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  1. Ramada inn Rockville Centre ass up door open (516) 266-7863
  2. Ramada inn hotel on sunrise rockville centre. (516) 274-3882 Tedxt for room. Taking all loads
  3. Ramada inn hotel Rockville centre room 248. Text me when when you are close so I can open the door and wait
  4. Gang rape me tonight 1000 sunrise highway centre room 247 (848) 217-0893
  5. Looking to take loads. (848) 217-0893. Ramada inn hotel Rockville room 247. Text when 5 min away.
  6. Ramada inn hotel Rockville ass up blindfolded taking loads. (516) 830-2306 Text me only. Ask for room number it will be open
  7. Ramada inn hotel Rockville centre 1000 sunrise highway. (516) 714-4746 Text for room. Bring friends and record
  8. BACK HERE AGAIN 347-384-7958 , NO LOAD REFUSED - RAMANDA IN HOTEL ROCKVILLE CENTRE 1000 sunrise highway motel style door ope
  9. Best western rockville centre NY on long island. (516) 388-5706 Ill be ass up face down blindfolded. Text me ONLY. ASK FOR ROOM AND SEND DICK PIC + age
  10. Off meds. At same hotel. Blindfolded completely anon. I wont ask status. Taking ALLLL LOADS (516) 744-3568
  11. Back here again. Hungry neg home blindfolded (516) 744-3568
  12. 1000 sunrise highway rockville centre. Text me for room 5167443568. Bring friends film it do what ever
  13. Ramada inn hotel Rockville Centre txt number for room. 516 744 2311 anon pump n go
  14. 516 744 2311 best western in rockville centre tonight, blindfolded ass up. text for room #
  15. Still here text for room number and unload in me
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