up with his muscular arms and flipped him round so he was facing blond Jamie, his ass exposed to Greg's cock, wet with his spit and copious precum. Greg pulled on his shoulders and Dan felt the familiar pressure of a dick forcing its way into his hole. Dan's mind burned with the three letters written in red on Greg's chest as he heard the slight pop and felt the filling sensation of raw cock entering him. Raw poz cock. Dan's mind blurred from the vodka, the poppers presented under his nose and the sensation of the cock sliding into him in one go. He let out a moan and found his mouth filled by Jamie's dick. Massively thick, Jamie's cut dick left him barely able to breathe as Jamie thrust into his mouth and battered his throat. Behind him, Greg was working up his pace, his long dick spearing Dan's hole rhythmically and Dan once again felt the Spanish guy Antonio, sucking him. He could feel Greg's dick swelling as he urged "Get ready for this huge poz load you little neg slut!" Greg moaned loudly "Fuck yeah", Dan felt his cock spasm and the familiar warmth of cum filling him. "Take my poz babies" moaned Greg as he thrust the last of his orgasm inside Dan's hole. Jamie withdrew his dick from Dan's mouth and he suddenly felt empty at both ends. He collapsed onto his front and Greg rolled him over, "Jamie's saving his load for somewhere other than your mouth, but right now it's time to mark you up." He took a pen from the table and wrote a large P over Dan's right pec in red body paint. It should have terrified him, but he felt nothing except excitement at the idea of collecting all three letters that would mark him as poz.
  21. I hadn’t been the best brother in the world to my sister, Jane, since our parents had died three years earlier. My life was hectic and I travelled plenty which meant it was rare for us to actually be near each other long enough to meet up. I did talk to her by phone often especially after her divorce as she had struggled for a number of years with Ethan, her teenage son. When we eventually arranged to meet, it was over the coming weekend as I’d not seen her or Ethan since our parent’s funeral. I knew Ethan had just turned 18 but when I finally laid eyes on him I was really shocked. Not in a bad way, in a very, very good way. First I should say I’m 42, gay and had definitely been the black sheep of the family. I am also HIV+. My sister was four years younger than me and had married young and to her school sweet heart Jamie, who, after several years, turned out to be a right fucking cunt. They’d had one child, Ethan who it seemed had, in recent years, had been bullied by his Dad for some unstated reason, and his mother had had to keep the peace. I encouraged her to boot the bastard out, which she eventually found the courage to do. My life revolved around work but I was also constantly and insatiably hungry for cock. I didn’t mind where and who (so long as legal) and the more at once the better. I don’t know who had knocked me up but I’d been living with HIV for 10 years now. I had kept myself in shape since my teens and still had a reasonable six pack and good definition. I also kept my body smooth and luckily had yet to find a grey hair so I did look younger than my age. When I spoke with my sister, I invited her to stay with me in my London flat for a few days so we could catch up properly. When she arrived, I had a very pleasant surprise as she was accompanied by Ethan. The original plan was that he would stay with friends, but apparently his plans had changed, and truth be told, my eyes must have been out on stalks because Ethan had grown into a very good looking teenager. He had short blonde hair, a bit of a nice tan too. Blue eyes and perfect white teeth. His smile lit up his face which frankly, was absolutely beautiful. My ex-brother in-law was a cunt but he’d sired a very hot young stud. I embraced my sister and shook Ethan’s hand and welcomed them in. Considering I’d not seen them for so long it was like we’d not been apart. My sister was keen to chat but I had to admit I found it hard to stop staring at my nephew who besides being very eye catching had removed his jumper to reveal well defined arms which clearly belonged to a toned body. I knew it was wrong but my cock was semi hard and my mind playing out all sorts of scenarios. I don’t think I was imagining it either but I was getting a few glances from Ethan too. We sat in my large lounge with its views over the Thames, drinking wine. Jane had commented how her ex had maltreated her, when Ethan chimed-in with the blunt statement “He was also such a cunt to me." “But why?” I asked looking at both of them. I never liked Jamie at all to be honest but I never saw him as particularly evil and certainly not to his own son. Jane shifted a little not saying anything but Ethan looked me in the eye, answering “He found me making out with my boyfriend." I was a little taken aback, to be honest I had no idea Ethan was gay but I looked at my sister who just nodded back. I guess the family gay gene was alive and well. “So he’s a homophobe?” I asked “Too right he is, the wanker” Ethan replied with clear hatred for his father laced in every word. “Oh Ethan, he just didn’t know how to deal with it” Jane began but Ethan got angry and glaring at his mother, “And beating me with his fists was his way of dealing with it?” he retorted. “What?” I interjected