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    eating arse, FF Top, cum eating, working holes and sphincters with my dick, experimenting with fucking positions, big dicks, small holes, smooth balls and holes, tagging flipping fun, WS, pissing in holes and receiving piss, outdoor messy fun... taboo kinks.
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    Neg, On PrEP
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    history, local history, cinema, hiking, rappelling, exploring
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    watch all types, looking for fuck-buddies to make some and stream.
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    hiking mates, nude hiking mates, cock, arse, filthy fuckers...

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  1. A so-called porn "fluffer" was at an orgy I attended recently, I listened to what he told a newbie twink about bulking PrEP before and after probable HIV exposure, I don't buy that spiel at all. But getting pozzed doesn't always follow even with being dicked by a POZ person.
  2. That's a hot arse there Auckland.

    1. aklgaybtm


      Thank you, happy to share it with Oz!

  3. wished u are in singapore soon

  4. I'm fucked to know how to load pics here with a low byte upload that I cannot upload anything worthwhile, may as well give up bothering 

  5. I hear Moorhen Flats Recreational Area/Deshon Street Park is pretty good and has a Squirt listing in the Cruise section on that site... 29 gets quite filthy after certain times late evening or in the wee hours, i.e. Piss, Fisting, Tag, Tagteam-Flip, Daisy-chain Tag, etc etc... handy having a few cock-cleaners around too like Cman65 on BBRT who services\cleans dick direct from arse and also likes wee-sports.
  6. Daily / hourly when at home, edging but not cumming save that for a hole or throat !
  7. can't say it's a fav for the btm or for me topping... but not bad for working up to something more, insomuch it is dam good for giving the btm a loving massage while quietly slipping in the member...
  8. oh goody a new dedicated raw video site to check... tired of so-called BB vids and next thing a rubber is slid on dicky or you see the way the top enters holding dicky that particular condom method of inserting or see the telltale rubber ring on dick, yikes !!!
  9. A younger ex used to glug glug the stuff down, can't say I much enjoyed drinking it, super clear might be better then the full-strength stuff... but getting pissed on by hot pee is cool and fun to humiliate the one downstream, some other sports peeing are of interest as well... several fuckbuddies want to get into experimenting with WS.
  10. Perhaps less willing to share thoughts and make comments on certain sites re how to get dicked, breed a hole or willing throat... I had made comments how guys in sauna darkrooms stand around robed in towels thus limiting groping access to dick or the back-entry somehow makes things easy: for why they came there in the first place; perhaps too shy and bashful to do anything more than standby clothed by towel. I then blocked some dud who messaged me saying I needed to change my ways and that what I'd implied (groping etc) was assault... duh!

  11. Probably the dunnies in Albert Park, co-ordinates -27.462161, 153.020494 opposite the Hotel Grand Chancellor.
  12. hmmm... interesting, wanted to try this as top or btm but not got yet done so... good to see what others think, I would tend to think that not holding it in would be best rather let it gush out as soon as the sphincters open up and just let it run out while the dick or others dicks [as many as possible...] keep discharging their pissloads.
  13. Your post are hot !!!!

    1. Oz-Top4flip


      Hi babe, love to lick and eat out that hole inbetween fucking it !

  14. Pete has been running these orgy events for over 20 years, I only attended my first on Toowoomba outskirts back in March. The web portal is orgyorgyorgy dot com Last one before a winter break was in Canberra a few days back. Locally speaking orgies here are organised for Byron-Tweed, GC, Briz, and Woomba...
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