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    Group , gangbangs, outdoor, breath play, BB , hard forced play , looking to be pozzed up, hot wax being bitten also want to be fisted for the 1st time
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    Not Sure, Probably Neg
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    Looking to get used and abused by dom poz men to load me up with that sexy toxic load

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  1. I’m headed to Cardiff if you want pozzed

  2. Charly

    Choking out

    Would love that to happen
  3. Charly

    Choking out

    Hi I'm a married sub bitch guy who loves being chocked and passing out while tied up love big hands crushing me , belts, plastic bags, pillow cases and gas masks use me . Would like a fist in me while passing out and getting brutal fisted
  4. Hi all bi married guy giving in to my lust to get BB and filled with poz cock , also anything goes as I'm very sub so anyone want to charge my married arse up from Cardiff in the UK
  5. Hi 

    I'm a very sub bitch guy married I've got the hunger to get very used by 1 or group who want to poz my married arse up also open to al sorts of fetish and kink love really perverted men who like to use married men 

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