angrily. “He didn’t mean to," Jane replied, glaring frantically at us. Ethan, however, interrupted with an emphatic “Mom, he did it to both of us. Stop making excuses for him.” Ethan was very agitated by now. I looked at them both as tears poured down my sisters cheeks and her son sat red faced and fuming. “OK guys, time out,” I said in my best management style. “I didn’t know all of this Jane. You should have said something,” I started. Jane, however, correctly reminded me “Why? You were never around for us after Mum and Dad died. You were off on business while I had to face it all on my own,” she managed between sobs. I couldn’t argue with her. She had a point but it had brought the afternoon down to a shitty low point. “Okay, well, look, let’s start anew. I’m here now,” I said smiling at both of them. We spent the rest of the afternoon and evening catching up, with the tone lifting considerably. I cooked them both a nice meal and by the time we were ready for bed their moods had been totally uplifted although, I couldn’t help notice the many times Ethan had touched my hand, arm, back and yep, even my ass. My flat only had two bedrooms so I let Jane stay in the guest room and I handed Ethan a blanket and pillow, pointing to the couch. “Trust me it’s comfy, I’ve slept on it loads” I said. He thanked me and took them and I left him to retire to my own room. It had been a long day but I still couldn’t get my sexy nephew out of my thoughts. I stripped, climbed into bed and turned on the TV,choosing to stream some hot twink/daddy porn in which a hot lad was taken roughly by a hard daddy type. I watched for perhaps half an hour, slowly wanking my rock hard dick when I heard a faint knock at the door. Turning off the TV, I rose out of bed, pulled-on my robe, and opened the door, honestly expecting to see my sister but there stood my nephew wearing nothing but his briefs. He was stunning. Teenage six pack and perfectly defined body which was completely hairless. “Uncle, can I talk to you?” he asked at the door looking at me pleadingly. I looked at him for a moment before realising what he’d said….”Well, errr yes, sure come in,” I replied. He came into my room and shut the door behind him. He walked over to the bed and sat down. I stood with my robe open and I could see he was checking out my defined muscle chest. “What do you want to talk about Ethan?” I asked also finding it hard to not look at his perfectly defined upper body and perfectly clear skin. “I err,” he began looking down at the floor, “I know you’re gay too” he started. “I haven’t been able to talk to anyone about being gay. Mum wouldn’t talk to me and Dad would just shout at me,” he continued. I watched him with a mixture of utter lust as well as feeling terribly sorry for him. “Can I talk to you about my feelings?” he asked finally looking up at me. I smiled back at him and came and sat down next him on the bed, put my hand on his. “Of course Ethan. Anything you want," I replied in as even a tone as I could manage. He looked into my eyes and smiled back at me. “Is it true you are HIV positive?” he asked. I hesitated momentarily before answering, “Yes.” He looked at me for a long time before speaking again. “Will you breed me?” he asked. I was totally shocked to be honest although I was also excited too. “Ethan you’re young. You don’t want HIV…. not to mention I’m your Uncle. What the hell would your mother…. my sister say?” I blurted back. He stared intently at me, seemingly not at all embarrassed. His right hand moved and rested on my leg. My rock hard cock actually twitched. “Uncle, I like older men and I only like to fuck raw. I know I'll eventually convert, but I'd rather get it from a man I like and trust, and who I think is hot,” he explained. I didn’t reply straight away either. I stared back into his eyes and my lust was beginning to overpower my shock. My extremely sexy nephew wanted me to breed his cunt with my seed. The irony being I was actually having a few problems staying undetectable at the moment so my seed was pretty deadly right now. “Ethan you’re extremely hot, I can’t deny it but you’re asking me to infect my flesh and blood,” I finally replied. A smile broke out in Ethan’s young beautiful face. He leaned slowly forward to me until our faces were millimeters apart and moments later we were kissing passionately. I couldn’t help myself. He was exactly the sort of twink I’d happily fucked and infected in the past, but this time a family member wanted my deadly seed. I wrapped my hands around his body and pulled him to me and within minutes had one hand down his briefs and feeling his quite thick and substantially rock hard cock. He may have been 18 but he seemed very experienced and forward. I guess no different to how I was at his age. Eventually we broke off the kiss and I pulled my robe off so he could see me naked. He stood and dropped his briefs to let his thick eight inches swing free. He was stunning. I knew I would be ploughing him for hours to come. Luckily I’d had my bedroom sound proofed as, having had many a naked slut tied to my bed, screaming while I’d inflicted my particular blend of depravity on him, I decided discretion was prudent, so I had spent quite a bit of money to ensure the outside world was unaware of my play time. So, I knew I could fuck Ethan without his mother hearing anything but still the electricity between us was