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  1. Virginity Lost Given that I received a mostly favorable reaction to my first posting, I thought I might post again only this time starting at my beginning. Since a younger age I had a curiosity in regard to being with a male, but other than some superficial touching, I had never really done anything in depth and most of my activity had been confined to females, though I wasn't overly active there either. After graduating high school, I decided to join the military where after my basic training and rate-specific training, I ended up at my first unit in New Jersey and not too far
  2. To start, it might help to tell a little about me. I am basically a somewhat regular person that most people wouldn't really notice while walking past on the street or in the mall. I lead a standard life with nothing really spectacular on outside appearances but out of sight of most folk I have a distinct affection for many alternative and kink realms, and oftentimes the more outside the norm something is, the more I feel attracted to it. This adventure starts on Grindr where I had been chatting with someone (Mark) for a while but had yet to ever meet. His profile originally caught
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