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    I'm a successful professional who happens to love bareback sex. I travel all the time for work and build my itineraries to make sure that I leave a little time for sex. You can typically find me in the CBD of finance focused cities. I'm fit and pretty cute (so I'm told). Responsible slut, tested ever 3 months.
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    I'm looking for guys around my age who have average or better looks. 50/50 vers.

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  1. If I'm the bottom I want the load. Period, hard stop. Circumstances matter though. If it's a group sex scene, I try for the load but respect that the top probably wants to fuck a lot of bottoms. Totally understandable. In a one on one setting, I'm annoyed if I don't get the load. If you were that close to cumming, why did you pull out? If you can't get/stay hard, why are you trying to top? Then there are they guys who take 60+ minutes to cum. I'll just say that's a lot for a bottom if it's not a passionate scene. Unless there's a true connection, you should plan on being out in 20-30 minutes.
  2. BarebackRT: I've been a paying member for 10+ years with much success. I will not be renewing when my current membership runs out. The best feature is the party post and they've had it turned off since March 2020 due to COVID. I initially understood; however, they're now far more restrictive than local requirements anyplace. If I can go to a bathhouse, I should be able to post or attend a BBRT party. Pretty sure their COVID policies have destroyed the business. Traffic is gone. Grindr: We all know the issues but it's ubiquitous. Works in every city. Scruff: Grindr with less BOTs. Sniffies: New entrant, best on the market at this point. Cheap, very effective and guys are DTF. They have a BOT issue but overall the place I get the most sex. DoubleList: Bad version of Craigslist with less traffic. Everything Else (USA): Niche and ineffective.
  3. I will be ass up for raw cock and loads on Thursday 9/16 in an easy access hotel near Logan Circle. Send a message if you're interested.
  4. I'll be in Vegas in early May and I'm planning to take some loads. Looking for a hotel that will be convenient for locals and visitors. Old posts suggest hotels on Tropicana. Are those still good? Any better options? Thanks!
  5. Are there and regularly organized parties in the Coachella Valley? Not the stuff you can find online. Things you need to be added to a private list for. If there are, please PM with details.
  6. "I put vaseline on my hole before I came to the bar. Want to feel" My hand was down the back of his shorts in a second and my cock was in him about five minutes later. We're actually good friends now. That was the first thing he ever said to me. LOL
  7. Yes - just once. It was a guy with the thickets cock that i've ever seen but it was only five inches or so. Very disproportions. I let him try to fuck me but he couldn't get it in. I let him try for about ten minutes then I got bored and ended the session. Had he been longer or better at working with what he had, I probably wouldn't have sent him away.
  8. I got a blow job while on a work zoom. Ironically this was pre-covid. I don't have a poker face so I turned the camera off. I did let the fuck buddy think the camera was on the whole time. He was clearly into the naughty aspect of it.
  9. Just the tip. As the giver and the receiver. 😝
  10. I wouldn't do it. That said, I've found myself in this situation twice. First time goes in the category of young, stupid and too much alcohol. There were no repercussions. The second time I was in DC for work. I arrived early afternoon and had the evening to myself. I hopped on Grinder and fairly quickly found a hot guy in the hotel who wanted to swap loads. We played all evening and even got room service together. I was there all week at our local office and was grabbing lunch with some coworkers from that office. They brought a friend. Guess who... He was in town for a completely unrelated reason and happened to be friendly with someone I was there working with. He introduced himself with an evil smirk. We played again that night and invited another guy to join. We became friends and travel together sometimes. We work in different divisions of the company so, other than how we met, he's just like any other friend with benefits.
  11. I change it up. Sometimes I'm very neatly manscaped, other times I will go completely natural for an extended period of time. It really depends on where I'm spending most time in a given period (normally - not really traveling now). Preferences for body hair vary widely by location so I try to maximize interest! I'm spending time in Florida or LA, everything is neatly trimmed. If I'm in the Pacific Northwest, let everything fully grow out.
  12. As a starting point, I don't write things like that and just make a decision guy by guy. That said, I have observed that 45 is a common age for guys age 46-60 who are lying about their age. I think a reason that age is used as line in the sand by some guys is that they may think the odds of getting catfished increases. You can test this on any site. The population of guys who are 45 will be meaningfully higher than the surrounding ages. The same phenomena happens with age 30 and probably others too.
