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    eating arse, FF Top, cum eating, working holes and sphincters with my dick, experimenting with fucking positions, big dicks, small holes, smooth balls and holes, tagging flipping fun, WS, pissing in holes and receiving piss, outdoor messy fun... taboo kinks.
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    history, local history, cinema, hiking, rappelling, exploring
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    watch all types, looking for fuck-buddies to make some and stream.
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    hiking mates, nude hiking mates, cock, arse, filthy fuckers...

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  1. Cross dresser fucking tonight, hot little arse and hole, looking for others to do the hole also...


  2. Like a Hoover if going out, unless if requested not to or by a man-smellier.
  3. Interested to know if anyone has a beat buddy to do beats together in SEQ/Briz/Ippy... could both be vers, or top and btm, or both tops/vers tops, like if you were both vers and hit on nothing there's always each other as an example... also handy for security... good for 3-som and group fun. My closest beat is Denmark Hill near Ippy Hospital, Kholo Gardens and Brassall Quarry are also not far away.
  4. Beautiful man 

  5. Wish to whore in Melb, don't expect to be this year to be any better than those b4, but there could be hope...

  6. I like doggie a lot as a top and probably when I bottom but done little of that recently, also in doggie I can give the btm an add-on position turning away from the hole I bend over and insert cock the position can also be used to fuck bum-to-bum both top and btm in doggie position this variation also well-works the btms G-spot. Have to say missionary is enjoyable but more athletic for the top also a good G-spot working for the btm, if you have a mattress in a room corner I can from a standing position drag the btm under me into arse-up me against the walls corner, a good standing position var
  7. My dick for whoring bottom sluts here, it likes working your inner ring for long time.




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    2. Younameme


      Wet, is good on the right night, same with subway, or find a few lads n just do a hotel gangbang...works for me

    3. jimazoid04


      Wow! Amazing cock man!

    4. Oz-Top4flip


      Love to checkout Subway, a unique location under the railway viaduct ! Yes gangbang fun

  8. Hey Melbourne, load-seekers, and dumpers. Just a quick hello, from the Banana State, to share the love between the smaller BZ Briz page and yr BIGGER YarraYarra one... more of us in the chatroom... mmm
  9. My experience is anything in the darkroom is raw like at Wet Sauna in Brisbane, if you get led out to another space it could be different or in the light your let go because in the dark you seemed twink-like. One of the darkrooms at 29 Cruise Club last night was the same, all raw, with a good deal of flip fucking and daisy-chain/train flipping...
  10. As a bottom I recon I'd not give a fuck whether lights or no lights, but as I'm vers-top I normally like at least some light to do the job... a little adjustable spotlight is g8 also infrared is cool. On the other hand a piggy party in the dark can be fun if yr not concerned with making mess and dribbling/squirting all over, and then finding the holes is another adventure altogether.
  11. Generally you should not have any probs getting filled, I like working smooth holes for long sessions.
  12. SXPAT (BBRT) hosted a g8 party last Feb in an apartment at Spring Hill Mews on a Sunday, I parked up on Leichhardt-st. The host and some guests made fair amount of racket being fucked and eaten out. Donkeyman had a g8 protein meal several times on sloppy-seconds... also daisy-chain fun, and I did my hot reverse-backwards-fucking position on several. Party guests were buzzed in by the host from the front security gate.
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