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    Vancouver, BC
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    getting fucked, sucking dick, rimming, getting rimmed, porn, jo, fuck buddies, discreet hookups, anon, outdoor fun, car fun, truck fun, truck stops, parks, rest areas, forests, sports gear, underwear, jock straps, leather, pup play. butt play, toys.
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    Neg, On PrEP
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    Masculine and discreet bottom dude looking for fuck buddies and NSA hookups. Mild to wild, like good ol 1 on 1, groups, outdoor fun, messing around in cars/trucks. Open minded and into most things. Like sucking dick, rimming, getting rimmed and love getting fucked. Also into underwear, jockstraps, sportsgear, uniforms, leather etc but not necessary. I can host near Lougheed town centre but also up for outdoor or car fun too.
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    Chaturbate, looking to get into making amateur videos with other guys.
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    Top guys of all kinds who love to fuck, bears, hairy guys, dad bods, older, younger stud cocks.

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  1. Bottomed... bareback... loved it from day one
  2. Hey sexy buddy… thanks for adding me… Would love to ravage that hot hairy hole 😛

    1. beefyjockbtm


      Fuck yeah! Anytime man!

  3. I got lots of pretty mild fetishes, My main fetish that I take part in the most is sports gear, especially hockey and football, I love getting fucked in my hockey/football gear by another guy in gear. Man smell... hate cologne, perfume or even strong deodorant, nothing crazy, not multiple days without showering or anything like that. Underwear, fresh or used, especially jocks, boxer briefs, compression shorts, speedos, love a good underwear bulge and seeing a nice ass in a jock, speedo or thong. Socks, fresh or used. Boots, construction, military, sport biker/motocross. Sport biker leathers, motocross gear and helmets, especially hot if I can't see the guy... similar thing for military/swat gear. I can get into standard gay leather too like chaps and harnesses, neoprene is cool too, pup hoods.... not so much in the pup headspace but I like the hoods and the overall look. I also really like outdoor sex and sex in cars and trucks. I like uniforms and construction clothes too, its fucking hot to get fucked by a guy right after work and he keeps his uniform on and just whips out his dick... way hotter than naked sex in my books! Same goes for quickies and outdoors, love the guy to just whip his dick out but stay clothed otherwise and I just pull my pants down to expose my butt. Feels more spontaneous eager that way. It kinda makes me chuckle a bit inside when I meet a guy for a quick fuck and he takes off all his clothes including socks and everything, not that I have a problem with it all... I know I'm the weird one who actually prefers sex partially clothed than fully naked... unless its at a beach or pool or something! And one more... I love piss, I love watching guys piss, holding their dicks while they piss especially in public. Cleaning off the last few drops... you know... as a courtesy so they don't get any on their pants. Love being pissed on and with the right guy and right circumstance I'll drink from the tap too.
  4. I'm tied for 2 situations... The first was with my best friend dad, I had caught him jerking off a few years earlier while we were all camping which led to a few years of us jerking off together and later me sucking his dick. He was divorced (which I found was because he was gay) so me and my friend would often crash at his place after parties/raves etc cause he didn't care about us being home late or drinking and he lived downtown so it was convenient. I would sleep on the couch in the living room and he would often come and hang out with me after my buddy went to sleep. I was 17 and I had just gotten fucked a couple times by a co-worker of mine and I was really liking it so this one night I was at my friend's place and his dad was watching TV my friend went to sleep and I was sitting next to his dad watching TV, I could clearly see his hard dick in his jogging pants so I pulled it out and sucked on it for a few minutes. I had a couple drinks that night and was super horny, and I had a major crush on this guy anyways, after a few minutes of sucking I worked up the nerve to ask if he wanted to fuck me... I was worried he'd think I was a freak or something but instead he pushed me on my back on the couch so fast and was pressing his dick against my hole. He spit on it and started to push it in, and I regretted my decision! He's not super huge but was definitely pretty big, my eyes were bigger than my hole after only being fucked by 1 other dick before. I decided to just bear it and he slid the whole thing in my hole and started to slowly fuck... that was the longest couple of minutes ever. Just as my hole started to ease up and get used to it he shot his load in my hole. He collapsed on me and continued small thrusts. The combination of me getting used to his dick and the extra lube now from his cum made his dick start to feel so fucking good in my hole. I wrapped my legs around his back to keep him close. I whispered to him how good it felt and that I loved the feel of his cock and load in my hole and that kept him hard and he started to change the small thrusts into full on fucking again. I barely touched my dick and after another 10 or 15 minutes I shot my load on my stomach and soon after he shot a second load up my hole. Still to this day one of the best fucks