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    To be tied up blindfolded and used

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  1. Long island 516-455-4245 - I need a host or someone to take me to a motel and invite everyone in the area to use my ass. text me i can drive
  2. Nassau county area, lets get a room , or a top host me and whore my ass out, i want to take 40 loads
  3. Ramada inn rockville centre 1000 sunrise highway (516) 654-3421
  4. 4040 Long Beach Rd, Island Park, NY 11558 Ass up door open blindfolded text for room number 5166543421
  5. Plantation Motel Island Part near long beach. Just text me for room number and thats it. No load refused 516-654-6280
  6. Still here (516) 207-1467
  7. Ill start. Come breed my ass tonight. 1000 sunrise highway rockville centre NY room 113 (516) 207-1467 txt when on way
  8. Best western rockville centre ass up anon cumdump 516) 207-1467
  9. (516) 207-1467 Loaded up blindfolded
  10. LI Ramada inn rockville centre cumdump (516) 260-6784 room 245 ass up facedown
  11. (516) 266-7413 If near Baldwin nassau county area hmu now
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