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  1. I have quite a few times. Been told to fuck off a few times. Sucked a lot of straight cock because of it too. The single greatest time I did and it worked out was when a repairman came to our house we were renting to fix and appliance. When he arrived I had been jerking off to cocksucker porn and I never finished, so I was horny as fuck. He was there maybe an hour and as he was done he asked to take a piss before he left. I guided him to the bathroom and all I could think of was how bad I wanted to suck his cock. When he came out I just went for it and asked if he wanted a blowjob before he left. There was a long pause, then he looked at his watch and said he had 30 minutes to kill before his next job and a blowjob sounded like a good way to do it. I was elated and even moreso when he unleashed one of the thickest 7 inch cocks I have ever seen. Needless to say, when he left we were both very satisfied.
  2. Only one in a day. I used to suck off a neighbor. He would text me when he was headed home from work to be ready and I would be at his house waiting when he got there. As soon as we went in he always went and pissed, then stripped down and kicked back in his chair for his blowjob. One day he sat back and I could see a little piss glistening on his slit and I couldn't help myself but lick it off before servicing him. A few days later he texted wanting a blowjob. When he headed for the bathroom for his pre-service piss I asked him not to wipe after. He smiled and said he didn't know I was into piss. I said I didn't either, but I was intrigued. He came out of the bathroom dripping piss and I hit my knees right there and lapped it up. The next day he texted again and again I was waiting. Once inside he got naked and said "Come with me." as he went in the bathroom. He pointed by the toilet and said "Kneel there." Then I watched as he began pissing in the toilet. I wanted it. He stopped mid-stream, turned and put his cock in my mouth and said "Drink" as he started pissing again. I chugged it all down, then stayed on his cock until he fed me his load. After we finished he said he liked this new arrangement and from now on I would drink his piss too. After that we always started our session with me on my knees in his livingroom, lips locked around his cock drinking his piss, then he would move to the chair to relax and enjoy his blowjob.
  3. First cock I ever sucked was my cousin when we were 14. He didn't want to suck me, but loved the idea of a blowjob anytime he wanted, so I became his personal cocksucker. Had some fun with other cousins through my teen years. Had a jerk session with one. He didn't want me to suck him, but was totally OK with jerking his load into my mouth. He did that a lot until our 20s. When I was 18 my uncle Jack got divorced. I stopped by to see him and he was in his shed working. We drank a few beers and then he brought up me sucking off my cousin. Said several family members knew about it. I didn't know what to say, but when he asked if I ever craved sucking uncle cock things happened quickly. Turned out he had a super thick cock and huge balls. Absolutely delicious! After he came he put his hand on the back of my head and told me to "Stay with it" and about 5 minutes later he fed me a second load. Afterwards he said he had not cum since his wife left so he really needed that.
  4. Had one regular feeder over. He got naked, sat in my computer chair and I dropped to my knees and inhaled his cock. About 30 seconds in he said "I am always amazed at what a great cocksucker you are. No matter how many times you suck me off, it is the best blowjob I ever had every single time." Had another regular feeder show up at my house for a blowjob and he brought a friend. When they came in he gestured towards his friend and said "I was telling him how great of a blowjob you give and I decided to bring him along so you could show him."
  5. I think early teen years is best. This is around the time a guy is both sexually aware of what pleasuring his own cock feels like and is a good time to gain confidence in his sexual urges. I was 14 when I sucked my first cock and I instantly knew I loved it and wanted to do it a lot more (and I did). I have read stories where guys fought their urge until they were in their 30s and regretted all of those wasted years later on. It also allows you to build an early eater/feeder relationship with a guy. My first was my cousin (also 14) and we quickly established an agreement that he could have a blowjob anytime he felt the urge and I could suck his cock anytime I had a craving and neither of us needed to be embarrassed or insecure about asking for it, because we both knew the other would want it. It resulted in both of us having that unlimited access for nearly 30 years until he developed some health issues.