unlike anything I’d ever experienced: I would convert my nephew and what was more, he wanted it. I pulled him back on to me and our naked bodies wrapped around each other as I reached down to probe his smooth asshole. Ethan was happy to be led by me and clearly was the subservient type which suited me perfectly as our tongues once more probed each other’s mouth. I forcefully pulled him up and fully devoured his cock as he groaned to my touch. I sucked him for no more than five minutes before he began to groan, cumming hard into my mouth. I swallowed every drop of his load. As I expected, his cum was delicious and plentiful. I smiled, devouring my nephew’s first load. Young pups cum quickly but often which pleased me. I forced him round and he fell down on my cock as we now 69’d. He devoured me rather expertly for a teenager and I rimmed his smooth mancunt getting my tongue deep inside his lovely hole, followed by a finger or three. He moaned as I invaded him for the first time and his expert ministrations blowing my cock was getting me so horny. The need to pump a load into his negative hole was paramount. After ten minutes I pulled him forcefully round and we kissed hard again as he straddled me. My cock erect and now against his ass cheeks. Pushing him off me finally, “You want my toxic load Ethan?” I growled staring into his eyes. He didn’t even pause, “Yes Uncle, breed me. I want you,” he whispered back. I didn’t need asking twice and with his help my cock was now at his hole and Ethan began to push back against my cock. He was well lubed by my saliva and my cock easily began to slide into him. He began to inhale hard and groan as my thick member stretched him wide. He rode my cock like a pro. Clearly he knew how to bottom. I couldn’t take my eyes off him as we fucked. I thrust up to meet him as he rode down on me. His body was absolutely stunning and involuntarily I reached up to twist his nipples which, of course, only made him fuck me harder. He was making a lot of noise as we fucked and even though my room was sound proofed I pulled him down to kiss him and silence him. My dark desires were starting to come out and I gripped his throat and squeezed hard. Some guys panic a little and find it too much but Ethan seemed to like being fucked hard and never once stopped me from throttling him as I fucked his ass. The more he moaned the more I squeezed his throat until he couldn’t breathe and he seemed to love every minute of it. I pulled him down on to the bed, positioning him on this back, and fucked him missionary. His eyes were fixated on mine, connecting at a primal level. He was delicious and the thought of converting him with my positive seed excited me far more than some anonymous fuck I would have otherwise met at a bar. “Breed me, Uncle,” he kept moaning as I rammed his cunt. I could feel my seed beginning to boil and very soon I knew I was close. “Do you want my seed you dirty little cunt” I growled as I felt my orgasm building. “Yes sir” he replied staring up at me. I was close but I felt Ethan actually clamp down on my cock as my cum exploded inside his negative cunt. Groaning loudly I pumped my deadly load inside him as Ethan pulled me down kissing hard, my cock twitching as it continued to pump seed in him. “Oh fuck” I moaned, the realisation that I’d just dumped a high viral load of cum inside my kin suddenly dawned on me. My nephew seemed almost joyous though and while we kissed all he could do was grin, “Thank you Uncle” he moaned. The damage was now done and I began to relax and felt it my duty to make sure he converted with someone he knew. We kissed for many minutes and even though I’d cum my cock remained hard and still inside my nephew. “Have you taken positive loads before?” I asked eventually breaking the kiss. “Yes, I’ve been cruising since I was 15 and I know I’ve taken undetectable loads before, but I know you are poisonous at this moment,” he said with a twinkle in his eye. “And how do you know that?” I asked a little taken aback. “You told me on BareBackRT last week,” replying with a big grin. It suddenly dawned on me what he was talking about. I regularly hook up with guys on BBRT and just recently I’d been talking to a guy without a profile picture who said he was chasing and I told him how I loved to breed guys with or without their knowledge. I’d also said I had an infectious viral load right now, “You are Chaserboy?” I asked starring into my sexy nephew’s eyes. “Yes. You’re not mad are you?” he replied looking a little afraid. I paused a moment then a grin split my face and I forced my tongue back into his mouth. “No Ethan. I’m glad I could help you out,” I finally replied. We spent the next couple of hours fucking several more times. I also spent some time scratching his asshole, with the intent of ensuring he converted. After pumping my third load inside him with Ethan riding on top of me like some wild banshee, he collapsed on top of me, our bodies sweating profusely, breathing hard. I looked over at the clock. It was nearly 5:00 AM. “Listen Ethan you’d better go back to the lounge to get some sleep,just in case your mother gets up and finds you missing,” I suggested, staring at my sex crazed nephew. This had been a fucking awesome visit and I suspected I’d be using his body as my sex toy plenty more yet. I particularly wanted to explore his tolerance to pain. To be continued……..