ever. We continued fucking off and on till I moved a few years later. My friend never found out as far as I know. The second was when I was 24... I decided in my 20s to become a top for a few years for some stupid reason but I still craved cock. I was on the way home from work at about 8:30pm and I remembered a guy who had fucked me a few times several years earlier but always with a condom. He was a maintenance worker in one of the office buildings downtown and was in his mid 50s. Stocky, muscular, shaved head, a nice thick cock. He lived on my route home and almost subconsciously I got off the subway at his stop and and called him on the pay phone on the subway platform, luckily I still had his number in my address book. He answered, I asked if he wanted to hang out tonight... it took him a few minutes to remember who I was and then he hesitated but agreed to meet up later... I said no, now but he wanted to have a shower etc.... I said I didn't care and I could be at his place in 5 minutes.... again he seemed a little freaked out but agreed. I showed up at his place he let me in and I went straight to the bedroom, pulled my pants down got on the bed on my back with my ass in the air and begged him to fuck me.... he pulled of his pants and got on the bed and reached over to the drawer at the side of the bed to pull out lube and fish around for something... I asked what he was looking for (I assumed it was a condom) he said that he was looking for a condom... I said no, I want you to fuck me raw... he hesitated but looked happy... he asked if I was sure, I said there was nothing more that I wanted right now then his bare cock in my hole. He agreed and started fucking me... I hadn't even touched his dick at this point. It was fucking amazing, exactly what I needed. We switched to doggy for a while, then back to me on my back so I could watch his face when he shot his load in my hole. I shot my load right after with his dick still in me. We lied there for a bit and he told me he had starting dating someone pretty seriously and I was the first guy he fucked since they became serious.... that turned me on even more so I kept stroking his dick hoping for round 2. He "warned" me that if I kept playing with his dick he'd have to fuck me again... I continued playing with his dick and sure enough he rolled me onto my stomach and got on top and slide his cock in my hole and fucked me for only a few minutes before shooting a second load in my hole. I like guys of all ages, but these 2 encounters with older guys are the ones I remember and think about the most when jerking off.
  5. I think age depends a lot on the maturity of the individual etc so its hard to dictate an exact age. I first sucked my friend's dick when I was 14... I still didn't even really know I was gay at the time (or I was in denial, lol) I just suggested we try what we had been watching in the porn we watched when we jerked off. He never sucked my dick, though I didn't really care, I just liked having his dick in my mouth.
  6. I have tried the relationship thing and the monogamy thing, neither has lasted very long. My main issue is with relationships to begin with. The closer and more intimate I get with someone the less I'm interested in them sexually so I basically just end up with a good friend and room mate and frankly I'm not interested in room mates, I like living on my own way too much. After that happening 3 times, twice closed monogamous when I was younger and once trying the open thing to see if that made a difference (it didn't), I figured I'd skip the whole "relationship" concept altogether, now monogamy isn't an issue either way and I have some good platonic friends, regular fuck buddies that get their emotional needs elsewhere and the ability to hang out at home in my jock all day and hookup with randos whenever I want. Going on 15 years now and don't see it changing anytime soon.
  7. I like JO H2O, its long lasting, not sticky, tastes fine (I'll admit its not necessarily "amazing" tasting, but it definitely does not taste bad. I do ATM all the time and in the moment I never notice the taste at all, if anything it just tastes a little sweet), its easy to clean up, you can get away without using water to clean up if needed so its great for outdoor hookups etc. just use your underwear or socks or something. It can leave a "wet spot" look on clothes until they are washed so for "discreet" hookups use your underwear to clean off his dick unless you've already cleaned it with your tongue 😉! If needed it can also be "reactivated" with spit during long fucks. And its not super expensive on amazon... I don't know why more people don't use this one.
  8. Good, I'm glad , don't waste that awesome cock! The world needs more quality tops!
  9. Love getting fucked on the beach and in the woods. I grew up near a cruisey park/beach in the suburbs along Lake Ontario, sucked dick and got fucked there a lot in my late teens and early twenties till I moved away, on the beach at night and in the woods along the edge of the cliffs down to the beach. There was always lots of closeted suburban guys there when I was young. Even now when I visit my folks I'll sneak out and head over there, not nearly as many guys now but if I wait or use the apps its pretty easy to find someone to fuck me down on the beach. @slideinmedeep&cumm I hope you find someone, or a few guys! its fuckin awesome... Theres gotta be some guys in Chicago looking for a nice fuck on the beach
  10. Jockstrap most of the time, boxer briefs if its really cold out.
  11. Thanks for the follow. You have an incredible ass.

  12. Thanks for the follow babe <3

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