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    Fisting, ws, armpits, bareback
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    26 year old only got in to my piggy side a few years ago some experience but always looking for more
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    Long horny dirty seshes

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  1. Can accom in Liverpool for anything goes fun need new pics aswell if anyone is good out there
  2. Got my hole stretched last night anyone in Liverpool wanna meet up
  3. Anyone in Liverpool wanna meet up today hole got fisted last night and want more
  4. Filthy Vers bottom pig from Liverpool always looking for horny meets
  5. Love having my face cock slapped when I'm sucking on one really makes me suck harder wanting that cum to drain into the back of my throat
  6. Any other sleazy pigs in Liverpool looking to be used this weekend anything goes no limits
  7. I don't mind vers people I'm versebotto myself but prefer bottoming over topping anyday
  8. What a amazing and horny story would of loved to have been one of them lads getting filled up with loads of cum brilliant from start to finish
  9. Hate getting fisted with a glove on it just feels weird done it once never again
  10. Looking to meet up with other pigs in Liverpool
  11. Hey new here from Liverpool looking to hook up with other pigs
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