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    NSA SEX, local events, flea markets. NSA SEX, Beerbusts, movies, NSA SEX, karaoke, and NSA SEX.
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    Been playing with guys since I was 13. ( I started young with my step brother.) Strictly a TOP, into mild to kink, liimits respected. No drugs for me, except poppers. If you use them, that's fine, but please don't have them around me.
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    Looking for some NSA fun and a few general running buddies to go do things with. I am NOT looking for a relationship.

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  1. Try using sniffles. Its web based, can be anon. I've had some good success meeting guys passing through and closeted married and straight guys.
  2. I've been playing with a 30yr old Married Latino Bottom who loves to suck, swallow, and gets fucked bare. He's 5'4, 220, 36 waist, tight ass, and good throat. He wants me to find someone to join us. He's wanting to swallow both our loads and get fucked by both of us. Poppers really get him piggy. This will be either Saturday or Sunday. I think it would be fun having him in the middle of us and swapping ends a few times. If your interested, let me know.
  3. A lot of married "straight" guys use it.
  4. There is no app. It is web based only. Currently the "public postings" are suspended. If it thinks you are in Canada, you need to reset your GPS and clear ALL the caches on your phone or tablet. And m a ke sure your currently not using GPS SPOOFER or GPS FAKE type of app. Sniffles gets your location from your browser. Try using a different browser.
  5. Does any know "LAITH INKLEY" real name and what city he lives in???? He looks a LOT like someone that works for the szme company as me.
  6. Please forgive this if it is in the wrong place, but I could not find forum for this. I have 2 questions or problems. 1. I am trying to get my confirmation email, but it is not sending it. I know the email address is correct, because it allowed me to change my password with a link that was sent to my email. Is ithe sending delayed compared to password reset emails? 2. I'm trying to search the site for references to a particular actor that's not in the Actor List. When I select SEARCH nothing happens. Is this a site issue or possibly a browser issue? Thanks for y
  7. Per a phone call I made to them at 2:30 today, they are closed for approximately 2 weeks due to the Corona virus.
  8. I just turned 62 on January 7th, 2020. I started playing around bareback from the start with my stepbrother when I was 12 or 13, he was/is 2 years older than me. I've maybe used a condom a dozen times in my whole life. Aa of October 2019 I'm still HIV Negative. However I did get an STI due to a "Needle Stick" from a Syringe that was in a trash bag at work while taking out the trash.
  9. I'm new to KIK, how do I search for groups or find people? I'm doing something wrong and getting frustrated.
  10. So how is it in the Temple - Killeen for hooking up? I'm probably going to be moving to the area around mid March. Any gay or gay friendly clubs, shops, baths, bookstores? I love the downlow military, married, and bisexual men. They all seem to be cocksucker bottoms and usually swallow and take it raw.
  11. OK, so I have just started a study using andro gel. What can I expect to happen? I have read about all kinds of side effects. I am not sure if I am on the actual gel or on the placebo. How long do the effects take to show up? Does anyone have experience with this?
  12. Hey, thanks for the tip. I've met a few guys on there and had some. Any other suggestions for sites that don't need a phone app?
  13. I hope tha I'm NOT breaking any rules with these questions. So since we are the so called "buckle of the bible belt", I know a lot has changed the past few years. So here are the questions I have, and hopefully someone can help me..... Since the passing of Dimingo, and the closing of "The Trestle", where did the crowd go? Are there any other bars/clubs in D/FW (or Tx) that are even similar to the old Trestle? ... Is "Club Dallas" worth the price now that Midrown Spa us closed? And if so, what nights are best to go? ... And finally, where did the Craigslist guy
  14. I would love to meet those guys, but never have any luck. Where and how do you meet them?
  15. Where are you? I would love to feed you a few loads, or watch you take some.
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