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    Male body hair, hot hairy cocks. I love balls, love seeing videos with close ups on the balls pumping their nut in some.
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    Hairy Italian guy, Love sex and bareback porn.
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    Nice people! Been mostly a top, but now starting to bottom more and really starting to love it. Ideally it would be fun to find someone and video their nuts pumping their cum in me :-)

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  1. FJLinNYC

    Molested as a kid

    Wow Dom Top Dad, that is a tough one. If I had a bf that was molested like that, it would be so hard not get turned on by it as strange as it might sound to others. I would want to know it all, if and when he started to like the cum, was there one that he secretly liked more than the others. As for making him a sub-slut, start slow, remind him how much you love him, and it's for both of you. Then ask if he would like it if you brought a buddy over to take turns on him after work one day unannounced say within 2 weeks. This way he knows its coming, just not exactly when. Then start brooding his horizons.
  2. FJLinNYC

    Molested as a kid

    When you are ready, do it, talk to him and then tell him that you want him to make love to you. It's hard to stay upset with someone when they are balls deep inside you. Sex is magical like that!
  3. I've been to Club Body in Providence, the place was clean and well kept, but had an unlimited in/out. So when I got there it was just about sold out, but hardly anyone was there, as they were out and about. Did get some good dick and tight hole there, but was thinking I was going to get seriously used there. The Megaplex is also there, but didn't make it the short time I was in town.
  4. FJLinNYC

    Topher DiMaggio accused of rape

    He is an aggressive fuck with big dick and perfect balls. A buddy of mine is like that, once he's set in motion, he's fucking you. I was having a tight moment, he goes "loosen up, because you're getting fucked" A guy like Topher, give him a moment of permission, he's pumping that nut in you. I not a pits guy, but fucking would love to smell his
  5. FJLinNYC

    Molested as a kid

    When I was younger (late preteens, early teens), I had sex with more than a couple men that would moan out their son's name as they'd cum. So many men crave their gay sons. I think sex with one's dad like yours could have really been a great bonding experience, if he's still around and open, ask from your heart.
  6. FJLinNYC

    Age limit

    Nifty's gay incest stories make me cum so fucking hard. Some of the writers are just fantastic!
  7. FJLinNYC

    Inn Leather to stay at?

    thanks buddy!! It sounds like a good time, and yes I plan on fucking and getting fucked!!
  8. FJLinNYC

    Best age for starting sucking cocks

    By 12 you should know the smell, feel and taste of a man's dick and balls
  9. thnx for the follow. love that dick dude :)

    1. FJLinNYC


      if you are in NY, balls deep buddy, it's yours

    2. BBJONNY


      ive been b4 but was with a female friend so was awkward getting away. must visit again, and yh balls deep :)

  10. Hey guys, anyone here can tell me about staying as a guest at Inn Leather? I was hoping for a nice fuck experience. I like the sound of the sling in each room, and I was thinking of staying there MLK weekend and just kicking back and taking load after load. I have been to the Island House in Key West, and it was WAY too tame, but I like the amenities a hotel has, but a good sex vibe.
  11. My insurance ran out, between jobs, so no Prep. But still taking and fucking raw, but like aberquake said, back of the mind stuff
  12. FJLinNYC

    First time raw, planned or unplanned?

    The other way around, the first time condom was planned. The sweet thing was after, he carefully took off the condom, etc., collapsed on top of me as we kissed, and his cock immediately sunk right back into my hole bare. We just kind of giggled, after all that fuss over the "condom"
  13. FJLinNYC

    Molested as a kid

    I wonder how many men were molested by me as a teen. I came on to everyone and anyone with a cock. I did everything from hang out in public showers at campgrounds, to adult book stores long before I was legally allowed, to gloryholes at truck stops. Came on hard care to more than a more couple of teachers, landing a 7th grade art teacher the first time. Made me feel powerful, as these men seemed powerless not to give me their cocks
  14. There are many reasons I love getting gang banged. I love when men bond over fucking me, huge turn on. Also, one of the reason I love getting gang banged, when I spend time getting cleaned and ready, I want to get seriously fucked and usually one guy doesn't get it. I am usually just in the frame of mind, fuck this feels good just as the first guy cums. So if I can get a couple of guys taking turns, by the 3rd guy, I fucking fully relaxed. Plus there's nothing better than that getting truly fucked, and seeded, and you just get fucking mounted again
  15. FJLinNYC

    Accepting incest like a positive thing

    I think it comes down to non-consensual behavior is wrong whether from a family member or not, and it comes down to forgiveness, the person who did it, and in some ways forgiveness for oneself as there is usually an "enjoyment" factor To me it is completely separate from incest. I think there is nothing more beautiful than a willing father and son fucking. I am friends with more than one set of fathers and sons that have had willing sex, and none of them ever regretted it. If fact, you'll never meet an emotional closer father/son.

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