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  1. I started using tumblr again after a hiatus. I quickly ran across some straight porn blogs which I thought were all gone. They can only be viewed in dashboard view by logged in users. I found some good stuff. The long form videos is all gone but that was mostly stolen content anyway. Does anyone know of any good bareback tumblr blogs? I'd like to start following them. Remember to use the tumblr dot com/blog/view/{blog name} format
  2. Not really. But I'm a pretty horny dude and was already barebacking before I discovered this place. I'll take a look at some of the amateur breeding videos for wank material sometimes.
  3. I've done some pretty debauched stuff without ever catching some STDs. But I learned recently that I need to establish some limits. I caught a bad case of gastroenteritis in September that required antibiotics to treat. I suspect it was caused by a rimjob I gave. Licking a guy's ass wasn't worth the agony that followed. So I decided to stop engaging in unprotected rimming. Yesterday I bred my fuckbuddy twice. I rimmed him with a makeshift dental dam made from an unlubricated condom. This section is mainly focused on bareback fucking for obvious reasons. I'm writing this as a reminder that
  4. Masturbate with a condom on for practice. And learn how to put on a condom properly. Put a small drop of lube in the reservoir, then pinch the reservoir, and finally unroll the condom onto your penis.
  5. I can get some guys to leak cum hands free if I fuck them in the right position.
  6. I've mainly been topping sluts in my area. I've also played around bareback with escorts, top and bottom. I've never gotten an STD. That's probably mainly luck. I've gotten gastroenteritis from rimming though. I'm probably gonna avoid unprotected rimming from now on.
  7. Keep in mind STDs other than HIV are becoming more common in America. Gonorrhea is becoming harder to treat because of antibiotic resistance. And as mentioned, people will lie about their testing history or prep use. Bottoming is pretty high risk even with prep and condoms. We have to be honest with ourselves about what level of risk we want to take. I manage risk by not doing anal very often and bottoming even less so.
  8. I'm impressed the site is still up. They use flash videos which will be discontinued at the end of the year. I wonder if it's even possible to start a subscription account now.
  9. I have a no clothes rule for fucking. If my cock is bare the rest of my body is too. When I come across a bottom who wears a jock or fetish gear I tell them to take that shit off. My personal favorite is when a guy wears a shirt due to being self conscious. I was getting pounded by this cub who kept his shirt on. I told him to take it off while he was dominating me. Seriously, if I'm letting a stranger bareback me I obviously think he's hot and want to see him naked.
  10. I like getting intimate with strangers which is why I kiss and why I bareback. I definitely understand why many people aren't into it.
  11. I usually cum once a day. Maybe more. I end up being too thirsty if I don't unload. I'll take breaks of up to a week occasionally.
  12. If there are a bunch of straight guys with half limp dicks loosely covered in condoms, it's definitely a turn off. I'll watch good condom porn over bad bareback porn.
  13. Machofucker's Drilla & Papisongo is one. Drilla smokes weed on camera and Papisongo's definitely on something.
  14. I only give what I can take. I love to fuck rough and get fucked rough.
  15. I played around with a guy who barely spoke English in Kowloon Park in Hong Kong. It's a big cruising ground. A few years ago I hooked up with a Russian escort. He could talk about money and say he was a bb top in English. But that was it. I loved feeling his raw cock inside me.
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