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  1. I’m 31 but I would totally be up for doing this! 😉 I’d even wear a locked collar with you holding the leash if you wanted 😁
  2. My hole got pounded all night last night and I took like 4 or 5 loads by the end of it! Would anyone be up for hosting my hole out the rest of the morning and seeing how many more loads you can get in it? Have me flooded with multiple anon loads and gaped and dripping by lunch ? 😉 my record is 22 guys and 16 loads. Want to help me beat that?
  3. Name: faggot, cum dump, bitch, slut, or just Syd 😉 Text me at: (972) 674-1014 location: I can’t host but pick me up or let’s meet at a nearby motel in 75204 Times I’m not available tends to vary from week to week but generally I’m available Age: 31 Height: 5’8” Weight: 150lbs Ethnicity: white
  4. I recently saw those vids too; crazy hot! And it’s “private playground” on justfor.fans
  5. So I’ve wanted one for a long time and I’m finally going to Go do it but my indecisive nature has me stumped on what to get... any ideas? Would like it to be unique and original and I’m open to the idea of it identifying me as a just a hole or as being owned property or a cum dump slave boy, etc etc but those are hard to put into a medium to small size tattoo.. please help?
  6. Hey guys! Just took 3 loads deep in my hole and def ready for more! Come pick me up and breed me in your car motel room bathhouse etc 😉 young white otter totally into being the party slut, getting passed around, and fucked full of multiple guys anon cum. (903) 412-0923 You’re pics get mine otherwise what’s it matter? I’m just a hole for you to pump n dump! Groups are very welcome! Also into restraints slings and fuckbenches.
  7. Hi I’m a slightly shy submissive bttm looking for a dominant man that can breed me then restrain me ass up and line anon guys up for a no load refused pump n dump..
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