  22. In the beginning I was scared, and lonely , it was the early nineties, and I had just been told, “ your test came back reactive, you’re positive for HIV” I was a bit shattered as many could relate too, although not really all that surprised, I had been slutting around, most of the time unprotected. I enjoyed the feeling of having cum deposited in my love canal. I had decided I was not going to let this virus define me though and although I cut back drastically on my sexual encounters, I began living my life as if the disease didn’t exist or determine my life choices. Sure I took the meds given to me and was pretty faithful to the schedule, that was until the county decided their case load was too big and lowered the maximum that a person could make to qualify for assistance. It was either quit my low paying job or stop receiving aid from the county/state. I soon ran out of meds and discontinued seeing the doctors since I now fell through the safety net and couldn’t afford medical insurance on my own, besides I felt great I was young and strong, and it felt like the AZT was actually doing more damage than good. I started hooking up with other POZ guys and the sex was good, my last test indicated a T cell count of around 650 and my viral load was almost undetectable. I was less lonely and it seemed like I was fucking and being fucked multiple times a week, life was improving, as were the job prospects, being a college student brought forth many possibilities for partners and my life looked to be heading in the right direction. In all the hustle and bustle of college life, I finally found someone who didn’t give a fuck that I was POZ and returned my love, wanting to share my life. After graduation I found a good job with benefits and we decided it was time to get me back in the medical system, just in time, my test came back with 27 T cells and a viral load in the millions, I began to think of all the tricks I must have infected unknowingly, it turned me on and as the doctors started me on the newest med cocktail, we doubled our efforts of POZZING my partner so he could travel this road with me, we fucked twice a day some weeks, to no avail though he never sero-converted. Fast forward to the present a couple months ago, My partner and I have had a open relationship for most of the time we have been together, he knows of my activities and even encourages me to go out and fulfill my desires he cannot or will not participate in, one of those things is Gifting and chasing the bug. His name was Jake and he was only 19, but he had decided from reading stories like this that he wanted to chase the virus, he wanted HIV and possibly even AIDS. I told him up front I was POZ with a possible high viral load, since the doc was changing meds on me but wanted the old meds to be clear of my system before starting the new ones. It had been since Christmas since I had ingested any meds and I was pretty sure I was toxic. He wasn’t the first to approach me with the idea of shooting my toxic seed into his body, I had four other guys looking to hook up and get impregnated, but he was close by and wanted to meet up, I figured he would be like the rest who rode the fence, and generally chickened out at the last minute. Jake actually showed up on time and looking really sexy at 5’7” and maybe 130# he was hot, lightly furred cub, for whom I instantly started getting boned for. I opened the door and pulled him in, planting my lips to his, but not exchanging spit, We stopped in the Kitchen after making out as I pulled him into the Apartment, I asked him to open wide as I swabbed the inside of his cheek with a oral-quick test. I checked the test after twenty minutes of making out with him, and quizzing him on wanting to be POZ, then I brought him back into the bedroom and undressed him, laid him back on the bed, Checked the Swab, sure enough unreactive, made me rock hard, I began making out with him. He moaned into my mouth as I fondled his ass, he slid down and started licking my precum from the piss slit, turning around till his ass was easily obtainable. I began probing his hole with my fingers, dry to start then adding some spit to ease entry for me, I scraped the tender walls with my finger nails as I alternated between rimming his hole and fingering it to open him up. When I was able to work three fingers into his hole and rotate them to rough up the passage, I dipped in with my tongue, tasting a mixture of ass mucus and blood, I turned him around and impaled him on my 7 inch cock in one push, I might not be extremely long but I am thicker than average. Jake screeched out and immediately tried to make me pull out, but being larger than him I held him in place, feeling his ass pulsate around my may pole drew me closer than I would have like to be. As the convulsions in his colon subsided, I slid my cock out to the head, then punched back in, his hole was beginning to loosen as well as produce ample mucus for lubricant so he was soon moaning as I pumped in and out of his boycunt “So you want to be daddies’ cumdump, boy” “Yeah Daddy fill me with your cum” “What you want