  6. Keep sucking. Lots of differences. What foods they eat, drinks they drink, if they smoke, take vitamins, how long it has been since they last came...lots of things affect it.
  7. I have always wondered if my early exploration with kinks is rare. Anyone else explore at an early age. At around 8 I would take a bath and would use an empty shampoo bottle to give myself an enema. I also would lay back and pee on my face and into my mouth. Around that same age I began digging my mom's dirty panties, bra and pantyhose out of the clothes hamper, putting them on and climbing on the sink to view myself in the mirror. At age 12 I would strip naked and run around the neighborhood after dark. Sometimes I would wander as far as 2 or 3 miles from the house while completely naked, not even shoes. Eventually I began to play with standing near the road as cars went by. I started giving blowjobs to my cousin at 14. Along with him happily indulging me in my hunger for cum, he also took part in my newfound fetish for CBT. He either helped me do things or did them for me, such as nailing my scrotum to boards, smashing my balls in a bench vise, banding my balls (I lived on a farm from age 13-17) and having me earn my release from the band by sucking him off, banding my dick then him jerking me off which trapped my cum inside while causing my dick to turn dark purple and swell so thick and hard that it felt like it would burst. Anyone else dive into kinks at an early age?
  8. I gave my first blowjob at 14 and the instant he came in my mouth I knew I would be doing this a whole lot more. Cum was the most delicious thing I had ever tasted. It was 1984 and being bi was not as accepted yet, so I was a little scared to admit I had swallowed and liked it. He (my cousin) asked if I swallowed and I managed to admit that I had. He was amazed that I had. He had assumed I would spit. He asked if I liked it and I admitted that I liked it a lot. After that he fed me his cum all the time.
  9. Gimme that girth! The thicker, the better.
  10. I freakin LOVE degradation. Love being called names...love it even more when a guy talks about me to someone else while I service them. Had a regular feeder take me to some rental property he owned that he had evicted someone out of. They had taken bags of trash and threw it all over the place. He got naked and sat on the couch and had me kneel in the trash and suck his cock. Then he made some phone calls while I serviced him and told someone that he was at the rental property with "his cocksucker" servicing him. I also have a really short dick (2.6") and I absolutely love to have a stud make fun of it. Had a guy in a pornshop booth tell me to hold his cock and made me tell him how good it felt to finally hold a man's cock in my hand before he would let me suck it. Then while I sucked him he said things like "You will never know what it feels like to have your big cock worshipped."
  11. It has been years, but there used to be a bookstore called Crazy Charlie's that I went in a few times. When I went in once the place was slow with just a black guy talking to the clerk. After maybe 30 minutes of hanging in a booth a guy went in the other side and in just a few seconds slid a kinda thin 7 inch cock with a big head thru the gloryhole. I dove on it and sucked like the cum-hungry slut I was. After maybe 5 minutes he moaned, then shot a sticky load in my mouth which I swallowed right down. I knew the place was empty otherwise, so I decided to head out. As I was I glanced over at the clerk and he nodded his head at me. Suddenly it hit me that I never heard anyone come in before I sucked the gloryhole cock and never heard anyone leave after, and I realized I had sucked off the clerk. Sadly the place closed a few years ago and I never got to go back.
  12. As a dedicated sub cocksucker I have found my balls to be entirely useless for years. I think it is a big part of why I enjoy ball abuse so much. I have always found the orgasm of the guy I am sucking off to be entirely fulfilling, which makes my own orgasm both pointless and not that special. What I find ultimately erotic is the idea of being locked in a chastity cage permanently. Finding a dom that would lock me in a steel cage and actually weld it closed is my biggest fantasy. A very close second is to be castrated, with the only drawback being that balls are needed to keep the cage on.
  13. The story of how it happened is kind of long, but in short, I started giving my cousin blowjobs when we were 14 and continued to be his on-call cocksucker until our late 30s when he developed some serious health issues. We had a fantastic arrangement. He was fully aware of how much I loved sucking cock and eating cum and he was always more than happy to take advantage of it.
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