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    Vancouver, BC
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    getting fucked, sucking dick, rimming, getting rimmed, porn, jo, fuck buddies, discreet hookups, anon, outdoor fun, car fun, truck fun, truck stops, parks, rest areas, forests, sports gear, underwear, jock straps, leather, pup play. butt play, toys.
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    Masculine and discreet bottom dude looking for fuck buddies and NSA hookups. Mild to wild, like good ol 1 on 1, groups, outdoor fun, messing around in cars/trucks. Open minded and into most things. Like sucking dick, rimming, getting rimmed and love getting fucked. Also into underwear, jockstraps, sportsgear, uniforms, leather etc but not necessary. I can host near Lougheed town centre but also up for outdoor or car fun too.
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    Chaturbate, looking to get into making amateur videos with other guys.
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    Top guys of all kinds who love to fuck, bears, hairy guys, dad bods, older, younger stud cocks.

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  1. I haven't read through the entire thread so I apologize if it has already been suggested but what about using Discord for the chat? There's already some gay kink servers on there that I have joined and it seems like a pretty flexible platform with apps, notifications, nsfw controls etc. I think a breeding zone chat server on there would be awesome.
  2. Husky bottom, into mursuits, cosplay, pup play, always looking for buds to hang with
  3. If you leave out night club bathrooms I think the most public has to be in the back seat of a car in a shopping mall parking lot in the middle of the day. The most out in the open was on a set of emergency stairs to a local arena, but it was 3am and there was no one around. I've hooked up in parks a lot too but we always head off to find secluded locations and the only people who stumble across us are there for the same reason so I wouldn't really count those.
  4. Back in August when the covid numbers were low here. Got fucked a few nights in the woods of a local park.
  5. I miss Tumblr a lot, but so far bdsmlr and newtumbl are pretty cool, check them out [think before following links] https://robofur78.bdsmlr.com [think before following links] https://furryrobot78.newtumbl.com
  6. I've had a couple fuck buddies over the years tell me that to convince me to let them fuck me bare... not realizing it was something I wanted all along anyways. I never really believed them!
  7. I think being rough is the way to go, I love being forced to eat out a guy, have him pin me down and sit on my face.
  8. I need cum at least once a day, usually prefer twice a day, though I have many days where I have cum a lot more than that.
  9. lately bbrt and squirt have been the best for me... cruising outdoors has been hit and miss, lots of guys want to use condoms still. I don't really have any bath houses nearby sadly.
  10. I have a well forested ravine about 10 minute walk from my place, it has always been a great place to hook up with guys, I find the best time is after dark
  11. IT - Systems/Device management - looking for a new job right now actually
  12. Bike, Shock Doctor, McDavid.... the real athletic brands for sure over the more fashion jocks
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