son?” “I Want Daddies cum in my boi hole” “What you want in your hole?” “I want your Poz cum in me” “You sure you want Daddies toxic babies in you?” “Yeah knock me up make me your Poz baby incubator” The boy was begging for it and I could feel it boiling up in my nut sack then traversing into my cock, drooling the first load into Jakes Neg hole, not letting on I had just given him the first dose of my poison I continued to pound in and out of his hole building to my second climax, I started pounding into him harder “You sure you want daddies toxic load, last chance to escape your fate? “Yah daddy give me your toxic cum, please don’t pull out, I’ve waited so long to get pozzed” “Aw fu…uuu….cccc….kkk yeah giving you my toxic see, making you my Poz son” With that I shot my load deep into Jake’s gut, six spurts from my cock, the boy was doomed. I left my cock in his ass and jerked him off while I slowly deflated inside him. We chatted some then he had to go play barista. A week or so passed by and I noticed he hadn’t been on-line, I waited a couple more days the messaged him on A4A, just inquiring how he was doing, no reply, I waited a week or so more and still no reply. Just another one night fuck and you never hear from them again, usually they block you or disappear altogether but Jake was still active , yet seemed to be avoiding me. I figured WHATEVER, then about a month and a half after our fling I get a message “You free to talk? I get off at 6 if you could stop by and pick me up” He had confided in me where he worked when we were talking after the great sex so I said I’d see him at six
  23. Oink!

    "Oink" was the noise the laptop made, and we both turned to look at it; even while I had my cock buried deep in her ass, I stopped, and she stopped,lifting her head from where she'd had it buried in the pillow. It had finally happened. Before I'd met her, I had a game; I'd post a "Quick Connect" ad on BBRTS, and start jacking off to whatever my porn du jour was. If I got a response before I came, I had to at least try to hook up with them. Given that I was married and ostensibly played safe, this was serious risk play -- and I liked it. Never hooked up, though. And now, with my bare cock deep up my girlfriend's ass, we had an oink. "MF couple looking for loads -- come dump a load in whichever ass you want" had been the tagline for my post, and now someone looked interested. Even though I had gotten even harder when the noise went, I pulled out of her ass, hearing her gasp as I did so. I moved up next to her on the bed, and looked at the picture. Nice dick pic, and I checked the rest of his profile; 3 miles away (I love living in a pervert metro area), top, looking for bisexuals... ...and poz. Now, my GF and I have talked about this; she knows I bareback and go to bathhouses, and she's OK with that; we have a lot of dirty pozzing talk while we play, and we both know that one of these days I'm likely to give her something. But there's a big gap between playing with risk and taking poz dick up the ass. "He's hot, and he's poz." She had scrambled up next to me, and I felt her press against me and saw her look at his profile; her breath caught. Then we looked at each other, and I gave her a long, slow kiss. Then I started typing. "We're hot and ready right now. Come over?" Another glance at her. She nodded, and i hit "Send." She reached for my cock, but I gently pushed her hand away; I was hard enough, and didn't want to come before we had an answer; I felt like I could come from the lightest touch. Instead, I slipped my fingers in *her*; she had no problem coming again and again, and wasn't going to run out of orgasms. Curled them around to fll her up and find the right spot, and in no time she was rocking against my hand and moaning into my shoulder, as she got closer to her orgasm... "Oink!" And she came, pushed over the edge by the sound. I waited until she'd stopped shuddering, and clicked on the new message. "Want to get in some ass. Address?" I typed it in and hit "Send" without even checking with her. I figured she wasn't in any shape to decide, and she'd already said yes the first time. I waited until she stopped shuddering and showed her the message. She gasped, but that was all. Then, without another word, she got up on shaky legs and went to get the phone that the door buzzer would ring, so we could let him in. The poz cock that was coming for our asses. "Oink!" It just said "On My Way", and so we waited.... (To be continued)
  24. Bbrt & Chasing

    Hey everyone, I recently made some updates to my profile on here and on BBRT and a friend and I were talking and he said he didn't think BBRT allowed members to explicitly say they were chasing. I was wondering if any of you could better clarify that for me or knew if that was actually the case. Also, I wasn't sure about where to post this, so mods, if it needs to be moved, please do so.
  25. Melbourne 11 April - 18 April

    In Melbourne and can host. Keen to be breed with toxic cum and have your DNA deep in me. Let me know if your interested.

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