  13. If the ammeter porn site is truly dead it will be a sad remainder of the pandemic... I actually did try onlyfans and JFF early on. I'd be will to pay but the platforms are garbage. The model is pay the sated price for unknown content and too bad if you're ripped off. Wont give either another dollar. I subscribed to one that had sexy marketing, cost ~$15 and then when you go tot the videos, they were all 10 minutes of empty bed, waiting for top to arrive, at which time camera was turned over and you only heard sound. Total scam, no refund option, not even an option to leave bad review. Don't waste your money.
  14. So PornHub deleted 2/3 of its content from unverified (a/k/a non-professional) uploads. Where is the content going? I get off on the ammeter stuff, which is now pretty much gone.
  15. Late afternoon yesterday I went to an arcade in a bookstore. A late 20s nerdy guy looked me up and down, rubbed his cock and went into a both. I went into the adjoining booth and his still soft , large cock flopped through the hole. I sucked him for about five minutes until he was hard (about 8 inches, cut) and decided to try to see if he'd fuck me raw. I stood up, intentionally making the sounds of a belt unbuckling load enough that he could hear. He didn't pull his cock back through the hole which I took as a pretty good sign he'd fuck. I rubbed some lube on his cocks, still no pull back so I backed my hole to his cock head and applied a little pressure, which he matched. At this point his did pull his cock back and I was a bit afraid he was going to put a condom on but I just put may ass up to the hole in the booth and hoped for the best. A few seconds later, his cock pressed back against my hole and he pushed in, still bare. He slowly pushed all the way in and then proceeded to fuck me for about five minutes before he blew his load in me. He was fucking with full length strokes and hitting the wall pretty hard such that it must have been very obvious to all the other guys there that we were fucking. After he loaded me, he zipped back up and left the booth fairly quickly. I was doing the same but then, we must have draw some attention, because when he opened the door and exited, another guy came in immediately, the door didn't even close and open again. I saw an eye looking through the whole so I got back down in front of the hole. This started whet ended up me being in the booth for about two hours and getting 8 loads in my ass as follows: 2nd Load: Hispanic uncut cock, about 6.5 inches, fucked me for quite a while before he gave up his load. Seemed to be another younger guy based on sounds and look of his cock. 3rd Load: Small white cock, which again immediately followed the prior guy. He was barely getting in my hole when the glory hole took and inch of his cock and I was getting ready to leave the booth but he came very fast so that was that. Could really tell his age. 4th Load: Another hispanic looking uncut cock, came right in after the small guy. Hi cock was average size. After I sucked him, he put a condom on. When his cock came back through, i tugged the condom off and he proceeded to fuck me raw. After this guy, there was about a 20 minute break. A few guys came in, looked through the hole and left. I decided to switch booths and let those who were there see me. I could hear that the foot traffic was busy. I walked out, and then into another booth, with no obvious suitor. 5th Load: A few minutes later a guy came in. He was stroking to the porn for quite a while and it was straight porn. He took a while to get hard and I was about to give up but I'm glad I didn't. A very large white cut cock came through the hole, with a very distinct curve. I decided to make my intentions very clear as I wasn't sure he'd fuck raw. I put my hole to his cock and he pulled back fingered my hole for a bit, certainly feeling the prior loads, then he slid back in. Once he started fucking me he didn't last long. 6th load: About ten minutes later I heard the door to the next booth close but he didn't put in any money so there was no light to see him. I heard a whisper "you fuck?". I whispered back, I bottom and put my ass up to the hole. I heard money go in and the video start. Then I felt a semi hard cock touch my whole. He got hard and pushed in. He fucked pretty hard, similar to the first guy and had what felt like a nice sized cock. He was going in and out pretty smoothly but I couldn't tell if he was uncut or if I was just really slippery. He moaned when he came and then left. I never saw his cock. 7th/8th loads came from the same guy. Average size cut cock. He shot both loads in about five minutes. Having had a very successful day, I decided to pay back the anonymous sex gods, by giving my load before I left. I followed a muscly 40s guy into a booth but he just sucked me. I left the booth and found one where someone was in the adjacent booth. I put my cock through and whispered that I wanted to top. The guy started opening a condom so I left. I then waited outside a booth where I could hear fucking and went in when the top exited. I put my cock through the hole and felt a wet hole pretty soon. I fucked for about ten minutes then blew my load in whoever was on the other side. When I was done, I realized that cum had leaked out of my ass and run down the back of my leg into my show and there was a puddle on the floor. So hot!
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